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So the first thing we are going to do is to

open a new file in Photoshop, this one is 1200

x 400 pixels, write down abduzeedo using big
fonts, I just used Verdana Bold you can use
any font of your choice.
Now that we have the typo we are going to
start working on folding the letters one by
one, so starting with the A we are going to
select a box around the letter “A” using the
Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), once we have
it selected, hold Ctrl + C to copy the letter
and then press Ctrl + V to paste it, name the
layer you pasted “A”(change the color that
you want on the abduzeedo text before you
copy and paste it .
We already have the letter “A” on a new
layer now we are going to select the part that
we want to fold it, I like to use the Polygonal
Lasso Tool (L) and select part of the letter
that I want to fold it.
Now that we have a selection we are going to
copy the selection by hitting Ctrl + C and
then delete the selection on the layer “A”,
paste it by hitting Ctrl + V, when you paste it
note that it will be on a new layer so name
that “A-fold” as you can see here.
First lets change the color of it, go to Image
> Adjustment > Hue Saturation (Ctrl+U) bring
the Saturation to -100 and Lightness to +60
to give a gray color so it looks like the back
of the letter is folding and go to Edit >
Transform > Flip Vertical (note that because
we are folding from up to down, if it was side
do side we would have to flip it horizontal)
and then we have to Edit > Transform >
Rotate and make sure we rotate the folded
area exactly on the angle we want, make sure
you place it right where it’s folding as you
can see on the image.
Now that the folded part is on the right place
we are going to make it look a little more real
by adding some shadow, first hold Ctrl and
click on the “A-fold” layer, that will select our
folded part, now create a new layer and name
it “A-fold-shadow”. Using the Gradient Tool –
Linear Gradient with the color black apply it
on the same angle as the top of the folding
area as you can see on the image, if needed
reduce the opacity of the layer so the shadow
will be smooth.
Go back on the “A-fold” layer and go to Layer
> Layer Style > Drop Shadow and reduce the
Opacity from 75% to 25% and try to adjust
the angle to be the same as the folding area,
I set mine to 135, also reduce the Distance to
2px, and the rest can remain the same.
Our last step on the letter A will be to go
back on the “A” layer, hold Ctrl and click on it
to select the A we have, create a new layer
(name it A-shade) and with the Gradient Tool
– Linear Gradient with the color black apply it
from the bottom up, change the layer mode
to Overlay.
Our first letter is done, now we are going to
repeat pretty much the same steps on each
letter to get to the end with a good result. To
get more organized put all the “A” layers into
a folder called “A” and start working the
same process on the letter B and so on.
At the end delete the text layer “abduzeedo”
and you done! Hope you guys like it.