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Order of Operations Bingo- Lesson Plan

Class: Room 5 (Gr.6 GATE) Date: November 22, 2017

Title: Order of Operations Bingo Lesson Number 1 out of ? Total in Unit

Objective of Lesson: The objective of this lesson is for students to deepen their understanding of
evaluating mathematical expressions, by following the order of operations. Students will
understand the precedence in which the operations occur. Furthermore, students will understand
mathematical terminology such as expression and equation. Finally, students will play Order of
Operations Bingo to demonstrate and practice their skills.

Learner Outcomes (Program of Studies) Plan for Diversity

General Outcome: Develop number sense -Think-pair-share encourages students to

Specific Outcome: 9-Explain and apply the process information and form understanding
order of operations, excluding exponents, with through individual, small group, and large
and without technology (limited to whole group discussion.
numbers) -If students need more challenge, I would
encourage them to formulate their own

Alberta Education (2016). Program of Studies Mathematics K -12. mathematical expressions in between the time
Retrieved from it takes to solve the expressions from the Bingo
pos.pdf activity. Students can explore expressions with
exponents if they choose to do so.

Prerequisite Knowledge, Skills, Strategies Preliminary Matters (Materials,

and Attitudes Announcements, etc.)

- Addition, subtraction, multiplication and -Order of operations bingo sheet

division skills -Bingo cards
-Basic understanding of the order of operations -Extra paper to show work on
-Basic understanding of how the game “Bingo” https://illuminations.nctm.org/Lesson.aspx?id=
works 2583

Time What the teacher What the Resources Assessment

does. student does.
Introduction Assessment
for learning:
Order of Pose question: What do Think-pair-share, understanding
operations 5 you remember or contribute and will be
Mins already know about the participate in determined
discussion and order of operations? discussion when students
review voice-back
discussions to
the teacher.
Precedence of 5 Explain that Students listening and Assessment
Mins multiplication and asking questions for learning:
operations Observe
division have the same
precedence and should students’
be evaluated left to discussions
right (same goes for and
addition and contributions
subtraction). Review to check for
parentheses. understanding.
The students
Pose the question: Think-pair-share, will voice
Expressions vs. 2 “What is an expression contribute to back the
Equations Mins and what is an discussion precedence in
equation?” which the
The objective of the Listening to occur. Are
Introduction to 2 game is to get 5 introduction of students able
the Order of Mins numbers in a row, activity, and asking to differentiate
Operations Bingo vertically, horizontally, questions. between the
or diagonally. meaning of an
expression and
an equation?
Explain to students that Listening to Bingo cards Further,
Distribute they need to have a instructions and and extra students will
materials for 5 “free” space on their filling out their Bingo paper be assessed on
Mins bingo card. The other boxes how well they
Bingo and fill out are
24 boxes must be
numbers on numbers that are in the participating
Bingo sheet range given, at the top in the Bingo
of each column. activity. Are
students able
to produce the
Select expression strips Calculate the value of Sheet of correct values
Begin Bingo 15 the expressions on a Bingo from the given
and write down
activity Mins expressions on the separate sheet of expressions expressions?
whiteboard paper (showing all
work), then check off
any squares on their
sheet that share that
Closure Assessment
for learning: Is
Ask the student who Students participating there anything
Wrap up Bingo gets a Bingo, to call out in discussion that the
activity and 5 the number values that regarding the values students still
review the values Mins make the horizontal, for the winning seem unsure
for the given vertical, or diagonal numbers. about? Is there
expressions (if row. content that
needs to be
time permits) reviewed


Adapted from Alberta Education, Canada, 2008