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Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.
Dear Prospective Student,

The Four Winds Society is a research and training group

dedicated to preserving the shamanic wisdom traditions.
Our mission is to train master practitioners in energy

Our renowned Healing the Light Body School offers you

the tools to develop your highest potential as a healer.
Our Andean and Jungle expeditions allow you to meet
and work with legendary shamans.

All programs are tailored to your interests and help

you become part of a community dedicated to personal
growth and to the healing of the Earth. Join us as
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the incredible gifts you have we dream a new world into being as we approach the
brought into my life through this work. It has been, and will continue to be, year 2012.
life changing for me, my family, my clients and the planet.”
We would like to invite you to join our Healing the
Cherry-Lee W. Light Body School. Course work includes hands-on
practice, experiential exercises, and ceremony interwoven
with deep personal healing work. We offer classes in
eight countries around the world. Come join us in a
sacred journey of healing, service, and living the destiny
for which you were intended.

Linda Fitch
Alberto Villoldo PhD Executive Director

Linda Fitch (right) leading a class with Senior Staff.

call us today: 435-647-5988 www.thefourwinds.com


walking with protection The nine energetic transmissions or

Founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the School provides a scientific framework through Presents the shamanic practices of intent, “rites”, that heal you and transform your
which you can learn the ancient art of energy medicine. Under the direction of Linda tracking, and dreaming for attaining human energy field into that of homo
Fitch, we train professional practitioners and offer advanced courses in the shamanic wisdom and liberation. You learn to walk luminous – one who lives free of fear and
disciplines. through life with protection and light, resides in his or her transcendent nature.
and to bring peace and beauty to everyone
Your training consists of four core classes and three Master classes, and takes place over around you. munay-ki mentoring
a two-year period, although some students fast-track within one year. The School offers You learn how to teach and mentor
a safe home for your personal transformation and promotes high ethics and integrity in reading the signs of destiny others to transmit the nine rites of passage.
your healing practice. Your training includes the Four Insights, also known as the You learn to recognize the signs of destiny You refine your skills to assist your
medicine wheel, which are the wisdom teachings of the master shamans. offered by nature, and align yourself with students through an accelerated process
them. You learn to perceive the luminous of transformation.
The senior teachers and staff create a trusting environment where you can discover your world of energy and spirit. Students
own gifts and abilities. The tools that you acquire at the School bring balance to the develop the skills for shamanic tracking rites and rituals
body, to the soul, and to the Earth. Please visit our website www.thefourwinds.com for and divination. You learn the passages that mark puberty,
more detailed information and available discounts and prices. womanhood, manhood, and our sage
session iii soul retrieval: working with the sacred years. You explore the great initiations
session i illumination: You learn to find and heal a client’s original Presents tools for working with the of shamanism.
You learn how to clear the imprints of wounding that derailed their destiny. You masculine and feminine archetypes, and
karma and disease from the Luminous discover how to heal the past and influence shamanic storytelling, as ways of working shaman’s mesa and ceremony
Energy Field (LEF), and bring about the future. with ancient myths that still inform You learn how the shaman’s medicine
healing at the blueprint level of your being. you today. bundle may be used to effect desired
session iv life and death rites: changes in your life. The despacho process
session ii extraction: You learn the maps to the afterlife revealed soul retreival renews the power of nature in your body.
You learn how to release toxic energies by the great spiritual traditions and Shamanic practices help you recover
from the LEF, and extract intrusive discover how to assist a loved one in their a soul part that has been lost as a result mastery of time
energies and emotions. As a result you final journey. You realize that energy and of trauma. You learn to renegotiate You learn to work elegantly at a place
create and live in a world of peace. intention create all reality. destructive soul contracts and retrieve gifts outside of time, before things manifest,
that will help your clients heal. playing both in dream time and waking
The following 3 Masters courses are also time, sacred time and linear time. You learn
required: advanced divination and seeing to enter timelessness to envision the time
You master the shaman’s art of tracking, to come.
“I just cannot thank you enough. Each class walking with protection ‘seeing,’ and creating sacred maps.
has pushed me to the very edge and beyond. reading the signs of destiny By mastering shamanic perceptual states
Thank you for providing the opportunity working with the sacred you awaken your ability to see the invisible
for me to step into my power and to catch a world of energy and spirit.
glimpse of my real self.” the munay-ki

Celeste M. “Working with the Sacred was very special.

You initiated us into the playing ground of
the Gods - we need not believe in them for we
now have all had an experience: we know.”

Christophe L.
e x pe di t ions

the via illuminata

Experience Peru, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu by following in the footsteps of
ancient shaman-healers. The Via is an immersion in the spiritual traditions of the
Americas. With Alberto Villoldo and the Inka Elders.

lake titicaca
You visit islands rarely touched since the Conquest, where the Sun and the Moon gave
birth to the first Inka.

the amazon: teachings of the jungle shamans

An exploration of sacred techniques for stepping outside of ordinary time. With Alberto
Villoldo and Marcela Lobos. Marcela Lobos (center)
leading a fire ceremony on
yucatan: power and prophecy the Chile expedition.
You visit the power places of the Maya including Coba and Chitchen Itza. An exploration
of sacred time and potential futures. With Wake Wheeler.

the holy mountains - ausangate, salkantay, & pachatusan

A spiritual pilgrimage through spectacular vistas of snow-covered slopes and sacred sites “The Peru journey proved to be a magical experience
where you receive gifts of power and wisdom from the mountains. With Alberto Villoldo, for me. To experience the Shamans was a blessing. I am
Linda Fitch, and the Inka Elders. still left with the amazing effects of my journey. The
integration of all the learning down to a cellular level
chile expedition continues.”
A women’s journey to explore the mysteries of birth, death, initiation, and renewal of the -Eddie R.
feminine life-force. With Marcela Lobos.

“Thank you for the incredible and powerful

experience I had during the Via Illuminata. I have
traveled all over the world, yet the journey to the high
Andes will remain for me a peak experience. Please
accept my sincere appreciation for that wondrous
journey of reconnection with my own essence through
the unforgettable beauty of Peru.”

Elisabeth L.

call us today: 435-647-5988 www.thefourwinds.com

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“I had realized long ago that the journey of the Four Winds
represented an ancient formula for transformation: shed
the past that restrains us (particularly the myth that we were
born outcasts from Paradise), confront and overcome the
fears of the future and death that paralyze us, and we may
live fully in the present; apply the skills learned along the
way to access a sea of consciousness as vast as time itself, then
find a vehicle for expressing the experience with beauty and
living as a caretaker of the Earth.”

Alberto Villoldo, Island of the Sun

Alberto Villoldo PhD is trained in psychology and medical

anthropology, and is the author of more than 12 best-selling
books on shamanism and mind-body healing, including
Shaman, Healer, Sage, The Four Insights, Courageous
Dreaming, and Yoga, Power and Spirit.

call us today: 435-647-5988 www.thefourwinds.com