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January 26 - February 1, 2018

US warship sails close to Panatag China says US warship

Ex-Senate head urges gov’t to entered what it claims as its

assert rights over disputed isles Destiny territorial waters in the West
Philippine Sea

Successful Graduate
by Christine O. Avendaño, In- Nations Convention on the Law
Inquirer.net | MANILA,
quirer.net | MANILA, 1/26/2018 of the Sea (Unclos),” he told
1/21/2018 -- China’s foreign min-
-- Former Senate President Aqui- reporters in the Senate.
istry has accused a US warship
lino Pimentel Jr. urged Malaca- Pimentel’s remarks came a day
of entering what it claims as its
ñang on Tuesday to be a “little after presidential spokesperson
territorial waters in the West Phil-
more aggressive” in asserting Harry Roque said the Philip-
ippine Sea without permission
Manila’s claim to Philippine Rise pines did not have sovereignty
and said it would take “necessary
and to islands in the West Philip- in Philippine Rise, just the “right
measures” to ensure its sover-
pine Sea that it was disputing to explore and exploit natural
eignty is protected.
with Beijing. resources found there.”
The guided missile destroyer
“Let us not close our eyes that Formerly known as Benham
USS Hopper came within 22.22
China is really trying to expand Rise, Philippine Rise is a 13-mil-
kilometers (12 nautical miles) of
its power and influence and lion-hectare undersea plateau
Scarborough Shoal in the South
we should not allow that at our off the coast of Aurora province
China Sea on Wednesday eve-
expense. Let us fight for what is in eastern Philippines that the
ning, a ministry spokesperson
right in accordance with peaceful United Nations has recognized as
said on Saturday.
ways guaranteed by the United ( Continued on page 6 )
China calls the shoal Huangyan
Island, a disputed rock outcrop in
PHL is 3rd fastest growing the West Philippine Sea, part of
the South China Sea claimed by
economy in Asia By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Publisher & Editor
the Philippines as well as China.
It is called Panatag Shoal by
GMA News | MANILA, keeps our position as one of the San Diego Asian Journal Manila and lies 230 km west of
1/19/2018 -- The Philippines re- fastest growing economies in The Original and First Asian Journal in America Zambales province.
mains one of the fastest growing Asia after China’s 6.9 and Viet- This means it is within the 370-
economies in Asia, the National nam’s 6.8 percent,” he said during Chapter 42 km exclusive economic zone of

Economic and Development a press briefing in Pasig City. the Philippines.
Authority (NEDA) said Tuesday, The economy grew by 6.6 s she peered over the shoulder of Mario while they danced, Mimi could not China’s Navy ordered the vessel
citing results of the gross domes- percent in the fourth quarter of help but look around. Her eyes were still searching for her lost love, her to withdraw after determining its
tic product (GDP) in 2017. last year, driven mainly by the former boyfriend Dante. identity, foreign ministry spokes-
Socioeconomic Planning Sec- industry sector to lift the full-year person, Lu Kang, said in a news
retary Ernesto Pernia said the growth to 6.7 percent, the Philip- “Will he come?” she asked herself quietly. He would since it was their 20th class anniversary. It briefing in Beijing.
Philippines is the third fastest pine Statistics Authority (PSA) didn’t happen every day. But he might not, for he would have to travel all the way from the United In Manila, Defense Secretary
growing economy in Asia with a said. States where he lived. He might already be happily remarried and would not be bothered by the Delfin Lorenzana was largely
full-year GDP of 6.7 percent last In the third quarter of 2017, Per- bitter experiences of the past, like his need to breakup with his girlfriend Mimi after impregnating, mum on the US warship’s action.
year. nia noted the Philippines was the marrying, and eventually divorcing a Vietnamese girl. “We do not have a say on
“This stable performance brings second fastest-growing economy But if he would arrive, he would have come years ago when he was free to remarry. whatever the Americans do in the
our full-year growth in 2017 to South China Sea,” Lorenzana said
( Continued on page 12 ) ( Continued on page 6 )
6.7 percent—a strong finish that in a text message to the Inquirer.

Melted nuclear fuel seen inside Katarina Rodriguez stuns in Francis Libiran ‘Freedom of navigation’

second Fukushima reactor gown for national costume competition Asked whether the Department
of National Defense was aware
Philstar.com | TOKYO , breached the core, falling to the Philstar.com | MANILA,
of the USS Hopper’s presence
1/19/2018 — The operator of vessel's floor, TEPCO spokesman 1/19/2018 — Philippine bet to
in the region, he said: “They do
Japan's crippled Fukushima Takahiro Kimoto said. the 46th Miss Intercontinental,
not inform us beforehand of their
nuclear plant said yesterday that "There is so much that we still Katarina Sonja Rodriguez, wore
activities there.”
a long telescopic probe success- haven't seen," Kimoto told report- a white modern Filipiniana for
A critic of the Duterte adminis-
fully captured images of what ers. "But we were able to obtain the national costume shoot of the
tration’s policy in the West Philip-
is most likely melted fuel inside important information that we international pageant.
pine Sea, Magdalo Rep. Gary
one of its three damaged reac- need in order to determine the Rodriguez’s regal Filipiniana
Alejano, said the US warship
tors, providing limited but crucial right method for removing the was made by her favorite design-
was likely on routine “freedom
information for its cleanup. melted fuel debris." er Francis Libiran.
of navigation” exercise in the
Tokyo Electric Power Co. said A massive earthquake and tsuna- “National Costume shooting
the fishing rod-like device carry- mi in 2011 caused three reactors & of course @francislibiran has
The Philippine government,
ing a camera went deep into the at the Fukushima plant to melt. awed us all once more with this
he said, is no longer interested
plant's Unit 2 primary contain- The plant's decommissioning is gorgeous Filipiniana. His national
ment vessel. The images indicat- expected to take decades. ( Continued on page 2 ) ( Continued on page 11 )
ed that at least part of the fuel had ( Continued on page 13 )


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Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com January 26 - February 1, 2018

Philippines bet bags top awards at

Complicated Affairs
Miss Intercontinental prelims
As the poll winner, Miss Korea auto-
matically qualifies in the pageant’s top 6.
Only last weekend, Katarina reported
that she entered the top 5 of the dance-

Another Child
off competition, where she wore a red
fringe dress by Filipino designer Rhett

Rodriguez also got rave reviews for

posting her white, laser-cut Filipiniana
Chapter 3 of the book "Complicated wasn’t visiting his children, he would TO RETURN to the Philippines sooner national costume by Filipino designer
Affairs" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. go to the races in nearby Del Mar and than he expected. Francis Libiran
in Agua Caliente in Mexico. Everything “Hello?” a girl from the other end of In another Instagram post, Katarina
“What’s that?” Menchie asked seemed going well although he oc- the line asked him. shared that besides her, the representa-
casionally missed the good times he had “Who’s this?” Danny inquired. tives from USA and Japan also have
upon hearing the noise coming enjoyed in Manila. As a balikbayan, he “Don’t you recognize my voice?” Filipina blood.
from the terrace. felt superior over the local residents and With the many girls that he had met, “Good morning Philippines! I got a
“It’s nothing,” Danny replied. they somehow looked up to him. Danny could not place the voice of the fun fact for you all: both Miss USA &
“Maybe it’s just a cat.” girl. It sounded somewhat familiar, Miss Japan are half Filipina!!” the post’s
“I HAVE A BUSINESS IDEA,” his however. caption read.
They looked at the terrace and Katarina, an “Asia’s Next Top Model”
friend Mandy told him one day. “No,” he replied.
saw a silhouette of a man. “What? “ Danny asked. finalist, will be competing against 64
Miss Intercontinental Philippines this could contribute to her finally
“There’s a peeping tom!” “Let’s bring used hospital equipments ( Continued on page 12 ) 2017 Katarina Rodriguez. Instagram/ other contenders for the Miss Intercon-
securing a place in the finals to be tinental crown. If she prevails, she will
Menchie cried. She got hold of an from here to the Philippines. You’ll Katarina Rodriguez
held on January 24. become the first Filipina to win in the
ash tray beside the bed and threw be our representative who will sell the
equipment to the various hospitals in the Philstar.com | MANILA, Philip- Miss Intercontinental, in its of- pageant.
it at the direction of the terrace. country.” The internationally-recognized Miss
pines — Miss Philippines Kata- ficial website, has announced that
“Will this make money?” he asked. ( Continued from page 1 ) Intercontinental 2017 marks the pag-
The shadow scampered away quickly. “Of course,” Mandy replied. “We will rina Sonja Rodriguez continues Katarina has placed third in its eant’s 46th anniversary. The contest
Menchie got out of bed and rushed in- buy the equipments here as junk, but costume designs are always my to perform well at the ongoing Miss Sunrise Resorts 2017 poll. began in 1971 as a concurrent tourism
side the bathroom. When she came out, they could still be used and command a favorite,” she wrote on her Insta- Miss Philippines got 2,213 votes, event in Aruba. It seeks to recognize
she was fully-dressed and fuming mad. international beauty pageant Miss
“You are all perverts,” she angrily told
good price in the Philippines.” gram post. Intercontinental in Hurghada, following Indonesia’s Alicia women of power, grace, commitment,
“Have you done a study on it?” Rodriguez is currently in Egypt to rep- intelligence, style and substance.
Danny in a loud voice. She thought “Our friend Bobby did and it seemed Egypt. Beverly Weley, who is at second According to the pageant, its titlehold-
resent the country in the Miss Interconti-
Danny allowed other people to peek at workable. You like to be in the Philip- nental pageant to be held on January 25. The Philippines’ bet has landed place with 3,635 votes, and Ko- ers have gone on to pursue high-profile
their love making. pines, no? And you have nothing to During the Binibining Pilipinas rea’s Lee Su Jin, who ranked first careers in business, government, finance,
“But I didn’t have anything to do with at the top spots of some prelimi-
do here. Besides, you’re good in sales. pageant in 2017, Rodriguez also wore a with 3,638 votes. film and fashion.
it,” Danny protested in vain. We need you, Danny. We can’t do this Filipiniana designed by Libiran.
nary contests in the pageant, and
Menchie nonetheless rushed out of the without you.” She was also crowned Binibining
condo unit, slamming the door as she Bobby was their childhood friend who Pilipinas-Intercontinental wearing a
left. was practicing medicine in San Diego. custom electric pleated gown made by
Danny felt helpless and disappointed. “Where are we going to get the capi- the same designer.
He dressed up and walked down the tal?” The Filipina beauty was a former
stairs, a defeated man. At the small “From Bobby, of course. He has plenty finalist at the "Asia’s Next Top Model
lobby, he saw the security guards with of dough.” Cycle 2."
Save the Date:

February 13, 2018, Tuesday

two of his friends. “How much do I get?”
“Ayos ba, bossing (Is everything okay, “We’ll divide the profits three ways:
boss)?” the guard asked with a big grin
plastered on his lips.
you, me and Bobby.” Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm with the
“I need an advance for my living
Blood rushed towards Danny’s head. expenses.” Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm with the Divine
He was livid. He lunged forward in an- “How much do you need?” Mercy Chaplet and the Way of the Cross
ger and hit the jaw of the guard with his “$1000,” Danny said.
right hand. The guard fell on the floor, “$500,” Mandy offered. “We are just
and his two friends helped him stand up. starting; our financier might run out of
“You son of a bitch!” he hollered at the money right away.”
guard. “You’re a pervert!” “$1000 or we don’t have a deal,”
When the guard and his friends were Danny insisted.
about to retaliate, Danny turned around To his boyhood friends, he sounded
and rushed up the stairs. He closed and cold-hearted.
locked the door of his room after enter- Since he could not meet Danny’s de-
ing it. He heard the three men banging mand, Mandy was forced to scuttle their
at the door. proposed business project.
Jesus I Trust In You!
“Go away. I’m calling the police,” he
The banging continued for a while but DANNY FOUND OUT HE’D NEED
stopped after a few minutes. He got hold
of the phone and called Jockey Diaz.
“Come over here quick and bring a cop
with you,” he told Diaz.
“What happened?” Diaz asked.
“I’ll explain it later,” he answered.
Opening Night
Tickets $12!
DANNY TOLD him about the incident.
“Iyong walang hiyang iyon (That
shameless guy), I’ll have him fired,”
Diaz vowed.
Restrictions, exclusions and additional charges
But Danny still did not feel secure. He may apply. Subject to availability.
packed up his bags and asked his friend
to take him to a hotel. Diaz understood
his friend’s concern and didn’t object to
his decision. They dropped off the cop
at the police station and gave him 100
pesos for his troubles.
“Pag binalikan kayo (If that guy still
goes after you), let me know,” he told
After a few days at the hotel, Danny

realized he would just be incurring lodg-
ing expenses. He got some money from
his fixed winnings in the horse races

25 – 28
thanks to his good friend Jockey Diaz,
but it was not enough. Danny decided to
return to San Diego. He had enough of
this town.


again his carefree lifestyle. When he DisneyOnIce.com
January 26 - February 1, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3

A run-through of Isabelle Duterte’s debut: 5 outfit changes, lavish 5-course meal, Hermes giveaways

Cody Cepeda, Inquirer.net vail. This doesn’t come as a sur-

prise, as the preparations leading
Even though presidential first to Duterte’s celebration have been Rigodon Ballroom of The Penin-
granddaughter Isabelle Duterte made public and only foreshad- sula Manila, Makati City. It was
celebrated her 18th birthday four owed the rest of the grandeur that noted, however, that grandfather
days ago, last Jan. 19, it seems was to come. President Rodrigo Duterte and fa-
that remnants of the pomp and Duterte’s debut was held in the ther, former Vice Mayor of Davao
noise of her grand debut still pre-

City Paolo Duterte, were absent. from the grand event. Stylist Jeff
Days after Duterte’s debut, Galang posted a series of photos
more details from the celebra- of Duterte’s outfit changes, start-
tion surfaced as her manifold ing with a sweet silk boudoir robe
guests took to their own social
media accounts to share moments ( Continued on page 6 )

Want a debut like Isabelle Duterte's?

This is how much it’ll cost
An affair to remember comes uary 19, and President Rodrigo
with a pretty hefty price tag Duterte’s granddaughter spared
no expense in putting together a
Rappler.com MANILA, lavish affair that started with a
1/19/2018 – ICYMI (but, really, pre-debut shoot in the country’s
how could you have?), Isabelle
( Continued on page 6 )
Duterte’s debut happened on Jan-

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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com January 26 - February 1, 2018

Health & Wellness

Resolved: 5 Tips to Stop Flu Deaths Increase, Activity Remains High in San Diego
Wasting Food By José A. Álvarez, County of San
Diego Communications Office
Emergency department visits for
influenza-like illness: 9 percent of all
By Gig Conaughton, County of San they typically eat. It can even calculate visits (compared to 7 percent the previ-
Diego Communications Office having leftovers if you want them! Flu-related deaths and emergen- ous week)
cy department visits for flu symp- Lab-confirmed influenza cases for the
It’s a new year and you are Freeze or Find Ways to Re-use Left- week: 1,183 (compared to 2,170 the
overs toms rose in San Diego County previous week)
resolved! Maybe you’ve already last week, but lab-confirmed flu Total influenza deaths to date: 174
decided to exercise more, spend Even the best planners end up with cases declined for the third week (compared to 21 at this time last season)
less, read more or learn a new leftovers sometimes. But you don’t have in a row, the County Health and Total lab-confirmed cases to date:
skill. to let them languish in the fridge until
Human Services Agency an-
13,712 (compared to 2,110 last season)
they go bad. You can freeze leftovers It’s Not Too Late for a Flu Shot
Well, here’s a goal you might not to use in future meals. You can pack nounced today.
them in to-go containers for lunches. The Centers for Disease Control and
have thought of. One that’s easy Or, you can re-think your leftovers as An additional 32 flu deaths were Prevention recommends that everyone
to accomplish and could make the ingredients to be used in different meals. reported last week, bringing the 6 months and older get vaccinated. The
world a better place. Leftover pasta and cooked vegetables
season total to 174. Twenty of
vaccine is safe and effective. It takes two
can help make a mean frittata. Leftover weeks for immunity to develop.
Cut back on wasting food! rice, meat and vegetables can make a these deaths were of people under
great soup, burritos or a casserole. 65 years old, which are the only The CDC also recommends that people If you are sick, stay home and avoid don’t have medical insurance, you can
That’s right, food waste is a huge prob- deaths public health agencies are should prevent the spread of germs and contact with others go to a County public health center to
lem — a problem you can help change. Got Fruit Trees to Glean? take antivirals when prescribed by a The flu vaccine is available at doctors’ get vaccinated. For a list of locations,
required to report in California. doctor. Some local pharmacies may be
Consider these statistics from the Na- offices and retail pharmacies. If you visit www.sdiz.org or call 2-1-1.
tional Resources Defense Council. So those fruit trees in the yard just The County informs the public out of specific medications, but there is

Every year, 40 percent of all the food in

churn out more fruit than you and the
family can eat. Don’t let it go to waste.
about all flu deaths. The high
number of deaths reported this
no national shortage of antivirals. Sick
people should call around if their local Curcumin improves memory and mood:
Twice-daily supplements boosted
Feeding San Diego and the San Diego pharmacy is out and send a family mem-
the U.S. is wasted, most often by being
Food System Alliance have links to year is due in part to better test- ber to pick up the medications to avoid
tossed out as trash into landfills, even ing, surveillance and reporting
“gleaner” groups that can collect your exposing others to the virus.
cognitive power over 18 months
as many Americans don’t have enough
to eat. extra crop and feed someone else’s systems.
Foods tossed into landfills create meth- family. The San Diego Food Bank has Vaccination is especially important
ane, a greenhouse gas pollutant reported information about how you can start Emergency department visits by people for people who are at high risk of
your own food drive. with influenza-like illness increased last developing serious complications from -- ScienceDaily dementia, as well as curcumin's potential
to be 20 to 40 times more powerful at Lovers of Indian food, give impact on the microscopic plaques and
trapping heat than carbon dioxide, and week from 7 percent of all visits to 9 influenza. They include:
Compost It! percent, though the number of lab- yourselves a second helping: tangles in the brains of people with
that can contribute to climate change. Alzheimer's disease.
Households throw out more food than confirmed cases dropped to 1,183 from People with chronic medical conditions Daily consumption of a certain
When you do end up with leftover 2,170 the previous week. like asthma, diabetes and lung disease, Found in turmeric, curcumin has
food and/or food scraps, a lot of it even if symptoms are under control form of curcumin -- the substance previously been shown to have anti-
The average four-person household that gives Indian curry its bright inflammatory and antioxidant properties
spends $1,500 a year on food they toss doesn’t have to go in the trash and end “Health care providers may diagnose Pregnant women
up in a landfill — it can go into a com- and treat people for influenza without People 65 years and older color -- improved memory and in lab studies. It also has been suggested
out. as a possible reason that senior citizens
How can you help? It’s easy. The post or worm bin instead. That way you testing when flu activity is high,” said People who live with or care for others mood in people with mild, age-
can turn that leftover food into healthy Wilma Wooten M.D., M.P.H., County who are at higher risk in India, where curcumin is a dietary
County’s Live Well San Diego Food
organic compost and fertilizer that can public health officer. “San Diego is In addition to getting vaccinated,
related memory loss, according to staple, have a lower prevalence of
System Initiative has a few tips to help the results of a study conducted Alzheimer's disease and better cognitive
you stop wasting food. re-inject helpful nutrients and organ- experiencing the same severe flu condi- people should also do the following to
isms back into your garden or lawn’s tions that are being seen across the avoid getting sick: by UCLA researchers. performance.
soil. Using compost can also cut water country.” Wash hands thoroughly and often "Exactly how curcumin exerts its ef-
Plan and Shop Wisely fects is not certain, but it may be due to
use, improve crop production and save Use hand sanitizers The research, published online Jan.
gardeners money by not having to buy Wooten noted that although the flu sea- Stay away from sick people 19 in the American Journal of Geriatric its ability to reduce brain in?ammation,
You can’t really know what food you which has been linked to both Al-
need if you don’t know what you plan soil amendments. Learn what can go son arrived earlier than usual this year, Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and Psychiatry, examined the effects of an
into your compost. anyone who has not yet been vaccinated mouth easily absorbed curcumin supplement on zheimer's disease and major depression,"
to eat or what you already have at home.
So before you run to the market, plan should do so now. Clean commonly touched surfaces memory performance in people without ( Continued on page 7 )
menus and meals ahead of time. Figure Visit SaveTheFood.com
out what ingredients you have and what “The flu season typically lasts through

SDSU's Sage
you’ll need. It will save you money and The website has tips galore, from “Five the end of March and early April. It is director of SDSU’s Sage Project. They inside and outside of the classroom,
time, and cut down on having to toss out Ways to Revive Food,” to “10 Easy not too late to get vaccinated,” Wooten have a broader audience for sharing their for its more than 36,000 students. The
food that goes bad before you eat it, or Tips for Meal Planning,” and “Cooking added. ideas, designs and solutions, and they university offers bachelor's degrees in
just plain doesn’t get eaten. SaveThe- with Food Scraps.” It’s also filled with ( Continued from page 5 )
see the stakes are higher because a com- 95 areas, master's degrees in 78 areas
Food.com has a “Guest-imater” that can information about how to shop for, cook For the week ending Jan. 20, 2018, and installed an art mural on the city’s munity is counting on them to help make and doctorates in 22 areas. Students
help you calculate how much food you and store food. the County Health and Human Services community center, assisted in Geograph- positive change.” participate in research, international
need to prepare, based on how many So, resolve yourself today. Cut back on Agency is reporting the following: ic Information Systems (GIS) mapping The applications period ends on Feb. experiences, sustainability and entre-
people you’re serving and how much wasting food! of thousands of data points and designed 15, 2018. For more information on preneurship initiatives, internships and
gateway signage, among other projects. becoming a Sage Project partner and mentoring, and a broad range of student
The partnership is available to commu- details about submitting a partnership life and leadership opportunities. The
nities in San Diego, Orange, Riverside proposal, please visit the Sage Project university’s rich campus life features
and Imperial Counties. website. opportunities for students to participate
“The community partner benefits form in, and engage with, the creative and
a truly interdisciplinary effort towards About San Diego State University performing arts, a Division I athletics
developing solutions for the community program and the vibrant cultural life of
that are based on best practice, are cost San Diego State University is a major the San Diego region. For more informa-
effective, and enhance the quality of public research institution that pro- tion, visit www.sdsu.edu.
life for residents,” said Jessica Barlow, vides transformative experiences, both


For more information and eligibility, call Horizon

Office Hours
1035 S Harbison Ave, National City, CA 91950 Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6
Sat 9-3
Emergency Visits Welcome
January 26 - February 1, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

California Communities
Statement of San Ysidro Health unveils new SDSU ranks Viejas Casino & $75,000 avail-
the Autism So- name and brand identity in Princeton Resort announces able in scholar-
ciety of America Rebranding was done make Ysidro Health Center) is a non-profit
organization committed to providing Review list for Antonio Votta as ships from Cox
on the signing of quality and val- Executive Chef for Communications
health healthcare services high quality, compassionate, accessible
more identifiable to the thou- and affordable health care services for

the RAISE Family sands of families we served

across San Diego County
the entire family. The organization was
founded by seven women in search ue education Locale and Ginger 2018Deadline to apply is Feb. 1,
Caregivers Act Noodle Bar
of medical services for their children. for qualifying high school
Almost 50 years later, San Ysidro Health
San Ysidro, CA – San Ysidro now provides innovative care to over
SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Jan. 24, seniors living in Cox service area
Health Center, a local non- 92,000 lives in our care through a vast 2018) — A degree from San
Bethesda, Md. (January 23, profit organization committed to and integrated network of 34 program Diego State University will open SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Jan. 22,
2018) – The Autism Society of providing high quality, compas- sites across San Diego County includ- doors to many career opportuni- 2017 – Cox Communications
America is thrilled to learn that sionate, accessible and affordable ing: medical clinics, dental clinics, ties, and leaves you with a little is offering $75,000 in college
President Trump signed the Rec- behavioral health centers, HIV centers,
health care services for all, has WIC nutrition centers, mobile medical extra cash in your wallet. Accord- scholarships to high school
ognize, Assist, Include, Support, announced a new name and brand units, school-based health centers, chiro- ing to a new national ranking, seniors in San Diego County. The
and Engage (RAISE) Family identity and is now San Ysidro practic services, pediatric developmental the university is among the best deadline to apply is Feb. 1, 2018,
Caregivers Act today. Health. clinic, teen clinic, senior health center in the country providing a great 2 p.m. PST. The “Cox Scholars”
and Program for All Inclusive Care for scholarships range from $1,000
The RAISE Family Caregivers Act di- the Elderly (PACE). San Ysidro Health education at an appropriate value.
The year-long rebranding campaign to $5,000. Recipients must be
rects the Department of Health and Hu- was made in order to reflect the growth and its program sites are designed under
the concept of the Patient Centered SDSU was named to the 2018 Princ- a 2018 graduating high school
man Services to develop, maintain, and and expansion that has taken place for eton Review list “Colleges That Pay You
periodically update a Family Caregiving nearly 50 years. The word “Center” Medical Home (PCMH) model of care,
Back: The 200 Schools That Give You senior living in the Southern Cali-
Strategy, a recommendation of the Com- was removed to reflect the expanded, where the patient, not the support staff fornia Cox service area.
or provider, is the focus of all care and the Best Bang for Your Tuition Buck.”
mission on Long-Term Care. The law is comprehensive services offered and
services. For additional information "This recognition speaks to the quality
intended to address the urgent needs of increased patient base it serves. The new “Our company was founded by a
please visit San Ysidro Health at www. of the educational programs offered
the over 40 million caregivers (affecting name and logo pay homage to the orga- teacher, so supporting education and
syhealth.org. For additional informa- at SDSU,” said SDSU President Sally
about 16 percent of Americans) in this nization’s humble beginnings and help
country assisting people with disabilities tion please visit San Ysidro Health at Roush. “The dedicated efforts of our Votta brings more than 10 years helping students realize their educational
identify more clearly the service areas faculty and staff create the foundation dreams is very important to us,” said
and those who are aging or have other and communities served throughout San www.syhealth.org. Connect with San of experience to Willows Hotel & Sam Attisha, Senior Vice President and
that students need to achieve academic,
illnesses. Diego County. Along with a new name Ysidro Health on Facebook, Twitter and
personal and professional success.” Spa’s culinary destinations Region Manager for Cox Communica-
The Autism Society has been at the and logo, San Ysidro Health also rolled LinkedIn. tions. “And in serving the youth of San
The Princeton Review, which rates

SDSU’s Sage
forefront of efforts to provide supports out a new mission statement. SAN DIEGO (Jan. 24, 2018) Diego County, we hope to provide op-
colleges and universities on a host of
and services to caregivers of individuals portunity and help pave the way for the
with autism and other disabilities since it
factors, cited SDSU’s stellar academic – Viejas Casino & Resort has

Project Looking
“Our patients relayed they did not offerings, generous aid packages for next generation to make a difference in
was founded in 1965. More than seven- identify some of our services/programs announced Antonio Votta as our community.”
students with financial need and merit,
ty-five percent of people with disabilities connected to their comprehensive care,” career services and outstanding alumni Executive Chef of Willows Hotel
for Community
live at home with their families. Many said Kevin Mattson, president and CEO, & Spa’s new restaurants Locale Scholarship recipients will be chosen
family caregivers provide a life-time of San Ysidro Health. “With this change based on their scholastic achievement,
This is the first time that SDSU has and Ginger Noodle Bar. His focus
daily assistance with activities such as we hope to make our healthcare services extracurricular activities, volunteerism
been ranked in this listing, which is in this new role will be highlight-
eating, bathing, dressing, transportation, more convenient and identifiable to the and staying focused on their educational
in its fourth edition this year. Other
managing finances, administering medi- thousands of families we serve at our 34 universities on the list include Stan-
ing the very best locally sourced goals despite facing adversity in their
cations, and coordinating care among clinic and program sites.” bounties for the farm-to-table lives. Students must submit the complet-
ford University, Yale University, MIT,
multiple providers and settings. This The deadline to apply is Feb. 15. University of California, Los Angeles inspired menus. ed online application by Thursday, Feb.
can be very exhausting and expensive. The name of the organization origi- 1, 2018, 2 p.m. PST. For more informa-
and Texas A&M. Only seven percent of “Antonio’s creativity and innova-
According to the AARP, the value of nated from San Ysidro, the town, named SAN DIEGO, Calif. (January. tion, visit www.CoxCharitiesCA.org.
the nation’s four-year colleges made it tive ideas will be a game changer for
services provided by informal caregivers after San Isidro Labrador, the patron
has steadily increased over the last de- 24, 2018) — San Diego State into the book, and less than one-third are our new restaurants,” said Viejas Vice
saint of farmers, laborers, and rural com- public universities. President of Food and Beverage, David Funded by employee payroll donations
cade, with an estimated economic value munities. The saint spent his life as a University’s Sage Project is look- that are matched by the company, Cox
Duran. “He’s greatly admired and I look
of $470 billion in 2013, up from $450 hired hand and always shared what little ing to partner with a local com- The methodology forward to seeing his talented influence Charities provides support to communi-
billion in 2009 and $375 billion in 2007. he had, even his meals, with people in munity for the 2018-19 academic ties in Cox Communications’ service
take guests to a new culinary level.”
[AARP Public Policy Institute. (2015). need. San Isidro's values of compassion area by awarding scholarships to high
Valuing the Invaluable: 2015 Update.] year. As part of the collabora- The Princeton Review surveyed admin- The Forbes Travel Guide 4 Star rated,
and caring for others inspire San Ysidro istrators and students at more than 650 AAA 4 Diamond rated Viejas Ca- school seniors and grants to nonprofit or-
These families need and deserve support. Health to improve the health and well- tion, students assist with projects ganizations. A volunteer advisory board
colleges during the 2016-17 academic sino & Resort will open a new luxury
The Autism Society of America looks being of all the communities it serves, that directly address the partner year. The education services company tower called Willows Hotel & Spa on of Cox employees oversees the founda-
forward to working with the federal especially the most vulnerable across the community’s goals and in turn, tion and its giving programs.
considered more than 40 data points Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018. The new tower
government agencies responsible for County.
implementing the law to develop a strat-
better the quality of life for area before selecting the top 200 schools for is designed as a resort within a resort,
For more information about San Ysidro the book. where a holistic approach to the guest In 2017, 23 Cox Scholars from San
egy that promotes person and family- Health or to set up an appointment
residents. Diego County were recognized for their
"San Diego State University stands out experience will be customized to pro-
centered care, family involvement in please call 619-662-4100 or visit www. successes in the classroom and in the
During the 2016-17 academic year, the for its outstanding academics and com- mote wellness. The 159 all-suite tower
assessment and service planning, infor- syhealth.org. community.
Sage Project partnered with the City of paratively low sticker price," said Robert will be an adults-only, tranquil retreat
mation sharing and care coordination
Lemon Grove. Students from 32 courses Franek, Princeton Review's editor- featuring the finest amenities including a
with service providers, respite options, About San Ysidro Health About Cox Communications:
across 12 different disciplines designed in-chief and lead author of the book. lush new saltwater pool; a luxurious spa,
financial security and workplace issues,
"Students have access to extraordinary salon, and fitness center; and three new
and efficient service delivery. San Ysidro Health (formerly San ( Continued on page 4 ) Cox Communications is a broadband
career services from their freshman year restaurant concepts offering delectable
on, plus a lifetime of valuable alumni fare. communications and entertainment
support." Votta most recently was the Executive company, providing advanced digital
At SDSU, students can take advantage Chef of The MINA Test Kitchen, Chef video, Internet and telephone services
of a variety of outstanding programs that Mina’s namesake R & D lab, where he over its own nationwide IP network. The
help with career development, includ- developed and tested menus. Previously, third-largest U.S. cable TV company,
ing the Aztec Mentor Program, Aztecs he was the Chef de Cuisine at MB Post, Cox serves approximately 6 million
Hiring Aztecs, as well as internship and Los Angeles’ hot spot under David residences and businesses. Cox Business
career placement opportunities facili- LeFevre. Votta grew up in Las Vegas is a facilities-based provider of voice,
tated through SDSU Career Services. where he later attended the Univer- video and data solutions for commercial
sity of Nevada, Las Vegas, receiving a customers, and Cox Media is a full-
Climbing the ranks bachelor’s in Culinary Arts Manage- service provider of national and local
ment. During his schooling, he worked cable spot and new media advertising.
SDSU receives recognition for its under Michael Mina at Nobhill and later Cox is known for its pioneering efforts
outstanding programs. Since 2012, Bourbon Steak inside the Four Seasons in cable telephone and commercial
SDSU has climbed 22 spots to No. 68 Washington, D.C. services, industry-leading customer care
among public universities in the annual “I am genuinely excited for the next and its outstanding workplaces. For
U.S. News & World Report ranking of chapter in my career and the opportu- nine years, Cox has been recognized as
America’s Best Colleges. nity to work alongside such a dynamic the top operator for women by Women
In addition, U.S. News & World team that will take the dining scene at in Cable Telecommunications; Cox has
Report also recognized the international Viejas to a whole new level,” said Votta. ranked among DiversityInc's Top 50
business program as one of the best in “These restaurants will without a doubt Companies for Diversity 12 times. More
the nation (No. 12). The undergraduate change the benchmark for what dining information about Cox Communications,
is and will be in tribal casinos moving a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Enter-
( Continued on page 6 ) ( Continued on page 6 ) prises, is available at www.cox.com and
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com January 26 - February 1, 2018

top university, finished his MBA with
honors at Harvard, and rose from the
ranks to become a bank president. He
( Continued from page 1 )
Want a debut
( Continued from page 3 )
sula Manila’s Rigodon Ballroom and
organized by Rita Neri Events Planning
(P200,000-250,000). Outside the venue,
just resigned to form his own investment guests worked it at a video booth by
company, to continue his “conquest of part of the country’s continental seat of power and culminated Hello and Co. Cinema (P80,000), while
the world” as the text in the souvenir shelf. in a grand event held in one of official photos were done by Lito Sy
program said. The Department of Foreign Affairs Manila’s toniest hotels. (P150,000). (IN PHOTOS: Scenes from
Yet, despite these achievements, she (DFA) recently allowed China to do For those about-to-be debutantes who Isabelle Duterte's grand debut)
found him humble. In fact, he had maritime research in Philippine Rise. are taking notes, we asked a few events Inside the venue was a lavish set up
donated a wing of their school library, planners how much it would cost to that would make Marie Antoinette
complete with books and computers Three others allowed mount such a celebration. proud. It was styled by Robert Blanca-
for the school’s students to use and flor (P1M), with audio and lights set up
enjoy. He lived up to his promise as the Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano, Pre-debut shoot by Forsc Ink (P1M). The extravagant set
school’s top graduate and gave back speaking in Capas, Tarlac province, on up includes a floral tunnel leading guests
Destiny:Successful Graduate more than anybody else to the school
that had honed his skills and nurtured his
Tuesday, said China’s research project
did not undermine the Philippines’
By now people will know of Isabelle’s
pre-debut shoot, which saw Isabelle
into the ballroom, and a collection of
chandeliers dangling from the ceiling.
( Continued from page 1 ) “What, in gaining your affection?” talents. sovereignty because the government had bringing in a glam team plus a ward- The table settings included mirrored
Mimi was surprised. Although she When the music stopped, they headed also allowed the United States, Japan robe of designer gowns to Malacañang tabletops, gold-beaded showplates,
“Perhaps he didn’t care about to the buffet table. Mario was a true and South Korea to do similar studies in Palace. The resulting photos included candelabras, and fresh flowers.
realized Mario was now confident, she
me anymore,” Mimi concluded. didn’t expect him to so bold. gentleman, handing a plate to Mimi, and Philippine Rise. Isabelle posing in front of the presiden- Guests were served 5 courses, which
“Maybe it’s time to move on.” “What do you mean?” helping her get the food she wanted. His The government, Cayetano said, ap- tial seal, as if to remind the world who included dishes such as seared crab
“Everybody knew I was infatuated with close attention to the girl did not escape proved only two research applications her grandfather is, which then resulted cake, wild mushroom bisque, and
“ARE YOU THINKING OF you. Remember the ridicule I got the the eyes of the other attendees. Tongues from China but approved 13 from the in a sparring match with her own father, smoked lamb rack (P4,500/head).
rest of our senior year when they found started wagging. United States, nine from Japan, and four Paolo Duterte, on social media. At the end of the night, guests went
HIM?’ “Wasn’t she the girlfriend of Dante? from South Korea. For the Malacañang shoot, Isabelle home with customized perfumes (P800),
out I had a huge photo of you hanging
Mimi’s thoughts were inter- by the door of my room?” How come she’s now with that geek?” Roque said the administration al- wore 3 dresses: a blood red ballgown while two winners of the best-dressed
rupted by Mario. Mimi smiled. She realized it was time one girl asked her companion lowed China to explore Philippine Rise with a train by Garimon Roferos couture title went home with Hermes goodies
“How did he know?” she asked to stop playing along. “Because he is now rich,” the friend because exploration was quite expensive (P600,000), a pale pink gown cov- (min P10,000).
herself quietly. “I know. And I am grateful for your replied. “Before she would never pay and no Filipino group had come forward ered in leaf patterns by Rosenthal Tee
affection.” attention to him.” with an application for research there. (P300,000), and a floral, cold shoulder Debut looks
“Who?” she pretended not to “But you won’t reciprocate?” “But he was nerdy then. Now his dash- “No one [in the Philippines] has column dress by Rica Rico (P80,000).
know what he was talking about. “Mario, we just met a few moments ing and accomplished.” applied and no one can do it because, Her glam team was composed of styl- Isabelle wore no less than 5 outfits on
“Dante,” Mario replied. ago after 20 long years.” Even Mimi’s friend Minda was puz- apparently, it’s capital intensive,” he told ist Jeff Galang (P50,000), hair stylist the day of her debut – which is no longer
“Does this guy have extra sensory “And you expect me to fall head over zled. She did not expect Mimi to hook reporters. Frankie Bacierto, and makeup artist surprising considering all the ballgowns
powers?” heels for you?” she thought to herself. up with Mario just because her former Pimentel raised Manila’s claim to Phil- Winn Ramos (P40,000 for both). The and designer garments she’s been
“No, I am not,” she lied. “But you will think about it?” boyfriend Dante did not come. ippine Rise and the territorial dispute in photos were done by photographer Lito wearing in the run-up to the big night.
They both knew she was lying. “Are you serious?” Suddenly, there was a minor commo- the West Philippine Sea—waters within Sy (P150,000). Her debut wardrobe was styled by Jeff
“Yes, I have been carrying this thought tion at the entrance of the hall. It was the Philippines’ 370-kilometer exclu- Galang (P50,000).
“I HAVE BEEN FANTASIZING ever since I met you during our first year Dante coming in, looking handsome and sive economic zone in the South China Save the Date video and photos She wore a boudoir robe by La Tercera
ABOUT THIS MOMENT,” Mario whis- in high school.” dashing as before. - AJ Sea—when he spoke at a hearing called (P10,000) while she had her hair and
pered to her ear. “Let us not rush things and just enjoy by the Senate subcommittee on the pro- As if the Malacañang shoot wasn’t makeup done. Her hairstylist was Allan
“How could he be this romantic?” the moment.” (To be continued) posed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). enough, Isabelle also held a destination Vicentico, and her makeup artist was
Mimi asked herself. He was a far cry “I waited for more than two decades. I “We would like to emphasize Scarbor- shoot in Australia (P20,000 per airplane Winn Ramos (P50,000 for both).
from the Mario she knew before, the so- can wait several more minutes.” ough Shoal is ours, Kalayaan is ours and ticket, economy class, exclusive of She changed briefly into a Michael
cially awkward school nerd and genius Mimi pinched her dancing partner in that Benham Rise is within our exclusive taxes). Isabelle brought another set of Leyva gown for a shoot before the party
who could not even talk to her. Now all the arm as they both smiled. economic zone as defined by Unclos,” couture gowns to the shoot, including a (P200,000).
of a sudden, he came back to her life Pimentel said. black floral gown and a purple and green For the main event, she wore a
as a dashing, impeccably dressed and AS THEY DANCED UNTIL THE Scarborough Shoal is the international gown by Garimon Roferos (P500,000 Swarovski-studded Michael Cinco ball-
handsome man with no thick eyeglasses END OF THE MUSIC, Mimi felt good name of Panatag Shoal, a resource-rich each), and a black ensemble with gown, shipped all the way from Dubai
and pimples. and at ease with Mario. All of a sudden, fishing ground off the coast of Zambales eagle print bottoms by Edgar Buyan (P2M). (LOOK: Isabelle Duterte’s
“What, our 20th reunion?” she acted she felt being close to him like she knew province that China has grabbed from (P100,000). The photos were done by Michael Cinco debutante gown)
coy. him for a long time. The truth was, it the Philippines. Sydney-based photographer, JP Velarde She changed into a crisp, white Orias
“You know what I mean,” he smiled. was the first time they talked with each Kalayaan is a group of islands oc- (P120,000), while the video was done by pantsuit for a dance number (P50,000).
“This moment when you are in my arms other. Back in high school he was so cupied by the Philippines in the Spratly Gianne Carlo Chua Visuals (P120,000). For the after party, she wore a lace
and I’m dancing with you.” shy and awkward he would not dare go archipelago that China also claims. Styling was done by Ivan Jeric Digamon gown by Joe San Antonio (P80,000).
“Are you the same Mario, our high near her, looking at her from a distance. China claims almost all of the 3.5-mil- (P80,000). She paired her outfits with 3 pairs of
school valedictorian 20 years ago?” “Ligaw tingin” as the common vernacu- lion-square-kilometer South China Sea, shoes by Jefferson Si (P10,000/pair).
Mario smiled again. “Yes, I am.” lar expression would say, meaning a including waters near the shores of the Invite
“What happened?” guy too shy to court the girl he loved by Philippines and other claimants to terri- – Rappler.com
“First I gained my self-confidence. merely looking at her from afar. tory in the waterway—Brunei, Malaysia, The invitations to Isabelle’s debut were Editor's note: In an earlier version of
I realized I wasted my time dreaming But here he was. Dashing, good-look- Vietnam and Taiwan. done by Print Divas. The pink cards, this story, the price of airfare to Sydney,
about you when you were in love with ing and full of confidence, he declared “I’m not against befriending China. We designed with floral watercolor graphics, Australia was erroneously quoted as
somebody else. Compared to him, I was his affection to her just a few moments should befriend China but we should not also include a small LED screen playing P120,000; it is actually P20,000. The
socially awkward with thick eyeglasses after they met again after many years. give up our territory like Scarborough, scenes from Isabelle’s Australia shoot value has been changed in the article to
and pimples, while he was a jock and She read from the reunion’s anniversary that’s ours and so [are] the [Kalayaan] inside (P1,500 per piece). reflect the correct estimate. All prices
handsome. I thought I had to re-package program he was the most successful Islands,” Pimentel said in a talk with quoted are approximations and not the
myself, lose my negative image, and graduate, which was not surprising since reporters after the hearing. —With re- Debut exact amounts that were paid to the
come up with a new Mario.” he was the class valedictorian. He gradu- ports from Philip C. Tubeza and Gabriel suppliers.
“And you succeeded.” ated summa cum laude at the country’s Cardinoza The debut was held at The Penin-

My wife and daughter and many

friends marched this year as
Michelle said, “Being at the
Women’s March makes me real- SDSU ranks A run-through
( Continued from page 3 )
they did last. Paige noted that it ize that we all have the power to ( Continued from page 5 )
was “amazing to see thousands make a positive change in this business and undergraduate engineer- from La Tercera while she was
of people all come together and country. I have marched with my ing programs also ranked among the getting her hair and makeup done.
top 100 programs in the nation in the Duterte was also captured posing
become one with each other for daughter for the past two years to same listing. Several graduate programs,
such an inspirational and impor- make sure she knows she has a including rehabilitation counseling (No. with her P2 million Swarovski-
tant cause. voice that matters. 10) and the online education program bejewelled Michael Cinco gown,
(No. 22) also received high marks. with her other outfits lined up
behind her.
The university is further recognized as
a top school for study abroad, entrepre- Galang also showed the shoes Duterte
neurship and LGBT programming. used for her debut: sky-high Jefferson Si

Women’s March 2018 SDSU also boasts record graduation

rates. More than 75 percent of first-time
heels in blue and silver.
For her dance number, Duterte wore a
white pantsuit from Orias Studio. She
freshmen who entered SDSU in fall
Hundreds of thousands march drew over 35,000 according to 2011 graduated within six years. The
also wore a floral-embroidered Michael
Leyva dress for her debut teaser video,
nationwide and in cities sister some estimates. national average six-year graduation rate produced by Hello & Co. Cinema.
cities in Canada, the UK, Ja- for four-year public universities is 59 For her last outfit, Duterte slipped into
pan and others This, the 2nd Annual Women's percent. an understated white lace gown by Jef-
March “HEAR OUR VOTE” The university continues to be one of
ferson Si.
Once again, women and men demonstrated the solidarity and Apart from her multiple outfit changes,
the most sought-after colleges in the the food served in the debut were also
in cities nationwide marched to strength of important and vital nation, having received a record-setting revealed when a certain Ivy Lee (@
protest Trump’s policies on im- voices concerned with the current 93,610 undergraduate applications for ivyleemanila) shared photos of the lav-
migration, health care and equal direction the national government fall 2018. ish five-course spread on Instagram last
rights. The San Diego march appears to be taking. Jan. 21.
About San Diego State University The menu included seared jumbo lump
crab cake for starters, wild mushroom
San Diego State University is a major bisque for the soup, and angel hair aglio
public research institution that pro- olio pasta for the first entree.
vides transformative experiences, both The guests were also treated to a 12-
inside and outside of the classroom, hour braised U.S. boneless beef short rib
for its more than 36,000 students. The for the second entree, and Napoleon for
university offers bachelor's degrees in dessert. It has been reported that the cost
91 areas, master's degrees in 78 areas per head is P4,500.
and doctorates in 22 areas. Students Duterte’s showstopper birthday cake
participate in research, international was a towering multi-tiered pastel
experiences, sustainability and entre- creation adorned with pink sugar flowers
preneurship initiatives, internships and and crystal beads.
mentoring, and a broad range of student On the other hand, another photo by @
life and leadership opportunities. The adorjhun uploaded in Jan. 20 showed
university’s rich campus life features guests being given goody bags from
opportunities for students to participate luxury fashion house Hermés.
in, and engage with, th Other debut giveaways included
handcrafted fragrances from Smitten

Fragrances and limited edition prosecco
from Brown Brothers.
Days after her debut, Duterte uploaded
( Continued from page 5 ) a picture of herself on Instagram drink-
forward.” ing wine during the latter part of the
Viejas Casino & Resort is at the heart She seemed to still be on a high as
of the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indi- she called the whole sumptuous affair
ans’ entrepreneurial achievements and is “bliss.” JB
recognized as one of the most respected
and successful Indian gaming resorts in
California. Since its beginnings as the
Viejas Bingo Room in 1977 the property Download the
has undergone several expansions,
constantly striving to provide guests
Asian Journal
more amenities, better services and more asianjournalusa.com/digital
reasons to visit.
January 26 - February 1, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

An era of change
Jose Ma. Montelibano, Inquirer.net drug trade is alive and well. to live longer lives precisely because
the greatest killers, disease and war,
The popularity wave is a power- Did I believe Rodrigo R. Duterte dramatically abated – no matter what the
ful one. It has made many presi- when he promised he would resign after news have been reporting in the last 70
six months if could not win the war years. The Filipino now lives 20 years
dents, not just movie stars. When against drugs? I did not. I did not know longer than he did since World War II,
a president is popular, he can enough of Mayor Digong Duterte to and could live another 10 years longer in
achieve many things. The empa- say he was lying or not, but I knew he the next 20 years.
thy and support of a clear major- could not solve the drug problem in six
months. I remember Marcos the dictator The changes, as I mentioned earlier,
ity of citizens are like a steady executed a drug dealer in public to send have been more favorable than not,
wind beneath his or her wings. an unmistakable signal that he would be or human population would not have
With that popularity, Corazon C. harsh against those who plied the illegal increased substantially and average
Aquino changed a Constitution. drug trade. It was martial law then and lifespans also the same. Beyond the bad
it stayed that way until he was ousted in news of moment-to-moment or day-to-
With his popularity, Rodrigo 1986. The illegal drug trade persisted. day importance is a more macro, objec-
R. Duterte wants to change her When illegal drugs started to be manu- tive measurement, not just in income
Constitution. Par for the course, I factured here even as imported drugs but population growth and longevity.
would say. continued, the drug scourge expanded Indeed, though, it is the continuing
like crazy. advance of technology that allows infor-
mation and news to travel faster and in
The vast majority of the Fili- But a promise is a promise, and prom- greater volume. That may explain why
pino people did not understand ises that cannot be kept should not be we can believe that life is more fear-
the 1987 Constitution. What was publicly made by officials of the land. I ful and negative when the figures say
clear to them was that they did am talking way beyond drugs although otherwise. It is not just human strife, it is
I wonder what the new time frame for human strife that becomes more public
not want the old one that Marcos winning the drug war is. I am now talk- and more powerfully spread.
made, and wanted to show their ing about why the 1987 Constitution
trust and approval of Corazon C. is being changed, what the particular The trajectory of change has been
Aquino. For 30 years, that vast and most important benefits will be for solidly for a loosening of the authoritar-
majority of Filipinos who did not the people. And I am also talking about ian and dictatorial expression of power,
going for a federal form of government, individual and state. Things cannot be
understand the 1987 Constitution why and what for – in detail as far as worse than before when wars would be
did not receive from the govern- what abuses it wants to prevent and what the norm, not the exception. But even if
ment a determined and sustained it wants to achieve in terms of better- things become more refined and liberal,
effort to make them understand ing the future of our nation. When these it does not mean that the pattern of au-
changes are being proposed, they will thoritarian rule that characterized human
and appreciate. Even the Consti- come as new promises that will make societies for all of recorded history is
tution was taken for granted. That people hope and expect for a better life gone. It has eased but traditionalists try
the upper 10% of society seemed – not just something new but something to make time stand still. And when fear
to understand and accept it, the better. grips society more than hope or vision,
power turns authoritarian again.
Constitution seemed safe. This It is an era of changes, rapid and
despite efforts during the terms of dramatic changes. Strangely, though, the Fear and aspiration clash on many
Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph Estrada changes have been generally good, or at levels. That means that the tenor and
and Gloria M. Arroyo to amend least it has measurable benefits, the most tempo of change will contrast and even
important of which is the increase in life clash from time to time, from people
the 1987 Constitution. through global population and increase to people, from region to region, from
in lifespan. In other words, the global country to country. It will not be differ-
Today, enjoying another strong wave of situation must have been so favorable ent for us. But if we wish to bring the
support through the approval and trust to human life that the population from odds of positive evolution better for us,
of most Filipinos, President Duterte is the 1950’s to today has tripled. That then our higher aspirations must conquer
New Office in Cerritos, Los Angeles County: finally moving to change or amend the means fewer people dies from illness our fears. I pray so.
17777 North Center Court Drive, Suite 600 Constitution on the way to establish a and violence and more people were born
federal form of government. I say finally
Cerritos CA 90703 because this was a campaign promise.
Tel. No. (562) 246-5516 Of course, campaign promises are al-
ways taken with a grain of salt. All can-
didates promise and all of them always
omit delivering one or two, if not most.
President Duterte made a very bold one,
and I do not mean amending the 1987
Constitution or shifting to federalism. I
mean his promise to resign in six months
if he did not win the war against drugs.
It’s been one and a half years and I read Be at peace
that Tokhang Part III will be launched.
I suppose that indicates that the illegal THE PRAYER: BE AT PEACE Do not fear what may happen
(By Saint Francis De Sales) tomorrow; the same understand-
ing Father who cares for you
Do not look forward in fear to today will take care of you then
the changes in life; rather, look to and every day.
them with full hope that as they He will either shield you from
arise. suffering or will give you unfail-
God, whose very own you are ing strength to bear it.
will lead you safely through all Be at peace, and put aside all
things; and when you cannot anxious thoughts and imagina-
stand it, God will carry you in His tions. Amen

Seniors and computers

As we Silver Surfers know, sometimes nonetheless inquired,
we have trouble with our computers. 'An, "ID ten T" error? What's that? In
I had a problem yesterday, so I called case I need to fix it again.'
Eric, the 11 year old next door, whose Eric grinned ... 'Haven't you ever heard
bedroom looks like Mission Control and of an "ID ten T" error before?
asked him to come over. 'No,' I replied.
Eric clicked a couple of buttons and 'Write it down,' he said, 'and I think
solved the problem. you'll figure it out.'
As he was walking away, I called after So I wrote down:
him, 'So, what was wrong?' ID10T
He replied, 'It was an "ID ten T" error.' I used to like Eric, the little shit head.
I didn't want to appear stupid, but

cumin also had mild improvements in
mood, and their brain PET scans showed
( Continued from page 4 )
significantly less amyloid and tau signals
in the amygdala and hypothalamus than
said Dr. Gary Small, director of geriatric those who took placebos.
psychiatry at UCLA's Longevity Center The amygdala and hypothalamus are
and of the geriatric psychiatry division regions of the brain that control several
at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience memory and emotional functions.
and Human Behavior at UCLA, and the Four people taking curcumin, and
study's first author. two taking placebos, experienced mild
The double-blind, placebo-controlled side effects such as abdominal pain and
study involved 40 adults between the nausea.
ages of 50 and 90 years who had mild The researchers plan to conduct a
memory complaints. Participants were follow-up study with a larger number
randomly assigned to receive either a of people. That study will include some
placebo or 90 milligrams of curcumin people with mild depression so the
twice daily for 18 months. scientists can explore whether curcumin
All 40 subjects received standardized also has antidepressant effects. The
cognitive assessments at the start of the larger sample also would allow them to
study and at six-month intervals, and analyze whether curcumin's memory-
monitoring of curcumin levels in their enhancing effects vary according to
blood at the start of the study and after people's genetic risk for Alzheimer's,
18 months. Thirty of the volunteers un- their age or the extent of their cognitive
derwent positron emission tomography, problems.
or PET scans, to determine the levels "These results suggest that taking this
of amyloid and tau in their brains at the relatively safe form of curcumin could
start of the study and after 18 months. provide meaningful cognitive benefits
The people who took curcumin experi- over the years," said Small, UCLA's
enced significant improvements in their Parlow-Solomon Professor on Aging.
memory and attention abilities, while the
subjects who received placebo did not, Materials provided by University of
Small said. In memory tests, the people California - Los Angeles. Original writ-
taking curcumin improved by 28 percent ten by Leigh Hopper. Note: Content may
over the 18 months. Those taking cur- be edited for style and length.
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com January 26 - February 1, 2018

1/21/2018 --
reason they’re together,”noted Cebu City
Mayor Tomas Osmeña in a post on his
goes digital
Facebook page on Saturday.
Why the Sinulog Festival As the festivities were wrapping up on
Sunday, Cebuanos found more reasons
2018 is a success to celebrate as the top two prizes in
the Sinulog Grand Finale – the Best in
Grand. Colorful. Awesome. Sinulog-based and Free Interpretation
categories, were won by Cebu contin-
These were some of the adjec- gents, Carcar City and Daanbantayan,
tives used by Cebuanos, domestic respectively, which was a first in a long
and foreign tourists, and Sto. while that the two coveted awards, each
carrying a P1 million prize, were won by Jessa Mae O. Sotto, Cebu Daily News
Niño pilgrims to describe this Cebuano participants.
year’s Sinulog Festival, as it An out-of-town dance troupe and a THE Sinulog Festival has
culminated yesterday with Holy crowd favorite, the Tribu Buyoganon
gone digital with the launching
Masses and a mardi gras-like of the municipality of Abuyog in Leyte,
however, won Best in Street Dancing, of its first mobile application,
dance parade that drew two mil- which also came with a P1 million prize. on Friday.
lion people to the Basilica Minore (see list of winners on page 4).
del Sto. Niño and to the streets of The winners were among 30 dancing Stephanie Villarica, Sinulog
Cebu City. contingents who, along with 48 floats, 27 last year’s 1.5 million. have arranged to meet),” she said. Parade progressed yesterday.
higantes (giants), and eight puppeteers, “Midaghan man gihapon. Mga devo- For British national Lucy Douglas Teams of policemen from the Cebu 2018 head of marketing promo-
took part in culminating event of the tees man gyud ni motan-aw sa Sinulog. coming to Cebu to witness the Sinulog City Police Office (CCPO) deployed at tions said the move is meant
The heavy rain in the morn- Sinulog Festival, considered the “mother Dili man ingon nga tungod na sa inom Festival for the first time was worth the these locations reported that while the to strengthen Sinulog’s online
ing that turned into a drizzle in of all Philippine festivals.” modaghan ang tawo sa atoa diri. Sinu- trip: “I see lots of people with a high level crowd was at first manageable, its size presence and help reach out to
the afternoon, the parade route The Sinulog Grand Parade, the culmi- log is for the Sto Niño,” Entoma said. of excitement. I really had fun.” rapidly doubled, which led to a nearly
younger audiences to make the
barricades and the suspension nation of the 12-day festivities to cel- (The crowd is still big. Those who stationary flow of spectators going in
ebrate the feast of the Señor Sto. Niño, watched the grand parade were also ‘Í felt like drowning’ and out of Gen. Maxilom Avenue. festival relevant to the new gen-
of mobile phone signals did not kicked off with a Mass at the Cebu City devotees of the Sto. Niño. They did not The crowd dispersed when additional eration of “digital Cebuanos.”
deter spectators from having a Sports Center (CCSC) at around 11 a.m. come for the revelry and the drinking. For those who stayed on Gen. Maxilom law enforcers arrived past 3 p.m. yes-
good time or from taking part in At about 3 p.m., while the dance parade Sinulog is for the Sto. Niño) Avenue to witness the Grand Parade from terday but returned later at night, with “With the millennials grow-
the solemn Masses at the Basilica was in earnest amid a drizzle, the crowd The spectators clearly did not mind the morning to afternoon, the thickening mostly young people carousing on the
peaked at around 1.4 million, according “inconvenience” of losing mobile phone streets, getting boisterous and unruly, ing up, we are also welcoming
that went from morning until crowd was almost unbearable, which, by
to Police Regional Office in Central Vi- signals from 8 a.m. to about 8 p.m. on nightfall, became rowdier. some of whom were seen smearing our Generation Z,” said Cebu
evening. sayas (PRO-7) spokesman Supt. Reymar Sunday. Gertrude Anggan, 63, a retired Overseas paint on the faces of passersby. City Councilor Dave Tumulak,
Tolentin. Among those in the crowd on Maxi- Filipino Worker (OFW) who resides The police, including those from chairperson of the Sinulog 2018
These two million people, a mix But as the hours progressed, the lom Avenue was Leah, 17, a junior high at Barangay Capitol Site, said she was CCPO’s Special Weapons and Tactics
executive committee.
of Sto. Niño devotees and local crowd grew larger, heading either to the school student from a private univer- peacefully watching the contingents (SWAT) team, paid special attention to
Basilica, where the Apostolic Nuncio sity in Cebu City, who said they also parading down the street earlier in the General Maxilom Avenue since it was
and foreign tourists who were to the Philippines Archbishop Gabriele experienced the signal shutdown last where a stampede occurred during last Generation Z refers to post millenni-
day, until at around 1 p.m. when a rush of
out to have fun while following Giordano Caccia was scheduled to offici- year and they still had fun taking selfies, spectators arrived, making it difficult to year’s Sinulog Grand Parade caused als or those born between mid-1990s to
the rules set by the Cebu City photos and videos of the Grand Parade, by the rowdy behavior of intoxicated mid-2000s who have been exposed to
ate the 5:30 p.m. Mass, or to the streets even move.
which they intended to upload on their youths. the Internet since a young age.
government for the Grand Parade, to watch the final dances and the separate “Mura ka og malumos unya mahadlok Festival organizers are also intensifying
were the reasons why the Sinu- firework displays set from 7 p.m. to 8 Facebook pages when internet connec- ka sa mga tawo mag ipit-ipit (I felt like Among those being watched were
tivity became available. members of the rival fraternities Tau the Sinulog Facebook page and website.
p.m. at the SM City and Ayala Center drowning and was afraid of people clos-
log Festival’s culminating events Cebu malls and at the Cebu City Sports But for Jeanette Hermosilla, the ab- ing in),” Anggan said. Gamma Phi and Alpha Kappa Rho
were generally peaceful and a sence of a phone signal caused her a lot who were seen converging yesterday The Sinulog mobile application can be
Center, where the final judging of the Anggan believed that the people might downloaded in Google Play or App store
resounding success. dance troupes were held. of trouble yesterday. have opted to crowd on the streets and afternoon along the vicinity of Mango
under the tag “Sinulog 2018.” It will fea-
Supt. Julian Entoma, the acting director Hermosilla, a Sto. Niño devotee watch the street dance parade instead, as Square on Gen. Maxilom Avenue.
who attended the 11 a.m. Mass at the But Entoma said the police did not re- ture basic information such as maps of
The religious events on Sat- of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO), the Gen. Maxilom area, which is dotted
Basilica, said it took them almost an ceive reports of any untoward incidents the parade, schedule of activities, news
said the crowd for the various activities by bars and restaurants, were banned from
urday, particularly the solemn in Cebu City on Sunday was estimated to hour to track their companions who got during the Grand Parade, except for and other important announcements.
serving liquor and beers and from hosting
procession along Cebu City’s have reached 2 million by sundown. lost because of the huge crowd. She parties, unlike in the previous years. some problems with crowd control and
Through the mobile app, users can also
major streets, was attended by lamented it would have been easier if When CDN spotted Anggan, she was a few incidents of petty crimes.
vote for their favorite Festival Queen
about half a million devotees but Bigger crowd they were able to communicate by cel- standing right outside a Chinese fastfood Among the crimes reported to the
lular phone. police involved municipal Coun- 2018 candidate.
it remained orderly and peaceful. chain located approximately five meters
Entoma said the signal shutdown and “Lisod ang walay signal kay kon naa from the corner where Gen. Maxilom cilor Renillo Gullem of Daanban-
kay kasabot kay wala kay contact niya tayan town who went to the Fuente Aside from the new app, organizers
“Amazing how orderly such a large stricter rules on liquor and parties did intersects with Juana Osmeña Street. said the grand stage at the Cebu City
not affect the number of spectators and (It is difficult if there is no signal be- The area later identified by the police police station to report that he lost
crowd can be when they know the cause you cannot locate the person you ( Continued on page 12 )
pilgrims, which actually increased from as one of the choke points as the Grand ( Continued on page 12 )

Rancho Costa Verde

You are invited to dinner on us…
We have a guest speaker that will bring Baja to you. The
presentation will have amazing aerial photos, updates on
the Baja real estate market, and what’s new in San Felipe,
Baja Mexico. Enjoy an evening of great dining and learn
about some of the breakthroughs in green technology, how
Americans can own beach view property in Mexico and Ba-
ja’s best-kept secret: Rancho Costa Verde.
We conduct no business at the free seminar; it is strictly in-
formational. If you fall in love with what we share with you,
we will invite you down to experience it first hand, and the Call 619.746.3416
weekend is on us. It’s a great way to learn about all the ex- RSVP to attend a free din-
citing things happening in Baja, and discover why Rancho ner presentation in Los
Costa Verde is the home of “Yesterday’s Prices, Tomorrow’s angeles, san diego or
Technology, and Timeless Views.” orange county CA

Master Green Beauty of

Planned Technology Baja
Rancho Costa Verde is a 900 plus Solar Powered custom homes The breath taking beauty of Baja
acre master planned real estate com- that provide all the luxuries and California, Mexico. One of the
munity just south of San Felipe that conveniences of ‘traditional’ elec- many unique features of Rancho
offers breathtaking 180-degree sea tric homes. Solar technology is ad- Costa Verde is that no matter where
and mountain views from every vancing almost daily, with break- you are on the development, or how
home site. Rancho Costa Verde is a throughs such as solar powered air far you go back… you see water.
self-contained solar powered green conditioners, and inventions such And lots of it! This is because Ran-
community that takes advantage of as solar powered water makers that cho Costa Verde is located on a
the advances in solar power and green produce up to thirty gallons of wa- gentle slope that begins at the beach
technology, as well as the unique, ter a day out of thin air. People can and recedes back up towards the
breath-taking natural amenities that enjoy this new technology with the mountains, providing sea views all
only Baja California provides. Our knowledge that they are being re- along the way. This is just one of the
1/4-acre home sites start as low as sponsible, both financially as well reasons for our building height re-
$22,500.00. as ecologically. strictions, CC&R’s and construction
A master planned development that Rancho Costa Verde is a shining
makes maintaining the natural beauty example that proves “Going Green Our home sites are an average of a
that is Baja California a top priority. no longer means going without.” quarter of an acre, with 180 degree
Our master plan was designed with Over 40% of Rancho Costa Verde mountain and sea views, in what is
our amazing views in mind. We’ve is designated as an ecological pre- arguably some of the most beautiful
created communities that have stag- serve, never to be developed or dis- land in Baja California. And because
gered lot lines so your neighbor will turbed. That means that the views we are a self-contained solar pow-
never impact your view, buffer zones that you fall in love with today, ered community there are no power
and green belts to maintain that “open your children and their children lines or wires overhead to detract
feeling,” and the beauty that is The will be able to enjoy. from our amazing views.
Sea of Cortez.

January 26 - February 1, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

15 minutes of solitude "deactivates" Why pets are good for your
your stress, researchers find body and soul
by Derek Beres, BigThink munications, in our interactions, and in
the things we consume?”
If you want to know the state Research recently published in Per-
of a nation, we generally look sonality and Social Psychology Bulletin
suggests that might be a good thing.
no further than online. A proper According to lead researcher Thuy-vy
portrait, that does not yield. Look, Nguyen at the University of Roches-
instead, at the line in front of ter, 15 minutes of device-free solitude
you, waiting for a cappuccino or deactivates high arousal emotions while

Various Weapons in Babao-Arnis

reducing stress and promoting relax-
to pay for groceries. Look into ation. Boredom has benefits.
the cars surrounding you at a red Maybe solitude just needs rebranding.
light. Look around anywhere in As the research team writes, it is often
the public space, except at your related to social rejection, withdrawal,
and isolation, with being shy and lonely.
phone. Then you’ll get a sense of Why suffer any of these fates when
where our heads are at. a friend can beckon you from your
pocket? Yet, ironically, being virtually
by Daniel Esparza, Aleteia.org that happens to be completely
Our heads are down, perpetually angled connected triggers many of these very dependent on one’s own volition:
at the screen, whenever a moment of conditions. We never feel so lonely as Our cats, dogs and hamsters are a domestic animal living in an
potential boredom arises. Waiting for a when engulfed by our virtual friends. the best relationship builders with apartment, a backyard or even a
meal? Barista taking too long? Or even To set the stage in the four studies in- other people. small farm won’t be fully able to
the proper amount of time—those 30 cluded in this research, the team writes:
seconds are crushingly dull. Caffeine is a We operationalized solitude as an provide food, water or shelter for
Some say having a pet is a mat-
secondary stimulation, a little jolt to turn experience of being alone without any itself. It’s all on its human owner.
your attention so that it can immediately communication with others, without
ter of great responsibility like it’s
be pulled into the innumerable waves of any other activities, and without other a bad thing. In fact, one of the But your dog, cat, parakeet or hamster
inattention on Instagram. types of active stimuli present. We then best things about sharing one’s is not the only beneficiary of this rela-
Where did boredom go? What hap- examined how having other people everyday life with an animal is re- tionship. For instance, the Department
pens when we stop allowing ourselves present, doing activities such as reading, of Pediatrics of the School of Medicine
the habit of staring into space, letting or thinking particular kinds of thoughts
lated to the developing of a sense and Public Health of the University of
our minds wander? Instead of a deluge might affect people’s experiences of of responsibility for another being ( Continued on page 11 )
of constant information, can we, as being alone.

Doing a disservice: The harm in

Michael Harris writes in The End of
Absence, “engineer scarcity in our com- ( Continued on page 13 )

service dog fraud

By Narrison Babao also emulate the sword depending how
Guest Writer one strikes with the weapon. We tell
the students to strike with fore knuckles but should also be able to fight with or Kali which has no spear end it would
Twice a year, I get to do a for proper striking. The average length without weapons. My father favors the be called “belok”. Under Babao-Arnis,
Babao-Arnis seminar in Las varies depending the system, but in our use of punching and kicking which later our bangkaw system the weapon is held
Babao-Arnis system the length would led to the scoring system in local San with two hands which is referred to as
Vegas hosted by Justin Cataldi be from armpit to the tip of middle fin- Diego tournaments such as Tri-State bayonet grip. The appropriate height for
of Creative Warrior Academy. ger or between 26-29 inches low. When Classic hosted by GM Mike Fugate and bangkaw is usually eyebrow level.
Babao-Arnis System was founded we train Arnis/Kali, we prefer heavier San Diego Grand Internationals during
by my parents, my late father rattan stick with skin still intact and the FMA stick-fighting divisions. Our first double weapon system we
when we train Cacoy Doce Pares we teach is Espada y daga known as sword
GM Narrie Babao and GM Zena prefer light stick which is called olisi. To avoid looking like WEKAF and dagger or baston y daga which is
Babao which is comprised of three Other terms one would here for baston style rules, our San Diego tourna- stick and dagger. Espada y daga is good
systems: Batangas Baston, Cacoy are garrote, olisi or yantok defending in ment stickfighting rules were based on transition after one is familiar with
Doce Pares and Villabrille Kali. the region of the Philippines. kumite point based system and included BasKa and the student can use the “alive
Every Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) punching & kicking to score points hand” offensively other than blocking
After the students become familiar within single round such as 12 point and checking. The daga or knife is often
system have something is com- with using the baston for striking and must system within 5 minutes. Divisions held in the secondary weapon hand
mon in that they mostly train with defending then they start to use the were broken into light, light heavy and which is the “alive hand” and baston
various weapons that become the same striking and defending techniques heavy weapon, novice division and later stays with the primary or strong- weap-
CeasarsWay.com carry a similar message: Only
extension of their hands and for going empty hands or “mano-mano.” open-weapon division. The purpose on hand. legitimate service dogs allowed.
The movement of the weapons is of the open weapon division was to You may have noticed the signs And, in some jurisdictions, they
beginners is commonly called the often known as the extension of the include other weapon disciplines from The last weapon system we teach is outside of businesses becoming
baston or eskrima stick. hands. Our second weapon system is other weapn-based martial arts using double sticks also known as doble bas- more prominent lately. They all ( Continued on page 11 )
mano-mano or “kuntao” which can be nunchukas, bo staff or bangkaw, shinai ton. Double sticks is our most advance
The first weapons mostly taught is the translated way of the fist. Our kuntao and tonfa. system become the students has become
single rattan stick or cane along with system has its origins from one of my Around the same time we start teaching familiar with using the weapon with Single stick, empty hands and double whole other level beyond me is Master
basic numbering system. Someone who father late instructor, GM Ben Largusa empty hands, we also use the single their weakside/underside or the left hand sticks were three of our weapon systems Bayani “Jojo” Abueg. He is light years
trains in Eskrima is called an Eskrimador and also from Juan Lacoste. Besides edge weapons commonly used in the and espada y daga. My father once said, I was able to share in my Las Vegas beyond me and I try to put some of his
or train in Arnis is Arnisdor but under using empty hands and fist fighting Philippines like the bolo, pinuti or any do you rather go in gun fight with one seminar with Justin Cataldi. My last principles in my personal system. No
Batangas Baston, the practioner are known as panuntukan, we also teach training edge weapon, and we also sub- gun or two guns? Same with the baston, seminar was focused on double sticks. matter how long you been training or
known as “bastoneros” as my mom told the art of kicking called sikaran which stitute the baston with knife. Edge and rather fight with one stick or learn how Each of my father’s students who later head of your own system, you can still
me. Batangas Baston or Batangas Arnis comes from the root word sikad. tip awareness becomes important as the to fight with two sticks. The training became guros or teachers on their own learn something from others and this is
is the art that was passed down from my student does not cut themselves. There with two sticks also transition two would later focus on specific weapon trait that I admire from Justin Cataldi.
Once the student starts using the

Asian Journal
grandfather Buenaventura “Turing” Ba- is difference in the way you strike is not double bolos. set. One of my father’s most senior I thank him for allowing me to share
bao to my father Narciso Requina Babao “alive hand” as a form of striking always the same as striking with a stick. students who brought double sticks to Babao-Arnis with them.
or GM Narrie Babao. The single stick or other than defending, my father added
single baston is the weapon system that “BasKa” to the beginner curriculum The next weapon system that we teach
we teach underFirst
the Babao-Arnis
Asian Weekly curricu-
in comes fromCalifornia
Southern Baston y Kamot
& SanorDiego’s Most
is the bo Widely Circulated
staff which Asian-Filipino Newspaper
is called bangkaw
lum before we even start teaching
550 East BastonSuite
empty8th Street, and punching drillCity
6, National for offensive
CA 91950 •which is the474-0588
Tel. (619) Visayan word for(619)
• Fax spear and
hands. The stick or baston is very abun- and defensive fighting. In fighting, Spring 2018
in Tagalog it would called “sibat”. In
dant in the Philippines and training can one does not only fight with baston

Advertisement for Bids

Notice is hereby given that the San Diego Unified School District, acting by and through its governing board, will receive sealed bids for the
furnishing of all labor, materials, transportation, equipment, and services to REPLACE ROOFING SYSTEM AT GRANTVILLE SITE

A mandatory site visit is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on FEBRUARY 1, 2018 in front of the main office of Grantville Elementary School, 6145
Decena Drive, San Diego, CA 92120. PLEASE SEE BID FOR DETAILS (No.CC-18-0734-29).


All bids must be received at or before 1:00 p.m. on FEBRUARY 14, 2018 at the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department, 2351 Cardinal
Lane, Bldg. M, San Diego, CA 92123, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.
The project estimate is between $1.3 million and $1.7 million. This is a PSA project and requires prequalification. The District requires that
Bidders possess any of the following classification(s) of California State Contractors License(s), valid and in good standing, at the time of bid
opening and contract award: B.
All late bids shall be deemed non-responsive and not opened. Each bid shall be in accordance with all terms, conditions, plans, specifications and
any other documents that comprise the bid package. The Bid and Contract Documents are available in three formats, hard copy, CD, or online
from PlanWell. Hard copy bid documents are available at Crisp Imaging, 4920 Carroll Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121, phone number
858-535-0607, for a refundable payment of Three Hundred Dollars ($300) per set; CD’s are available for a non-refundable charge of $50. Pay-
ments shall be made by check payable to SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT. If the payment for Bid and Contract Documents is
refundable, refunds will be processed by the District only if the Bid and Contract Documents, including all addendums, are returned intact and in
good order to Crisp Imaging within ten (10) days of the issuance of the Final Bid Tabulation. Online documents are available for download on

PlanWell through Crisp Imaging. Go to www.crispimg.com, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search SDUSD (Questions? 949-285-3171). » Begin classes any time during
All bids shall be submitted on bid forms furnished by the District in the bid package beginning January 23, 2018. Bid packages will not be faxed.
SENATE BILL (SB) 854 REQUIREMENTS: Effective July 1, 2014, no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal, or awarded the semester
a contract for a public works project (awarded on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)
pursuant to Labor Code §1725.5 [with limited exceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code §1771.1(a)]. This project Instructors suggest taking citizenship » Practice for the naturalization
is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR. interview
Prime contractors must add the DIR Registration Number for each of their listed subcontractors to the Subcontractors List AND submit a certificate classes before you send your application
of registration for their own firm and those of their listed subcontractors upon request by the District. Failure of the bidding prime contractor to for naturalization. » Learn the 100 questions
list their subcontractors DIR Registration Number on the Subcontractors List at time of bid may result in rejection of their bid as non-responsive.
Refer to the following DIR Website for further information: www.dir.ca.gov/Public-Works/PublicWorks.html Registration part of the interview
PREVAILING WAGES: Prevailing wage requirements apply to all public works projects and must be followed per Article 17 of the General To: Judi Stark
Conditions of this bid. CE At Miramar » Improve English listening,
PROJECT STABILIZATION AGREEMENT (PSA): This project is subject to the Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) adopted by the 10440
From: Black Mountain Rd/92126 speaking, reading and writing
Board of Education on July 28, 2009. The complete agreement is available for viewing and downloading at www.sandi.net - Proposition S & Z.
DISABLED VETERAN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PARTICIPATION PROGRAM: Pursuant to Resolution In Support of Service Disabled Building
GEN A-100 in room A-104.
Veterans Owned Businesses (SDVOB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) approved on May 10, 2011 by the Board of Education,
the Bidder is required to satisfy a minimum DVBE participation percentage of at least three percent (3%) for this project. In compliance with Call for Registration Information 619-388-1800
this Program, the Bidder shall satisfy all requirements enumerated in the bid package.
Herewith is proof of
Each bid must be submitted on the Bid Form provided in the bid package and shall be accompanied by a satisfactory bid security in the form of your classified ad for
either a bid bond executed by the bidder and Surety Company, or a certified or cashier’s check in favor of the San Diego Unified School District, Schedule
publication in the Asian Instructor Location
in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of their bid value. Said bid security shall be given to guarantee that the Bidder will execute the contract
as specified, within five (5) working days of notification by the District.
Journal. Please proofread
The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process. No it an dJanuary
f a x b a c31-June7
k the Caron Lieber Mira Mesa Library
bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of 120 days after the date set for the opening of bids. For information regarding bidding, please call correction if any or call
858-522-5831. Tuesdays/Wednesdays, 8405 New Salem Street
PRE-QUALIFICATION OF BIDDERS: Pursuant to Public Contract Code (PCC) §20111.6, each contractor wishing to bid as a prime to
us for your approval. The
the District for projects estimated at $1,000,000 or over, or any subcontractor performing the license classifications of A, B [if performing the
ad is tentatively scheduled San Diego/92126
work of] C-4, C-7, C-10, C-16, C-20, C-34, C-36, C-38, C-42, C-43 and/or C-46 wishing to submit a bid to a bidding prime contractor must to be published in the
be prequalified in order to bid. Projects estimated at 10 million or greater require audited financials. Contact Glenda Burbery at gburbery@
sandi.net to request a pre-qualification questionnaire. Completed questionnaires must be submitted to the District no later than 10 BUSINESS
DAYS before the bid opening due date. Any questionnaires submitted later than this deadline will not be processed for this Invitation for Bids. Registeri Now
AJ-CA_01.26.2018 ssue » Classes are free. Simply register in class on the first day
The District encourages all general contractors bidding as a prime contractor, and all MEP subcontractors to request a questionnaire, complete it of the Asian Journal if we
and submit it as soon as possible.
Every effort is madeyour approval
to verify the accuracy of the on
information provided in this announcement. Information
may change, At $4 per
or be eliminated line
without notice. The San
Diego Community College District is governed by its Board
of Trustees. No oral or written agreement costs
8 x 2 x 10 lines, it
Andrea R. O’Hara, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Officer NO. CC-18-0734-29 is binding on the
Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department San Diego Community College District without the express
approval of the Board of Trustees. SDCE Public Information
$______.00 to be paid
Office (12/2017)

upon your receipt of the

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Spiritual Life
President The tsunami of secular satanism and warrior priests
Trump declares By Fr Richard Heilman tion.” In an article by Matt Walsh, the
popular Catholic writer goes as far as to
“politics?” …

Jan. 22 'National priests

Some may ask why some of us
stray into “politics.” Well,
call it, “Secular Satanism.” Matt goes
on to say,
No, it is not “health care” to kill babies
in, what once was, the safest place in the

Sanctity of Hu- because

universe … our mothers’ wombs.
the word “politics” is “Although most liberals don’t worship No, we should not redefine, for the first
used to “silence” any spiritual
man Life Day' leader
the literal Devil, they do worship the time ever, the very bedrock of civiliza-
who recognizes what this self. And Satanism is, fundamentally, the tion … the marriage of one man and one
really is … “spiritual warfare.” worship of self.” woman for the procreation of children.
No, we should not force people of faith
By Michael Gryboski, Christian Post
Jan. 29 4th Sun. in Ord. Time We are currently passing through a St. John wrote: to do anything that directly opposes
their faith (e.g., pay for other people’s
Jesus is not a “Doble Cara” President Donald Trump has crippling “Secular Progressive Revolu-
“Look to yourselves that you do not abortions).
issued a proclamation declaring lose what we worked for but may No, it is not a good idea to enact laws

(Double Faced) Jan. 22, which is the anniversary

of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Why do some receive a full recompense. Anyone who
is so *progressive* as not to remain in
that makes it difficult for couples to
marry and have children.

young people leave

the teaching of the Christ does not have No, it is not “freedom” to collude with
Joke of the week: A man insisted to in order to reach the gods. decision Roe v. Wade, "National God; whoever remains in the teaching and support movements exposing chil-
his psychiatrist that he had swallowed a Sanctity of Human Life Day." has the Father and the Son. If anyone dren to sexually explicit content.
horse. None of his doctor’s persuasive
tactics could persuade him to change
In Jesus, God assumed a human flesh.
He delivered God’s message of love to In an official statement released last the Church? A new comes to you and does not bring this
doctrine, do not receive him in your
No, we should not put unions, who
pay for elections, ahead of the education

study investigates
his mind. In desperation, the psychia- a sinful and fallen humanity. He went Friday, President Trump explained in house or even greet him; for whoever of our children, which keeps them in
trist agreed to “operate.” The idea was around healing people who suffered the proclamation that the observance is greets him shares in his evil works.” 2 poverty.
simply to put the patient under an aes- from different physical maladies and meant to "affirm the truth that all life is John 1:8-11 No, we should not support movements
thesia, and bring a horse into the room. cured those who were possessed by evil sacred, that every person has inherent that advocate killing law enforcement
When the patient came to, the doctor spirits. Jesus’ healing ministry ushered By Courtney Grogan, Catholic
dignity and worth, and that no class of Listen, in spite of the derision and officers.
pointed to the horse and said, “Well, that in what he taught, “Repent, for the king- people should ever be discarded as 'non- News Agency | Washington D.C., scorn we receive, what does it really No, we should not put our women on
won’t worry you anymore.” “That’s not dom of is at hand.” human.'" 1/17/2018 .- A national two-year mean to be “conservative”? It simply the front lines of war.
the one I swallowed,” he said. “He’s "Reverence for every human life, one study released this week offers means we are “staying home” while No, we should not support any baby
reddish-brown, my horse was white.” Though we cannot discount the truth of the values for which our Founding others are “moving away” … as they killing and baby body parts selling
that the devil, who according to St. Peter a look at why young people are
Fathers fought, defines the character call that “progress.” We are remaining in industry.
Scripture: First Reading: Deuteronomy is like “a roaring lion seeking whom of our Nation. Today, it moves us to leaving the Church as early as age God’s truth, as revealed through Sacred No, we should not allow satanic rituals
18: 15-20. Mesopotamia is well-known he may devour,” truly exists, yet we promote the health of pregnant moth- 13. Scripture and Sacred Tradition, while at anything our children can see, includ-
for its various and magical techniques should be careful in jumping to a hasty ers and their unborn children," read the The study was released today by others are “moving beyond it.” ing Superbowl halftime shows.
in determining God’s will. However, conclusion that anyone who mentally proclamation. Many believe the “same page” that will No, corruption, collusion and deceit are
according to Biblical tradition, there are acts as if possessed by evil spirits is in St. Mary’s Press and the Center
"It animates our concern for single bring unity is to “go with the major- not acceptable as long as it supports an
three ways by which communication need right away of exorcism. Care- moms; the elderly, the infirm, and the for Applied Research in the Apos- ity.” Venerable Fulton Sheen once said, ideology.
occurs between the divine and human ful procedures and steps are taken into disabled; and orphan and foster children. tolate at Georgetown University “Moral principles do not depend on a No, grown men should not be allowed
beings. The first method is presumed consideration before an exorcism of It compels us to address the opioid (CARA). majority vote. Wrong is wrong, even if to enter the bathrooms of our little girls.
to occur in dreams; the second means the possessed person is ecclesiastically epidemic and to bring aid to those who everybody is wrong. Right is right, even
is through Urrim and Thummim permitted. The church does not give in struggle with mental illness. It gives us Of those who left the Catholic Church, if nobody is right.” Again, I could go on and on, and I
(oracles by which yes-or-no answers to a request for an exorcism until a full the courage to stand up for the weak and the median age for doing so was 13 The “Secular Progressive Revolu- imagine you could too.
are obtained); finally, through proph- investigation of the alleged “possession” the powerless." years old, the study found. Seventy-four tion” has hit our culture like a tsunami
ecy. Deuteronomy rejects all of these is conducted. Even then, when exorcism The proclamation also noted that scien- percent of the 214 former Catholics wave. It is enormous, it is devastatingly This tsunami wave of this destructive
methods, because they are ritually used is allowed, permission is given only to a tific research "continues to support and interviewed said that they decided to destructive, and it has hit us with little “Secular Progressive Revolution” sim-
to manipulate the divinity. Deuteronomy few selected priests who are spiritually build the case for" the pro-life move- leave the Church between the ages of 10 or no warning. And, our country is left ply MUST be confronted and called out.
asserts that God can never be manipu- qualified to do so. ment and their agenda items. and 20. to repair the damage as we recover If spiritual leaders are not sounding the
lated by human beings. Second Reading: "Medical technologies allow us to see “We heard young people describe the from this sudden and destructive force. alarm, then how can we expect anyone
1 Corinthians 7: 32-35. The Corinthians Quotation of the week: The good images of the unborn children moving beginnings of their questioning and And so, “truly concerned priests” are to “care enough” to stand against this
in their extremist view on marriage Instructor, the Wisdom, the Word of their newly formed fingers and toes, doubts as early as fifth grade, some even speaking out. Are these just a matter of most destructive force?
consider it to be sinful. St. Paul corrects the Father who made man, cares for yawning, and even smiling," continued younger,” said John Vitek, one of the
their extremism by stating that being a the whole nature of his creature. The the proclamation. principal authors of the study.
Christian is no excuse for anyone not all-sufficient physician of humanity, the "Those images present us with irrefut- Vitek, who is the president and CEO “The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
to marry. St. Paul writes specifically to Savior, heals both our body and soul, able evidence that babies are growing of St. Mary’s Press, told CNA that especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
men of his time who considered women which are the proper man. St. Clement within their mothers' wombs — pre- this finding may surprise many adults CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY
as their property and teaches against of Alexandria. cious, unique lives, each deserving a “because many of the young people also
their sexual promiscuity. Gospel: Mark future filled with promise and hope. We told us that they never talked about their Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one

Prayer for the

1: 21-28. St. Mark stresses that Jesus’ can also now operate on babies in utero doubts and questions with their parents Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
actions and words are intimately inter- to stave off life-threatening diseases." or their Church leaders.”
related. Jesus does not only speak with On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which

baptism of
Trump's proclamation comes as the was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
authority as the prophets before him commander-in-chief became the first Young ‘Nones’
did, he also acts with power. This power sitting president to address the annual

aborted babies
Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
is visible in his healing ministry and March for Life in Washington, D.C. Many of the young former Catholics and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
expulsion of evil spirits. Even though Speaking via satellite from the White interviewed now fall into the category Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
the readers of the Marcan Gospel do not (29 July 1998) House Rose Garden, Trump stated of “Nones” - or people who have no the whole world.
know what Jesus teaches, yet they can on Friday that he was "honored" and religious affiliation. Thirty-five percent
learn how he teaches and the impact of “Today the blood of innocent children "proud" to be the first commander-in- of the participants told the researchers On the Hail Mary beads say:
his teaching to his hearers. Jesus’ words has filled heaven. Their number is too chief to address the March for Life. that they no longer have a religious af-
are so powerful that they are effective For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
great, too great . . . the wrath of the Eter- "Today, tens of thousands of families, filiation, whereas only 14 percent would on us and on the whole world.
when he utters them. In Jesus, words nal Father is about to fall on mankind... students, and patriots, and really just label themselves as atheist or agnostic.
and actions are always together. Jesus Their blood disturbs My Agonizing great citizens, gather here in our Nation's In conclusion say three times:
is not only a teacher, he is also a healer. Heart and increases My agony...Through Capital," said Trump, his speech broad-
St. Mark wants the followers of Jesus to ( Continued on page 13 )
this prayer, large numbers of innocent cast on a large screen before the March Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
remember the amazement of those who unborn babies will be saved. Pray it for Life rally attendees at the National have mercy on us and on the whole world.
had heard what he had taught and had

Prayer for the

daily and make it known to the world. Mall.
witnessed what he had done. The true Anyone who teaches it will not be lost. "You come from many backgrounds,

Moving Heaven
disciples of the Amazing One should Innocent souls in heaven will not let many places, but you all come for one

control of the
follow him even to the point of dying them become lost. I, with My Love and beautiful cause: to build a society where
for him. Mercy, will protect them from falling life is celebrated, protected, and cher-
Meditation: escape from your requests, be-
into mortal sin.” ished. The March for Life is a movement
Reflections: Doble Cara is a term is *** born out of love. You love your families, cause you pursue Me, not from
used when tossing a coin. The old coin Heavenly Father, Your love is you love your neighbors, you love our Good Friday [April 15, 1938]. I afar but within your own heart
in the Philippines is molded with the eternal. In Your ocean of love, You nation, and you love every child, born
head or face of the national hero on one Dear Holy Spirit, My God. Teach me saw the Lord Jesus, tortured, but (Diary, 1722).
saved the world through Your only- and unborn, because you believe that
side and eagle on the other side. But the every life is sacred, that every child is a
to speak wisely. Let me avoid useless not nailed to the Cross. It was still
begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Now look thoughts and useless conversations.
real meaning of cara y cruz in Tagalog
at Your only Son on the Cross Who precious gift from God." before the crucifixion, and He My Prayer Response:
is mukha o krus. Literally, it means that Help me to speak often for You. Grant
is constantly bleeding for love of His Trump is not the first president to issue
that my words may never hurt men
said to me, You are My Heart.
there are two sides of the same coin. such a proclamation. For example, as
people, and forgive Your world. Purify of goodwill. May My words always Speak to sinners about My mer- Lord Jesus, through the inter-
one of his final actions as president,
Jesus’ words and actions are very simi- and baptize aborted children with the
George W. Bush declared Jan. 18, 2009 bring consolation to those in sorrow cy. And the Lord gave me interior cession of St. Faustina, teach
lar. His words are seen on his actions Precious Blood and water from the and guidance to those in need. Take knowledge of the whole abyss of me how to beg for mercy on the
"National Sanctity of Human Life Day."
and his actions reveal his words. Today’s Sacred Side of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my lips and make them Yours. Take
Who hung dead on the Cross for their
"The most basic duty of government His mercy for souls, and I learned whole world and move all of
culture shows a resurgence of double is to protect the life of the innocent," possession of my mind and make it heaven like she did! Give me
talks. Treaties, investigations, rules and salvation; in the Name of the Father, that that which I had written is
read Bush's proclamation, as quoted by an instrument of Your goodness and
regulations are great on papers, but are and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Politico in 2009. a channel of truth. I hope to become truly a drop (Diary, 1666). Your Heart, Lord, so I can ap-
seldom see the light of day. There is May they, through the holy death of "My administration has been com- a lover of silence, who prefers to talk preciate better the whole abyss of
so much hypocrisy in married life, in Jesus Christ, gain everlasting life, mitted to building a culture of life by to God then to men. In my human I heard these words: If you did Your mercy for souls.
politics and businesses. through His wounds be healed and vigorously promoting adoption and conversation, may I always bring not tie My hands, I would send
through His Precious Blood be freed. parental notification laws, opposing them closer to You and You closer to -- *Diary passages with bolded words are
Some ancients during St. Paul’s time There to rejoice with the saints in federal funding for abortions overseas,
down many punishments upon Jesus speaking. Diary of St. Maria Faustina
them. I ask this through Christ Our
believe that communication with the heaven. Amen. encouraging teen abstinence and funding the earth. My daughter, your Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987
Lord. Amen Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep-
gods occur through incantations, magi- crisis pregnancy programs." look disarms My anger. Al- tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
cal rituals, and even human sacrifices. though your lips are silent, you
They thought that it is impossible for the Our Father* . . . Hail Mary* . . . Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
Follow Michael Gryboski on Twitter or Glory Be* call out to Me so mightily that Jesus’ Words from the Diary of St. Faustina
gods to come down to the human world. Facebook by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010
So man must go up to the divine realm all heaven is moved. I cannot

Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hand are crowned with mercy.
Encinitas is the site of the future Divine Mercy Shrine. -- Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary #301)
The site is on Encinitas Blvd., east of I-5, about a mile and a half from
Moonlight Beach and two miles south of the Paramhansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Center. If you would like to know more about the project,
please contact Zarina Cruz at zaricruz@att.net or check for updates on
www.divinemercyhills.org, the official website of the Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC).

Future Site of the Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas CA

Jesus I Trust In You!
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 or Google “Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas” for directions to site.
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Mission Statement. The DMHFSC is dedicated to the design, development, and maintenance of a Divine Mercy Shrine located in Encinitas, CA. for the
purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine Mercy message and devotion. To draw people of all nations, cultures, and beliefs to a vessel with
which they are to keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy - the Image of the Divine Mercy. For meditational and contemplative prayers
venerating this image with trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "I promise that the soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise
victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory... By means of this image I shall
grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
Preliminary Architectural Concept by DOMUS Studio Visit www.divinemercyhills.org
January 26 - February 1, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

Arts & Culture

DOT eyes Philip- A French woman’s journey to the Philippines
pines as 'reli- PHILSTAR.COM | MANILA,

gious pilgrim-
1/21/2018 — Julie Saurat has
always been passionate about

age' destination
volunteering for NGOs. That’s
why when an opportunity to work
for a foundation in the Philippines
ABS-CBN News | MANILA, presented itself, it didn’t take long
1/20/2018 The Department of for her to say yes.
Tourism is planning to restore and
develop old churches and histori-
“I thought right away: ‘This is
exactly what I was looking for!’”
Salamat Po, Nanay (1)
cal shrines nationwide as it gears she said. After a four-year stint
to make the Philippines a "reli- “Nanay, mahirap nga ba ang magkaroon ng anak?”
in France, the young lass didn’t sa halip, binigyan niya ako ng isang mansanas
gious pilgrimage destination." hesitate to pack her bags and visit malaki’t mapula kaya kinain ko na kaagad
"Plans are underway to make the the Philippines for a chance to do marami siyang alam gawin na hindi ko magagap.
Philippines a destination with unique volunteer work again.
spiritual significance that will attract “It wasn’t hard to convince me. “Halika anak at ako ay tulungan mong magsampay
millions of pilgrims from all corners of I mean, I work with people that
the world, as shown in popular religious Julie Saurat quickly fell in love with the Philippines as soon as she began work as nitong ating mga damit na akin ng nilabahan,”
festivities in Cebu, Iloilo, and Bohol,”
are truly committed and passion- a sponsorship officer for Virlanie Foundation, an NGO that takes care of abused and dito sa likod nitong aming maliit na bakuran
Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo said in a ate about our cause. It’s always neglected children .
gawaing-bahay sinimulan niyang ako’y turuan.
statement. a pleasure to speak with my col-
“The Philippines is an ideal destina- leagues as we may not come from said. to live in a home that has acting parents
tion of religious pilgrimage, not only for “Sige, maupo ka na diyan at kalungin mo siya”
sightseeing but to actually experience
the same country but we do share “They may look like kids who had a that can guide them as they grow up.
at sa kandungan ko’y maingat na inilagay niya
the same values,” she said. normal life but really, they didn’t. From As it marked its 25th anniversary last
time-honored Filipino traditions dating an early age, they were exposed to year, the foundation announced that ang bunso kong kapatid mga mata’y nakapikit pa
back to pre-Spanish era, and then the Julie quickly fell in love with abuse, poverty, tragedy,” she added. it has provided assistance to 17,000 nais n’yang maramdaman ko damdamin ng isang ina.
Christianization,” she said. the Philippines as soon as she “[But now] they are surrounded by children.
The Department of Tourism is also began her job as a sponsorship people who love them and who take care
coordinating with tour operators to craft of them. It’s the greatest feeling ever,” “I had come to the Philippines some Hinalungkat namin ni Ate ang isang lumang kahon
"spiritual tour packages" for the "6.6 officer for Virlanie Foundation, a at mga sirang laruang aming pinagpatong-patong
non-government organization that she said. 30 years ago to help establish this
million Catholic faithful in Asia." foundation. Then, until now, even if ginupit at tinalian, nilagyan pa din ng gulong
"In South Korea alone, the Philippines’ takes special care of abused and Although her stay in the Philippines the journey has been difficult, I have okey daw ‘yon, para umunlad aming imahinasyon.
top tourist market, there five million neglected children. has officially ended, Julie said that she’ll never regretted or felt tired fighting for
Catholics while there are 800,000 in always remember the places, the culture the rights of these children. They are
Malaysia; 500,000 in Japan; 200,000 in For over a year, she served as a bridge and the amazing people that she met all wonderful, talented individuals who Nang gabing iyon na dumating sila ng aking ama
Thailand, and 185,000 in Singapore," between the children and their sponsors while she was in the country. have been dealt unique challenges, but at nagkunwari pa mandin akong himbing na himbing na
Teo said, justifying the viability of the from France, Belgium, and Switzer- each and everyone of them has been able
program. inayos niya ang kumot ko, at nagyakapan sila
land to ensure a life-long relationship For more than two decades, Virlanie to bravely rise up from their circum-
The DOT has yet to release a list of between them. Foundation has been taking care of stances,” shared Virlanie founder and
kung ako’y natutulog na, sinisigurado lang nila.
the possible religious sites that will underprivileged children through various president Dominique Lemay.
be included in its envisioned religious “Whenever I see kids from the founda- initiatives and services such as it sresi-
pilgrimage program for tourists. tion, I would feel very hopeful,” Julie dential program where streetchildren get

Doing a disservice Why pets

online and generally unregulated. months in jail or a fine of up to $1,000, places where dogs don’t belong. that kind of self-awareness, according to
As a dog owner, it’s never a good or both. And this isn’t just about bothering most philosophers and animal ethicists),
idea to use one of these services. As a Currently, California and eighteen oth- people who might be allergic or who they help older adults not to excessively
( Continued from page 9 ) ( Continued from page 9 )
business owner, it’s a good idea to know er states have laws concerning service don’t like dogs. It can be a very stressful focus on tomorrow and enjoy the present
are now adding a reminder that how to be able to spot fake certification. animal fraud: Colorado, Florida, Idaho, experience for a dog that isn’t trained to Wisconsin has confirmed children ex- more fully. Also, as they provide com-
service dog fraud is a crime. And, as a direct result of this abuse, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, handle crowds or busy public places. It posed to dogs and cats are less likely to panionship, pets help fight depression
many states have now made such fraud Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, can also harm people with a legitimate develop allergic diseases. Sharing one’s caused by loneliness.
But what, exactly, is “service a criminal act, hence the new warnings New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, need by forcing businesses to question infancy with furry companions — espe- Pets help people build relationships,
dog fraud?” appearing. North Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, everyone with a service animal. cially around the time of birth — posi- not only with other animal lovers, but in
States respond and Washington, and other states, like So unless you do have a legitimate tively influences and helps develop kids’ general. By providing a sense of “other-
First, what it isn’t. You may see state- California, for example, has the harsh- Massachusetts, are working on their own disability and a trained service dog leave immune system. ness,” pets can indeed “teach” their hu-
ments that service dog fraud is a federal est penalties for fraud, which the law laws. your dog (or cat or ferret or other furry But not only kids benefit from having man owners the basics of bonding with
crime, but it isn’t — at least not when describes as when someone “knowingly Not a victimless crime friend) at home the next time you’re go- a pet around. In an article published by “someone” else in very basic levels, thus
it comes to a person with a fake service and fraudulently represents himself or We all love our dogs, and it’s un- ing somewhere that only allows service Barbara Ballinger on AgingCare.com, giving their owners some fundamental,
dog. The Americans with Disabilities herself, through verbal or written notice, derstandable to want to take them dogs. It’ll be better for your pet, for you, psychotherapist Dr. Jay P. Granat affirms ABC-kind-of “training” to deal with the
Act (ADA) does cover the definition to be the owner or trainer of any canine everywhere with us — the upswing in and for the community in general. that since cats and dogs live pretty much complexities proper to human relation-
of service animals, which is currently licensed/qualified/identified as a guide, dog-friendly workplaces and restaurants ---- https://www.cesarsway.com/dog- in the “here and now,” and don’t really ships.
limited strictly to dogs and miniature signal, or service dog...” (CA Penal demonstrates that. However, as attrac- care/legal-issues/Doing-a-disservice- care about tomorrow (as animals lack
horses, but it does not provide any pen- Code § 365.7). The penalty is up to six tive as the idea may be, there are just The-harm-in-service-dog-fraud
alties at the moment for falsely claiming
that a companion animal is a service
animal. Regulation and registration of
those animals — other than what kind
New HHS department created to protect religious freedom
Courtney Grogan CATHOLIC NEWS healthcare providers with individuals abortions. The division will also enforce
of animal they can be — are left up to
AGENCY and institutions,” she said. Section 1553 of the Affordable Care Act
the states.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - A new “Because Catholics play such a large on assisted suicide.
However, the ADA does require almost
division at the U.S. Department role, they finally will have a place to “Laws protecting religious freedom and
all businesses to allow entry to legiti-
bring their grievances to try to solve conscience rights are just empty words
mate service animals and only allows of Health and Human Services things and bring common sense solu- on paper if they aren’t enforced. No
those businesses to ask two questions: (HHS) will work to ensure the tions that are so important without hav- one should be forced to choose between
Is this a service dog required because
of disability? protection of religious freedom ing to resort to litigation. And if they do helping sick people and living by one’s
and conscience rights for Ameri- need to litigate them, they will have a deepest moral or religious convictions,”
What is it trained to do to mitigate the
partner in this division.” said Severino in a press release.
disability? cans, government officials an- Several other government officials and For Americans who are concerned that
nounced Thursday. religious figures spoke at the press con- they have experienced a violation of
Service vs. support “The state should not force people ference announcing the new division. their conscience rights, Severino told
to go against their integrated view of House Majority Leader Kevin Mc- CNA, “We are going to make it as user-
Obviously, this means that businesses humanity,” said the Director of the Carthy noted a concern from his state friendly as possible, so that people know
can reject all other animals outright Office for Civil Rights at HHS, Roger of California, where a new law forces that the doors are open and that every
because they would never fall under Severino, at a Jan. 18 press conference. pregnancy centers to provide informa- complaint will be treated appropriately
the definition, but maneuvering around This new Conscience and Religious tion about local abortion providers. and given the attention it deserves and
the law in order to determine whether Freedom Division, which falls under the This Supreme Court will hear this case, then those that require enforcement will
an animal is legitimate can open that HHS Office for Civil Rights, will focus National Institute of Family and Life be handled appropriately.”
business to federal penalties if they on the enforcement of existing laws Advocates v. Becerra, this year. “We encourage anyone who believes In this Jan. 14, 2018 photo, President Donald Trump, right, accompanied by
wrongfully reject a real service animal on rights of conscience and religious Representatives from HHS cited that their conscience rights have been House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., speaks to members of the media
from their premises. The only exception freedom. It will also provide an outlet Trump’s executive order last May as an violated in a healthcare context to as they arrive for a dinner at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach,
is if the animal becomes disruptive or is to field Americans’ complaints of any impetus for the new HHS division. The reach out to us. They are free to file a Florida. The Trump administration created a federal office to protect medical provid-
not housetrained. discrimination they have experienced in executive order called on all executive complaint. To get more information ers who refuse to participate in abortion, assisted suicide or other procedures because
Also note that a dog must be trained the field of healthcare. departments and agencies to “respect from our website, just google ‘Office for of their moral or religious beliefs. (Credit: Andrew Harnik/AP.)
to actively do something to help with a For examples, doctors or nurses who and protect the freedom of persons and Civil Rights HHS’ and just add the word
disability, which creates another gray have been forced to participate in an organizations to engage in religious and ‘conscience.’”
area. A legitimate PTSD service dog, abortion or an assisted suicide that political speech” to the extent permitted
US warship
for example, is trained to sense when its easy striking distance of US military The tribunal ruled last year that the
violates their moral convictions will be by law. The order specifically requested personnel partnering with the AFP in controversial “nine-dash line,” which
handler might be in danger of having a able to file a complaint directly on the that the Secretary of Health and Human the Philippines. A military outpost there underpins Beijing’s claim to most of the
panic attack and taking action in order to HHS website. ( Continued from page 1 )
Services address conscience-based could also stop other navies from using a South China Sea, had no legal basis.
prevent or mitigate that attack. However, Sarah Hellwege, a nurse-midwife,
if someone, even if they’re suffering
objections. in patrolling the waters around northeast gateway to the area. President Duterte had said that he did
spoke at the press conference announc- Earlier this week, Trump recognized Panatag Shoal. “We only patrol Beijing and Manila have tussled over not expect China to build on Panatag
from PTSD, wants to bring along their ing the new division. She said that she National Religious Freedom Day, saying the shoal on and off since 2013, when Shoal because of Manila’s warming ties
untrained dog because it makes them experienced discrimination in an inter- in a Jan. 16 proclamation, “No American that area once a month,” he said.
feel calmer or more secure that is, Manila took its case to an international with Beijing.
view process because of her membership - whether a nun, nurse, baker, or busi- Lu said the warship violated arbitration tribunal in The Hague, the
unfortunately, an example of service dog ( Continued on page 13 )
in a pro-life medical association. ness owner - should be forced to choose China’s sovereignty and security Netherlands.
The number of these types of con- between the tenets of faith or adherence interests and threatened the safety
There is an exception when it comes science complaints to HHS has to the law.”
to air travel. The Air Carrier Access Act increased dramatically since President When asked by EWTN News Nightly of its vessels and personnel in the
does allow both service dogs and emo- Donald Trump’s election. Ten com- vicinity.
about the likelihood of the new depart-
tional support animals (ESA) to travel plaints were filed with HHS during the The United States has criticized China
ment surviving in future administrations,
on airplanes. However, there are strict eight years of the Obama administra- for constructing islands and military
Severino responded, “It would be very
requirements for ESAs, including a letter tion, whereas there have been 34 since installations in the region, saying they
difficult to undo the division. This is
dated within the past year from a mental November 2016. could be used to restrict free nautical
a foundational civil right. Everybody
health professional stating that the trav- Severino told EWTN News Nightly movement.
should be in favor of civil rights for all
eler has been diagnosed with a mental- that he attributes this surge in complaints US vessels have conducted a series of
and that includes our first civil right,
health related disability as defined in the to “pent up demand” and that this new “freedom of navigation” patrols in the
which is our right to free expression of
DSM-IV, that the animal is necessary to division has been established “to assess region.
religion and conscience. This is enforced
the passenger’s health or treatment, and complaints, see which ones are meritori- In a separate statement on Saturday,
through our laws that have been passed
that the passenger is under the care of ous, and to vindicate the interests of China’s defense ministry said the
by bipartisan congresses and presidents
the professional who wrote the letter. justice as the law requires.” repeated dispatch of US warships to
in both parties that have been with us
Also speaking at today’s announcement for decades. Those are not going to go the region was “undermining regional
Abusing the system was Montse Alvarado, the Executive peace and stability” and hurting bilateral
away and we have to enforce those laws
Director of the Becket Fund for Reli- fully.” relations.
Recently, far too many people have gious Liberty, who explained to CNA The encounter between the two navies
The Conscience and Religious Free-
been taking advantage of the law fraudu- what this new division will mean for adds to long-standing tension between
dom Division will enforce existing
lently, leading to non-service dogs being Catholic healthcare professionals across the US and China in waters contested by
protection statutes over which the Office
brought into places where they don’t the country. at least six nations, including Malaysia,
of Civil Rights already has authority.
belong, like restaurants, grocery stores, “For the past 10 years we have had Brunei, Taiwan and Vietnam.
This includes the Weldon Amendment,
and movie theaters. An entire industry attacks on conscience that manifested Northeast gateway
which stipulates that states receiving
of fake service animal “registration” themselves particularly for the Catholic The shoal is seen as a strategic point
federal funds cannot discriminate against
businesses has also cropped up, largely community in the area of healthcare and among the claimants because it is within
health plans that do not cover or pay for
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com January 26 - February 1, 2018

Classified Ads
Another child
“Really?” she asked. “I have something
to tell you.”
“What? “ Danny was rejuvenated. He
got back with your husband remember?”
“She looks like you, with slinky eyes.”
“But your husband is Chinese. He has
assume another financial responsibility.
Danny was at a loss for words to say.
“Would you at least see your daugh-
PHL isAsian
3rd Journal the current market profile of the BPO
sector is ripe to move into higher value-
Via Fax 619-474-0373
added services,” added Pernia, who is
( Continued from page 2 ) ( Continued from page 1 )
had not dated for a while and was eager slinky eyes too.” ter?” Juanita asked him. also director general of NEDA.
Email: asianjournal@aol.com
“This is Juanita. Remember we used to to do so. He saw an opportunity with “My husband suspected she was not “She’s not mine.” in Asia—next to Vietnam’s 7.5 While the BPO sector has already
go out in Tijuana?” Juanita. his baby. He had a DNA test, and it was "Would you at least see the baby?” percent and aheadEmail:
of China’s 6.8 reached a plateau, NEDA Undersecre-
Danny remembered the pretty Mexican “I just gave birth to a baby girl.” not his.” He was about to hang up but didn’t percent. tary Rosemarie Edillon said.
girl from Los Angeles whom he met “Congratulations,” Danny said. “Are “But why me? You dated other men have the heart to do so. He might not It was a “strong finish” last year fol- “It's still growing, it’s still not contract-
while she was having a good time with you sexy again?” He was hoping to too.” be a caring person, but he still had a lowing 6.9 percent in 2016—an election ing. Positive pa rin ang growth, but
her girlfriends in the Mexican border renew their relationship but was unsure “No I did not. I should know.” conscience. year, Pernia said. we are seeing medyo nagplaplateau na
town. She had been separated from her about it since she was with her husband. Danny didn’t want to have anything to “What’s your address?” he asked, hop- FROM: Rosie Ruiz (or siya.
“To me, this is a good performance,
BarryIt hasCottle)
already reached some steady
Chinese husband then, and the two had Juanita did not answer his question; do with the baby and had lost interest in ing to end the conversation. given the fact that it isOffice
already normal state,” she said.
gone out on a few occasions. Danny had instead, she said, “And it’s yours.” dating Juanita again. He had too much She told him her address and Danny
– 714-288-7600 Ext. 340
PSA data showed miscellaneous
for post-election years to witness a de-
lost contact with her and later learned It was like cold water was doused on in his plate already, responsibilities he wrote it down at the back of a used race Fax -714-505-2314
cline in economic growth,” he said. service activities— which includes the
Juanita and her husband got back Danny’s face. His face turned ashen. could not assume. He had four kids horse betting stub. Distracted, he hung GDP is the value of goods and services BPO sector—grew by 7.6 percent in
together. Not again, he had that same phone with his ex-wife and another with his up without even saying goodbye. produced by a country in a given period. 2017, compared with 8.6 percent in
“So how are you doing?” Danny was conversation before. Another girlfriend ex-girlfriend in Mexico. He was lucky Danny had no intention of ever seeing Placing a drag on the economy was the 2016.
pleased to hear from Juanita. in Tijuana told him about his daughter no one was asking for financial support the baby. She may have been his own RE: Small Display Ad
decline in business process outsourcing “The way for it to grow much, much
“I am okay, how about you?” a few months ago, which caused his since his ex-wife had a high-paying daughter, but in his mind, he already (BPO) as the industry was starting to more is for it to diversify into higher
“So-so,” he replied. “I’ve missed you,” divorce from his wife. job and his ex-girlfriend came from a had too many responsibilities on his “mature,” the Cabinet official noted. value-added services," Edillon noted.
his playboy persona took over again. “How sure are you?” he asked. “You wealthy family. And he was not about to plate. He wanted to live the carefree life DATE:
“We must note that aJanuary 5, 2017BPO workers must adapt to the tech-
major contribut-
of a divorced father and didn’t want to ing factor to this decline was miscella- nological advancements and train in big
be tied down to another commitment. neous services, which includes the BPO data analytics and artificial intelligence
Juanita kept calling him until one day industry—business processing outsourc- for this to be addressed, she said. —
he agreed to go to L.A. with his friend I ing,”
need to run the following display
he said. VDS, GMA and
Newsin your publication –
Mandy. “We can take this as an indication that
The place was a low-income one
bedroom apartment. It was messy and
so was Juanita. She was no longer the
picture of a pretty Mexican senorita
from a year ago; rather, Juanita looked
to have doubled her body weight, her
skin completely blotchy, her eyes tired
with dark bags haunting them.
“Where’s your husband?” he asked.
“He left me again upon learning this
baby is not his child.”
Danny looked at the baby girl. She
was cute all right, with curly hair and
an angelic face. But Danny resisted any
temptation to hold her, still denying to
himself she was his child. Then the baby
started crying. Juanita was in the kitchen
preparing her milk. Mandy picked up the
baby but she wouldn’t stop crying even
as he danced around, holding her in his
arm. Finally, he handed her to Danny.
As if on cue, she stopped crying as soon
as she rested her head on Danny’s arms.
Any father would treasure that moment,
but it was not what Danny wanted.
Mandy was convinced she was
Danny’s baby; however, Danny would
have none of it. Juanita kept calling him
afterwards, but he refused to answer her.
Eventually, he blocked her calls, decid-
Please place in the “Apartment for Rent” section.
ing not to have anything to do with her


to avoid any potential liability. While he Call with any questions and for payment. What days can this
could insist on a paternity test to know
once and for all if the baby really was the ad sent to me directly at 14211 Yorba St. Ste. 200, Tust
his child, he opted not to do so, worried
the truth might hound him. ESCONDIDO AREA. LIVE IN, NO
After a month, he received an Thank you,
unblocked, unwelcome call from the


Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.
The person at the other end of the line Rosie Ruiz
wanted to meet Danny and personally
inform him Juanita had asked for child
support. CONTACT
714-288-7600 (LIZ) 858-254-4620
Ext. 340
“I think I am ready to go to the Philip- 714-505-2314 Fax
pines now,” Danny told his friend
Mandy. “I’ll take your $500 offer.” Rosieruiz@c-cdev.com
“But there’s no more $500 offer on the
table,” Mandy told him. “Bobby with- Work for the San Diego’s
drew the offer when you told us you are
not interested in the business.” Top Home Care Agency!
“Tell him I will do my part even if I
pay for my own expenses. Just don’t tell
anybody that I am in the Philippines.”
Mandy was baffled by his friend’s
change of heart. Unaware of the District
Now Hiring
Attorney’s call, he thought it was gener-
ous of Danny to make this sacrifice and
Exerienced Caregivers
assure the success of their business. In
reality, his selfish friend simply wanted
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
to escape the long hand of the law and
the financial responsibility of a father to Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits
a cute and pretty Filipino-Mexican girl.

(To be continued) Requirements

• 3 professional references
• Proof of eligibility to work in the US

Sinulog goes Call for an appointment

( Continued from page 8 ) Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sports Center (CCSC) will also have a
more advanced design which incorpo-
rates LED (light-emitting diode) walls La Jolla Apply Online!
for the first time.
“We introduced them so that the 858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com
contingents’ production would be more
high-tech and would integrate digital
effects,” said Jess dela Cruz, program
head of Sinulog 2018.
Meanwhile, devotees were also advised
to refrain from using cellphones and
gadgets while attending novena masses
at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño so
as not to attract criminal elements. Fa-
ther Ric Anthony Reyes, head secretariat
of the basilica also advised pilgrims to
lessen the use of their cameras inside the
Fr. Reyes encouraged the young faith-
ful to not only download the Sinulog app
but also the novena prayer to recognize
the significance of celebrating the
“We encourage the millennials to ap-
preciate the value and the lesson that we
can learn from the Child Jesus,” he said.

The Sinulog
( Continued from page 8 )
his wallet containing P27,000. /With
MAE ALEGADO -- http://cebudai-
January 26 - February 1, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 13

How cyber libel complaint versus Pangilinan: What will we gain by letting China do research at PH Rise?
Rappler can endanger the press NET
Pathricia Ann V. Roxas, INQUIRER. China to conduct maritime re-
-- Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pang- search in Benham Rise,” Pang-
after the research? How long will this
be carried out, and what will be the
reports about China’s bullying of our lo-
cal fishermen and its constant patrolling
This means any previous NBI cybercrime division chief Manuel ilinan on Monday demanded “full coverage of the research? What are the of disputed waters in the West Philippine
ilinan said in a statement. “We mechanisms and guidelines in place in Sea,” he said.
libel case 'can be reopened' if Eduarte said Rappler can still be liable transparency” after the “alarming‘
for cyber libel because the 2012 article demand full transparency of the the conduct of the activity?”
the story concerned remains remains online. admission of the Department of deal.” “Most importantly, what would be the In an earlier press briefing, presidential
online, warns Rappler CEO This, for the NBI, is a case of "continu- Foreign Affairs (DFA) that it had Pangilinan also questioned if the impact of such joint undertaking on the spokesperson Harry Roque clarified that
Philippines’ national interest and secu- the Philippines has “sovereign rights to
Maria Ressa ous publication." allowed China to conduct mari- country could gain from the deal rity?” he added. explore and exploit the natural resources
time research in the Philippine and what its impact would be.. found in the Benham Rise region.”
Paterno Esmaquel II, Rappler. Experts, however, disagreed with the
NBI. Rise, formerly callede Benham The senator said he raised these queries “Kasama po sa exclusive na karapatan
com | MANILA,1/28/2018 – Rap- Lyceum Law School dean Sol Mawis Rise. “What will the country stand to gain because “history and experience tell us ng sovereign rights ay ‘yung desisyon,
pler CEO Maria Ressa warned from this marine scientific research? that China is not exactly the most trust- iyong sovereign decision na payagan
said the theory of continuous publication “We are alarmed by the admis- Why do we need to partner with China?
that the cyber libel complaint cannot be applied in Rappler's case. worthy partner for such an activity.” iyong ibang mga bansa na mag-conduct
sion of the Department of Foreign Can’t the Philippines do it on its own?” “We cannot turn a blind eye to past ng scientific studies,” he said. /atm
filed by businessman Wilfredo "It cannot be a continuing crime
because there’s only one criminal intent. Affairs (DFA) that it has allowed he said. “What is in store for China
Keng against the social news If you published today, your criminal in-
network has "huge implications"
15 minutes
tent today would be different from your you think reducing positive emotions is team writes: clearly, better equipped to deal with the
on the press. criminal intent tomorrow," Mawis said. beneficial. Yet it would be interesting to rigors of our inner terrain. In the words
"This is important for everyone Rappler lawyer Jose Jesus "JJ" Disini know the levels of contentment that fol- The set of studies thus suggested that of the researchers:
also said on Monday, January 22, that ( Continued from page 9 )
of the journalists who publish, The four experiments: comparing soli- lowed these boredom sessions. Did the people can use solitude, or other varia-
the cyber libel complaint against Rap- calmness and reduced stress make the tions on being alone, to regulate their It is clear that solitude can play a
because this means that if you've pler is dangerous for the media. tude with social interactions; comparing
students more at ease? Is feeling content affective states, becoming quiet after role in the self-regulation of affective
had a libel case from a decade "No one is safe. Anyone that has a solitude with being alone during an
activity, like reading; comparing solitude in the moment better than being joyous? excitement, calm after an angry episode, experiences, and it also appears to be the
ago, they can say that if your libelous article that continues to be ac- It is an arguable point, considering the or centered and peaceful when desired. case that having positive thoughts and
cessible may be charged with libel, and with being alone thinking certain types
story is online, you are again moving forward, this affects everyone, of thoughts; understanding how daily superfluous nature of emotions and the making choices or being volitional in
gonna be charged for it. If you solitude impacts affective experiences stability of a disciplined contentment. We all need breaks from arousal, not solitude can enhance people’s positive
not just media, even bloggers," Disini only when sleeping. Being constantly experiences.
won the case, it can be reopened," said. by utilizing diary data.
The real value here appears to be af- stimulated keeps us on edge throughout
Ressa said Tuesday, January 23. Ressa pointed out, "As far as I'm con- fective control. Instead of being carried our day and even affects our uncon- Derek is the author of Whole Motion:
cerned, the only crime I've done is to be In the first study 75 students sat by
themselves in a comfortable chair, while away by emotional responses—some- scious hours. Allowing breaks for bore- Training Your Brain and Body For Opti-
Ressa appeared at the National Bureau a journalist." – Rappler.com thing the Internet, at times, seems dom, for being alone with our thoughts, mal Health. Based in Los Angeles, he is
the control group of 39 students talked

US warship
of Investigation (NBI) on Monday, Janu- designed for—the students who spent is a helpful ally to combat life’s stresses. working on a new book about spiritual
ary 22, for a hearing on the cyber libel to a research assistant. Each group was
handed a questionnaire before and after time alone were better able to decide Regulation is worth the price of deac- consumerism. Stay in touch on Face-
complaint filed by Keng. how to respond to stimulation. As the tivation. It is then we see transience book and Twitter.
Ressa received the NBI subpoena 3 ( Continued from page 11 ) the session. Solitary individuals showed
days after the Securities and Exchange a “deactivation effect.” Both positive
Basic protocols and negative emotions were reduced.

Commission (SEC) revoked Rappler's for Decommissioning, a government- show was what is believed to be a stain-
license, a move slammed by internation- Follow-up experiments showed similar
The US Navy’s behavior broke basic deactivation results: funded organization of nuclear compa- less steel handle of a case containing
al groups as a blow on press freedom. protocols of international relations, Lu nies — found deposits in the shape of bundles of fuel rods sitting on a pile of
(READ: EXPLAINER: How SEC's It seems solitude doesn’t have a simple ( Continued from page 1 )
said. emotional effect that can be caricatured pebbles, clay and other forms, Kimoto pebble-shaped and clayish substances, in
Rappler decision is a test case for press “China will take necessary measures Melted fuel has previously only said. a sign the rods melted and breached the
freedom) as good or bad; rather, it changes the
to firmly safeguard its sovereignty,” he intensity of our inner experience, both been documented inside Unit 3, Determining the location of the melted bottom of the core. The deposits seemed
A journalist for more than 3 decades, said, adding that Beijing has “indisput- where an underwater probe cap- fuel is crucial in planning for its re- to be scattered in a wide area around
the Rappler CEO rejected claims that it positive and negative: accentuating low-
able sovereignty over Huangyan Island” key emotions, while dialing down our tured images of large amounts of moval, the hardest process in the plant's the pedestal, the main structure that sits
was all a coincidence. and its adjacent waters. decommissioning. underneath the core.
"While the NBI claims that this is stronger feelings. melted fuel debris that looked like
Lu did not say what measures China The same occurred with the groups that The government and TEPCO plan to Experts say they believe part of the fuel
coincidence, there's just too much co- would take if the US Navy sailed again were asked to jot down evening diary molten lava mixed with broken determine the methods and start remov- still remains inside the core of the Unit
incidence as far as I'm concerned. That near the islets and shoals it claims in the parts of equipment and structures ing melted fuel from one of the three re- 2 reactor, while almost all of the fuel
coincidence is a pattern, and the pattern entries for two weeks. Those writing
South China Sea. after a device-free 15 minutes showed on the concrete floor. actors in 2021. But experts say a lack of rods in Unit 1 and 3 melted and fell to
is alarming," Ressa said. “China respects and safeguards the data is delaying the development of the the bottom of the primary containment
Ressa made these remarks in an inter- a reduction in positive and negative During yesterday's investigation, the
freedom of navigation and overflight emotions. device — developed by Toshiba Corp. precise type of technology and robots. chambers.
view with reporters Tuesday, January 23, in the South China Sea for all countries The images from yesterday's probe
on the sidelines of a forum about fake Is this necessarily a good thing? Not if and the International Research Institute
in accordance with international law,
news, hosted by Far Eastern University. but resolutely opposes any country’s

St. Thérèse of Carmel

move to impair China’s sovereignty and
Continuous publication? security interests in the name of freedom
of navigation and overflight,” Lu said.
In Tuesday's interview, Ressa was ex- —Xinhua New Agency, with reports
plaining the impact of the crime Rappler Jaymee T. Gamil, DJ Yap, and the wires
is accused of – "the crime of continuous
The NBI cited the theory of continuous
publication in justifying Keng's com-
plaint against Rappler. (READ: What's
Healing Mass & Service
inside Keng's cyber libel complaint vs
The cyber libel complaint against Rap-
pler was about a story published in May
2012. But how can Rappler be guilty of
cyber libel when the cybercrime law was
enacted only 4 months later?

Why do some
The researchers noted the influence
that parents can have on this drifting
( Continued from page 10 )
away from the Church and that a family
unit can drift together when parents
These results align with previous feel inadequate to explain why the faith
Pew Research Center findings that the matters.
“Nones” are a growing category in the Reachers encountered a more active
U.S. The CARA researchers cite a 2015 rejection of the faith in those in the “dis-
Pew study that the number of religiously senter” category. Some of these young
unaffiliated adults in the U.S. increased people cited disagreement with Church
by 19 million between 2007 and 2014. teaching on birth control, same-sex mar-
In addition, 21 percent of young Catho- riage, and sexuality as the precipitating
lics who left the Church responded that force for their departure.
they are now “born again” or evangeli- Notably, only two percent of respon-
cal Christian. dents cited the clergy sex abuse scandal
Although the “Nones” represented the as a reason they left the Church. "Ask and it will be given to you..." Matthew 7: 7
largest category of former Catholics, Vitek explained to CNA that there can
Vitek said that “the vast majority of be intersections between these three
young people who disaffiliated from the common categories, saying, “a young WHEN: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2018
Catholic Church still believe in God and person may first have a disruptive
most still desire some type of religious experience that causes them to feel hurt
community with which to affiliate.” or broken in some way, that brokenness TIME: 06:30 PM PRAISE & WORSHIP
might lead the young person to begin to 07:00 PM HEALING MASS
Reasons for leaving question and doubt their faith, and their
unresolved doubt may lead them to drift FOLLOWED BY HEALING SERVICE
The study, Going, Going, Gone! The away.”
Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young
Catholics, is based on a national survey A final decision?
and interviews with 214 former Catho- 4355 DEL MAR TRAILS
lics between the ages of 15 and 25. Before they left their faith, the young
“This study was all about young people
former Catholics were involved in the
telling their stories of why they left the Church to varying extents. Twenty-eight
Church in their own words, uncensored percent told CARA that they rarely or TEL: 858-481-3232
and unfiltered,” explained Vitek in a never attended Mass at the time when
press release on the study. they considered themselves Catholic. †You are encouraged to receive the Sacrament of CELEBRANT:
CARA researchers identified patterns Only 17 percent surveyed said that they FR. RICHARD PAGANO
among the young people’s personal sto- attended Mass weekly when they were
Reconciliation before coming to the Healing Mass.
ries and described three archetypes for Catholic. Three-fourths of the respon-
their Catholic disaffiliation: the injured, dents never attended a Catholic school. Fr. Richard Pagano, a priest of the Diocese of St. Augustine, FL, was ordained on May 18, 2013. He is a 2008
the drifter, and the dissenter. Eighty-seven percent of these former graduate of Ave Maria University, a 2013 graduate of St. Vincent de Paul and has recently been conferred an MBA
The “injured” are young people who Catholics said that their decision to leave
experienced a hardship or tragedy in
Degree in Film and Communications from John Paul the Great Catholic University where he has been developing new
the Church is final.
which God seemed to be absent. Despite Vitek noted that “this is a response methods of engagement in digital media and evangelization in what Pope Benedict called the Digital Content. Father
their prayers, their parents divorced or ill given at a particular point in their life Pagano has been involved in the Charismatic Movement for many years and has been mentored by Fr. Richard Mac
family members died, for example. and they can’t predict the future. So Alear. Fr. Pagano has a background in youth ministry since 2002 and has spoken nationally at parishes and youth
One young man told the researchers there is always hope for the believing conferences. He hopes to endeavor upon a new evangelization through social media and film production that cultivates
that he remembers family and loved community.”
ones praying for his grandfather with an awareness of the teachings of the Catholic Faith and promotes an authentic culture among young people who are
Studies do show, however, that “(m)
lung cancer, “everyone is praying for ore and more, once a person chooses to searching for meaning online and in the world. Fr. Pagano has celebrated prayers of healing for families and people
him, probably over 150 people. Person- disaffiliate from the Church they are not since 2013.
ally praying for him and still there was re-affiliating later in life,” he added.
nothing done to help him and that was As for what the Church can do to What are your healing needs?
my first skepticism.” prevent young people from rejecting Are they physical, emotional or spiritual...physical pain and disease, broken relationships, anger, resentment, divorce,
The “drifter” is one who typically had their faith, Vitek recommends, “We need unforgiveness, depression, addictions, anxiety, loss of job, loneliness, effects from suicide, miscarriage, gambling,
trouble connecting their identity as a to create a place where young people
baptized Catholic to their concrete life
temptations of all kinds, activity in New Age practices, past abuse, lack of faith, not trusting in God...?
can freely wrestle with their questions of
experiences in the real world. They faith, including their doubt…” Singles, families, parents and youth, do you need special graces?
struggled to articulate why being Catho- “We found that young people want to
lic matters, so they just drifted away talk about their faith but they aren’t sure Please come and receive the healing power of God!!!
from the Church. if they can without judgment,” he said.
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com January 26 - February 1, 2018

The inventor of the smartphone apologizes Finally, a blood test to screen
Dr. Rocco Leonard Martino, Aleteia.
high, filling it with explosives, and
putting a match to it, we might be more
for early-stage cancer
elegant to employ plasma propulsion
tied in with the ability to have a rocket Anne A. Jambora, Inquirer.net
"I’m sorry! I apologize for the
terrible harm my curiosity has ship take off like an airplane and then Scientists at Johns Hopkins Uni-
accelerate into outer space using first versity have developed a blood
inflicted on humanity." turbo jets, then ram jets, and then plasma
I’d like to say a few words – two propulsion. They told me in no uncertain
test that will detect early signs of
in fact — about my new book. terms that I was a child who didn’t know the eight most common cancers
Some of you may think it is about what he was talking about. normally diagnosed in their late
The Coming Technology Tsuna- stages, according to research
Now, it is going to happen. There is published in the journal Science.
mi, but that is my old book. The extensive examination of plasma propul-
new one will be called Apolgia sion for extraterrestrial rocketry. The This means early detection will
pro mea curiositos (Apology for moon excursion trips, and later the Mars finally be available for patients
my curiosity).
colonization trips, that will occur some- who have cancer of the ovary,
where in the next decades will most liver, pancreas, esophagus, bowel,
And here are the two words: I’m certainly use plasma instead of rockets. late that four in five patients die in the
sorry! I apologize for the terrible lungs or breast. year they are diagnosed. Women with
harm my curiosity has inflicted on The next 10 years are going to be sort ovarian cancer detected early on could
of dramatic as I’ve discussed in my old The screening test, then known as
humanity. have 92 percent chance of surviving, but
book. In the United States, every home “liquid biopsy” and now called Cancer-
only 15 percent of all ovarian cancers
will have a robot. We might even have a SEEK, works by looking for mutated
First: My curiosity has created addicts are found at an early stage.
robot run for president. As I write, there DNA that dying cells shed into the
out of all of your children in the use of CancerSEEK could change all that.
is an ongoing effort in New Zealand to blood, and protein biomarkers associated
smartphones. They cannot live without The journal Science reported that Can-
build a robot meant to run for political with bowel, breast, liver, lung, esopha-
their smartphones. They cannot have a cerSEEK is novel because it hunts for
office. geal, ovarian, pancreatic and stomach
meal without their smartphone by their both the mutated DNA and the proteins.
cancer. The test looks for mutations in
side. Thank God their teachers are smart The blood test could complement other
Sometime in the next two or three 16 genes that regularly occur in cancer,
enough to prohibit smartphones from cancer screening tools as well.
years we’re going to see a series of satel- and eight proteins that are often released.
coming to the classroom — perhaps An Australian researcher involved in
lites added to those already in orbit, so The test detected 70 percent of the
maybe we should have our pastors do the study, professor Peter Gibbs from
that everyone in the world will now be cancers in more than 1,000 patients with
that for church. Personally, I would like the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, told
in touch. Can you imagine the disruption cancers in the ovary, liver, stomach,
to see them prohibited from coming to ABC News, ”For the first time we’re
to the dinner table when messages can pancreas, esophagus, colon, lung or
the dinner table. But then again, I keep seeing potential for a blood test that can
come from any part in the world from breast. More importantly, it did so before
my own smartphone near my plate just screen for many types of nasty cancers
at any hour of the day or night? Dinner the cancers had spread, giving patients a
as you do, and we are both often inter- that until now we’ve had to wait until
table? What’s a dinner table? fighting chance at beating the disease.
rupted by messages and urgent emails symptoms are diagnosed quite late.”
About 800 volunteers who had not yet
we just have to read and answer. So While not everyone might be too keen
It is going to happen. The second been diagnosed with cancer were also
perhaps we have to be very careful, if on getting a colonoscopy to rule out
renaissance is upon us and – please tested. According to ABC News, US
we ban our children from bringing their cancer of the colon, Gibbs said pretty
forgive me – there is no stopping it. researchers are currently conducting the
smartphones to the table, lest we realize much everyone “would be happy to have
test on 10,000 more people to examine
we need that discipline, ourselves. a blood test.”
And so I ask that you pardon my its effectivity as well as to help deter-
Second: I apologize for the fact that “This is of massive potential. This is
curiosity — and that you pardon me for mine its cost to patients in the future.
my invention has destroyed conversa- the Holy Grail—a blood test to diagnose
exercising that curiosity and creating the “This field of early detection is critical,
tion between people. You and I have cancer without all the other procedures
smartphone and new aspects of space and the results are very exciting. I think
often seen couples and whole groups like scans or colonoscopy,” Dr. Gert
swers. Now you merely “thumb it” into Fifth: On the same token I must flight. this can have an enormous impact on
of youngsters walking down the street Attard, team leader in the Center for
your smartphone and allow Google to do apologize for the fact that your right cancer mortality,” Dr. Cristian Tomasetti
texting each other rather than talking. Evolution and Cancer at the Institute of
all the work for you. So, Google is very arm, if you’re right-handed, or your left And for those of you who will not of Johns Hopkins University School of
As they sit in the living room, they often Cancer Research, London, and consul-
healthy but you are rapidly becoming a arm if you are left-handed, is becoming forgive me, I’m going to announce the Medicine told BBC.
text each other rather than carry on a tant medical oncologist at the Royal
couch potato. elongated so that you can hold your cell- start of a new organization dedicated Current screening tests available for
spirited discussion. For this I abjectly Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, told
phone in that hand while you take self- to returning to the old days: Snail mail some cancers reduce the risk of death
ask your pardon. On bended knee, I ask the BBC.
I am also sorry that your children no ies. And, too, I must apologize for the and smoke signals, foot-travel, and by up to 50 percent. CancerSEEK al-
your pardon. CancerSEEK is designed for people
longer turn to you with their curious artificial grin which is always implanted horse-drawn buggies with free manure lows early detection of five cancers that
50 and above as well as younger people
questions, because they are turning to on your face so that you are ready at all for the flower beds — all you can use. previously had no screening program for
Third: I beg your pardon for the fact with a family history of cancer. Gibbs
Google. That’s a precious loss. times for a selfie. The club’s first requirement will be the early detection.
that I have destroyed the health of your told ABC he hopes the test would be-
relinquishing of your mobile phone. Pancreatic cancer, for example, has so
children, if not your own. Not all that come part of an annual regular checkup.
Fourth: I must apologize for the fact Yes, all of this requires your pardon, Ready to sign up? few symptoms and is usually detected so
long ago, if you needed to research that the index finger on our children and and more is coming. In 1952, by chance,
information, you needed a ride to the ourselves is becoming ossified pointed I discovered something called plasma
library. If you couldn’t “thumb a ride,” in order to better manipulate the touch in shockwaves; at that time I suggested
you’d have to walk miles to get there,
and spend hours hunting down your an-
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January 26 - February 1, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15

Broadway/San John Lloyd Cruz competes with Katarina Rodriguez is 1st runner-up
Diego’s 2018- Hollywood actors for international in Miss Intercontinental 2017
2019 Season of acting award Mexico's Veronica Salas
Vallejo is Miss Intercontinental
Classic Broad- 2017

way Musicals is Rappler.com | MANILA,

1/25/2018 – Katarina Rodriguez
announced placed 1st runner-up at the Miss
Intercontinental 2017 on Wednes-
2018-2019 Season Includes day, January 24 (January 25,
the San Diego Premiere of Manila), in Hurghada, Egypt.
DISNEY’S ALADDIN, WAIT- Mexico's Veronica Salas Vallejo
RESS and CHARLIE AND won the title and was crowned
THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY by Miss Intercontinental 2016
The 2017 Tony Award® Winner Heilymar Rosario Velazquez of
for Best Revival HELLO, DOLLY! Puerto Rico.
Plus, Return Engagements of A former runner-up from Asia'
These San Diego Audience- Next Top Model, Katarina was
Favorites: CATS, FIDDLER also awarded as Miss Interconti-
ON THE ROOF and MISS nental Asia and Oceania.
SAIGON –and, Back by Popu- MANILA, Philippines — ABS- his idol Daniel Day-Lewis has been The winners:
lar Demand, THE BOOK OF CBN actor John Lloyd Cruz, who nominated as Best Actor for the movie Miss Intercontinental 2017 - Veronica
MORMON. “Phantom Thread,” he felt that he al- Salas Vallejo, Mexico
is still on leave, has been nomi- ready won. 1st runner-up - Katarina Rodriguez,
nated for Best Supporting Actor “When I read Daniel Day-Lewis writ- Philippines
(San Diego, Calif.) –Broadway/ for the film “Ang Babaeng Hu- ten in his category sabi ko uy panalo na 2nd runner-up - Catherlinjne Heppen-
San Diego ~ A Nederlander mayo” at the 15th International ko.” huis, Netherlands
Presentation is thrilled to an- Cinephile Society awards. Lav Diaz’s revenge drama “Ang 3rd runner-up - Amanda Cardoso,
nounce their 2018-2019 season Babaeng Humayo” was also nominated Brazil
Cruz is set to compete with for best adapted screenplay and best film 4th runner-up - Lizeth Mendieta,
of time-tested and contemporary American actors Willem Dafoe, not in the English language at the Inter- Colombia
Broadway classics coming to San famous for his character in “Spi- national Cinephile Society awards. MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 1ST RUNNER-UP. 2017. Katarina Rodriguez is 1st 5th runner-up - Lee Su Jin, Korea
Diego. This is the perfect sea- derman,” Armie Hammer, also These nominations came almost two runner-up in the Miss Intercontinental competition. File photo by Martin San Diego/ In the past few years, the Philippine
son to bring together traditional years after the film won the top prize Rappler delegates to Miss Intercontinental have
known as “The Long Ranger,” at the 73rd Venice International Film placed well, but have never managed to
theatre-lovers and new audi- and Michael Stuhlbarg, who is Festival in 2016.
ences to share their enjoyment of win the crown itself. Kris Janson placed
tied with series “Boardwalk Em- 2nd runner-up in 2014, while Christi
theatre, with songs everyone can pire,” as well as “Dunkirk” Irish John Lloyd, for his part, plays the role McGarry was 1st runner-up in 2015. In
sing to at the San Diego Civic actor Barry Keoghan and "BPM"
of Hollanda, a transvestite whom Hora- 2016, Jennifer Hammond was part of the
Theatre and sponsored by San cia eventually takes under her wing. Top 15.
French actor Arnaud Valois. Katarina's 1st runner-up finish closed
Diego County Credit Union®. There is still no word as to when John the competition for the 2017 Binibini
“Congratulations John Lloyd on your Lloyd will be back on the limelight. Pilipinas queens. Elizabeth Clenci
This new season begins with a little nomination under the Best Supporting Reports said he and his girlfriend Ellen
slice of heaven with the irresistible placed 2nd runner-up in the Miss Grand
category for ‘Ang Babaeng Humay’” in Adarna are preparing for their upcoming International pageant, while Nelda Ibe
Broadway hit and beloved film, WAIT- the 15th International Cinephile Society wedding, but this has been denied by
RESS. Next is Broadway’s most beloved was 1st runner-up in Miss Globe.
awards,” Star Magic announced on Twit- Ellen’s best friend Beauty Gonzales. Rachel Peters (Miss Universe Philip-
musical, the 2017 Tony Award®-winner ter in January 23.
for Best Revival, HELLO, DOLLY!, pines 2017) and Chanel Olive Thomas
Formed in 2003, the International (Miss Supranational Philippines 2017)
back on stage where it belongs. On his Instagram account, John Lloyd Cinephile Society is an online group both finished in the top 10 of their re-
(@ekomsi) posted that never in his wild- made up of approximately 100 accred- spective pageants. – Rappler.com
Discover a whole new world and get est dreams did he think that he will be ited journalists, film scholars, historians,
everything you wished for with Disney’s
Atom Araullo to appear in new travel, adventure show
nominated in the international awards. and other industry professionals who
ALADDIN. Make new memories at “Wasak. ICS Awards never in my wild- cover film festivals and events in five
CATS based on T.S. Eliot's Old Pos- est dreams,” the versatile actor posted. continents. Winners will be announced
sum's Book of Practical Cats. Enjoy a He added that when he read that on February 4. Television personality Atom Araullo
delicious tale by Roald Dahl which is is the host of a new reality series on AXN.
sure to be San Diego’s golden ticket, ABS-CBN/Released
FACTORY. Start a new tradition with combination of touring shows making temporary shows that have ignited and
the with the Tony Award® winning, and their San Diego debut, nicely balanced shaped a new generation of audience MANILA, Philippines — News
one of Broadway’s most loved musicals with the return of some all-time theatri- members like BEAUTIFUL, the inspir- reporter Atom Araullo will soon
of all time, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. cal treasures.” said Joe Kobryner, Vice ing true story of Carole King. In addi- add a new show in his growing
And finally, be captivated by the epic President of Broadway/San Diego. “We tion, be transported to the magical land portfolio.
love-story about the ultimate sacrifice of truly have something for everyone, from of OZ in the return of WICKED and
family favorites, to heart-breaking love back by popular demand, THE BOOK Atom is set to launch and host
love, based on the iconic opera Madame
Butterfly, with MISS SAIGON. stories,” he added. OF MORMON, which played record AXN's "Adventure Your Way,"
breaking runs in 2014 and 2016, returns a weekly 30-minute travel show
“The 2018-2019 season, is the perfect Added Season Events include con- to San Diego for a limited engagement. that aims to explore new adven-
tures in Philippine destinations.
AXN is yet to announce the air-
ing date of the show.

Dental Implant Centers

The show promises to be distinct
by making viewers participate in
its directions. Destinations will
be chosen from suggestions on
DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego. social media.
"Each episode features Atom
taking on challenging activities as
he tries out the adventure of your
choice without any itinerary and
with only his phone and social
media to guide him," AXN's news
release read.
Araullo was a news reporter for
ABS-CBN before he jumped ship
and joined another television gi-

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

ant, GMA Network.
He went on to film documenta-
ries on international issues. He
also launched a web series under
❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor. GMA Network, "Adulting with
Atom Araulo." — Camille Diola
Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com

Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila

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866.469.7645 • www.drkhazian.com
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com January 26 - February 1, 2018



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7:30 pm
Enjoy a lion dance performance from Southern Sea Lion
Dance Group at 7:30 pm!

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