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America targets IRGC in Iran

The other issue which is there in global news is the issue of America and Iran. America is
continuously raising pressure on Iran, enhancing restrictions and the nuclear deal which
was done between P5+1; America wants to end that completely. Every three months that
contract is reviewed and signed off but Trump has not signed this time and looks like that
it will be terminated. In Iran also there is sensitivity and Leader has also given a very
hard statement about American intentions and made the community attentive towards

America has got the weakness of Iranians that they are afraid of sanctions and not afraid
of bombs, wars, martyrdom. This weakness has been shown from inside Iran that
through sanctions you can get everything accepted. The way leader has said earlier that
this nuclear contract is not the final one. If you accept this, they will move forward. If they
have stopped nuclear plan now they are asking to stop the missile system. Iran has
become a very powerful missile power. North Korea, Pakistani, India, South Korea and
Iran make powerful missiles in this region which can target across continent. The way
America can fire long range missiles, the same technology is with Iran. They want to end
this and more than this they want to end IRGC also. At present they are pushing this
through Trump. But the dangerous part is that there are elements inside the government
who are taking advantage of this situation. There are anti-revolutionaries inside who are
only afraid of IRGC which cannot be taken over by them. It is a big force of Iran which
has defeated enemies everywhere. There are people inside the country as well who are
annoyed with IRGC and many attempts are made. The President has also tried to make
liberal approaches but IRGC comes in between. They say that IRGC is the powerful
shoulder of Leader. America’s actual objective is removing the Wilayat regime which can
be only achieved by removing IRGC. Saudi has said that any cost of bringing down the
Iranian regime will be paid by them. They knew that by fighting with IRGC they will not be
successful, but by putting sanctions on Iran and IRGC they will put pressure on public
and they want to achieve this. They have fought and seen that Iranians cannot be
defeated. This force has fought for 8 yrs with Iraq, then outside also in Syria, Iraq they
have defeated American brewed forces. So they now want to cut this shoulder of leader
and they have planned this through their think tank. Their think tanks have told them that
it is impossible to end the Islamic revolution and Islami governance in Iran unless IRGC
is there. On one side trump has taken this step and inside Iranian government there are
elements who are passing signals and taking the same motives inside Iran. But as I said
this deception of Satan will be faced by deception of Allah and that will be dominant.
There have been many Fitnah’s done by global powers with the support of insane Arabs
but the revolution has been victorious always and this fool Trump will again be disgraced
as before.