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Visual Programming (CS411)

Assignment # 1 (GRADED)
Total marks = 20 Due Date = 08/05/2017

Please carefully read the following instructions before attempting the assignment.

1) First of all listen to the video lectures.

2) After that consult recommended books to clarify your concepts as handouts are not sufficient.
3) You are supposed to submit your complete solution project as a single file (i. e. zip or RAR).
Any other formats like scan images, PDF, bmp, docx etc. will not be accepted.
4) You are advised to upload your assignment at least two days before Due date.
5) It should be clear that your assignment would not get any credit if:
 The assignment is submitted after due date.
 The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
 The assignment is copied. Note that strict action would be taken if the submitted
assignment is copied from any other student. Both students will be punished

Important Note:

Assignment comprises of 20 Marks. Note that no assignment will be accepted after due date
via email in any case (whether it is the case of load shedding or emergency electric failure
or internet malfunctioning etc.). Hence, refrain from uploading assignment in the last hour
of the deadline and try to upload Solutions at least 02 days before the deadline to avoid any

For any query please contact: CS411@vu.edu.pk


Write a console application in C# with following requirements:

Functional Requirements

At the start of the application, a form must appear with two buttons on it. On the top button, the
text “Button 1” must be written and on the bottom button the text “Button 2” must be written.
The two buttons must be perfectly center aligned (both horizontally and vertically) in the client
area of the form.

For the first time, when any of the button 1 or button 2 is clicked then it will disappear and the
other button will stay unchanged. For example, user clicks button 1 for the first time then button
1 will disappear. Button 2 will be unchanged. Now there is only one button on the window that is
button 2. On clicking button 2 it will disappear and button 1 will reappear on the window. Now if
the user clicks button 1 then it will disappear again and button 2 will reappear. This process may
go on indefinitely until the application is terminated by clicking the close button (on the top right
corner of the window).