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Plugins Used

Noise removal
1. select noise to be filtered out by dragging cursor over the range.
2. plugins -> noise reduction -> click get noise profile -> either select all
or specific range.
used settings nr(dB) = 12 : sensitivity = 10 : fs(bands) = 5
3. plugins -> noise reduction -> OK

Hard limiter
enter minus 8 & ok

1. Find maximum number that it can handle. if OK is disabled then it is
above. Once you get OK enabled subtract 2 from it and press OK.

.1 & .1 & OK.

1. 40
2. 4
3. 0.75
4. 0.75
5. 0
6. 29
7. 36

Amplifying LEFT channel only - setting Gains

Use the drop-down menus to the left of the track and Split Stereo Track. Same
menus to recombine when you're finished. Are you completely sure the low level side
of the show is actual show and not just quiet trash? You can use the SOLO and MUTE
buttons after you split the tracks to listen. If it really is trash, you can delete
it and duplicate the one remaining track and make "fake stereo" that way, or you
can convert the one channel left to Mono and it will play to both left and right
anyway, and take up half the data storage.

To swap channels use move up/down from the menu.

Moving sound from speaker to speaker

What your talking about is "panning automation" which Audacity does not
support. Also you cannot do it while recording, but can do something after you have
recorded the voice. Also, it is not possible (without some fancy psycho-acoustical
tricks) to make a sound appear to be behind you.

1) Record your voice bit on a mono track, and edit it if necessary.

2) Duplicate the track.
3) Switch to the envelope tool.
4) Create an envelope on the upper track that goes from zero to maximum.
5) Create an envelope on the lower track that goes from maximum to zero.
6) Click on the track drop-down menu on the upper track and select "Make Stereo