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How is the PET/CT Scan Done?

Positron What is a PET Scan? scan may uncover abnormalities that might otherwise
go undetected, thus providing physicians important
• When you arrive, a technologist will ask you about your PET scan is a powerful diagnostic test that is having a early information about cancer, heart disease and many
medical history. You will be asked to remove all metal

major impact on the diagnosis and treatment of the neurological disorders, like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s
objects from your clothing. You will then be asked to diseases. Disease is a biological process, and PET scan disease.
lie on a bed, and a small plastic cannula will be placed is a biological imaging examination, therefore, PET scans
into a vein in your hand or arm. Your blood sugar level can detect and stage most cancers, often before they are

For example, a PET scan is the most accurate, non-
and your weight will also be measured. evident through other anatomical imaging modalities. invasive imaging modality to differentiate between a
• A nurse will then give you a small injection of radioactive Most common medical tests, like CT and MR scans, only benign and malignant tumour, sparing patients the often
glucose through the cannula, and you will be allowed show details about the structure of the body, whereas painful diagnostic surgeries and suggesting treatment
to rest quietly on the bed for 1 hour while the glucose a PET scan provides information about function. PET options earlier in the course of the disease.
circulates through your body.
• For the scan, which will take about 30 minutes to
(PET Scan) PET scan can give you and your doctor a life-saving answer A PET scan for Cancer can:
perform, you will be asked to lie on a scanning table. to questions/concerns:
• Determine if a tumour is cancerous.
The CT scan is taken first, followed by the PET scan.
During both of these scans you must lie very still and • Stage cancer by showing if it has spread anywhere
else in the body.
breathe normally. You will notice the scanning bed
• Prove whether or not cancer treatment therapies
moving slowly through the scanner as the pictures are are effective.
taken. • Do I Have Cancer?
• Has My Cancer
• Once the scan is complete you will be given something Spread?
to eat, while the doctor checks the pictures and a nurse • Has My Cancer
removes the cannula. You will then be able to leave the Come Back?

PET/CT written reports are faxed/despatched to referring Figure 1: PET and Fused PET/CT images in a
specialists within 1 working day of the appointment. case of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Figure 3a: PET and Fused Figure 3b: Fused PET/CT and PET images
Alternatively, you or your relative may collect the report PET/CT scan in patient with in case of wide spread metastases
next day. oesophageal cancer

PET scan — Positron Figure 2

Emission Tomography
scan is one of the
most accurate
Pte Ltd diagnostic tools for
the early detection
of cancer:

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Singapore 238859 Why? Because a PET
scan looks at metabolic
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function of cells rather

For more information please contact us at: *NSCLC *NSCLC disease
than structure - a PET
scan can often detect pre-therapy progression
Tel: 6836 1318 Fax: 6836 1381 cancerous cells much
earlier than CT, MRI,
Website: www.molecularimaging.com.sg X-ray or Mammography. *NSCLC: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Figure 3c: Fused PET/CT images in case of breast
cancer for therapy monitoring
Email: enquiry@molecularimaging.com.sg Pte Ltd

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Diagnostic Accuracy of PET for Cancer How Can PET Make a Difference in Neurology? to the shoulders, neck or arms; chest discomfort with through the body and eventually collects in areas of
Cancer Conventional PET Scan lightheadedness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness potential disease or abnormality. The tracer compound
Type Imaging
Localize the brain site of seizure activity. This is especially of breath. emits radiation which is detected by the PET scanner. The
important for children with uncontrollable seizures who are scanner records these signals and transforms them into
Breast Cancer 67% 89%
candidates for hemispherectomy as a cure. PET Scan — Patient Benefits: images. Regions of abnormal uptake are highlighted in
Colorectal Cancer 80% 94%
Providing clues essential in determining if that muscle these images.
Gastro- Esophageal 68% 83% • Whole-body cancer staging in a single PET scan exam.
Cancer tremor is Parkinson’s disease or another of the “Movement” A trained Nuclear Medicine Physician interprets these PET
disorders. • Fewer repeated CT and MRI procedures with a PET scan.
Head & Neck 65% 87% scan images and can determine if disease is present and
Cancer • Faster scan times with a PET scan, reducing patient
Looking at a brain tumour and reveal information that is the stage of the disease.
Liver Cancer 81% 93% discomfort.
indicative of whether it‘s benign or malignant. It is also widely
Lung Cancer 68% 82% used when recurrence is suspected to show whether structural • Reduction in sampling errors of CT guided biopsies.
• Accurate diagnosis of disease stage with a PET scan.
How do I Prepare for my PET-CT Scan?
Lymphoma 64% 88& change is tumour re-growth or merely scar tissue.
Melanoma 80% 92% • PET scan improves accuracy in radiation therapy Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time.
Helping physicians to “map” the areas of the brain responsible
treatments. The radiotracer dose you will receive will have been
Pancreatic Cancer 65% 81% for movement, speech, and other critical functions. This is a
• PET scan provides cancer patients with hope and peace ordered in advance and prepared specifically for you
Testicular Cancer 68% 92% remarkable guide for surgeons who are performing delicate
of mind. hours before you arrive, and will be calibrated to your
Uterine/Cervical 43% 87% operations on different areas of the brain.
scheduled appointment time in order to maximize
Cancer • Whole-body PET CT imaging in 20 minutes, using latest
image quality.
Source: The Journal of Nuclear Medicine Supplement, Volume 42, Number 5, May 2001 and UCLA 64 slice PET CT scanner, in a case of melanoma.
PET in Heart Disease • Do not eat and consume drinks that contain caffeine and
What Can PET Scan See that Other Tests sugar at least 6 hours prior to the examination. Drink
PET in Neurology PET scans of the
Cannot? plenty of plain water to hydrate the body.
heart allow the study
Nothing conjures up so A PET scan is able • If you are diabetic you are expected to be in the
and quantification of
much dread in the elderly as to detect extremely department longer becuause your blood glucose level
various aspects of
a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s small cancerous have to be monitored prior to the scan.
heart tissue function.
disease. Nothing is more heart- Clinical studies show an tumours and very • Please bring along all your previous medical reports
rendering than to see a child important role for PET subtle changes of including X-rays, CT, MRI and blood tests.
with an uncontrollable seizure in diagnosing patients, function in the brain • You should wear comfortable clothing of your choice.
disorder. To share a moment describing disease and and heart. This • When you reach the department you will be asked to
with a victim of Parkinson’s developing treatment
Figure 5: Rubidium PET scan demonstrating allows physicians to change into a gown.
apical infarction, with correlative CTA images
disease is to witness the agony strategy. Two areas revealing soft plaque LAD treat these diseases • The total examination time is about 2 to 3 hours for
of not being able to perform of clinical application earlier and more oncology cases and about 1 hour for the rubidium
Figure 4: PET/CT scan in case the simplest of physical tasks. have emerged. accurately. Figure 6: Rectal carcinoma studies.
of brain tumour Stroke, dementia in its many • In some cases there will be some additional scans for
forms, and brain tumours are • PET is the most accurate test to reveal coronary A PET scan puts
better diagnostic decisions, but it can only be known
other disorders that strike the brain and the very core of our artery disease and impaired blood flow or rule out its time on your side! The earlier the diagnosis, the better
after the initial scan.
personality. PET is proving essential for patients with these presence. chance for treatment.
• You may empty your bladder as often as you require.
neurological disorders. • PET is the gold standard to determine the viability of • Do not wear metallic objects including jewellery,
CT and MR scans may render exquisite detail about the heart tissue for revascularization. PET allows physicians How does a PET Scan Work? underwire bras, metal belts, zippers or buttons.
structure of the brain — but can tell nothing about its function. to determine whether bypass surgery or transplant is the • Do not undergo vigorous exercise for 24 hours prior to
When disease strikes, the biochemistry of tissues and cells
With a single PET image, abnormalities of brain function appropriate treatment. your appointment.
changes. In cancer, for example, cells begin to grow at a
can be found that would otherwise go undetected. PET is The Heart Association says the body likely will send one or much faster rate, feeding on sugars like glucose. A PET • If you are claustrophobic, please contact the depart-
a powerful tool in the hands of a properly trained physician. more of these warning signals of a heart attack: uncomfor- scan works by using a very small amount of a radioactive ment. If you think you might require a sedative please
It brings to light sometimes subtle but significant evidence table pressure, full-ness, squeezing or pain in the center of tracer chemically attached to glucose or other compounds. ensure that you attend the appointment with someone
consistent with the presence or absence of disease. the chest lasting more than a few minutes; pain spreading The patient is injected with the tracer compound. It travels who will drive you home.
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