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Angle Indicator - Helps you find the and meter displays and prints graphs and data
exact angle measurement. used for measuring directly to printers.
angles with respect to the horizontal
9. Measurement Set - Set of measuring
2. C-Clamp - Used to hold light objects and devices
to secure the position of the object. widely used
10. Meter Stick - a stick consisting of a strip
for woodworking.
of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge
3. Digital Adapter - is required when that is used for drawing straight lines and
photogates, timing and counting sensors are measuring lengths usually in meters. to
used with any PASPORT interface. Allows you to measure the length of an object or distance
connect old ULI digital sensors (photogates, using the metric system.
radiation monitors, etc.)
11. Micrometer Caliper - commonly used in
4. Dynamic Cart - provide sample tools to mechanical engineering and electronics design.
experiment with and demonstrate the laws of It is often used in determining the exact
dynamics. used to investigate one dimensional measurements of an item such as diameter,
accelerated motion. thickness, and length of solid bodies. used for
precise measurement of components in
5. Dynamic Track - are perfect for
mechanical engineering and machining as well
investigating a wide range of concepts in
as most mechanical trades, along with other
physics, including Newton's Laws, collisions,
metrological instruments.
velocity and acceleration. Used to determine
the track of the dynamic cart. To show uniform 12. Motion Sensor - A motion detector is a
linear motion with no forces and constant device that detects moving objects, particularly
velocity. people. uses ultrasound to measure the
position of carts, balls, people, and other
6. Force Sensor - is a transducer that
converts a mechanical force input into an
electrical output signal. a general-purpose 13. Photogate Head - monitors the motion
sensor for measuring pushing and pulling of objects passing through its gate, counting
forces. events as the object breaks the infrared beam.
Its other functions are for conducting basic
7. Force Table - is designed for force and
motion experiments, measuring acceleration of
vector demonstrations. Consists of 4 pulleys, 4
freefall, and Measuring pendulum periods.
weight hangers and 4 sets of slotted weights. to
allow for extremely accurate timing of events
determine the resultant of two or more force
within physics experiments, for studying free
vectors and learn to add vectors using graphical
fall, air track collisions, pendulum periods, the
as well as analytical methods.
speed of a rolling object, among other things.
8. GLX Xplorer - The world's first graphing
14. Picket Fence - The free falling object. It
logger for science that truly stands alone.
is often used in experiment of Newton’s second
Captures, analyzes, annotates, stores and prints
law of motion. to obtain records of position,
data quickly and seamlessly, without being
velocity and acceleration vs time or to measure
connected to a computer. Collect Data in the
Classroom or the Field, graphs, tables, digits,
15. Projectile Ball - Used in the experiment many laboratories. to hold various types of
of projectile motion. liquids.

16. Projectile Launcher - illustrates the idea 24. Calorimeter - an object used for
that motion in different dimensions is calorimetry, or the process of measuring the
absolutely independent, and used to describe heat of chemical reactions or physical changes
the exact motion of the projectile as well as well as heat capacity. is used to determine
the heat released or absorbed in a chemical
17. Set Of Weights - is a mathematical
device used when performing a sum, integral,
or average to give some elements more 25. Glass Rod - used to mix chemicals and
"weight" or influence on the result than other liquids for laboratory purposes. For stirring or
elements in the same set. to verify mass at a mixing solutions and as passage or medium
very precise level of accuracy when pouring liquids from one container to
another to avoid spillage
18. Super Pulley - main function is to
change the direction of the tension force in a 26. Stove - converts electrical energy into
rope. It also lessens the amount of force we will heat to cook and bake. Generally used to heat
exert. Low-friction design produces excellent glassware or its contents. use provide a good
results. The precision spacing of the 10 spokes source of heating for reactions and other
makes it ideal for photogate monitoring. testing procedures.

19. Time Of Flight Accessory - is designed 27. Steam Generator – For generation of
primarily for free fall or projectile experiments. steam used, for example, in experiments on
Once the object hits its plate, it will send a thermal expansion. a large apparatus for
signal to the photogate to stop the timer. converting hot water into steam at high
measure time of flight pressure and often with supplementary coils to
superheat the steam. It gives constant-
20. Triple Beam Balance - Often used in
temperature heat reservoir which generates a
measuring the mass of an object, most
plentiful steam supply.
commonly small objects. Reading is done by
moving the slides until balance is achieved. 28. Thermometer - are used to measure
used to measure mass very precisely. The temperatures or temperature changes with a
device has reading error of +/- 0.05 gram. high degree of precision. can be used to control
temperature, and it can also be used to
21. Vernier Caliper - a measuring
measure temperature.
instrument. Close the jaws lightly so that the
object can be measured. a precision instrument 29. Linear Expansion Apparatus - used to
that can be used to measure internal and determine the coefficient of expansion of
external distances extremely accurately. different metals. The rod to be tested is placed
inside a tube that has both an inlet and outlet
22. Weight Hanger - It is an instrument
for steam. can accurately and easily investigate
used in measuring weights and used in hanging
the expansion of metals with increasing
different objects. used to add desired amounts
of weight to create the mass needed.

23. Beaker - a simple container for stirring,

mixing and heating liquids commonly used in