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Namaz and its benefits in the light of Modern Research


Sajda is the most important part of every Namaz. Like wise it affects our Mind and nerves
most of all. The Duration of Sajda is only a few seconds but when we do Sajda, the flow of
blood towards our brains increases. This is the single act of Namaz in which blood circulates
towards brain nerves otherwise in other acts it does not happen. We get these benefits in
a) The supply of blood becomes balanced in all the parts of brain that strengthen our
brain and vision-power.
b) During Sajda we get additional pressure of blood and gravitation of Earth at our
hands, forehead, face, chest and heart. It becomes normal as soon as we raise our
head from Sajda after few seconds. In this way the strong pumping of short but
forceful “expand and shrink power” increases the flexibility of the walls of veins. So
Alhamdulillah Namaz saves us from poor-eyesight and heart diseases.
c) Heart locates between lungs in our chest and automatically Sajda affects our lungs
too. It is evident that Heart diseases, most probably affect our lungs too. That
appears some times as Respiratory Problem
d) According to the Latest Research in China, If we press the midst point of our
forehead for 2 to 3 minutes, we get rid of Mental Disorganization while during Sajda
you exactly press the midst of your forehead against the ground.
e) During Sajda, your knees and elbows are bent and the ankles are bearing the
whole pressure/weight of body while waist and abdomen tissues are tight enough.
This act is the best exercise to strengthen our back bone and makes it flexible. If the
tissues of our abdomen get dryness or more fats due to over-dieting, it balances the
tissues. It is absolutely helpful for tummy problems.
f) There are a lot of small blocks around the brain that are full of air. During flu here
gathers clammy liquid. If that does not get discharged, its quantity increases
gradually that affects our sense of hearing and caused throat infection and severe
head ache etc. In the state of Sajda, it automatically keeps discharging from these
blocks and prevents us from many complications.
g) Last but not the least is that when we place our forehead on the ground for Sajda,
our brain waves are directly switched with the electric waves, present in ground and
strengthen the nerves of our brain and make it peaceful. This peaceful mind is very
much important for the Stomach. Our peaceful brain stops the Stomach Glands from
producing more acid and that we know well that with a disturbed brain, we get more
acidity of Stomach. Finally the people with “Ulcer” problem get rid of it by offering
Sajda in a proper way.
h) It adds more charm in our personality and brings us a bright face at last.