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Referring to another judge will:

a. Burden again the private complainant
b. Prolong the administration of justice as the new judge will assess again the evidence
i. The best judge who can appreciate the evidence and testimony presented is the
judge who received and admitted the same.

2. Accused moved the hearing of the case to quezon city.

a. Accused cannot just opt to inhibit courts from their jurisdiction just to have them pick
courts who will rule in their favor. Accused is not really seeking the cold neutrality of the
court but a tribunal which they feel will give them favor.
b. Private complainant has expended a considerable amount to pursue justice from
disrespecting the name of his father and bringing the dead back to life in the name of
profit and commerce;
c. Endeavored to present witnesses from davao to quezon city, shouldering expensive
airline tickets and hotel lodgings.

3. Conformity of the prosecutor was duly obtained in open court;

a. The accused conformity is essentially not needed. By carefully examining the
jurisprudence on the lack of conformity of the prosecutor, it can be seen that in those
cases the conformity was never obtained;

4. Lack of explanation. Accused would have the court unreasonably deny due course of a pleading
or motion because the private prosecutor from davao did not explain why he did not personally
serve the said pleading or motion to accused.