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Tuesday 6 February, 2018 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Vol 12 No 5

Aiden and Aaron, Joel and Bryah-rose and (front) Jax and Nate from Darley PS. Photo – Jessica Howard.

By Jessica Howard
Triple treat Bacchus Marsh Primary School was close behind with growing at record numbers, but we’ve seen places like
132 new preps and Darley with 100. Bungaree being ignored. A growth in infrastructure,
Joel and Bryah-rose, Jax and Nate and Aaron and Schools with one or more set of twins include Balliang such as providing sewage, is imperative for that region
Aiden are among six sets of twins to start school in to grow; it would allow for a new wave of residents,
East, Darley, Bacchus Marsh Grammar and St Bernard’s
Moorabool this year.
Primary School. which is relevant to the number of preps we see in
The Darley Primary School students join the 615 preps schools”.
Moorabool Shire Mayor, Paul Tatchell said the influx of
who enrolled into one of Moorabool’s 17 primary
students was indicative of the region’s decentralisation. Mr Tatchell welcomed the 615 new preps to Moorabool
schools this term.
“We’ve been screaming about the shire’s growth for and wished them luck for the years ahead.
The number of preps in the region has increased by
more than 60 students since last year – an impressive years and really, the proof is in the pudding,” he said. “These littlies have started a journey and the world
number considering Bungaree and Dunnstown “Of course the lack of numbers at small schools such is going to look a lot different when they finish their
Primary Schools saw no prep enrolments for 2018. as Bungaree and Dunnstown is concerning, however it school years,” he said.
Bacchus Marsh Grammar welcomed the most number is clear that the lack of infrastructure in that region is “Numbers like these are good for the future of
of students in the region, with 179 preps enrolled for causing lopsided growth. Moorabool and it is wonderful that we have the schools
2018, 24 more than the year before. “We currently have Bacchus Marsh and Ballan that we do to bring these children through”.

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site: http://bacchusmarshsoccer.org.au/
Website: http://bacchusmarshsoccer.org.au/
http://bacchusmarshsoccer.org.au/ 2018 IN2018
THE 2018
ebsite: http://bacchusmarshsoccer.org.au/
: bacchusmarshscorpions@hotmail.com.au
Email: Website: http://bacchusmarshsoccer.org.au/
Face Book: Email: https://www.facebook.com/BMsoccerClub/
ce Face bacchusmarshscorpions@hotmail.com.au
Book:Book: bacchusmarshscorpions@hotmail.com.au IN THE 2018 SEASON
Bacchus Marsh Marsh soccer clubWebsite:
soccer was was
club established
established 2008. It is aIt friendly
http://bacchusmarshsoccer.org.au/ is a friendly club,club,where wherewe we
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�• Masters
� Masters Masters
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Seniors women women
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Seniors Seniors
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Seniors • men
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Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 3

Four years
for refusing
breath test
By Jessica Howard

A male driver has been taken off the road for four years after
refusing to undergo a breath test.
Sergio Esposito was allegedly driving erratically on
Gisborne Road in Bacchus Marsh at around 2:18pm on July
30, last year.
Police allege the 49-year-old was driving a white Pajero when
he turned into the driveway of a Waddell Street property and
hit a white fence.
Police who attended the scene said the accused was clearly
affected by alcohol, however refused to undergo a breath test
despite being told the severity of the consequences.
Esposito appeared in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrates’ Court
on Friday February 2, charged with refusing to undergo
breath test.
The court heard that after Esposito refused to cooperate Polo is fast and furious with plenty of action – Greg Keyte (white) in action on Australia Day at Yaloak, as they prepare for
with police, he was arrested for being drunk in a public place the big Cup match this Sunday (11 Feb). Photo – Helen Tatchell

Fast paced sport

and placed in police cells for a period of three-hours.
A defence lawyer told the court that on the day of the
incident, Esposito was drinking by himself at home and had
driven to his partner’s house to visit his children.
The court heard that the white fence damaged on the day By Jessica Howard porsche parade and high goal polo profile people who will take part in the
belonged to Esposito’s partner. with 14 to 15 goals. jockey versus trainers’ match,” he said.
The lawyer said Esposito had worked as a truck mechanic for Punters, ponies and porsches will be Held annually, the 2017 event attracted “We have 20 teams competing in ten
11-years and was recently going through financial difficulty, part of this year’s Colliers International over 1,000 spectators, with TV presenter fast paced events across the whole day”.
which had put a strain on his relationship with his family. Ballarat Polo Cup. Catriona Rowntree as guest umpire The Colliers International Ballarat Polo
“[Esposito] has been in rehabilitation after the realisation The tournament, held at the Yaloak and famous jockeys Michelle Payne Cup will be held from 11am on Sunday,
that he was using alcohol to self-medicate,” he said. Polo Club on Ballan-Geelong Road, is and Damien Oliver as guest riders. February 11. General admission is $10
a prestigious event on the Australian
Magistrate Gregory Robinson said although he had Mr Keyte said spectators could per person, with under-12s free.
polo calendar and doubles as a family
sympathy for people who were going through difficult times, event, with country hospitality and expect to see some repeat high-profile The Yaloak Polo Club is located
it is not acceptable to break the law. entertainment. attendances. 10-kilometres south from the Western
Esposito, who was convicted of a similar offence in 2011, was Yaloak Polo Club Captain, Greg Keyte “We have Catriona Rowntree coming Highway Junction, Ballan.
fined $1,000. said activities will include a celebrity again which is great, as well as Michelle For more information, visit www.
His license was disqualified for a period of four-years. exhibition match, light horse troop, Payne and a number of other very high- yaloakpolo.com.au.

Ch 2017 s WHAT’SON

o r n i
Melodies n g
from 1st December to 24th December 2017
(L-R) Tracey, Peter, Ashley and Colleen are just some of the caring staff associated with the

Tick of approval for aged

Aged Care facility in Ballan. Photo – BDH&C
Package Offer
Our function room is available for
groups of 20 to 40 people TUESDAYNIGHT EVER ACH MONTH
OF E ea 10am – 11am
2 FOR 1
2 Course 3 Course

care facility
$35 $45 T
Morning oon
Includes free room hire and xmas
h ow 1 1 am – 12n
decorations for tables
Mon-Fri / Weekends minimum spend $1000
Book for your December function
by November 20 and receive
Free Jukebox hire (saving of $200).
closely with the Aged Care residents.
By Kate Taylor In function room only.
$25 2 COURSE
“After dozens of interviews and three days $30 3 COURSE
Ballan District Health and Care has hit its
target – 44 times over, in fact.
of observations and document analysis, the
Agency found Ballan District Health & Care
Like us on Facebook to see what’s on special each week!!
It’s not too late..
The Aged Care team officially received
renewal of their aged care accreditation
worthy of re-accreditation with merit,” Mr
with flying colours – meeting all 44 National
Standards set by the Australian Government. CHRISTMAS DAY
“The accreditors’ feedback included
compliments from residents about the OF THE WORLD
The extensive audit process to have
quality of care provided: ‘they care”, “They COME IN AND EXPERIENCE OUR DELICIOUS SELECTION OF PARMA’S

accreditation renewed is mandatory of all

Western Hwy

do the little things” and “They are there for
providers and takes place every three years,
through the Australian Aged Care Quality
“This is a fantastic achievement. We are

The audit covers management systems, always looking at ways we can improve the
KidS Phone us on 5367 2031
health and personal care, care recipient services and facilities
per we provide the Ballan
10 & under
lifestyle, and the physical environment. and District community and meeting all 44
standards reflects this,” he said includes a 59 Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh

BDHC Chief Executive Wayne Weaire said

s Marsh

the renewal is testament to the dedicated Book now

Ballan District on & Care
Health has been
Grant St

surprise present
from Santa Phone: 03 5367 2031 stoneysclub.com.au
and skilled staff and volunteers who work providing03 5367
aged care2031
services since 1966. We
ee V
Page 4 The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

New elders takeover landmark business

By Jessica Howard

After 25-years, the owners

of Crossroads Trading in
Ballan are hanging up their
Lloyd Robertson and Peter
Nolan purchased the Old
Melbourne Road building
in 1991 and transformed it
from an old service station
into a soil yard, with a side
of second hand furniture.
“The old building was
nothing like what it is now,”
Lloyd said.
“The old servo hadn’t been
used for quite some time, it
was really more of an old
shed, but we cleaned that up
with a bit of paint and a lot
of time. We were a standard
soil yard back then, with less
farm equipment and the sale
of second hand furniture
and knick-knacks.
“We ran the second-hand
furniture for about eight-
years. It was always in our
business plan to do stock
feed, but at the time there
was another business run-
ning in Ballan and there
wasn’t enough room for two.
“When the place was on
its way down, we saw the
opportunity to move and Bernie and Asha Shanahan (rear centre) have taken over an iconic business in Ballan, 25-years after founders (L-R) Peter Nolan and Lloyd Robertson
started doing stock feed be- opened the doors. Photo – Helen Tatchell
fore slowly moving towards
forward, and from there we residents Asha and Bernie for Elders. ness venture was equally away from Crossroads.
farm supplies”.
developed a business plan Shanahan. “It’s an honour to take on daunting and exciting. “Mainly because the peo-
Lloyd said the pair, who
for the business. Asha has worked in the what Peter and Lloyd have “It’s going to be good work- ple who have taken over are
have been friends for over
three decades, came up with “It’s been a lot of work, agricultural industry for the achieved,” Asha said. ing with the community and quite capable,” he said.
the idea for the business but it’s been very reward- last eight-years. Her hus- “Bernie and I have two lit- providing them with face- “[Asha and Bernie] are lo-
while horse riding. ing at the same time. You band Bernie has lived on the tle girls and working in the to-face farm knowledge. We cal, they have good agri-
“We used to go riding to- get to meet a lot of great 100-year-old family farm in corporate industry was a bit are taking over a very well cultural knowledge and are
gether occasionally, and on people through your daily Greendale since birth and much, so the opportunity to established business and we well prepared for what they
one of those occasions we transactions”. upon completing school, have our own business was want to continue that”. will have to take on.
spoke about what Ballan The business has now been worked in cattle yards be- perfect for our family”. Lloyd said after 25-years, “Crossroads is in very good
might have needed going handed over to Greendale fore becoming a stock agent Bernie said the new busi- he felt comfortable stepping hands”.

Speed drops as school returns

By Jessica Howard 2:30pm and 4pm, Monday to Friday. to do our part to keep kids safe as they walk, ride or get
“Before the age of ten, children have not yet developed the dropped off”.
As Moorabool students return to the classroom, drivers are skills and knowledge to handle risky situations,” a statement Drivers are reminded to park safely, even if it means walking
being urged to slow down and be vigilant around school released by the Victoria Police Pro-active Unit read. further to the school gate; observe all parking signs; never
zones. “Their impulsive actions often take drivers by surprise. It is double park and slow down near school crossings.
The Victoria Police Pro-active Unit has reminded drivers a mistake to assume that children can handle traffic risks by Dangerous maneuvers such as U-turns and three-point
of reduced speed limits, including 40k/h during school themselves, without help from parents. turns should also be avoided, and drivers should always give
opening and closing hours. “Therefore as the holidays end, police are urging drivers to way to pedestrians, particularly when entering and leaving
School speed zones occur between 8am and 9:30am and be vigilant and aware around schools once again. We need driveways.

Keep safe this fire season. Know what to do.

If the power goes out.

At times of high bushfire risk, power outages are more likely.
Stay safe and consider your need for back-up power such as:

Battery-powered radio to hear alerts A fully charged mobile phone

and warnings

Torch and some spare batteries Non-electric pump with alternative

water supply i.e. pool, tank or dam

It’s easy to be prepared.

Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 5

Live Y our Drea m Over 55s Lifestyle in Comfort a nd Security
Unit 12 $495,000
If Position and Space is Important,
then Look No Further!
This perfectly presented Villa is positioned
within a very short stroll to the Club House
and has a lovely north facing outlook. Style
and space is on offer with three bedrooms
and a study, and spacious living zones inside
and out. The Epping offers large ensuite to
main bedroom, stylish kitchen with loads
of storage and quality appliances, outdoor
alfresco entertaining area and large rear
yard that has low maintenance care with the
ability to create your own private garden
oasis if you desire.
Inspection will delight those wanting space,
comfort, low maintenance and style.

UNIT 52 $368,000 Sun Filled Living

Two Bedrooms, Two Ensuites, Spacious Open Plan Living, Outdoor Entertaining, Low Maintenance Living. Fully refurbished, this Villa offers
ensuites to both bedrooms, extensive open plan living, spacious kitchen with ample storage and quality appliances, large laundry with extra
storage, gas central heating and split system air conditioning, ducted vacuuming, secure internal access to villa from single garage, alfresco
dining and lots more on offer. With north facing living, natural light abounds. Inspections available now. Register today to avoid disappointment.


Tour our village & meet our residents - Thursday 15 th February at 12pm
2 Course Meal provided - RSVP to Mary McKinnon by Tuesday 13 th Feb or on www.countryclubvillages.com.au
The lifestyle choice for over 55’s • Exclusive resort style facilities
• Gym & indoor heated pool
• Secure community “We love our quality
• Countless social & recreational activities affordable new home.
• 24/7 emergency call system
• Double or single garage homes Our Lifestyle Consultant
• Solid, free standing quality homes on a
concrete slab • 2 or 3 bedroom homes up to 21 squares and Village Managers
were so helpful and
• Low maintenance living to free up • Friendly & inviting atmosphere
supportive. The terms
your time • No stamp duty to pay! were clear, transparent
and there were no surprises. We have never
regretted our decision.
We have a great Community and facilities
including the vegetable gardens and gym.
Everybody is so friendly. We are not in
each others pockets but only seconds
away if needed. We like to be involved and
I “Lyn” enjoy running our singing group -
supported by our Grand Piano in our amazing
Community Centre while Dale likes to manage
the Club Bar. We have a clear path for both
our futures.”

Talk to Mary McKinnon Your Lifestyle Consultant VILLAGE OPEN DAILY

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
FREECALL1800 633 672 168 Underbank Boulevard Bacchus Marsh Inspections always welcome

Page 6 The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Australia Day Honour Roll

The Young Citizen of the Year award went to 15-year-old In the Citizen of the Year category, Certificates of
Corey Williams, who has been a Bacchus Marsh Scout since Appreciation were given to Lori Conroy for her fundraising
Moorabool News
Member of

the age of six, and who also volunteers with putting on Blue efforts for the Ballan Recreation Reserve and for her
EMAIL: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Your Local News WEB: www.themooraboolnews.com.au Light discos, as well as being involved with the Youth Action contributions to the Ballan community, and also to Jacqui
Group (YAG) and FReeza. Sfetcopoulos for contributions to the Ballan community.
Tuesday 30 January, 2018 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Vol 12 No 4

The win was a welcome surprise for Corey.

“I couldn’t’ really believe it when they first told me, I’m so In the Young Citizen of the Year category, Certificates of
happy with it now though after getting the call,” Corey told Appreciation were given to Nathan Borg for contributions
the Moorabool News. to theatre and drama; Kelly Conroy for contributions in the
“It’s crazy to think about it, it’s an awesome feeling.” sporting area, particularly netball; Shannon Craggill for
contributions in the sporting area, particularly cycling; and
The Community Event of the Year award went to the Black Jessica Howard for contributions in the field of journalism.
NITE Black LITE event, held in June last year, which saw 2000
people attend over the week to view creative installations by Meanwhile, at the Mechanics’ Institute, a citizenship
both adults and children, with many schools participating, ceremony was held for 12 Moorabool residents from United
and which promoted many local volunteer groups and Kingdom, India and Zimbabwe, deciding to officially become
Citizen of the Year for Moorabool Del Leggett (left) is congratulated by Young Citizen of the Year Corey Williams and Moorabool’s Australia Day Ambassador Father Bob Macguire at the
celebrations in Ballan on Friday 26 January. Photo Helen Tatchell
organisations. new Australians, with an affirmation ceremony also held for
Honourary Citizen those affirming their citizenship.
By Kate Taylor Her Citizen of the Year honour is far from her first honour
– Ms Leggett has also previously been awarded the Order of
local organisations and groups over such a long period of
time, Ms Leggett explained that her surprise at receiving the The Mayoral award went to Zach McCarthy, one of 12
students nationally selected by United Nations Youth
Moorabool’s Australia Day Awards have been presented to Australia medal for her services to the community. Australia Day honour was because nobody does community
proud recipients, during the shire’s celebrations in Ballan last Still, when Moorabool Shire Council Mayor Paul Tatchell work with an expectation of ever being awarded for it.
Friday. rang Ms Leggett to let her know that she would be receiving “I don’t think you ever think of that, while you’re doing the
The honour of Citizen of the Year went to Delwyn (Del)

Australia to participate in the Pacific Project, travelling to

the award, it took a bit of convincing. things you’re doing. You just think ‘oh I’ll do that, I can help
Leggett, perhaps best known for her role as the first Mayor
“It was just so unexpected for me, and he was getting a laugh out with that…’ you just do it. As a result, these things come
of Moorabool.
at me because I was saying ‘’it can’t be right!’ I said, just as as a shock to you.”
Ms Leggett served as a councillor for the Shire of Bacchus

Timor to be involved in community based projects to benefit

well I’m sitting down!” Ms Leggett told the Moorabool News. Ms Leggett was presented with her award by Moorabool’s
Marsh, including as Shire President, before becoming Mayor
It took a few days before Ms Leggett told even her best friend Australia Day Ambassador Father Bob Maguire.
of Moorabool Shire upon amalgamation in 1996, retiring
from local government in 1999. of the news. “I’m really, really absolutely chuffed that Father Bob

the local Timor community, with Zach already having

Ms Leggett is also a Justice of the Peace, has been a long-time “I didn’t tell anybody because I thought ‘oh that’s not right, Maguire was there, he’s just a wonderful man and he’s done
board member of Djerriwarrh Health Services, and is well it can’t be me, I’m sure something will happen.’ I told her, so much good for so many people. I’m thrilled, he’s done so
known for her numerous other contributions to community ‘don’t’ say anything, because I’m not sure it’s true!” many wonderful things, I admire him to bits.”

participated in two UN Youth State Conferences and Evatt, a

organisations over many years. Despite her incredibly long history of contributing to many (Honour Roll and New Citizens next edition)


Your Local Air-conditioning Specialist
Phone 5367 4964
HEATING & COOLING program where he gained an understanding of the workings

♦ $175 Evaporative Cooler Service *Mention this ad,

conditions apply
www.gjbradding.com.au SYSTEMS
of the United Nations Security through competitive debates.
RTA # AU03582

Father Bob
Moorabool’s Australia Day Ambassador was none
other than outspoken, well-known social justice
advocate Father Bob Maguire.
Father Bob is a Catholic priest, community worker
and media personality from South Melbourne. From
Community Event of the Year – Black Nite Black Lite
1973 to 2012, he was parish priest of Saint Peter
and Paul’s Church in South Melbourne.
Father Bob was appointed a Member of the Order
of Australia in 1989 for service to homeless youth
through the Open Family Foundation.
He started the Father Bob Maguire Foundation in
2003 and remains its Chairman. The mission of
the foundation is to provide material, emotional Citizen of the Year – Del Leggatt. Photos – Helen Tatchell
and social support to whomever, whenever and
wherever necessary. The foundation aims to end
homelessness and disadvantage.
The “Bob Squad” is the Father Bob Maguire
Foundation’s volunteer fundraising and welfare
provision arm which is styled on and inspired by
Father Bob’s sense of revolutionary approach to
social justice.
Crs Bingham, Keogh and Edwards

Town Crier Gavin Barker

Aust Day Ambassador Fr. Bob Maguie with Young Citizen
of the Year Corey Williams
Moorabool CEO Rob Croxford and Fr Bob Maguire

Young Citizens Appreciation Certificates – Shannon Craggill,

Federal Member for Ballarat Catherine King Member for Buninyong Geoff Howard and Cr. John Keogh Kelly Conroy and Nathan Borg (abs Jessica Howard)
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 7

(L-R) Louie Lydia and Miley Jane both have different mums, but both mums have the same
Police rounds
By Jessica Howard Police are searching for an unknown person
name, Hannah Smith! Photo – Jessica Howard who cut security fencing around the Ballan

Unrelated twins
A Ballan man was arrested on Wednesday Swimming Pool before removing security
January 17 after sending threatening texts cameras and throwing them into the pool.
to a Ballan woman. The 25-year-old was The offending is believed to have occurred
charged with threatening to cause serious sometime between January 18 and 19.
Hannah Smith arrived at the Bacchus Marsh is the little sister of Archie and Violet. injury and bailed to appear at Bacchus Marsh Anyone with information is encouraged to
Hospital on Sunday January 28, ready to give At 4:54pm, Hannah Smith and her partner Magistrates’ Court in March. contact Ballan Police on 5368 1300 or Crime
birth to her first child. Jesse became the proud parents of Miley Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
The following day, another Hannah Smith Jane. She weighed 3430 grams.
arrived to give birth to her third. Two offenders have been arrested following •••
A spokesperson for Djerriwarrh Health
Both Bacchus Marsh residents, the two Services said despite the potential for a theft from a motor vehicle, which occurred A search warrant executed in Ballanne
Hannah Smiths became mothers to baby confusion, all went well with both women in Bences Lane in Ballan. The offenders were Road in Ballan on January 26 has recovered a
girls just three-hours apart on Monday, and their babies. arrested on January 18 following assistance number of items stolen from a burglary and
January 29. Louie and Miley are two of 44 babies born from members of the Ballan CFA, who theft in Echuca. A 25-year-old Ballan was
Louie Lydia was born to Hannah and Rob at Bacchus Marsh Hospital in January, this reported a suspicious vehicle to police. charged and remanded in custody and will
Smith at 1:45pm, weighing 3770 grams. Louie year. ••• appear in court on March 23.

What’s in a name? Newborns in the district

Babies born recently at Bacchus Marsh and
By Jessica Howard the exception of Ella, which
edged out Chloe to claim the
Victoria recorded more
than 68,000 births in 2017,
Melton Regional Hospital.
Oliver and Charlotte number ten spot. with the most popular day
continue to dominate as The most popular girls’ for newborns being 13 April,
Victoria’s best loved baby names were very different when 279 new Victorians
names, a new study has 20 years ago, with none of came into the world.
revealed. today’s top ten appearing in New Year’s Day 2017 saw
Figures from 2017, released 1997’s equivalent list. Jessica, 145 babies born, while 148
by the Victorian Registry the most popular name in babies arrived on Grand
of Births, Deaths and 1997, has fallen to 100th place Final Day (30 September).
Marriages, show Oliver has today. On average, around
been the most popular name James was the most popular 136 babies are born on
for newborn boys in Victoria name for boys in 1997, Christmas Day, beaten by
every year since 2014. followed by Joshua. While the Boxing Day average of
Meanwhile, Charlotte James remains popular 157 newborns.
and Olivia have been today, Joshua has slipped to
consistently vying for the Boys made up 52 per cent of
26th place.
number one and two spots all births registered in 2017,
Attorney-General Martin
in girls’ names over the same with the number of births
Pakula said while some baby
period. peaking in March following
names remain perennial
the arrival of just over 6,600
William was the second favourites, others rise and
most popular boys’ name in new babies – nine months
fall in popularity, providing
2017, while Jack (3), Thomas a fascinating insight into after Victoria’s chilly winter.
(5) and James (6) retained changing tastes and trends DjHS in Bacchus Marsh
their places in the top ten, in Victoria recorded 454 births in 2017
where they have sat since “We encourage all Victorian down from 2016 with 469
1994. Lucas (7), Henry (8) parents to give their recorded.
and Charlie (9) were all new children a good start in life To register a birth or to see
entrants in the boys’ top ten. by registering the arrival the full list of popular baby Jessica de Cerff and Nathan Ritosa from Balliang parents Kacey and Campbell
In contrast, the ten most of their new baby with the names since 1929, visit the Kurunjang have welcomed their first child, have a new little boy. Lane Beckman Ross
popular girls’ names for Victorian Registry of Births, Victorian Registry of Births, a little girl. Mia Anne Ritosa arrived on arrived on Wednesday 31 January at
2017 remain unchanged Deaths and Marriages,” he Deaths and Marriages at Thursday 25 January at 12.37am and 12.09pm. He weighed 8lb 2.2oz and is a
from the previous year, with said. www.bdm.vic.gov.au weighed 7lb 1oz. new brother for Mac.
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The knot remains tied

By Jessica Howard

Victor and Valerie (nee Harkins) Duncan will toast their

50th golden wedding anniversary this month.
The Bacchus Marsh couple met through work at a cash
register factory in Dundee, Scotland, where they fell in love
and later married on February 8, 1968.
The pair migrated to Australia in April 1974 and have lived
in Essendon, Niddrie, Melton, Airport West and Tungamah,
before moving to Bacchus March in April 2014, where they
have since loved their new home and community.
Mr and Mrs Duncan are parents to Graham, Allison, Joyce
and Susan. They have four grandsons, three granddaughters,
three great grandsons and three great granddaughters, with
another on the way.
50 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment and
although there have been some trying times, they have
managed to stay as much in love today as the day they first
met. Mr and Mrs Duncan on their wedding day 50 years ago and are located on the right in the family photo. Photos - submitted

The What’s On section is for non-profit community organisations. All
free events submitted will be considered for FREE publication at the
Editors discretion. Advertising of AGMs in this section will only appear
if a paid public notice also appears in the classifieds section, as per the
constitution of Business & Consumer Affairs for incorporated groups.

Rose-Carers of Maddingley Park Church of the Living God

ADULT EDUCATION Working Bees every 3rd Wednesday & Sunday of each Christian youth ministry and bible teaching. 2nd Sunday
Ballan & District Community House month. All welcome. Enquiries - 0418 171 119. of every month, 5pm. Open to all ages. At 14 Darcy St,
2018 TERM 1 Program – out now. For class and enrolment Lal Lal Moorabool Photographic Group Inc Maddingley. Enq – 0408 260 727.
information and costs; venue hire and costs please call 5368 Meeting 3rd Wednesday each month, 7pm. Soldiers Memorial Bacchus Marsh Baptist Church
1934 or email info@bchvic.org.au Hall, Lal Lal. Enquiries 5341 7535. Sundays, 10:30am, Worship Service and Children’s Program.
Darley Neighbourhood House & Learning Centre Footscray Poultry Club (at Bacchus Marsh) Phone 5367 6550 for more details.
33-35 Jonathan Drive, Darley. Short courses and classes. BM & Meetings held 2nd Sunday of month, 2pm. Poultry Pavilion. Our Lady Help of Christians Korobeit
District Photography Club - Meetings 2nd & 4th Wednesday Racecourse Rec. Reserve, Balliang-Bacchus Marsh Rd, Mass every Saturday 6.30pm.
Bacchus Marsh. All welcome – Kerry 9741 9705. Golden Harvest Christian Fellowship
of month, 7.30pm. Enquiries welcome. Phone 5367 4390.
Non denominational - Prayer every Sunday 10am, Men’s
The Laurels – Bacchus Marsh Community College
KYB Monday evenings 6pm. Ladies KYB Wednesday 1pm.
229 Main Road, Bacchus Marsh. Courses and classes. MARKETS Further details – 0429 681 566.
Enquiries & enrolments - 5367 1061. Ballan Lions Club Market Bacchus Marsh Life Church
MEETINGS Next market – Saturday 3 March 2018 Meeting 10am every Sunday at the BM College Drama Room,
First Saturday each month - Inglis St, Ballan – 9am-1pm. in Grant Street. Enquiries Pastor Merv - 0412 290 036.
Ballan District Vintage Machinery & Vehicle Club Enquiries – 0402 390 080 (Wayne). St Bernard’s Bacchus Marsh Catholic Church
Meetings - second Monday each month, 8pm. Tom Mullane Darley Market Mass Times – Saturday- 5pm; Sunday – 8.30am & 10am.
Pavilion, Ballan Racecourse Reserve. Enquiries – Brian 5368 Saturday 17 February, 8am - 1pm. 1st & 3rd Saturday each
2255 or Ray 5368 1177. month at Darley Park Football Reserve. Enquiries – 0488 345
The Pottery Group 145 (Alan).
Tuesday and Saturday 1pm-3pm, at the Public Park Hall (next Ballan Farmers Market
to Tennis Courts) Stanley St, Gordon. All welcome. Enquiries Next Market – Saturday 10 February, 9am-1pm.
to Maureen 0447173031. 2nd Saturday each month, Mill Cottage car park.
St Andrew’s Playgroup Bacchus Marsh Enq – 0498 361 291 or 0490 114 130.
(Behind St Andrew’s Church) Cnr Gisborne Rd & Lerderderg
St, Bacchus Marsh. Monday-Friday 9am, 11am, 1pm & 3pm. CHURCH
Enquiries – Cindy 0433 651 066. Catholic Parish of Gordon
Moorabool Mission Recovery Group Service Times - Saturday 10 February – Springbank, 6.30 pm 
Struggling with addiction; Pain from the past; family member Sunday 11 February– Bungaree, 8.45am; Ballan, 10.30am.
out of control? Meeting weekly - Wednesday, 12.30pm – Jean Anglican Parish of West Moorabool
Oomes Room, Lerderderg Library, Bacchus Marsh. Enq- Service Times - St John’s Ballan 
Pastor Merv Patton – 0412 290 036. 1st & 3rd Sundays - 9:30am; 2nd & 4th Sundays – 11am
Ballan Playgroup Family Service. St Mark’s in the Gordon Pub - 2nd & 4th
Every Tuesday of school Term. St John’s Anglican Church Sundays, 5pm. Further information –The Rev’d Glen Wesley
Hall - 9:30-11:30am. Enquiries - 0409 681 138 Anna or 0421 - 5368 2730. 
905 558 Tamsin.  Ballan Uniting Church (St. Paul’s)
Bacchus Marsh & District Garden Club Services – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays 11.15am. 4th Sunday 9.30am
Meeting 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7.30pm at The Laurels, Reflective Worship.
229 Main St, Bacchus Marsh. Guest Speakers. Supper after B3 Community – Focused, family friendly church with a
each meeting. All Welcome. Enquiries - Wendy 5367 4170. difference. Services every 2nd & 4th Sundays at Avenue
Ballan Anglers Inc Bowling Club, Main St, Bacchus Marsh.
Meeting second Wednesday every month. Hudsons Hotel, Bacchus Marsh Christian Church
7.30pm. More anglers and families needed and welcome – Sunday Services 10am with kids program. 222 Main St,
0400 003 936. Bacchus Marsh. Enquiries 9028 2622.
Bacchus Marsh Family Drug Support Group Bacchus Marsh Uniting Church Parish
For Family Members who have a loved one affected by drugs. Services - St Andrew’s 9.30am every Sunday. Pentland Hills
Enquiries - 1300 660 068. 2pm 1st Sunday of month. Enquiries - 5367 2543 (office).
Alanon Support Group - for families of alcoholics Holy Trinity Anglican Church - Bacchus Marsh
Meets at 10.30am on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month Service Times - Bacchus Marsh - Sunday 8.30am & 10am;
at the Uniting Church Hall, Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh. Balliang - 2nd Sunday 10.30am, 4th Sunday 9am. Myrniong –
Enq - 0421 222 717. 1st & 3rd Sunday 11am. Enquiries – 5367 5362. 

The Catholic Parish of Gordon

Sacramental Program 2018
The program will commence with a compulsory meeting
(parent only) for children of the Parish in Year 4 or above
at St. Brigid’s School, Ballan,
Thursday 22nd February, 2018 @ 7.00pm Blumes’ Summer Fashion Show
This will be an information and registration night. Presented by the Ballan Hospital Auxiliary
A Copy of the Baptismal Certificate and $100 Thursday 15 February, 10.30am
yearly fee will be required
Ballan Senior Citizens Centre, 78 Steiglitz St, Ballan
Inquiries: Therese Winter 0417 518 187 Morning Tea Provided - Entry $5
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 9

Death by drinking
By Jessica Howard “There’s no criminal histo-
ry… no criminal offences…
The driver accused of kill- no mental disorders… no
ing 22-year-old Gisborne drug or gambling addic-
man Hayden Kloppers was tions,’” he said.
three times over the legal
“He was, and is, much loved
blood alcohol limit, a court
has heard. by his family”.
Paul Smith, 26, returned a Mr Dempsey said while
reading of more than 0.20 Smith had started binge
per cent in the hours after drinking on weekends at
the fatal car accident that oc- the age of 16, it had never re-
curred on Saturday March sulted in any aggravated or
25, 2017. criminal behavior.
The Kurunjang man ap- He said on the night of the
peared in the Victorian incident, Smith had left his
County Court in Melbourne car at home and had no in-
on Tuesday January 30, tention of driving.
charged with one count of
“[Upon being picked up], he
culpable driving.
has for some reason decided
The court heard the accused
that he would drive, and
was travelling at a minimum
there are only a few minutes
168km/h on Bacchus Marsh
between this decision and
Road when he lost control
of his white Holden utility the fatality.
and crashed into a large tree “He first approached the
located at the Bacchus Marsh passenger seat…. but instead
Avenue of Honour. The accident scene at the eastern end of the Avenue of Honour in Bacchus Marsh. Photo – Helen Tatchell the decision to drive is made
The speed limit is 60km/h with a spectacular level of
on that stretch of road. Pas- been drinking at two Bac- making his way to the driv- ejected on impact. could not recall the accident. intoxication”.
senger, Hayden Kloppers chus Marsh venues on the er’s side and swapping seats Police attended the scene, On July 28 2017, he pleaded Mr Dempsey said Smith
died at the scene. night of the incident. with the victim. where the accused was guilty to culpable driving. had clear gaps in his memo-
In a victim impact state- The victim, who had met The vehicle was seen driv- found sitting on the ground The victim’s younger ry of the night and that there
ment, the deceased’s father Smith’s roommate two- ing at a fast rate before doing with no shirt or shoes. brother, Jonty said he should was “ample evidence of his
Roelof Kloppers told of his weeks prior at the Gisborne a burn out and turning right Police allege the man said never have had to have seen unfathomable remorse”.
heartbreak following the Hotel, had agreed to pick up towards Main Street in Bac- he did not know what had his brother’s body in the “There has been a proper
sudden death of his son. the accused at around 1am chus Marsh. happened and couldn’t re- morgue or plan his funeral.
human reaction of guilt to
“No words can put into and take him back to his Ku- At 1:37am, the vehicle was member if he had been driv- His mother, Loren said the life that he has taken,”
perspective what I [am feel- runjang property. captured driving in an east- ing the vehicle. there was “not much laugh-
he said.
ing],” he said. The court heard the vic- erly direction when it lost Smith told police he ing in our house or in our
“I can keep talking of the tim drove Smith’s vehicle traction and collided with thought the speed limit was lives anymore”. “He says that it should have
pain of viewing my son’s to Flanagans Border Inn in a large elm tree, and then 100km/h. been him that died that
Smith’s lawyer Marcus
body in the morgue or miss- Bacchus Marsh, arriving at a shed in the Avenue of In an interview on March 28 Dempsey said the accused, night,” Mr Dempsey said.
ing his face at Christmas around 1:30am. Honour. 2017, the accused told police who was 25-years-old at the Smith will be sentenced in
dinner, but that won’t bring CCTV footage showed The passenger seat, along- he remembered making a time of the incident, had Melbourne at a date to be
him back”. Smith approach the passen- side the engine and other phone call to his roommate an “utterly unremarkable fixed. Judge Gregory Lyon
The court heard Smith had ger side of the vehicle before parts of the vehicle, were to ask for a lift home, but background”. was presiding.

Moorabool Shire Council

The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held tomorrow Wednesday 7 Inglis St Ballan will undergo a major revamp in the coming months, resulting in a more
February, 2018 in the Council Chambers, 15 Stead St, Ballan, commencing at attractive and safer street for all residents, traders and visitors.
6.00pm. From mid-February to late May there will be disruption in the street, with parking and
Members of the public are most welcome to attend. access affected. We apologise in advance for this disruption and will be working very
closely with traders to ensure any impact is kept to a minimum. No business closures
COMMUNITY SATISFACTION SURVEY will occur – all traders will be able to operate in line with their normal business hours.
Council would like to inform residents that from early February to early March, your This exciting project will result in:
household may receive a call from an independent market research agency, National • Full replacement of footpaths between Fisken and Stead streets (both sides)
Field Services.
• Additional car parking in Inglis Street
They have been commissioned to conduct a community satisfaction survey on behalf
of Council. Similar surveys will be undertaken across Victorian councils in the coming • New street furniture
months. The survey has been designed to assess the performance of Moorabool Shire • New trees and landscaping
Council across a range of measures to identify ways to provide improvement or more If you have any questions about the project, please contact Council’s Engineering
effective service delivery to residents. Services department on 5366 7100.
The survey will involve interviews conducted among a representative sample of
We appreciate you taking the time to assist us with your valuable feedback.
Please be assured that your details and individual responses are confidential. Only the
overall results are shared with the Council.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Council’s Customer Service
on 5366 7100.

Moorabool Shire Council: PO Box 18, Ballan VIC 3342 Telephone: 03 5366 7100 Facsimile: 03 5368 1757 CEO: Rob Croxford
Email: info@moorabool.vic.gov.au Web: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au Facebook: Moorabool Shire Council Twitter: @mooraboolshire
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Young leaders in our community

By Jessica Howard setting up a Cake and Craft Coordinator of the Rotary
Stall to raise funds for Breast Student Award Program,
Ayden Dear and Ophelia Cancer. Joanne Allen, said the com-
Fernando are among 15 local Rotary Club of Bacchus munity group aim to en-
students to receive a Rotary Marsh has been presenting courage and reward those
Club Award for Community awards to outstanding stu- students who demonstrate
Service. dents for over 20-years. Re- service within their school
The Grade six St Bernard’s cipients receive a certificate or the wider community.
Primary School students and a cheque for $100. “We also support the youth
were presented the award Ayden received the award of Bacchus Marsh with many
by John Lucas, a member of after activity promoting programs,” she said.
Bacchus Marsh Rotary, at a awareness of indigenous “We sponsor students to at-
school graduation ceremony. culture through his involve- tend several weekend lead-
Ophelia was commended ment in a proposed Indig- ership Camps, we sponsor
for her part in a leadership enous Sacred Space at his students as part the Rotary
group that collected dona- school and by performing International Exchange Pro-
tions of toiletries to give to in many Indigenous festi- gram in 2017 and we are
disadvantaged women in vals and celebrations during currently hosting, Ken Lin
the community. NAIDOC week and at the from Taiwan and Matilda
She was also involved in Melton Djerriwarrh Festival. For from Sweden.”

Recipients of Rotary Club Award for Community Service

Ayden Dear and Ophelia Fernando St Bernard’s Primary School
Abe Penny and Jordyn Mace Bacchus Marsh Grammar-Primary School
Braeden Keen and Georgia Malloy Bacchus Marsh College
Marcus Wellner Balliang East Primary School
Matilda Schembri and Aiden Cole Darley Primary School
Abigail Eierweiss Coimadai Primary School
Jackson Hunt and Charles Drevensek Pentland Primary School
Jack Kocaevic Myrniong Primary School
Ophelia Fernando and Ayden Dear. Thomas Bibby and Ethan Carter Bacchus Marsh Primary School

Environmental Opinion

with Tom Kingston

Rising tides is but one factor

In an article I wrote just before As if the climate is going to and the cities they will drown — is horrifying enough. Most that permafrost melt. The IPCC
Christmas I ended the piece continue to play its part. As if — have so dominated the people talk as if Miami and reports also don’t fully account
with a quotation from Jay things are going to roll along picture of global warming, and Bangladesh still have a chance of for the albedo effect (less ice
Griffiths in her book ‘Wild – An as they have been doing when so overwhelmed our capacity surviving; most of the scientists means less reflected and more
Elemental Journey’ in which she we now know, for certain, they for climate panic, that they have I spoke with assume we’ll lose absorbed sunlight, hence
criticises golf and all it stands are simply not going to. In other occluded our perception of them within the century, even more warming); more cloud
for. Jay comments that, “Golf words, if we are to believe the other threats, many much closer if we stop burning fossil fuel in cover (which traps heat); or the
epitomises the tame world. On a science of climate breakdown, at hand. Rising oceans are bad, the next decade. Two degrees of dieback of forests and other
golf course nature is neutered”. we should be spending all our in fact very bad; but fleeing the warming used to be considered flora (which extract carbon
One reader of this opinion energy on addressing this. We coastline will not be enough.’ the threshold of catastrophe. from the atmosphere). Each of
piece, at least, thought this a bit are not. We are simply building This article became the most- Now two degrees is our goal, these promises to accelerate
extreme. I have to agree. Golf more golf courses, and the like. read article in New York per the Paris climate accords, warming, and the history of the
does indeed keep many people Last July (9) New York Magazine’s history. I would and experts give us only slim planet shows that temperature
fit and enjoying life and it does Magazine published an article encourage you to check this odds of hitting it. The U.N. can shift as much as five
not take up too much of the by David Wallace-Wells called out on the web. When I read Intergovernmental Panel on degrees Celsius within thirteen
earth’s resources. To criticise The Uninhabitable Earth - Famine, silly comments from ignorant Climate Change issues serial years. The last time the planet
golf and all it stands for, in the economic collapse, a sun that people claiming those who are reports, often called the “gold was even four degrees warmer,
light of all the things wrong with cooks us: What climate change trying to bring to our attention standard” of climate research; Peter Brannen points out in
our world, seems a little unfair. could wreak — sooner than you the climate emergency we are the most recent one projects us The Ends of the World, his new
That said, I did include this think. This article begins, ‘It is, I facing are ‘alarmists’ I myself to hit four degrees of warming history of the planet’s major
quotation deliberately. Because promise, worse than you think. get angry. If anything, these by the beginning of the next extinction events, the oceans
golf is so acceptable it, for me If your anxiety about global ‘alarmists’ are understating the century, should we stay the were hundreds of feet higher.’
at least, epitomises so well warming is dominated by fears reality. Hence, in the words of present course. But that’s just a What is your opinion?
the completely wrong choices of sea-level rise, you are barely Crocodile Dundee, this is an median projection. The upper
we are currently making. We scratching the surface of what alarmist comment. end of the probability curve For the next Moorabool
continue to build golf courses terrors are possible, even within ‘The present tense of climate runs as high as eight degrees Environment Group (MEG)
and continue to plan ahead on the lifetime of a teenager today. change — the destruction we’ve — and the authors still haven’t meeting go to - www.
so many issues as if we can. And yet the swelling seas — already baked into our future figured out how to deal with mooraboolmeg.org.au
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 11

Luxury Living & Car Lovers Dream Geelong area

tops ‘most
expensive’ list
Proximity to Melbourne
is delivering dividends for
Greater Geelong with new
REIV data showing the mu-
nicipality is home to seven
14 Victoria Street, Bacchus Marsh of the state’s most expensive
Nestled amongst quality homes in a quiet, no through road, towns.
this quality built Shane Cook Home of approximately 56
The coastal town of Barwon
squares will suit the most fastidious buyer. As you enter the
home you immediately get a sense of the size and quality Heads is Victoria’s most ex-
of the home. You are immediately greeted by a living room pensive, recording a median
to your right, complete with gas log fire. To the left is an house price of $848,000 in the
oversized master suite complete with dressing room & December quarter. Not only
ensuite with spa. The hall then flows past the walk-in linen GIL KING
is this significantly higher
press through to the expansive kitchen, meals, family area
than the regional median
with bi-fold doors that open out onto the private, undercover
alfresco area, brilliantly designed for entertaining friends house price of $396,500, it is
& family. The large kitchen features quality appliances, ton and Ocean Grove, at
also higher than the metro-
butler’s pantry, plumbed in fridge and would be the family $645,000 and $368,750 re-
hub of this wonderful property. There are 3 remaining politan Melbourne median
spectively. Both areas have
double bedrooms all complete with BIRs serviced by the of $821,000.
experienced double-digit
stunning family bathroom. The 32 squares of upstairs living Newtown also remained
are complimented with quality hardwood floors, carpets & price growth over the past
highly sought after by buy-
window coverings throughout as well as ducted heating & year.
cooling to ensure year round comfort. As you step down the ers in the last three months
Torquay in the Surf Coast
interior staircase the excitement builds, you are greeted by of 2017, with houses in
around 140 square metres of under house garage area where was another of Victoria’s
the Geelong suburb com-
you can easily fit 4 cars with substantial room around them. manding a median price of most expensive towns, re-
There is also a space that would be perfect for a home office cording a median house
$760,000 – almost $100,000
with access directly outside and a separate toilet with basin price of $745,000 in De-
with additional under house storage. Outside the 1019 sqm more than the median price
block has been professionally landscaped back & front & of homes in Melbourne’s cember. This is 6.5 per cent
provides a beautiful oasis to enjoy the sun & fresh air. outer ring. higher than the same period
Price: $849,000 last year.
Geelong was another of the
state’s most expensive loca- Meanwhile, towns in the
tions in December with a Macedon Ranges are also
median house price on par benefitting from strong price
with its city counterparts, at growth in Melbourne. Gis-
$720,000. borne, on the outskirts of
Homes in Geelong West and the city, has a median house
East Geelong also attracted price of $680,000 which is
top dollar with median equivalent to those in outer
house prices of $665,000 and Melbourne.
$645,000 respectively. Strong High house prices were also
buyer demand for homes in recorded in Woodend in De-
these suburbs has boosted cember, with a median price
house prices by at least 20 of $645,000.
www.arbeerealestate.com.au per cent over the past year.
Other Greater Geelong
For more information on
median house prices by
140 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 5367 2333 towns with high median town or region, visit reiv.
Arbee Real Estate house prices include High- com.au/market-insights.

Gorgeous Home With Commanding Street Presence


71 Main Street, Gordon

Set in the heart of Gordon on just under a quarter acre allotment is this magnificent home with historical
significance to the area. The home has recently been renovated internally and boasts 4 bedrooms,
master with ensuite & WIR, new carpets, town water connection and offers a magnificent showpiece
kitchen. Externally there is an entertaining area, a workshop/shed circa 1800’s with further scope to
improve the property. Homes of this calibre are a rarity and will demand serious attention.
Auction Saturday 24th February at 11.00am View: Sat 10th February 11.00–11.30am

Agent: Matthew Edwards

0401 728 881
51 Lydiard Street South, Ballarat 3350
Phone 5331 1111 www.prdballarat.com.au
Page 12 The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Arbee Real Estate

FOR SALE 1 Duval Drive, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 15 Beresford Crescent, Darley
4 2 2 3 1 2

Ideal First Home or Investment What A Great Start!

This 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home ideal for first home buyer or Neat 3 bedroom home on a 650m² block in quiet location. Nice sized
investor. Formal lounge, open plan kitchen with gas cooktop & wall lounge room with gas wall furnace heater, off lounge is kitchen & meals
oven, island bench with dishwasher adjoining the meals & family with wall A/C & door to pergola/outdoor area. 3 good sized bedrooms all
room. The master bedroom has WIR & Ens, & remaining bedrooms all with BIRs & master has reverse cycle split system a/c. Polished boards
have BIRs. Ducted heating, R/C split system a/c in the family room. throughout, double carport and colorbond shed in the backyard.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $390,000-$420,000 FOR SALE $370,000-$390,000
Daryl Gould 0409 233 157
Peter Leonard 0429 671 990

FOR SALE 2/20 Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 143 Underbank Boulevard, Bacchus Marsh
2 1 1 4 2 1

Walk To Everything Wow, Pool Parties All Year Round!

Perfectly positioned close to Main Street shops, cafes, Hospital & Located in the Underbank Estate just 5 minutes from the Main Street.
medical centre, this neat 2 bedroom unit will appeal to the prudent Featuring 4 bedrooms, the master with WIR and ENS. The remaining 3
investor or owner occupier alike. Currently is has a very good tenant on bedrooms have BIRs and share a central bathroom. Designer kitchen,
a periodical lease who is happy to remain if so desired by the purchaser. temperature controlled pool & spa. Cascading views of Underbank Stud
On the market $245,000-$255,000. & Pentland Hills, this stunning residence is well worth your inspection.

INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment

FOR SALE $245,000-$255,000 FOR SALE $680,000-$720,000
CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990 CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 28 Davies Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 14 Victoria Street, Bacchus Marsh
4 1 1 4 2 4

Spacious Family Home Luxury Living & Car Lovers Dream

Perfect for a family or investor. Great location close to schools, Stunning 56 square, 8 year old, quality Shane Cook Home. Massive 1702,
shopping centre, football oval & highway access. 4 spacious bedrooms, secure under house 4 car garage with office & storage. Master bedroom
all with generous BIRs, large family bathroom, separate toilet & great with Ens, spa & parents retreat. 3 additional double bedrooms all with BIRs,
sized laundry. Gas heater & wall air con. Single carport & additional 2 bathrooms, 3 toilets, 3 living areas. Hardwood floors, quality carpets &
shed at the rear of the property, approximately 653m2 in size. fixtures & fittings. Professionally Landscaped 1019sqm block (approx.)

INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment

FOR SALE $399,000 FOR SALE $849,000
CONTACT Denise 0456 044 024 CONTACT Steve 0475 888 101 – Denise 0456 044 024
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 24 Ryan Court, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 2/1 Manor Street, Bacchus Marsh
4 2 1

Great Family Living In Central Location A Scarce Commodity!

Set on large block approx. 780m , walking distance to Main Street & easy
2 This excellent block of land is one of a kind. Located less than 200m from
access to freeway. 4 generous bedrooms with BIRs, master with Ens & the Village Shopping Centre and the Main Street and all it has to offer you

large family bathroom. Spacious kitchen/dining/living opens out to can leave the car at home. Fully fenced and ready for you to build your
covered courtyard. Ducted heating & A/C. Carport has rear access to dream home in the heart of town, grab this opportunity today! On the
market at $360,000 - $380,000 give us a call for further details.
spacious backyard, room to add a pool or shed if desired (STCA).
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $480,000 FOR SALE $360,000-$380,000
CONTACT Steve 0475 888 101 Denise 0456 044 024 CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

Young family looking 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, min 2 car home
2 car home in Bacchus Marsh/Maddingley area. in Grantleigh Estate, with additional car
Up to $450,000 accommodation or room for it. Up to $700,000

Ian McDonald Steve Creese Daryl Gould Peter Leonard Denise Sniegowski
5367 2333 0475 888 101 0409 233 157 0429 671 990 0456 044 024

140 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 5367 2333
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 13

Rayner We put you first



• Rustic character with charm, country find in Greendale / Blackwood district; • Open plan kitchen/meals area that leads to undercover colorbond pergola area;
• This beautiful Dales Creek property offers rustic timbers, cathedral ceilings, slate Private Sale: $455,000 • Kitchen with built in pantry, stainless oven and stovetop and ample breakfast bar; Private Sale: $350,000-$370,000
flooring, 3 levels and feature brick walls; Inspect: Fri 9th Feb 2:00pm-3:00pm • Split system in kitchen / meals area, gas wall furnace in lounge; Inspect: Saturday 10th February
• First level comprises lounge /family room with wood heater and formal dining; Sat 10th Feb 11:45am-12:30pm • Alarm system, double lock up garage with walk through to patio area; 12:00pm–12:30pm
• Second level kitchen/meals area, laundry, bathroom and separate toilet; Contact: Mark Dudley 0409 954 396 • Gravelled rear yard with lovely established citrus tree; Contact: Marcus Rayner 0418 556 699
• Third level 3 bedrooms, main with balcony and others with shared balcony; • Currently leased for approximately $16,000 per annum on periodic lease; and Email: marcus@raynerrealestate.com.au
Email: mark@raynerrealestate.com.au
• Outside has brick paved undercover area, carport ideal for barbeques, great • Land size 388sqm, easy to maintain.
shedding, double garage (ideal for studio) and single garage.




• Fashionable and well-lit home in a convenient location; • Sparkling views, big block (1,694sqm) approx;
• Open plan kitchen-meals fully tiled, stainless steel appliances and dishwasher; Private Sale: $399,000 • Recently renovated, new kitchen and new bathroom in an affordable price range; Private Sale: $359,000
• Open plan lounge, natural light, large sliding door leads to gravelled courtyard; Inspect: Saturday 10th February • Comprising three bedrooms, lounge with wood heater and split system; Inspect: Thu 8th Feb 12:00pm–1:00pm
• Low maintenance landscaped front garden and gravelled rear yard; 10:00am–10:30am • Kitchen with access to the outdoor entertainment area to enjoy the outlook; Fri 9th Feb 4:00pm–5:00pm
• Double lock up garage, ducted heating & ducted evaporative cooling; Contact: Marcus Rayner 0418 556 699 • Timber landing which would be ideal for a second outdoor living area; Sat 10th Feb 1:00pm-1:30pm
• Located only a short drive to local schools, child care facilities and Bacchus Email: marcus@raynerrealestate.com.au • Lovely views to enjoy from kitchen; Contact: Mark Dudley 0409 954 396
Marsh shopping precinct; and • Inspections strictly by open house times.
Email: mark@raynerrealestate.com.au
• Land size 333sqm

Marcus Julie Mark Melonie Graeme Harriet Adam Mark Rod Brendan
Rayner Higgins Davis Winch Rayner Bevan Tucci Dudley Grant Rayner
0418 556 699 0422 412 964 0458 224 405 0408 675 011 0417 559 945 0439 429 435 0411 077 128 0409 954 396 0416 231 782 0439 354 059

175 Main Street

Bacchus Marsh raynerrealestate.com.au 5366 3600
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p ect ay p ect Sat

Ins urd Ins urs/
Sa Th

Darley 38 Victoria Street 4 2 4 Maddingley 73 O’Leary Way 4 2 2

More Than Meets the Eye Private Sale Stunning Family Home in Stonehill Estate Private Sale
This Large family home is situated in a Sure to win hearts with its flowing
Price $590,000 - $630,000 Price $490,000 - $515,000
prestigious area of Darley on approx floorplan and considered appointments
921m2 of land with renovated kitchen Inspect Saturday 11.00-11.30am delivering maximum comfort & style. Inspect Thursday 5.30–6.00pm
and bathrooms, a built in outdoor 6 Sitting between the formal lounge and Saturday 12.00-12.30pm
Office 2/137 Main Street,
seater spa, single garage 7x7m2 shed open plan family living and dining, the
Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 Office 2/137 Main Street,
and a double carport. ultra spacious kitchen is a testament
Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
Contact Len Smith 0418 343 754 to modern design with butler’s pantry,
len@lensmith.com.au quality S/S appliances and Caesarstone Contact Len Smith 0418 343 754
Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 bench tops. len@lensmith.com.au
kelvin@lensmith.com.au To discover more call today! Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828

p ect Sat
Ins urs/

D - 24 I STED

Bacchus Marsh 40 McFarland Street 2 1 Mt Egerton 3 Trounces Lane

Prime Central Location, Land 604m2 Private Sale Forested Hideaway Private Sale
This affordable home is situated in 3.75 acres of forested freehold land
Price $370,000 - $390,000 situated in the beautiful old gold Price $160,000
Bacchus Marsh CBD walking distance
to the Village Shopping Centre and Inspect Thursday 5.30-6.00pm mining town of Mt Egerton. Very Inspect By appointment
Bacchus Marsh Primary School. Great Saturday 1.00-1.30pm private with some amazing old growth
opportunity to renovate, extend or native trees, elevated with good Office 2/137 Main Street,
Office 2/137 Main Street, aspect, power & phone at front of Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
build your new dream home.
Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 property, good access via all weather
Road. Located 15 mins to Ballan train Contact Len Smith 0418 343 754
Contact Len Smith 0418 343 754 station, 25 Mins to Ballarat shops, len@lensmith.com.au
len@lensmith.com.au schools & universities. Come & explore Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 this fabulous piece of paradise today! kelvin@lensmith.com.au
promises - even those made half in jest.
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 15
LEO—July 23-August 22
Minor setbacks can be turned to your advantage if you
follow your motto, “prudence.” Neighbours and friends

Stars & Puzzles

distract you on the weekend. Recycling is emphasized.
Put old ideas to use in a new format.
VIRGO—August 23-September 22
You find that it’s even nicer to accept than to give.
Friends introduce you to promising personalities on the
weekend. Confidential agreements are accented now and
you are caught up in a dynamic work project as the week

LIBRA—September 23-October 22
Study is accented, specifically painting and creative writ-
ing. Put into action ideas and plans that have been devel-
oping over the last months. Moves are favoured - on-
wards, rather than upward ones.
★★★★★★★★ SCORPIO—October 23-November 21
You may feel that everyone is working at cross purposes
ARIES—March 21-April 20 and that you and superiors are on different wavelengths.
Feel free to challenge any financial advice that is given
Watch a leaning to jump the gun and try to be far less this week.
outspoken. Reconciliations are possible on the weekend
but watch out for new conflicts with a fellow Aries. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22
Unusual events suggest that you start a diary.
The week begins at rapid-fire pace. An unusual number
TAURUS—April 21-May 22 of demands are made on you, physically and emotion-
Keep lines of communication open and prepare to inter- ally. This week is superb for starting new ventures or
pret subtle messages.You are thinking rich and it’s easy branching out.
to overextend yourself financially. Children make you
feel optimistic. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20
Your eyes may deceive you and it’s tempting to think the
GEMINI—May 23-June 21 worst. You are unusually decisive Wednesday, Thursday
Loved ones may oppose your plans. Give others time to and can accomplish at least a dozen leftover jobs.
explain their point of view. You are too tempted to take Consider experimenting with new art forms.
risks, especially where health is involved. The weekend AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19
is excellent for getting to know a new friend.
This could be an outstanding week. Don’t forget to
CANCER—June 22-July 22 express your deepest feelings especially Friday, Saturday
Friendship is emphasized through the week and a meet- and Sunday. Provide friends with encouragement rather
NO. 9031 ing with someone from abroad may develop into a last- than sympathy. Get a loved one to share in a self
ing alliance. Prepare to honour the letter and spirit of all improvement programme.
ACROSS DOWN promises - even those made half in jest.
PISCES—February 20-March 20
7. Tool (6-6) 1. Last (8) LEO—July 23-August 22
8. Helm (6) 2. Image (4) You have several moneymaking ideas and the good news
9. Dive (6) 3. Disease (7) Minor setbacks can be turned to your advantage if you is that there are opportunities to put them to use. Don’t
follow your motto, “prudence.” Neighbours and friends ignore moods of loved ones who may feel as carefree or
10. Drug (7) 4. Pleased (5) distract you on the weekend. Recycling is emphasized. as mischievous as you do.
12. Perfect (5) 5. Burn (8) Put old ideas to use in a new format.
15. Gem (5) 6. Boast (4) BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK
16. Dark-skinned (7) 11. Dance (8) VIRGO—August 23-September 22 You are rather contradictory, inventive, optimistic and
18. Spruce (6) 13. Follower (8) You find that it’s even nicer to accept than to give. idealistic, yet conventional and somewhat aloof. Happiest
20. Shine (6) 14. Bird (7) Friends introduce you to promising personalities on the when your ideas are needed and appreciated, you can
22. Incarceration (12) 17. Sewer (5) weekend. Confidential agreements are accented now and make a major contribution in an established field or be
19. Dry (4) you are caught up in a dynamic work project as the week successful in a brand new one. Just watch your leaning
ends. to be too much of a nonconformist.
21. Identical (4)
CRYPTIC PUZZLE LIBRA—September 23-October 22
Study is accented, specifically painting and creative writ-

ing. Put into action ideas and plans that have been devel-
7. You can leave the switch off if it works! (4,8). 8. What oping over the last months. Moves are favoured - on-
only the highest of the high are (6). 9. Approves of the wards, rather than upward ones.
overtures (6). 10. The underwater photographer? (7).
12. Plain net (5). 15. Rat in the orchard (5). 16. With SCORPIO—October 23-November 21
scorn said “Involved in the racket” (7). 18. Does it com-
pensate for the deficiencies of nature? (4-2). 20. Jack
You may feel that everyone is working at cross purposes
and that you and superiors are on different wavelengths.
Brown at the draper’s (6). 22. Need no alarm clock to Feel free to challenge any financial advice that is given
get moving (5,7). ANSWER BELOW
this week.

DOWN SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

1. Mean the man to make a speech (8). 2. Coming from The week begins at rapid-fire pace. An unusual number
Greek, it means courage (4). 3. Get back about a hun- of demands are made on you, physically and emotion-
dred too many (7). 4. Sees climbing up and doesn’t al- ally. This week is superb for starting new ventures or
low (5). 5. Was angry and had the birds let out (8). 6. branching out.
Unoccupied though let out (4). 11. Improved when taken CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20
in hand (6,2). 13. Friendly and pleasant exterior, but cold
inside (8). 14. Remote and aloof (7). 17. Chose to put Your eyes may deceive you and it’s tempting to think the
worst. You are unusually decisive Wednesday, Thursday
the man to work (5). 19. Land a hundred, about (4). 21. and can accomplish at least a dozen leftover jobs.
Took off the name (4). Consider experimenting with new art forms.
AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19
This could be an outstanding week. Don’t forget to
C-able. 14, Distant. 17, Op-Ted. 19, A-C-re. 21, Rose. express your deepest feelings especially Friday, Saturday
and Sunday. Provide friends with encouragement rather
(rev.). 5, Bristled (anag.). 6, Free. 11, Picked up. 13, Ami-
than sympathy. Get a loved one to share in a self
Across - 6, Screwdriver. 7, Pelt. 8, Novelist. 9, Trifle.
Down - 1, Per-Lance. 2, Gr-it. 3, Re-C-over. 4, Stops
20, Tar-tan. 22, Rouse oneself. improvement programme.
10, Lament. 12, Smiled. 15, Silver. 17, Alfresco. 19, Task.
per. 12, Clear. 15, Peach. 16, Di-sdai-n. 18, Make-up. PISCES—February 20-March 20
20, Discontinue.
Across - 7, Hair restorer. 8, Blotto. 9, Passes. 10, Snap- You have several moneymaking ideas and the good news
Down - 1, Wrathful. 2, Twinge. 3, Grovel. 4, Oval. 5,
CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS is that there are opportunities to put them to use. Don’t
Prison. 6, Spear. 11, Militant. 13, Melody. 14, Despot. ignore moods of loved ones who may feel as carefree or
15, Smooth. 16, Ensue. 18, Rust.
low. 17, Drain. 19, Arid. 21, Same. as mischievous as you do.
Smoulder. 6, Brag. 11, Hornpipe. 13, Adherent. 14, Swal-
Down - 1, Ultimate. 2, Idol. 3, Leprosy. 4, Happy. 5, BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK
Across - 6, Grant asylum. 7, Miss. 8, In-as-much. 9,
20, Lustre. 22, Imprisonment. You are rather contradictory, inventive, optimistic and
Hashish. 12, Ideal. 15, Pearl. 16, Swarthy. 18, Dapper. idealistic, yet conventional and somewhat aloof. Happiest
Glance. 10, L-atest. 12, Sl(I)ated (rev.). 15, Bl-each. 17,
Across - 7, Sledge-hammer. 8, Tiller. 9, Plunge. 10, when your ideas are needed and appreciated, you can
Ming-ling. 19, Bear. 20, Deserve well.
QUICK SOLUTIONS make a major contribution in an established field or be
Down - 1, Bass-I-net. 2, Strike. 3, As-sail. 4, Plum. 5, successful in a brand new one. Just watch your leaning
Smacks. 6, Grill. 11, Tre-M-bles. 13, La-I-R-ds. 14, Dri-
SOLUTIONS - CROSSWORD NO. 9031 to be too much of a nonconformist.
ers (anag.). 15, Bagged. 16, Crawl. 18, GI-St.
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5368 1966


REFRIGERATION & • Heavy Duty VHF - FM - AM Antennas
AIRCONDITIONING • Digital Ready Antennas
SERVICE & INSTALL • Digital Set Top Boxes
Authorised by
The Australian • Amplifiers
Refrigeration Council RTA 34822
• TV & VCR Tuning
0411 649 321 • Extra Points
53686363 • All Work Guaranteed 7 Days
Email: inquiries@frigworks.com.au • Pensioner Discount Mob: 0417 711 712 Ph: 5367 5857


Moorabool New
Member of

Complete Maintenance Services

Moorabool News
Your Local News

EMAIL: news@themooraboolnews.com.au WEB: www.themooraboolnews.com
Member of
■ Automotive service and repair

Tuesday 21 February, 2017 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Fax 5368

■ Vehicle hoist install, maintenance & repair

■ Mobile Service available
is now
Your Local News
• Qualified and experienced mechanics
EMAIL: news@themooraboolnews.com.au WEB: www.themooraboolnews.com.au
Tuesday 21 February, 2017 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Fax 5368 2764 Vol 11 No 7

• Log book servicing ■ Batteries ■ Tyres ■ 4x4 specialist

■ Material handling repairs & maintenance
• Tyre supply & puncture repairs AFTER HOURS 24/7 SERVICING
• Brake replacement including inhouse machining & REPAIRS (by appointment)

go to
• Oils, filters, coolants available for purchase Call Simon 0419 750 753
• 24/7 breakdown towing available 2 Smith Street, Maddingley (Map 18 C6)
115 Inglis Street Ballan themooraboolnews.com.au
Ph 5368 1968


Ballan Brigade Captain Kaine Myers and Ballan police Sgt Michael Kearnes at the alleged ignition point at the Shaw’s Road property where a deliberate
residence. They are pictured with Ballan brigade member Ian Ireland and investigating Moorabool CIU Det. Troy Morrow. Photo – Helen Tatchell


Fire bug strike
Ballan Brigade Captain Kaine Myers and Ballan police Sgt Michael Kearnes at the alleged ignition point at the Shaw’s Road property where a deliberately lit fire was headed for a farm
residence. They are pictured with Ballan brigade member Ian Ireland and investigating Moorabool CIU Det. Troy Morrow. Photo – Helen Tatchell

Fire bug strikes

By Jessica Howard electricity pole. Sergeant Kearnes said the fires seemed are not fixa
Ballan Police Station’s Officer in Charge, to have been lit between 10am and 4pm. time”.

Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery, Tile, Grout, Windows, Concrete,

A series of arson attacks has seen the Sgt. Michael Kearnes said the fires “These fires are the subject of an
Sergeant K
Ballan township fall victim to five caused superficial damage to grass and ongoing investigation, however I can
deliberately lit fires in just two weeks. community
fences. say that Ballan Police and their partners
The grass fires occurred along Gillespies “The potential for catastrophic fires, at Moorabool CIU are satisfied that the suspicious

Auto & Marine Upholstery, Vinyl Stripping & Sealing

■ Industrial/Automation ■ Solar Power/Solar Hot Water
Lane, Ingliston Drive, Shaws Road and however, is a very real threat,” he said. fires were deliberately lit based on a Total Fire B
By Jessica Howard electricity pole. Sergeant Kearnes said the fires seemed are not fixated on any individual at this
Bences Lane. “In 10am
all cases, day was either a high number of factors. index days,
Ballan Police Station’s Officer in Charge, to have been lit between and the
4pm. time”.
A series of arson attacks has seen the One of the fires has been attributed fire danger index rated day or a Total
Sgt. Michael Kearnes said the fires “These fires are the “A person of interest has been spoken 000) or to
subject of an Sergeant Kearnes urged the Ballan
Ballan township fall victim to five to the theft
caused superficial damage of copper
to grass wire from a live Fire Ban day”.
and ongoing to, however enquiries are ongoing. We Moorabool
investigation, however I can

Senior ■ Commercial ■ Energy Management

deliberately lit fires in just two weeks. community to be vigilant and report any
fences. say that Ballan Police and their partners
The grass fires occurred along Gillespies suspicious vehicles or persons seen on
“The potential for catastrophic fires, at Moorabool Call usCIU are satisfied that the
about Your Local air-conditioning specialist
fires were deliberately lit based on a Total Fire Ban days, or a high fire danger
Lane, Ingliston Drive, Shaws Road and however, is a very real threat,” he said.

Bences Lane. Evaporative
“In all cases, the day was either a high number of factors.
Phone: 5367index
4964 days, to Crime Stoppers (1800 333
sales@gjbradding.com.au www.gjbradding.com.au HEA

nt s ■ Residential ■ Free LED lighting G.J. BRADDING

One of the fires has been attributed
to the theft of copper wire from a live
fire danger index rated day or a Total
Fire Ban day”.
“ACooling Dealshas been
person of interest Warning
spoken- For000)
to, however enquiries are ongoing. We
your or
owntohealth and well
Ballan being(5368
Moorabool CIU (5366 7500).
your air-conditioner
or prior to summer.
RTA # AU03582

• Automatic Gates and Doors. Call us about

Your Local air-conditioning specialist
• Security Bars and Grills • CCTV 2 Osborne Street, Bacchus Marsh HEATING & COOLING
Evaporative Phone: 5367 4964 sales@gjbradding.com.au www.gjbradding.com.au

Ph: 5368 2001
Cooling Deals Warning - For your own healthCand well being
reate service
a Ne w your air-conditioner
In terio r fo r prior
a Neto summer.
w Ye ar! SYSTEMS
RTA # AU03582

• All Security needs • On-site welding All areas

Quality Custom Made & Fitted
 Roman & Sunscreen Blinds - Plantation Shutters - Curtains -

Located in Wallace
Single & Double Roller Blinds & More

C reate a Ne w In terio r fo r a Ne w Ye ar! Phone Fiona on 04 38 692 85 8

Phone 0418 379 265 Steve 0490 387 657

Quality Custom Made & Fitted
for your free quote and design assistance! www.roseleablinds.c
Roman & Sunscreen Blinds - Plantation Shutters - Curtains -

strongfitengineering@gmail.com www.greendalecleaning.com.au 0407 847 781 Single & Double Roller Blinds & More

Phone Fiona on 04 38 692 85 8

REC 5096
for your free quote and design assistance! www.roseleablinds.com.au


Moorabool News
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Moorabool News
EMAIL: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Your Local News WEB: www.themooraboolnews.com.au
Member of

Tuesday 21 February, 2017 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Fax 5368 2764 Vol 11 No 7

- Manufacturing - Metals - Engineering On Site

is now
EMAIL: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Your Local News WEB: www.themooraboolnews.com.au

- Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings - Powder Coating

Tuesday 21 February, 2017 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Fax 5368 2764 Vol 11 No 7

• Split systems ◆ COMMERCIAL - Sand Blasting - Custom Fabrication - Welding

• New Installations
• Renovations
online - Steel Sales - Engineering Supplies
• Pat Testing
• 24 Hour Emergency Service
E: flowsmartelectrical@hotmail.com
CALL CHRIS TABB go to 13 Reddrop St, Bacchus Marsh
PH: 5367 1141
W: www.flowsmartelec.com.au Mob 0419 397 393 themooraboolnews.com.au AH: 0418 301 841
M: 0433 348 403 ballaneeelectrical@bigpond.com www.rosscoengineering.com.au

Moorabool New
Ballan Brigade Captain Kaine Myers and Ballan police Sgt Michael Kearnes at the alleged ignition point at the Shaw’s Road property where a deliberately lit fire was headed for a farm
residence. They are pictured with Ballan brigade member Ian Ireland and investigating Moorabool CIU Det. Troy Morrow. Photo – Helen Tatchell Member of

A 2B EARTHWORKS Fire bug strikes

■ Farm ■ Equine Moorabool News
Ballan Brigade Captain Kaine Myers and Ballan police Sgt Michael Kearnes at the alleged ignition point at the Shaw’s Road property where a deliberately lit fire was headed for a farm EMAIL: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Your Local News WEB: www.themooraboolnews.com
residence. They are pictured with Ballan brigade member Ian Ireland and investigating Moorabool CIU Det. Troy Morrow. Photo – Helen Tatchell Member of

Excavator, Bobcat &Fire Tipper bug strikes

Tuesday 21 February, 2017 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Fax 5368
By Jessica Howard electricity pole. Sergeant Kearnes said the fires seemed are not fixated on any individual at this
Ballan Police Station’s Officer in Charge, to have been lit between 10am and 4pm. time”.
A series of arson attacks has seen the Sgt. Michael Kearnes said the fires “These fires are the subject of an
Sergeant Kearnes urged the Ballan
Ballan township fall victim to five caused superficial damage to grass and ongoing investigation, however I can

is now
community to be vigilant and report any
deliberately lit fires in just two weeks. Your Local News

■ Chain Mesh ■ Timber

fences. say that Ballan Police and their partners EMAIL: news@themooraboolnews.com.au WEB: www.themooraboolnews.com.au
The grass fires occurred along Gillespies “The potential for catastrophic fires, at Moorabool CIU are satisfied that the suspicious vehicles or persons seen on

✸ All types of fencing ✸ Retaining walls By Jessica Howard

A series of arson attacks has seen the

electricity pole.
Lane, Ingliston Drive, Shaws Road and however, is a very real threat,” he said.
Bences Lane.
Ballan Police Station’s Officer in Charge, to have been lit between all cases,
and the
4pm. time”.
One of the fires has been attributed fire danger index rated day or a Total
fires were deliberately lit based on a Total Fire Ban days, or a high fire danger
Sergeant Kearnes said the fires seemed are not fixated on any individual at this
“In 10am day was either a high number of factors.
“A person of interest has been spoken
Tuesday 21 February, 2017
index days, to Crime Stoppers (1800 333
000) or to Ballan Police (5368 1303) or
Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Fax 5368 2764 Vol 11 No 7

Sgt. Michael Kearnes said the fires “These fires are the subject of an Sergeant Kearnes urged the Ballan

✸ Driveways ✸ Tree/Waste Removal Ballan township fall victim to five to the theft of copper wire from a live Fire Ban day”. to, however enquiries are ongoing. We Moorabool CIU (5366 7500).

■ Colorbond ■ All Types

caused superficial damage to grass and ongoing investigation, however I can

deliberately lit fires in just two weeks. community to be vigilant and report any
fences. say that Ballan Police and their partners
The grass fires occurred along Gillespies suspicious vehicles or persons seen on
“The potential for catastrophic fires, at Moorabool Call usCIU are satisfied that the
about Your Local air-conditioning specialist
fires were deliberately lit based on a Total Fire Ban days, or a high fire danger
✸ Post holes & footings ✸ Horse Arenas
Lane, Ingliston Drive, Shaws Road and however, is a very real threat,” he said.
Bences Lane. Evaporative
“In all cases, the day was either a high number of factors.
Phone: 5367index
4964 days, to Crime Stoppers (1800 333
sales@gjbradding.com.au www.gjbradding.com.au HEATING & COOLING
One of the fires has been attributed fire danger index rated day or a Total “ACooling Dealshas been
person of interest Warning
spoken- For000)
your or
owntohealth and well
Ballan being(5368
Police service1303)
your air-conditioner
or prior to summer. SYSTEMS

Grass Slashing
RTA # AU03582
to the theft of copper wire from a live Fire Ban day”. to, however enquiries are ongoing. We Moorabool CIU (5366 7500).

✸ Rock Walls ✸ Trenching

go to

Call us about Your Local air-conditioning specialist G.J. BRADDING
Evaporative Phone: 5367 4964 sales@gjbradding.com.au www.gjbradding.com.au HEATING & COOLING
✸ Dams ✸ Redgum Firewood
Ben: 0427 341 908
Cooling Deals Warning - For your own healthCand well being
reate service
a Ne w your air-conditioner
In terio r fo r prior
a Neto summer.
w Ye ar! SYSTEMS
RTA # AU03582

Quality Custom Made & Fitted

 Roman & Sunscreen Blinds - Plantation Shutters - Curtains -

No job too small. Reliable service and competitive rates. C reate a Ne w In terio r fo r a Ne w Ye ar!
Single & Double Roller Blinds & More

Phone Fiona on 04 38 692 85 8

Phone Andrew 0439 681 120 www.roseleablinds.com.au
for your free quote and design assistance!
Quality Custom Made & Fitted
Roman & Sunscreen Blinds - Plantation Shutters - Curtains -
Single & Double Roller Blinds & More
Trade & Business
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MEMORIALS Tiger Natural
BALLARAT Excavator operators for Spring Water APCChaff
Oaten Notice
Grass Slashing
& All District Cemeteries Sub-Division work. For Swimming Pools, Lucerne Chaff $20
✿✿✿ Permanent position for & Mowing
Headstones & Monuments Household Tanks, Oats $11, Barley $11
All Memorial Works the right person. Landscaping
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publish – Designated
Wheat $12,Resolution
Combo $17 5
experience. Must have
Herbicide Application Roadworks Hire Phone orders –
Ph 5335 8074 Fax 5336 2669
814 Latrobe St Ballarat, 3350 5.
Garden Maintenance Publication of notices about the Council
experience and be reliable. Call Gary McTigue 0429 017 802 (Laurie)
Also Stone Benchtops
Call Adrian Property Maintenance(1) Each0419publisher
008 027must publish
notice about Market
Farmers the Council in
info@wilsonmemorials.com.au 0408 370 824 Mob: 0439 476 966 controls and on each website- it controls.
Saturday 10 February)

(2) The content and format of the notice will be as determine

Council. FOR SALE
The notice is to be published in a prominent pos
to the editor or the home page of a website, or in such ot
CROWN Moving Sale Get fit and earn $$$ FOR SALE
Executive Director of the Council.
Bridgewood, Betty IN BARHAM
21/04/1927-30/01/2018 CATERING Saturday 10 February WALKERS
“Food fit for a King” 8am – 4pm WANTED NSW LOTTO, GIFTS,
Loved Nana B to Mandy,
Anthony, Sally, Zoe, Corporate functions, 8 Ruddick Place To deliver
2. Form Piano
and content Lessons determined TOURIST INFO,
by the Council – Cou
Weddings, Birthdays, catalogues in: PAPERS & MAGS
Tyler, Olivia & Layla.
Dinner Parties, Funerals, Bacchus Marsh piano & keyboard
We will miss you dearly Ballan & beginner guitar ALL IN ONE.
Engagements, Christenings Miscellaneous items, Bacchus Marsh [Name
doubleof publication]
bass is bound byGreat
the Standards
communityof Practice of the
but will treasure the Phone Dianne the Standards
(Gordon) may have been breached, you may approach the ne
bric n brac
beautiful memories you Qualified Chef Call Sue email (info@presscouncil.org.au)&orlifestyle choices,
by phone ([02] 92611930). For
Everything must go! 0419 383 067 Tim Nelson
http://www.presscouncil.org.au. sporting facilities and
have left us with. 0428 682 366
didebono@itaus.net 0450 904 464 amenities, all schools,
hospital & nursing
FOR SALE home.
DEATH NOTICE DEATH NOTICE Super staff & training
FRESH SEASONAL VEGETABLES - Mt Egerton available. Very good
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been Option to buy freehold
We will miss you ‘Betty B’, mother to Catherine, mother- BY US AT OUR FARM breached, you
(info@presscouncil.org.au) may available.
you were always there to in-law to Dave and Nan to Cnr Gordon/Egerton Rd & McIntosh Lane or approach the
by phone ([02] 9261 1930). Call Tish Conder
‘cut the cake’. Emily and Trent. Fornewspaper itself or
further information see 0417 473 270
Rest in peace lovely lady. My heart is breaking. 5368 9476 / 0408 778 680 contact the Council
I will miss you forever Mum. by email
phone BUYER
([02] 92611930). For
further information
BRIDGEWOOD, (nee Dawson) Betty www.presscouncil.or
21.4.1927 – 30.1.2018 g.au.
Today we said goodbye to our beautiful 150 years of service to the Shires of Hepburn and Moorabool
mother and friend. & Surrounds. Pre-paid & Pre-planned funerals available.
Mum, you were an inspiration to us all. Andrew Nuske and Alica Kay
We shared so much together. 24 Bridport Street, Daylesford
Our memories will live on forever. info@vereyfuneraldirectors.com
At peace and out of pain
- Your loving daughter Anne and son-in-law Doug 5348 2762 ALL HOURS
Individual and Personal Goodbyes


BRIDGEWOOD, (nee Dawson)

Loving mother to Peter,
Mother-in-law and special friend to Cheryl.
Nan to Jodie, Travis, Paul and Tania. OFFICER
Great Nanna B to William and Amy. PART-TIME
You are our inspiration of unconditional love.
A beautiful lady who will live in our hearts forever. 1114 Doveton St. Nth, Lake Dewar Lodge YMCA is looking to recruit a part-time (or
job share) Administration Officer/s. This position required an
Ballarat out-going person with a strong work ethic, who is
comfortable multi-taking and working in a busy office.
Ph: 5333 3911 Knowledge of, and qualifications in the administration field
or related areas are desirable. The part-time role is 15-30
per week with hourly rate dependent upon qualifications and
COE, David John
1/2/1950 – 26/1/2018 All Hours experience. Lake Dewar Lodge YMCA is located near

Full seartveicceost
David peacefully passed away after a long illness, Myrniong, approximately 15km from Bacchus Marsh.
with his loved ones by his side. Please contact Janet Mason on 5368 7459 for questions.
Loving & loved husband of Chris. Applications to be submitted via email to

at moder
Father to Jenny. janet.mason@ymca.org.au
Loved step father to Felicia & Anthony. APPLICATIONS CLOSE 16 FEB 2018
Loved Grandad to Emma, Josh & Dylan, Taya & Kenzi.
David left us with wonderful memories that will last forever. Position description available at:
We all want him now to rest in peace. www.victoria.ymca.org.au/careers
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 19


Myrniong District
Mid-Week Pennant
Results - Round 15

Rainfall Report
Division 1
CLARENDON CEMETERY TRUST Buninyong 14 def Avenue 2
The Clarendon Cemetery Trust is seeking expressions
Division 2
of interest from suitably qualified members of the
community who would be interested in becoming January 2018 rainfall 66.2 millimetres Invermay 15 def Avenue 1
honorary trust members. Women and those from a Total for the year 2018 66.2 millimetres Division 5
diverse background are actively encouraged to seek
appointment to ensure that the trust’s membership January 2017 rainfall 45.0 millimetres Avenue 14 def Buninyong 2
accurately reflects the composition of the community Weekend Pennant
it serves.
Total at same time last year 45.0 millimetres
Results - Round 14
Cemetery trust members are appointed by the
Governor in Council for a term of up to five years Division 2
and are responsible to the Minister for Health for Avenue 16 def Daylesford 2
the proper and efficient management of the public
cemeteries under the control of the trust, including Division 3
the provision of future cemeteries services and the Avenue 14 def Ballan 4
preservation of local history.
Being appointed to a cemetery trust provides
Pykes Creek Reservoir Division 5
successful applicants with a unique opportunity to The dam and reservoir are located on a tributary Avenue 18 def Victoria 0
develop their competencies as a board member. In of the Werribee River and impound 22,119 ML of Division 7
addition, the Department of Health and Human water when full, as seen in the picture above
Services provides free governance training to all trust Avenue 16 def Sebastopol 2
members. Western Water Report Reservoir levels Best Rink - Harley Thistlethwaite, Judy Auty, Dino Boratto and
Current and previous cemetery trust members may Pykes Creek Reservoir at 31 Jan 2018 83.0% Steve Sullivan - winning by 17 shots.
apply for reappointment as part of a competitive Water level this time last year 91.0%
selection process.
More information about the role of cemetery trust Ballan Golf Club
members is available at: https://www2.health.vic.
Lost and Found Results - Week ending Saturday 3 February
Wednesday Stableford
To register your interest please contact the Winner - Bob Arklay (9) 38 points,
Clarendon Cemetery Trust by telephoning the R/up John Costello (20) 37 points.
Secretary on 5341 7578 within two weeks of
the date of this advertisement. Magpie - 14th Bob Arklay.
The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring NTP - 15th John Fitzgerald.
that government boards and committees reflect
the composition of the Victorian community. This Saturday Stroke - Monthly Medal
includes appropriate representation of women, Male Border Collie cross Female Domestic Short A Grade - Winner of Medal Anthony Moore 64-7-57,
regional Victorians, Aboriginal people, young Black and White – Found in Hair Blue Torti – Found in
R/up Frank Raffaele 71-10-61.
Victorians, Victoria’s culturally diverse community, Lerderderg State Park Korweinguboora

the LGBTI community and Victorians with a B Grade - Winner Ian Bragge 78-19-59, R/up Barry Lenaghan
disability. 77-16-61 on c/b from Peter Clifford & Jim Walsh.
C Grade - Winner Andrew Germon 84-24-60
The Moorabool News on c/b from Victor Buttigieg 83-23-60.
OFFICE 58A Steiglitz Street, Ballan, 3342 NTPs - 2nd Michael Di Fiore, 12th Ian Bragge,
PHONE (03) 5368 1966 15th Bob Arklay.
EMAIL E ditorial news@themooraboolnews.com.au Male Border Collie cross Female Domestic Short
Advertising sales@themooraboolnews.com.au Magpies - 1st Kevin Lockman, 14th Frank Raffaele.
Black and White – Found in Hair Blue Torti – Found in
Ad copy graphics@themooraboolnews.com.au Lerderderg State Park Korweinguboora Balls 8, Cut-off 69: Frank Raffaele, Barry Lenaghan,
EDITOR Helen Tatchell GRAPHIC DESIGN Glen Martin Michael Di Fiore, Anthony Moore, Jim Walsh, Ian Bragge, Peter
PUBLISHED BY The Ballan News Pty Ltd For more information contact
Council Customer Service on 5366 7100. Clifford, Victor Buttigieg.

SELL YOUR ITEMS $100 & UNDER FOR FREE Email: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Phone: 5368 1966
*Ads must be emailed by Friday 12 noon. Ads by phone must be between 9.30am–12pm Tuesday–Thursday. MAXIMUM 3 ADS PER PERSON.

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cooking GC $50 – 0408 9447 16 instructions $40 – 5367 8933 lot - 0409 173 769 Blazer (size M) $90 – 0438 610 099 chrome, 2 shelves, VGC $50 – 0411
ANTIQUE writing desk, restored, COMPOST BIN, 3 tier Earthmaker FREEZER Beko Chest Freezer SCHOOL UNIFORM, BM 632 512
pull down lid, 1 drawer, 2 organic waste processor, $100 - White, 177lt EC $100 - 0409 855 Grammar, Jumper size 7, Pinafor
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comfortable, EC $100 – 0411 632 607 946 0418 511 072
196 FREE 0448 310 992.
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CORRUGATED iron sheets (4) PS size 8, 10 & 12 items, dresses,
4, as new, $100 – 0407 148 184 - 0447 991 831
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Page 20 The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Ballan Cricket Club Darley Cricket Club

Ballan 1 St X1 By Shaun Kelly
Ballan 7/206dec def Mt Clear 10/152 & 4/102
Batting - A Cairns 100 not out, J McGregor 31, M Snaith 20, Darley’s finals hopes are still alive with two rounds
M Currie 20, Z Graham 13 remaining in the Ballarat Cricket Association’s First XI
competition after the Lions defeated Mount Clear in a one-
Bowling: 1st innings
day fixture on Sunday.
B Loughnane 19.2-5-4/26, Z Graham 20-9-4/33, M Snaith
After a day off on Saturday with the second week of their
two-day Round 9 bye, Darley batted first in their Sunday
Bowling: 2nd innings one-day game and batted well to accumulate 9/168 off their
B Loughnane 3-0-2/10, T Landt 3-0-1/19, E Shaw 3-0-1/14 50 overs on a tricky wicket.
Ballan continued batting this week and reached Mt Clears Led by 40 from Brad Barnes and 27 from Lachie Herring,
total with good steady batting. Ballan’s batting was led by the Lions worked their way to 4/134 before a middle order
Alex Cairns who batted steadily before tea; after tea Alex collapse saw them slump to 8/146 before Ryan Ali made a
lifted the tempo to help the team put on 50 runs in the 5 handy 17 not out late to creep the Lions to a handy score.
overs. Ballan declared when Alex reached 100 not out. Mt Ben Longhurst then took over the game, ripping through
Clear were then sent back in to bat but they dug in and Ballan Mount Clear’s top order to have them reeling at 4/35, and
were unable to get the wickets, which left Ballan winning on whilst the Lions took wickets at regular intervals through
first innings. the middle order, at 7/103 Mount Clear would have started
Ballan 2nd X1 to think they were a chance with plenty of overs still to bat.
Ballan 8/158 lost VRI Delacombe 2/161 Enter T20 Grand Final hero Corey Beaton, who took the last
Batting - S Newton 69, R Ranieri 48, J Costello 14 Tamara Henry breaking the 200m Hurdles Record two wickets of the game to bowl Mount Clear out for 105
Bowling - S Newton 6-1/42, R Taylor 4-0-1/50 inside their 30th over, meaning that the Lions have to win
Ballan batted first and lost an early wicket then Shane Bacchus Marsh Little Athletics their final two matches of the season to creep into the finals.
Newton and Riely Ranieri put on a great partnership of 106 Prior to the start of competition on Saturday, Bacchus Marsh Second XI weren’t able to achieve the outright result they
runs but with the loss of quick wickets the pressure grew athletes and families participated in a lap of the Masons were hoping for, having to settle for first innings points
and Ballan managed a total of 158. VRI chased down our Lane track for a gold coin donation in support of the Royal instead.
runs quickly due to a good opening partnership. Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.  The Centre raised Leading by 10 runs on the first innings after dismissing
Under 16 $344 towards the appeal. Coronet City for just 70 last week and making 3/80 before
Ballan 10/97 v Wendouree Red 2/15 In perfect conditions for athletics seven new Centre Records declaring, Coronet City’s second innings resumed on 2/28
were set during competition. Nelson Banigo (Eagles) had an before being dismissed for 126 after 59 overs, with Anurruda
Batting - R Ranieri 29, S Dehnert 24, J McGregor 17, B Leahy
awesome day on the track setting three new records.  Nelson Rajapaksha (4/17), Hayden Jamieson (3/38) and Jamie
7, A McCarthy 6
ran 29.52 secs for the 200m, 1:09.70 mins for the 400m and McKerrow (1/12) adding to Corey Beaton’s two wickets last
Bowling - R Ranieri 3-2-0-2, S Dehnert 3-0-2/6 10.40 secs for the 60m Hurdles.  Elliott Banigo (Eagles) set week.
Ballan won the toss and batted first and struggled against his first Centre record running 36.62 secs in the Under 7 200 Needing 116 runs from 30 overs to secure outright points,
some good bowling, our batsmen got starts but were unable metres. Darley’s chase didn’t start well, losing skipper Marcus
to go on being all out for 97 runs. Ballan had 7 overs to bowl In the 200 metre hurdles three new records were set - Ingvorsen for 0 and Joel Cadman for 2 before Rajapaksha
for the day. Riely Ranieri and Sam Dehnert bowled 6 with Tamara Henry (Boomerangs) Under 13s ran 35.64 secs, Kaleb joined Drew Locke at the crease with the score on 2/21.
Sam picking up 2 wickets in his 3 overs. The game continues Westerlaken (Blues) Under 13 recorded 34.93 seconds while When Locke was dismissed for 26 to make the score 3/42,
next week. Jesse Bullard (Blues) Under 14s ran 37.45 secs. then Rajapaksha joining him in the sheds another run later,
Under 14 PB Stars of the Week were Mitchell Wells, Jacob Ragusa, the focus went from outright victory to survival, which the
Ballan 5/133 v Ballarat Redan 5/114 Ymir Travisson Heafield who all achieved five PBs.  An Lions were able to do with Nick Whan holding an end up
Batting - D Pascoe 50 ret, M Golding 27, J Horan 26 not out amazing 285 PBs were achieved for the meet. well, facing 64 balls to ensure that the only points received
Bowling - N Neumann 2-0-1/7, C Gates 2-0-1/8, T Cox 3-0- Athletes are reminded that Centre Championship Day entry from the match were by the Lions, finishing on 6/86 and
1/15, N Loft 2-1-1/14 forms must be submitted to your Team Manager by Friday securing a valuable six points to keep the Lions inside the
Ballan batted first and batted well as a team, led by Daniel 14th February. To be eligible for Centre Championships top six.
Pascoe 50, Matthew Golding 27 and Johnathan Horan 26 not children must compete in at least half the available meetings On Sunday, the Lions took on Mount Clear in a one-day
out. When Ballan bowled all the boys bowled well as a team before Christmas (from the time of registration with the fixture at Darley Park, winning a low scoring game by 13
restricting Ballarat Redan to 114. The game continues next Centre) and half the available meetings after Christmas. runs.
week. A 63 run tenth wicket partnership between Darren Hynes
Under 13 and Jye Stephenson has given Darley’s Third XI their second
Ballan 3/80 lost Buninyong 5/106 victory for the season, defeating Coronet City by one wicket.
Batting - J Bower 26 ret, L Smits 21ret, Z Vincent 7 Despite three half-centuries, Darley’s Fourth XI couldn’t
secure victory against Golden Point, going down by five
Bowling - E Muir 3-0-1/11, Z Vincent 2-1-1/8, A Eskdale 2-0-
wickets in the second-last over of the game.
1/14, A Britt 2-0-1/14
Ballan batted first and put on a very good opening Juniors
partnership between Jayce Bower and Lucas Smits, all The Darley Cricket Club’s junior grades recommenced their
batters contributed with the majority of batters having their 2017/18 season this past weekend, with their 16 & Under side
innings retired. All Ballan’s bowlers bowled well with an facing what could be described as their biggest challenge for
even performance by the bowlers but unfortunately we were the season straight away.
unable to restrict Buninyong to less than Ballan’s score. In a two-day game at the Darley Hub, Elaine were able to
Under 12 make 9/149 off their 50 overs against the top-of-the-table
Ballan 4/58 lost Melton Centrals Red 1/100 Lions, setting them a difficult challenge if they don’t come
Batting - E Boland 18 ret, Aussie McIlwaine 10 ret, V Berton2 prepared for it next week.
ret, J Mauriks 2, E Davenport 1 no It was a much better story for the Lions’ 14 & Under team
Bowling - E Davenport 2-0-1/4, E Boland 2-1-0/4, J Mauriks in the Ballarat Cricket Association, taking the upper hand in
1-0-0/1, A McIlwaine 2-0-0-7, A Connor 1-0-0/5 their two-day match against Wendouree Red.
Some excellent individual bowling efforts were unfortunately Bowling first, the Lions held Wendouree to just 8/92 from
not supported well in the field. The team refocused at the their 25 overs, with ten bowlers sharing the overs and six of
break and were able to put in some great batting performance them taking wickets.
resulting in a number of personal milestones led by co- Kaleb Westerlaken sets a new 200m Hurdles Record. Will Johnson was the only Darley bowler to take multiple
captain Ethan Boland and Eloise Davenport who had a break wickets, taking 2/0 off his two overs, with Aaron Cadman,
out game getting her first wicket and opening the batting Luke Hayward, Ethan Thewma, Logan Moffat and Jyson
against quality bowling. Fawcett all taking single wickets.
Coaches Award: Ethan Boland Darley’s batsmen took control of the game, scoring 1/169 off
their 25 overs to all but ensure the Lions won’t have to bat
Captains Award: Ciaran Boland.
again next week.
In the Melton Junior Cricket Association, scores from both
the Under 14 game between Darley and the Eynesbury Eagles
Green and the Under 12 game between the Darley Roar and
MSPS Royals were unavailable at the time of writing.
Darley’s two Under 10 sides returned to action on Saturday
morning as well, with both recording impressive results.
The Darley Cubs had arguably their best outing of the
season, scoring 3/137 against the Eynesbury Eagles led by a
superb innings of 41 by Maddie Scott, off just 24 balls which
included four fours and two sixes, with Jessie Hodge and
Mackenzie Elmer providing great support with 10 runs each.
In reply, the Eagles made 9/74 with all Darley players taking
wickets – Elmer with 3/7 off four overs, Holly Quaife and
Destiny Stewart with two wickets each and Scott and Hodge
taking one each.
The Darley Prowl also enjoyed an impressive outing at
Michael Snaith with a Captain’s knock of 77 not out against Mason’s Lane Reserve, scoring 7/114 against Melton, who
VRI Delacombe on Sunday. Photos – Chris Thom Nelson Banigo equalling the 60m Hurdles record. scored 7/92 in return.
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 6 February, 2018 Page 21

Redline hosts nationals
By Dean Thompson At the re-start Mills with a damaged car,
was unable to fire a shot and drifted up and
Spectators, officials, volunteers, and out of the way of the field before pulling
competitors finished off a long three-day infield, it was heartbreaking for supporters
Australia day weekend with a spectacular and fans to watch. Moore moved to the
Australian title decided on the Saturday
lead with 21-laps to go with Sullivan
night in the AMCA Nationals category;
South Australian Jeremy Moore took the right behind him. Dean Heseltine became
big win in a race full of heartbreaks. another driver to find himself being sent
The event took place at Redline Speedway, to the rear of the field after a race incident
on the cusp of Moorabool Shire and the whilst Matt Hardy and Reidy, who started
City of Ballarat. at the back of the field, were carving their
Moore finished on the top step of the way back towards the front.
podium, his first ever national title win With a handful of laps to go and whilst
with Victorian Paul Sullivan second and wound up looking for highline moves,
Matt Hardy from Queensland third. Steve Reidy slammed the back straight concrete;
Price another Queenslander, finished
it chewed up his car, picked it up and
fourth with Rodney Bassett from Tasmania The crashed car belonging to defending Champion Tim Reidy. Photo - Rock Solid Productions
fifth. flipped it on its lid, putting the defending
champion out of the race.
The race had a local representative in Paul
Sullivan, from Bacchus Marsh, driving car At the re-start with a handful of laps to go
number 28 and finishing second overall. Moore finished off the race taking the big
Current Victorian and South Australian emotional win in a former Reidy driven
state champion Jamie Collins qualified race car from Sullivan, Hardy, Price and
in pole position, with Moore alongside, Bassett.
Matt Mills a Victorian, on row two with After the race an emotional Moore
Sullivan, then Matt Hardy and Bassett on
celebrated on track with a victory lap,
the third row of the 40-lap title race.
burnouts and finally dropping to his knees
Defending champion Tim Reidy started
with tears of joy as a number of other
in 21st position after not qualifying
directly for the title race and being given drivers congratulated him.
the champion’s automatic spot. Only Fittingly Mills was the very first driver to
the Northern Territory missed out on a run to Moore to congratulate him during
representative in the title race, whilst the the victory lap as heartbroken as he was, Jeremy Moore (SA) was the winner in car 11 . Photo - Dean Miller Photography
New South Welshman who holds the NT he was well on his way to a title race win
title, Shane Newstead, made the race. when his race was ended.
Collins started well early hitting his “This is just a wonderful wonderful
marks and putting distance in between he
feeling standing here as the Australian
and the chasers before being slowly reeled
in. Moore slid back to third early. On lap Champion. I have so many people to
five the 253ci powered machine of Mills thank, my heart goes out to Mills, I hope I
passed the Chev 350 crate engined Collins get to see him on this dais one day soon,”
into the lead. Moore said.
Early on Matt Hardy went to the rear after Jake Briggs from Tasmania won the
causing a stoppage spinning in turn four. best presented car for the weekend after
Collins connected with Mills and the scrutineering on Thursday night. From
leader’s car slid into the concrete fence twenty qualifying races there were
and sustained some damage, but was able eighteen winners with only Sullivan and
to continue. Collins to his credit, knew he
Matt Hardy with two wins.
was the cause of the incident and without
command moved his way to the rear of the Provide feedback or questions to –
field for the re-start. office@themooraboolnews.com.au Second place went to driver of car 28 Paul Sullivan from Bacchus Marsh. Photo Dean Miller Photography

Sell it Local for Less Sell with a photo - $20 per edition or $50 for 3 months. Simply email
your photo and details of item to news@themooraboolnews.com.au
Ph: 5368 1966
news@themooraboolnews.com.au Phone 5368 1966 All vehicles must supply registration numbers if registered and dealers to supply LMCT number.

2 door,
4 speed manual,
just serviced,
2000, 4x4, long range fuel tank, 2010 JUMBUCK 2005 TOYOTA HILUX
bullbar, winch, drop side tray,
2011 hatchback, 1 owner, 1998 JEEP
CHEROKEE SPORT PROTON UTE 4.0 V6 petrol, auto, tint, (PJJ 086),
Excellent condition,
petrol, 225 130 kms,
Vin: JTFWWM72660000231 Great first car, Registered
273,000 km, 4 litre, auto,
towbar, nudge bar, roof racks,
Manual, 41,300km,
tow bar, tub liner,
sport-bar, 17” alloy wheels,
towbar, 326,000 kms, EC
no further use,
9399 Western Highway, until May 2018 (YJB715), side steps, 6 mths rego, SSY995. excellent condition, RWC, $8,900. Wife’s car, has $1,800 ONO
East Ballarat. LMCT961 $7,000 ($7500 with roadworthy), $2000. Melton South. 10 months rego. YQU989. company car, so not needed.
$7,990 Ph: 0428 860 345 Phone 0466 887 308 Phone 9743 0501 $9,000 - Phone 0419 335 362 Ph 5368 6822 Ph 0457 992 969


JAYCO SWAN 2006 Tandem, 2006, electric brakes, SEEKER 2002 Tandem, full annex & awning,
REGENT PARKLANE 20’ Pop-Top, great cond, full annex, alloy wheels, queen size bed Isuzu 300, Auto, 4 berth, gas double island bed (no ensuite), PORTABLE CABIN
Tandem 2001 pop top, near new 3 way fridge, 4 burner stove, with lounge seating, 3 way hot plates & oven, microwave, new micro, fridge, R/C air-con, Site/office, 6x3m, lights, power
annex, twin king single beds, grill, micro oven, bed end flys, fridge, full annex, anti flap two way fridge, new RC Air, plenty of storage, electric BBQ, points, air con, heavy duty door.
oven, hot plates, fridge, air con/ 90 litre tank, 12v pump, LED bars, annex matting, 2 water shower & toilet, 4 batteries, 12V battery, electric brakes, new Bars on windows. Can organise
heating. All extras eg. hose and lights, new battery plus solar, tanks, tv & other extras box on back, 2 solar panels, cover, clean throughout, many delivery at owner’s cost. $6990
power lead. Reg. P08112. queen & dbl beds, sleeps 8. (Reg (Rego R43288) reverse camera. Reg USV060 extras. (Reg P03503) $19,500. 9399 Western Highway, East
$17,500 ono - Ph 5367 4204 R18369) $15,800 - 0413 058 371 $19,500 – Ph 0438 847 565 $70,000 ONO Ph 5367 0486 Contact Alan 0488 345 145 Ballarat. Ph: 0428860345
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Motoring A Moorabool News Advertising Feature

BODY CLINIC Fuel J & A Servicing & Repairs

Major and Minor Mechanical Repairs
SMASH REPAIRS Log Book Servicing
12 VOLT All Makes and Models
• VACC Accredited
CAR BATTERIES Cars to Light Commercials
Proud supporter of the

• All work guaranteed 100th E.C Griffith Cup

• Courtesy car available FROM $89 Tyres and Batteries

• Insurance quotes Towing Services
Now Available
• Repairer for all insurance companies
• Low bake oven for factory finish TYRE SALES AND 19 Smallmans Road Ballan
• Car-o-liner chassis straightener PUNCTURE REPAIRS Phone 5368 2752
• Dustless sanding 206 Main St, Bacchus Marsh 8/22-24 McPherson St, Maddingley
• Spot welder

Ph: 5367 3732 Phone 5367 7479
• 24hr secured, monitored premises

BALLAN Foodworks Fuel

$100 back
We have now been in business since mid
MOTOR WRECKERS 2015 and would like to say thanks to our

loyal customers for their continued support *
New and used parts for throughout this time.
We hope we can continue to provide our
most makes and models, service to customers by offering our 4 cent fuel when you buy any
4 Bridgestone tyres for
Vehicles wanted - Free pickup saver along with some in house promotions on
your car, SUV or 4x4.
food and beverages.
Fill up your fuel tanks and get your water, oil
and tyres checked at no extra cost.
It’s great news that we can continue to provide
our specials on a wide range of drinks,
chocolate and chips with the 2 for 1 deals,
available every day of the year.
For those fishing enthusiasts, don’t forget you
can still stock up on your fishing gear and bait Bacchus Marsh, 8-10 Young St 5367 1055
and in particular worms are our No. 1 selling
item. Service Centre bridgestonetyres.com.au
We also stock new tyres and do puncture *Conditions apply. Offer valid between 28/01/2018 and 24/02/2018 and is redeemable in store. Not available

with any other offer and while stocks last. See bridgestonetyres.com.au for full terms and conditions.
repairs with prices starting from $20 per tyre
depending on the condition and size of your
We are offering Disability customers who are
Complete Maintenance Services

• 24 Hour Accident Towing unable to get out of their car to simply phone

• Car Removals
ahead on 5367 3732 before you travel down
and let us know you are coming. We will come
■ Automotive service and repair
out to your car and assist you in filling up. ■ Vehicle hoist install, maintenance & repair
Foodworks Fuel are looking forward to changes ■ Mobile Service available
in the near future which will bring a whole ■ Batteries ■ Tyres ■ 4x4 specialist
new refreshed look to the Service Station.
Also when you are passing by in Young Street,
■ Material handling repairs & maintenance
try one of Daniel’s tasty Kebabs. Daniel is AFTER HOURS 24/7 SERVICING
operating from the rear carpark of Foodworks & REPAIRS (by appointment)
Fuel and there is tailored mechanical repairs
for all your automotive needs. Call Simon 0419 750 753
Drive up and experience the good old friendly COURTESY CAR AVAILABLE
staff bringing back good old fashioned service.
2 Smith Street, Maddingley (Map 18 C6)
26 Haddon Drive, Ballan 206 Main Street
Ph: 5368 2888 MN0797G3
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2017 PLA


$32,940 DRIVE
AWAY^ $67,990 DRIVE
AWAY^ $41,990 DRIVE

Corolla Sedan ZR Auto Prado Altitude SE Diesel 86 GTS

2017 Build 1.8l Great on fuel, Sat Nav, Push 2017 Build Prado Altitude Special edition, 2017 GTS Auto, 2.0L Rear Wheel Drive. Heaps
Button start, Leather Trim, Batch # 8031921 2.8L Turbo Diesel Auto 4x4. of fun to drive!
Batch # 8051367 Sat Nav, etc, Batch # 8283453


$37,490 DRIVE
AWAY^ $29,990 DRIVE
AWAY^ $17,940 DRIVE
C-HR FWD Koba RAV4 GX 2WD Petrol Yaris Ascent
2017 Build In Stock Now! Fantastic Little SUV 2017 Build GX 2WD Manual, Sat Nav, fog 2017 Build Yaris Ascent Auto, FREE Road Side
loads of features, Batch # 8339283 Lights, Great for the family, Batch # 8396960 Assist, Great run about, Batch # 8343825

All 2017 Stock Must Go Corolla Ascent Auto $22,990 Drive away
Plenty of Dealer Demo’s Also Available HiLux SR5 FREE Auto

Melton Toyota
143-147 High Street,
T 03 8746 0300
LMCT 1976


^recommended drive away prices are for private, bronze and silver fleet customers only. offers are for cars built from January 2017 to December 2017, prices include all on road costs, prices are for batch numbers mentioned and may not be transferred
to other stock.
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21 23 17 $
$ $ 99
$ King Prawns South

Fresh Atlantic Australian Medium Australian Lamb Australian Beef
Salmon Portions Cooked Cutlets Top Side Roast


8 $
6 6
99 99 99

Don Strasburg
$ 8 Virginian Ham
$ 8 Family BBQ Chicken
(Size 14)
$1 Single Stem Roses


$ 10 $ 18 EA

Streets Magnum SAVE UP TO Pepsi or Schweppes SAVE FROM Fab Laundry Powder SAVE
White or Yellow
Ice Cream 4-6 Pack
Selected Varieties
$ 15 50 Cans 24 Pack x
375ml Varieties
$ 24 1.8-2kg or Liquid 1.8-
2L Varieties
$ 4
FRESH Upside Down
Rose or
or Kahlua
Blanc 750ml

$ 99
EA $ 40 $ 80 $ 20
Large Custard Tart
or Vanilla Slice 2pk
$ 2 $ 28 Stubbies or Cans 24
Pack x 375ml
$ 22 $ 2050

Gift Wrapping for Valentines Day available in store on the

13th & 14th February between 10am & 6pm


1-9 Bennett Street, specials available thursday 8th
Bacchus Marsh FEBRUARY 2018 only - while Stocks Last
Limit rights reserved. Persons under the age of 18 will not be served alcohol or tobacco. Phone: 5367 3388 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT PURCHASES

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