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When a piece of sheet metal is pulled from each end and beyond its yield point, its deform

and this deformation continues until the ultimate load is reached at which time the material break. This
point at certain load is called the material is?

a. Yield strenght
b. Ultimate strenght
c. Compression strenght

Which of the following are the objective of aircraft maintainability?

a. Ease of inspection, servicing and maintenance
b. Ease of troubleshooting, damage and repair
c. The ability to rasist penantration

The following is true about monoque/ monocoque structure?

a. Only stringer to carry flight load
b. Skin……maleh nak taip
c. Only outer skin to carry flight loads.

Which one is untrue about landing gear?

a. Support the aircraft on ground
b. Assist aircraft to landing and takeof
c. Assist on aircraft on rolling movement

Which of the following type of wing has external braced?

a. Semi-cantilever
b. Full-cantilever
c. Cantilever

Which of the following is not a primary control surface?

a. Aileron
b. Flap
c. Elevator

Which of the following aircraft component helps to attain higher cruise speed, improve lift and reduce
drag at lower speed?

a. Stabilizer
b. Radome
c. winglet
The main function of aircraft empennage is?

a. To control and stabilize the airplane

b. To create necessary lift
c. To maintain

Which of the following structure is important for aircraft pressurized fuselage?

a. Radome
b. Frame
c. Pressure bulkhead

The following range of ATA chapter is related to aircraft structure?

a. 25-29
b. 70-81
c. 51-57

Which of the following OEM manual has the information about aircraft’s structure identification?

a. AMM
b. IPC
c. SRM

In Pratt Truss structures, the longerons are carrying?

a. Compressive loads
b. Tensile loads
c. Bending loads

Which of the following structure is primary cum principle structure element (PSE)?
a. Wing to body fairing
b. Horizontal stabilizer
c. Access panel

The aircraft that can both be taking of and landing on the land and water is called
a. Amphibian aircraft
b. Transport aircraft
c. Passenger aircraft

Keel beam is one of the major structure located in aircraft’s ……………….

a. Wing
b. Stabilizer
c. Fuselage
Which force do a rivet is primary design to withstand?
a. Torsion
b. Bending
c. Shear

Which aluminum alloys for high strength requirements?

a. Al 3003
b. Al 7075
c. Al 2024

A civil transport aircraft is design to withstand loads which are between?

a. +4.0g to -2.0g
b. +3.0g to -1.0g
c. +6.0g to -3.0g

The majority of a metal aircraft constructed from which material?

a. Steel
b. Titanium
c. Aluminum

How does a lift force generate on an airfoil?

a. Velocity of air moves faster on the upper camber of the airfoil to create a low pressure region.
b. Velocity of air moves faster on the lower camber of the airfoil to create a high pressure region.
c. Velocity of air moves faster on the upper camber of the airfoil to create a high pressure region.

What is the wing dihedral?

a. The pitch angle of the wing with respect to the fuselage

b. The angle of the wing with respect to the horizontal when seen from the front.
c. The angle of the wing with respect to the center line of the fuselage when seen from the above.

Which landing gear arrangement is laterally stable?

a. Bicycle
b. Tandem
c. Tricycle

What is characteristic of an airplane in flight to return to its condition of equilibrium?

a. Stability
b. Maneuverability
c. Controllability

What is the longitudinal axis?

a. A straight line passing through the fuselage from nose to tail.
b. A straight line extending parallel to the wing span.
c. A straight line that passed through the top to the bottom of the fuselage.

An airfoil which has the same curvature on top and bottom is called?

a. Asymmetrical
b. Symmetrical
c. Quasi-symmetrical

Where does a slat is usually attached to?

a. The leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer
b. The leading edge of the vertical stabilizer
c. The leading edge of the main wing

Which part of an aircraft moves when it yaw’s and roll’s stimu….?

a. Rudder and elevator

b. Aileron and rudder
c. Aileron and elevator

An aircraft is pressurized to similar condition at?

a. Sea level
b. Low altitude
c. High altitude

What are the two primary stresses that act on the structures?
a. Tensions and compression
b. Tensions and bonding
c. Torsion and shear

What cause a crack on a structure to extend or propagate if not repaired?

a. Stresses
b. Vibration
c. Stresses and vibration.

Pilih 2 sajo…

1. What is the material trend that is used on an aircraft on primary, secondary and tertiary
structure and why does it happen that way?
2. An aircraft will extend and retract which part during (a) takeof (b) climb and (c) landing
3. Name the four types of flap that are commonly used on an aircraft to increase its coefficient of
4. Name four reference lines that are used to locate a part with respect to its datum or its center


3. Four type of flap

 Plain flap
 Split flap
 Slotted flap
 Fowler flap
4. Four reference lines
 Water line
 Buttock line
 Wing station
 Fuselage station