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Ideas by Taylor Bland. Inspired by not only historical events but games like Assassins’ Creed IV: Black Flag and Final Fantasy.
Vehicles follow a unique set of rules. Here are the base examples to build ships in Age of Alchemy. While ground and air vehicles
are common, these are SHIP rules, made for vessels that can run on either land, sea OR air. That’s Right!!! This is about creating
Airships for Fantasy Age!!! HAVE FUN!!!

Pilot's DEX (Piloting) for INTV and defense (DEF is 10+Ability+Focus Bonus)
Captain's COM (Leadership) for commands and Attack
Crew size: limited by ship size and limits weapon capacity. Keep in mind it costs a minimum of 20 silver each month to keep the
crew on the captains side.

SPEED: in yards (Preferably high in number like 30+)

Size: how big the ship is: 1-Small (20-30 crew), 2-Average (31-50 crew), 3-Large (51-100 crew)
Maneuverability: Turning speed (How long in combat it takes to turn): 1: Major action (Slowest), 2: Minor action (Average), 3:
Free Action (Fastest) It takes crew to operate the sails: 20 for slower, 15 for average, 10 for faster
Cargo: Available Cargo Capacity
Structure: ships health threshold-the ship is disabled if reduced to 0, any more damage destroys it. This is based on 2 factors,
size and hull type
Hull Type: the type of hull that holds the ship together
Hull Resistance: basically AR-Ranging from dense wood (1) to thick metal (5). This is based on hull type
Land/Sea/Air capability: in what environment does it function, some may work in 2 types but having all 3 is rare and expensive
Weaponry: the types of weapons on the ship, (Type/Attack (Captains’ leadership)/Damage (Specialist required for any
bonuses)/Ranges/Reload/Crew (operation)) cannot have more weaponry than crew to use them. Also, you cannot fire more cannons
than your Captains Communication (Leadership) per round.
Specialists: certain people with specialties that grant bonuses to certain types of actions.
Upgrades: What kinds of upgrades does the ship have?

SHIP SIZE COSTS AND BASE STATS: these are the base statistics for most ships based on size
Size Cost Crew Speed Masts Maneuver Structure Cargo Capability Weapon Max
Size 1 300 gp 20-30 100 y 1 3 (5 Crew) 50 50 Sea 5
Size 2 500 gp 31-50 50 y 1 2 (10 Crew) 100 100 Sea 10
Size 3 900 gp 51-100 25 y 1 1 (20 Crew) 150 200 Sea 20

WEAPONS: These are the most common form of weaponry on most ships. Each weapon takes one Cargo Slot from maximum
Weapon Type Damage Base Ranges Reload Crew Cost Notes
Light Cannons 1d6 per cannon 100/200y Minor 1 50 gp per 2 -
Standard cannons 2d6 per cannon 100/200y Major 2 75 gp per 2 -
Heavy cannons 3d6 per cannon 75/150y Major 3 100 gp per 2 -
Front Cannons 1d6 per cannon (4 max) 100/200y Minor 1 50 gp each -
Side Turrets 1d6 per cannon (8 max, 50/100y Minor 1 50 gp each No Weapon Slots
Harpoon Gun 1d6 penetrating (1 max) 100/200y 1 Round 1 100 gp No Weapon Slots, size 1 only
Light Ballista 2d6 penetrating (1 max) 100/200y 1 round 3 200 gp Size 2 and 3
Heavy Ballista 3d6 penetrating (1 max) 150/350y 1 round 4 250 gp Size 3 only
Ram 1d6/2d6/3d6 penetrating - - - 100 gp -
ARMOR TYPES: you gain the base Hull Type of the size of the ship and you only have to pay the difference if you wish to upgrade
to a better Hull type
Hull Type Hull Resistance Structure Bonus Speed Penalty Cost
Thin Wood* 2 None None 25 gp (Free)
Ceramics 3 +5 None 50 gp
Thick Wood** 4 +10 -5 yards 50 gp (Free)
Crystal 5 +15 -5 yards 75 gp
Double Planked Wood*** 6 +20 -10 yards 75 gp (Free)
Metal Reinforced Wood 7 +25 -10 yards 100 gp
Metal Plated Wood 8 +30 -15 yards 150 gp
Full Metal 9 +35 -15 yards 200 gp
Mythril 10 +40 -20 yards 250 gp
Enchanted +1 +5 +5 yards +50 gp
*Standard for Size 1 ships **Standard for Size 2 ships ***Standard for Size 3 ships

SHIP UPGRADES: these are very common upgrades that may cost a whole lot but are rather effective when building ships
Upgrade Effect Cost
Flight Adds the Flight capability (Double base Swimming Speed) 100 gp
Steam Engine Adds +2 yards to all Speeds 100 gp
Foldable Wings Can add +10 yards to Flight speed at any point. Minor action to trigger or retract these 150 gp
Wheels Adds the Running Capability (Half base Swimming Speed). Size 3 ships cannot have this 150 gp
upgrade due to size
Secret Hold TN 15 Perception (Searching) Test to find secret compartment. Also adds +5 to total 50 gp
Cargo Capacity. For 10 extra gp, add +1 to the TN
Extra Cannons Reduce Cargo Capacity max to add weapon max 50 gp per unit
Extra Cargo Reduce weapon max to add Cargo Capacity max 50 gp per unit
Extra Sails Gains Swim and Flight Speed of +5 yards each 50 gp
Maneuverability Wings Increases maneuverability rank by 1 point. Size 1 ships cannot have this upgrade 100 gp
Extra Masts Grants +10 yards Swimming and Flight Speed per mast purchased. 1 maximum for size 50 gp per mast
1 ships, 2 maximum for size 2 ships and 3 maximum for size 3 ships

SPCIALIST SAMPLES: Each Specialist will cost the captain an extra 25 silver per month of employment
Specialist Effect
Weapons Specialist Adds +4 to total damage rolls
Combat Tactician Adds a +2 bonus to engagements and attacks
Navigator Adds a +2 bonus to Initiative checks
Engineer Can make a repair on the ship. TN 7+Size+Hull Resistance to gain 2d6 to the ships current Structure. This roll
cannot exceed the total Structure of the ship. Only once per encounter
Quartermaster Reduces the cost of all Ship Upgrades by 20%

AMMUNITION TYPES: typical ammunition for the types of weapons for ships.
Ammo Type Description Cost per unit Shots per unit
Round Shot Typical round ammo for most weapons 15 gp 10 shots
Chain Shot Deals normal damage but can reduce speed by -2 yards of stunt die is 6 on attack 20 gp 10 shots
Heavy Shot Like normal ammo but will always add +2 to total damage 35 gp 10 shots
Harpoon Ammo for the Harpoon 15 gp 10 shots
Bolt Ammo for the Ballista 25 gp 10 shots
Flaming Shot Deals an extra +1 damage on attack and will burn, dealing 2 points penetrating 25 gp 10 shots
damage every round for 4 rounds
Scattershot This is like the Blunderbuss. Instead of normal ranges, it creates a cone that is 80 20 gp 10 shots
yards wide by 20 yards long.
SPEED AND CAPABILITIES: Swim Speed is the base speed listed above. This is how fast in yards the ship can travel on the ocean’s
surface. If the Ship has the Flight Capability, then Flight Speed is equal to twice the base Swim Speed in yards. This is because there is
less resistance in the air. If the ship has the Running Capability, it is equal to HALF the base Swim speed due to rougher terrain.

CARGO: The Base Cargo Capacity is the total amount the ship can carry if we remove all of the crew and weapons. Cargo
Capacity is reduced by the number of available crew and the number of weapons (Excluding the Ram for it is on the outside of the
ship and the side turrets since they are on top of the ship’s deck). The remaining number is then reduced by another 5 points for
previsions for the crew and another 5 for the powder and ammo for the weapons and the remaining then is the amount of cargo the
ship can carry. Formula: Base Cargo capacity - crew size – weapons (Except Ram, Side Turrets, Harpoons or Ballistae) – 5 for crew
previsions – x (x= total units of ammo purchased) for ammo and reserves + any upgrades = remaining cargo capacity.

CREW AND WEAPONS: you need a minimum amount of Crew to work a ship. This is calculated in the Ship Size categories
already, but if you do not have enough to operate the weapons, then you cannot use all available weaponry for the ship. You need a
minimum to work the Riggins on the main deck and some to operate the weapons. If Crew is lost, then not all weapons can be used
and if you do not have enough to maneuver the ship, you can become dead in the water. Crew is a very important factor in this rules
set, so keep that in mind as you create the ships and head off into the skies.

Now normally it is assumed that the players act as crewmembers aboard a ship but it is likely that a player may wish to own a
ship of their own. In this case, we use their stats for the Captains’ Communication (Leadership) and if they pilot their own ship, like
many captains did, then their Dexterity (Piloting) will be used as well.

Now a Player may become a Specialist. The GM will determine what kind of benefit the player may offer and apply an
appropriate benefit the ship as a whole.
For example:
The Gallivant (Pirate cruiser airship)

Captain: Durant “Redskull” Barnum

Captains’ Dexterity (Piloting) 3 (+2) (INTV +5) (DEF 15)
Captains’ Communication (Leadership) 4 (+2) (+6 attack)
Crew Size: 36 (31-50 maximum; 10 maneuverability, 20 for
standard cannons, 2 for front cannons, 4 for turret cannons; 36
Size: 2
Speed: 40 Swim, 90/100 Fly (50 swim and 100 fly -10 for armor)
Maneuverability: 2 (Minor Action, 10 Crew)
Cargo: 41 units available (100 -36 for crew -10 for standard cannons -2 for front cannons -5 for crew previsions -15 for ammo
and powder +5 for Secret Hold +4 for Extra Cargo).
Structure: 120 (100 +20 for Hull)
Hull Type: Double Planked Wood
Hull Resistance: 6
Capability: Sea/Air
Weaponry: 16/16 available slots
10 Standard Cannons (5 on each side) (20 crew) 2d6(+4) per cannon used, Major Reload, 100/200 yard ranges
2 Front Cannons (2 Crew) 1d6(+4) per cannon, Minor Reload, 100/200 yard ranges
4 Turret Cannons (4 Crew) 1d6(+4) per cannon, Minor Reload, 50/100 yard ranges
RAM: 2d6(+4) Penetrating Damage
Ammo Type: Uses 15 units of Cargo for Round Shot (10 shots per unit for 150 shots)
WEAPON SPECIALIST: Adds +4 to all damage rolls
FOLDABLE WINGS: Can add +10 to Flight at any point
EXTRA CARGO: Gave up 4 weapon units for +4 Cargo Units
SECRET HOLD: TN 15 Perception (Searching) to find extra Cargo (+5 to total Cargo Capacity)


Size 2 ship: 500 gp
Double Planked Hull: (pays difference between armors) 25 gp
10 standard Cannons: 375 gp (75x5=375)
2 Front Cannons: 100 gp (50x2=100)
4 Side Turrets: 200 gp (50x4=200)
RAM: 100 gp installation
Flight Capability: 100 gp
Foldable Wings upgrade: 150 gp
Extra Cargo Upgrade: 200 gp (50x4=200)
Secret Hold Upgrade: 50 gp

Total minimum expense per month of the Crew: 745 sp per month of minimum earnings to keep crew happy
20 Silver per crew member per month: 720 sp (36x20)
25 silver per month per specialist: 25 sp
Combat in ships will play out like all normal combat in Fantasy Age. The ships will determine who goes first by rolling the Pilots
Dexterity (Piloting) and adding the Navigator if they have one.

They make their attacks by using the Captains’ Communication (Leadership). Now remember that you can only fire a number of
cannons equal to or less than that score as well. Each cannon will do their damage in the damage pool, so if you only fire 3 light
cannons, then you roll 3d6 total. THEN any extra damage by a specialist is added. So if you have a Weapons Specialist, you roll the
examples 3d6 THEN add the +4 against the other ships Defense which is calculated as the Pilots Dexterity (Piloting) +10. Damage is
taken from the ships Structure after the Hull Resistance removes some of the damage. It acts like the AR of normal Player
Characters. Each ship will go on like this until one gets their Structure down to 0; at which point the ship is disabled and cannot fire
or move and has only a 5 Defense rating with no Hull Resistance. If the Disabled ship takes any more damage, it is destroyed.
Repairing is simple; you take it to a port and they do the repairs. An Engineer can do Quick Repairs for 2d6 Structure for a short
time but the most of it has to be done at a Port.


Boarding another ship acts like normal combat rules. However, if any cannons are used, you double the damage on living
targets, so Heavy Cannons will deal 6d6 worth of damage to a human target. You roll initiative and act accordingly like normal. The
GM May assign certain things have to be done before the ship will surrender; such as blowing the reserves or killing the captain or
destroying the ships flag. Such activities won’t grant extra experience but they do add a realism and drama.

Stunts are possible on a ship and most of them are just reworked from the standard Combat Stunts in FAGE with some
modifications and some new ones.
SP Stunt Effect
1 Skirmish You knock the target off course. They nor have to spend one additional action to get back on track.
A Free action becomes Minor, Minor becomes Major and Major becomes an entire round
1+ Rapid Reload You can immediately reload one Cannon per SP spent, up to the number fired this round
1 Stay Aware (As the Combat Stunt)
2 Defensive Maneuvers You swiftly and randomly change directions. You gain a +2 Bonus to Defense until the begging of
your next turn
2+ Disable Weapons For every 2SP Spent, you disable one cannon on the enemy vessel and they cannot be used until the
end of their next turn
2 Breach Hull You find a weak point in the enemies hull, ignoring half AR for this attack
2 Taunt As Combat Stunt only it is Communication (Leadership) of both captains
2 Threaten As Combat Stunt only it is Communication (Leadership) of both captains
2 Mighty Blow You hit a weak point, dealing an extra 1d6 of damage
3 Sudden Spin You turn right after firing, setting you up to fire next round. you not only fire with a Minor Action
but all Cannons fired gain a +1 bonus to hit
3 Lightning Attack As Combat Stunt only you can only fire 2 extra cannons and they do not generate SP
3 Set Up As Combat Stunt
3+ Attack Crew You don't just deal damage to the ship but you hit some of the Crew as well. you will take out 1d6 of
the enemy crew for 3SP. you add +1 to that roll for every other SP spent after (so 1d6+3 at 6SP)
3 Break the Rigging You hit the riggings on the ship, crippling its movement capabilities. it reduces it Maximum Speed
by 10 points and it drops one Maneuverability Rank (Minimum 1). if Speed is reduced to 0, then it is
4 Seize the Initiative As Combat Stunt
4 Dual Strike You hit 2 targets instead of 1 with attack. You roll the one attack against both targets Defense rating
and you only have to roll one damage roll.
5 Lethal Blow Your aim is impeccable and you deal an extra 2d6 of damage
6 Hit the Reserves You hit the powder, dealing 2d6 Penetrating damage to the ship. If the enemy crew fails a TN 11
Willpower (Morale) Test, then they automatically forfeit the encounter
Like all players, ships are available for Initiative Stunts. When Doubles are rolled on Initiative, then they can pick an Initiative
Cost Stunt Effect
1+ Sudden Turn of Events Add +1 to your Initiative Roll per SP Spent
2 Surprise Blow Gain a +1 bonus on tout first attack of the encounter
3 Quick Reactions You can take a Minor Action before the encounter starts
4 Act Fast You take first initiative despite the order then drop to your place after the first round
5 Lightning-Quick Reaction You can take a Major Action before the encounter starts
6 No Hesitation You can take a full then before the encounter starts an your normal place in the initiative order

Like normal players ships combat requires certain actions. One Major and one Minor or Two Minor but never 2 Major. Here is
the list of Ship Actions…

Action Effect
Attack Make a standard attack
All-Out Attack Add +1 to your attack roll but suffer a -1 to defense next turn
Charge Move half your speed and add +1 to this attack
Defend Until the beginning of your next turn, gain a +2 to Defense
Quick Repair Make a repair to the ship. This is a TN 11 Intelligence (Engineering) Test and regain Structure equal to the Stunt
Die + your Intelligence. The Engineer Specialist increases this to 1d6+Intelligence (Engineering)
Open Sails Opens all Sails, doubling speed for the turn
Suppressing Fire If you make a successful attack, the target will suffer a -3 to Defense on their next turn
Inspire TN 11 Communication (Leadership) test and all actions the next round have a +1 bonus

Action Effect
Activate Activates powers of items
Aim Gains a +1 bonus to attack
Guard Up Add +1 or +2 to your defense and suffer the same in penalty to all Tests for the remainder of the round
Move Move up to your ships speed in yards
Prepare Pick one major action. You can interrupt any other players actions with the chosen Action at any time
Press The Attack Pick a target. If they move from you, you can immediately move in direct pursuit of them.
Ready Ready weapons or other items or effects to use this combat round

Action Effect
Cast Casting Spells
Reload Reloading weapons


While the rules for Mass Combat have not been transferred officially over from Dragon Age to Fantasy Age, the concept can
remain the same. If any ship were to come into play, they would act as either a Phase 1 or Phase 2 Specialist. If the GM wishes to use
a Fleet of ships as their Mass Combat, then the Specialists listed above can act as the Phase Specialists. Crisis Points may be that you
are boarding a ship or you are getting boarded; as an example.