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Thought Paper No. 1


Our first lecture about philosophy has exceeded my expectations. Even before the subject I was
already quite interested in the field. I was fascinated with how philosophers think, how they perceive
things and other systems. They raise questions of why things exist in distinct ways or why people behave
the way they do. During the discussion, Professor Rivas started with the introduction of Greece as a
strategic location for trade as it served as a doorway for the Eastern and Western cultures. It was reliant
on trade and slavery for the aristocrats need more time to cater their leisure and study. The history of
philosophy originated in ancient Greece with the teaching of Socrates amidst the rule of democracy.

Socrates, besides being the teacher of Aristotle, and Plato, he was the founding figure of
philosophy. He started arguments with the youth opening possibilities of critical thinking. This further
invoked concern with the government, which later on sparked a trial involving Socrates with corrupting
the mind of the youth, teaching them to be rebellious. When Sir Rivas stated that “Thinking is dangerous”,
he meant that in utilizing deeper thinking, questions will inevitably arise. This statement has struck me.
We humans were born curious and as a child we used to question everything we perceive and experience.
But the sad reality of things is that as we grow up we’re expected to know everything. So, asking questions
even in the obvious way of things, people tend to be shy in asking questions thinking that people would
think of them as dumb, ignorant, or stupid. Another important point is the value of mentorship. Behind
every great mind, there is a mentor who trained them. Advantage of having a mentor like Socrates in this
case is like absorbing their mindset, principles and then evolving it to your own experiences. Mentors
provide shortcuts and they know what you need to learn from them.

Philosophy is a way of thinking about things. It can have a massive impact the in the way we live
our lives. Further realization and thinking advances our mind to the possibility of gaining consciousness of
our existence and its purpose. It is an understanding of the world around us in a deeper level which is why
I think its vital for us in discovering our humanity, of what lies within us and beyond us.