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News from Europe

Newsletter | Issue 5 / May 2017

Dear Adults Scouts and Guides,

Let me introduce you the new newsletter from the Europe

Events Calendar
We would like to invite you all to participate by sending
us news and comments regarding your fellowships and Field trip, Central Branch
sub-regions. Germany, Lochgoilhead,
Scotland, 15-22/07/2017
Yours in Fellowship,
28th World Conference,
The Europe Committee
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia,

28th World Conference in Bali, Celebration of our 50 years

Central Branch, Sachsenhain,

Indonesia Verden/Aller, 27-31/10/2017

29 th Nordic Baltic Sub-region

The World Conference will take place in Denpasar, Bali, Gathering, Gothenburg,
Indonesia at the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, from Monday Sweden, 24-28/08/2018
9th to 14th of October 2017.
9th Sub-regionconference
Registration is open and the deadline is now July 1st. Central Europe, Poznan,
Poland, 5-9/09/2018
Note: The registration problems are resolved. An email was
sent from the World Conference organization team, explaining: 27th Western Europe Sub-
“We will help you to input the data into the registration regional Gathering,
system. Please send us the full-filled and final Eastbourne, United Kingdom,
registration form from your NSGF members, directly to 8-12/10/2018
our email. We also encourage you to pick the post tour
program directly on the form as well. Once registered 16th Mediterannean Sub-
into the system, your member will receive an email regional Gathering, Athens,
notification about their registration information”. Greece, 19-27/10/2018

10th Europe Conference,

Bremen, Germany, 21-

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World Conference Bali

7th European
The 7th European Workshop, under the theme „ROUTE
use of New Media to attract new members, took place in
Smolenice, Slovakia, during the days 3-8 March. We had 32
people from countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Czech
Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, The
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia Spain and Sweden.
The workshop had a lot of group workshops and
presentations, where topics such as how to advertise ISGF,
how to communicate and how to improve / keep Membership
in ISGF.
This workshop showed us the differences between the
represented countries as well as aspects on which all should
continue working on.
Debates and laughs were always present in this event. As well
as music and dance as we had the presence of a cultural and Notes
folk group from Slovakia.
Please email us with your news
In conclusion, we should take in consideration all the aspects
and comments to:
regarding the need of transmitting the history of ISGF to our
own fellowship in order to get our members interested and to
know that they are part of a big family all around the world. _________________________________
And we must not forget as B-P once said “Scouting and “In Scouting a boy is
Guiding is not only a game for children, it’s also a way of life encouraged to educate himself
instead of being instructed.”
for adults”.

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