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Crime and punishment

a Match the examples to the crimes in the chart.
A They took away a rich man's son and then asked for money for his a Complete the sentences w ith
safe return. the words in the list.
B She went to her ex-husband's house and shot him dead. The crime
C Two passengers took control of the plane and made the pilot land
arrested /;:i'rest1d/ questioned /'kwcstf;:md/
in the desert. charged /tfa:d3d/ committed /k;)'m1t1d/
D After the party, the man made the woman have sex against her will. invest igated /m'vest1ge1t1d/ caught /b:t/
E We came home from holiday and found that our TV had gone.
1 Carl and Adam committed a crime. They
F A teenager got into the Pentagon's computer system and
robbed a large supermarket.
downloaded some secret data.
2 The police the crime.
G Someone tried to sell me some marijuana during a concert.
3 Carl and Adam were driving
H When the border police searched his car, it was full of cigarettes.
to the airport in a stolen car.
I Someone threw paint on the statue in the park.
4 They were and taken to a police
J He said he'd send the photos to a newspaper if the actress didn't station.
pay him a lot of money.
5 The police them for ten hours.
K An armed man in a mask walked into a shop and shouted, 'Give
6 Finally they were with(=
me all the money in the till!'
officially accused of) armed robbery.
L The company accountant was transferring money into his own
bank account. The trial
M The builder offered the mayor a free flat in return for giving his accused /::>'kju:zd/ acquitted /::i'kwrt1d/
company permission to build new flats on a piece of green land. court /b:t/ evidence /'evrd:ms/
N They left a bomb in the supermarket car park which exploded. fil!fily (opposite innocent) /'g1lti/
judge /d3Acl3f illry /'d3u::>ri/ proof /pru:f/
0 Somebody stole my car last night from outside my house. Q.1!.nishment /'pAnifm;)nt/ sentenced /'sent::>nst/
P A man held out a knife and made me give him my wallet. -verdict /'v3:d1 kt/ -witnesses /'w1tn::is1z/
Q A woman followed a pop singer everywhere he went, watching
7 Two months later, Carl and Adam
him and sending him constant messages on the internet.
appeared in _ _ __
Crime Criminal Verb 8 They were of armed robbery
1 blackmail /'blrekme11/ blackmailer blackmail and car theft.
2 bribery /'bra1b;:iri/ - bribe 9 told the court what they had
3 burglary /'b3:gl;:,ri/ burglar break in I burgle seen or knew.
4 drug dealing /drAg 'di: l10/ drug dealer sell drugs 10 The , (of 12 people) looked at
and heard all the - - - - -
5 fraud /fr:>:d/ fraudster commit fraud
11 After two days the jury reached
6 hacking /hrek10/ hacker hack (into)
their - -- - -
7 hijacking /'ha1d3rek1IJ/ hijacker hijack
12 Carl was found . His
8 kidnapping /'k1dnrep1IJ/ kidnapper kidnap A fingerprints were on the gun used in the
9 mugging / mAg10/
mugger mug robbery.
10 murder /'m3:d;:,/ murderer murder 13 The decided what Carl's - - -
11 rape /re1p/ rapist rape should be.
12 robbery /'rob;:,ri/ robber rob 14 He him to ten years in prison
13 smuggling /'smAg l11J/ smuggler smuggle
15 There was no that Adam had
14 stalking /'st:>:k1IJ/ stalker stalk
committed the crime.
15 terrorism /'tcr;:inz;:im/ terrorist set off bombs, etc.
16 He was and allowed to go free.
16 theft /8cf t/ thief steal
b 4 33 l)) Listen and check.
17 vandalism /'vrend::>l1z;:m1/ vandal vandalize

llil b 4 32 >)) Listen and check. -< p.75



p Noun suffixes
a Match the bold prefixes in sentences 1-11 Common endings for nouns made from verbs:
to their meanings A-K. -ion I -(a)tion alienate - alienation
-ment em~ - em~ment
1 G Mumbai is a very overcrowded city.
Common endings for nouns made from adjectives:
2 Tokyo is one of20 megacities. -ness lonely - loneliness
3 This part of the city is very poor and -ence I -ance violent - -violence
underdeveloped. Common endings for abstract nouns made from nouns:
4 London is a very multicultural city, -hood neighbour - neighbourhood
with many different races and religions. -ism -vandal - -
5 The quickest way to get around New
York is on the subway. a Make nouns from the words in the list and put them in the right
6 Montreal is probably the most bilingual column.
city in the world - most inhabitants
absent /'rebs;:mt/ accommodate /d'komdde1t/ alcohol /'celkdhol/
speak English and French.
brother /'br11.o;;i/ child /tJa1 ld/ cold /bold/ convenient /bn'vi:ni;;int/
7 If you want to avoid the traffic jams in distant /'d1st;;int/ entertain /entd'tern/ excite /Ik'sa1t/ friendly /'frcndli/
Bangkok, get the monorail. govern /'911.vn/ ignorant /'1gndr;;int/ improve /Irn'pru:v/ intend /rn'tend/
8 The autopilot was switched on after pollute /p;)' lu:t/ race /re1s/ reduce /n'dju:s/ ugly /'11.gli/ weak /wi:k/
the plane had taken off.
9 Vandalism, especially breaking public -ion I -(a)tion -ment -ness -ence I -ance -ism -hood
property, is very antisocial behaviour. accommodation
10 I misunderstood the directions that man
gave me, and now I'm completely lost.
11 He's doing a postgraduate degree in
aeronautical engineering. b 5 14l)) Listen and check.
A against G too mnch
B many H two
c I after
not enough
J under
K wrongly
p Noun formation with spelling or word change
Some nouns made from verbs or adjectives are completely different
F by (it)self words, e.g. choose - choice, poor - poverty.

b 5 12 >)) Listen and check.

a Write the verb or adjective for the following nouns.
c Match the bold suffixes to their meaning. Noun
1 There are a lot of homeless people in 1 verb loss /los/
this city. The situation is hopeless. 2 verb death /de8/
2 Be careful how you drive! The 3 verb success /sdk'ses/
instructions were very useful. 4 verb thought /8'J:t/
3 The police usually wear bullet-proof 5 verb belief /b1 1li:fI
vests. My watch is waterproof. 6 adj heat /hi:t/
4 Their new laptops are completely 7 adj strength /strel)8/
unbreakable. I don't think the tap
8 adj hunger / 'hAIJgg/
water here is drinkable.
9 adj height /ha1t/
A with B can be done 10 adj length /lel)8/
C resistant to D without
b 5 15 >)) Listen and check.
d 13>)) Listen and check.
-Ill( p.89