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Ashtakvarga is a concept in which each planet gives points (bindu) to each house
of the chart starting form 0 to 8. this is called sarvashtak varga when we consider
all of these points. the maximum sum in a chart can be as high as 337 bindus. any
house having 28 or more bindu gives good results of that house. higher the bindu,
better will be for the house significations. between 25-28 bindu house concerned
gives average results. less than 25 but more than 20 cause troubles. anything less
than 20 is enough to give adverse results. this way each planet contributs in
summing up these bindu. if any planet contributes from 1-3 bindu it is not good
for concerned house. if 4 bindu then average for the concerned house. anything
beyond 4 is always welcome. the highest can be 8 (which rarely occurs). similarly
0 is the rarest (which is the worst). there is an exception to this rule with logic. the
lesser the bindu in 12th house the better it is. ideally it should have as less of
bindu as possible. reason being it is a house of losses to asc. so losses should be as
low as possible. that is why it is expected to have highest points in 11th house
(fulfillment of desires) for materialistic matters.