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[ar:Taio Cruz]
[ti:I'll Never Love Again]

[00:17.28]I Was Wrong To Let You Walk Right Out Of My Life

[00:24.69]I Was Dumb To Think That I Could Survive
[00:30.10]Was A Fool To Think The Grass Was Greener
[00:35.66]On The Other Side, Now It Hurts To Know That
[00:40.66]He Means That I, I'll Never Love Again
[03:07.77]Never, Never (I'll Never Love Again)
[00:58.54][01:57.88][03:11.53]Never, Never Hey, Hey...
[01:02.09][02:01.73][03:15.58][03:30.40]I'll Never Find Nobody Who Can Love Me Like
You Do
[01:06.10][02:05.38][03:19.14][03:33.91]I'll Never Find Nobody To Treat Me The Way
You Do
[01:09.75][02:08.84][03:22.59][03:37.67]I'll Never Find Nobody Else (Babe) Hey I'll
Never Fall In Love Again Ay...
[01:17.97]I Was Stupid To Think That Any Love Could Compare
[01:23.63]To The Love That You Gave To Me From You...
[01:29.18]Was A Fool, Yes A Fool To Think That I'd Find Anywhere
[01:34.99]Anyone That's Better For Me Than You...
[02:15.85][02:20.56][02:30.52][02:37.78]And Now My Heart Is Stone Cold Because
You've Gone, Gone Away (Away) Gone Away (Away)
[02:48.09]Gone Away Gone Away, Gone Away, Gone Away, Gone Away...
[02:58.61]I'll Never Love Again