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2D6 Sci-Fi
Chester, UK


6 'The Dry Cabin' (image) 41 The Detention Center
Stephanie McAlea
Stygian Fox Publishing
5 Near Space Blues 43 The Offices
Colin Dunn, Writer 9 The Near Heavens Setting 44 The Hearne Class Vessel
Steph. McAlea, Maps
Ian Stead, Technical Artist 11 Map of the Osiris Peninsula 49 Get Your Ass To Mars
Tithi Luadthong, Illustrator
12 Map & Image of Cloister 51 The Dry Cabin
Dr. Noob’s Pimp My Gun
13 The Journey Begins 54 The Aftermath

14 Port Henry Downport 55 Drones & Vehicles

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had us pinned in that cabin for two weeks. I guess you gotta
NEAR SPACE BLUES do what you gotta do.

We were setting up on Cloister when I heard that her busi-

“I wouldn't really describe Terese de Sainte as a friend. She
ness, whatever it was, had fallen through, but not before she
was too much of a screw up, really. But she always had my
skimmed off enough money to get off that rock. Last thing I
back. During the Culture War on Eden, she used her bag of
heard from her was a seeker she sent after she hit Earth. Just
tricks to set up traps and IEDs to slow down the Edenist shock
a quick "I'm fine. Thanks for everything" sort of note. Funny
troops that had pushed us out of Viniyam. Later, her nas-
thing is, even after all that, I still thought of her as being a
ty toys funneled an Edenist cadre into a kill zone for Miung
member of the team, and I missed her at my back when things
and the rest of the team, while I put a hypervelocity flechette
got tricky.
through their sergeant's spine. In the field, there was no one
I'd rather have with me. Problem for her is that the war end-
I started thinking about her while Miung and I closed off the
contract with Everall Resources. We had done lots of work for
them, but the last was the worst. One union, busted. No, I`m
We all tried to keep in touch, but she kept bouncing from one
not proud of it, but the careful application of violence is my
failed scheme to another, never subtle enough to make life on
job, after all. Miung`s is figuring out the best place to apply it.
the edges work for her. She was still on Eden when we left, try-
ing to make a go of it with some sort of import/export thing.
We didn`t kill anyone, and that one guy`s leg will grow back.
She told us that she didn't want anything more to do with the
If Everall had gone with the brute squad like they wanted to,
mercenary life. So when the team left, she stayed behind. She
half of those strikers would have been killed. Still, I can't help
was even talking with the Edenists, the same bastards who
but feel a little bad about it. All those poor sods wanted was a
living wage and better working conditions.

Once the contract closed, I called Miung and the rest of the
team together. We had money in the bank, and Everall was
giving us pretty strong hints that maybe we should be leaving
Cloister for, well, anywhere else. It`d been years since any of
us walked the `green grass` of home. I figured it was time.
Half the team decided to come along, including Miung, of
course. I'd like to say that knowing Terese was on Earth didn't
factor into it, but, well...

We were making our plans to return when her seeker mes-

sage found me. Three years since that last one, and we get one
two days before leaving the planet. Cloister, in the Groom-
bridge 34 system, is four jumps from earth. That's like 4 to
5 months travel time, most of it in cryo. By message drone,
though, Earth is only 4 weeks away. You can send a seeker
message into the drone network, and it will go to every inhab-
ited world and station. But unless the person its keyed to is on
the local network, the message doesn’t get delivered. I was on
the network that day, cleaning up and shutting down. I guess
it’s luck that it found me.

Miung wasn’t happy to see Terese’s name on the seeker. Ter-

ese and I had never really been a thing, but there had been
times when we needed each other’s company for a night or
two. Nothing more. Like I said, she was too much of a screw-
up. Then Miung came along, and all that ended.

The note was weird though. It just said that she had settled in
and was doing well, and had found a new cabin in the woods.
That made me nervous. `Cabin in the Woods` was what we
called that place on Eden where our combat team had holed
up for a week during the war, thinking it was safe. The Eden-
ist terrorists had driven a pack of jackwolves at us, penned
us into that cabin for several days while snipers picked at us.
That lasted until someone in command remembered we were
still out there, and sent a civy gravboat to find us.

Terese was in trouble, and had asked me for help. I guess it

was good I was going to Earth, even if it was a long way to go.”

The characters will begin their journey on Cloister, a new
colony world at the outer edge of the life zone around
Groombridge 34b. While colder on average than Earth, the “ONE UNION, BUSTED. NO, I`M
equatorial regions are quite temperate, and with the world’s NOT PROUD OF IT, BUT THE CAREFUL
pronounced axial tilt, even the sub-polar regions experience APPLICATION OF VIOLENCE IS MY JOB,
relatively mild summers. Winters, on the other hand, make AFTER ALL.”
Siberia look tropical. The planet supports a population just
shy of a million humans, with at least that many Synthetic
labourers and service workers.


As a new colony, Cloister is working hard to pay for its es-
tablishment and upkeep. The most important economic en-
terprise on this world are the mines. Rare earths and exotic
metals are critical to support the Associative and its citizens.
Iron, nickel, and even gold and platinum are relatively com-
mon-place, especially in asteroids. Rare earths, however,
so critical to modern electronics, gravitics, computers, and
drive systems, are most easily found on planets.

The Groombridge system is the current end of the line for

space travel. While there are systems further away, they are
poorly-surveyed. The five months of travel-time from Earth
is near the limit of what the Associative can control effec-
tively. Spreading out further requires ceding more control
to local governments. The Associative rose out of the ashes
of the nation-state system; they have no intention of giving
up centralized control. Only free-booters, pirates, and a few
corporations have ventured past Groombridge to the farther

After a brief but destructive nuclear conflict in the mid-21st
Century, now called the Formation War, the remaining na-
tion-states banded together and combined their armed forc-
es. Brazil was the strongest of these successor states, and violence. With the Associative's abolition of national sov-
came to define what would later be know as the Terran As- ereignty, individual regions started to break away from the
sociative. Very few nations on Earth are able to stand apart larger polities, and even those regions broke down on cul-
from the Associative, and most fragmented into smaller ture and language.
states with cohesive cultural elements. Japan, Indonesia,
and Australia are the most powerful of these hold-out states, This ongoing series of conflicts was called the Age of Culture
but even they have seen cultural fragmentation. The Associ- War, and while they have largely wound down on Earth, out
ative is restrictive, but not “evil” in any sense. They just want in the colonies they are happening all over again. This keeps
to keep control to prevent catastrophe. mercenaries busy. Officially, the Associative has no policy
on Culture Wars, and only intervenes if the violence gets
out of hand. Some critics think they even tacitly encourage
AGE the practice.

All characters will have a chronological age, which reflects

Like all wars, the cultural conflict of the mid-22d century
the time passed since they were born, and a biological age,
has left deep wounds. The Associative may rebuild towns
which reflects time spent in cryo. The body effectively does not
and infrastructure but repairing broken hearts and sooth-
age in cryo, and frequent travellers can end up years younger
ing angry souls will be significantly more difficult. The As-
than the calendar would normally indicate. Number of terms
sociative has special ‘Reclamation Teams’ that go into areas
spent in character generation does not reflect time spent in
of poverty or ‘Unculture’ to help those in need. Along with
cryo, and is the biological age only. Most characters who
a heavily armed escort, these teams venture into some of the
send any amount of time travelling the stars will likely have
roughest places in the Core (rarely out of it) and bring med-
a chronological age 1D6 years older than their biological age.
icine, food, power, bureaucracy, and protection. All they ask
for is loyalty to the Associative. After the teams have left
those they have helped are laregly left to their own devic-
THE CULTURE WARS es but hopefully still retain the supplie, infrastructure, and
training created by the Reclamation Teams.
The Culture Wars were a series of small scale wars, often
more on the information and propaganda front than actual
AN ASSOCIATIVE DROP MARINE Star travel is dangerous. Jump space follows a different set
DURING THE CULTURE WARS of physical laws than the ‘normal’ universe. Specially-de-
signed Synthetics can survive in the extreme cold and twist-
ed physics of jumpspace, but mere humans cannot. All pas-
sengers and crew travel in cryoberths for the trip. While it
is only necessary for passengers to be in cryo for the jump,
most of the time passengers remain in suspension for the
entire trip. This technology is so common that the bunks
in a ship’s stateroom are also cryoberths, with the protec-
tive cover concealed in the wall until just before jump. The
crew Synthetics are medics as well as pilots and engineers,
and they will perform all the checks to freeze and revive the
humans in their care. Almost no one is lost to cryotube acci-
dents. The biggest cause of death in jump is due to the phys-
ics of jumpspace itself. Starships are an intrusion, a bubble
of alternate reality moving through a very different space-
time. Sometimes, that space-time intrudes on a vessel, with
jump space pushing through the hull into the ship. This is
referred to as a jump-inversion event. If his inversion should events, and the larger the ship, the more common these
touch a human in cryo, the end result looks like something inversion events are. It may occur to the characters to
that went though a meat grinder and then exploded. Jump send Terese a seeker in response, back through the ex-
inversions happen in about 1 in 50 jumps, and deaths are press network. A seeker message will cost them 10Cr
involved in approximately half of those incidents. Few travel per character, or 100Cr per 30 seconds of audio, or
through space unless they have to. 1000Cr per 30 seconds of video. Terese will not actual-
ly respond to any seeker message, but she will receive
The safest form of star travel is on jump carriers, large 1000 them up until a few days before the characters get to
tons ships that can carry a hundred passengers and hun- Earth.
dreds of tons of cargo. Historically, in any jump inversion
event, no more than a single person is ever killed. By those
odds, the more passengers on a ship, the better your chances
of survival. Balanced against that is the little-known truth
that very small ships seldom experience jump inversion

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay
(D765683/8 A GA, AG, NI 115 TA)


bonne vallee
bounty meili de jia

HENRY southern

athena bay harbour

There will be six miners attacking, two with handguns, the

LEAVING GROOMBRIDGE others with the mining tools. They will retreat after four
rounds, or when half or more of their number have been inca-
As registered Private Security Contractors (Mercenar-
pacitated or killed.
ies) the characters have a certain amount of flexibility in
regards to the weapons and armour they have in regards
to the local law level. Nonetheless, convincing Horizon
Spaceways to carry all of their assorted gear may be a chal-
STR 9 (+1) DEX 8 (0) END 9 (+1) INT 7 (0) EDU 8 (0) SOC 7 (-1)
lenge. Their last employer, Everall Mining, would be will to
Skills: Streetwise 1, Melee 1, Gun Combat 0,
buy the more excessive items from the characters, but at no
Equipment: Autopistol, powered melee weapon (Dam 3D)
more than 50% of their book value.

he characters have another hurdle, in addition
orizon Spaceways is really the only game in town,
to booking their passage. The mining union that
in that they are the only carrier going all the way
they broke up is not pleased, and even though
through to Earth. Others may be going to Ross
their leader’s leg is growing back, there is still
154, or Barnard’s Star, or even Proxima, but
a subset of the group that wants revenge. They will wait
none are booking all the way through to Earth. The trip from
until the characters have packed their heavy weapons and
Groombridge to Earth is four jumps. Normally, a carrier will
equipment, and will attack them either in their hotel, or in
spend a month in jump, then a week in-system, then another
the terminal. The miners will look like anyone else, until
jump. Between Groombridge and Centauri, however, the two
they attack, though a character who is actively-scanning
stops at Ross 154 and Barnard’s Star are normally refueling
the crowds may see something amiss.
stops only, and the carrier is on its way in less than a day.
The characters could be on Earth in less than five months.
two stops at Ross 154 and Barnard’s Star are normally re-
fueling stops only, and the carrier is on its way in less than
a day. The characters could be on Earth in less than five

Referee’s Notes: This section serves to introduce some
elements of the Near Space setting, including space travel,
cryo sleep and travel time.
Doluptatio cum re vit lacculpa vollabo ressin et que consectatemo veribus as es

exercia epratiam, cusdaero blam lant laccaer chictium quoditatem aut. To consectus
he journey from Cloister, in the Groombridge
adigendam as esto tem aliquame porepra nonemolupta sapis nonsequi non eum, odit
34 system, to Earth, takes just over four months.
pedio veliciasMost
of thisquoditime
is spent in transit, with a A STATE OF THE ART CRYOPOD
Vollibus, utet,layover
of one week at Haven in the Centau-
ri system before continuing to Earth. The Ross 154 and
Everything is slow and distorted, but in this dream the char-
Barnard’s star stops are for refuelling only, and the car-
acter clearly sees a darkness, all covered with spikes and teeth,
rier can be on its way in less than a day. As the charac-
envelope a cryotube, accompanied by distant clicking sounds.
ters are booked through to Earth, they should not be
revived from cryo until they reach Portal Station above
The Centauri system is one jump from Earth, but the death
Earth. However, something has gone wrong on the leg

Psionics in the Near Space setting are not as powerful as in core CE.
However, it is more common, with most people getting tested before
they leave secondary school. Maximum PSI for such untrained
characters should be 3 (1D3), with only Telepathy and Clairvoyance
being available. Characters who go through training are a different
matter entirely.

of a passenger from the jump inversion incident has created a

delay of upwards of one month while the investigation runs its
course. Jump inversion accidents are commonplace, the price
to be paid to travel the stars. Each investigation is run in the
hopes that it might uncover something new, a clue that could
lead to the prevention of jump inversion accidents.

from Barnard’s Star to Centauri, and the characters find
themselves awoken at the orbital station over the colo- he two synthetics running the ship while in jump
ny world of Haven. Another passenger in the carrier has both report the same thing. “A section of the hull
been killed, a victim of a jump inversion accident. All that appeared to dissolve into a crystalline-lattice, and a
is left of him is a slurry pasted along the inner walls of fractal extrusion entered the ship, briefly contacting
his cryotube. Any character who has a PSI rating of 1 or cryo-berth seven. The inversion event lasted roughly 3.61 sec-
higher will remember disturbing dreams if they see the onds ship time.” This is enough like other past reports that it
cryotube. People as not supposed to dream in cryo, but could almost be a copy-and-paste, but each incident must be
these memories are clearly from the time in the tubes. investigated the and carrier examined to ensure that it is safe.
Time in jumpspace does not pass at the same rate is in real space.
Horizon Spaceways
While a standard jump takes 29 days, +/- 36 hours, time on board a
‘Hercules’ Stanford-Class
ship measures at closer to 35 days, +/- 40 hours. On emergence, ships
Jump Carrier (1000 tons)
either get the updated time from the local network, or the crew takes
a few hours to determine the time deviation from star and planetary

There are two seeker messages at Haven, one that has been ger and meaner than anything found on Earth. Heavy weap-
waiting in the network for three months, sent shortly after ons are often required to take the bigger creatures down, up
they left Eden, and another that is less than two weeks old. to and including artillery pieces. The other factor is that vir-
tually everything is toxic. The heavy metals that make Haven
First Seeker so valuable taint the soil, the water, and even the air in places.
While this cabin isn’t a bad place, the weather is getting
pretty chilly. And the rain. Van does rain like no other place Local plants and animals are inedible without processing.
I’ve been to. Wouldn’t mind getting somewhere drier. If you Even with these factors, however, it is still a far more hos-
ever get around these parts, send me a seeker, and we’ll have pitable place than Mars. Local plant life can be treated to
a chat. remove toxins, and protein is vat-grown anyway. Only the

uncultured eat animals in the Associative.
Second seeker
The second seeker was sent to Carter Allen. Most of the people on the colony are clustered within 500
Hey Carter, remember that time at the cabin? I think I need km of Port Cândido Mariano da Silva Rondo, or Port Ron-
another helping of that. Let me know when you get here, and do, as it is commonly called. The population of Port Rondo
we’ll hook-up. itself is over one million people. The number of synthetics
on Haven is difficult to estimate, and there are no official
This message references the time on Eden when Carter had counts. One estimate, by the AI rights group FreeMind, puts
rescued the team from the cabin. it at double the human population. Most other estimates of
the Synthetic population are from one-quarter to one-half

the number of people.
aven is a long-settled world, with a population in
the millions, the most populous of the extra-so-
lar colonies. Haven is larger than Earth, and on
The carrier that the characters are travelling with will land
average warmer. The lesser axial tilt of only 5.4°
at Port Rondo, and all passengers will be thawed and given
results in less seasonal variation in temperature. While more
medical examinations. The ship itself will be held for a
of the surface is covered in ocean, there is still ample territo-
month at least, while authorities from the Terran Associa-
ry for colonization. Haven is an ideal world in many ways, or
tive Defence Services (TADS) forensics group examines it
would be, if not for two factors. One is the local wildlife, big-
from top to bottom, paying careful attention to the region
(C978684 9 N Ag,NI 413 TA)


St. Augustin


in the cryo bay where the jump inversion occurred. Since financial records travel by the much faster express
boat network, travellers journeying between worlds can
At this point, however, the characters find themselves ef- ensure that their money is waiting for them. Or, unfortu-
fectively-stranded for at least a month unless they can find nately, for criminals preying on them.
alternative transport. There are likely other ships bound
for Earth, however, smaller craft that usually do not carry
many passengers, but will take some on for the extra cash.


I f the characters decide that they do not want to wait

for their carrier to finish inspection, they can contact
Horizon Spaceways for a refund. Horizon will offer
10% of their fare, and will be happy to route their lug-
gage to secure Horizon Spaceways storage on Portão Sta-
Cães de Guerra
tion. However, some shrewd bargaining by the characters
(backed up with Admin, Broker, Advocate, or even Brib- One of these criminal groups, the Cães de Guerra (Dogs
ery checks, as appropriate) will result in up to 25% of their of War), has decided that the PCs make easy targets, the
fare being refunded, and their luggage returned to them. seeming-urgency of their search for another route to
Horizon will not go further than 25%, on the notion that Earth making for an easy setup. They will be approached
since Horizon got them 75% of the way to Earth, then Hori- by Cessie, the woman who in second-in-command of the
zon should keep that much of the fare, at a bare minimum. Dogs, and she will tell them that she has friends who have
a ship that is heading to Earth. They are leaving shortly,
At the same time, there are criminal groups, some loosely but still have empty cryotubes, so the characters can likely
affi liated with the Siberian Warriors on Earth, that often get a lower rate than what other ships have been trying to
target layover passengers. Since these passengers did not charge.
expect the layover, most of them will survive on the small
amount of luggage that they were allowed to stow with their The Dogs have even brought a local ship-owner, Janis
cryotube. Their full luggage is typically-held by the carrier Gilani, into the scam. Her ship, the Cressidae, is a 100-ton
until they can leave again. The carrier may provide them tail-sitter, and is not actually jump-capable. It is almost
with temporary lodging and a meal credit, but little more. identical, externally, to a related class that is, and Janis and
Beyond any such charity from the carrier, layover passen- the Dogs will try to pass it off as such. A search of the local
gers will usually have little to their name except their car- registry will reveal that the Cressidae is a jump ship with a
ry-on luggage and their credsticks. course fi led for Earth. (It is fake, inserted in to the system
by a local hacker) The ship is in a landing bay towards the
edge of the port. Most of the surrounding bays contain
EXPRESS BOATS non-jump craft, and a character familiar with starships
Ships carrying passengers take approximately one month to go may be able to spot that the ship is not jump-capable. Janis
from star to star. Express boats, however, can do it in a week. Ex- and Cessie, along with some members of the Dogs posing
press boats can have no crew, however, not even Synthetics. Tem- as ground crew will go through all the motions, including
peratures inside express craft drop as low as 80° Kelvin (~-193° booking the ship. The lack of a synthetic may be a tip-off,
Celsius), as opposed to the more “clement” temperatures inside though, if asked, Janis will say that he is inside, working
of a normal jump ship of only -90°. Synthetics can be engineered on the ship. When the characters arrive with their luggage,
to operate in normal jumpships, but not express boats. however, then the Dogs will ambush them. The Dogs are
not looking to take prisoners or leave witnesses.
If the characters spurn the Dogs attempts to snare them,
then the criminal gang will go after them another way,
perhaps ambushing them while they negotiate with another Those who resisted the U.N. during the Culture Wars, meat
spacer. In any case, they are targets of the Dogs. eaters, tyrants, fundamentalists, and those who won’t con-
form to societies mores are termed ‘The Uncultured’ by the
Dravon rest of civilised society.
Leader of the Cães de Guerra Age 30 (Rogue, 3 terms)
STR 9 (+1) DEX 8 (0) END 11 (+1) INT 9 (+1) EDU 8 (0) They are considered somehow damaged or deviant and can
SOC 5 (-1) often face soft bigotry. To many of those in the Core, Colonial
Skills: Streetwise 3, Melee 2, Gun Combat 1, Recon 1, Ca- citizens are often seen as Uncultured.
rouse 2, Grav Vehicle 2

Equipment: Jack (AR 3), Autorifle, Revolver, Machete

(blade), Radio

Warleader and second in command Age 30 (Surface System
Defence, 2 terms, Rogue, 1 term)
STR 8 (0) DEX 12 (+2) END 9 (+1) INT 10 (+1) EDU 8 (0)
SOC 6 (0)
Skills: Streetwise 1, Melee 1, Gun Combat 3, Recon 1, Ca-
rouse 1, Tactics 2, Grav Vehicle2

Equipment: Cloth (AR 7), Assault Rifle, Snub Pistol (HEAP),


Two grav bikes, 1 ground truck, 3 motorcycles

Typical Dog
Age 22-26, (Rogue, 1-2 terms) (8 total)
STR 8 (0) DEX 8 (0) END 10 (+1) INT 6 (0) EDU 6 (0)
SOC 4 (-1) dravon
Skills: Streetwise 1, Melee 1, Gun Combat 1, Recon 0, Ca-
rouse 0, Grav Vehicle 1
them. However, there will be a report fi led, which will make its way
Equipment: Jack (AR 3), Shotgun, Machete (blade), Radio back to Earth via the express boat network. This will put Associa-
tive forces at Earth on alert for the characters, but they will not act
against them. There are thousands of alerts in the network.
If the characters report the Dogs to the colonial authorities,
there will be little action taken. Terran Associative Security
When all is said and done, there are three vessels actually
Police (TASP) forces are thinly-spread. Even if the charac-
heading to Earth in the next few days looking to take on
ters kill all of the Dogs, TASP will not take any action against
additional passengers.

The first, the March Hare, is ironically the jump version One is designed to take a standard 10-ton cargo module, and the
of the Cressidae. The owner/operator, Juan Jimenez, other is much smaller, suitable for luggage, personal effects, and
and his synthetic, Katrina, will be wary of the charac- high-value trade goods. While the maintenance is up to date, the
ters after what happened to Janis. He will charge the small crew means that there is always something going wrong.
going rate, plus 20%. In addition to the two, there is Nothing major, but always something. Odd smells, squeaking
another crew member, Samtha Sansregret, who is the bearings on a ventilator fan, mix-up in the food vending system,
mechanic and odd-jobber. She might look vaguely-fa- that sort of quirk.
miliar (on an INT, 1D6 minutes, Very Difficult check,
one of the PCs will possibly recognize her from a crowd Juan is very happy to boast that his ship has never suffered a jump
of Edenist prisoners towards the end of the Culture inversion event. If asked what his plans are after Earth, he will men-
War on Eden. Not enough for, say, a court, but close tion something about picking up a cargo and heading out to Eden.
The second, The Bay of Fundy, is a larger vessel, with a crew
of four humans and two Synthetics. The first officer, Shan-
REACTIONS na Wells, will handle negotiations. While she won’t be obvi-
ous about it, she appreciates the work the characters did in
If any of the group mention Terese’s name around the
dealing with the Dogs, and she is prepared to offer a 10% dis-
crew, Samtha will react, if only subtly. It would take a
count, if asked. Otherwise, she will give the price as the stand-
(Liaison, Leadership, or Streetwise), 1 round, Formida-
ard rate. However, the Bay is not leaving for another five days.
ble check to notice this, however.

A 100-ton tail sitter, the March Hare has two cargo holds. The last ship is a paramilitary craft, the destroyer Stenka Razin,
supporting the mercenary unit Don Cossacks. The executive
vancouver port

officer of the Cossacks, Lt. Andrei Shkuro, will attempt to re-

cruit the characters in return for free passage to Earth. Char-
acters can bargain for leave time on Earth before the Cossacks
jump out again, but no more than one month. The Cossacks In the Wake of the Formation War, and the Culture Wars
are fiercely-Russian, but it is more of a mythical idea of what that followed, Russia broke down into dozens of smaller
Russia was, as that nation no longer exists in any recognizable states, of which the Siberian Union is the most powerful.
form. While it doesn’t have enough diplomatic clout to dictate to
the others, it does have a powerful military and it’s neigh-
Whichever craft the characters settle on, they will sill get to bours are aware of this. Another rising power in Eastern
Earth quicker than the jump carrier would have taken them. Europa, or Uralia, is Muscovy. It seeks to dominate some
Each choice carries with it complications, and while the re- of its neighbours to reform a Russia of sorts. Nearly all
mainder of the adventure assumes the players will charter the experts on the subject know this to be a pipe-dream.
March Hare, the other two present additional challenges.

The Don Cossacks will be the group hired, through cut-outs, All things considered, it will be the March Hare
by Pacifica to find and interrogate Terese. If the characters that will be the quickest and least dangerous. The
elect to join the Dons, they will hear that the company is send- possibilty of Samtha piquing their interest should
ing some sort of special forces type to Mars, but the reason is also encourage the players to choose the March hare
never stated for their journey.
Earth (A867985-D A Hi,Ht 414 )
Though it has been largely rebuilt from the ravages of
the 21st century, Earth is still scarred by the near- There are substantial colonies on Titan, Luna and Mars,
miss holocaust. Many cities, while retaining their old though all three worlds are seeing their populations contract
names, are located in slightly different locations than as colonists move farther out to more habitable worlds. There
their predecessors, while the old locations are often is also extensive mining in the asteroid belt, with Ceres as the
just ruins and swamps. centre. Farther out, Europa around Jupiter, and Enceladus
around Saturn both have outposts studying the native life
Compared to the Earth at the beginning of the 21st deep under the ice. At the edge of the main bodies of the sys-
century, the modern Earth is slightly-warmer, and tem, Pluto holds a small but powerful LIDAR scanning base
slightly wetter, with higher seas and bigger storms. Yet to keep track of lost traffic or possible threats to Earth.
it is still the most habitable world encountered so far,
by an order of magnitude.
planetary and interplanetary craft. Starships are somewhat rar-
er, since most starships call at Portal Station and shuttle their
While nations no longer exist, there are “cultural re-
passengers down, but there still a few dozen per day, mostly
gions”, which have some measure of self-governance.
traffic between Earth and Haven, or Earth and Pendragon.
In any important way, however, they are subject to
the Terran Associative, just like everyone else. These
The March Hare has landed in a part of the port usually re-
regions arose out of the Culture Wars, a setoff on-
served for non-jump craft, and there are several craft around of
again, off-again low-intensity conflicts where groups
similar design to it, but of the non-jump variant. The captain
strive to reassert traditional cultural identities out of
will explain that they were routed here because the Hare is a
the predominant culture. As policy, the Associative
small vessel, and this part of the port had the most suitable
will recognize cultural groups and cultural regions
berths. The characters may also note that there are a number
based on referendums, but often getting to the point
of smaller warehouses in the vicinity. If asked, Juan or Katrina
means a generation or more of conflict. As long as the
will remark that they often pick up secure cargos here.
fighting is kept low-key and regional, the Associative
does not interfere.
There will a grav truck on hand when the characters wake,
“Part of the service” says Juan and all of their gear is already
Arrival stowed. He also recommends a couple of different places to
stay, including the Malmount, which is an underwater hotel on
Chartering a ship from Haven has allowed the charac- the north shore of the artificial island, and the Westminster, an
ters to bypass the investigation, getting them to Earth old-style reconstruction of an early 20th century hotel. Samtha
a week earlier. It has nonetheless been four months will not be around when the characters are awakened by Katri-
since they received Terese’s first seeker message, and na. If asked, Juan will just say that she went shopping. She has
at least five since she sent it. actually gone looking for Terese. Juan was expecting a seeker
from her when they arrived, and none have come yet.
If the characters took the March Hare it will be
‘buzzed’ by Associative Cutters as it enters Sol. This
is just the Associative and Portal Station showing
traders who’s boss and is a common occurance. After
entering Earth’s atmosphere they will land at the Van-
couver Port Complex, an artificial island just south-
west of the Vancouver metro area, within sight of the
Fraser arcology. It is a combination space port and
sea shipping port, with dozens of surface ships and
submarines calling every day, along with hundreds of
Characters who make a Recon, INT, Formidable (or Street- will have to think to specifically-check the ship to no-
wise, INT, Very Difficult) check will notice that someone tice this, but if they have any skill levels in Piloting or
appears to be observing them from a distance. If the char- Engineering it will be obvious once they look.
acters do not approach their follower, they will be followed
to their hotel. At this point, skip to The Follower encounter. And yes, the characters have been effectively smuggled
on to Earth, or at least their equipment has. Their im-
migration papers are in order, however, thanks to some

The March Hare careful talking by the captain.

While Juan and Katrina are friendly enough, they are eager
to get the characters into cryo for the voyage. Samtha will Portal Station
avoid them if at all possible. She recognized Daff yd from
when she was a prisoner on Eden, and wants nothing to do If the characters took any other ship, including the
with them. Often small ships will wait until shortly before jump carrier Odysseus, they will debark at Portão
jump to put passengers into cryo, often at the same time (Portal) Station, the gateway to Earth. Only the ag-
as the crew to save prep time. The crew of the Hare instead glomeration of habitats, cargo modules, and support
request the characters to enter cryo before they leave port. bays known as High Mombasa is larger. While small
The reason given is that the Hare is a small ship, and having ships can land on the surface with proper clearance,
the characters wandering around will make things even the Terran Associative requires most visitors to Earth
more cramped. to pass through immigration control points on the
station. Again, this is another challenge for the char-
The passengers will be thawed out again at the port. The acters to bring their equipment through to Earth. As
crew will give them their customs documents, saying they licensed PSCs, they are allowed to bring in weapons
checked them through before landing. This is odd. and protective equipment at two levels below Earth’s
law level if under contract. Otherwise, only at one level
Even more odd is the appearance of the March Hare. It has lower. That means that light assault weapon, like assault
subtly-changed colour, and appears, on casual inspection, rifles, and submachineguns are allowed, if the charac-
to have exterior doors where it really does not. In fact, it ters are under contract (like with the Cossacks…). If
now closely-resembles the non-jump variant. Characters not, then if these items are desired, they will have to go

associative cutters buzzing the

march hare as it enters the sol system
through black-market sources on Earth. Terran Associative knows. The last she saw Terese was in Vancouver, 15 days
Immigration Control will issue them 6-week visas, after ago. She looked scared.
which they will have to be renewed, or the characters will
have to leave Earth. The note Damra gives the characters came to her via a
priority courier two days ago. It had no return address, but
Once past immigration, they will have to find transport was sent from Vancouver. If the characters ask Damra for
to the surface. There are hundreds of shuttles departing where she last saw Terese, she will say at a café in the North
for multiple locations on the surface at a steady pace. It is Vancouver Arcology, above the Reclaimed Zone. She says
at this point that the characters might notice that they are that Terese lives near the café.
being observed, and not just by the security cameras. This
would require a Recon or Streetwise, Int, 6 seconds, Diffi- The envelope contains a hand-written note, almost illegible,
cult (-2) check. along with a key card (marked G9-418), and a couple of bat-
tered old photos of the characters and her from their time
in the cabin on Eden.
The Follower
I hope you guys get this. My friend is pretty-reliable, but you
If the characters ignore the follower, she will approach them never know. You’re going to see some seekers from me when
before they board their shuttle, and hand them an envelope. you check into the network. I think only sent you three, total.
She identifies herself as Damra, and will seem disappointed I found a new cabin in the woods now, a lot drier. I’ll be
when the characters fail to recognize her name. The note is there soon. I hope you can find it.
from Terese, and Damra was told to give it someone match-
ing Daff yd’s rather distinctive appearance. That’s all she New Seekers

Once the characters check into the network, they will find
three (or four) seeker messages from Terese. All are dated
within the last five days, and one is only from the day

Seeker One (one day ago)

Hey guys! I hope this reaches you before you do anything silly. Sorry
about my other seekers. I’ve just been feeling down. But its all good
now. I hope you enjoy Earth, and I hope you didn’t come all the
way here for me.

Seeker Two (three days ago)

I think I can hear jackwolves outside my cabin door. I may not get
to my drier cabin. Sorry.

Seeker Three (four days ago)

Guys, if you get this before coming to Earth, don’t worry about it.
Everything is fine. Just me being a drama queen again.

Seeker Four (five days ago) (only if the characters sent a

reply from Cloister)
No wonder. I didn’t know you were still in Groom system. My cabin When the time came to rebuild, the port facilities were
in the woods is getting a little uncomfortable. I hope you get this moved away from what had been Vancouver Harbour, now
soon. clogged up and rapidly turning into a swamp. To maximize
building space, most of what had been the harbour was
If the characters send a seeker message to Terese, the re- dredged and reclaimed from the sea, protected by seawalls
sponse is almost immediate. She will ask to meet them, and and a dam on the Indian River. While the Reclaimed Zone
give an address in the Reclaimed Zone, in Old Vancouver was developed, it proved unpopular for residential use,
(252A, Buchanan Street). If they ask her about Samra, and now the zone is largely light industrial, commercial,
the note, or the key card, she will respond that she doesn’t and low-end residential. Residential development moved
know a Samra, and that it must be a setup. If she is asked to the arcologies along the north shore, which spill into the
about the photos, though, she will respond that they must Reclaimed Zone at their lowest levels.
have been stolen. She will not be able to identify the photos
if asked. It is not Terese, of course, but a bot put on the If the characters go to the address “Terese” gave them in the
seeker network to intercept seekers sent to her. If asked for a Reclaimed Zone, she will not be there. Within a few min-
voice or vid call, the false Terese will state that she is not in utes of their arrival, however, several members of a gang
a good place to send or receive high-bandwidth calls. This will appear to surround them, including a couple of ground
actually jibes with the Reclaimed Zone, where high-speed cars. Their jackets have a stylized figure in fur clothes, with
network access is limited. slitted snow goggles, holding a harpoon, with the words
“Сибирские воины” (Siberian Warriors) encircling it.

The Reclaimed Zone

During the Last War, the city of Vancouver was heavi-
ly-damaged by nuclear strikes aimed at the port facilities.
bed- room ‘siberian warriors’
room kitchen possible player
character positions
bed- living
room room
hardware 252a 252b (unoccupied)
store) Sayiina


buchanan street
The Warriors will start asking the characters questions
about Terese, what they know, and where “the goods” are.
At this point some ideas about Terese’s problem will start
to occur to the players. A grav van will settle out of the sky,
and the Warriors will try to get the characters to get in.
With most groups, this will likely result in a fight. Once the
characters have killed or injured at least half of the Warri-
ors, the remainder will try to run away, calling on Pacifica
for help.

The Unthinkable
If the characters simply go along with the Warriors, they
will be flown to the Pacifica Holding compound on the uygulaan
Olympic Peninsula. Skip the rest of this section, and go to
Near Space Section 4 Vehicle 1
Equipment: Jack (AR 3), Autopistol, Knife, Radio

The Siberian Warriors Uygulaan

There are ten Warriors, including two vicious and deter- Torturer and second in command Age 40 (Rogue, 3 terms)
mined leaders, Sayiina and Uygulaan.
STR 13 (+2) DEX 9 (+1) END 9 (+1) INT 8 (0) EDU 6 (0)
SOC 6 (0)
Leader of this branch of the Siberian Warriors Age 30 Skills: Streetwise 1, Melee (Slashing) 1, Gun Combat (Shot-
(Rogue, 3 terms) gun) 2, Recon 1, Carouse 1, Wheeled Vehicle 2

STR 10 (+1) DEX 9 (+1) END 9 (+1) INT 10 (+1) EDU 8 (0) Equipment: Jack (AR 2), Shotgun, Phone
SOC 7 (0)
Typical Warrior
Skills: Streetwise 3, Melee 2 (Slashing), Gun Combat (Slug Age 22-26, (Rogue, 1-2 terms) (8 total)
Pistol) 2, Recon 1, Carouse 2, Grav Vehicle 1, Wheeled
STR 8 (0) DEX 8 (0) END 10 (+1) INT 6 (0) EDU 6 (0) SOC
4 (-1)

Skills: Streetwise 1, Melee 1 (slashing), Gun Combat 1

(shotgun), Recon 0, Carouse 0, Wheeled Vehicle 1 (or grav
vehicle 1)

Equipment: Jack (AR 2), Shotgun, Machete (blade), Radio

If questioned, either Sayiina or Uyguiaan can reveal that

they raided Terese’s apartment, and she killed one of their
soldiers and wounded another. They are reluctant to admit
that they retreated at that point, and called for Pacifica. By
sayiina the time the corporate troops arrived, she was gone.
Tarchon™ Air-Raft Grav Harness Rolls-Royce™ ‘Endeavour’ Engine

Oxy-Trigger Fuel Intake

EMP Rocket
‘Spider Web’ Detonation Rockets 20mm Chain Gun
Siren and
Reality Diffusion Stun Rocket
holo-projector Riot Gas Rocket
Sensor Array & Avionics
(L.I.D.A.R., Echo-Presence, Thermal)


Pacifica Pursuit-1
Vehicle TL Skill Agi Spd C&P Cargo O/C Armor Hull Struc Wpns
Pursuit-1 12 Grav +2 2000kph 2 crew 1.9 Closed 15 1 2 2 x 20mm chainguns,
10 missile Hardpoints
Cost (KCr) 985

Special Features: Streamlined, Self-Sealing, Hostile Environment Protection, Basic Life Support, Fusion, Advanced Grav
Drive, Advanced Controls, Class III Comms, Basic Military Sensors, Computer/2, Autopilot/2, Extended Cockpit, 2 Ejec-
tion Seats, Folding Wings, Fire Extinguishers, Holo-Projector

Weapons: 2 20mm autocannons fi xed forward, 10 missile hardpoints

Defences: Chaff Dispenser, Flare Dispenser, Decoys.
Missile Types:
Missile Type TL Spaces Price Range AoE Dmg
EM Missile 11 1 Cr20,000 Ranged (Distant) 150m (100 squares) EM Pulse
Web Rocket 10 1 Cr7500 Ranged (Very Long) 30m (20 squares) Entangle
Stun Missile 11 1 Cr4000 Ranged (Long) 30 m (20 squares) 3D6 Stun
Explosive missile 11 1 Cr1000 Ranged (Distant) 15 m (10 squares) 5D6

EM Pulse: Non-hardened (/fib) computers and sensitive electronics shut down within the area of effect for 1D6 minutes.

Entangle: Anyone caught in the area-of-effect must make a Difficult (-2) Athletics Check, or be caught and entangled in the
web for 2D6 minutes, or until freed.

Stun Missile: Used for crowd control, the stun missile carries a sonic payload that is loud and jarring enough to overload
the para-sympathetic nervous system, causing anyone within the weapons A0E to be knocked unconscious for 1D6 min-
The Chase North Shore Arcology
(The main image on the cover of this book)
The key card in the envelope is the door key to Terese’s
If the characters defeat the Warriors, then Pacifica will apartment in the North Shore Arco. G9 refers to a section
lose patience. They have bought off the security of the and floor, while 419 is an apartment number. There are
Reclaimed Zone for 10 minutes. During that time, they several ways to access the arcology. The street level is the
are going to send in a Z90 Pursuit Craft, a twin-seat grav most common, along with the low-level access points in
vehicle, armed and armoured. It will be followed by a grav the Reclaimed Zone. High speed elevators and tubeways
van at a discreet distance. The van has a security drone and connects the various levels and sections. It is also possible
two Pacifica security guards in it. The pursuit craft will to fly a grav vehicle to a landing stage on whatever level they
shoot to damage any vehicle the characters might have, and want to access, though all landings and departures have to
use its weapons to cow them into surrender, so the guards go through the arcology’s air traffic control system.
in the air/raft can capture them. They are not expecting
serious resistance, and so the characters have the element of The Siberian Warriors have left a pair of affiliates, wannabe
surprise. gangsters. to watch Terese’s apartment. They have them-
selves hunkered down in an empty apartment next door,
If the characters flee, the pursuit craft will chase them. The and are watching both the approach to the apartment and
crew will be hampered by the need to take at least some of inside the apartment with micro-cameras on fibre-optic
the characters alive. If the pursuit craft takes a serious hit, lines. A Recon, INT 1D6 minutes, Formidable (-6) check
however, that goes out the window, and they will shoot to will discover one of the cameras in the apartment, and the
kill, and hope for some survivors. lines can be rapidly traced back to the vacant apartment.
The two associates may not initially notice that they have
Pacifica Guards been made, (roll 2D, for 10+), but they will notice when the
exterior feed shows someone tracking the fibre lines back.
Avg. Age 26, (Mercenary, 2 terms)
The Affiliates
STR 8 (0) DEX 7 (0) END 8 (0) INT 8 (0) EDU 7 (0) SOC 7 Age 22, (Rogue, 1 term)
STR 6 (0) DEX 8 (0) END 7 (0) INT 6 (0) EDU 5 (0) SOC 4
Skills: Grav Vehicle 1, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 1, Gunnery (-1)
(Heavy Weapons) 1, Recon 0
Skills: Streetwise 1, Melee (Stabbing) 1, Carouse 0, Recon 0,
Equipment: Cloth Combat Suit (AR 10), submachinegun Wheeled Vehicle 0
The digital logs of both the air/raft and pursuit craft reveal
that they came from a location on the Olympic Peninsula. Equipment: Jack (AR 3), knives, one has a revolver.
of both the air/raft and pursuit craft reveal that they came The affiliates know nothing except how to report in to a
from a location on the Olympic Peninsula. If the pilot of the gang member, Uygulaan. They know that the gang’s club-
grav van is captured, he can reveal (on a successful Liaison house is in the Reclaimed Zone, but not its exact location.
check), that he was part of the group that went into Terese’s They have instructions to wait until the characters read clue
apartment. She had left a booby trap that injured two of the number two, the note, and then call in the gang. The gang
team, but was no longer there. They searched the apartment will respond by sending a bogus seeker from Terese, asking
carefully. He will reveal that the hand-written note was of for the meeting in the reclaimed zone. If the characters
particular interest, and is the main reason why they are have already taken out the gang, the call will go to Pacifica.
interested in the characters. It will take them 15 minutes to arrive, in a grav van with
5 troopers plus the pilot. Once the characters arrive, and
go to her apartment, it willbe clear to them that someone
beat them to it. The door is not forced in any way, but the
Torn photos
Mundane Holo of Damra
Storage Note to Daffyd
Ripped Jacket
Odd Knife

Entry to
9th Level
& Elevators
Balcony &
Drop to the Street
Theresa’s Apartment (419) Eight Floors Below

interior of the apartment has been thoroughly tossed by Eden, the check would be Formidable. There is also a picure
someone (or several someones) looking for something. of Damra mixed in with the others. It’s the only holograph-
All of the furniture is sliced apart, drawers are dumped, ic image, and in it she is smiling and tossing her hair.
the small clothing press has been torn apart, and even the
pictures on the walls have been slashed to reveal blank wall Clue 2
behind them. There is no sign of Terese, or even if she were
here when this happened. There is a crumpled-up, hand-written note with something
like coffee spilled on it. Terese was proud of her ability
to write cursive, even if only Daff yd could read it. It was
Clues opened and straightened, but then left behind on her desk.
It is addressed to Daff yd.
If the characters search the apartment, they will discover
a few things that may or may not be important. These will
Hey Dave. Sorry to worry you with all of this. Things just
catch the character’s eyes because they knew Terese.
seemed to be contracting around me, but I think I’m clear
now. I’m going to go low for a while, but if you get a call
Clue 1 for an off-world escort job, maybe back to a place we once
knew, take it. It’ll be good for you, and good for me. I’ll try
Most of Terese’s pictures, the ones cut up, are on mun-
to meet you there.
dane subjects. There is one of firebase 12, where they were
stationed on Eden, in a one-piece ceramic frame, another
Clue 3
of the New San Diego Arcology under construction in a
smooth, dark, wooden frame, and some of other cities and
Crumpled on the floor, underneath the tossed cushions
places on Earth, all in light wood frames. There is also
from Terese’s sofa, is a ripped jacket. It has a blood-soaked
another image, in a battered wood frame, of what looks like
slash across the front, and it is clear that something large
a location on Mars (see page 6). On a successful Difficult,
and round was ripped off the back. However, there is still a
Recon, Intelligence check, a character would recognize
bit of one word, in Cyrillic characters: Вои… (remainder is
the wood. It is from a vane tree, a common tree used in
torn off )
construction on Eden. For someone who had never been to
Clue 4

In the kitchen unit, all of Terese’s dinnerware, glasses

and cutlery have been dumped on the floor. A sharp eye,
(Difficult -2, Recon, INT) will notice that one of the wood-
en-handled knives looks slightly different from the rest.
On close examination, it appears to have a handle of vane
wood as well. If it is searched, it will be revealed to have a
hollow handle. Inside the handle is a data chip and a slip
of paper. The chip is encrypted, but characters with a good
computer skill should be able to bypass it (Computers, INT, If the characters delve into the data, they will find that the
6 minutes, Very Difficult (-4)). shipping container in question is a standard ten-ton mod-
ule. If they think to ask, this is the same size as the module
The Data Chip that the March Hare is designed to take.

Once the chip is accessed, the characters can find out the
following information. The chip is a shipping manifest The paper
for a company called Pacifica Holdings. It lists a cargo of The note is written in cursive, and would be a Difficult,
industrial equipment, mostly mundane items. The manifest Intelligence check for anyone other than Daff yd to read. It
shows that it was being shipped from Seattle to Portal Sta- says:
tion, and from there to Cloister. Most of it is equipment that Vancouver Down, _____ zone. w55, block 17, bay 482. P has
would be useful in the mines. This sister corporation to Ho- rest.
rizon Spaceways is a cargo carrier, and has little provision
for passengers. They run six jump carriers, plus a number
The Siberian Warriors
of smaller transport vessels. The carriers run with Synthetic Clubhouse
crews only, while the smaller ships have a mix. Two of the
six jump carriers are dedicated to the Groombridge run, This run-down looking industrial building has been
with one arriving at Earth at about the same time as the cleaned up quite a bit on the interior, with a bar, meeting
other arrives in the Groombridge system. room, weight room, and a video lounge, along with storage
for motorcycles, a couple of ground cars, and a single grav
A little bit of digging will reveal that both of these ships, car, that is apparently being worked on. (Finishing the
the MVS Clementine and the MVS Shreya, are currently at repairs would be Mechanical, INT, 1D6 x 10 minutes, Aver-
Earth, with the departure of the MVS Shreya delayed for age). There is nothing obvious on the outside to mark it as
some unknown reason. The contracted shipper is Union a gang clubhouse, but if the building it watched for a time,
Freight, which runs primarily cargo jump carriers. gang members may show up. This is a Recon, INT, 1D6 x 10
There is another encrypted fi le hidden on the chip, however. minutes, Average check.
Just finding it is a Computer, INT, 1D6 minutes, Difficult
(-2) check, while decrypting it is a Computer, INT, 1D6x10 If the characters raid the clubhouse before (or instead of)
minutes, Very Difficult check. meeting “Terese” in the Reclaimed Zone, then there will
be 2D6 gang members at the clubhouse, along with the two
The encrypted fi le shows a very different manifest, includ- leaders, Sayiina and Uygulaan. If this is after that attack,
ing two hunter/killer drones, powered armour, and various there will only be 1D6 gang members, all panicked.
military weapons and equipment. It also lists, somewhat
cryptically, “six high-performance ACUs” It does not ex- If it is before the attack, then the Pacifica pursuit craft and
plain what an ACU is. The manifest still lists it as being sent air/raft will be called by a gang member, and the characters
to Cloister, but the address is one the characters know: one will be confronted as they leave the clubhouse, like The
of the offices of the miner’s union that they helped break up. Chase, above.
Outside The Siberian
Warriors Clubhouse

The day after confronting the gang and their Pacifica Pacifica was able to obtain part of the information of where
leash-holders, two of the characters will receive seeker the cargo might be, and so their agents are searching the
messages. warehouse complexes near the small craft landing zone at
the Vancouver spaceport. However, there are a lot of ware-
You were everything she said you would be. If you are houses, and within each here are hundreds, if not thou-
interested in some work that would get you back into the sands of shipping containers. They need more information.
field, and a whole lot of money, contact JJ and K. Tell them Terese’s hidden note has it.
P and T sent you.

If the characters figure out that JJ and K and Juan Jimenez

and Katrina, his Synthetic, then they might start to connect
some dots. “T” is likely Terese. But who is “P”?


Pacifica will provide training and equipment for local forc-

Pacifica Holdings es, like it did with the Eden Provisional Government, in the
years of the Culture War. More often, however, it will set
up clients with organizations that can provide the services
they require, including police, security and military forces.
Sometimes, they can provide more questionable services,
with dark rumours of trade in combat Synthetics, assassins,
and illegal weaponry.

Pacifica Holdings is an odd combination of real estate, Pacifica has its main offices in Sacramento (which is about
shipping, and security services. On the real estate side, 50 km from the original site of Sacramento) in the Anglo-
they hold property all along the western seaboard of the Cal cultural region, but they have a “training compound”
North American Zone, across many Cultural Regions, and in the Olympic Mountains in the Cascadia region.
on many islands and small territories across the Pacific
basin. They also possess a substantial number of off-world On Earth, Pacifica is thought to employ several thousand
holdings, usually near cities and starports. Often this people, most of whom are administrators and support staff.
territory is used for offices and warehousing facilities, but Out on the colony worlds, Pacifica usually has no more
can sometimes disguise operations related to the company’s than a few hundred people per world. On Cloister, for ex-
third line of business, security consulting. In some areas,
drone flight path
the city below


dining area

garden dining

vip area bathroom

violence on the 599th floor

Juan Attack Drone
Katrina Pacifica Van
Pacifica Agents Glass Walkways
Pacifica “Synthetics” Elevators

ample, now that Cascadia is in their minds, the characters garden is grown there, supplemented by vat-grown protein.
can remember that they recently opened an office and small
facility near a smaller spaceport dedicated to servicing the The Garden is welcoming and about 45 metres across. The
northern mines. These mines are the same ones where the kitchen facilities are off to the side, with food brought out
characters recently broke up a union. by Synthetic wait staff. Restroom facilities are to the left of
the lobby, with a waiting couchoutside for those waiting for
friends or partners. Access to the restaurant is by two glass
bridges and a sumptiously decorated corridor that connect
Time to make a call to level 599 of the arcology. While it is open-air, there is a
multi-part dome that can extend upwards and protect the
If the characters call or send a seeker to Jaun Jimenz and patrons from inclement weather and the cold.
Katrina, they will suggest a meeting place, in public. The
chosen spot is “The Garden of Earthly Delights” an open- At the appointed time, the characters can go to the restau-
air garden restaurant high up the massive slope of the rant and be escorted to the proper table by the polite Syn-
North Shore arcology. Much of the fresh food served at the thetic wait staff. On a Liaison, INT, 1D6 second, Formida-
ble check, a character may notice that the barcode which all If asked who the buyers are, Juan will look disgusted and
Synthetics must have over their left eyebrows does not look more thana little frightened, then respond “You don’t
right. Juan and Katrina are waiting at the table, with Juan know? Terese said you would know. They’re on Eden.” The
half-way through a plate of calamari while Katrina watches only people the character know on Eden are the Provi-
on. She has a half-full glass of water, while Juan has a bottle sional Government, and the Edenists. Only, the last time
of beer with an unreadably-baroque label. She appears con- they had contact with the Edenists, they were at war.
cerned, while he looks truly worried.
Two servers will arrive shortly to bring them their food.
Once the characters are seated and have given their order, On a Recon, INT, 1D6 second, Difficult check, one of the
Juan will start to talk. His first question is “Did she tell you characters may notice a drone rapidly-approaching the
where she put it?” He will then state that Pacifica agents are restaurant. Once at their table, the two servers will pull
clandestinely-searching the warehouse districts of the port, submachineguns from their serving tables. The other two
likely looking for the cargo. If asked, all Juan will admit is disguised servers will start shooting, targeting Synthetics
that it is contained in a standard 10-ton shipping module. primarily, but are clearly trying to avoid hitting humans.
With the drone closing in, the gunmen will ask pretty
much the same question that Juan asked them: “Where
The Wait Staff did she put it?” They will address Daffyd first, as they have
already identified him as the main link to Terese.
All of the wait staff at the Garden of Earthly Delights are
stealth Synthetics dstinguished by the bar code above their
At this point, no one has stated what “it” is, though if the
left eye, the rest of the staff, including the cooks, are all
characters found the clues in Terese’s apartment, they
bots. There are only three human managers, two of whom
might be able to guess.
are always wandering the grounds of the restaurant at any
given time. Four of the “Synthetics” are actually human
At this point, again, the characters can elect to go along
Pacifica agents, with the bar-codes tattooed on, though not
with the gunmen. Shortly after the drone arrives, and the
quite in the right position. If the characters run the tattoos,
restaurant clears of people, a grav van will settle down on
they will find that while they are for general-purpose
a patch of garden. Two more security troops will drop out,
Synthetics, the bar-codes in question belong to Appalachia
in reinforced cloth armour (AV 11) but no one is wearing
Shipyards, in the Ozark Cultural Region. Pacifica owns 27%
any sort of uniform. If the characters do not resist, they
of the Appalachia yards.
will be bundled in the van and taken away. The security
team will not take either Juan or Katrina, and as the van
Another clue that something might be amiss are the in-
pulls up, the characters can see the drone execute the two
clement weather domes. It has started to rain yet they hav-
before flying off. The characters may want to reconsider
en’t automatically risen to shield diners. Some of the diners
their decision to accompany the Pacifica goons.
in the garden are looking up a little puzzled as raindrops
If the characters choose to resist, they will likely defeat
the Pacifica troops, though they will attract the attention
The automatic system has been disabled by the Pacifica
of the North Shore Tactical Response (NSTR, spoken as
agents using the control port in the kitchen in order to
“NeSToR”). NSTR will show up within 3D6 rounds after
allow their fellow agents entry into the garden via their van.
the shooting starts.

If the characters claim, or feign, ignorance, Juan will get

There are a total of four “plainclothes” troops (2 male,
visibly-agitated. “We both know that the buyers are waiting.
2 female), and three more in the van (2 male, 1 female),
These sort of people don’t like to wait.” While he is talking,
plus the drone. If the fight lasts longer than 6 rounds, the
Katrina will be watching the wait staff, her brows furrowed
Pacifica troops will try to disengage, using the drone to
in concentration. If Syrn is one of the characters, have him
provide covering fire. If any of the Pacifica Troops are
make the above check to notice something odd about their
captured, they will have little information. They came
server, but with a +2 DM.
range obstacle

hearne class
vessel training



housing entrance

from an office outside of Seattle, but their destination was

to be the Pacifica Olympic Training Facility, a small com-
The Olympia Training Facility
pound just outside the Olympic Preservation zone, near
Approaching the Training Centre
the ruins of the town of Forks. They know that they were to
take as many prisoners as possible, but that Daff yd was the
The compound can be approached from either he air or
critical one.
the ground. If the characters use one of the Pacifica grav
vehicles, they may get close enough, but they may also be
The only other piece of information that the troops will
challenged for a pass-phrase.
know is that Pacfica recently uncovered a mole in their
operation, whom they suspect of working with Terese. This
If the characters use the grav sled from the March Hare, its
mole is currently at the training facility, but these troops
sensors will pick up active EM scanning from the facility. If
have no knowledge of this person’s identity.
they approach within 4 kilometres, they will be challenged,
with a pair of drones and a pair of grav bikes moving to
At this point, a visit to the training facility likely seems
intercept them.
in order. Travel time from Vancouver to the centre in the
Olympia forest is less then an hour by air. By ground it’s
The alternative is to land close, but out of the interdiction
closer to six. Once there was a ferry from Vancouver to
zone, and walk in. On this route, they will have to avoid
Vancouver Island, and from there to the Olympic Peninsu-
patrols and remote sensors, but at least one or two should
la, but that is long gone. Most travel is by air now.
have the ability to neutralize any sensors, and wandering
patrols should not be a problem either, save for the possibil-
ity of them raising an alarm.

The training facility is located about five kilometres outside

ve ra n da h

livin g ro o m
din in g ro o m

k itche n

clo se t

Trevor Brimcomb ‘Tango’
Elena Brimcomb (10) ‘June’
Michael Brimcomb (7)
Pacifica “Synthetics”

m i c h a e l ’s
el ena’s

c lo s e t



stairs to
the ruins of the town of Forks, nestled at the base of the less the other, or their children, are seen as being in mortal
Olympic Mountains, surrounded by forest and shrouded in danger.
mist. The location is beautiful, save for the compound itself.
If his happens, though, they can reveal that Pacifica Head-
At the heart of the compound is a rambling old farmhouse quarters has found Terese, and dispatched a mercenary
and a couple of sturdy-looking old barns. To these core team from the Don Cossacks to capture her and get the
buildings have been added a workshop, some housing, a information on the cargo pod’s whereabouts. Failing that,
small office complex, and the large training centre itself. or if she doesn’t know, then she is to be killed. Trevor was
not told where they had found Terese, but Aileen suspects
The House that she’s on Mars.

The house is home to the training centre manager, Trevor If asked what an ACU is, Trevor will say that he doesn’t
Brimcombe and his family, including a pair of Hounds. know. Aileen will hesitate, then refuse to answer. If pressed,
These Hounds are Synthetic dogs and are programmed to however, she will reveal that an ACU is an Autonomous
protect the family at all costs. Combat Unit, a Synthetic super-soldier.

Along with the Hounds, Trevor’s wife, Aileen, and their Trevor Brimcomb
two children (a boy and a girl, both in the range of 7-10 Age 46 (Civilian, 8 terms)
years old) live in the large house. There is a staff of four
Synthetics, who keep the house, the grounds, and cook and STR 6 (0) DEX 8 (+1) END 6 (0) INT 12 (+2) EDU14 (+3)
clean. They are also the primary caregivers for the children. SOC 10 (+1)
Aileen is head of security for the site, and is often at work.
Skills: Admin 3, Advocate 2, Liaison 3, Broker 2, Gun Com-
The house is secured by Very Difficult electronic locks at all bat (Slug Pistol) 1, Carousing 1, Athletics 1
hours. Equipment: Business suit (armoured, AV 6), body pistol,
phone, computer bracelet with projector
Neither Trevor nor Aileen will reveal any information, un-
Petra Singh
Nils Paulsen
Aileen Nakamura
Pacifica Synthetics

Tango and June

‘Bot Hounds

65 kg Carnivore (Chaser) Ground #App: 2

Athletics 2, Natural Weapons 2, Recon 2,

Teeth and Claws (3D6 +2) Ceramet (12) Speed: 24 m

Built with the same technology used to create Synthet-

ic ‘bots, Synth Hounds are rare, especially on Earth. A
combination of metal, graphite chassis, liquid processing,
and ceramet armour, Synth Hounds are very smart, and are
programmed to be utterly loyal. Their claws are retractable,
so that they can perform as family pets as well. Most have
soft, sleek fur, and come across as very friendly until they
go into protective mode. However, Brimcomb ordered his
Hounds in a Police surplus sale without all the cuddly fea-
Aileen Nakamura tures, making these guard sentries clinical killers. They still
Age 38 (Agent, 6 terms)
bear their ‘Police’ markings from their previous profession.

STR 9 (+1) DEX 9 (+1) END 10 (+1) INT 8 (0) EDU 10 (+1)
SOC 9 (+1)

One of the barns has been converted into a garage, storing

Skills: Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 2 (Slug Pistol) 2, Gunnery
a pair of grav pursuitcraft and five grav vans. There are sev-
(Heavy Weapons) 2, Recon 2, Tactics 2, Leadership 3 , Liai-
eral grav bikes too, but they are often used by the security
son 1, Grav Vehicle 1
patrols. Two Synthetics work here as administrators and
mechanics. There is seldom anyone else around.
Equipment: Combat Armour (AV14), Gauss Rifle (w/laser
sight), Gauss Pistol, phone, communicator, low-light gog-
The building is secured by Difficult electronic locks at
gles, computer, heads-up display in combat helmet.
night, but is not secured during the day.
Detention Centre

Originally a second home on the property, the other barn

has been converted into a detention centre of sorts, with
four rooms acting as cells, a small common room for
“guests”, a lounge for staff, an office, and an interrogation
room. Nils Paulson can be found in the office, monitoring
the single prisoner. Nils appears to have been awake for
at least a few days, looking strung-out on stimulants. He
is also a telepath, trying to extract information from the
prisoner. The prisoner’s name is Petra Singh, the “P” from
the seeker sent to the characters.

The detention centre is secured by Very Difficult electron-

ic locks at all hours. The cells have Formidable electronic
locks, but the locks can be overridden from the security
control centre.

Nils Paulsen
Age 30 (Agent, 3 terms)

STR 7 (0) DEX 9 (+1) END 7 (0) INT 10 (+1) EDU11 (+2)
SOC 8 (0)

PSI: 6 (Currently 4)

Skills: Grav Vehicle 1, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 2, Recon 1,

Liaison 1, Telepathy 4, Clairvoyance1
Equipment: Normal fatigues, armour cloth vest (undone),
(AV 6, 3 when undone), autopistol (shoulder holster) sub-
machinegun (on desk, safety on, uncocked)

Nils is so intent on scanning Petra that he will not register

the characters until they are within 2 metres of him. Even
then, he will be slow to act. He will seemingly surrender,
while attempting a vicious psionic assault on whomever the
leader appears to be. He hopes to escape in any confusion.

Petra Singh
Age 38 (Agent, 5 terms)

STR 8(0) DEX 9 (+1) END 7 (0) INT 9(+1) EDU 9 (+1) SOC
9 (0)

Skills: Grav Vehicle 1, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 2, Slug Pis-

tol 3, Recon 2, Tactics 1, Liaison 1, Survival 1, Streetwise 2
Security Personnel
Security Drone
Security Center
Data Storage
Steps to Cellar
Liquid-Metallic Mainframe
and Virtual Server
Business Offices
Conference Room
Brimcomb’s Office

Equipment: Grey coveralls, paper slippers nothing else. Housing

Petra met Terese while she was working as Pacifica’s liaison The dormitory-style housing is for trainees and guards for
with the miners on Cloister. They became quite close, and the facility. A separate building with apartments houses the
when Terese floated the idea of selling the weapons to the training staff and the administrators and managers. Each
Edenists and running away together, Petra found that idea building has a pair of Synthetics (one male, one female)
quie appealing. Their relationship became an affair, and on hand for housekeeping duties. Petra husband, Kierian
their plan was working until Petra’s husband, a tactical Khan, lives here in the apartment that he shared with Petra
trainer for Pacifica, found one of the seekers that Terese had until three days ago. Both exterior and inerior doors in the
sent her. He turned her in to Pacifica security as soon as the apartment complex are Difficult electronic locks.
weapons shipment went missing.
The dormitory accommodates 42 people in 12 rooms. Two
Petra is smart and ambitious, and also very lonely. Her rooms are reserved for the guard commanders, while the
marriage was arranged, and she and her husband disliked guards and trainees sleep four to a room. It includes a
each other from the very start. She is only now starting cafeteria, study area, communal washrooms and show-
to realize that Terese used her, and she is not inclined to ers, and a cluster of flight simulators used for games and
cooperate with anyone. However, if Petra realizes that competitions. The dormitory exterior is secured by an Aver-
Pacifca knows where Terese is, and is moving against her, age electronic lock, but individual rooms feature difficult
then she will tell the characters what she knows in the electronic locks.
hopes that they can convince Pacifica to call off the attack.
She will provide “small craft zone, section 40”. She never Workshop
told Pacifica the “section” 40 part, which combined with
the information form Terese’s apartment, should allow the The small workshop is used to repair and maintain the
characters to pinpoint where Terese hid the cargo pod. equipment used in the training centre. This includes weap-
ons, drones, holographic projectors, pool pumps and filters, with lanes up to 50 metres long. The other is an active train-
communications gear, and many other items of technology. er, an obstacle course equipped with holographic projectors,
The workshop is run by three techs (2 men and a woman), drone-controlled targets, and weapons, usually paintball
along with a Synthetic for cleaning and building mainte- guns. Candidates have to navigate the course without being
nance. The techs live in the apartment complex, and are shot, and without shooting identified corporate assets.
considered management level in comparison to the guards Bystanders are less of a problem for Pacifica security than
and trainees. their own property and material. The building is secured by
Difficult electronic locks at all hours.
Office Complex
The Ship
The small office complex contains both the administrative
offices for the training facility, it also houses the security Just outside the compound, camouflaged from the air by
control centre. The building is a new build, with a small optical and thermal stealth netting, lies a starship. This
utilities and goods cellar beneath it, and also has easy ship is small, with a crew of one Synthetic, Sabine. Sabine is
access to the fields behind it, used for breaks for the office loyal to the ship, rather than Pacifica. (If desired, the ship
staff, and often for outdoor exercises and classes. There can have no Synthetic, and Syrn can fill that role).
are always four guards and a security drone in the control
centre, and 15 daytime staff in the office. Night-time staff is If the characters take the ship, but tell Pacifica where to
reduced to only four. find the cargo, Pacifica will not pursue them. If they take it
without doing so, Pacfica will send a pair of ships to inter-
If the characters eavesdrop on the security centre, one of cept them.
the guards may mention “those mercs will be here soon”, a
reference to the [?]

The building is secured by Difficult electronic locks at all


Running Section 4

This portion of the adventure is somewhat free-form. After

the characters get close to the compound, they will have
to decide where to go. Petra is the obvious choice, as she
is likely to have at least some of he information they need.
By this time, the players may have figured out the code in
Terese’s pictures. They can be allowed Intelligence checks to
figure it out if they are having trouble.

This section should feature a great deal of sneaking around.

There is enough firepower here, especially with the drones,
to take out an average group, if hey meet it all at once. They
will have to play this section smart.

The Training Centre NORTH SHORE

The largest building on the site is the training centre. This
is an up-to-date facility with classrooms, exercise rooms, a
pool, and a pair of shooting ranges. One is a normal range,
explore humanity’s home! vip packages available!
subsidized voyages from the colonies - first class accommodation
landing at paris - vancouver - brasilia - kinshasa - seoul
Hearne Class Hunter
TL 11 Tons (Mcr.)
Hull 200 Tons Hull 4 ‐ 8.8
Structure 4 ‐ ‐
Streamlined ‐ ‐
Armour Crystaliron 4 Pts 10 0.4
Jump Drive B Jump 2 15 20
Manoeuvre D Thrust 4 7 16
Power Plant D Rating 4 13 32
Bridge 10 1
Computer Model 4 Rating 20 ‐ 5
Electronics Basic Military DM +0 2 1
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Dbl. Turret (Beam Laser x2) 1 3
Hardpoint #2 Dbl. Turret (Missile Rack x2) 1 2.5
Ammunition 48 Missiles 4 ‐
Fuel 8 Tons 2 Weeks of Operations 8 ‐
40 Tons 1 Jump‐2 40 ‐
Cargo 47.5 Tons 47.5 ‐
6 Staterooms 24 3
6 Low Berths 3 0.3
Extras Fuel Scoops Included ‐ ‐
2x Fuel Processors Processes 40 tons of fuel a day 2 0.1
Ship’s Locker Yes ‐ ‐
Air/Raft 5 1
Workshop 4 1
Mini Galley 1 0.02
Med Bay 1 Bed 2 0.5
Autodoc 0.5 0.5
Software Manoeuvre/0 Included ‐ ‐
Library/0 Included ‐ ‐
Jump Control/2 Rating 10 ‐ 0.2
Fire Control/2 Rating 10 ‐ 4
Evade/2 Rating 10 ‐ 1
Maintenance Cost (monthly) ‐ 6.6k Cr.
Life Support Cost (monthly) ‐ 40kCr

Total Tonnage & Cost 200 96.32


3 4
6 5


16 16

13 13


16 16

Mars (D420684-9 S Na,Po 614 TA) THE CABIN

The ‘Dry Cabin’ that Terese refers to is an abandoned out-
ARRIVING ON post on Mars that she took over a few years ago when she
returned from Eden. She stashed her best gear here, relics
‘THE OLD WARRIOR’ and mementos, and locked it up, hoping that she would not
have to return. She left some more equipment, including a
While Luna was settled before Mars, the latter world
grav bike, in secure storage at the Olympus downport
rapidly outstripped Earth’s moon in both population and
importance. Until the jump drive, Mars was the only real,
When Pacifica sent the Siberian Warriors to grab her in her
almost-viable colony that the Terran Associative had.
apartment, she knew her time was up. After sending a last
Martian mines produced rare earths and heavy metals for
seeker to the characters, she grabbed a commercial flight to
Earth and orbital industry, and Mars’ population swelled
Mars. It arrived on the Red Planet shortly before the char-
to the tens of millions. With the advent of the jump drive,
acters arrived at Portal Station. She tried to send another
however, Mars has been steadily losing people to the outer
seeker at that point, but Pacifica had managed to freeze her
colony worlds, where even Haven’s poisonous soil is still
accounts. From there, she picked up some of her gear from
more hospitable than Mars. In the last few years, the popu-
the port storage locker but unfortunately the grav bike was
lation has dipped below ten million, but it does not appear
not working. She was forced to rent a speeder from Ares
that it will drop much lower. There is still a hard core of
Rental and Equipment Services (ARES), at the spaceport,
people who consider Mars to be their home, and a redoubt
and flew out to her outpost. Unfortunately, the pursuing
if anything should happen to Earth. Of the colony worlds,
Don Cossack mercenaries were able to access the rental
only Haven has more people, though Eden and Cloister are
company’s tracking system, and found out where she went.
getting close.
therese de sainte

They sent a team of six to bring her in. Neither she nor the There are six more Don Cossack mercenaries, over and
team survived the encounter. However, the drones attached above the dead ones, along with a pair of technicians. The
to the team, along with some of Terese’s security features mercenaries will fight until two or more have been serious-
are still operative. This section should be played as if the ly-injured or killed. The technicians will not fight unless
characters still have a chance of making it to Terese in time. their lives are at stake, and even then they will not do it

Terese Lives! Avg. Age 30, (Mercenaries, 3 terms)

There is no reason that the characters cannot get to the Dry

STR 9 (+1) DEX 9 (+1) END 7 (0) INT 7 (0) EDU 7 (0) SOC
Cabin before Terese is killed. However, if the referee allows
6 (0)
this, he should arrange to have Terese killed in the course of
the battle, just to make things more poignant. She can then
Skills: Gun Combat (Slug Rifle-2, Slug Pistol-1), Heavy
have a last confession on how she couldn’t make it in the
Weapons-1, Melee (Slashing-1), Melee (Natural-1)
world without screwing up, and then die.

Equipment: Combat Armour, ACRs, autopistols, blades.

If the characters arrive before, or during, the final battle,
have the remaining Don Cossack troops preparing to enter
Technicians Age 26, (Technician, 2 terms)
the workshop. The other bodies will still be where the de-
scriptions below put them. Note that in this scenario, there
STR 6 (0) DEX 8 (0) END 7 (0) INT 6 (0) EDU 5 (0) SOC 4
are more Don Cossack troops than in the description.
The PCs need a challenge, after all.
Skills: Streetwise 1, Melee (Stabbing) 1, Carouse 0, Recon 0, The Antennae Array
Wheeled Vehicle 0
The array is trapped, and is set to detonate if there is a
Equipment: Pressure Suit, autopistol, knife transmission within 3 metres of it. The bomb is a cluster of
four grenades, and does 6D6/4D6/2D6 damage
With the clues from her apartment and the Pacifica com-
pound, the characters should be able to track her to Mars. Drone Attack
They will either have to take a commercial transport, or,
if they played their cards right, on the small jump-capable One of the three surviving drones is in low power mode
transport liberated from Pacifica, along with the Synthetic amongst a collection of junk and parts outside of the
that runs the ship in jump, Sabine. They may be able to workshop. Once any characters get with 50 metres of it, it
determine the location of Terese’s “Dry Cabin” from clues, will power-up, and move to attack. It is armed with an ACR
or they could do what the Don Cossacks did, and trace the and a grenade launcher, but it only has one grenade left. It
location of her speeder through the rental company. In fact, will use that to target any vehicle. If the characters use the
they can get a look at the records if they promise to retrieve Pacifica ship, the drone will shutdown and start sending
the speeder for them. a recovery signal, which the characters will see on their
sensors and be forewarned.
After the events at the compound, Pacifica will not take
any further action against the characters, though they still Dome 1
have a bounty on Terese. While they have the cargo module
back, they cannot let her get away with such a rank betray- Terese restored life support to this structure, but she did
al. The ship they consider a fair trade, and it gives them a not make use of it. It has some old equipment, spare parts,
lever to use against the characters in the future, should they and broken furniture in it. It could be made livable with a
have need. The Siberian Warriors, however, at least other week or two of work, with a few supplies. The interior of the
chapters, will be gunning for the characters at every oppor- dome is broken into six rooms, five smaller rooms sur-
tunity. They will also be working actively against Pacifca. rounding a large open living space. One room is an airlock
After all, the Vancouver chapter was working for Pacfica with a suit prep and maintenance area. Another room is
when the characters effectively wiped them out. a bathroom with laundry facilities, and three bedrooms
complete the outer ring of rooms. The central room would
The compound containing Terese’s “Dry Cabin” consists of contain living space, entertainment areas, and food prep,
two habitation domes, a garage, and a workshop. There is though very little of that remains in this dome.
also a large crawler type vehicle near the edge of the com-
pound, heavily damaged by at least two explosions. Dome 2
When Terese claimed the facility, it had been abandoned for Terese fixed this dome up as her “cabin”. She sprayed the
many years, and much of the portable equipment had been outside with a thick layer of construction composites,
stripped away. She spent several months here after arriving giving it a protective rating of 30. Inside, the airlock and
from Eden, getting everything working again, and install- prep room, and the washroom, are the same as the other
ing a security system. She also rebuilt the comm antenna dome. For the rest, she tore out the other interior partitions,
and nav beacon. and built a loft for herself at the top of the dome. A small
garden, lit from above by sunlamps, take up much of the
If the characters approach from the air, it is possible that area previously used by the bedrooms, while the remainder
they will notice the damage to the main dome, along with of the central area is largely clear except for a few chairs and
two of the outbuildings. The second dome does not appear an exercise mat. When the characters find this dome, it is
to be damaged. There are at least three bodies on the worse for wear, having been depressurized by the attacking
ground, most of them outside the damaged dome and one Pacifica Mercenaries when they came for Terese. There is
of the out-buildings. hole in one wall, near the garden area. All the plants are
the ‘dry cabin’ , atlantis chaos , mars

The grav bike is booby-trapped, with a small explosive de-

vice loaded with ball-bearings. It appears to be a part of the
engine core, but characters with Mechanics or Electronics
have a chance to recognize that it does not actually belong
there. The small bomb does 3D6 damage, with a radius of
1D6 meters.
antennae array
workshop Similar in design to the garage, the workshop has been
fortified into something of a bunker. In addition to the
dome 2 heavy-duty composites sprayed on both the outside and the
dome 1
inside of the structure, the main door is actually weld-
ed-shut, though this is not obvious without inspection. The
‘c rawler’
door is also backstopped with 60 cm of Mars dust concrete.
Around both sides and the rear of the building are clumps
and collections of junk and old parts. The walls of the
workshop are riddled with holes from what appears to be
heavy machinegun fire. It is uncertain whether any of the
shots penetrated. The environment indicators on the build-
ing’s airlock have been shot out, so it is almost impossible to
determine conditions in the airlock or structure. On closer
dead, and there is a body in the breach, a heavily-armoured
inspection, the team will spot a damaged remote turret to
(combat armour) woman with a short ACR. She has no am-
the side of the junk pile that lines the way to the building’s
munition on her, and it looks like the external load-bearing
airlock door. There are signs of other explosions around
harness has been cut off her.
the building, along with three more bodies and a damaged
There are other signs of combat around the main dome as
well. However, there is no sign of Terese.
The airlock can be cycled by hot-wiring the controls. An-
yone with the Electronics skill who starts examining the
Garage controls will realize that they been bypassed before. The
airlock can cycle through two at a time. The scene inside
This building is single room, with a pressurized storage
the workshop is chaos. There are two bodies near the door,
area and an airlock The interior volume can be pressurised,
and another three behind a makeshift barrier. Unfortunate-
but it has to be depressurized to bring vehicles in and out.
ly, one of them is Terese (see sidebar for an alternative fate
Inside the garage are a speeder, with light damage from
for Terese).
small arms fire, and a grav bike, almost completely disas-
From her position, and the position of the attackers, it is
clear that she out-lasted them. However, the injuries she
Drone had suffered up until then took their toll. From the infor-
mation on her suit log, she flatlined about six hours ago.
A drone waits in a corner of the garage, appearing for all
Her personal computer will contain two messages, one the
the world like another piece of equipment. If discovered, it
seeker she couldn’t send, and the other a personal message
will fire up its lifters and try to engage the characters.
to the PCs.
The Seeker buried on Earth. There is a small airfield outside of Mont-
de-Marsan that the PCs can land their ship at. Questioning
Guys, I hope you get this. It’s all gone to crap. I’m sorry I from authorities will be minimal though they will want to
dragged you into this. I’ve got a place on Mars, yeah, the Dry scan her to ensure that her body holds no contraband.
Cabin I mentioned. I can’t tell you where it is, but I’m sure
you can find me. I’ll be waiting. The old priests of the church will welcome her body. They
will provide a service within a few days, and in the mean-
The final message time the characters can look around the town. Mont-de-
Marsan is a pleasant old town, though about 50% of it is
(Audio only) Well, I think this is it. All those times… abandoned and boarded up. Most people leave these small
<cough> nearly killed in the bush on some hell-spawn planet, places for the opportunities afforded by arcology living, or
and here I am, dying within spitting distance a’ Earth. Man, even going off-world. Towns like this are dying. In many
if a hadda known it would end this way, I woulda <hacking ways, the only growth industry is death, burying people in
cough, 2 minutes of ragged breathing and low, wet cough- the old soil.
ing>. Fuck. I woulda stayed on Earth and took my chances.
Guys, if you get this, take me home. <more coughing, some After two days, Terese will be interred on the expanded
choking sounds, and a wet gurgle. Then silence.> grounds of the church, alongside her mother, Nanon de
Sainte. There is no grave for her father.

Aftermath With their obligations, complete, the characters are now

free to act on Earth (unless they joined the Don Cos-
Though the PCs are not sure of Terese’s actual home, they sacks…), and opportunities abound for people with “flexi-
have the name and seeker code for her sister Anne on Pen- ble morals” and ship.
dragon. If they send her a seeker, they will get an answer.

I am very sorry to hear of the death of Terese. While we were

never close, she would send me a seeker every once in while. I
never knew her well.; I suspect that you, her former com-
rades, knew her better than I, and feel her loss more as well. mont -de- marsan
We are from the town of Mont-de-Marsan, in the Aquitaine
Cultural Region. You can take her there, to the church of
St Vincent de l’Armagnac. We have a family plot in ther

I will not be able to return to Earth. I was injured in a

jump-inversion incident on my way out to Pendragon, and I
can never endure a jump crossing again.

Say good-bye to her for me.

It is up the characters if they want to perform the final act

of mercy for their old comrade. If not, then they will have
to dal with the Martian authorities, who are notorious for
their bureaucracy. Getting a body back to Earth is not a dif-
ficult task. A great many people return from the Edge to be
The H/Ks
Strength 0 (no limbs) Dexterity 10 (+1), Hull 4, Structure 4

Intelligence 7 (0), Education 10 (+1), Social Standing 0 (–3)

Traits: Armor 9, Integral System (grav floater), Integral

Weapon (2 ACRs), Specialized Model 1 computer (running
Intellect/1 and Expert Gun Combat/2)

Weapons: 2 ACRs

Weapon TL Cost Wgt RoF Range Dmg Type Recoil LL

Hunter/Killer robots and drones are illegal outside of the Advanced Combat Rifle 10 Cr1000 3500g 1/4 ranged (rifle)
military, but like all things those with the know-how and 3D6 P Yes 6
money can usually manage to get a hold of some. Pacifica
Holdings has both. The H/Ks are used to patrol their facil- Price: Cr110,000
ity in rural Cascadia, where the neighbours tend to mind
their own business. Vehicles

H/Ks can be armed with a variety of weapons, including EX-650 Grav Bike
missile pods, grenade launchers, and guns. The version
shown above is armed with a pair of Advanced Combat The EX-650 consists of an elementary frame with a grav
Rifles, a common choice in non-military roles. generator and a power plant attached. The fuel cell is good
Special Features
Basic controls, Class I Comms, Entertainment system,
Fire extinguisher, Gas turbine, Off-road, Open cargo bed,
12hrs fuel, Cr 8,000.

TerraFabrikant 490-r “Crawler”

This model of tracked ATV proved extremely popular when

mankind started it’s journey to the stars however better
models have superceded it and they can now be bought very
cheaply for use on Earth. Unfortunately, the transport costs
to a colony world, even one as close as Luna or Mars, can
for 24 hours of operation. Controls are rudimentary, but prove prohibitive. TerraFabrikant GMBH tried to reduce
it does go extremely fast. It has no sensors or communi- the cost by establishing a plant on Haven but the popu-
cations equipment, and only the bare minimum of safety lation, income, and industry grew slower than expected
features (seat belt). and TF ceased operations there. The plant was eventually
retooled to facilitate the building of their luxury car ranges
Special Features under the BMW and VW brands.
Basic controls, Fuel cell, Open frame, 24hrs fuel, Cr 17,000
TF 490s, especially the ‘r’, or reconnaisance variant, can
Newstar Engines T250 Ground Truck still be found on colony worlds but they are rare and prized
possessions. If there’s empty space on a cargo flight then
The T250 is powered by a gas turbine engine, with enough enterprising brokers may seek to lock down a colonial
fuel to keep it operating for 12 hours. It is an all-terrain ve- contract by agreeing to transport a 490 for free. Some com-
hicle, and serves as a low-cost replacement for much more munities also receive grants to import a 490 paid for by the
expensive grav vehicles, especially on colony worlds. The Associative in order to help colonial efforts on the proviso
truck has a large, open cargo bay of nearly 10 cubic metres, that any parts, and subsequent transit costs, are covered by
or about 2.5 tons. It can carry 3 passengers along with the the colony.
driver in the front cab. Another 8 could ride in the cargo
bed with suitable sidewalls.

T250 Ground Truck



As a consequence, travellers from the Core will see a few of

these sturdy and trustworthy vehicles on the frontier. They It has space for 3 crew up front and another 2 in the rear of
will be owned by communities or civic authorities, will be the cab at the navigation and scanning workstations. There
praised by the locals, and ridiculed by ‘Earthworms’ (arro- are also 5 compartments in the rear that double as lockers
gant Terrans) as being equivalent to “their mom’s station and crew bunks.
Special Features
Special Features Advanced controls, Fusion, 6-Wheeled, Off-road, Vacuum
Basic controls, Class II Comms, Computer/0, Environment Protection, Extended life support (90 days),
Entertainment system (high-quality), Early fusion, Lift Class III comms, Basic military sensors, Computer/2, Auto-
bed (med. Crane), Fire extinguisher, Gas turbine, Off-road, pilot/1, self-sealing, 5 bunks, airlock, mini-galley, Fresher,
Open cargo bed, Reinforced Hull, Reinforced structure, Modular payload bay (5-tons), weeks fuel, MCr 2.46.
Standard sensors, Tracked, 1 month fuel, Cr 96,000.
The vehicles payload is modular and Exoscene sells a
number of different 5-ton modules that can be fitted at any
Exoscene- B11 “Bulldog” Exoscene dealer.

The Bulldog is the state of the art in hostile environment Security - Ammo and weapon storage, an office, comms,
ATV design. Sealed and armoured against the elements, it and a holding cell. Cr 462,000
comes fitted with redundant systems in case of any failure,
and has handy compartments for supplies and weaponry.

Vehicle TL Skill Agi Spd C&P Cargo O/C

EX-650 Grav Bike 10 Grav Vehicle +1 400 kph 1 crew 0.4 Open Frame
T250 8 Wheeled Vehicle +3 135 kph 1 driver, 3 psgr 10.1 Closed
490-r 10 Tracked Vehicle -1 45 kph 1 driver, 2 psgr 49.6 Closed
B-11 10 Wheeled Vehicle +2 135 kph 1 driver, 4 psgr 4.3 Closed
E-bike 6 Wheeled Vehicle +4 150 kph 1 driver 0.35 Open Frame

Vehicle Armor Hull Struc. Wpns. Cost (KCr)

EX-650 Grav Bike 0 0 1 None 17

T250 4 0 1 None 8
490-r 12 2 4 None 96
B-11 15 3 6 None 2464
E-bike 3 2 3 None 250
Relief - A fully stocked medical aid station able to do vacuum suits, comms array, personal armour, carrying
everything short of major operations. Cr 266,500 capacity for 8 troops. Cr 482,000

Survey - Beacons, navigation quipment, 2-person lab (+2), Hab Pod - Power unit, water plant, bedroom, living room/
drones, a laser launch sattelite system, atmosphere sampler, kitchen, comms, bunks for 4, expandable pressure tents,
densitometer, 4 probes, Cr 404,000 bathroom. Cr 99,000

Colonial Assistance - Power antenna, comms, oxygen

cycling units, shell-wall fabricator, seed bank, soil bacteria, Motorcycles
water plant. Cr 301,000
On colony worlds, motorcycles are often hand made, with
Power Support - power generators, grid kit, solar panels, wheel and motors purchased off the rack, and then a suit-
electrical maintenance base. Cr 200,000 able frame built around them. Most of these bikes are very
sturdy, if not terribly fast.
Troop Transport - Ammo and weapon storage, ordnance,
combat drones, sattelites (laser launched), pressure tents, Special Features
Battery-powered, Off-road, Open frame, 6hours of power.
Cr 3,500

The most commonly encountered robots within the terri-

tories of the Associative are the humanoid ‘Bots, and the Bots and Synths are effectively-treated as NPCs, but with a
closely-related, but far more human-seeming, Synths. Bots limited, and narrow, set of skills appropriate to their role.
are used in labour roles anywhere a human could be, from On colony worlds, Bots and Synths are used in service roles,
construction to medical support to food preparation. They taking jobs that free up humans for the important tasks, like
tend to be more limited than Synths, though they both have making money for corporations and the Associative. Bots
the capability to ‘learn’ new skills, and both classes will de- are used in roles that do not tend to have much human in-
velop something of a unique personality over time. teraction, while Synths are the opposite, seldom used in any
other role. Example jobs for bots include labourers, cleaners,
However, a personality, while considered a positive trait for and specialized technicians, while Synths work in clerical,
Synths, is viewed as a defect in a bot, and they tned to get reception, ship crews, and , of course, sex workers.
wiped every few years to prevent this. Robotics engineers
describe this personality development as a ‘glitch’ in a Bot, a Synthetics and Bots are typically of about average human
programming defect that has not been worked out yet. The intelligence, though may Bots are a little lower, at least at the
AI rights group FreeMind, however, has flatly-stated that start of their service lives. Physical stats tend to be higher,
wiping a Bot is murder. while EDU is low, to reflect their lack of general education.
However, if they have a dedicated skill that uses EDU, then
Bots generally appear humanoid, smooth glossy-but-flexible EDU is effectively doubled for the purposes of using that
shells over their inner workings. These inner workings are skill only. SOC is almost always 2, as Bots and Synths are on
very similar between Bots and Synths, with the biggest dif- the lowest rung of human society.
ference between the two being that critical outer layer. Even
the brains are the same, though Bots tend to receive less skill Synths and Bots start with a limited range of skills pro-
programming, being more specialized. grammed into them, but their brains are learning computers,
and they can pick up new skills in a manner like humans.
Appearances Can be Deceiving The manufacturers of these machines maintain that they are
not “true” artificial intelligences, that their mannerisms and
While Synths are not biological life-forms, these sophisticated personalities all arise out of random factors programmed
robots are constructed to intimately-resemble humans. Though into them, but anyone who interacts with either a Bot or a
entirely-artificial, their muscle and skeletal structure is virtual- Synths (but especially a Synth) for long periods of time tends
ly identical to a human, the skin feels real, and they even have to have a much different opinion.
a pulse from the fluids used to power the muscles and maintain
skin and artificial muscle tone.
Synths and Bots have fail-safes that prevent them from STR 7 DEX: 10 END: 12 Hits: 35
harming the person, ship, or location that they are keyed INT 12 EDU 6 SOC 4
to, and can be commanded to extend that protection to
associates. They do not by any stretch have the “Three Laws” Skills: 9 levels of skills, chosen from the following, Only one
programmed into them, however, and it is possible to cir- can be at level 3: Pilot, Engineer, Aircraft (Grav), Mechanics,
cumvent the fail-safes by being very creative. Electronics, Medic, Navigation, Steward, Comms. All crew
synthetics have Zero-Gee-0
Hits Cost: Cr100,000

All Bots and Synths are tougher than humans, and add bo-
Menial Bot
nuses to their physical characteristics (STR, DEX, CON) for
calculation of damage only. Menials and Support Synths add
+1 per characteristic, Ship Crew add +2 per characteristic, Menials are just that, the run-of-the-mill common Bot used
and Soldiers and Heavy Labour Bots add +3 per charac- in a variety of low-end labour and support roles. Many
teristic. A soldier with END 10 would then take 13 hits to manufacturers colour-code them by function/role.
reduce that characteristic to 0. STR: 8 DEX: 8 END: 10 Hits: 29
INT: 7 EDU: 2 SOC: 2
Skills: 4 levels of skills from the following list. Only one
While choosing skills for a synthetic, 1 level of skills can be
converted into three level-0 skills, but only once. So a Crew skill can be at level 2, all others must be level 1: Animals
Synthetic, with nine levels of skills, could convert one level (Farming), Aircraft (Grav), Wheeled Vehicle, Tracked Vehi-
into three level-0 skills, leaving them eight levels to purchase cle, Mechanics, Steward
the other skills with. Cost: Cr30,000
Age: Synthetics generally last about 10-20 years, depending
on usage and maintenance. As they start to wear down, their
Support Synth
core processors will detect the imminent failure, and warn
the person they are keyed to. That person can then make the
decision of whether to shut them down, or not. However, at The support Synth is used in roles requiring human inter-
a certain point, when the Synthetic has exceeded a certain action, usually in public-facing occupations. They can be
threshold of failure, the core program will shut them down seen in high-end restaurants as wait staff, receptionists for
as soon as it is viable to do so. corporations, personal assistants, and sex workers. Support
Synths in the last role are often called “Dolls”.
Typical Synthetics and Bots STR: 8 DEX: 8 END: 10 Hits: 29
INT: 7 EDU: 2 SOC: 2
Ship Crew Synths

Due to the dangers of jump travel, specialized synthetics Skills: 4 levels of skills from the following list. Only one
serve as the ‘awake’ crew on a starship while it is in jump, the skill can be at level 2, all others must be level 1: Animals
passengers safely-ensconced in their cryo chambers. Crew (Farming), Aircraft (Grav), Carouse, Wheeled Vehicle,
Synths tend to have a higher intelligence, and are considera- Tracked Vehicle, Mechanics, Steward
bly more expensive than the mass-produced models. Cost: Cr50,000
Ship Crew have a wider array of skills than a more typical
Synthetic, as most ships have very few of them to perform all
required functions while the ships are in jump. Crew Synths Heavy Labour Bot
are designed to be able to operate at the very low temper-
atures experienced on a ship in jump, and do not perform These massive Bots are used in the harshest conditions,
well at temperatures above 20 C. (-1 DM to all actions per and often only last half as long as a standard Bot. Brutally
10 C increments above 10 C). In appearance, ship crew tend strong, the Heavy Labour Bot is barely-capable of conver-
toward the blandly-attractive that is the default for most
sation, and have little in the way of skills outside of their
Synths, but there is something about their appearance and
mannerisms that seem ‘off.’ Unlike most Synthetics, their role. These machines tend to have heave ceramic shells to
primary purpose is not human interaction. provide some protection to their internal structure in the
hostile environments are they are often found in.
Synthetics and ‘bots
While it’s easy to spot the menial models known as “bots” with their multi-coloured
plastic shells, the newer sex models, liason, and service units are becoming harder to
distinguish from humans. Menial models make up around 80% of the synth popula-
tion, the rest being the high end “stealth” models.

In terms of role, it is common for manufacturers, especially dayu-mata, to colour code

‘bots to their skill set. Green for food preperation, sky blue for stewardship, orange for
engineering, white for security, plum for technical operations, pink for medical use, grey
for manual labour, etc. Many corporations have their ‘bots branded with their logo
and corporate colours. While they do have a ‘female’ and ‘male’ models and a voice to
match, they are, for all intents and purposes, identical.
STR: 14 DEX: 6 END: 12 Hits: 41 Much of their reputation is undeserved, however. They tend
INT: 5 EDU: 1 SOC: 1 to lack the creative thinking and adaptability that charac-
Armour: 10 terize the best of human soldiers. Thus they are suitable as
Skills: 2 levels of skills from the following list. One skill can shock troops, or even guards, but not as true special forces.
be at level 2, in which case that is the only skill they would
have: Athletics, Tracked Vehicle, Survival STR: 12 DEX: 12 END: 10 Hits: 41
INT: 8 EDU: 4 SOC: 2
Synth Soldier
Skills: 7 levels of skills from the following list (Only 1 skill
While the use of Synth soldiers against human beings can be at level 3: Gun Combat, Battledress, Heavy Weap-
is illegal, and indeed their production is supposed to be ons, Artillery, Tactics, Recon, Tracked Vehicle, Wheeled
outlawed, there are still stories of these efficient killers from Vehicle, Grav Vehicle
the fringes of human space. The stories often portray them Cost: Cr250,000
as infiltrators, slipping into human society to kill, and then
slip away again.


The worlds and nations of the Associative are constantly in 1) Taurus PLA
a state of turmoil that occasionally boils over into violence.
The Culture Wars continue to flare up from time to time, Taurus is the premier Brazilian arms manufacturer of small
and with the current Associative policy of non-expansion, arms. The PLA is a standard layout semi-automatic pistol
divergent cultures are running out of places to escape to. with some unusual features. The high-capacity magazine
This in turn increases the pressure, making violence more holds 25 of the 7mm rounds used by the gun, and the
likely. Since the founding of the Associative, the frequency accessory rail across the top of the weapon can make use
of Culture Wars has increased year by year, with nations of a variety of rights and options, though in practice only
fragmenting into smaller polities, or new cultures arising laser sights and red dot sights are effective. Military models
and leaving earth for Mars, or later, for the stars. The lack of feature a progressive trigger which allows the weapon to fire
Associative action on Culture War outbreaks leads many to 3-rd bursts.
assume that the leadership of Earth condones and encourag-
es the practice.
2) X-Arms 223
It is worth keeping in mind that in the 100 years since the
The 223 fires a small calibre, high velocity round designed
founding of the Associative, there has not been a single
to defeat light body armor. While effective against armored
major conflict between nations. The most serious recent
targets, against soft targets the steel core round tends to
conflict was the culture War of Eden threat saw two corpo-
pass right through, leaving a narrow wound channel and
rations wage a proxy war on each other, using fanatics and
minimal internal damage. (Against an armoured target, the
mercenaries as intermediaries. The popular uprising was un-
weapon does an extra D6 of damage, in part to account for
expected, however. As wars go, this was a small affair, with
the improved penetration and in part due to the round tum-
no more than a few thousand soldiers and irregulars total,
bling once it has penetrated armor, leaving a much wider
from all sides. It did present a good opportunity to field and
wound track and causing extensive internal damage.)
test some of the latest small arms, however, and the weapons
below were utilized by all sides of the conflict, furthering any
confusion. 3) Imbel MDB-40 Rocket Carbine
• Taurus PLA Firing a smart, seeking round, the MDB-40 requires the
• X-Arms 223 gunner to first ‘lock-on’ with a targeting laser. This takes
• Imbel MDB-40 Rocket Carbine a Minor Action, and is treated as a normal shot, with all
• Taurus NRG-99 Machine Pistol applicable modifiers. If the lock-on is successful, the weapon
• Austral ‘Ranger’ carbine can be fired as another Minor Action, with a DM +2 to Hit,
• Rossi M30 Shotgun and no modifiers for cover or movement. If the lock-on is
• System Dynamics VP-5a2 Plasma Gun not successful, the weapon does not have to be fired. If fired
• Imbel without the lock-on, it is at a DM-2 to Hit, and must take
• Gauss Rifle into account all modifiers.
4) Taurus NRG-99 Machine Pistol 7) Embraer-Dynamics
Arma de Alta Energia-12 (AAE-12)
The NRG-99 is a 6mm machine pistol with an underslung, (High Energy Weapon)
single-shot 20mm launcher. It was designed as a sidearm
for troops who may have to face heavy armor, or, in the Until very recently, the AAE-12 plasma gun was the most
colonies, large, angry alien animals. Military versions of advanced weapon in use by the Associative Marines. The
this weapon, with the burst option, always have the Secure AAE-13 has just started to replace it within the past 3 years,
feature. freeing up examples for merenary and cultural region forces.
The AAE-12 is a heavy weapon with punishing recoil, re-
5) Rossi M30 Shotgun quiring someone with STR of 10+ to fire it without penalty.
(DM -1 for every point of STR below 10)
The Rossi M30 shotgun is usually only found in police and
military service. This version is capable of burst fire, making 8) Austal HB- 7 Light Assault Gun
it devastating in house to house fighting against unarmoured
opponents. A civilian version of the weapon exists, but it has The Light Assault Gun fires a cut-down 20mm cannon
a small 4 round tube magazine rather than the high-capac- round, usually an armour-piercing munition. It is a poor-
ity box magazine, and the burst fire option is not available. man’s plasma gun, in a way, delivering anti-armour fire-
(Mag: 4, RoF: 1, and Cr150 for the civilian version) power. Some militaries arm their battledress troops with a
burst-fire assault gun, as a very light autocannon.
6) Austal Ranger Carbine
Simple and effective, the Ranger, and similar weapons,
9) Embel Arma de Dardo Eletromagnética
form the back-bone of colonial military and insurrectionist (ADE-2) (Electromagnetic Dart Gun)
forces. The weapon is highly-modular and customizable. The
forward grip and laser sight can be easily removed and re- Conceived as a sniper weapon, the ADE-2 can hit a target
placed with a grenade launcher. Another modification adds up to two kilometres away. It is equipped with a computer
a scope, longer barrel, handguard, and bipod to turn it into (computer/1), electronic sight and a bipod. With the com-
a dedicated marksman’s rifle. If a pair of snail magazines, a puter and sight, it adds a +3 DM at all ranges past Close. The
heavier barrel, and recoil compensation is added, it performs electromagnetic bolt allows the barrel to run the full length
perfectly-adequately as a light machinegun. The Ranger and of the weapon, with the magazine right up against the butt
similar designs can be found just about anywhere. plate of the stock. The 9x50mm fin-stabilized flechette is
unique to this weapon, and requires very fine manufacturing

TL Cost
Mag RoF Range Dmg

Taurus PLA 8 Cr150 0.9kg 25 1/3 ranged (pistol) 2D6 P Yes 6

X-Arms 223 9 Cr200 0.75kg 18 1 ranged (pistol) 2D6 P Yes 6
Imbel MDB-40 10 Cr200 3kg 6 1 ranged (rocket) 2D6 P Yes 6
Taurus NRG-99 9 Cr200 1.2kg 2 1/3 ranged (pistol) 2D6 P Yes 6
20mm launcher 1 1 Ranged (pistol) 4D6
Austal R.Carbine 7 Cr500 2.4kg 35 1/4 ranged (assault weapon) 3D6 P Yes 5
Ranger DMR 7 +200 2.8kg 20 1 ranged (rifle) 3D6 P Yes 6
Ranger LMG 7 +300 3.5kg 200 10 ranged (rifle) 3D6 P Yes 4
M30 Shotgun 8 Cr150 3.5k g 21 1/3 ranged (shotgun) 4D6 P Yes 7
E-Dyn. AAE-12 12 20,000 10kg 4 .25 ranged (assault weapon) 10D6 E Yes 2
HB-7 L.A.G. 6 Cr2500
5kg 5 1 ranged (rifle) 5D6 P Yes 5
ADE-2 Gauss 12 Cr9000 6kg 5 1 ranged (rifle) 4D6 P No 6
1 2 3


Pregenerated Characters During the war, they became trapped in a mountain cabin
(formerly part of a resort), when the Edenists turned a pack
The following pregenerated characters have backgrounds of jackwolves on them. Low on ammo, the team relied on
that are closely tied to the story of this adventure. If these Terese’s skills in fortifying and booby-trapping to ensure
characters are not used, the referee should try to work in their survival. They were eventually rescued by a civilian
some of the background. The frequent references to the pilot, Carter Allen, in a cargo grav lifter.
“Cabin in the Woods” is key to some of the puzzles in this
adventure. Daffyd is a tall, thin man, with distinctive angular features.
At nearly 2 metres all, he is stronger than he looks. The tan
Daffyd Owen cast of his skin is common for most people across the var-
ious European cultural regions. He keeps his head shaved,
Daffyd is a native of the Wales Cultural Region on Earth, but but when it does grow in it is almost pure white. The patch
left when he was 18, joining the Terran Associative Marine of hair under his lip stands out vividly against his dark skin.
Corps. He left behind his two fathers, his sister, and her two
children. He keeps in regular touch with them by seeker, Relationship with Terese: While they were occasional lovers,
though only a few times a year. there was no committed relationship between Terese and
Daffyd. Daffyd was he closest thing she ever had to a friend,
He served two terms in the marines before going mercenary, though, and one of the few people she felt she could trust.
hiring on with the Steel Hammer group. He quickly rose to
command his own squad of rangers. After two more terms, Age: Biological 42 (2 terms Marine, 4 Terms Mercenary)
he left the Steel Hammers to form his own cadre, Black Chronological: 49
Maul. Several of his team from the Hammers mustered out
with him, including Terese and Sian. Miune joined about a STR 9 (+1) DEX 8 (0) END 9 (+1) INT 7 (0) EDU 8 (0) SOC
year later, along wth several others. They were the core of a 7 (-1)
scouting and special operations team employed by the colo-
nial government of Eden during the Culture Wars, when a Skills: Slug Rifle- 3, Leadership- 2, Recon- 2, Heavy Weap-
radical environmental sect who called themselves Edentists ons- 1, Drive- 1, Battledress- 1, Survival- 1, Admin- 0, Advo-
tried to break away and form their own cultural region. The cate- 1, Gambling- 0, Carousing- 0, Vacc Suit- 0.
Eden government moved to prevent them, fearing a loss of
sovereignty (such as it is under the Associative) and, more Equipment: Gauss pistol, gauss rifle, combat suit, commo,
importantly, the subsidy that the Associative pays to colonies datapad, goggles with low-light and 12x magnification.
based on their population.
Money: Cr50,000
Miung Jianwei
Carter is a pilot, boasting that he can pilot anything that
Miung was born in, what is now, the Hong Kong cultural doesn’t touch the ground. He is, however, a notably-poor
district, in one of the big arcologies that dominate Victoria driver of ground vehicles. He spent some time in the Tas-
peak on the Island. She has three sisters, and a half-brother. manian Coast Guard before moving off-world, taking his
Her parents no longer live together, and she has not heard considerable experience with him. Since then he has held a
from her mother is many years. She is still in contact with number of jobs, as his skills are in great demand. During the
her father and her sisters, and sends them money every Chi- Culture War on Eden, he was a civilian pilot working with
nese New Year. Her half-brother disappeared in the Culture a forestry company. Due to his knowledge of the region, he
War that saw the creation of the Hong Kong Cultural dis- was the pilot who flew in and rescued Daffyd and his team
trict, distinct from the Canton cultural region, which further from the cabin in the woods. He literally winched them out
fragmented after the departure of Hong Kong. of the cabin with a cargo hook, all the while taking ground
fire. Since then he has remained with the team, enjoying
Miung worked for the Hong Kong police for many years, the challenge of the sort of missions a mercenary pilot must
mostly undercover work infiltrating the big triads. When she undertake.
busted open a large gang with notable ties to the government
of the cultural region, she gave her testimony and left Earth, Carter has a pleasant, weather-beaten face and sandy blonde
taking up with a mercenary company as an intelligence hair. Though he is not particularly-attractive, his easy charm
officer. After two terms of that, she shifted to the Black Maul. makes him popular wherever he goes. That he has saved the
Shortly after she joined, she and Daffyd began an affair. life of every single person in the team, several times over,
Though it has cooled somewhat over the years, they are still doesn’t hurt.
very close, as friends, partners and often as lovers.
Relationship with Terese: Carter had a brief fling with
Miung is an extremely-effective intelligence offer, not afraid Terese after the rescue from the cabin. It did not last, mostly
to use her considerable charm to gain people’s trust, and because of Terese, who started an affair with somone else
even affection. She is of average build, and little about her while she and Carter were still together. However, Carter, as
is remarkable, though she is said to have an engaging smile. easy-going as he is, does not hold it against her. If anything,
Her black hair is starting to get touched by grey. he is a little grateful that it came out so soon in the relation-
Relationship with Terese: Miung never trusted Terese, and
it was more than just her prior relationship with Daffyd. Age: Biological: 42 (Wet Navy 2 terms, Drifter 2 terms, Mer-
Terese was a screw-up, never thinking things through, and cenary 2 terms) Chronological: 44
the people around her tended to get caught in the backlash.
However, Miung is honest enough to respect Terese’s abili- STR 7 (0) DEX 13 (+3) END 8 (0) INT 9 (+1) EDU 8 (0)
ties in a fight SOC 7 (0)

Age: Biological: 42 (3 terms Agent, 3 terms Mercenary) Skills: Pilot-2, Aircraft (Grav Vehicle -3, Winged Aircraft
Chronological: 45 2, Helicopter 1), Carouse-1, Wheeled Vehiclel-0, Motor-
boats-1, Gun Combat (Shotgun-1), Recon-1, Streetwise-1,
STR 7 (0) DEX 9 (+1) END8 (0) INT 12 (+2) EDU 11 (+2) Atheltics-1, Medicine-1
SOC 8(0)
Equipment: Short-barrelled shotgun, flight suit (AR7), vacc
Skills: Admin-1, Advocate-1, Recon-3, Leadership-1, Ath- suit, phone, comm, dataslate, six-pack of beer
letics-1, Tactics-2, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol-1, Slug Rifle-2),
Carousing-1, Aircraft (Grav Vehicle-1), Jack of All Trades-1 Jade Fontaine
Equipment: Gauss pistol, gauss rifle, combat suit, commo, While born on Earth, in the Cascadia Cultural Region, Jade’s
and datapad. family emigrated to Eden when she was 15. She was 23 when
the Culture War erupted, plunging her into combat on the
Carter Allen Provisional Government’s side. During the conflict, all of her
family was killed.
Carter Allen is a native of the Tasmanian Cultural Region.
Though he has no siblings, his parents still live there, albeit Jade’s skill as a hunter, and her knowledge of the region
not together. Their contract expired after Carter left home, made her invaluable as a scout and guide to Black Maul.
and they did not renew it. She, too, was at the cabin when Edenist forces pinned them
down. She exhausted her ammo picking off Edenist snipers Relationship with Terese: Even more so than Daffyd, Terese
and jackwolves alike. When the war finally ended, she treated Syrn like a person, rather than an object. She was
remained with the Maul. There was nothing else for her. She the “somone” who taught him how to play poker, and she
bears an extreme hatred for both sides of the conflict, but often hung out with him when off-duty, unless she was up to
especially for the Edenists, who carried out the attack that something. Her efforts to involve Syrn in her schemes never
killed her parents, brother, and fiancé. worked, however.

Jade keeps her bright red hair cut short, and regularly works Age: 9
out to maintain herself in fighting condition. She has few
skills outside of combat, but this is fine by her, at least for STR 7 (0) DEX 10 (+1) END 12 (+2) INT 12 (+2) EDU 6 (0)
now. SOC 4 (-3)

Relationship with Terese: Jade avoided Terese outside of duty (Note: EDU score doubled for known skills)
requirements. She did not dislike, but simply had little use
for her schemes. Skills: Admin-1, Medic-3 Gambling-2, Steward-2, Wheeled
Vehicle-1, Grav Vehicle-1, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol-1)
Age: Biological 26 (2 terms Ground Force) Chronological: (Note that goes over and above the standard amount of skills
27 for a Synthetic. The Gambling skill is not programmed,
unlike the others; it was learned)
STR 10 (+1) DEX 9 (+1) END 9 (+1) INT 7 (0) EDU 6 (0)
SOC 7 (0) Equipment: Autopistol, medscanner, medkit, com unit

Skills: Recon-2, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle-2), Navigation-1, Sian van Eyck
Atheltics-1, Aircraft (Grav Vehicle-0)
Sian has never revealed much about their background, and
Equipment: Hunting Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Combat Suit (AV 9) usually refers to themselves in gender-neutral terms. How-
with sneak features. ever, on some occasions, Sian has been known to refer to
themselves as male, or female, depending on the circum-
Syrn 1299V-3, Synthetic stances. Given their accent, Sian is generally believed to have
come from one of the eastern European cultural regions,
While Syrn 1299V-3 appears to be a general purpose stealth though that accent has been known to shift on occasion.
synthetic, his programming and capabilities are more in
line with the high-end models used for ship crews. His Sian was part of the core group that moved with Daffyd
origin is unknown, though Daffyd claims to have “acquired” from the Steel Hammers to Black Maul. Even then, they
him from an old friend. He has been part of Black Maul were most effective as a liaison officer, and oddly, a sniper.
for the past six years, but his actual date of construction Sian was part of the group that was trapped in the vabin,
is unknown. While he does do things like prepare meals
and otherwise care for the team, his most important role and at that point had been badly injured. The was the work
is as the team medic. As part of his medical programming, of Sym that kept them alive, and they’ve had a special rap-
he has a more engaging personality than many synthetics. port with the Synthetic ever since.
This gives him a more effective “bedside manner” to aid in
treating his patients. The members of Black Maul treat him Sian is very attractive, in an unusual way, and their people
like a comrade, rather than a servant, though their attitude is skills make them an obvious choice for a liaison officer, or
hardly universal. Somewhere along the way, someone taught “face” for the team. Their hair tends to vary in colour, usual-
him how to play poker, and something about the game just ly something a little exotic, like blue or pink.
“clicked” with him.
Relationship with Terese: Sian loved Terese’s wild unpredict-
Sym is of slightly-above average height, with short, ash- ability, and would often get caught up in her scams, at least
blond har and clear blue eyes. He has the legally-required to a point. They were always more pragmatic than Terese,
bar code above his right eyes, but beyond that there is little however, and knew when to cut and run. That was a skill
in his appearance or mannerisms to mark him as a Syn- that Terese never really learned.
thetic. He does not have the lower operational temperature
range of a ship crew synthetic, despite his other similarities Age: Biological: 38 (2 terms Rogue, 2 terms Ground Force, 1
to those high-end models. term Merchant) Chronological: 45
STR 11 (+2) DEX 9 (+1) END 9 (+1) INT 8 (0) EDU 8 (0) marines to join Steel Hammer, then again when he formed
SOC 9 (+1) the Black Maul team. They fought in the Eden Culture Wars,
but when the war ended, she left. Many who knew her felt
Skills: Admin-1, Broker-1, Liaison-2, Liguistics-1, Street- that it was Miune’s arrival and subsequent relationship with
wise-1, Aircraft (Grav Vehicle-1), Computer-1, Gun Combat Daffyd that drove her away, but she always told her friends
(Energy Rifle-2), Recon-1, Gambling-1, Carousing-1 that she was tired of fighting. She worked for awhile in and
around Eden, and made a few contacts, but kept running
Equipment: Laser rifle, tailored body armour (AV 8), comm, into trouble. She then left for Earth.
Terese was a beautiful woman with long brown hair and
Terese de Sainte hazel eyes. She was always self-conscious of her appearance,
and tended to dress down to de-emphasize her looks.
Like the other members of her former team, Terese was born
on Earth. She was always somewhat cagey about where she Age: Biological 38 (1 term Marines, 3 terms Mercenary, 1
was from, but her accent made it likely that she was from the term Rogue) Chronological Age: 40
Aquitaine Cultural Region, in what used to be France. She
seldom discussed her past, including her family, though she STR 7 (0) DEX 11 (+2) END 9 (+1) INT 10 (+1) EDU 10
once revealed that she had a sister, Anne, who had migrat- (+1) SOC 6 (0)
ed off-world. She never mentioned where she had gone,
though it was clear that is was not to any of the worlds in the Skills: Demoltions-2, Tactics-2, Mechanic-2, Gun Combat
Groombridge system. (Slug Rifle-2, Slug Pistol-1), Aircraft (Grav Vehicle-2), Jack
of All Trades-1, Broker-0, Carousing-1, Athletics-1, Elec-
Like Daffyd, Terese was a former Terran Associative Marine, tronics-1, Streetwise-0
though her specialty was combat engineering. She had a
knack for spotting (and setting) traps and IEDs, and was Equipment: Gauss Rifle with Grenade Launcher, Combat
skilled at erecting and maintained field fortifications. In Armour.
the field, she was a marvel, skilled and competent. Out of
the field, however, she was always lost, and came to rely on
Daffyd to an extent, when she was not trying some sort of Diwedd
get-rich-quick scheme. She followed him when he left the
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