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I. Vocabulary and speaking:

1. Read the comics and say if the following statements are true or false: 2p (0.2x10=2)
a. Abner’s father thinks Betty is a lady. F
b. Abner is a married man. T
c. The old man is not curious about who Betty is. F
d. Anyone in Providence Rhode Island will tell Abner where Betty is. T
e. Betty is not ready for Abner. F
f. The old man begs Abner to let him go to Betty. T
g. Abner observes that his father is green in the morning. T
h. Abner’s wife is sleeping inside and she’s smocking. F
i. The female is surrounded by pigs. T
j. Abner’s father runs as fast as he can to Rhode Island. T

2. This comic has 11 boxes. Identify the box that corresponds to the following situation: 1.5p
a. The man is holding a match. Picture no. 3
b. You can see the moon through the window. Picture no. 4
c. The younger man is holding a rod. Picture no. 6
d. Somebody is holding a key. Picture no. 9
e. A man is reading a note. Picture no. 8

3. Choose the right answer: 1.5p (0.5x3=1.5)

A. The note says that:
a. Betty is ready.
b. Betty wants to meet the old man.
c. Betty is Abner’s wife.

B. In the fourth picture, you can see:

a. the sun
b. the moon
c. Abner

C. Abner’s wife is:

a. Cutting her nails
b. Feeding the pigs
c. Brushing her hair

1-a; 2-b; 3-a

4. Match the two halves of the sentences: 1.5 (0.3x5=1.5)

1.Tain’t polite to a. green this morning

2. Ef ah were th’jealous type b. keep a lady waitin’
3. Don’t blame yo’ c. even ef it costs me a husbin
4. Yo’ looks mighty d. ah’d turn green
5.Hain’tgonna be no ord’nary wife e. fo’ bein’ jealous

1-b; 2-d; 3-e; 4-a; 5-c

5. Speaking: 1.5p (0.3x5=1.5)

Read carefully the following sentences. Identify the characters involved and the situation of
Sentence Situation Characters
1.I have to finish cooking a. in a police station A. a mom speaking to her
dinner son
2.Do you mind if I use b. at the beach B. the victim of a thief to
your pen? an officer
3.This sun is burning my c. at school C. two students talking
4.I would like to read this d. in the kitchen D. a person and a librarian
5.Did you find out who e. at the library E. a girl to her friend
stole my phone?

1-d-A; 2-c-C; 3-b-E; 4-e-D; 5-a-B

II. Grammar
1. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: 1p (0.2x5=1)
a. It looks like those students [are working] hard. (work)
b. I looked at the sky, wondering what [had happened]. (happen)
c. My brother [had been looking] a lot better for the past few weeks. (look)
d. She still wonders if somebody went to the concert that [took] place last night. (take)
e. The teacher[helped] me even if I bothered her all those years in school. (help)

2. Transform the following sentences into reported speech: 1p (0.25x4=1)

a. “I am ready for you”. She said that (she was ready for him)
b. “If I were the jealous type I would turn green”. He said that (if he was the jealous type
he would be turned green)
c. “You look mighty green this morning.”He said that (he looked mighty green that

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