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After Trump?

This article is dedicated to my beloved Sarah who has been an unfailing inspiration in the creation of it...

If there is any logic to the utterly undignifed puerility of the American people
as they run helter-skelter shocked over their president's penchant for
incoherency, it is that Donald Trump will crash under this implausible strain,
and be carted out of the White House straight-jacketed and ranting. DT is
greedy, reckless, depraved, lewd, and indolent; he is not solemn, sincere,
correct, discriminating, pure, kind and affable. Ironically, not one American
will be “put away.”

And, then, as if some city had won the World Series or the Super Bowl, as if
someone had knelled the “Party Time!” bell, besotted Americans will empty
themselves into the streets of the DisUnited States (DUS) screaming as
maniacs do that some ethical metamorphosis has been achieved, and that now
the DUS is merrily on its way to regaining some sort of imposing composure.
(I am reminded of Christopher Hitchens' The Mourning After where he
dissected the almost round the bend reaction of the British people [“stiff
upper lippers!”] to the death of Princess Diana.) When are the Americans
going to stop “faking it?” They are so intoxicated with themselves, they fail to
see that they are in an endless nosedive. An economic doomsday, you say? Is
the DUS devoid of an ethical core?

Since the end of World War II, the DUS has assumed the mantle of the
world's leader; yet, a role that it was in no way ready to take on being, at the
time, just a baby nation not even 200 years old. It adopted this part and gave it
a militaristic-industrialist valiant effort. We might say that the droppings of
the atom bombs on Japan and the bombings of the Korean Peninsula, did not
bode a promising status based on fairness, nor did it lay the foundation for
future generations which might have hoped their State Department and
Pentagon were genuinely possessed with the means and intent to make their
times to come somewhat unreactionary.

The Vietnam “War” shook the daylights out of those DUS citizens seeking a
world of peace and tranquility. During that Asian incursion, millions of
innocent Vietnamese were carpet-bombed, and dioxin was sprayed over
millions of acres leaving a lifetime of tragedies for not only DUS military
personnel, but hundreds of thousands of inculpable women and children who
today only wish the DisUnited States of America had adhered to the tenets of
the Geneva Conference. (One of the most popular items of graffti scribbled
on the walls of latrines in Vietnam was: AMERICA LOST ITS VIRGINITY
IN VIETNAM.) The accumulation of these past events, have fnally come full
circle, have given the world the time to analyze the real intentions of the
DUS's enormous military-industrial complex now under the severest strain,
now in a hand-wrestling match with an extremely determined Asia—out for

The United States has been the DisUnited States for far too long, and instead
of its citizens seeking to heal the nation's wounds—if not only to achieve some
rewarding homeostasis, some compactness—the republic has reverted to some
Hegelian “punch them up” thesis-antithesis, a “keep rocking the boat”
creative destructiveness, and a “blow it to bits if it does not conform” posture.
These desperate growing pains. And it is now obvious that the babe res publica
is apparently not any longer the staid, unfuctuating entity it once was thought
to be. It is as if its previous veneer, shiny with hope for all the world and
limitless in scope, has now dissipated into some horrible cul de sac.

If the blue states and the red states were once benign antagonists, they are at
this time at each other's throat. Into this vacuum of discontent, Donald
Trump cleverly found an opening that solidifed the incompatible posture of
the American political reality. In doing so, DT set America on a horrible,
schizoid, nightmarish course. Instead of attempting to unify the nation he is
president of, he has worsened the rent it is enduring at present. There is no
harmony and none of it is is sight. Are the Americans on the road to anarchy
—with a capital “A?” And why are they are so very, very unhappy with
themselves! The coming “After Trump?”

Authored by Anthony St. John

17 January MMXVIII
Calenzano, Italy
Twitter: @thewordwarrior

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