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A young lady from Seoul, South Korea, the hotbed of cosmetic surgery gets

prepared to go under the knife for her first time. However, she doesn’t take into
consideration the multitude of risks that can come with such a surgery. A study
conducted by the Psychology Today magazine shows that most people are not satisfied
with their looks: 60,000,000 do not like their noses; 30,000,000 do not like their chins;
and 6,000,000 do not like their ears and eyes. Unfortunately, what science has
achieved so far to attempt to meet society's expectations of a healthy body is cosmetic
surgery. Although cosmetic surgery is a popular option for those who seem to want it, is
it really safe or ethical?

To begin with, there is no point in cutting into a perfectly fine body. How small the
operation might be, there is always a chance something goes wrong. In 20% of all
surgical operations, the patient has to recover from the damage he experienced, which
is very alarming. Although serious risks such as blindness and heavy lung problems are
on the rare side of things, less serious risks may not be: pain, allergic reactions, delayed
or prolonged healing, ...In any case, cosmetic surgery is far from pain free.

Going under the knife can be very expensive, and in most cases, is not covered
by insurance. If you are hurt, there may be financial loss since you have to take leave
from work in order to recover also. However, in some cases, if there is a medical
condition connected to the surgery you can receive compensation. This occurs when
cosmetic surgery is used to help birth defects, reconstructive surgery after an accident
or in cases severe sinus infections that can be fixed via rhinoplasty (surgery of the
nose) and so on.

In addition, the long-term consequences of cosmetic surgery are often not taken
into account. Scientifically, it is actually useless to go through a facelift. The cosmetic
surgery does may make you look younger for a few years, however life will go on and
afterwards the wrinkles will come back. It is as unnatural to try to possess eternal youth,
as it is to oppose the ageing process. Silicones implants have to be replaced within
fifteen years. That seems to be a long time, but because this implies another surgery
isn’t great.

As wonderful as this modern medical advancement may sound at first glance,

cosmetic surgery is not at all that advantageous. That is why the ideal body image
created by society has to be thrown away, and has to be replaced by the idea that
everyone is wonderful human being, even with their shortcomings