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ITIL & ServiceDesk Plus

Alex D Paul
Director – IT Service Management
ZOHO Corporation
About Me

Alex D Paul
• Product Manager, ManageEngine, ZOHO
• Implemented ITIL + Built A Product in ITIL
• Solved problems in real scenarios along with
engineers and business managers
• Experience in handling customers around world – 14
• Author of the widely accepted ITIL Heroes Handbook
• www.alexonitil.com – download free book

The Making of
ServiceDesk Plus

The Road Ahead

Gadgets Makes A Hero

Without The Right Tools With The Right Tools

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Making of
ServiceDesk Plus
Against All Odds

• 700 Helpdesk vendors

• 7 years too late
• Expertise focused on Network
Sizing Up Who Were Against

• Small players – Tickets Only

• Integrated Ticket + Assets was expensive
• Big 4 were Add-ons and Smart plug-ins
Unreasonably Complicated
• Creating a scheduled maintenance request

• 19 page downs and lot of code snippets

SELECT np.guid,
CONVERT(VARCHAR(12), sm.[Interval Date], 1) as 'Scheduled Service Date',
CONVERT(VARCHAR(12), DATEADD(MONTH, -sm.[Interval (In Months)], sm.[Interval Date]), 1) as 'Last
Service Date',
FROM inv_scheduled_maintenance sm
JOIN vnetworkprinter np on sm._resourceguid = np.guid
WHERE sm.[interval date] = CONVERT(VARCHAR(12), GETDATE(), 1)

Source:- http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/configuring-scheduled-printer-maintenance
Bold Execution

SPOC – One product to rule them all

Easy and affordable so that anyone can use it
Sometime in 2006

2500 customers in 28 countries

Designed for SMBs

Large enterprises
FAQ: Do you have ITIL
People Dependent Inefficiencies

Man Show Geeks

Knowledge Base

Track KB
Priority by Higher Decibels

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Priority Matrix
Current State Of Affairs on ITIL

ITIL accepted as framework for IT


IT Staff are divided by ITIL V2 and


ITIL is only a question of when

and how
ITIL Emerges As A Standard

A best practices framework for managing IT services

Defined by OGC, UK

Objective : Align IT with Business

Base for ISO 20000

Popular Standard for Helpdesk and Support Ops In

Europe EMEA, and APAC
ITIL V3 gets more focus on BSM

Core Modules
Service Strategy
Service Design
Service Transition
Service Operation
Continual Service Improvement
ITIL V3 Essentials

Service Service Service Service Continual

Strategy Design Transition Operation Improvement

Availability Serv.
Portfolio Change Incident
Mgmt Reporting

Financial Capacity
Release Problem Service Mgmt
Management Mgmt

Continuity Request
Configuration SLM
Mgmt Fulfillment

Security Event
Mgmt Management
After Training - Where Do I Start?
Pink Elephant Certification

ISO ITIL Process

20000 consultants
Incident Management
• Incident is a disruption in the normal

• The goal of Incident Management is to

restore normal services as soon as possible
with resolution and recovery.
Problem Management
Problem Management

• The goal of Problem Management is to find

the root cause of incidents and reduce the
impact on business.
• It is a proactive approach that prevents
recurrence of incidents.
Change Management
Change Management Workflow

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wrong Perception : ITIL takes a lot of time

Detailed books and complicated process

Expensive Consulting

Expensive Tools

Copyright 2010 Zoho Corporation

Typical Monster-ous ITIL Software



ITIL Complicated with Add-ons & Plug-ins
ServiceDesk Plus Got ITIL Ready

• Built-in ITIL Processes works for 80% of businesses

• Advanced Users can customize the rest 20%
• Customization – Point & Click – no coding required
Priority by Higher Decibels
Priority Matrix
As We Stand Today

–15000 Customers
–Global Service Desk Deployments
–World Class Performance
Change Management Implementation
Change Record with Process
1 tabs

Change Plan 2
CAB Approvals

Release Management
Detailed Demo

•Helpdesk + Asset Management

•Service Catalog
•And other exciting features
The Road Ahead
IT Expertise Meets Cloud
IT Expertise Meets Cloud
Focus Areas

ITIL V3 Alignment

•Service Portfolio Management

•PinkVerify Certification
•Change Management
•Release (Project) Management

Mobile Focus
Integration Ready
Think About IT

Only The Paranoid Survive

Andy S Grove
Re-invent or You’ll be Irrelevant

New Leaders

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ITIL Pays More !

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