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Gas Chromatography with ECD/ ECD Detector

General: The GC must be fully PC controlled and should operate with a laboratory
temperature from 10 °C to 40 °C and humidity range from 10% to 80%.

The system must fulfill the following required specifications or better:

Gas Chromatography

1. Operating voltage 120-230 V.

2. Oven Temp. Range: 4 °C above ambient to 450 °C.
3. Maximum temperature ramp rate is highly preferred (not less than 120 °C /Min
without any additional accessories.
4. Cool-down time for the oven from 450 to 50 ˚C is less than 5 minutes without
any additional accessories.
5. Software calibration of oven temperature and carrier gas flow with
Electronic/Programmable Pressure Control.
6. Baseline compensation.
7. (Programmable or Electronic) pneumatics Control with direct setting in mL/min is
available for all injectors and detector.
8. Pneumatic program rates: 0 - 100.0 psi/min, 0 - 100.0 mL /min, 0 - 200.0 cm/sec.

1. Programmable split/split less capillary injector.
2. Pressure rang 0-150 psi.
3. Spilt vent prevents contamination of split valve and lab air.
4. Automatic control of split vent by split flow or split ratio
5. Programmed flow, programmed pressure, and constant flow mode capabilities.
6. Temperature-programmable inlet.
7. Maximum Temperature limits up to ≥ 450 °C.
8. Temperature programmed split and/or split less operation.
9. Split ratio must be not less than 7500:1
10. Suitable for columns Wide bore (0.53 mm) or narrow bore (0.05-0.32 mm).
11. Operating Pressure of up to ≥ 60 psi.
12. Capability to isolates the column and detector from the effects of high levels of
13. Allows the use of different solvents such as methylene chloride with an ECD.

1. Injection speed Normal, fast, slow.
2. Sample positions not less than 100.
3. At least 4 wash vials of 4 ml.
4. Injection into Front Channel or to the other Channel
5. Sample size (1- 250µl for liquid samples).
6. Must be supplied with all accessories may needed for the operation.

ECD Detector:
1. Software flow control of makeup gas.
2. Temperature protect 470 ˚C by software
3. Operating temperature 100 ˚C to 450 ˚C in 1 ˚C increments
4. Linearity > 104
5. MDL < 6 fg lindan per sec.

Capillary Columns set dedicated for analysis of the required DBPs (Disinfectant By-
products ) analysis for 4 years will be supported with separate warranty.

Computer and printer:

1. Must be Brand name with up to date specifications (not less than Core I5 and 500 G hard
drive with additional external portable 1 T hard drive , ≥ 19" LCD/LED Monitor
2. Multi functional printer (printer / photocopier/ scanner and auto duplex) ,support
network print.
3. Microsoft® Windows Operating System original.
4. Original Software of Microsoft Office ( latest version )

Training :
Training on Software, operation, and applications, external training for at least 10
working Days for 2 chemists.

4 Years from installation.

4 years additional consumables (detailed list must be attached).

Operation Requirements:
All required items needed for operation and installation of the system must be included.
The vendor must have at least one experienced, formally trained and approved by
manufacture to do installation, maintenance and validation of the instrument and have at
least one application expert for providing application training.

The system should be top quality, most recent version, and must not refurbish.
Country of Origin: USA, EU.