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[ar:Taio Cruz]
[ti:Come On Girl]
[00:00.50](C'mon Girl, C'mon Girl, C'mon Girl, Hey.) lrc by alexei_t
[03:40.90](C'mon Girl, C'mon Girl, C'mon Girl, Hey.)

[00:08.10]Baby girl you know that I just want to take you to the spot,
[00:12.10]Do things to you that are definitely go’n get you hot,
[00:15.90]I love how you shake that little booty around the club,
[00:19.80][01:29.60]I just wanna turn you, me, into an us,
[00:23.80][01:33.50]Only wanna party with you nobody else can do,
[00:27.60][01:37.30]We can do whatever, keep it public or if you,
[00:31.50][01:41.10]Wanna keep it private and undercover that’s cool,
[00:35.30][01:45.00]I just wanna stay under the covers with you
[00:39.40][01:48.90][02:50.60]Now I know that you want me, you’ve indicated,
[00:43.10][01:52.80][02:54.80]It’s obvious I need to just make a decision
[00:47.00][01:56.70][02:58.60]Bout what I’m gonna say, Tell, me what I gotta say
[00:50.70][02:00.40][03:02.40]Tell me what I gotta say,
[03:04.40][03:06.30][03:08.30][03:10.30]To take you away, with me
[01:00.60][02:10.30][03:12.20]To take you away
[01:17.60]I can see the look inside you eyes and I know that you want it,
[01:21.80]You’re flirty, flirty with me and I love the way you flaunt it,
[01:25.70]You know that you’re the shit, and that you, own the club,
[02:27.40]{Luciana Verse}You wanna take a bite,
[02:29.00]come whet my appetite,
[02:31.00]Plug, plug me in, do your thing, make my head spin,
[02:34.90]So come and take me away, you better take me away,
[02:38.80]You better hit the spot, if you want I can make you pop,
[02:42.70]So let go, electro, take it nice and slow,
[02:46.50]Come on boy, come on boy, come on boy...