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And you don’t have to either. Oracle saved a ton of resources (and money) by consolidating storage on
our easy-to-manage single-storage architecture. They also use NetApp storage for their grid infrastructure,
so you know our solutions will integrate seamlessly into your Oracle grid environments. With NetApp,
provisioning is easy and nondisruptive. Cloning is effortless and near-instantaneous, so you can run more
tests in less time, accelerating QA cycles and application development. It’s no wonder we’re trusted by the
world’s greatest companies, like Oracle. We’re proud to have Oracle as our customer and partner. It’s the
kind of relationship we live for.


Save your bottom line along with your data at www.netapp.com/bizapps or call 1-866-237-8987.

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trademark of Network Appliance, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of
their respective holders and should be treated as such.

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Best-in-class architecture

© 2007 Fujitsu Limited. All rights reserved. Fujitsu, the Fujitsu logo and PRIMEQUEST are registered trademarks or trademarks of Fujitsu Limited in the United States and other countries.
All designations used in this document may be trademarks, the use of which by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of the trademark owners. Changes in design
and technology are reserved. Intel, Intel Logo, Intel Inside, Intel Inside Logo, Itanium, Itanium Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the
United States and other countries.
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for Oracle solutions.

FlexFrame™ for Oracle
Pre-integrated and pre-tested, FlexFrame™ for Oracle paves the way for greater
flexibility and cost effectiveness in applications based on Oracle Application
Server or Oracle Database. This innovative infrastructure solution distributes
resources, replacing rigid hardware and software configurations with virtual

The fault-immune PRIMEQUEST™ server represents best-in-class SMP capabilities
for Itanium®-based systems. With its high performance memory sub-system,
PRIMEQUEST™ is designed to support robust and demanding database workloads.

Benefit from two best-in-class dynamic IT infrastructure solutions today.

Be ready for Service-Oriented Architecture tomorrow. We make sure.

www.fujitsu-siemens.com www.fujitsu.com


With investments

Traditional relational content, unstructured content, XML,
in SOA and other
standards-based technologies, every
Oracle application upgrade offers better
3-D spatial data—your enterprise is home to all kinds of integration choices. Find out how Oracle
information. Read how customers are using Oracle Database gives companies options for upgrades
11g to store all their data, simplify management, and improve that improve performance, reduce
complexity, and prepare the enterprise
systems performance. —David Baum
/30 for the future. —David A. Kelly

Northwestern University faces
all the IT challenges of any
major corporation, plus a few
that are unique to higher education. Learn how
Northwestern’s IT professionals are improving and
Cover by Phil Saltonstall simplifying the university’s IT environment with an
SOA and Oracle technology. —Alan Joch

From Our Readers / 8
From the Editor / 10
Capturing the Enterprise AT OR AC LE
Imagination —Tom Haunert Events / 12 Oracle News / 21
Find out about current and With full support for Oracle and non-Oracle
upcoming industry events. applications, Oracle VM promises faster,
cheaper, more scalable server virtualization.
Oracle OpenWorld / 14
Highlights from the show Interview / 22
Vince Casarez, Oracle vice president of
Oracle Resources / 16
product management, talks about Oracle
OTN Bulletin / 17 WebCenter and Web 2.0.
Learn what’s happening with
Interview / 24
Oracle’s most dynamic online
Ray Roccaforte, Oracle vice president of
database development, talks about the Oracle
Oracle News Briefs / 18 Optimized Warehouse.


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Better Workload, Better Testing / 59
Use database replay to record and replay database
activities for better testing. —Arup Nanda

Commitment / 25
Intelligence and Identity / 63
Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle
Oracle promotes teacher training to improve Identity Management —Mark Rittman and Joel Crisp
math and science education.
Partner News / 26 OC P
Wipro, Promero, Centennial Software, Become a Certified Expert / 67
BearingPoint, Solution Beacon, CPSG, Oracle University offers Oracle Expert certification in
Partners Consulting Services Oracle Real Application Clusters.
—Harald van Breederode and Joel Goodman
Book Beat / 26
Peer-to-Peer / 28 AS K TOM
Chris Ostrowski, Andrejus Baranovskis, On Tuning By Tracing / 71
Jacco Landlust Our technologist does a tune-up with SQL_TRACE.
—Tom Kyte

Oracle Certified Partner Index / 75

Services with a Smile / 53
Create data-centric Web services for SOA

development in minutes. —Steve Muench

Succeeding with Failure / 77
Oracle Data Guard helps enable disaster recovery
systems—and much more. —Ari Kaplan
Reporting from Your Browser / 57
Publish high-fidelity business intelligence
reports with Oracle Application Express.
Beyond Data Protection / 79
—David Peake
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search and Oracle
Information Rights Management protect
information. —Mary Ann Davidson

Moving the Business Forward / 80
Nucleus Research’s Rebecca Wettemann
discusses how Oracle Fusion Middleware and
Oracle On Demand pave the way for application
upgrades. —David Baum


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D a t a b a s e M a n a g e m e n t

Can Toad® Turn Your Team Into Experts?

Sit back and relax. You have Toad’s development best
practices on your side.
You could spend your day tracking down bad code. Or you can take control with
Toad® for Oracle.

Toad supports best practices through all phases of development. With Toad, your team
will write expert code, no matter what their skill level. You’ll be empowered to monitor
and validate code during development. And you’ll rest easy knowing only the highest
performing, best quality code makes it to production.

Ensure the highest quality code is developed

Develop regardless of user skill set or location
Maximize code performance and eliminate time-
Optimize intensive manual testing processes with a single click
Performance test your code for scalability
Validate before deploying to production

Promote development best practices in your organization. Read “Implementing Database

Development Best Practices” at www.quest.com/ExpertTeam

©2007 Quest Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Quest and Quest Software are trademarks or registered trademarks of Quest Software.
All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. DBM_Toad4Oracle_ToadRelax_Q32007.
Rapid deployment. Seamless Oracle integration.
Major productivity.

Just some of the reasons why

more businesses choose ImageNow.

With ImageNow, you can take control of the documents that overwhelm office workers and stifle
their productivity. ImageNow enterprise document management, imaging and workflow helps
organizations like yours cut costs and boost daily efficiency in accounts payable, human resources
and beyond. Our patented integration method works seamlessly with your existing Oracle
business applications and scales easily to connect every department in your organization, at a
fraction of the cost you’d expect.

Read how businesses just like yours are putting ImageNow to work at

ImageNow enterprise document management, imaging and workflow.


© 2007 Perceptive Software, Inc. ImageNow is a registered trademark of Perceptive Software, Inc. All other product and company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ad_oracle0801

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f r o m o u r READERS

Your corrections, your opinions, and your requests:

Here’s your forum for telling us what’s right and
wrong in each issue of Oracle Magazine, and for
letting us know what you want to read.


Arup Nanda has done it again, with the article “More I suggest you add a column for beginners in Oracle Magazine
Partitioning Choices”! [See Oracle Magazine, September/ so as to encourage new users to build up their skills.
October 2007, otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/07-sep/
o57partition.html.] The article clearly showcases the new Kobbla Emmanuel Idamah
partitioning features with just the right balance of concepts kobbla2003@yahoo.com
and working examples. I
attended the Oracle Database MORE ORACLE DATABASE 11g
11g launch in New York, but I would like to thank Oracle for providing Oracle Magazine.
the partitioning option was The features in Oracle Database 11g are amazing, so could
a little difficult to under- you kindly include more-detailed explanations on these fea-
stand from that session. tures in future magazine issues?
This article is wonderful in
that regard. In particular, August Ahadjiste
the explanation of reference edem80us@yahoo.com
partitioning is spectacular.
I can’t wait to go to Oracle SECURITY, TOO
Database 11g to try out the Oracle Magazine is very good at explaining the new features
new features. Please keep and operations of the latest Oracle software. I want to add
on publishing this type that the magazine should also discuss security-related issues
of article with high tech- and techniques used in Oracle Database 11g.
nical content.
Sukhvinder Singh Deora
Mary Hunt sukhvinder.singh.deora@gmail.com
I just read the article “More Partitioning Choices” by Arup In the November/December 2007 issue of Oracle Magazine,
Nanda. Then I read it again and again until I had completely the Browser-Based column, “Application Integration Workshop,”
internalized it. Words can’t describe how valuable the content was credited to Michael Hichwa, a past author of that column.
of the article is. I’m amazed and awestruck by how well the The November/December 2007 column, however, was written
author presented the new concepts to make it easier for the by David Peake, principal product manager in Oracle’s Server
reader to grasp and put into use. I am playing with Oracle Technologies division, who authored this issue’s column as well.
Database 11g now, and this is one article that surely helps We apologize for the error.
me to pitch for the upgrade to the management. I shared this
with the development staff, the architects, and other assorted
individuals and everyone just “got it.” My job of convincing
them [to upgrade] just got much easier. send mail to the EDITOR
Thank you to the author, and may he produce more of Send your opinions about what you read in Oracle Magazine, and suggestions
this type of article. for possible technical articles, to opubedit_us@oracle.com. Or click on the Write
the Editors link on our Web site, oracle.com/oraclemagazine.
Letters may be edited for length and clarity and may be published in any
Tom Urban medium. We consider any communications we receive publishable.


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The adventures of
Harry & Garry

PL/SQL Developer is the Oracle development tool that gives you

maximum productivity, ease of use and all the features you need,
for a reasonable price.
Visit our website for additional details:
f r o m t h e EDITOR

Capturing the Enterprise Imagination

Enterprise Web 2.0 collaboration has arrived, and I say ‘thank you.’
eb 2.0 has captured the world’s imagination. owner/manager and desktop document information silos,
Literally. In a recent TV crime drama, for example, asking a past contributor to one of my docs or pages if she had
the victims, criminals, and detective work involved any edit suggestions would have made perfect sense. But she’d
online avatars and virtual worlds. I haven’t seen or just loaded my doc into a wiki to which she and thousands
used any avatars in virtual worlds in the workplace (yet), but of other people now have direct editing access. I was now in
I’ve definitely been exposed to some Web 2.0 collaboration on a position to get comments, edits, and additions from a large
the job. And I have to admit that I haven’t always immediately group of people directly in the new source-of-truth document
recognized the benefits of Web 2.0, even when they were gift- without formally inviting, planning, and managing edit cycles.
wrapped and delivered right to me. In the course of working on Oracle Magazine, I deal with a lot
of very formal edit cycles, so while I know I’ll still be editing
I JUST MISSED IT and updating the new wiki content, it’s nice to know there’s
Recently a coworker e-mailed me about one of my “living one less formal edit process for which I’ll need to search for
documents.” In my experience (up to now), to call something stakeholders, schedule reviews, e-mail a document (that sup-
a living document has usually been a disclaimer—a description ports revision tracking), gather the changes from different
for a document that is at risk of being out-of-date, incomplete, drafts, reconcile changes, and so on.
or containing some number of errors due to rapid and recent So after my coworker-inspired Web 2.0 epiphany, I took a
changes in what’s documented, lack of time by the document look at the document content in the wiki, and for some reason,
owner to make updates, or both. This particular living docu- it looked better than I remembered. I made some updates,
ment needed updating for both reasons. made plans to make some more, pointed some people to it,
My coworker was letting me know that she had posted my and asked them for their input (which I won’t have to dig out
living document—which covered editorial requirements and of multiple, revision-controlled documents).
process—to a new internal wiki here at Oracle. My coworker’s So what I used to call a living document as a disclaimer is
generosity came about because she had contributed to earlier now a true living document in the wiki, and it’s definitely living
versions of this document, so while she was posting other doc- much better than it was.
uments to this wiki, she did me the favor of posting my docu-
ment and making some edits. And I was happy to have her SPEAKING OF WIKIS
post the document, but my first thought was that I was happy In this issue’s OTN Bulletin (on page 17), OTN editor in chief
to have her edits—edits on a document that I’d been meaning Justin Kestelyn introduces the new, official Oracle Wiki at
to schedule for a formal review and update. wiki.oracle.com and invites members of the Oracle community
I sent her an e-mail back, thanking her for posting the docu- to contribute and update real living documents for and about
ment to the wiki and then asking if she had any additional sug- Oracle and the Oracle community. I echo Justin’s invitation,
gestions, edits, or updates she wanted to make to my document. and look forward to collaborating with the Oracle community
Within seconds of clicking “Send,” I realized what I had done. on wiki content about Oracle Magazine.
In my pre–Web 2.0 world of static Web pages with one
In “Web 2.0 Meets the Enterprise” (on page 22), Oracle
Magazine Senior Managing Editor Caroline Kvitka talks with
COLLABORATE Vince Casarez, Oracle vice president of product management
Oracle discussion forums with a focus on Oracle WebCenter, about Web 2.0 in the
forums.oracle.com enterprise (including wikis, blogs, and instant messaging) and
Oracle Wiki how Oracle WebCenter is helping deliver Web 2.0 to the enter-
prise today. Check out the interview and listen to the Oracle
READ more about Oracle WebCenter Magazine Feature Cast at otn.oracle.com/syndication/magcasts.

LISTEN to Oracle Magazine Feature Casts Tom Haunert, Editor in Chief



JF08_EdNote.indd 14 11/12/07 11:56:11 AM

DMExpress is the Faster ETL!

44% Faster
than Informatica

67% Faster
than DataStage

5 hrs DMExpress is the high-speed ETL tool designed

to meet the challenges of data warehousing,
BI, and other mission-critical applications. When
2.8 hrs 3 hrs
processing large amounts of data, DMExpress
can save you many hours, even days. For a free
1 hr consult or proof of concept, call (201) 930-8200 or
Informatica DMExpress DataStage DMExpress visit www.syncsort.com /SpeedETL www.syncsort.com

Results are based on specific tests and may vary depending on environment. If you would like to verify DMExpress’s superiority in your current application, please contact us to arrange a free trial.
Syncsort® and DMExpress® are registered trademarks of Syncsort Incorporated. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
a t O r a c l e EVENTS


Technology Events
German Oracle User Group (DOAG)
Regional Meeting
January 15, Jena, Germany
Conferences and sessions to help you stay on the cutting edge Nashville Oracle Users Group Meetings
January 16 and February 20,
Nashville, Tennessee
HIMSS 2008 www.noug.net
February 24–28, Dallas Oracle Users Group Meeting
Orlando, Florida with Cary Millsap of Hotsos
January 17, Dallas, Texas
Join the Healthcare Information and www.doug.org
Management Systems Society for its
Northern California Oracle
annual conference for healthcare IT Applications User Group Training Day
(HIT) professionals, physicians, nurses, January 17, Santa Clara, California
executives, pharmacists, and vendors. www.norcaloaug.org
Keynote speakers include former U.S.
Twin Cities Oracle User Group
Senator Bill Frist and Revolution Chairman Winter Meeting
and CEO Steve Case. Learn more at January 17, Golden Valley, Minnesota
www.himssconference.org. www.tcoug.org
Atlanta Oracle Applications Users
47th Annual Geomatics Gartner India CIO Summit 2008 Group Meetings
January 18 and February 15,
Engineering Conference February 18–19, Mumbai, India Atlanta, Georgia
January 24–26, Clovis, California The second Gartner India CIO Summit features www.atloaug.org
This student-run conference, sponsored by two tracks—Business Alignment and the
California State University, Fresno, brings Workforce, and Technology and Processes— January 22, London
together hundreds of participants from around and structured interactive roundtable discus- www.ukoug.org
the world for workshops on geographic sions facilitated by Gartner analysts. Apply at
Greater Cincinnati Oracle User
information systems, surveying, and photo- www.gartnerinfo.com/ciosummitindia. Group Meeting
grammetry. Sign up at www.csufresno.edu/ January 23, Cincinnati, Ohio
geomatics/conference. FutureTest 2008 www.gcoug.org
February 26–27, New York City Northeast Ohio Oracle Users
GTC Southwest 2008 Industry leaders will discuss the present and Group Meeting
January 28–31, Austin, Texas future of software testing at this first-of-its- January 25, Independence, Ohio
With the theme “21st-Century Government kind event. Expand your testing and quality
Meets 21st-Century IT,” this event for gov- assurance (QA) horizons with topics ranging Ottawa Oracle User Group Meeting
ernment technology professionals provides from open source models to team dynamics. January 31, Ottawa, Canada
business and technical training and features Interact, innovate, and network with other QA
keynotes by New York Times technology writer professionals. Sign up at www.futuretest.net. Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group
Training Days
David Pogue and by Frank Abagnale, whose life
February 13–14, Denver, Colorado
story inspired the movie Catch Me if You Can. Oracle Applications Users Group www.rmoug.org
Sign up at www.govtech.com/events/silo Free eLearning
Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
.php?id=126027. Tuesdays–Thursdays, online Database SIG
The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) Hotsos training with Cary Millsap
Southern California Linux Expo offers free online training session to its February 19–21, Bellevue, Washington
(SCALE) members. Training Tuesdays and Training www.psoug.org
February 8–10, Los Angeles Wednesdays cover a range of topics and are
This exposition includes several focused con- presented by top-rated OAUG trainers. OAUG
ferences, including Women in Open Source, Community Thursdays highlight educational eventsLOCATOR
Open Source in Education, and DOHCS and training sessions presented at OAUG geo- Oracle Events
(Demonstrating Open Source Health Care graphic and special interest group meetings. oracle.com/events

Space is limited. Register at www.oaug.org/ Locate user groups


Systems), with technical and business tracks.

Get details at www.socallinuxexpo.org. conferencesandeducation/elearning.


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Alternative Thinking About Critical Data:

Your database is crucial to your business. That’s why HP and
Oracle have teamed up to develop the HP Integrity Solution for
Oracle Database. Take the first step in protecting your data.
Go to hp.com/go/myoracle and use HP’s solution builder to
determine the configuration that’s right for your business.

Technology for better business outcomes.

B:11.125 in
T:10.875 in
S:9.875 in

For a solution that fits your mission, go to hp.com/go/myoracle

© 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Siebel are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.

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Futura CE Bk, Futura
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CE Md, Helvetica
Comments: Oracle Neue C.D.: None

Images: HPshortyHead.ai, Print Pro: None

G7100012072007_ Acct. Exec: None
altern.psd (265 ppi;
RGB), rx2660.psd Acct. Super.: None
(2098 ppi; CMYK)
Client OK:

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are enabled. If the files are re-processed and these aspects are ignored, the traps and/or overprints may not be interpreted correctly and
incorrect reproduction may result. Please contact Pacific Digital Image with any questions or concerns.
O r a c l e OPENWORLD 2007

The Oracle OpenWorld

Annual conference celebrates Oracle’s 30 years

racle OpenWorld 2007 began with a look back at

Oracle’s 30-year history and a dedication to Oracle
customers. From November 11 to 15, 2007, more than
40,000 Oracle customers and enthusiasts converged on San
Francisco to experience the conference, the largest Oracle
OpenWorld yet.
Major topics at the weeklong event included integration,
business intelligence, data warehousing, enterprise 2.0, server
virtualization, and green computing. Throughout the week,
Oracle executives including CEO Larry Ellison, President
Charles Phillips, Executive Vice President Chuck Rozwat, and
Senior Vice President Thomas Kurian discussed Oracle tech-
nologies for innovation and integration: Oracle Database 11g,
Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison takes the stage for his keynote presentation after an
Application Integration Architecture, and Oracle VM. introduction by Billy Joel, who performed at the customer appreciation event.

In addition to the keynotes and more than 1,600 breakout ses-

sions, hundreds of partners and vendors showcased products and services in the exhibition halls,
and Oracle University offered onsite training and certification. Several special programs—for
Oracle product lines including JD Edwards, Hyperion, and Agile Product Lifecycle Management—
helped attendees dig deeper into Oracle products. At the Oracle Develop program, developers
heard from leading experts on Java, .NET, XML, PL/SQL, Ajax, PHP, and other technologies.
The 2007 conference also offered several new programs. The Oracle OpenWorld Unconference
provided attendees with the opportunity to present their own sessions in
an informal, interactive setting. In the No-Slide Zone, attendees took part in
Oracle OpenWorld 2007
lively discussions about cutting-edge technologies, with a ban on Microsoft oracle.com/openworld/2007

Oracle OpenWorld podcasts

PowerPoint slides. Inside Innovation, sponsored by Intel, gave attendees a oracle.com/techcasts

sneak peak into technologies that will influence the way we live, work, and Oracle OpenWorld blogs, photos,
and more
play in the not-so-distant future. otn.oracle.com/events/oracle-openworld-2007

You can watch archived keynotes and videocasts, read blogs, listen to pod- Oracle’s 30-year timeline
casts, and view photos and more online. See the webLOCATOR for links to ThinkQuest
more of the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 experience.


JF08_OOW.indd 14 11/21/07 2:19:52 PM

and 300,000 customers.

Nidal Haddad, Jan Roehl, Karen Mazer, and Tara Hall from Deloitte
Consulting accept the Oracle E-Business Suite Solution Titan Award from
Oracle Senior Vice President Matt Mills (far left) and Oracle Chairman Jeff
Henley (far right). At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle PartnerNetwork presented
awards to 17 North American–based partners: Accenture, CedarCrestone,
CGH Technologies, Cloud Creek Systems, Deloitte Consulting, Entology,
Hitachi Consulting, IBM Global Business Services, Intelenex, Io Consulting,
iSP3 Solution Providers, Piocon Technologies, SYSTIME Computer Corp.,
Tallgrass Technologies, Terillium, Trianz, and TUSC.

Oracle President Charles Phillips announces Oracle VM, a scalable,

low-cost server virtualization product that supports both Oracle and
non-Oracle applications.


ThinkQuest, an international Web site–building competition for students sponsored

by the Oracle Education Foundation, brought more than 30 award-winning students
from 17 countries to Oracle OpenWorld. The 2007 winners (pictured) hail from
Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, the
Netherlands, the Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States,
Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

Hundreds of Oracle partners displayed and demonstrated their solutions

in Moscone Center’s exhibition hall.


JF08_OOW.indd 15 11/21/07 2:20:26 PM

a t O r a c l e RESOURCES

What’s New at Oracle

The latest Webcasts, courses, and online content
WEBCASTS and PeopleTools Advanced Developer The Benefits of the PeopleSoft HCM 8.3
Web 2.0 in the Enterprise: Separating Myths Certified Expert. These credentials are for to 9.0 Wrapper
from the New Realities of Collaborative developers who are proficient at develop- oracle.com/applications/podcasts.html
Business Processes ing, implementing, and customizing Oracle’s Shaun Braun, director of release operations,
oracle.com/pls/ebn/live_viewer.main?p_ PeopleSoft Enterprise applications. PeopleSoft, discusses the new upgrade
shows_id=5828710 wrapper for Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM and
Sonny Singh, senior vice president, PODCASTS what customers can expect from it.
Products and Industries Business Unit, Focus on Embedded Technologies: Automating Paper-Based Processes with
Oracle; Thomas Kurian, senior vice presi- The In-Memory Database Explained Imaging and Business Process Management
dent, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle; oracle.com/techcasts oracle.com/products/middleware/
and Andrew McAfee, associate professor, Mike Olson, vice president of embed- ofmradio.html
Harvard Business School, discuss the role ded technologies, Oracle, describes the Sancho Pinto, principal product manager for
of Web 2.0 in the enterprise and how Oracle architecture and functionality of the Oracle Oracle Imaging and Process Management,
WebCenter Suite supports implementing TimesTen In-Memory Database, a solution discusses how to image-enable your enter-
Web 2.0 capabilities in business processes. for extremely fast and predictable applica- prise applications and eliminate process
ECM Profile Online Seminar Series tion performance. bottlenecks. Find out how to minimize docu-
oracle.com/dm/08q1field/8396_ev_ The Secret History of Oracle Berkeley DB ment processing costs, reduce error and
aiim_ecm_webseminars.html oracle.com/techcasts loss, and cut physical storage space costs.
Oracle has partnered with AIIM, the Margo Seltzer, one of the inventors of
Enterprise Content Management Berkeley DB and still an architect on the
Association, to present six 60-minute Oracle Berkeley DB team, explains the
profiles of Oracle content management origins of the world’s most popular embed- For Oracle product information, call the number
customers. Featured topics include Web ded database. for your region:
content management, records management, Inside Oracle AppsLab Country Phone Number

and secure enterprise search. oracle.com/techcasts U.S. and Canada .....................................1.800.367.8674

Australia ....................................................1800.735.467
Paul Pedrazzi, founder of Oracle AppsLab, Austria.......................................................0800.29.7626
Belgium ........................................................0800.73280
ORACLE UNIVERSITY a small think tank within Oracle that evan- Brazil .........................................................0800.901.985
PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 to 9.0 Delta gelizes Web 2.0 technologies and concepts, China.........................................................800.810.0161
oracle.com/education talks with Oracle Technology Network Editor Finland ......................................................0800.113.573
(Search keyword: HRMS 9) in Chief Justin Kestelyn about its origins and France .......................................................0800.905.805
Get an in-depth look at the enhance- future plans. Greece.................................................00800.353.12020
Hong Kong......................................................3002.1246
ments and changes made from Oracle’s Oracle Application Express 3.0: A Closer Look India ..........................................................1600.44.6725
PeopleSoft HRMS Release 8.8 to Release otn.oracle.com/syndication/magcasts Indonesia...........................................001.800.1.672.253
Ireland ........................................................1850.672253
9.0. This two-day class includes examples Scott Spendolini, CEO of Sumner Italy ..............................................................8008.74720
and several activities that address the Technologies, talks about the benefits of Japan ........................................................0120.155.096
Malaysia ....................................................1800.80.1837
new features in PeopleSoft HRMS, from Oracle Application Express 3.0 and how it Mexico...................................................01800.221.7321
The Netherlands .............................................0800.0827
implementing security enhancements to works with Oracle Database. New Zealand .............................................0508.555.215
the introduction of a centralized Profile Asking Tom: What’s New in Oracle Database 11g Norway...........................................................800.14411
Management module that delivers enter- otn.oracle.com/syndication/magcasts Portugal.......................................................800.853.021
prisewide talent management. In this two-part series, Tom Kyte of Ask Singapore ................................................1800.6722.531
South Africa...............................................0800.994.225
PeopleTools Certified Expert certification Tom fame talks with Oracle Magazine’s South Korea...............................................080.2194.114
oracle.com/education Tom Haunert about managing change, Sweden ........................................................020.798798
(Search keyword: certification) key new performance and manageability Switzerland................................................0800.55.2574
Oracle University is now offering two features in Oracle Database 11g, how to Thailand ..............................................001800.441.0545
new credentials for PeopleTools experts: get ready for Oracle Database 11g, and Turkey .................................................00800.353.90014
U.K. .........................................................0870.5.332200
PeopleTools Developer Certified Expert changes in virtual location.


JF08_Resources.indd 16 11/6/07 2:51:25 PM


The Official Oracle Wiki

The Oracle community now has its own platform for collaboratively exchanging knowledge.
ince the late 1990s, the Oracle Applications community (any product A little farther south was the
Technology Network (OTN) line), now is the time to nominate IndicThreads.com Conference On Java
Web site has provided the them for the Oracle ACE Program for Technology in Pune, India, founded by
Oracle community with a Application Advocates. Oracle ACE Director (Oracle Fusion
means of informally interacting and Oracle ACEs are known for their Middleware) Harshad Oak. The editor
exchanging knowledge with each other strong credentials as Oracle com- in chief at Rightrix Media and author of
as well as with Oracle employees. In munity enthusiasts and advocates, several Java technology books, includ-
2005, that formula was further enriched with candidates nominated by anyone ing Oracle JDeveloper 10g: Empowering
by a large collection of official Oracle in the Oracle Technology (and now J2EE Development (Apress), Oak still
blogs (blogs.oracle.com). However, these Applications) communities. Oracle ACEs finds time to spearhead this leading
resources primarily contain information are promoted as official experts at events independent conference on Java tech-
provided by Oracle—and that informa- and on the OTN Web site, and their nology. The conference held its second
tion is structured the way we like it. profiles are posted in the online Oracle annual event in October 2007 in the
Now, for the first time, customers and ACE Directory. Symbiosis Infotech Campus audi-
partners can complement this “official” To qualify for the Oracle ACE toriums in Pune. Oak and his wife,
content with that generated completely Applications program, candidates Sangeeta, also an accomplished Java
by the OTN community—thanks to the should be contributing applications programmer, hosted the conference.
new Oracle Wiki, sponsored by Oracle. expertise through blogs, podcasts, Learn more about the Miracle
As defined by Wikipedia (what else?), speaking events, articles, or forums. OpenWorld conference at www.miracleas
a wiki is “computer software that allows Find more information and nomina- .dk. Learn more about the IndicThreads
users to easily edit, create, and link Web tion forms at oracle.com/aceapps. Learn conference at www.indicthreads.com. O
pages.” In essence, it’s an extremely easy- more about the Oracle ACE program
to-use content management system that (and find an Oracle ACE) at otn.oracle Justin Kestelyn (justin.kestelyn@oracle.com) is the
facilitates cross-linking and collaborative .com/goto/oracle-ace. editor in chief of Oracle Technology Network.
editing—a Web site that you can manip-
OTN home
With the Oracle Wiki, you can create Leave it to Oracle ACE Mogens Norgaard otn.oracle.com
your own Web content—whether instal- to provide the 2007 Miracle OpenWorld OTN Headlines
lation guides and tips, project docu- technical conference with its own beer. otn.oracle.com/pub/news
mentation, technical notes, or anything Aside from kegs of Miracle Beer, the Free software downloads
else that’s appropriate and captures your 170 attendees at the annual conference otn.oracle.com/software

imagination—as well as edit and post (held September 27–29, 2007, near Documentation
comments on pages created by others. Copenhagen) were treated to technical
Think of it as a free-form “Oracle parallel sessions by fellow Oracle ACEs Cary Technology Centers
universe” built by customers and part- Millsap, Anjo Kolk, and other big names
ners, and thus the perfect complement in the Oracle Database community. otn.oracle.com/techcasts
to the OTN Web site, Oracle discussion At the keynote, Managing Director of
Technical articles
forums, and blogs. Oracle Denmark Thomas Honoré spoke otn.oracle.com/pub/articles
Create your own Oracle Wiki pages at on the challenges of communicating to Blogs
wiki.oracle.com. partners and customers about Oracle’s blogs.oracle.com
strategic plans regarding the 32 com- Discussion forums
CALLING ALL ORACLE APPLICATIONS ACES panies that had been acquired in the forums.oracle.com

Once the bastion of DBAs and develop- two years leading up to the conference. Developer Events Calendar
ers, Oracle ACE-dom has come to the Honoré said that Oracle hadn’t really
Oracle Applications community. So if bought 32 products but rather that many Oracle ACE Program
you are or know an “ace” in the Oracle technology stacks.


JF08_OTN.indd 17 11/7/07 1:48:10 PM

? a t O r a c l e BRIEFS

11 percent of IT professionals surveyed say ARCHITECTURE FOR SAP INITIATIVE company boundaries while addressing
their operations address energy concerns,
and 25 percent more expect to be addressing
energy concerns within three years. 21
O racle has unveiled the Oracle
Application Integration Architecture
for SAP Initiative, which provides joint
regulatory and privacy compliance,” says
Richard Sarwal, senior vice president of
systems management products, Oracle.
percent claim that energy conservation Oracle/SAP customers with a standards- “Through the pack’s innovative use of
influenced their company’s IT purchasing based method to unify their enterprise templates, which support application-
decisions in the past year, and 46 percent applications and rapidly adopt service- aware masking definitions, customers
predict that energy conservation will be a oriented architectures. Through this ini- can achieve greater IT efficiencies while
factor in the coming year. Still, the majority tiative, Oracle/SAP customers can build reducing costs.”
of companies do not have any infrastructure sustainable, composite business appli- Oracle Data Masking Pack enables
to monitor IT energy use. A total of 1,011 IT cations across Oracle, SAP, and other regulatory compliance through consistent
professionals, 81 percent of whom work in third-party applications. and rule-based application of masking
the U.S., took the online survey. Several Oracle to SAP prebuilt inte- formats across enterprisewide databases.
Source: The 451 Group gration packs, which reduce the time to It also supports a rich and extensible
www.the451.com/special_reports/special_ deploy key cross-application business format library that covers a variety of
processes, are available. These include mask formats. This helps ensure consis-
CIOS SAY INTERNAL TECH SUPPORT Siebel CRM to SAP, Agile PLM to SAP, tent enforcement of information security
IS UNDERSTAFFED Hyperion to SAP, Oracle Utilities to policies and allows organizations to share
When asked about the ratio of internal end SAP, Oracle Communications Billing data quickly and scalably without violat-
users to technical support employees, CIOs and Revenue Management to SAP, and ing privacy regulations.
said that the ideal ratio is 82 users for each PeopleSoft HR to SAP.
support person. When the same CIOs were “Oracle and SAP share the same ORACLE FUSION GOVERNANCE, RISK, AND
asked about the ratio of end users to support customers, and we are pleased to offer COMPLIANCE INTELLIGENCE CENTRALIZES
personnel in their own companies, they said a standards-based approach to building RISK AND COMPLIANCE INFORMATION
it was 136:1. Things are a little better for
companies with more than 1,000 employees:
composite applications and prebuilt inte-
grations for key industries,” says Ed Abbo,
senior vice president of applications
O racle has released Oracle Fusion
Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Intelligence version 7.7.1, which deliv-
their actual ratio is 118:1, whereas CIOs
for midsize firms said their actual ratio was development, Oracle. “Oracle Application ers expanded risk and compliance
131:1. The survey polled 1,400 CIOs from U.S. Integration Architecture for SAP extends diagnostics. Business process owners,
companies with 100 or more employees. the leadership we’ve demonstrated in compliance officers, and risk managers
Source: Robert Half Technology delivering on the promise of a service- can use this tool to better understand
www.rht.com oriented architecture and reinforces our the effectiveness of governance, risk,
commitment to maximizing value from and compliance (GRC) programs across
Oracle’s existing product lines.” the enterprise.
59 percent of computer and electronics
The new release combines qualitative
ORACLE RELEASES DATA MASKING PACK FOR and quantitative information from both
companies surveyed say the value of
ORACLE ENTERPRISE MANAGER Oracle and non-Oracle systems and
business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce to
their organizations is increasing significantly,
and 38 percent say it is increasing slightly.
N ow shipping, Oracle Data Masking
Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager
automates masking of sensitive data for
presents this information in integrated
dashboards and reports, allowing execu-
tives and managers to identify and focus
57 percent of survey respondents reported a
significant increase in transactional volume
secure, scalable data sharing. The pack efforts on key risk and control issues.
using B2B e-commerce. The most frequently
helps customers protect sensitive data by Built on Oracle’s business intelligence
cited hurdles to greater B2B e-commerce
replacing confidential or sensitive pro- technology, Oracle Fusion Governance,
use are internal manual process costs (86
duction information with realistic but Risk, and Compliance Intelligence offers
percent), the cost of implementing data and
scrubbed data based on masking rules. organizations prebuilt, role-tailored
business process standards (62 percent), and
“Providing a comprehensive manage- intelligence and personalized reporting
the cost of doing e-business (57 percent).
ment solution that spans applications, and diagnostics.
Source: CompTIA
middleware, and database management “To effectively gain an understanding
is the foundation for Oracle Enterprise of the status and effectiveness of GRC
Manager’s top-down approach. With the programs, an organization must have a
Oracle Data Masking Pack, companies way of integrating risk and control infor-


JF08_BRIEFS.indd 18 11/21/07 9:17:13 AM

mation from different business functions tion pack to create efficiencies across the ORACLE ACQUIRES INTERLACE SYSTEMS
and systems,” says Chris Leone, group
vice president of applications strategy,
Oracle. “Oracle Fusion Governance,
enterprise and extract more value from
promotions by synchronizing customer,
product, and financial information
O racle has acquired Interlace Systems,
a provider of strategic operation
planning software. Interlace Systems
Risk, and Compliance Intelligence deliv- across Oracle applications. software helps organizations to quickly
ers such an information hub for GRC, “The Siebel CRM Integration and collaboratively combine functional
enabling business users to identify key Pack for Oracle Trade Promotion processes to address strategic opera-
risks and respond in real time.” Management enables companies to tional planning needs. The software
implement a closed-loop trade promo- uses a change-based data modeling
ORACLE UPDATES SOFTWARE tions process that is both efficient and server, connecting operational plans in
CONFIGURATION MANAGER delivers the value and functionality they an integrated model and allowing busi-

O racle is shipping a new release of

Oracle Software Configuration
Manager that collects and integrates
need right out of the box,” says Jose
Lazares, vice president of applications
development, Oracle.
ness planners across functions to rapidly
change operational assumptions, re-
evaluate scenarios, assess business
detailed and dynamic system configura- impact, and update the plan of record.
tion information and enables Oracle to UPGRADE MANAGEMENT SERVICE ENABLES “In today’s global economy, orga-
deliver highly automated and personal- SEAMLESS ORACLE DATABASE UPGRADES nizations need a streamlined planning
ized support. It also lays the founda-
tion for a more fully personalized,
knowledge-driven, and high-value-add
O racle has enhanced the Oracle
Advanced Customer Services
Upgrade Management Service to help
process that links strategic operational
plans to the financial plan of record,”
says Thomas Kurian, senior vice presi-
support environment. Based on Oracle customers minimize upgrade risk dent, Oracle Fusion Middleware. “The
Enterprise Manager, Oracle Software and increase the value of their Oracle combination of Interlace Systems and
Configuration Manager tightly integrates Database investment. The offering Oracle will help enable business planners
the capabilities of Oracle software with provides a portfolio of upgrade man- to rapidly evaluate the impact of changes
support processes, knowledgebases, and agement tools and services that help to business assumptions across all plans
support tools. Oracle customers seamlessly move from and benefit from flexibility, speed, integ-
“We are committed to delivering their current Oracle Database environ- rity, and accuracy, typically not found
the next-generation support experience ments to the most appropriate versions in traditional spreadsheet-based and
through a new technology platform that for their business. function-specific planning solutions.” O
delivers better information and solu- The upgrade service is a three-
tions to our customers proactively,” says pronged program. The first phase
Juergen Rottler, executive vice president, includes analysis, testing, and prepara-
Oracle Customer Services. “The new tion to help companies understand their Oracle Application Integration
version of Oracle Software Configuration business and technical readiness. The Architecture for SAP Initiative
Manager is a significant enhancement second phase includes remote or onsite
toward delivering this new support assistance and ongoing assessments Data Masking Pack for
foundation consisting of a secure, per- during the actual upgrade, so any issues Oracle Enterprise Manager
sonalized system that provides easy that come up are mitigated before they
Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk,
access to configuration data.” can slow or derail the upgrade process. and Compliance Intelligence
The final step is testing the new produc- oracle.com/grc
NEW INTEGRATION PACK STREAMLINES tion environment for continual opera- Oracle Software Configuration
TRADE PROMOTION PROCESS tional improvement. Manager

ow shipping, Oracle’s Siebel CRM “Our goal is continual operational configuration-manager.html
Integration Pack for Oracle Trade improvement for the entire Oracle
Siebel CRM Integration Pack
Promotion Management synchronizes stack,” says Larry Abramson, senior for Oracle Trade Promotion
critical promotion, customer, and vice president, Oracle Advanced Management
financial information. Part of Oracle Customer Services. “The enhancements oracle.com/aia

Application Integration Architecture, the to the Upgrade Management Service Oracle Advanced Customer Services
pack delivers prebuilt business process are designed, developed, and tested to Upgrade Management Service
integration between Oracle’s Siebel CRM help Oracle users leverage our expertise
and Oracle E-Business Suite. Consumer to ensure that their upgrade projects Oracle and Interlace Systems
goods companies can use the integra- are successful.”


JF08_BRIEFS.indd 19 11/21/07 9:17:13 AM

 Number of silos in which your customer data resides.
Coincidentally, also the number of totally different
definitions you have for “customer.”

definition —
Embarcadero solutions help manage data
enterprise-wide, enabling you to build and
communicate an architecture of your data assets
so you always know what is what, and where it is.
With just one, everything gets simpler. You and
your business are empowered to use and reuse
reliable, relevant, and timely data across a range
of platforms and storage formats. Understanding
your data is finally possible, and getting a hold
of the metadata is the key. Standards can be
© 2007 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

defined and enforced. Data redundancy is

eliminated. It’s no coincidence that the most
sophisticated solution is also the simplest.
See how one gets it done.

Call 415.834.3131 or visit www.embarcadero.com


Making Virtual Servers a Reality

Oracle VM delivers faster, lower-cost, scalable server virtualization.
s the volume of information in faster deployment through preconfig-
data centers continues to grow ured virtual machine images of Oracle
exponentially, IT professionals Database and Oracle Enterprise Linux;
are faced with myriad chal- and up to three times the efficiency of
lenges: increased hardware, energy, and other server virtualization products.
cooling costs; real estate, facility, and
space expansion costs; resource under- LOW-COST SUPPORT
utilization; and scalability, reliability, and “With Oracle VM, customers can deploy
availability issues. Oracle is addressing server virtualization for a fraction of the
these challenges with Oracle VM, a new cost of using other vendor products,”
scalable, low-cost server virtualization explains Screven. Oracle VM software
product that supports both Oracle and is free to download, and pricing for
non-Oracle applications. enterprise-class support for Oracle VM is
“Oracle VM extends Oracle’s support on a per-system basis, with 24/7 support
for grid computing, by providing the for a system with one or two CPUs
ability to virtualize within as well as priced at $499 per year per system and
across servers,” says Edward Screven, a system with unlimited CPUs priced at
Oracle chief corporate architect. “Oracle $999 per year per system.
is the only software vendor that combines Oracle On Demand, which provides a
Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle
the benefits of server clustering and server portfolio of applications on a subscription
virtualization technologies to deliver inte- virtual machines running on x86- and or managed basis, is offering Oracle VM
grated clustering, virtualization, storage, x86-64-based systems across an enter- server virtualization within the Oracle
and management for grid computing.” prise, with support for Linux and On Demand Managed Services Grid. This
Oracle VM enables customers to Windows guest operating systems. will enable Oracle to better optimize each
increase server utilization through virtual Because Oracle VM is backed by Oracle On Demand customer’s configura-
machine consolidation with very little Oracle’s world-class support organiza- tion, more fully harness server capabili-
overhead—saving power, floor space, tion, Oracle customers have a single ties, maintain operational enhancements
and hardware costs. And with Oracle point of support for their entire virtu- deployed over the last several years, and
VM, customers can grow or shrink the alization environments, including the introduce new benefits—not to mention
physical server resources dedicated to an Linux operating system, Oracle Database, gaining significant savings in terms of
application, without downtime, through Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle space, power, and cooling. O
Oracle VM live migration. Applications—all of which are certified
With Oracle VM, users can create with Oracle VM. Rich Schwerin (rich.schwerin@oracle.com) is
and manage virtual machines that exist “With Oracle VM, customers can the Linux, virtualization, and open source product
on the same physical server but behave respond more rapidly to business marketing manager with Oracle technology marketing.
like independent physical servers. Each changes, increase return on investment,
virtual machine created with Oracle VM and reduce lifetime total cost of owner-
has its own virtual CPUs, network inter- ship,” says Screven. “Oracle VM brings
faces, storage, and operating system. enterprise-class support and backing LEARN more about Oracle VM
to server virtualization, giving custom- oracle.com/virtualization
SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLE SYSTEMS ers the confidence to deploy virtual- DOWNLOAD Oracle VM
Oracle VM consists of Xen’s open source ized solutions.” He adds that among its edelivery.oracle.com/oraclevm

server software and an easy-to-use inte- many features and benefits, Oracle VM READ about Oracle VM technology
grated, Web-browser-based management offers simplified installation, with single

console for creating, cloning, sharing, install, patching, and upgrading for both LISTEN to an Oracle VM podcast
configuring, booting, and migrating Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Linux;


JF08_NEWS.indd 21 11/21/07 9:20:11 AM


Web 2.0 Meets the Enterprise

Oracle WebCenter provides a platform for integrating Web 2.0 with enterprise applications.
oday’s consumers expect Web Release 3, customers can start to lever-
2.0 capabilities—from blogs to age the most-popular Web 2.0 services
podcasts to community—in the within their enterprise today, including
Web sites that they frequent. online discussions, enterprise wikis for
Now many organizations are bring- collaboration around different projects,
ing those same Web 2.0 capabilities and a Session Initiation Protocol–based
into their enterprise applications. presence and instant messaging platform
Vince Casarez, Oracle vice president of that lets you find experts in the organiza-
product management with a focus on tion in order to resolve issues quickly.
Oracle WebCenter, sat down with Oracle In addition, these can be paired with
Magazine’s Caroline Kvitka to talk about content integrated from different back-
Web 2.0 in the enterprise and Oracle end sources like Oracle Content Database
WebCenter. The following is an excerpt Suite, EMC Documentum, Lotus Notes,
from that interview. Download a podcast and Microsoft Sharepoint. In this way,
of the full interview at otn.oracle.com/ users can assemble all this information in
syndication/magcasts. the context of the enterprise applications
Oracle Magazine: Most of our readers and do things like discuss the latest sales
are familiar with some type of Web 2.0 proposal, or create a wiki to work on the
capability. However, integrating Web 2.0 Vince Casarez, Oracle Vice President of Product latest marketing plan, or contact the best
Management (Oracle WebCenter)
with business processes is still a rela- person to help resolve a customer issue.
tively young concept. Could you start I want to get started with those, but I am Oracle Magazine: What are customers
off by defining Web 2.0 in the enterprise a little exposed if I put it out on the Web doing today with Oracle WebCenter in
and talk about the benefits? as a service. I need to have a little more terms of Web 2.0?
Casarez: If we look at the evolution of the control, so that it ties into my security Casarez: Quite a few customers have
Web, there was Web 1.0, which is just infrastructure, so that I can restrict access started to use Oracle WebCenter as
publishing content; then Web 1.5, which to certain areas for people and teams, so an aggregation point across all of their
is enabling sites to provide services. Now that they can have their own private area enterprise applications. They want to be
Web 2.0 is that pairing of information to evolve their designs and plans.” able to bring multiple custom and siloed
with some social networking elements We are pulling those types of Web 2.0 applications together in an aggregated
that allow people to interact together. services into the enterprise with an inte- view for their business users. They are
We see people wanting to take Web grated platform, Oracle WebCenter, so also adding a richer set of interactions
2.0 services and combine them with that when enterprises choose to deploy into their existing applications. Oracle
their enterprise application information them to different groups, they don’t have WebCenter provides them that UI to
in order to get a better picture of what to worry about different departments pull in enterprise application content,
they are talking about to their customers choosing different services on the Web business intelligence content, business
and partners, or to drive internal inno- for doing the same type of work. processes, and Web content, so that
vations. If you can pair Web 2.0 experi- Customers can get started with this users can get an overall view of what’s
ences with transactional applications, it platform that plugs into their existing going on in the business and make
makes it easier to make better decisions. enterprise architecture and allows them better decisions moving forward. O
Oracle Magazine: How difficult is it to to use these services together to provide
incorporate Web 2.0 into business pro- social networking or enable better interac-
cesses today? tion between users and their information.
Casarez: All of these services are available Oracle Magazine: Tell us more about how LISTEN to the podcast
today, hosted on the Web. Organizations Oracle WebCenter supports the integra-

can get started very easily. But, we hear tion of Web 2.0 with business processes. LEARN more about Oracle WebCenter
customers say, “I like wikis, I like blogs. Casarez: With Oracle WebCenter 10g


JF08_INTERVIEW.indd 22 11/6/07 2:34:17 PM







Optimized for Data Warehousing

Oracle and partners provide preconfigured hardware and software for data warehousing.
ay Roccaforte, Oracle vice presi- will fundamentally change BI. Tell us
dent of database development for more about that.
data warehousing, analytics, and Roccaforte: One of the things that I’m
business intelligence (BI), sat very excited about is the integration in
down with Oracle Magazine’s Jeff Erickson Oracle Database 11g between our online
to talk about data growth and the Oracle analytical processing (OLAP) technology
Optimized Warehouse. The following is and our materialized views technology,
an excerpt from that interview. Download which is the classical approach to man-
a podcast of the full interview at otn aging aggregated data in the Oracle data
.oracle.com/syndication/magcasts. warehouse. This is profound because the
Oracle Magazine: Tell us about data basic operations of BI are dominated
growth and how it contributed to the by aggregations.
Oracle Optimized Warehouse. Materialized views allow customers to
Roccaforte: Everybody’s familiar with precompute and store the aggregations
Moore’s Law, which says that processor that they’re interested in. So at runtime
speeds are doubling every 18 months. they don’t have to do the aggregation,
But with those remarkable changes in and queries return orders of magnitude
processor speeds, why isn’t our work pro- faster. But it’s really difficult for customers
ductivity improving at a similar rate or at Ray Roccaforte, Oracle Vice President of Database to create all the materialized views they
Development for Data Warehousing, Analytics, and
least at a more-rapid rate? need. Even if they could create them,
Business Intelligence
The answer is that data volumes it would be very costly to keep them
are actually growing at a faster rate that scan rates are very high and there’s refreshed. The revolutionary step that
than Moore’s Law. Ten years ago, it was enough bandwidth to get the data to the we’ve taken is to integrate the material-
unusual to see a data warehouse of 50 processors at a fast enough rate to keep ized views technology with our OLAP
gigabytes. Today people are running those processors busy. cube technology. An Oracle OLAP 11g
Oracle data warehouses of hundreds of Oracle Magazine: What kinds of custom- cube is a collection of thousands, or tens
terabytes. So even though computers are ers is the Oracle Optimized Warehouse of thousands, of individual aggregations,
getting much faster, computing is actu- best suited for? all managed as a single object, stored
ally slowing down relative to the amount Roccaforte: There’s a whole class of cus- compactly, and refreshed as a single
of data. This is going to have profound tomers that we see coming on board object. By marrying these two technolo-
implications on how data is going to be here, as data warehousing has become gies, we get the benefits of both. The
managed and analyzed in the future. much more popular. Today, everybody precomputed aggregations in the cube
One of the biggest implications is that wants a data warehouse, because that’s give great query performance on a much
with data volumes at such large levels, where you do your analytics. larger set of queries, and the maintenance
you really need to be able to scan data But there’s not as much expertise is handled by the Oracle database, which
very rapidly, and that is what led to the available compared to the number of removes that burden from the customer. O
Oracle Optimized Warehouse. In the data warehouses in the world, so there
Oracle Optimized Warehouse, we present are a lot of emerging customers now who Jeff Erickson is a senior editor with Oracle Publishing.
the customer with an out-of-the-box, want something that’s ready to use out-
balanced configuration that is optimized of-the-box. They don’t want to design
for data warehousing. It’s a complete everything from scratch. And those are
data warehouse solution from Oracle and the customers that we’re targeting with LISTEN to the podcast
hardware partners including Dell Inc., Oracle Optimized Warehouse. otn.oracle.com/syndication/magcasts

IBM, and Sun. Oracle Database is prein- Oracle Magazine: You’ve stated that Oracle LEARN more about the Oracle

stalled and preconfigured. The hardware Database 11g, which is at the heart of the Optimized Warehouse Initiative
is designed and tested to be balanced so Oracle Optimized Warehouse Initiative,


JF08_ROCCAFORTE.indd 24 11/6/07 2:53:24 PM

c o m m u n i t y COMMITMENT BY A A RO N L A Z E N BY

Formula for Success

Oracle promotes teacher training to improve math and science education.
inus Pauling’s molecular biology. AVERAGE NOT ENOUGH Board Certification. Oracle awarded the
Gordon E. Moore’s oft-cited Law. Merely average performance in math and NBPTS a US$1 million Commitment
Grace Hopper’s UNIVAC compiler. science is not enough to drive the next Grant to create the Oracle Professional
Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic generation of IT innovation, so Oracle Development Initiative to Improve Math
domes. Such high-profile breakthroughs executives have developed a particular Education, designed to identify the chal-
by American scientists belie the truth interest in this issue. “Long-term invest- lenges teachers face in teaching math
about the state of math and science ment in student math and science skills and to create a collection of online and
education in the United States. In fact, is good for the economy in general, and in-person professional development
according to a 2003 survey by the it is good for Oracle in particular,” says sessions. Through lectures, roundtable
National Center for Education Statistics, Rosalie Gann, director, Oracle Global discussions, video presentations, and
the performance of American software tools, the initiative
students is average, compared will encourage teachers to a
to other industrialized coun- develop a deeper understanding
tries—ranking behind England, of effective math teaching prac-
Singapore, and the Russian tices, based on National Board
Federation but ahead of Italy, Certification math standards.
Scotland, and the Philippines. To determine where math
Teacher turnover is one of and science teachers are experi-
the key factors influencing the encing challenges, NBPTS ana-
quality of education in U.S. lysts mined an Oracle database
elementary and middle schools. containing four years of certi-
According to the National fication entries. These findings
Commission on Teaching and will be analyzed by education
America’s Future, almost half experts and board-certified
of America’s new teachers leave teachers to create the core cur-
the profession during their first riculum behind the initiative,
five years. This brain drain which is scheduled for rollout
puts further stress on limited Raising student aptitude is the goal of Oracle’s partnership with the National Board among math teachers by the
school district budgets, thwarts for Professional Teaching Standards. start of the 2009 school year.
the introduction of new teach- “Research shows that
ing methods, and prevents schools from Corporate Citizenship. “Research shows National Board Certified Teachers have
preparing for impending retirements of that promoting professional development proven that they know their subject
teachers. So students suffer. plays a direct role in improving student matter and can successfully teach it,” says
“It is a big concern,” says Mark Ellis, performance—and we’re happy to find a Joseph A. Aguerrebere, president and
assistant professor of secondary education partner that shares our concerns.” CEO, NBPTS. “Working with Oracle, we
at California State University, Fullerton. In 2007 Oracle teamed up with the hope to elevate the performance of math
“One of the reasons people leave the pro- National Board for Professional Teaching educators and math students.” O
fession is that they end up feeling sort of Standards (NBPTS), an independent non-
isolated, that they are stuck out there on profit organization dedicated to advanc- Aaron Lazenby is a director with Oracle Publishing.
their own, often without adequate prepa- ing the quality of teaching and learning
ration for what they should know and be through professional standards, to create
able to do.” Ellis, himself a former middle a professional development program to Oracle’s Commitment
school math teacher and a National Board reduce attrition among math and science oracle.com/commitment

Certified Teacher, believes that National teachers in the U.S. by connecting teach- National Board for Professional
Board Certification could help reverse ers with their peers, providing teach- Teaching Standards

troubling trends in teacher attrition. ing resources, and promoting National


JF08_COMMITMENT.indd 25 11/7/07 1:51:28 PM

c o m m u n i t y PARTNER NEWS
b o o k BEAT

The Berkeley DB
By Himanshu Yadava
Apress ORACLE AND WIPRO PROVIDE MANAGED CallCenterAnywhere—is an integrated,
Apress.com IDENTITY SERVICES multichannel contact center platform

ISBN: 1590596722
ertified Advantage Partner Wipro that merges traditional phone calls with
has partnered with Oracle to provide e-mail, chat, fax, and Web callback.
This practical guide covers the intricacies of Oracle Identity and Access Management “The important benefits of this offer-
Oracle Berkeley DB, a family of open source, Suite as a managed service. This new ing are high voice quality, virtual access,
embeddable databases. The book goes offering allows companies to outsource stability, enhanced inbound/outbound
into depth on complex design issues that
are only touched on in the footnotes of the
the user management, help desk, and calling features, and very low opera-
Berkeley DB reference manual. It explains maintenance elements of identity man- tional cost,” says Gregg Troyanowski,
the technology at a higher level and also agement to Wipro. These services are president of Promero.
covers the internals, providing generous provided at a single monthly cost that
code and design examples. covers product licenses, implementation, CENTENNIAL SOFTWARE DELIVERS
Author Himanshu Yadava provides a
developer’s perspective on design issues in
Berkeley DB–based applications and offers
design options for specific conditions. He
also includes a look at fault tolerance and
The offering is delivered on two
concurrent tracks. A Transition and
Operation Support track evaluates the
C entennial Software, a developer of
IT asset discovery and audit solu-
tions, has released IT asset management
high-availability frameworks and offers extent of automation and help-desk call products for use with Oracle E-Business
extensive coverage on replication, distributed
transactions, and environment recovery.
volume, while an Identity Management Suite and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise.
Yadava is a software developer and Automation track builds out an auto- Called Centennial Discovery Connector,
consultant through his company, BitSeer. mated solution based on products in the the products enable Oracle IT Asset
Oracle Identity and Access Management Management customers to use IT asset
Suite. Wipro migrates manual tasks to inventory data from Centennial’s IT
Oracle Database
Oracle-powered automated processes audit solution, Centennial Discovery.
11g SQL
over time; once the system is configured, “By integrating Centennial Discovery
By Jason Price
Oracle Press customers can leverage proven security with Oracle IT Asset Management solu-
www.oraclepress.com templates and toolkits to take advantage tions, organizations have the ability to
ISBN: 0071498508 of repetitive tasks such as on-boarding implement a true best-of-breed solu-
identities and integrating Sarbanes- tion with class-leading ERP [enterprise
Oxley applications. resource planning] solutions,” says Andy
In Oracle Database 11g SQL, author Jason
Price teaches readers to access Oracle Burton, CEO of Centennial Software.
databases through SQL statements and PROMERO OFFERS VOICE OVER IP CALL Centennial Discovery includes
to construct PL/SQL programs. The book CENTER SOLUTIONS a hardware and software audit for

explains how to retrieve and modify romero, an Oracle Certified Partner all computers and network devices,
database information, use Oracle SQL*Plus
and a provider of Oracle Contact including smartphones, printers, and
and Oracle SQL Developer, work with
database objects, write PL/SQL programs, Center Anywhere virtual call center wireless access points. Combined with
and more. Readers will find in-depth solution, now offers a hosted, virtual Oracle’s IT Asset Management solutions,
coverage of the latest SQL features and call center solution using third-party Centennial Discovery helps to control
tools, performance optimization techniques, Voice over IP (VoIP) carriers. Promero’s IT costs, maintain regulatory compli-
advanced queries, Java support, and XML. ance, comply with software licenses, and
hosted configuration, coupled with VoIP
Readers will learn to take advantage of
Oracle Database 11g features such as media gateways from Quintum, has provide better IT service.
PIVOT, UNPIVOT, and flashback archives. been successfully deployed with VoIP
With practical examples, code samples, carriers including Nexogy, Packet8, XO ORACLE OFFERS BUSINESS PROCESS
and programming tips, this book provides Communications, and Qwest. The use OUTSOURCING PARTNER PROGRAM

everything you need to master SQL, whether
of virtual phone numbers and internet- racle now offers Business Process
you are a technical manager or consultant,
business user, database administrator, or based voice traffic enables customers Outsourcing (BPO) service pro-
developer. No prior knowledge of Oracle to take advantage of free or low-cost vider partners the complete Oracle
Database, SQL, or PL/SQL is assumed. long distance, advanced calling fea- stack (applications, database, and
Price is a freelance consultant and former tures offered by VoIP providers, virtual middleware) under the Oracle BPO
product manager at Oracle. He is an Oracle
remote employee access, and low total Go-to-Market Initiative. The initiative
Certified DBA and Application Developer.
cost of ownership. includes programs and services to help
Look for Oracle books at oracle.com/ Oracle Contact Center Anywhere— partners develop and promote solu-
technology/bookstore formerly known as Telephony@Work tions that complement Oracle Business


JF08_PARTNER.indd 26 11/8/07 1:19:24 PM

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT BearingPoint Puts Customers on the Road to Fusion

O racle and BearingPoint have launched the Roadmap to

Application (RTA) strategy, a program to help customers
build a business and IT strategy that aligns with Oracle’s
“[The RTA strategy] answers important customer con-
cerns about integrating IT systems, how new IT elements
affect the entire system enterprisewide, how to get technol-
application and technology landscape, including Oracle ogy and applications into sync, and how to make deci-
Fusion. The program helps customers create information- sions now that will make sense for your future needs,” says
centric, role-based, intelligent, and industry-specific IT Robert Youngblood, managing director of Oracle technol-
systems that use the best components of Oracle’s ogy solutions at BearingPoint.
application portfolio. On the road to Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle
The RTA strategy is not to “rip and replace” existing Fusion Architecture and Oracle Fusion Middleware—both
systems but to identify options that take advantage of available now—address today’s business challenges, includ-
the customer’s current platform while considering the ing increasing the capacity for growth and change; improv-
evolving technology landscape, the customer’s business ing insight into business operations and strategic drivers;
goals, and Oracle’s road map. Through a series of focused mitigating risk and driving compliance; and enhancing the
evaluations of key corporate initiatives and trouble spots, profitability and productivity of connections with custom-
BearingPoint consultants build a three- to five-year plan ers, partners, and workers. Oracle Fusion Middleware tech-
for the extension, evolution, and sometimes revolution, nologies are compatible with current Oracle applications
of corporate systems. Ongoing health checks and updates and many non-Oracle products. In addition, Oracle’s acqui-
are also part of the program, allowing for changes in busi- sition strategy has brought open standards to many new
ness conditions while maintaining consistent progress technologies and strengthened the prospect for customers
toward program goals. to create a more dynamic infrastructure.

Process Outsourcing in selected product, will have a positive impact on profit Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.
market, and solution channels. Partners margins and the quality of operations.” “We understand how to get the most
who qualify can brand their services Solution Beacon’s Silk Paradigm inte- out of this platform and believe that our
with a “BPO Powered by Oracle” logo. grates budgeting, scheduling, and actuals combined capabilities . . . will make
to provide real-time information about CPSG a clear choice when it comes to
SOLUTION BEACON AND ORACLE DELIVER advertising campaigns. It uses business implementing Oracle technologies,” says
ADVERTISING INDUSTRY SOLUTION intelligence and a powerful research Jim Guinn, vice president of enterprise

O racle Certified Advantage Partner

Solution Beacon has created an
advertising industry–specific technol-
engine to improve analysis of the client’s
products, competition, target demo-
graphic audience, media spend, ratings,
architecture for CPSG. O

ogy solution called Silk Paradigm buying trends, and market conditions.
that integrates with Oracle Media and Wipro
Entertainment solutions. Silk Paradigm CPSG MERGES WITH PARTNERS
allows advertising companies to esti- CONSULTING SERVICES
mate, manage, and control the processes
and costs related to campaigns.
“The advertising industry continues
C PSG, an Oracle Certified Partner, has
merged with Partners Consulting
Services (PCS), an Oracle Partner, to

Centennial Software
to be challenged in its management of create a national company that provides BearingPoint
advertising and marketing campaigns Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle www.bearingpoint.com/oracle
that include many dynamic activities, Fusion Middleware solutions. Oracle BPO Go-to-Market Initiative
creative teams across disparate geogra- CPSG delivers service-oriented oracle.com/partners/home/bi/global/bpo/
phies, and collaboration across campaign architecture and identity and access
agencies,” says David Murphy, chief strat- management solutions. PCS has 25 years Solution Beacon
egy officer at Solution Beacon and former of experience with Oracle solutions,
executive vice president at advertising including Oracle’s PeopleSoft and Oracle CPSG
and marketing company Young and E-Business Suite. The companies will
Partners Consulting Services
Rubicam. “Automation of this process maintain operations in Atlanta, Chicago, www.partnersconsulting.com
and real-time performance monitoring Dallas, Denver, Houston, Irvine,


JF08_PARTNER.indd 27 11/8/07 1:19:25 PM

c o m m u n i t y PEER-TO-PEER BY B la ir C a m pbell

Favorite Things
Oracle ADF, Oracle JDeveloper, and Oracle Application Server top the list for these Oracle ACEs.
Chris Ostrowski tions. Although if we’re talking peerSPECS
Company: IBM Global Business
What’s your favorite tool or about forums, it’s highly possible Services, a business and technology
technique on the job? Oracle that someone has already asked services provider
JDeveloper combined your question. So don’t be lazy— Job title/description:
Technical consultant, responsible
with Oracle Application search before you ask! for consulting on Oracle projects,
Development Framework What technology has most changed resolving development issues, and
designing software architectures
[Oracle ADF] is a phenom- your life? Oracle JDeveloper with
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
enal piece of software. The Oracle ADF. I’m developing and
Oracle credentials: Oracle
latest version—10g Release posting sample applications using Certified DBA (Oracle Database
3—makes creating portlets this technology on my blog [www 10g ), with three years of experience
using Oracle products
incredibly easy. For developing sophisticated, Web-enabled, .andrejusb.blogspot.com], which
Oracle ACE
Oracle-based applications, no other tool comes close. has helped me to become recog- otn.oracle.com/community/
What would you like to see Oracle, nized in the technical community. oracle_ace

as a company, do better? Oracle peerSPECS

Application Server technologies
Company: TUSC, an Oracle
consulting firm Jacco Landlust
are changing so fast, it’s difficult Job title/description: Tell us about your current project. I’m contracted out to ISC,
Technical management consultant,
for many clients to fully under- responsible for maintaining a strong
the national information and communications technologies
stand all the different versions and working knowledge of all core company for Dutch police and fire departments and other
Oracle technologies
what’s included in each. A more public services. My main job is to
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
clearly defined road map of Oracle guide applications into produc-
Oracle credentials: Oracle
Application Server technologies Certified DBA (Oracle9i ), with 20 tion, so the company’s local DBAs
would be invaluable. years of experience using Oracle can support these applications.
If you were going to the International I’m also responsible for maintain-
Oracle ACE
Space Station for six months and otn.oracle.com/community/
ing its high-availability environ-
could only take one Oracle refer- oracle_ace ment for national services, which
ence book, what would it be? Oracle runs Oracle Real Application
professionals are lucky to have so many outstanding books to Clusters [Oracle RAC] and Oracle
choose from. Kevin Loney’s Oracle Database 10g: The Complete Application Server. I’ve come to
Reference gives the reader both quality and quantity. have the most interest in trouble-
shooting application server problems.
Andrejus Baranovskis What’s your favorite tool or technique on the job? Since my main
How did you get started in IT? After earning my bachelor’s job is analyzing what’s wrong with software created by others,
degree, I joined a local company that’s an Oracle Certified my favorite tool is a UNIX kit. Even on Windows, I install the
Advantage Partner—an IT service provider called Informacines
. GNU toolkit all the time. This peerSPECS
Technologijos. My first IT project, which involved defining data- helps me analyze log files, debug Company: Desyde B.V., a software
development company
base schema as well as developing SQL statements for location file handles, and much more.
Job title/description: DBA,
information management, was You’ve taken an Oracle University partially responsible for maintaining
based on Oracle Spatial. This class—how was that experience? Desyde B.V.’s internal systems
and all UNIX/Linux systems
wasn’t accidental—from very The class I took is mandatory administration duties, as well as
early on it was my goal to work for the DBA Oracle Certified troubleshooting for customers

with Oracle technology. Professional exam, but I didn’t Location: Deventer, the
What advice do you have about enroll for that purpose. Since all
Length of time using Oracle
how to get into Web and database five students were experienced products: Seven years
development? If you want to DBAs, we dove right into Oracle Oracle ACE
be a successful developer, you Database 10g new features and otn.oracle.com/community/
shouldn’t be afraid to ask ques- even built an Oracle RAC cluster. ■

oracle magazine  m ay / J u n e 2 0 0 7   28
54% of Profit Readers
Make Buying Decisions Based on Third-Party Ads
They See in the Magazine!

As a Profit reader, you know we’re all about the business

of technology. From small and medium businesses, Oracle
Fusion, vertical market developments in BI, and analysis by
Oracle executives and industry luminaries, Profit illuminates
the business impact of technology through customer features,
executive interviews, and business strategy articles.

Executive managers, line-of-business VPs/managers, and IT VPs/managers and

consultants read Profitt for the same reasons you do:

• 84% say reading Profitt helps them make better strategic decisions
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If your company’s products or services are purchased by executive managers,

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PROFIT…our name says it all!

For detailed information on how your company will benefit from our print
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David and Ann Schissler Dawn Becker Tom Cometa
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Southwest/LAD EMEA/APAC Associate Publisher

Shaun Mehr Mark Makinney Kyle Walkenhorst
+1.949.923.1660 +44 0 1273 774341 +1.323.340.8585
shaun@sprocketmedia.com mark.makinney@oracle.com kyle@sprocketmedia.com

07002768_Profit_House_Full_Ad_ƒ.1 1 6/26/07
6 /2
/07 8:20:39 AM


JF08_DATABASE.indd 30 11/12/07 11:34:15 AM




very business depends on the ability to capture,

analyze, and share information efficiently. The need

to establish unified, enterprisewide policies for man-

aging this information is leading IT departments

to Oracle Database 11g, which can manage all types

of data—from traditional business information

to office documents, XML, and both 2-D and 3-D

spatial information.

These capabilities are making Oracle Database 11g

a popular choice to power transaction process-

ing, data warehousing, and content management

applications. “Our objective with Oracle Database

11g is to provide a single platform to store, manage,

back up, and secure all your data,” says Vishu


Krishnamurthy, Oracle’s senior director of SQL, text,

and XML development. “We’re delivering a single


JF08_DATABASE.indd 31 11/12/07 11:34:17 AM

“Oracle SecureFiles enables the customer to manage unstructured data in the same
way as structured data. It gives the same security, backup, recovery, encryption,
flashback technology, locking, clustering technology, partitioning. . . . All these mature
database features can now be brought to bear on all types of data.”
— Richard J. Niemiec, CEO, TUSC

repository for both data and metadata, much of which is cur- information, and all of our code in a single repository. We get
rently stored in file systems and content management systems all the benefits of backup, management, failover, clustering,
and on unmanaged PCs.” and so forth, without supporting different strategies for differ-
ent parts of the application.”
AN EVOLVING ARCHITECTURE Metatomix also favors Oracle Database 11g for its native
In addition to improvements in performance, scalability, avail- Resource Description Framework (RDF) storage capabilities.
ability, security, and management efficiency, Oracle Database “Oracle supplies a semantic layer within the database, and
11g includes many new features that support all your enter- Oracle is the only database vendor that offers native support
prise data. For example, Oracle Database 11g’s Spatial option for RDF datatypes and OWL [Web ontology language] ontolo-
provides native semantic technology, which identifies and gies,” adds Britton. “This makes it a good technical option for
creates connections between disparate pieces of data—such as us and our customers.”
a company’s customers, orders, and products—creating new, For example, a U.K.-based financial services organization
actionable insights. These capabilities are of particular impor- hired Metatomix to speed up data-intensive tasks related to
tance to Metatomix, a leading provider of semantic solutions the processing of mutual fund trades. The bank needed a
in the government, financial services, manufacturing, and life business intelligence application that could understand the
sciences sectors. meaning of the information it was gathering, which led the
“I’m not just looking for solutions to relational data storage company to semantic technology.
but for a reliable repository for all types of information,” says Britton says that the Oracle-based solution helps this finan-
Colin Britton, chief technology officer at Metatomix. “With an cial services organization verify fund prices and identify data
Oracle database, we can manage our data, our configuration anomalies. “Financial services firms have massive amounts of


Until recently, data storage was managed by Lifecycle Management Assistant helps admin- able components. Oracle Database 11g offers
individual company policy. However, new gov- istrators design and implement an ILM strategy several partitioning methods, including range,
ernment regulations and guidelines such as that aligns partitioned data to appropriate storage interval, reference, and list, in addition to com-
Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA in the United States tiers, keeping more data online for longer in a posite partitions of two methods such as order
and the Data Privacy Directive in the European cost-efficient manner. Oracle Database 11g offers date (range) and region (list) or region (list) and
Union now specify increased data storage, advanced compression and partitioning capabili- customer type (list). This functionality enables
retention, privacy, and protection requirements. ties that enable companies to implement an ILM faster query performance and administrative
As a consequence, the amount of information a strategy using multitier storage. operations by executing at the smaller partition
company must store has vastly expanded. The The data that companies must store level. Oracle Partitioning doesn’t require any
challenge for companies is to understand how on average triples every two years. Oracle application changes, and Oracle Database 11g
their data evolves, determine how it grows, Advanced Compression in Oracle Database offers a partitioning advisor to help administra-
monitor how its usage changes over time, and 11g helps organizations reduce disk storage tors implement the right partitioning methodol-
decide how long it should survive. requirements, compressing data stored ogy for their business model.
Richard J. Niemiec, CEO of TUSC, favors on-disk. It can lower costs by reducing disk “Whether you call it unstructured data, enter-
Oracle Database 11g for its ability to store space requirements for any type of data, prise information, or content management, it’s
massive amounts of information. “We’re in the including structured and unstructured data all about creating a richer experience for the end
midst of a data explosion, and most companies such as documents, images, and multimedia. user, both on the internet and within the enter-
are seeing their data needs rise exponentially,” Oracle Advanced Compression can be used prise,” says Vishu Krishnamurthy, Oracle’s senior
he says. “Oracle Database 11g can store 8 exa- with any type of database application without director of SQL, text, and XML development. “It
bytes of information—8 million terabytes.” application changes, and disk space savings used to take a lot of coding to combine various
Oracle Information Lifecycle Management will cascade throughout the data center. types of information. By consolidating data in a
(ILM) can help solve these challenges of data Oracle Partitioning enables tables and single repository, Oracle Database 11g enables a
management and storage. Oracle Information indexes to be split into smaller, more manage- truly integrated information platform.”


JF08_DATABASE.indd 32 11/12/07 11:34:18 AM

of LOB performance, Oracle Database 11g includes Oracle
SecureFiles, a new and improved storage infrastructure for
LOB datatypes.
Oracle partner TUSC has been working with a large gov-
ernment client testing Oracle SecureFiles. Based in Chicago,
TUSC is a consulting firm that helps companies optimize their
investments in Oracle technology and applications.
“Oracle SecureFiles enables the customer to manage
unstructured data in the same way as structured data,” says
Richard J. Niemiec, CEO of TUSC and former president of the
International Oracle User Group. “It gives the same security,
backup, recovery, encryption, flashback technology, locking,
clustering technology, partitioning. . . . All these mature data-
base features can now be brought to bear on all types of data.”
While some companies have had reservations about
putting unstructured information into a relational database
for performance reasons, Niemiec believes that the new func-
tionality of Oracle Database 11g with Oracle SecureFiles can
resolve these concerns. “Oracle SecureFiles uses entirely dif-
ferent technology for locking, space management, and disk
storage than former versions of the database,” he says. “Oracle
SecureFiles is not only much faster than traditional LOBs, it’s
faster than a file system. This is one of the most compelling
reasons to move to Oracle SecureFiles and Oracle Database 11g.”

Metatomix www.metatomix.com
Location: Boston, Massachusetts Industry: High technology
Employees: 46 Oracle products: Oracle Database, Oracle
Application Server

TUSC www.tusc.com
Location: Chicago, Illinois Industry: Professional services
Employees: 180 Oracle products: Oracle Database, Oracle Applications,
Rich Niemiec, CEO of TUSC, says that new functionality of Oracle Database 11g with Oracle Application Server, Oracle Developer Suite, Oracle Enterprise
Oracle SecureFiles can resolve concerns that companies might have had about Manager, Oracle Portal
putting unstructured information into a relational database.
Warner Music Group www.wmg.com
Location: New York City Industry: Entertainment
data, governed by complex business processes and analytics,”
Employees: 4,000 (2006) Oracle products: Oracle Database,
he says. “Semantic technology offers insight whenever excep- Oracle XML DB, Oracle SQL*Loader
tions occur, and Oracle has the right database platform for
maintaining the information.” U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Engineer Research and Development Center/Cold Regions
REDUCING PERFORMANCE OVERHEAD Research and Engineering Laboratory

Organizations see the wisdom in consolidating information

Location: Hanover, New Hampshire Industry: Government
into a professionally managed database; however, there have
Employees: 2,000 Oracle products: Oracle Database, Oracle Application
been concerns about the performance overhead required to Server, Oracle Portal, Oracle Web Services, Oracle Spatial
store and retrieve large objects (LOBs). To address the issue


JF08_DATABASE.indd 33 11/12/07 11:46:06 AM

Don Janik, senior technical manager at Warner Music Group, likes Oracle Database for its XML capabilities. “It is not necessary for Oracle XML DB to store XML tag
names when storing the contents of XML documents. This can significantly reduce the storage space required,” Janik says.

During their testing, TUSC found out that Oracle ments,” Janik says. “This can significantly reduce the storage
SecureFiles was 22 times faster than LOBs when reusing space required.”
deleted space. Similarly, TUSC saw PL/SQL reads as 6 times Oracle XML DB is commonly used for storing, retrieving,
faster, and SQL*Loader operation as nearly 3 times faster. “All and managing massive volumes of XML data. XML documents
of the performance issues that might have prevented people can be stored either as character large objects for unstruc-
from storing unstructured content in the database have been tured and semistructured documents such as Microsoft Word
addressed,” Niemiec says. documents, or as object-relational datatypes for structured
documents such as purchase orders.
A REMODELED STOREHOUSE FOR XML This functionality enables XML documents to be
As a markup language capable of describing all kinds of accessed using industry standard SQL, XML, and file/folder
information—including structured, unstructured, and semi- interfaces. Moreover, says Oracle’s Krishnamurthy, Oracle
structured data—XML appeals to many types of organizations. Database 11g introduces a new storage representation and
Oracle was the first commercial relational database vendor indexing method for XML data: Binary XML datatype and
to offer native XML capabilities within a relational database. XMLIndex. Binary XML improves performance and storage
“Oracle made XML a fundamental datatype with Oracle9i efficiency. In combination with XMLIndex, it can provide
Database Release 2,” says Oracle’s Krishnamurthy. up to a 15-fold performance improvement when accessing
Oracle Database’s XML capabilities caught the ear of Don XML documents.
Janik, senior technical manager at Warner Music Group, home Warner Music Group uses Oracle XML DB to expedite the
to well-known record labels such as Asylum, Atlantic, and loading and validation of digitally formatted sales information.
Elektra. Last year, Warner Music Group implemented the XML In one test, Janik’s team processed 50,000 sales transactions
DB feature in Oracle Database 10g to collect, validate, and in 15 minutes. This is partly due to the unique architecture of
track critical sales information from its business partners. The Oracle Database. When an XML schema is registered, Oracle
music company has also tested the new XML capabilities in XML DB generates a set of SQL objects that correspond to
Oracle Database 11g. complex types defined in that schema. XPath expressions,
Warner Music Group looked at various solutions for han- sent to Oracle XML DB functions, are translated to SQL access
dling XML data. They chose the Oracle solution because they methods that operate directly against the underlying objects.

like the way Oracle implements structured storage. “Based on “By abstracting the storage model through the use of the
the XML schema, it is not necessary for Oracle XML DB to XMLType datatype, and providing a set of operators that use
store XML tag names when storing the contents of XML docu- XPath to perform operations against XML documents, Oracle


JF08_DATABASE.indd 34 11/12/07 11:34:23 AM

“Oracle XML DB lets us switch between structured and unstructured storage and to
experiment with different forms of structured storage without affecting the application.”
—Don Janik, Senior Technical Manager,
Warner Music Group

XML DB lets us switch between structured and unstructured team, Warner Music Group will be well positioned to take
storage and to experiment with different forms of structured advantage of these new standards.
storage without affecting the application,” Janik says.
This is particularly important as the music industry pre- INTEGRATING SPATIAL DATA
pares for compliance with Recording Industry Association of Scientists working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rely
America (RIAA) standards for electronic messages. The RIAA on Oracle to store all kinds of data, including geospatial and
is proposing use of the Digital Data Exchange XML-based multimedia information.
message formats for processing payments and royalties among “Oracle Database 11g helps us pull together and process
music service providers, artists, publishers, and composers. very large sets of both unstructured and traditional struc-
Because of the innovative work being done by Janik and his tured data,” says Michael Smith, a physical scientist who

Oracle Database 11g: Storing More Data

Oracle Database 11g offers Oracle Information Lifecycle Management Assistant, Oracle Partitioning, and Oracle Advanced Compression to enable information
lifecycle management that streamlines data management, improves performance for mission-critical systems, and reduces storage costs.

With Oracle Database 11g, store all your data, including relational, XML, binary XML, 2D and 3D spatial,
Data Types
semantic, DICOM, RFID, e-mail, multimedia, spreadsheets, and documents.

Active Data (5–10%) Less Active Data (30 –35%) Historical Data (60%)
The high-peformance storage tier The low-cost storage tier holds The archive storage tier holds
holds current and frequently less current, less frequently read-only data that is rarely accessed
accessed data. accessed data. (but still needs to be available).

Oracle Advanced Compression Oracle Partitioning

Oracle Advanced Compression in Oracle Database 11g not only Partitioning allows database objects to be subdivided into smaller
reduces disk space requirements for all types of data, it also improves pieces, and Oracle Partitioning provides a comprehensive range of
application performance, enhances memory and network efficiency, partitioning schemes, including range-hash, range-list, range-range,
and can be used with any type of application without any list-range, list-hash, and list-list composite partitioning. Oracle

application changes. Partitioning enhances the manageability, performance, and availability

of a wide variety of applications.


JF08_DATABASE.indd 35 11/12/07 11:34:24 AM

“Spatial storage maintains the spatial
indexes, including the type of geometry,
the projections, the tolerances, and
the whole series of coordinate pairs.
This lets us do a lot more work inside
the database.”
—Michael Smith, Physical Scientist,
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

works at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab of

the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Engineer Research and
Development Center.
Smith says that one application in particular that can
benefit from the new features of Oracle Database 11g is
the Operation and Maintenance Business Information Link
Regulatory Module (ORM2), a Web-based system for issuing
and tracking development projects in and around public
wetlands. Anyone who wants to develop on waters of the
United States is required to apply for a wetland permit. The
Corps uses ORM2 to track the development and its associated
impact on the landscape. Michael Smith, physical scientist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, says
According to Smith, this permit data used to be stored in that Oracle Database 11g allows the Corps to process very large sets of both
unstructured and traditional structured data.
database columns as x-y coordinate pairs. The Corps recently
moved it to Oracle Spatial to gain point, line, and polygon the data sets so that we could run calculations against them
storage capabilities. “Spatial storage maintains the spatial as a single entity,” says Smith. “Oracle Spatial 11g can store a
indexes, including the type of geometry, the projections, the point cloud as a single object. This means that we can write
tolerances, and the whole series of coordinate pairs,” he says. simple queries to do line-of-sight, data-point-intensity, or
“This lets us do a lot more work inside the database.” nearest-neighbor calculations without even moving the data
The Corps makes this data available through Web Feature out of the database.”
Services (WFS), making it easier to enter data and share it Moving forward, the agency plans to use Oracle Database
with other government agencies. Oracle Database 11g can 11g to merge business and technical data into a common
dispatch those Web services directly from the database, thus repository. Like thousands of other Oracle customers, Smith
simplifying the infrastructure. and his team have learned an important lesson: To simplify
“Being able to store the spatial indexes directly in the data- management and gain meaningful insight into all your infor-
base, at the transactional level, enables us to edit the polygons mation, you need to be able to store, manage, and analyze all
through the WFS transactions,” says Smith. “It’s a standard- types of data in a cohesive way. O
ized format, so we don’t have to develop and maintain as
much code.” David Baum (david@dbaumcomm.com) is a freelance business writer based in
The center is also developing database applications to Santa Barbara, California.
work with 3-D point cloud storage and indexing functions,
which can now be stored directly in Oracle Database 11g. (A
point cloud is a set of three-dimensional points describing
the outlines or surface features of an READ more about
Oracle Database
object.) The laboratory uses this otn.oracle.com/products/database/oracle11g
type of data structure for record-
Oracle Spatial
ing measurements that come oracle.com/database/spatial.html
from its light detection and Oracle XML DB
ranging instruments. otn.oracle.com/tech/xml/xmldb

“Up until now, such Oracle Information Lifecycle Management


data had to be stored in otn.oracle.com/deploy/ilm

flat text files, because data- DOWNLOAD Oracle Database 11g

bases had no way of tying together


JF08_DATABASE.indd 36 11/12/07 11:34:30 AM

Special Advertising Section


Partners Are Lining Up to Help Customers Meet
Change with Confidence


key hardware, storage, and service partners
who are ready to help Oracle customers
manage change while reducing risk, lowering
cost, and improving performance.

HP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Pillar Data Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
Fujitsu Siemens Computers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
NetApp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41

JF08_11g_Advertorial.indd 37 11/19/07 11:46:30 AM

Special Advertising Section

HP and Oracle: Improving Business Outcomes

T he speed and unpredictability of business cycles

have pushed the limits of information technology (IT)
infrastructures at many enterprises. Organizations need to
with a total solution. “For customers who want to optimize
their business outcomes, HP and Oracle together offer the
products, services, and experience to accelerate business
become more adaptable, but often their information systems growth, mitigate risks, and lower costs, providing a solid
are slow to respond. At the same time, these enterprises return on IT investments,” explains Eller.
want to gain greater efficiency and effectiveness from their The companies have invested heavily in their joint
IT systems, lower the cost of computing, and optimize their solutions. In fact, HP and Oracle manage 13 competency
business outcomes. centers across the globe that provide proofs of concept;
HP has a tradition of helping customers profit from new IT design, configuration, and benchmarking assistance; thought
innovations. As enterprises all over the world discover that leadership; and training.
they need new levels of availability and integration—in real HP has been involved in the Oracle Database 11g beta
time—they are turning to HP. HP Integrity, HP ProLiant, and program for more than a year. As an Oracle database
HP BladeSystem servers offer the highest levels of service customer, HP gained insight into how the new release would
of any platform in their class. HP storage systems scale to help the company improve its business. At the same time, as
meet the most demanding customer workloads. HP software an Oracle partner participating in the beta program, HP lent
provides a leading management platform for the data cen- its perspective and expertise to Oracle’s development team
ter, plus tools such as HP LoadRunner and Quality Center to make the new database release even better.
software, to help customers optimize their environments. In For example, HP worked with Oracle to incorporate HP’s
other words, HP provides all of the components of an agile, industry-leading network-attached storage solution directly
high-performance, highly available data center, thus helping into the Oracle Direct network file system (Oracle Direct
customers achieve better business outcomes. NFS) The result? With Oracle Database 11g, customers
HP also has a long history of working with Oracle. And can realize scalable and available I/O performance on
Oracle Database 11g will be an integral part of HP’s cus- network-attached storage that was not previously possible.
tomer solutions. In addition, this combination of Oracle and HP technology
“Oracle Database 11g, with its low-cost maximum avail- can leverage existing storage area networks, providing
ability architecture, combined with HP’s software, servers, customers with investment protection while allowing
and storage, provides an opportunity for customers to take flexibility for growth with mitigated risk.
advantage of this next level of IT innovation and, in turn, achieve “We’re excited that Oracle has developed its [Oracle]
better business outcomes,” says Ron Eller, vice president and Direct NFS feature in Oracle Database 11g on HP Storage
general manager, enterprise solution alliances, at HP. products so that customers can choose simple, inexpensive
storage connectivity and provisioning for grid deployment,”
A TOTAL SOLUTION says Eller. “It’s just another example of the way Oracle
HP and Oracle share more than 100,000 customers, from and HP work together to provide customers with better
small and medium businesses to large enterprises. The overall answers.”
breadth and depth of this joint solution stack—including HP/ HP and Oracle share a common goal of improving their
Oracle reference architectures, applications, and operating customers’ business outcomes through IT. Because IT isn’t a
systems—allow these two partners to provide customers separate piece of the business—IT helps drive the business.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT | www.hp.com/go/oracle

JF08_11g_Advertorial.indd 38 11/19/07 11:46:30 AM

Special Advertising Section


Optimized Storage for Oracle Environments

E xponential data growth, and the data center complexity

that comes with it, is now a fact of life. That’s why Pillar
and Oracle work together to reduce complexity and provide
monitoring applications, databases, and storage helps IT
staff manage mission-critical applications more efficiently.
Database administrators can also establish quality of service
the power and flexibility to meet service levels, even as data levels by using a policy-driven framework for automating
volumes explode. Pillar and Oracle share a road map for storage requirements. This capability increases operational
joint integration, certify each other’s products, and provide flexibility, enables fulfillment of business service-level
consolidated service offerings. The result is the worlds most agreements, and reduces administrative costs.
efficient system for Oracle storage management—one that Pillar also addresses the growing customer concern
consolidates storage assets and modularly scales capacity of resources: power and physical space. In fact, Gartner
and performance to reduce cost and mitigate risk. predicts that 50 percent of data centers will not have
sufficient power or cooling capacity by 2008 to keep up with
Oracle Validated Configurations provide the assurance that “There is a major shift in the way database administrators
deployed solutions will run optimally and reduce testing and IT professionals view storage today,” says Pillar’s
cycles, ultimately enabling faster deployment of Oracle Veilleux. “Space is at a premium and power requirements
with the Pillar Axiom. These certified architectures, based are becoming an important issue. Companies can avoid
on Oracle Database 11g, ensure that servers, operating significant costs by purchasing a Pillar solution that
systems, and storage network connectivity components consolidates SAN [storage area network] and NAS [network-
all work together seamlessly, according to Mike Workman, attached storage] systems onto a single platform and scales
Pillar’s CEO. As a result, customers experience the benefits out to grow with your database applications.”
of standardization, scalability, and reliability without In consolidating multiple tiers of storage and driving
the cost and delays of validation or the risk of untested up utilization, customers can achieve more than twice the
configurations. “The result is true IT automation and efficiency for each operation performed per watt of power
streamlined deployments,” says Workman. consumed, he says. Pillar is also a member of the Green
Also, Pillar’s commitment to publishing new validated Grid, a consortium of information technology companies and
configurations for Oracle Database 11g running on Oracle professionals seeking to improve energy efficiency in data
Enterprise Linux provides confidence to customers looking centers around the globe.
to expedite early adoption of our joint technologies.
“We see [Oracle] Database 11g as a natural progression in MORE ABOUT PILLAR
providing our joint customers with the right solutions for their Pillar Data Systems takes a sensible, customer-centric
needs,” says Paul Veilleux, Pillar’s executive director, Global approach to networked storage. We build reliable, flexible
Alliances. “Customers who migrate to Oracle Database 11g solutions that, for the first time, seamlessly unite SAN with
on Pillar will experience a new era in automation.” NAS Systems and enable multiple tiers of storage on a single
platform. The close collaboration between Pillar and Oracle
CONSOLIDATE ON PILLAR FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY includes complementary products, certification processes,
The Pillar Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in along with joint integration efforts, and joint expert services. The world-
Oracle Enterprise Manager’s monitoring and provisioning class power of Oracle integrated with the world’s most
capabilities provide a seamless administration point from efficient storage solution from Pillar Data Systems results
a single Oracle management console for managing large in the most cost-effective, highly available networked data
and complex storage pools. Having a common platform for warehouse available.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT | www.pillardata.com

JF08_11g_Advertorial.indd 39 11/19/07 11:46:31 AM

Special Advertising Section


Oracle and Fujitsu Siemens Computers

“I t’s a fact that no one vendor offers the whole picture, so

partnerships are vital,” says Dr. Bernd Kosch, vice president
of strategic alliances within Fujitsu Siemens Computers. “The
Oracle Database 11g will deliver the highest level of
manageability, availability, performance, and security for cus-
tomers. In the jointly run Center of Excellence at the Oracle
key is that both companies bring unique contributions to a facility in Munich, Germany, Fujitsu Siemens Computers and
strategic partnership, giving joint customers a leading edge Oracle will evaluate and test Oracle Database 11g with Fujitsu
and business advantage.” Siemens Computers’s infrastructure solutions and storage
It is precisely these types of strategic partnerships that systems. Fujitsu Siemens Computers also plans to integrate
fuel growth and innovation. It’s also one of the many drivers Oracle Database 11g as soon as possible into its own product
behind why Oracle has had a strategic global partnership with and solution portfolio, and to promote its benefits to customers
the Fujitsu Group for decades —including Fujitsu Limited and and partners via the joint Oracle/Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Fujitsu Siemens Computers. ISV Migration Centers in Europe.
Oracle technology is a key component in the Fujitsu
Group’s range of servers running Linux, Windows, and Solaris CHECKS AND BALANCES
operating environments on both Intel and SPARC platforms. Ongoing performance testing and analysis will ensure that
The Fujitsu Group meets the needs of the world’s largest Oracle and Fujitsu Siemens Computers deliver on the top
and most-progressive users of information technology by performance-improvement features, including faster and
providing enterprise and e-business open systems server more-reliable direct connections to network file system storage
and storage solutions. In fact, Fujitsu Siemens Computers devices, faster upgrades, faster backup/restore for large files,
is the only company that supports three out of five strategic faster backup compression, and new security features, such
platforms—Linux, Windows, and Solaris running on UNIX/ as improved transparent data encryption to support tablespace
SPARC–based PRIMEPOWER, PRIMEQUEST, and Intel-based encryption and tighter integration with hardware security
PRIMERGY servers. modules for high-assurance masterkey protection. Also in the
works is increased password security with support for case-
A SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP sensitive, multibyte passwords, plus strong password-hashing
Oracle recently named the Fujitsu Group a Global Alliance algorithms such as Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) and salt.
Partner and assigned a dedicated Global Alliance Manager Additional features include secure-by-default configuration
in Europe who reports directly to Oracle’s headquarters settings supporting password policies and audit options,
in Redwood Shores. “We are now able to draw on direct and strong authentication support for database system
support from Oracle’s headquarters, which clearly improves administrator and database system operator connections.
the planning and implementation of joint activities,” Kosch Kosch anticipates great things to come. “Fujitsu and
explains. Within the Oracle PartnerNetwork, Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu Siemens Computers are strategic to Oracle,” he
Computers is an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner. says. “We see significant sales opportunities for Oracle’s
“Together with Oracle we can guarantee our customers technology solutions running on Fujitsu Siemens Computers
enhanced application performance, unlimited scalability, platforms in general, including PRIMERGY, PRIMEPOWER,
fault tolerance, optimum security, and increased value from PRIMEQUEST, and BS2000, as well as especially the
products and services that are fully integrated and compatible FlexFrame for Oracle solution. We look forward to growing
with our technology,” says Kosch. our sales efforts to capitalize on this opportunity.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT | www.fujitsu-siemens.com/solutions/strategic_partners/oracle/index.html

JF08_11g_Advertorial.indd 40 11/19/07 11:46:31 AM

Special Advertising Section


Multiplying the Power of Oracle Database 11g

A key Oracle partner in the development of grid computing,

leading storage provider Network Appliance, Inc.,
(NetApp) provides solutions that significantly enhance the power
copying of production data. As a result, developers can complete
testing, updating, and patching far more quickly than before.
“When you have to copy and distribute a terabyte of data
of Oracle Database 11g to enable cost-efficient ILM, increase multiple times, the potential time and space savings that
DBA productivity, and shrink development cycle times. FlexClone enables is huge,” says Rogers.
“Since the advent of grid computing, NetApp and Ora-
cle have gone down the same path and shared the same GROWING THE GRID
mind-set,” says Patrick Rogers, vice president of solutions Many new features in Oracle Database 11g are designed to
marketing, Network Appliance, Inc. “Both companies are fo- further improve availability and performance of infrastructure
cused on developing innovative solutions that reduce IT cost grids. Leveraging FlexVol technology, NetApp provides Oracle
and complexity.” Database 11g with virtualization capabilities that allow dynamic
pooling of storage resources, enabling customers to add or
CLOSING THE ILM LOOP shrink storage and meet the dynamic needs of the enterprise.
With the launch of Oracle Database 11g, Oracle has signifi- “NetApp FlexVol technology allows customers to grow their
cantly expanded its commitment to content management. grid environment,” says Rogers. Oracle has done it; they use
Running on NetApp’s unified storage architecture, Oracle FlexVol to quickly provision and decommission systems and
Database 11g can deliver seamless information lifecycle rapidly repurpose assets.”
management (ILM).
Unlike many of its competitors, NetApp doesn’t have a siloed OPENING WINDOWS WITH DNFS
approach to storage. High-performance, low-cost, archival, NetApp was a key partner in the development of Oracle
and write-once-read-many (WORM) systems all run on a single Database 11g most notably in developing, testing and optimizing
architecture, making it far simpler to migrate data from one system direct NFS (DNFS) performance and resiliency.
to another. The result: Enhanced data protection for compliance DNFS, a new feature in Oracle Database 11g, not only makes
as well as reduced data management costs. “NetApp’s single it even simpler to run and manage a database and storage
architecture means that customers can leverage a single system over an IP network, it also improves performance and
platform to enable data security and compliance,” Rogers adds. scalability through automatic link aggregation. And for the
first time, companies running Oracle Database 11g Standard
BOOSTING DBA PRODUCTIVITY Edition can also run on Windows—a development that will
Oracle Database 11g includes a series of advances that speed enable more small and medium businesses to leverage the
development cycles and boost DBA productivity. NetApp builds benefits of Oracle Database.
on the momentum with SnapManager for Oracle, “application-
aware” software that detects and responds intelligently to the THE NEXT PHASE IN THE RELATIONSHIP
application on which it is running. The relationship between NetApp and Oracle goes deeper
SnapManager for Oracle automates key DBA tasks and than most partnerships. It spans technical integration, services
enables DBAs to perform functions that were previously lim- and support, and sales and marketing, as well as executive
ited to storage administrators, including storage provisioning, alignment. On Oracle E-Business Suite since 2001, NetApp is
backup and restore functions, and even creation of clones. also the standard storage platform for Oracle’s state-of-the-
Underlying SnapManager for Oracle is NetApp’s FlexClone art Austin Data Center. “Our shared goal is always to reduce
software, which dramatically speeds instant point-in-time IT cost and complexity for Oracle customers,” adds Rogers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT | www.netapp.com/partners/oracle/

JF08_11g_Advertorial.indd 41 11/19/07 11:46:31 AM


JF08_APPS.indd 42 11/12/07 11:28:33 AM


ew standards, new business pressures, and the need
to deliver continuous value are redefining the benefit
of enterprise application upgrades and new integration
approaches. Oracle customers can choose both a road
map to a new generation of enterprise applications in the Oracle
Fusion Applications future and specific, continuous upgrades
and enhancements that deliver new technologies today.
“A lot of customers have had a desire and need to integrate
systems for a very long time, but up until the last year or so,
it’s been very hard to do in a scalable and cost-effective way
because of the lack of standards,” says Jesper Andersen, senior
vice president of applications strategy, Oracle. “But now with
service-oriented architecture [SOA] and the way that Oracle is
embracing it, it’s become a much easier goal to achieve.”
One way to achieve integration is through upgrading. With
investments in SOA and other standards-based technologies,
customers get new functionality and greater (and easier) integra-

tion choices with every Oracle application upgrade. In addition,

upgrades let organizations leverage standardized best practices
and eliminate customizations from older versions.
“By upgrading, organizations can take advantage of new


JF08_APPS.indd 43 11/12/07 11:24:01 AM

technologies—from Oracle Fusion
Middleware, including SOA and iden-
tity and access management—that are
integrated into newer versions of Oracle
Applications,” says Andersen. “In addi-
tion, customers have the security that the
solutions they’re investing in now will
move them along the path toward Oracle
Fusion Applications.”
Oracle Application Integration
Architecture helps this process because
it leverages all the thousands of Web ser-
vices that Oracle has built into its applica-
tion products. “It defines the objects that
you are integrating across—for example,
a customer object, an employee object,
a product object—as XML datatypes,”
says Andersen. “That makes everything
transparent, standards-based, and highly
extensible, which is really the key to Oracle
Application Integration Architecture.
That’s what a customer’s looking for in
integrations. And that also gives custom-
ers a much more evolutionary ability to
approach Oracle Fusion Applications.”
“Since we went to Oracle On Demand, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in terms of performance,”
FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER says Jacob Waah, director of information technology at Clopay. “User satisfaction has improved. Our move
For some companies, the need for greater to Oracle On Demand was a wise and strategic decision and has been very, very successful.”

application integration capabilities and faster

rollout of new functionality comes from the requirement to “We were looking to improve customer satisfaction and cut
focus on the customer. And Oracle Fusion integration technol- down on costs while delivering a better information technol-
ogy is a way to drive more value from existing applications, ogy infrastructure and services to all our business users,” says
says Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research, Nucleus Jacob Waah, director of information technology at Clopay.
Research, in Wellesley, Massachusetts. “In some cases, it’s A few years ago, Clopay made the decision to move to
providing access to a broader set of users. In other cases, Oracle On Demand, and subsequently it has moved there
it’s providing access to those outside the organization—for in a big way. Clopay has about 75 servers in its Oracle
example, to streamline collaboration and communication all On Demand hosted environment, with 20 of these servers
across the supply chain,” she says. dedicated to supporting production activities. The architec-
This is the situation with Clopay, a manufacturing ture has been designed to run between 30,000 and 70,000
company located in Mason, Ohio. Clopay has three business concurrent jobs per day, servicing about 1,000 professional
units, including one that is the largest garage door manu- online users and about 3,000 self-service users. Each manufac-
facturer in the United States. The corporate IT department is turing facility runs several Oracle enterprise databases, which

built on a shared services model and is charged with manag- are housed internally and are part of a mission-critical applica-
ing IT infrastructure and technology services for the three tion that’s integrated with Clopay’s hosted Oracle E-Business
business units. Suite applications.


JF08_APPS.indd 44 11/12/07 11:24:04 AM

“We needed a robust architecture to handle the load as well as support multiple
strategic projects, and that was one of the key benefits we’ve received from
Oracle On Demand.”
—Jacob Waah, Director of Information Technology, Clopay

“Since we went to Oracle On Demand, we’ve seen a tre- would have been too involved for Clopay and, as a result,
mendous improvement in terms of performance. User satisfac- the company was considering upgrading the business unit to
tion has improved. We needed a robust architecture to handle Oracle E-Business Suite from JD Edwards. “It looks like Oracle
the load as well as support multiple strategic projects, and that Fusion Applications will integrate with JD Edwards, so we
was one of the key benefits we’ve received from Oracle On don’t have to migrate our JD Edwards business unit in a sepa-
Demand,” says Waah. “Our move to Oracle
On Demand was a wise and strategic deci-
sion and has been very, very successful.”
In a fast-growing company like Clopay,
planning for the future means finding ways
to streamline information flow, increase
customer satisfaction, and simplify the IT
environment. As a result, Clopay is working
on upgrading from Oracle E-Business Suite
Release 11.5.9 to Release 12, which pro-
vides the best of both worlds—technology
and business benefits today, with a clear
road map for the future.
“We’ll benefit from the live support that
comes with the new release, and it will help
us implement new projects like transpor-
tation management,” says Waah. “It will
also benefit us as well as prepare us for
the future and [Oracle] Fusion technology.
What’s nice is that customers that want to
be on Release 12 and benefit from the appli-
cations or integration that’s out there will
have lifetime support but won’t have to go
to Oracle Fusion Applications if they don’t
want to. At the same time, though, Release
12 comes with a lot of components that we
can integrate with other applications, as well
as Oracle Database 10g and all its perfor-
mance, security, and grid benefits.”
Enterprise application integration
capabilities were an important planning
consideration for Clopay, since one of its
business units primarily uses Oracle’s JD
Edwards to run its business. By upgrad-
ing to Release 12, Clopay will be on a path
to Oracle Fusion Applications, which will

make it easier to integrate this JD Edwards

instance into its main Oracle E-Business
“We’re actively looking at our deployed solutions and trying to move everyone into organic
Suite deployment. functionality within Oracle to reduce support requirements for the applications,” says Frances Carlson,
Before Release 12, such an integration senior manager, information technology, Roll International.


JF08_APPS.indd 45 11/12/07 11:24:07 AM

rate step,” Waah says.
Another upgrade driver for Clopay was
the availability of lifetime support. “Oracle’s
Applications Unlimited and lifetime support
policy for JD Edwards, [Oracle] E-Business
Suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel customers is
really beautiful,” says Waah. “If you don’t
want to go to Oracle Fusion, you can still
stay with the product families you have and
benefit from all the other functionalities that
Oracle is building. There’s nothing as good
as lifetime support.”


For many companies, upgrading their appli-
cation portfolios involves making decisions
around previous customizations to those
applications. However, more companies are
looking at application upgrades as a great
time to re-evaluate customization require-
ments and potentially streamline their
installation as well as reduce their mainte-
nance requirements. Dominic Martinelli, vice president of information technology at Rackable Systems, says that their appli-
Take the example of Roll International, cation stack needs to be flexible enough to handle specialized business processes. “We needed a CRM
a private holding company based in Los solution that would be comprehensive and that would integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite,” he says.

Angeles, which owns several businesses,

including Teleflora, Fiji Water, and Paramount Agribusiness Oracle’s Siebel applications.
(a California grower and processor of nuts, citrus fruits, “When we moved to 11.5.10, there was more functionality
and pomegranates). available that wasn’t previously available, which meant that
“We’re actively looking at our deployed solutions and there were some customizations that we could absorb,” says
trying to move everyone into organic functionality within Carlson. “Fewer customizations means less maintenance, more
Oracle to reduce support requirements for the applications,” stability in the system, and a decreased total cost of owner-
says Frances Carlson, senior manager, information technology, ship. We also gain better reporting because all of the data is in
Roll International. “But in addition, from a growth and stabil- the system instead of other databases.”
ity standpoint, as well as looking down the road at Release 12 Like many companies, Roll International has built up
and [Oracle] Fusion, it makes it easier for us to upgrade and numerous custom-built interfaces for its enterprise applica-
keep the applications current as well as leverage new func- tions. However, as part of its IT planning process and its
tionality more efficiently.” migration to Oracle On Demand, the company has begun to
With operations around the world and 24/7 requirements, take a closer look at those interfaces. “We are identifying and
simplifying makes a lot of sense. Roll is starting with a leg up, targeting specific business processes and taking a look at the
since even with a variety of companies, it runs a global single latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite, trying to make life
instance of Oracle On Demand (Release 11.5.10 of Oracle easier,” says Carlson.
E-Business Suite) for all its users. Taking advantage of advanced Oracle On Demand ser-
The company depends on the full range of Oracle vices, Roll has partnered with Oracle over the entire software
E-Business Suite functionality—from financials through ownership lifecycle to help realize its vision for IT and for
order management, purchasing, discrete manufacturing, Roll’s businesses. In addition to improving business processes,

and more. In addition to Oracle E-Business Suite, Roll also using the best practices and business processes within Oracle
uses Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Business Intelligence, and E-Business Suite helps Roll reduce risk.


JF08_APPS.indd 46 11/12/07 11:24:08 AM

“We needed something that would be very easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to
customize—but also fully integrated with [Oracle] E-Business Suite. Oracle Application
Integration Architecture was the best choice to allow us to do that.”
—Dominic Martinelli, Vice President of
Information Technology, Rackable Systems

“Right now, any time we make a change for one business puts added pressure on IT—with a clear need for an applica-
unit, we have to regression-test everything to make sure we tion stack that’s flexible enough to handle its specialized
don’t adversely impact the other two businesses,” says Carlson. business processes.
“By reducing the complexity and number of customizations, “We needed a CRM [customer relationship management]
we can stabilize and reduce risk in our environment better.” solution that would be comprehensive and that would inte-
Because of Roll’s corporate structure, Carlson needs to be grate with Oracle E-Business Suite,” says Dominic Martinelli,
able to provide optimal support for vice president of information technol-
Roll’s individual businesses as well ogy at Rackable Systems. As a result,
as application environments that are
SNAP SHOTS Rackable Systems chose Siebel CRM
optimized for each company’s needs. On Demand for its entire sales team.
For Carlson, that means that some www.clopay.com The company’s need to integrate its
of the businesses may be on different Location: Mason, Ohio business processes across applications
versions of Oracle E-Business Suite Annual Revenue: US$1 billion led to the choice of Oracle Application
and even different sets of applica- Oracle products: Oracle E-Business Suite (including Integration Architecture. Powered by
tions. Thus, the future release of Configurator, Order Management, iStore, Field Service, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle
HR, Payroll, Financials, Advanced Supply Chain Planning),
Oracle Fusion is an important consid- Application Integration Architecture
Oracle On Demand, Oracle Database, Oracle Portal
eration for Roll. provides organizations with prebuilt
“I think [Oracle] Fusion will be Roll International integrations and business processes
important for us because we may www.roll.com that bridge traditional operational silos
be looking at using Siebel for one Location: Los Angeles, California and applications. For this fast-growing
of our business lines and perhaps Annual Revenue: US$1.48 billion server and storage provider, that
PeopleSoft for another,” says Carlson. Oracle products: Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle On meant a prebuilt integration between
Demand, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Business Intelligence,
“We’re always looking at new and Siebel CRM On Demand and Oracle
Siebel CRM
different ways to leverage our appli- E-Business Suite.
cations to support the business and Rackable Systems “We have a very small IT staff
help it grow.” www.terrascale.com with a limited budget, so we needed
Location: Fremont, California something that would be very easy to
UPGRADING THE BUSINESS Annual Revenue: US$360 million use, easy to maintain, and easy
Oracle products: Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel CRM
Whatever upgrade and integration to customize—but also fully inte-
On Demand
strategy a company needs, for Oracle grated with [Oracle] E-Business
the ultimate goal is to give companies Suite,” says Martinelli. “Oracle
the choices they need to foster growth. Application Integration Architecture was the best choice to
“The key is that Oracle’s strategy is an evolutionary strategy allow us to do that.” O
and a strategy of choice,” says Oracle’s Andersen. “Our cus-
tomers can choose to stay on the existing product lines they’ve David A. Kelly (dkelly@upsideresearch.com) is a business, technology, and travel
already invested significantly in, and we will continue to bring writer who lives in West Newton, Massachusetts.
them incremental improvements that get them closer to Oracle
Fusion. But they also have the option of moving to the next-
generation, standards-based set of Oracle Fusion applications
once these become available.” READ more about Oracle Applications
These kinds of choices are especially important for com- oracle.com/applications
panies that have unique business models—especially since LEARN more about Oracle Technology
having a unique business model doesn’t make your IT oracle.com/applications/technology.html

requirements any simpler. Just ask Rackable Systems. Unlike DISCOVER Oracle On Demand
competitors that sell off-the-shelf systems, Rackable Systems
specializes in highly efficient, cost-effective, build-to-order x86 FIND OUT more about Oracle Application
servers and storage customized for each customer’s unique Integration Architecture
data center needs. It’s a sound business strategy but one that


JF08_APPS.indd 47 11/12/07 11:24:10 AM

Integration Architecture

Pre-packaged integration
between Oracle applications

Extensible to third party and

legacy applications

Common object model

across applications

Built completely on standard

middleware, SOA, and BPEL

Applications engineered to work together from

or call 1.800.ORACLE.1

Copyright © 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.
Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Betty Brugger, Northwestern
University’s director of
information technology,
management systems, expects
that SOA technology will
simplify business processes
and customer experiences.

A leading university bets on service-oriented architecture to tame IT complexity, streamline
business processes, and improve services for its users.
hen Betty Brugger ticks off her top challenges, To cope, Brugger and her staff are embracing a service-
the list matches that of any corporate IT manager: oriented architecture (SOA) to a greater degree than most of
manage costs more effectively, better satisfy Northwestern’s higher-education counterparts. SOA’s ability to
demanding users, strengthen LAN and WAN secu- string multiple Web services together into nimble applications
rity, modernize legacy applications, and optimize busi- to address changing business needs quickly is just one attrac-
ness processes—all while serving the organization’s emerging tion. Brugger says that Oracle SOA Suite and its Oracle BPEL
global strategy. Process Manager—software they have started to implement
Except that Brugger doesn’t manage technology for a big incrementally, beginning with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials
corporation; she’s the director of information technology, man- installations—will let Northwestern streamline its business pro-
agement systems, at Northwestern University. The challenges of cesses, tame IT complexity, and ultimately improve services for
higher education add a layer of difficulty to the job, she says. end users. “We want to get real-time data to our people, and
“The existence of many somewhat autonomous schools within we’re using Oracle SOA Suite to do that,” Brugger says.

the university creates a very complex environment for those

of us in IT,” she says. “If you chart our collection of disparate POWER TO END USERS
systems in terms of how they interface with each other, it looks Oracle SOA Suite—with its BPEL engine, a Web services regis-
like a huge spider web.” try, and Enterprise Service Bus—is only part of Northwestern’s


JF08_NORTHWEST.indd 49 11/12/07 12:02:23 PM

“We want to get real-time data to our people, and we’re using Oracle SOA Suite
to do that.”
—Betty Brugger,
Director, Information Technology, Management Systems, Northwestern University

SOA strategy. The university is also research and advisory services firm
taking advantage of the prebuilt Web SNAP SHOT Datamonitor. “Under an SOA approach,
services available with PeopleSoft Northwestern University
institutions can modify and tailor their
Financials 8.9, which the school www.northwestern.edu processes in much more flexible and
is now implementing to replace its Location: Evanston, Illinois cost-effective ways,” she says. “The fun-
outdated legacy financial application. Industry: Higher education damental value of SOA lies in its ability
“For the highly used transactions that Employees: 7,100 to let institutional processes drive tech-
are more end-user-facing, we wanted Oracle products and services: Oracle nology usage, as opposed to the tech-
SOA Suite, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions,
something friendlier,” Brugger says. nology solutions themselves dictating
PeopleSoft Human Capital Management,
“In a lot of ways, technologies PeopleSoft Financials, Oracle Database, what the institution can do.”
such as SOA are catching up to the Oracle Warehouse Builder, PeopleSoft She adds that organizations benefit
way universities do business,” notes Enterprise Performance Management from Oracle’s complete technology
Theo Bosnak, senior director of Oracle System, Oracle Portal, Oracle Application offerings, ranging from Oracle SOA
Higher Education. “SOA offers a way Server, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Suite to related middleware, applica-
Oracle Collaboration Suite, Oracle
to break down the silos of separate tions, and the database. “Having a
JDeveloper, Oracle Solution Support Center,
systems by separating those processes Oracle Professional Services
partner such as Oracle to put it all
into manageable components to together into a coherent whole and start
support unique ways of doing busi- the institution down the path of using
ness and supporting students. Not only does this apply SOA is a great way to begin,” she says.
to financial processes, but it is also key to enabling Northwestern’s Brugger agrees. She evaluated several
schools to improve recruiting, admissions, records, and SOA vendors and concluded that the comprehensive-
other student-related processes.” ness of Oracle’s technologies was unique. “We could
These advantages are particularly important for orga- have bought one component from here and one from
nizations that face the IT complexities of higher educa- there, but they wouldn’t have worked as well together,”
tion, according to Nicole Engelbert, lead analyst for she says.
education and vertical markets technology for market
Oracle provides applications such as PeopleSoft
NORTHWESTERN’S STRATEGY Financials with a wide range of prebuilt Web services,
FOR SOA SUCCESS which, when paired with the BPEL engine, enable orga-
Northwestern is creating new Web services and new types nizations to configure processes that are unique to their
of systems as well as using SOA to integrate and modernize enterprise. The PeopleSoft applications also include
existing applications. “We don’t have a lot of traditional legacy development capabilities to enable organizations to create
systems,” says the university’s Betty Brugger. “We have very little their own Web services. “There are some Web services
left on our mainframe.” Here’s how they plan to make their SOA that we can take advantage of out of the box, and if we
strategy work across the university system: want to develop additional services in the future, we can
O Start small by focusing on an application area
use the platform for that as well,” says Harry Samuels,
O Use the successful implementation to generate buy-in for
Northwestern’s applications systems manager responsible
other systems for the SOA implementation.
O Cultivate acceptance from end users who can communicate
Northwestern is taking advantage of PeopleSoft
benefits to peers Financials’ SOA savvy in its widely used Expense
O Reduce complexity and integration chores by choosing a
Journals application. SOA support means that
vendor with a comprehensive suite of SOA, middleware, appli- Northwestern can build end-user applications that are
cations, and database offerings easier for students and staff to use. “By pushing capabili-
O Find an implementation partner that can augment in-house
ties out to users, we’ll have better data integrity, put more
expertise, especially for a maturing area such as SOA power into their hands, and eliminate a lot of bureau-
O Team Web services with a BPEL engine to wring business-
cracy,” Brugger says.
process efficiencies from cross-system applications For example, in the old system, stacks of paper fun-
neled throughout the procurement workflow for order-


JF08_NORTHWEST.indd 50 11/12/07 12:02:23 PM

Written by leading Oracle professionals, Oracle Press books offer the most
definitive, complete, and up-to-date coverage of Oracle products and technologies
available. We’ve been the premier source for Oracle information for more than a
decade, and the tradition continues with the release of Oracle Database 11g.

Oracle Automatic Storage Management Oracle Database 11g SQL

Under-the-Hood & Practical Deployment Guide Jason Price
Nitin Vengurlekar, Murali Vallath, & Rich Long Access Oracle databases through SQL
Build and manage a scalable, highly available statements, construct PL/SQL programs, and
storage infrastructure with Oracle Automatic use SQL Plus and SQL Developer in the new
Storage Management (ASM). database release.

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Oracle Press releases and special offers at
“Oracle is investing in middleware and applications, and that’s a big deal. . . .
Oracle has the whole package.”
—Betty Brugger,
Director, Information Technology, Management Systems, Northwestern University

ing, approving, and paying for supplies. The SOA-based real-time access or real-time information or real-time
alternative creates more-efficient electronic workflows provisioning, if that’s what we’re doing with the BPEL
that eliminate this paper-based pain, Brugger says. “Self- workflow,” Brugger says. “I won’t have to wait a couple of
service brings us more into the modern age and in line days before all these databases are populated to give new
with our other enterprise systems,” she adds. employees all the rights and access privileges they need.”
The SOA capabilities will tie together the financials
system with the school’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus MEASURING SUCCESS
Solutions, Northwestern’s student management system, Brugger will judge the success of the SOA effort accord-
as well as a Peoplesoft Enterprise Human Capital ing to what she calls “the illusion of simplicity it creates
Management (HCM) system and a new proposals tracking for end users”—the staff and students who will take
system. Architecturally, each of Northwestern’s enterprise advantage of new, real-time applications without con-
systems is tightly integrated and runs on an Oracle data- cerning themselves with the complexities of the back-end
base. “For example,” Brugger says, “Campus Solutions systems that make it all possible. “We gauge the value by
includes functions for financial aid, student financials, how it streamlines business processes and satisfies the
student records, registration, transcriptions, and admis- users,” Brugger says.
sions. Each one of those areas is complex in itself, and the In addition to saving time and increasing user satisfac-
same is true for the HCM and core financials.” tion, an SOA strategy can also save money. Maintenance
Northwestern decided to go with Oracle for applica- cost reductions are another benefit for SOA strategies
tions and middleware because of the functionality the such as Northwestern’s, Oracle’s Bosnak says. Whether
full stack offered, the university’s experience with Oracle organizations rely on prebuilt Web services or mix them
Database, and Oracle’s commitment to upgrades. “We with their own custom services, SOA standards ensure
looked at the marketplace when we first got into the that the resulting processes will continue to work even
architecture,” Brugger says. “When we looked at Oracle if vendors alter the underlying applications code. “You
Fusion and Oracle Fusion Middleware—and looked at won’t have to go in and change those extensions you
their future—we thought that that would be the best way wrote. They’ll still connect to that underlying process
to go. Oracle is investing in middleware and applications, through this SOA architecture,” he says. “This means
and that’s a big deal. We didn’t see the other vendors as you’re reducing the overall costs of maintaining your
having a total offering as much as Oracle has. Oracle has systems, which is a huge challenge for universities,
the whole package.” because of the IT complexity.”
If universities can save money and take inefficiency
REAL-TIME DATA THRIVES out of their systems, “the cost savings will add up,”
Right now Northwestern has implemented only the Bosnak says. “In turn, IT professionals can spend more
first part of its overall SOA plan. Ultimately the IT team time on areas that are more mission-critical to the organi-
plans to link systems across departments to achieve zation than just maintaining existing systems.” O
faster and more-real-time processing. They expect to
improve the cross-system workflow for new employees, Alan Joch (ajoch@worldpath.net) is a technology writer based in New
which entails a wide range of approvals across depart- England who specializes in enterprise, Web, and high-performance-
ments for salary authorizations as well as access to computing applications.
networks and business applications. Now this can be
a slow process. “Today, we use HR and our student
system as our systems of record, so we have to wait
until people are hired before we can provision them DOWNLOAD
and give them a network ID,” Brugger says. Oracle SOA Suite
The current process relies on nightly batch uploads
to the databases. “If we can do a Web service for this Oracle Database 11g
workflow, we’re attaching to one system and sending
READ more about Oracle Applications technology
data over to another, transaction by transaction, rather otn.oracle.com/products/applications/applications-technology.html
than batching the data at night. So we could get


JF08_NORTHWEST.indd 52 11/12/07 12:02:23 PM


Services with a Smile

Create data-centric Web services for SOA development in minutes.
n this third-anniversary column, totalEmployeeCompensation()—that Add (>) to add the custom method to
let’s take another look at the upcom- returns the total compensation for an the Selected list. Then click Next.
ing Oracle JDeveloper/Application employee, given that person’s name. On the Service View Instances screen,
Development Framework (Oracle To finish the project setup, go select the Employee view instance on
ADF) 11g release and explore a major to Application Resources in the the Available list and click Add (>) to
new feature that simplifies the creation Application Navigator and adjust the add the view instance to the Selected
of data-centric Web services. With this properties of the database connection list. Click the Employee view instance
feature and a few mouse clicks, you can named scott to ensure that you can suc- in the Selected list, and note the set
turn any Oracle ADF application module cessfully test a connection to a SCOTT of operations that appears in the View
into a powerful Web service that interop- schema. If you need to create the tables, Instance Operations table. This table
erates with other standards-based clients use the CreateDeptEmpTables.sql script enables you to control which built-in
and services within a service-oriented provided with the starter workspace. operations your service interface will
architecture (SOA). support. Resize the screen to be taller
To get started, make sure you are ENABLING THE SERVICE INTERFACE to see more of the basic operations in
using the Oracle JDeveloper With SOA, different application systems the table. Check the check boxes next
Technology Preview 2 release, which is cooperate by invoking each other’s to the Create, Update, Delete, Merge,
available as a free download on the Oracle application programming interfaces GetByKey, and Find operations—you
Technology Network (OTN) at otn.oracle (APIs). The service interface for your may need to scroll down the table
.com/products/jdev/11. Further, down- application module enables other appli- to see all of them. The Process and
load the starter workspace at otn.oracle cations to interact with its data and ProcessChangeSummary operations
.com/oramag/oracle/08-jan/o18frame.zip. custom methods by using standard Web are for more-advanced use cases, so
This starter workspace eliminates many of services calls. In Oracle JDeveloper, the leave their check boxes unchecked
the initial project steps we’ve performed service interface is a declaratively config- for this exercise. In the View Criteria
many times before in previous columns. ured feature of your application module. Find Operations table, click the green
Extract the contents of the o18frame To create a service interface, you simply plus sign to add a new find opera-
.zip file to a path that doesn’t contain any identify which view object instances in tion based on declarative view criteria.
spaces (such as c:\jdeveloper). Then open your data model to expose to clients, When the Configure View Criteria Find
the FrameworksJanFeb2008.jws work- which built-in data access operations Operation dialog box appears, select
space in Oracle JDeveloper. Note that the you want each one to support, and EmployeesByDepartment from the
starter workspace defines a familiar Emp which custom methods you want to View Criteria list, change the Operation
entity object, an Employee view object, make available. Name to findEmployeesByDepartment, and
and an HRModule application module. Start by double-clicking the click OK. Finally, click Finish to enable
The Emp entity object is configured with HRModule application module to open the service interface. Be sure to save all
several declarative features, including a the editor. In the editor, click Data of your changes by selecting File -> Save
TotalComp calculated attribute that com- Model and note that there is a single All from the main menu.
putes an employee’s total compensation, view object instance named Employee In the Application Navigator, expand
a range validation rule on its Sal attribute in the data model. Next, click Service the HRModule node as well as the
that enforces a value between 0 and Interface and the green plus sign at serviceinterface folder it contains. Note
5000, and an alternate key on its Ename the right to create the service interface. that Oracle JDeveloper has automati-
attribute that enables easy employee When the Create Service Interface screen cally generated the artifacts necessary to
lookup by name. The Employee view appears, change the Web Service Name implement the service you configured.
has a named query filter criterion— to HRService, leave Target Namespace at HRService.java is the interface that repre-
EmployeesByDepartment—that can be its default value, and click Next. On the sents the service contract for Java clients.
used to find employees in a department Service Custom Methods screen, select HRServiceImpl.java is an Enterprise
with a specific department number. The the totalEmployeeCompensation() JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 session bean that
HRModule has one custom method— method from the Available list and click implements this interface. The HRService


JF08_FRAMEWORKS.indd 53 11/8/07 3:07:29 PM


.wsdl and the HRService.xsd files are the the URL will be http://localhost:8988/ server, open a command shell window,
standards-based Web Services Description EJB-FrameworksJanFeb2008/HRService. You navigate to the ./jdev/bin subdirectory
Language (WSDL) and XML Schema doc- should see an HRService endpoint Web of your Oracle JDeveloper 11g installa-
uments that describe the service contract’s service test page appear in the browser. tion, and run the start_oc4j script. The
methods and datatypes. In the future, if To test the Web service in the first time you run it, it will prompt you
you need to adjust your service interface browser, using a sample parameter, select to create and confirm the password for
settings, you can click the yellow-pencil getEmployee from the Operation list. the fmwadmin account. Remember this
edit button in the Service Interface editor, Then enter the value 7839 in the Empno password, because you will need it a bit
and Oracle JDeveloper will automatically field in the Parameters area and click later. You can ignore any warning mes-
keep your implementation files in sync the Invoke button. The Test Result page sages you may see while the server is
with changes you make in the Oracle should display the standard XML format starting up. When the server is ready, it
JDeveloper user interface. of the Web service’s result, and the will display the message Oracle Containers
employee data for KING should be con- for J2EE 10g ( initialized.
TESTING THE SERVICE tained in the data inside the tags. Note Now that the OC4J server is running,
As you might expect, it is very easy to that when the Web service is accessed the next step is to define an applica-
test your Web service interface by using by programmatic clients, the XML-based tion server connection for this server.
the embedded Oracle Application Server Web service requests and responses are In Oracle JDeveloper, select View ->
Containers for Java (OC4J) server inside implementation details that guarantee Resource Palette from the main menu.
Oracle JDeveloper. However, before interoperability but don’t require any In the Resource Palette, click the
testing your service, verify the follow- manual processing. folder with a plus-sign icon (to the left
ing settings to ensure a successful result. Now click the Return to Test Page of the search field), and select New
First, select Tools -> Preferences... from link and select updateEmployee from Connection -> Application Server from
the main menu. When the Preferences the Operation list. Enter 7839 in the the list that appears. On the Type page
dialog box appears, click Web Browser Empno field, enter 5005 in the Sal field, of the Application Server Connection
and Proxy. Make sure the Use HTTP and uncheck the Include in Message Wizard, name the connection
Proxy Server check box is unchecked. check boxes for all of the other param- localoc4j, leave the Connection Type
(You won’t need a browser proxy for eters so that they are not included in set at Standalone OC4J 11g, and click
this exercise.) Next, click Deployment the request. When you click Invoke, Next. On the Authentication page, leave
and check the check box labeled Allow you should see an XML-based exception Username set as fmwadmin, enter the
Deployed Module access to OC4J message with the fault string Salary must password you entered for this account
internal classes. Click OK to dismiss the be between 0 and 5000 on the Test Result when you first started the embedded
Preferences dialog box. page. This operation fails whenever you OC4J server in standalone mode, and
To test your service interface by attempt an update that violates the range click Next. On the Connection page,
using the embedded OC4J server, go validation rule on the Sal attribute of the leave the defaults and click Next.
to the serviceinterface folder in the Emp entity object. Now try repeating Finally, on the Test page, click Test
Applications Navigator, right-click the updateEmployee test with a salary of Connection and wait for the Success!
the HRServiceImpl.java file, and select less than 5000. This time, the Test Result message to appear in the Status area.
Run. You’ll know the service is ready page will confirm a successful update by Click Finish to define the new applica-
for testing when Running: Embedded displaying the modified employee data. tion server connection.
OC4J Server - Log displays the target To stop the embedded OC4J server, The next step is to create a busi-
URL and Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g in Oracle JDeveloper, click the red termi- ness components service interface
( initialized. You can safely nate icon in the Log window toolbar or deployment profile, which defines
ignore warning messages that might select Run -> Terminate -> Embedded the set of files or runtime artifacts
appear due to known issues in the tech- OC4J Server from the main menu. required to deploy the service to an
nology preview release. external server. To create the profile,
Next to the target URL message, DEPLOYING THE SERVICE right-click the Model project node in
note (but don’t click) the hyperlink. If Testing with the embedded OC4J server the Application Navigator and select
you were to click the link, you would can be useful while you’re developing New…. When the New Gallery dialog
open the HTTP Analyzer in this preview your service, but once you’re satis- box appears, expand the General cat-
release (which isn’t what we want to fied with it, you’ll need to deploy it on egory, select Deployment Profiles, and
do). Instead, test the service in your an external application server. Using double-click Business Components
Web browser, by copying the target URL the Oracle JDeveloper 11g Technology Service Interface. When the Create
and pasting it into the browser’s address Preview 2 release, you can launch the Deployment Profile dialog box appears,
bar. If you haven’t changed your default embedded OC4J server in standalone enter HRService for Deployment Profile
embedded OC4J server port numbers, mode for this purpose. To start the Name and click OK. The Project


JF08_FRAMEWORKS.indd 54 11/8/07 3:10:37 PM

Properties dialog box should then your browser to the standalone OC4J Forms/4GL Developers (Oracle, 2006), wrote Building
appear, indicating where your project- server and test the new Web service with Oracle XML Applications (O’Reilly Media, 2000), and
level deployment profiles can be found, different queries. shares tips and tricks on OTN (otn.oracle.com) and in his
in case you need to modify them for any Although we’ve only scratched the Dive into ADF blog (radio.weblogs.com/0118231).
reason. Click OK to close the Project surface of this powerful new feature,
Properties dialog box. I hope you can already appreciate
Finally, deploy your service inter- how handy it will be for your future
face project to the localoc4j application service-oriented architecture develop-
READ online-only column content
server connection. To do so, right-click ment tasks. Whether the client of your otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/08-jan/
the Model project in the Application service interface is a .NET application, o18frame.html

Navigator and select Deploy -> a Business Process Execution Language READ more Frameworks
HRService -> Deploy. When the (BPEL) business process, or another Web
Deployment Plan dialog box appears, service, Oracle ADF 11g will make quick READ more about
Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF
click OK to begin the deployment by work of the task. For more information otn.oracle.com/products/jdev
using the default deployment plan. At on this topic, see the “Integrating ADF otn.oracle.com /products/jdev/tips/muench/
this point, the Deployment tab of the Applications with External Services”
Oracle ADF Developer’s Guide
Log window will show the progress of the chapter in the Release 11g version of otn.oracle.com/documentation
deployment. One important status line to Oracle ADF Developer’s Guide. O
look for is Binding FrameworksJanFeb2008 Oracle JDeveloper 11g Technology
web-module ... under context root Steve Muench is a consulting product manager for Preview 2
/FrameworksJanFeb2008. Oracle JDeveloper and an Oracle ACE. Since 1990 he otn.oracle.com/products/jdev/11

The online version of this column, has developed and supported Oracle tools and XML starter workspace for this column
at otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/08-jan/ technologies and continues to evangelize them. Muench
o18frame.html, describes how to point coauthored the Oracle ADF Developer’s Guide for

Can you imagine... Call now to help.

a world without children? 1-800-996-4100


JF08_FRAMEWORKS.indd 55 11/8/07 3:07:29 PM

Leader in
“Oracle received the
highest scores across all
the scenarios we evaluated”
Independent Report: The Forrester Wave
Application Server Platforms, Q3 2007 1

Best in 15 of 20 Categories
SOA World Magazine
2007 Reader’s Choice Awards 2

Oracle Fusion Middleware from

or call 1.800.ORACLE.1

1.“The Forrester Wave™: Application Server Platforms, Q3 2007”, Forrester Research Inc., July 11, 2007.
2. SOA World Magazine 2007 Reader’s Choice Awards, July 3, 2007.

Copyright © 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.
Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Reporting from Your Browser

Publish high-fidelity business intelligence reports with Oracle Application Express.
eb applications are of a pie chart. (Note that the report’s STEPS FOR GENERATING THE
limited value if users can Word-generated chart will not look EXAMPLE REPORT
view the information they like online charts created using Adobe The following steps describe how to
need on the screen but have Flash, because the charting engines are build a report template and generate an
no way to put that information into a not identical.) example report.
suitable format for sharing with others. You can run through the steps in this Step 1: Create a report query. Define a
If your application displays 15 records at column on the hosted instance of Oracle report query within Oracle Application
a time out of a total of 50 but users can’t Application Express at apex.oracle.com. Express to incorporate the data you are
e-mail all 50 in a printable attachment (You must request a free workspace to including in the report:
or distribute them in slick hard copy at use this hosted instance.) The hosted 1. In your Oracle Application Express
a critical meeting . . . Houston, we have instance includes Oracle Business workspace, select an existing application
a problem! Oracle Application Express Intelligence Publisher, which is required from the Application Builder menu.
solves this dilemma by tightly integrat- for the process described, but you must (You must start this process from within
ing with Oracle Business Intelligence install Oracle Business Intelligence an application.)
Publisher to provide high-fidelity Publisher Desktop for Microsoft 2. From the application’s Shared
printing capabilities. Windows, which adds Oracle Business Components menu, click Reports ->
Intelligence Publisher Word Template Report Queries.
OVERVIEW Builder to your Microsoft Word instance. 3. Click Create.
With Oracle Business Intelligence You can also run through this col- 4. Enter Orders in the Name field,
Publisher installed, your Oracle umn’s steps on a local instance of Oracle and copy the following into the SQL
Application Express application can gen- Application Express, but Oracle Business Query box:
erate reports in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Intelligence Publisher must also be
Word, Microsoft Excel, and HTML installed. All Oracle Business Intelligence SELECT ORDER_ID,
formats from any report region. You can Publisher downloads are available at otn ORDER_DATE,
also define report templates and custom- .oracle.com/software/products/publishing. ORDER_MODE,
ize a report’s graphical aspects by ORDER_STATUS,
OAdding headers, footers, colors, and PRELIMINARY TABLE SETUP CUSTOMER_NAME,
page sizing This column’s example uses a table that SALES_REP,
OInserting logos holds sales order data. To generate the ORDER_TOTAL
OFully controlling pagination and table, log in to an Oracle Application FROM MD_PDF_ORDERS
other breaks Express workspace and run md_pdf_
OEmbedding charts orders_create.sql to create the MD_PDF_ 5. Click Next to continue to the wiz-
OGenerating standard forms ORDERS table. To run the script, ard’s Test Query Report page. If a report
These capabilities stem from Oracle 1. Click SQL Workshop. query incorporates bind variables, they
Business Intelligence Publisher’s ability to 2. Click SQL Scripts. appear as fields at the bottom of this
reference report layouts you develop in 3. Click Upload. page. The query must retrieve at least
Microsoft Word with the Oracle Business 4. Click Browse; select the md_pdf_ one record, so you must insert values
Intelligence Publisher Word Template orders_create.sql script, available for any bind variable(s). (The example
Builder plug-in. You then load the layout with the sample code for this column doesn’t use bind variable values.)
documents into Oracle Application at otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/ 6. Click Test Query to ensure that
Express and marry them with query 08-jan/o18browser.zip; click Open; at least one record is retrieved. (You
results to produce the desired output. and click Upload. should see five retrieved records for this
This column takes you through the 5. On the resulting page, click the md_ example.) Close the results screen.
procedure for generating a report in pdf_orders_create.sql icon. 7. Click Next. If you need to include
PDF format that includes an Oracle 6. Click Run, and then click Run on the additional session-state values in a
Application Express report region and Confirmation screen. report (not necessary for this example),


JF08_BROWSER.indd 57 11/8/07 1:16:32 PM


you select them on this page 1. Go back into Oracle

from the list of values and Application Express to the
then click Add. same wizard page you left
8. Click Next to bring up open at the end of Step 1.
the Create Report Query 2. Click the Browse button
Layout page. Select Standard to find the Orders.rtf file you
from the XML Structure saved in Step 4. Click Next.
list, click Download XML, 3. On the Create Shared
and save the XML file to Query page, select PDF as the
disk. (The Advanced option Output Format. Click the
lets you include additional Test button to preview the
information such as session- resulting PDF output.
state variables and applica- The online version of this
tion items, which are not column, at otn.oracle
required for this example.) .com/oramag/oracle/08-jan/
Don’t exit from the Report Figure 1: Microsoft Word document displaying the report template o18browser.html, looks at the
Queries wizard, because you generated report and how to
must return to this same page in Step 5. Word document. (You’ve skipped the link the report to your application.
Step 2: Create a report template. Using wizard’s last two pages, which let you
Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher specify, respectively, fields to group and CONCLUSION
Word Template Builder, load the XML sort on and labels for each field. They’re Often when organizations implement
data into a Word document: not necessary for this example.) new applications, printing comes last
1. Open a new blank document in Step 4: Insert the chart component, and in the list of concerns. Yet even in the
Microsoft Word. From the Oracle BI finish the template. Add a pie chart internet age, printed reports remain
Publisher menu in Word, select Data -> showing customer orders to the template, a key decision-making tool. With the
Load Sample XML Data..., browse to the and save the template as an RTF file: tight integration of Oracle Application
XML file you saved in Step 1, and click 1. Select Insert -> Chart from the Express and Oracle Business Intelligence
Open. Word should display a success Oracle BI Publisher menu to bring up Publisher, requirements for generating
message (but not the contents of the XML the Chart dialog box. attractive reports in PDF, Word, Excel,
file). Click OK to close the message. 2. From the Row folder in the Data and HTML formats can be fully satisfied
2. If you included additional elements box on the left, drag Order Total to the for Web applications. O
in your XML structure in Step 1, you Values box and Customer Name to the
can incorporate them by selecting Insert Labels box. David Peake (david.peake@oracle.com) is a principal
-> Field from the Oracle BI Publisher 3. Select the Sum option for product manager in Oracle’s Server Technologies
menu. (Otherwise, proceed to Step 3.) Aggregation, select the Pie Chart division. He has been with Oracle since 1993.
In the Field dialog box, select each item option for Type, and enter Orders by
you want and click Insert. Then click Customer in the Title box.
Close. All the fields you selected appear 4. Click OK to both generate the “Orders
in the document in a string, so separate by Customer” pie chart and insert it into
the fields and add labels, boxes, and so the template. Assuming that you did not READ online-only column content
on to suit your needs. insert any additional XML elements at otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/08-jan/
Step 3: Insert the table component. Use the end of Step 1, your template should
the Table wizard to add a table to the look like Figure 1. READ more Browser-Based
Word template: 5. Optionally, customize the report by
LEARN more about Oracle
1. From the Oracle BI Publisher menu, using standard Word capabilities to add Application Express
select Insert -> Table Wizard. Select elements such as a company logo, a apex.oracle.com
the Table option in the wizard, and watermark, or a header and/or a footer. DOWNLOAD
click Next. 6. Select File -> Save As, enter Orders in Oracle Application Express
2. For Grouping Field, select the File name box, select the Rich Text application_express/download.html
ROWSET/ROW, and click Next. Format (*.rtf) option for Save as type,
Oracle Business
3. The page that appears asks you to and click Save. Intelligence Publisher
select the fields you want to show in Step 5: Upload the RTF template file. otn.oracle.com/software/products/publishing
the report. Select all the items, and then Relate the RTF template you saved in sample code for this column
click Finish. You should see the unpop- Step 4 to the report query you created in otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/08-jan/
ulated table structure at the top of the Oracle Application Express in Step 1:


JF08_BROWSER.indd 58 12/4/07 1:06:44 PM

t e c h n o l o g y DATABASE REPLAY BY A RU P N A N DA

Better Workload, Better Testing

Use database replay to record and replay database activities for better testing.
ne of the most important pro- files are moved to the remote system by Capture Workload, Preprocess Captured
cesses for testing the impact of some mechanism such as FTP (3). When Workload, and Replay Workload—as
system changes—both hard- activated, a replay driver (4) reads the shown in Figure 3. Click the Capture
ware and software—on a data- WC files and a replay client replays them Workload task.
base is setting up a test environment against the target database (5). 4. On the next page, answer questions
that faithfully represents the database’s such as whether you want to shut down
actual workload. Although it’s possible CAPTURING the database before capturing. Shutting
to write SQL statements that reflect Database replay can be used via down is not necessary but is recom-
business functionality, it’s a task that both the command line and Oracle mended, because it prevents transac-
demands an enormous time commit- Enterprise Manager. To use database tions from being captured in midflight
ment and it’s very possible and allows for a clean starting
that these SQL statements may point for capture. Also enter
not represent the database the directory—REPLAYDIR,
activities accurately. During in this example—that will
any environmental change, it be used to store the capture
is important to run the actual files. Set a filter so that activi-
SQL statements—as opposed ties by certain users such as
to a sample of (hopefully) SYS and SYSMAN and certain
representative statements— commands such as perl and
against the proposed new sqlplus are excluded. You can
system configuration while filter out activities based on
maintaining their concurrency program, users, module, and
and load characteristics. so on. Conversely, you can
Oracle Database 11g also record specific types
includes Oracle Real of activities.
Application Testing, a suite 5. Click Submit to submit
of tools that record, replay, the capture job. The next
and analyze actual database screen shows the status of the
transactions. One tool in the capture as “In Progress.” The
suite—database replay—can activities on the database are
record transactions as they occur in the replay from Oracle Enterprise Manager, being captured now. Note the starting
database. Later the captured workload 1. First create a directory object in the time for the capture; in this example,
can be replayed against a copy of the database where these capture files will the starting time is 11:30:04 a.m. on
database on the proposed new platform. be stored. For example, July 11, 2007.
Most important, database replay can 6. Let the process run long enough for
replay with the exact timing, concur- create directory replaydir as most, if not all, activities to be captured.
rency, and transaction characteristics of ‘/home/oracle/replaydir’; In this example, a period of two days is
the original workload. likely to be enough.
Figure 1 shows the capture and replay 2. Open the Oracle Enterprise Manager 7. Navigate to the Database Replay main
processes of database replay. When Database Control, and click the page (as shown in step 2), and click the
database replay is activated, the capture Software and Support tab, as shown link for the current workload. Click Stop
process records the database operations in Figure 2. On that page, click the to stop the recording for the capture.

as they occur (1) in several Workload Database Replay link (under Real 8. Navigate to the /home/oracle/
Capture (WC) files. These files are stored Application Testing). replaydir directory. The captured work-
in a directory specified by the DBA (2). 3. The main Database Replay page load files are located here. Transfer the
Later, after the capture is complete, the displays the three high-level tasks— files to the target system (using FTP or


JF08_DATA_REPLAY.indd 59 11/9/07 2:34:33 PM


some other means). The database takes codeLISTING 1: Replay clients

two Automatic Workload Repository
$ wrc userid=system password=<Password> replaydir=/home/oracle/replay
(AWR) snapshots—one before and Workload Replay Client: Release - Production on ....
one after the capture process—and Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
exports them at the end of the capture Wait for the replay to start (02:50:03)
Replay started (02:51:34)
process automatically.

REPLAYING Production System Test System

While the capture is going on, create a
copy of the production database on the Database
Capture Capture
target system. Restore a backup from the Files Copy/FTP Files
production database, and recover it up 3
Capture Directory Replay Directory
to the minute the capture started—in
this example, July 11, 2007 11:30:04 Capture Replay
1 2 4 5
a.m.—using Recovery Manager (RMAN), Process Process

as follows:
Figure 1: Architecture of database replay

Figure 2: Main Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control page, Software and Support tab

RMAN> run {
2> set until time ‘2007-07-11 11:30:04’;
3> restore database;
4> recover database;
5> }

After the recovery completes, the

database on the target system is exactly
as the production database was when
the workload capture started. Now
replay the captured workload, as
described in the following steps: Figure 3: Main Database Replay page
1. First, preprocess the captured files.
Preprocess is required only once per
capture; it gets the captured files ready to
be replayed. Bring up Oracle Enterprise
Manager on the new server, and navigate
to the main Database Replay page, as
shown in step 2 of the capture. From
the Oracle Enterprise Manager screen
shown in Figure 3, choose Preprocess
Captured Workload (the second task).
Provide the information requested— Figure 4: Start of the replay driver


JF08_DATA_REPLAY.indd 60 11/9/07 2:34:33 PM

Figure 5: Key metrics on the old and new systems

including the directory name, the OS various performance metrics of the data- another replay, first roll back all the
username (“oracle,” most likely), OS base over a period of time. In Oracle changes, by issuing
password, database userid and password, Enterprise Manager, navigate to the
and so on—and click Submit. The pre- Performance tab (shown in Figure 2), flashback database to restore point
processing is done by a job, and once the select the snapshots for the capture and pre_change;
job completes, the workload displays as replay times, and perform a side-by-side
“preprocessed” and ready for replay. comparison of the two periods. Figure You can perform this change/analyze/
2. Navigate to the Database Replay main 5 is part of the AWR report, showing rollback cycle as many times as you
page, and choose Replay Workload (the events taking the highest percentage of need to until you determine the best
third task). Answer the same types of database time side by side. configuration for your specific workload.
questions as in the preprocessing step, This comparison shows a simple
and click Submit at the end. analysis of the performance of the CONCLUSION
3. The database is now ready for new and the old systems. Key metrics Change is inevitable—parameters
replay. The screen appears as shown in include CPU time, which is only 8.47 change, patches need to be applied,
Figure 4. This screen indicates that the percent of the database time on the new hardware is replaced, and on and on.
replay driver has been started but the system, compared to almost 18 percent Like death and taxes, change is unavoid-
actual replay has not. on the old. The db file sequential read able, but that’s where the analogy stops.
4. The replay runs in a process called is about 11 percent of the database time If the exact outcome of a change can
a replay client. Start a replay client on the new system, compared to about be predicted with certainty, the risk of
from the command line, using the wrc 19 percent on the old. These metrics are implementation disappears or at least
command, as shown in Listing 1. key indicators of how the new system drops significantly to an acceptable
5. When the replay finishes, the replay performed, and all the metrics are based level. Database replay enables DBAs,
client displays on the actual operations of the produc- without involving any other group, to
tion database, not synthetic operations, assess the exact impact of a change with
Replay finished (04:53:03) so it can be said with a very high degree a few simple commands while using the
of confidence that the new system will actual database workload. The reduction
Oracle Enterprise Manager shows the outperform the old. in risk allows for a true high-availability
status as “Completed.” Click Report infrastructure. O
to show statistics about the capture MORE CHANGES
and replay. If you want to make changes to the new Arup Nanda (arup@proligence.com) has been an
system and retest, you can replay the Oracle DBA for more than 12 years. He was Oracle
ANALYSIS captured workload. There is no need to Magazine’s DBA of the Year in 2003.
Now that the workload captured earlier recapture the workload or perform the
has been replayed on the target system, preprocessing again. For example, first
check for errors. To do so, click View create a restore point:
Workload Replay Report. Examine READ more about
the report for any errors due to bugs or create restore point pre_change; Oracle Real Application Testing
other factors. Once that is done, note
how the new system’s performance com- Now make the changes to the new Database replay
Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide
pares to the old one’s. system, and finally run the replay on download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/server.111/
To compare the old and new systems, the new system. If, after analyzing the b28274/wcr.htm#BABCAABF
compare the AWR reports for the periods results of the new replay, you need to features/11g-replay.html
of capture and replay. AWR reports show further modify the new system and run


JF08_DATA_REPLAY.indd 61 12/4/07 12:14:39 PM



 3'))$#01.#1+.'2)#"#"1!0',+$,..!)#0#!&+,),%5+"--)'!0',+/-.,$#//',+)/ )'(#5,1 3&,
.#),,('+%0,#+.'!&0&#'.!.##./+"#+&+!#0&#-#.$,.*+!#,$0&#'.!,*-+5/.!)##+2'.,+*#+0 &0/3&5
 '/0&#)#"'+%1/#.".'2#+.!)##"1!0',+#2#+0 )),3'+%.!)#-.,$#//',+)/0,

7  3'0& 0&,1/+"/ ,$ .!)# 1/#./ 0, /&.# /1!!#// /0,.'#/ !&))#+%#/ +" /,)10',+/ $,. .!)#
0#!&+,),%5 +"--)'!0',+/
7   $.,*0&##4-#.0/+")#"#./'+0&#.!)#!,**1+'053'0&!&,'!#,$*,.#0&+ #"1!0',+/#//',+/
50&# +"1#/0-.#/#+0'+% #/0-.!0'!#/+"0#/0#"/,)10',+/
#4&' '0'+%'+,+#,-#+$,.1*
7   '+/'"#'+$,.*0',++"'+/'%&0$.,*.!)#)#"#./&'-+"0#!&+,),%52'/',+.'#/ +")#2#.%#0&#1/#./

#" "!%  

7$5,1.#+.!)#0#!&+,),%5+""0 /#-.,$#//',+) '+!)1"'+%/ "#2#),-#./ .!&'0#!0/ --)'!0',+/#.2#.
"*'+'/0.0,./ /5/0#*/#!1.'05/0,.%#*+%#./ .#%'/0#.0&.,1%&0&#+"#-#+"#+0.!)#/#./.,1-
7$5,1.#+.!)#--)'!0',+/-.,$#//',+)3'0&+'+0#.#/0'+0&#.!)#1/'+#//1'0# #,-)#,$0 .!)#
#0') '# #) .!)#,**1+'!0',+/$,.*#.)5,.0),$03.#+"#0,)2,$03.#+"#*+0.--)'!0',+/
0#!&+,),%5 .#%'/0#.0&.,1%&0&#.!)#--)'!0',+//#./.,1-
7 $5,1.##,-)#,$0,."3."/$1+!0',+),.0#!&+'!)-.,$#//',+)0+5)#2#),$5,1.,.%+'60',+ .#%'/0#.
.#/#+0#" 5

"# "#!"# %"!


t e c h n o l o g y IDENTITY BY M A RK RITTMAN

Intelligence and Identity

Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Identity Management
hen you are deploying Oracle Application Server Single Sign- Oracle Business Intelligence
Oracle Business Intelligence On, Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Enterprise Edition includes Oracle
Enterprise Edition, how you Suite, Oracle Identity Federation, Oracle Business Intelligence Server, Oracle
handle identity management Identity Manager, Oracle Internet Business Intelligence Presentation
is as important as query speed and the Directory, Oracle Virtual Directory, and Services, and the Oracle Business
quality of your data. A well-architected Oracle Web Services Manager. Oracle Intelligence Administration Tool, plus
identity management solu- several other server and
tion ensures that your desktop applications.
users are set up automati- Oracle Business
cally when they first join Intelligence Server has a
the organization, that they local repository that con-
can quickly access applica- tains information about
tions and data appropriate the many datasources (data
for their varied roles, and warehouses, data marts,
that personal details and packaged applications,
access privileges can be and so on) that business
easily managed. users will have access to via
This article focuses on Oracle Business Intelligence
integrating Oracle Business Interactive Dashboards.
Intelligence Enterprise Oracle Business
Edition with two of Oracle’s Intelligence Presentation
flagship identity manage- Services has its own sepa-
ment tools: Oracle Internet rate security infrastructure
Directory and Oracle of users and groups stored
Application Server Single in a separate reposi-
Sign-On. You’ll see how to tory, known as the Web
combine the security features of Oracle Internet Directory is an LDAP v.3 direc- Catalog. Oracle Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition tory that leverages the scalability and Interactive Dashboard is the main user
and Oracle Identity Management to high availability of Oracle Database to interface provided by Oracle Business
provide granular, secure access to data. store user and group profiles. Oracle Intelligence Presentation Services.
Internet Directory is widely used within When users log in to their respective
IDENTITY MANAGEMENT IN FOCUS Oracle’s own applications and middle- dashboards, Oracle Business Intelligence
User identity has its own lifecycle, ware tools to provide a single store Server authenticates their credentials. If
beginning with the initial hire, continu- of identity information. (For an over- an account does not already exist in the
ing through promotions and changes view of identity management concepts Web Catalog, one is created for them.
of department or role, and ending and Oracle Identity Management, see If a user is a member of any groups
when the staff member leaves and that “Access Granted” in the July/August that have corresponding Web Catalog
person’s application access is removed. 2006 issue of Oracle Magazine.) entries, the user is granted access to
Over time, employees typically need Oracle Business Intelligence these Web Catalog groups and any dash-
access to multiple systems, and their Enterprise Edition has its own secu- boards to which that person has access.
requirement for data access will change rity infrastructure for user and group As you’ll see later in this article, the
with their roles. management and control of access to user and group information contained
Oracle Identity Management is a datasources, but it can also be integrated in Oracle Internet Directory can be used
broad set of products that provides with numerous other industry-standard to facilitate the same access scenarios.

standards-based identity management identity management implementations, Oracle Business Intelligence Server
tools, including Oracle Access Manager, including Oracle Identity Management. makes it possible for privileged users


JF08_BI_IDM.indd 63 11/12/07 12:10:35 PM


to “impersonate” other users—this

functionality is used by Oracle Business
Intelligence Presentation Services to
implement single-sign-on functional-
ity in various scenarios, including one
demonstrated later in this article.
For more information, see Oracle
Business Intelligence Presentation Services
Administration Guide (chapter 8) and
Oracle Business Intelligence Server
Administration Guide (chapter 15), avail-
able on Oracle Technology Network.
Figure 1: Create a new initialization block in Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool Variable Manager
Organizations that have deployed OOracle Business Intelligence Enterprise examples, make a backup of the file
Oracle Identity Management can easily Edition, installed with the for safekeeping.
use it to provide Oracle Business Advanced Security option, which OThe examples assume that you have

Intelligence Enterprise Edition with an enables the necessary components (Web an Oracle Internet Directory instance
integrated, scalable identity manage- Bridge servlet, JMX Bean Server, and installed and configured. To set up the
ment solution across all their reporting Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher) connection between Oracle Business
needs. This article provides three inte- to be installed in Oracle Application Intelligence Server authentication and
gration scenarios that demonstrate how Server 10.1.3 (rather than the default Oracle Internet Directory, the user
to take advantage of powerful features Oracle Containers for J2EE [OC4J]). accounts must exist in Oracle Internet
in both products. In general, Oracle Application Server Directory. To create user accounts,
Example 1: Leverage Oracle Internet is recommended for Oracle Business 1. From a Web browser, navigate
Directory for Oracle Business Intelligence Intelligence Enterprise Edition running to the Oracle Identity Management
Interactive Dashboard Security steps in production environments. Provisioning Console:
you through enabling users of Oracle O Oracle Identity Management and

Business Intelligence Interactive Oracle Application Server Metadata http://yourservername:7777/oiddas/

Dashboard to connect to their dash- Repository, installed as part of an
boards by using their Oracle Internet Oracle Application Server 10.1.2 infra- 2. Click the Directory tab to acti-
Directory logins and passwords. structure deployment. (Oracle Identity vate the user setup page. Set up user
Example 2: Augment Oracle Internet Management includes accounts as necessary.
Directory User Identity with Oracle Business many enhancements and bug fixes
Intelligence Server Security Features and is bundled as a single download EXAMPLE 1: LEVERAGE ORACLE INTERNET
shows you how the features in Oracle of all installation components—Oracle DIRECTORY FOR ORACLE BUSINESS
Business Intelligence Server can provide Application Server infrastructure, Oracle INTELLIGENCE INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD
granular, row-level control over report Database Server, and so on.) SECURITY
data to users authenticated with Oracle In addition to the required products, In this first example, you connect
Internet Directory. note these other requirements: Oracle Business Intelligence Server to
Example 3: Streamline Access to Oracle OServers on which the various compo- Oracle Internet Directory, to enable your
Business Intelligence by Using Oracle Single nents are installed must have fully quali- Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive
Sign-On steps you through configuring fied domain names (FQDNs) to support Dashboard users to authenticate by
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise the single-sign-on scenario. using their Oracle Internet Directory
Edition to leverage Oracle Application OIf you are using dynamic host con- login and password. At runtime,
Server Single Sign-On as a partner appli- figuration protocol (DHCP) for network when a business user tries to access
cation. Business users will then be able addresses on Microsoft Windows a report, Oracle Business Intelligence
to access Oracle Business Intelligence platforms, be sure to configure the Presentation Services will retrieve the
Server functionality by using the same Microsoft Loopback Network Adapter user’s group membership information
user account as for other applications before installing any of the software. from Oracle Internet Directory.
and will be able to access their Oracle See the respective product installation This example is based on using
Business Intelligence Server dashboards guides for details. Oracle Internet Directory exclusively
based on group membership. OBefore making changes to existing to manage user IDs and group mem-
The examples in this article are based configuration files (instanceconfig.xml, bership. You can, however, also use
on these specific releases: for example) as described in any of the Oracle Security Manager to import


JF08_BI_IDM.indd 64 11/12/07 12:10:36 PM

details of users and groups using the variable names USER and
directly into the Oracle PASSWORD (password is optional). The
Business Intelligence warnings are generated because we are
Server repository and then directly supplying values for these inter-
keep these details up to nal Oracle Business Intelligence Server
date through either the variables—something you would never
Oracle Security Manager do in a production
LDAP Synchronization environment.
tool or Oracle Directory 4. Click OK to save
Integration Platform, pro- the variable target
vided with Oracle Internet definition.
Directory. (Oracle Directory 5. Click OK again to
Integration Platform create the initialization
enables you to create work- block.
flow that can add users Note that instead
to the Oracle Business of using the LDAP uid
Figure 2: Filtering access to different groups through Oracle Internet Directory
Intelligence Server reposi- attribute to establish a
tory as soon as they are pro- user’s identity, you can
visioned in Oracle Internet Directory.) 6. Click Edit Data Source… to create a use the orclguid attribute, which guar-
See Oracle Business Intelligence new LDAP datasource. antees uniqueness even when a user is
Enterprise Edition Deployment Guide for 7. Using the LDAP Server dialog box, deleted from Oracle Internet Directory
more details about various other con- enter the following connection details: and another one is created with the
figuration options. same name. However, for the example,
To enable authentication against Host name = name of server hosting Oracle we use the uid attribute, which makes
Oracle Internet Directory, you must Internet Director Web Catalog paths a little more read-
create an “initialization block” that Port = 389 able (at the risk of new users colliding
runs when the user logs in, retrieving Base DN = dc=<oid_domain_name>, with deleted users). You can also create
details from Oracle Internet Directory. dc=<oid_tld> additional variable bindings for the
The initialization block runs at the Bind DN = cn=orcladmin user’s e-mail address (MAIL) or other
session level. Bind Password = <orcladmin_password> LDAP attributes.
Oracle Business Intelligence LDAP Version = 3 6. Click OK to redisplay the Server
Administration Tool Variable Manager Variable Initialization Block dialog box.
enables you to define repository vari- 8. Click Test Connection to ensure that 7. Check the Required for
ables and session variables. We’ll use everything is working correctly. Authentication check box to require all
the session variable to define a session- After establishing the connection users (except for the administrator user)
level initialization block. to Oracle Internet Directory, you must to authenticate via the Oracle Internet
To create the initialization block, map Oracle Business Intelligence Server Directory server. (If you leave the check
use Oracle Business Intelligence Server internal variables to Oracle Internet box deselected, users not held in Oracle
Administration to launch Variable Directory LDAP variables, as follows: Internet Directory will still be able to
Manager, as follows: 1. Return to the Session Variable authenticate if their details are present
1. Launch the Oracle Business Initialization Block editor. in the Oracle Business Intelligence
Intelligence Administration Tool. 2. Click Edit Data Target…. Server repository.)
(For example, click Start -> Programs 3. Using the Session Variable 8. Restart Oracle Business Intelligence
-> Oracle Business Intelligence -> Initialization Block Data Target dialog Server.
Administration.) box, map these three Oracle Business Test the setup, by having one of
2. From the Manage menu, select Intelligence Server variables to their your users log on to Oracle Business
Variables... to launch Variable Manager. respective Oracle Internet Directory Intelligence Interactive Dashboard
3. In the left-hand pane, under Session, LDAP variables: by using his or her Oracle Internet
click Initialization Blocks. Directory credentials. The user should
4. In the right-hand pane of USER = uid be granted access to Oracle Business
Variable Manager, right-click New GROUP = departmentnumber Intelligence Interactive Dashboard
Initialization Block… (see Figure PASSWORD = userpassword according to Oracle Business
1) to display the Session Variable Intelligence Presentation Services Web
Initialization Block editor. You can disregard the warning Catalog group memberships listed in
5. Name the variable Authenticator. messages that appear when you are the Oracle Internet Directory profile.


JF08_BI_IDM.indd 65 11/12/07 12:10:36 PM


and the performance of your reports.

Users should have a single profile
within their organization that grants
them access to both their applications
and their reports, with a simple-to-
administer provisioning process that
handles their identity management
lifecycle, from hiring to promotion
to departure.
Oracle Application Server
10g, through the use of
Oracle Identity Management
tools—Oracle Internet
Directory, Oracle Delegated
Administration Services, and
Oracle Application Server
Single Sign-On—provides a
solution based on widely used
standards. Oracle Business Intelligence
Figure 3: Viewing only Eastern group data Enterprise Edition leverages these
standards and enables you to create a
EXAMPLE 2: AUGMENT ORACLE INTERNET For example, you can create a filter single identity management solution
DIRECTORY USER IDENTITY WITH ORACLE to limit members of the Eastern group across your line-of-business and
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SERVER so that they see data on customers reporting applications. O
SECURITY FEATURES from New York and Massachusetts
In this example, you create groups only (see Figure 2). Each filter defines Mark Rittman is an Oracle ACE director and
within Oracle Business Intelligence the data the user can see. Filters are cofounder of Rittman Mead Consulting, a U.K.-
Server and apply row-level security to cumulative: users belonging to both based Oracle Partner providing specialized business
the groups so that users have role-based the Northern and Eastern groups will intelligence and data warehousing solutions. Joel
data access, regardless of how they see data for customers in states in the Crisp is a principal engineer for Oracle who works on
log on (through Security Manager or north and the east. the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite.
through Oracle Internet Directory). However, users without any filters
First, create the groups in Oracle applied to a specific table in the repos-
Business Intelligence Server, by using itory will be able to see all of the data
the Oracle Business Intelligence in that table.
Administration Tool. When someone from the Eastern READ
1. From the Oracle Business group logs in, that person will see data online-only article content
Intelligence Administration Tool main for that region (see Figure 3); if he
“Access Granted”
menu, select Manage -> Security to or she also belongs to another group otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/06-jul/
launch Security Manager. or other users log in who belong to a o46identity.html

2. From within the left-hand pane of different group, they will see data for Oracle documentation
Security Manager, select Groups. those particular states. Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation
Services Administration Guide
3. Add the name of a group that The online version of this article, Oracle Business Intelligence Server
matches the group set up in Oracle at otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/08- Administration Guide

Internet Directory. jan/o18biidm.html, describes how to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
Deployment Guide
4. Create groups that match the groups build Example 3: Streamline Access to otn.oracle.com/documentation
already created in the Oracle Business Oracle Business Intelligence by Using LEARN more about
Intelligence Presentation Services Web Oracle Single Sign-On. Oracle Identity Management
Catalog and that match the group names otn.oracle.com/products/id_mgmt

used within Oracle Internet Directory. SUMMARY Oracle Business Intelligence

5. Once you have created the groups, When putting together an application
use the User Group/Permissions dialog based on Oracle Business Intelligence EXPLORE Oracle by Example
Creating a Repository Using the Oracle Business
box to create and apply one or more Enterprise Edition, how you handle Intelligence Administration Tool
filters to the tables available to each the issue of identity management is as otn.oracle.com/obe/obe_bi/bi_ee_1013/bi_admin/
group, thus limiting access. important as the quality of your data


JF08_BI_IDM.indd 66 11/12/07 12:10:36 PM

t e c h n o l o g y INSIDE OCP BY H A R A LD VA N B REEDERO DE

Become a Certified Expert

Oracle University offers Oracle Expert certification in Oracle Real Application Clusters.

he new Oracle Certified Expert B. Sequence numbers may be out of instance for the cached values.
program provides opportunities order if multiple instances run the appli- B. Instances regularly send the
for Oracle professionals to earn cation program that uses the sequence. NEXTVALUE data for all CACHE and
certifications in advanced, niche, C. Sequences add no extra overhead to ORDER sequences to other instances to
and specialty technology areas. The pro- traffic over the interconnect. guarantee ordering.
gram’s first advanced offering for DBAs is D. Using the CACHE and NOORDER C. The cache information is written and
the Oracle Database 10g: Administering options together results in the best per- read from the controlfile.
Oracle Real Application Clusters exam. formance for a sequence. D. When an instance allocates a new
To earn the Oracle Real Application The correct answers are B and D. number from a CACHE and ORDER
Clusters Administrator Certified Expert Answer B is correct because if the sequence, it asks all other instances to
credential, you must pass this new exam CACHE option is used without the pass the NEXTVALUE over the intercon-
and meet one of the following additional ORDER option, each instance caches a nect. The highest value for all instances,
requirements: earn the Oracle Database separate range of numbers and sequence including the requesting instance, is used.
10g DBA Oracle Certified Professional numbers may be assigned out of order The correct answer is D.
(OCP) credential or attend either the by the different instances. Answer D Answer D is correct because all
Oracle Database 10g: Real Application is correct because the CACHE option database instances know their own
Clusters course or the Oracle Database causes each instance to cache its own NEXTVALUE, based on the last cached
10g: Real Application Clusters for range of numbers, thus reducing I/O value used in that instance. So the
Administrators Release 2 course. to the Oracle Data Dictionary, and the NEXTVALUE used for a request from
This column discusses concepts relat- NOORDER option eliminates message any instance must be the highest
ing to sequences, parallel execution, traffic over the interconnect to coordi- NEXTVALUE from any instance.
virtual IP addresses (VIPs), and Oracle nate the sequential allocation of numbers Answer A is incorrect because no
Clusterware file management. It also across all instances of the database. database instance masters the sequence
provides samples of the type of questions Answer A is incorrect because even metadata for a specific sequence. Each
that appear in the Oracle Database 10g: though each instance has a row cache, instance has row cache metadata for the
Administering Oracle Real Application it is still possible to use the CACHE same sequence, provided that sequence
Clusters exam. The sample questions option with sequences. In such a case, has been used in that instance. Answer
and code formats have been adjusted for each instance may cache numbers for B is incorrect because instances do not
publication in this column. that sequence in its row cache. Answer send this metadata regularly; they send it
C is incorrect because if the CACHE only upon request from the instance cur-
SEQUENCES AND ORACLE RAC and ORDER options are used together, rently allocating the next number in the
The use of sequences in Oracle Real all instances must allocate numbers in sequence. Answer C is incorrect because
Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) is order by coordinating the assignment of the cache metadata is not stored in the
much the same as it is for single-instance the next value, using messages over the controlfile. It is stored in the row cache of
Oracle databases, but there are certain interconnect, thereby increasing inter- all instances that have used the sequence
Oracle RAC–specific issues. With two or connect traffic in proportion to the fre- since that instance started.
more database instances, sequences may quency of new-number assignment.
require coordination to guarantee that Adding the ORDER option requires PARALLEL EXECUTION AND ORACLE RAC
the sequence numbers are allocated in that sequence numbers be returned Oracle RAC databases support parallel
the correct order. in order. execution of queries, data manipulation
Which of the following are always true How does Oracle Database coordinate language (DML), and data definition
regarding the use of sequences in an sequences with the CACHE and ORDER language (DDL) in much the same way
Oracle 10g RAC database? (Pick two.) options so that numbers are cached in as a single database instance, but there
A. It is not possible to use the CACHE each instance’s row cache but are still are some special considerations regarding
option, because each database has a allocated in the correct order? performance and administration issues
row cache. A. One instance acts as the mastering that are unique to Oracle RAC.


JF08_OCP.indd 67 11/8/07 1:17:33 PM


A two-instance Oracle RAC database has Another important performance that the default is for recovery to be
the settings PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS issue related to parallel execution is serial, not parallel.
= 100 and PARALLEL_MIN_PERCENT = 0 instance recovery.
on each instance. The DBA has also set A four-node Oracle RAC cluster has VIRTUAL IP ADDRESSES
PARALLEL_ADAPTIVE_MULTIUSER to false an instance on each node. Instance C Database clients use TNS descriptors
on both instances. The DBA then logs in fails due to node failure on node C. All to contact a TNS listener on one of the
to instance A and attempts to create a instances have the PARALLEL_MAX_ cluster nodes from a list of the listeners
large index in parallel, using the following SERVER = 300 setting. How does the on all cluster nodes. TNS descriptors
statement: DBA ensure that recovery for instance C for Oracle RAC contain hostnames or IP
is done in parallel, thereby speeding up addresses of the public network inter-
SQL> create index sh.sales_prod_cust the recovery? faces on all cluster nodes.
on SH.sales (prod_id, cust_id) parallel 10; A. No action is required, because When database clients attempt con-
PARALLEL_MAX_SERVER is already set nections to cluster databases, one of the
How are the parallel execution slave pro- on all instances. available hostnames in the TNS descrip-
cesses allocated to build this index? B. Issue the recover command for tor is selected and a connection request is
A. Five slaves are allocated from each instance C, using the parallel option. made. If the selected instance or listener
instance, and if either instance has fewer C. Make sure that the RECOVERY_ on that host is unavailable, clients select
than five slaves available, an error is PARALLELISM parameter is greater another hostname and try again until
returned. than or equal to 2 to guarantee parallel they succeed in connecting. Although
B. Ten slaves are allocated from instance recovery. this technique improves availability
A, and if fewer than 10 are available in D. No action is required, because when instances or listeners are down, a
instance A, an error is returned. PARALLEL_MAX_SERVER is set and network timeout is required to enable
C. Ten slaves are allocated from instance RECOVERY_PARALLELISM defaults clients to detect unavailable nodes.
A, and if fewer are available, the creation to 10. Clients are therefore delayed by the TCP
of the index proceeds with fewer slaves, The correct answer is C. timeout period before they attempt to
all on instance A. In Oracle Database 10g, the connect to another hostname, resulting in
D. Ten slaves are allocated from instance RECOVERY_PARALLELISM parameter slower network connection establishment
A, if possible. If fewer are available, defaults to CPU_COUNT –1, but the DBA and lower availability of connections.
slaves are requested from instance B. must assure that it has a nonzero value To circumvent these network time-
If instance A and B together cannot and that the degree of parallelism used by outs, Oracle Database 10g clusters use
provide 10 slaves, the statement exe- the recovery allows instance recovery to VIPs, which respond in one of two
cutes with fewer slaves. complete within the required service-level ways to connection requests made over
E. Ten slaves are allocated from instance agreement for recovery. If RECOVERY_ the public network interfaces. While a
A, if possible. If fewer are available, PARALLELISM is set to a value less than cluster node is available, its associated
slaves are requested from instance B. If 2, recovery will be done serially, not in VIP is active on that node and inbound
instance A and B together cannot provide parallel. Note that other factors affecting connection requests are accepted by the
10 slaves, the statement returns an error. recovery speed—such as default buffer listener. If a node becomes unavailable,
The correct answer is D. cache size, which is outside the scope its associated VIP is activated on one of
Oracle Database attempts to allocate of this article—are neither Oracle RAC– the remaining cluster nodes by Oracle
all slaves on the instance where the coor- specific nor related to parallelism. Clusterware, thereby enabling this other
dinator process is running, in this case Answer A is incorrect because node to reject connection requests
on instance A. If all slaves required are setting PARALLEL_MAX_SERVER to a originally sent to the failed node.
available, they are allocated from this nonzero value is not enough to guar- This rejection of connection requests
instance, which reduces interconnect antee that recovery will be done in results in immediate notification to the
overhead. If the coordinator instance is parallel. If RECOVERY_PARALLELISM requesting client, which immediately
unable to provide enough slaves because either defaults to or is set to 0 or 1, selects another hostname from the TNS
some are already allocated or because the recovery will be done serially. Answer descriptor. This results in faster network
parallel request exceeded PARALLEL_ B is incorrect because an Oracle RAC connection establishment and higher
MAX_SERVER for the requesting recovery is performed by one of the availability of connections.
instance, slaves are requested from other surviving instances automatically and Which statements are true about VIPs?
instances. If all the instances together not by the DBAs issuing a recover A. VIPs always accept connection
are unable to provide enough slaves, the command. Answer D is incorrect because requests.
statement will execute with a reduced RECOVERY_PARALLELISM defaults to B. VIPs must be manually moved from
set of slaves, as would be the case in a CPU_COUNT – 1. On a machine with one node to another.
single-instance Oracle Database. only one or two CPUs, this would mean C. Clients should connect to the VIP


JF08_OCP.indd 68 11/8/07 1:17:33 PM

instead of the public hostname. the software are restarted and the same on the voting disk. Answer D is incorrect
D. VIPs should be resolvable through steps are then carried out serially on the because although Oracle Clusterware
DNS. remaining nodes. creates OCR backups automatically, it
E. VIPs are used to circumvent network Answer A is incorrect because Oracle does not do so for the voting disk.
timeouts on the cluster interconnect. Clusterware cannot discover the new Your system administrator informs you of
The correct answers are C and D. VIPs automatically. Answer B is incorrect a disk failure in your Oracle RAC cluster
Answer C is correct because connect- because Oracle Clusterware stores VIPs that necessitates a replacement disk. An
ing through VIPs prevents delays from in its own metadata to avoid depen- OCR mirror was located on the failed disk
network timeouts. Answer D is correct dency on DNS. Answers C and E are and requires recovery. What is the best
because clients must resolve IP addresses incorrect because planned downtime way to resolve this issue?
of VIPs. would compromise the Oracle RAC A. Copy the remaining OCR to the mirror
Answer A is incorrect because VIPs high-availability architecture. location while the cluster is still running.
accept connections only when the VIP B. Restore the OCR from a backup
is used on its own node. Answer B is ORACLE CLUSTERWARE FILE MANAGEMENT location.
incorrect because Oracle Clusterware The two important Oracle Clusterware C. Copy the remaining OCR to the mirror
automatically relocates VIPs as required. file types are the Oracle Cluster Registry location while the cluster is shut down.
Answer E is incorrect because VIPs are (OCR) and the voting disk. The OCR D. Replace the OCR mirror by issuing
used for client connections made over contains cluster configuration data such an OCRCONFIG –REPLACE command.
public network interfaces, not over the as public and private node names, data- E. Repair the OCR mirror by issuing an
interconnect, which is a private network base and instance names, IP and VIP OCRCONFIG –REPAIR command.
for the cluster. addresses, node applications, and voting The correct answer is D. OCRCONFIG
Your company plans to switch from one disk locations. The voting disk is a disk –REPLACE is the command for replacing
internet service provider (ISP) to another device or file that plays an important the OCR mirror.
ISP, which will result in new IP addresses role during cluster reconfiguration activi- Answer A is incorrect because Oracle
for your Oracle RAC VIPs. What must you ties such as nodes joining or leaving the Clusterware prevents mirrors from being
do to implement these new VIP addresses cluster and public or private network copied while they are in use. Answer B
for your Oracle RAC cluster? failures. Multiplexing both the OCR and is incorrect because the backup OCR
A. You don’t need to do anything. the voting disks can protect them against will be out of sync with the remaining
Oracle Clusterware will discover the media failures, but making backups for OCR, and no logs exist to facilitate a
new VIPs automatically. disaster recovery is still an important roll forward. Answer C is possible but
B. You make changes in DNS, and activity for DBAs. conflicts with high-availability objectives,
Oracle Clusterware will determine the While evaluating your company’s backup- because the cluster would need to be shut
new addresses automatically. and-recovery strategy, your IT manager asks down, and is therefore not the best way
C. You must plan some scheduled you to recommend a backup strategy for the to resolve the issue. Answer E is incorrect
downtime for the whole cluster and Oracle Clusterware voting disk. When would because the –REPAIR argument is used to
make the changes while all cluster soft- you recommend that backups of the voting repair a broken /etc/oracle/ocr.loc file that
ware is inactive. disk be done? (Choose all that apply.) points to the OCR device location(s). O
D. You must stop all VIP-dependent A. Never, because there is nothing inside
cluster components on one node; the voting disk. Harald van Breederode (ocpexam_ww@oracle
change the VIP address, using the Server B. After a node is added to the cluster. .com) is the Linux technical advisor to the Oracle
Control (SRVCTL) utility; and restart C. After a node is removed from the Certification Exam development team and has worked
all VIP-dependent cluster components. cluster. for Oracle University Netherlands since 1999. Joel
Then you repeat the same steps on all D. Never, because voting disk backups Goodman (ocpexam_ww@oracle.com) is the Oracle
cluster nodes, one at a time. are taken automatically by Oracle Database technical advisor to the Oracle Certification
E. You need to reinstall Oracle Clusterware whenever database backups Exam development team and has worked for Oracle
Clusterware from scratch. are taken. University U.K. since 1997.
The correct answer is D. The correct answers are B and C.
A crucial element of the Oracle RAC Answer B is correct because a new
high-availability architecture is support heartbeat area is created on the voting
for most maintenance activities in a disk when a new node is added to the LEARN more about the Oracle
rolling fashion. This allows software on cluster. Answer C is correct because a Certification Program and download a
one node to be shut down for mainte- node heartbeat area is removed from the free exam guide
nance while other nodes continue to voting disk whenever a node is removed
operate normally. Upon completion of from the cluster. Answer A is incorrect READ “Inside OCP” columns
the maintenance action, the node and because each node has a heartbeat area


JF08_OCP.indd 69 11/8/07 1:17:33 PM

Sometimes the
problem is obvious.

Usually, it’s harder to pinpoint.

Amazing what you can accomplish once you have
the information you need.
When the source of a database-driven application slowdown isn’t immediately
obvious, try a tool that can get you up to speed. One that pinpoints database
bottlenecks and calculates application wait time at each step. Confio lets you
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Confio_FP_OracleAD_smoke.indd 1 10/24/07 1:11:25 PM

t e c h n o l o g y ASK TOM BY TO M KYTE

On Tuning by Tracing
Our technologist does a tune-up with SQL_TRACE.
y all-time favorite presenta- codeLISTING 1: Different inputs, different plans
tion is called “All About
SQL> set autotrace traceonly explain
Binds.” It takes me about SQL> select * from t where id = 1;
three hours to do the entire
talk—which covers performance, Execution Plan
memory utilization, scalability, security, | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost (%CPU) | Time |
bind mismatches, bind variable peeking, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
and cursor sharing—from start to finish. | 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 1 | 96 | 2 (0) | 00:00:01 |
| 1 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID | T | 1 | 96 | 2 (0) | 00:00:01 |
Today, I got this message on Ask Tom |* 2 | INDEX RANGE SCAN | T_IDX | 1 | | 1 (0) | 00:00:01 |
(asktom.oracle.com): -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have a query that runs slowly (it takes about SQL> select * from t where id = 99;
two minutes). So what do I do? I turn on tracing Execution Plan
(SQL_TRACE=TRUE) before running the query, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
and consistently, 100 percent of the time, | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost (%CPU) | Time |
without my changing anything else, when I | 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 50244 | 4710K | 235 (4) | 00:00:02 |
enable tracing the query comes back instantly! |* 1 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T | 50244 | 4710K | 235 (4) | 00:00:02 |
This message on Ask Tom shows -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
exactly what I demonstrate in the “All
About Binds” presentation, during which Let’s start with the setup script to will return all of the rest (about 50,000
I say, “I’m going to show you how to demonstrate this phenomenon. I’ll set up records). Also, the optimizer is very aware
tune by setting SQL_TRACE=TRUE. You a very skewed set of data for emphasis: of this fact, because of the histograms in
are probably all thinking that I’m going place, and if we parse by using literals, we
to run a query, observe it running slowly, SQL> create table t can definitely see different plans for differ-
trace it, and then tune it. Well, I’m not 2 as ent inputs, as shown in Listing 1.
going to do that—all I’m going to do 3 select case when rownum = 1
is set SQL_TRACE=TRUE, and you’ll 4 then 1 else 99 end id, a.* ORACLE8i DATABASE RELEASE 3
observe that the query performance 5 from all_objects a AND EARLIER
and resource utilization are dramatically 6 / But what happens when we bind the ID
affected—all for the better!” Table created. input—when we issue SELECT * FROM
I know exactly what is happening in t WHERE ID = :ID? Well, the answer
the Ask Tom scenario—it is a combina- SQL> create index t_idx on t(id); depends on which release of Oracle
tion of two things: Index created. Database is being used. With Oracle8i
OWhen you set SQL_TRACE=TRUE, Database Release 3 and earlier, the
you set up a new “parse environment” SQL> begin optimizer will more or less “guess.” It
(a made-up term). You have changed 2 dbms_stats.gather_table_stats will not have any information about the
your session in such a way that it will 3 ( user, ‘T’, WHERE ID = :ID clause. The informa-
not share any existing SQL that was not 4 method_opt=> tion it has is
parsed with SQL_TRACE enabled. So it 5 ‘for all’|| OID has two values in the table: 1 and 99.

is highly likely that you will either hard- 6 ‘indexed columns’|| OThere are 50,000 records in the table.

parse a new version of the query or use 7 ‘size 254’ ); And because ID has only two values,
some existing child cursor that is differ- 8 end; this old optimizer will guess that for
ent from the one you would use with 9 / any query on ID, about half of the table
SQL_TRACE disabled. PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. on average will be selected. And the
OBind variable peeking happens at database would come up with one plan,
hard-parse time and may affect the plan It is quite clear that WHERE ID=1 will regardless of the inputs. In this case, it
chosen by the optimizer. return one record and WHERE ID=99 would likely do a full scan of the table.


JF08_ASK TOM.indd 71 11/9/07 9:56:06 AM


ORACLE9i DATABASE AND ORACLE codeLISTING 2: Using DBMS_XPLAN to show the plans for each child cursor
SQL> select sql_id from v$sql where sql_text = ‘select * from t where id = :id’;
From Oracle9i Database Release 1
through Oracle Database 10g Release SQL_ID
2, Oracle Database will wait until the -----------------------------------
cursor is opened to do the actual opti-
mization of the query—it will wait for
the bind variable value to be supplied SQL> select * from table( dbms_xplan.display_cursor( ‘8s40hfjcbmxzk’, 0 ) );
by the application before figuring out
the right way to optimize the query. This -------------------------------------------------
is called bind variable peeking, when the SQL_ID 8s40hfjcbmxzk, child number 0
optimizer first looks at the bind values
select * from t where id = :id
and then optimizes the query. In this
case, however, depending on which Plan hash value: 1601196873
inputs are used to first run the query, the
database will either choose a full scan or | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost (%CPU) | Time |
an index range scan plus table access by ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | | | 235 (100) | |
index rowid. And in Oracle9i Database
|* 1 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T | 50250 | 4710K | 235 (4) | 00:00:02 |
Release 1 through Oracle Database 10g ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Release 2, that is the plan that will be
Predicate Information (identified by operation id):
used to execute the SELECT * FROM t
WHERE ID = :ID query, regardless of the 1 - filter(“ID”=:ID)
subsequent bind values, until the query
18 rows selected.
is hard-parsed and optimized again.
I’ll address what happens in Oracle SQL> select * from table( dbms_xplan.display_cursor( ‘8s40hfjcbmxzk’, 1 ) );
Database 11g Release 1 in a minute, but
first let’s take a look at what is happen-
ing to the person whose scenario on Ask SQL_ID 8s40hfjcbmxzk, child number 1
Tom inspired this discussion: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
select * from t where id = :id
1. Someone hard-parsed the query in
question, and the inputs used resulted in Plan hash value: 470836197
“Plan A.”
2. Plan A was the best plan for that
| Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost (%CPU) | Time |
person, given the inputs—it was the ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
most efficient plan. | 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | | | 2 (100) | |
| 1 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID | T | 1 | 96 | 2 (0) | 00:00:01 |
3. Later, someone else executed the same
|* 2 | INDEX RANGE SCAN | T_IDX | 1 | | 1 (0) | 00:00:01 |
query. Using shared SQL, this person ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
reused the plan generated by the other
Predicate Information (identified by operation id):
person (Plan A in No. 1), but the new
bind variable inputs were different and 2 - access(“ID”=:ID)
the plan generated for No. 1 was not the
19 rows selected.
best plan for these inputs. In fact, the
plan was miserable for these new inputs.
4. The person in No. 3 turned on SQL_
TRACE and executed the query with SQL> variable id number 4031 consistent gets
inputs from No. 3 again, but because

SQL> set autotrace traceonly statistics

SQL_TRACE was on, the query did not SQL> exec :id := 99 50254 rows processed
share the SQL. The query was hard- PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
parsed—with the new inputs—and this So we started off with ID=99 as the
resulted in a very different plan, “Plan B,” SQL> select * from t where id = :id; bind, and the optimizer chose a full scan
and given these inputs, Plan B was much 50254 rows selected. (you can prove that via TKPROF by
better than Plan A. looking at the row source operation if you
Using Oracle Database 10g Release Statistics wish; I did. . . .) Therefore, regardless of
2, we can observe this easily. Consider ---------------------------------------------------------------- the bind value, the database will execute
the following: a full scan from now on. For example,


JF08_ASK TOM.indd 72 11/9/07 9:48:51 AM

SQL> exec :id : = 1
codeLISTING 3: Multiple plans with intelligent cursor sharing (Oracle Database 11g)
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
SQL> select sql_id
2 from v$sql
SQL> select * from t where id = :id;
3 where sql_text = ‘select * from T where id = :x’;
no rows selected
SQL> declare
2 l_cursor sys_refcursor;

3 type array is table of number;

720 consistent gets 4 l_data array := array(99,1);
5 type data_array is table of T%rowtype;

6 l_recs data_array;
1 rows processed 7 begin
8 for i in 1 .. l_data.count
9 loop
This result demonstrates that it was 10 open l_cursor for ‘select * from T where id = :x’ using l_data( i );
unlikely that an index range scan/table 11 loop
access by index rowid was executed. In 12 fetch l_cursor bulk collect into l_recs limit 500;
13 exit when l_cursor%notfound;
such a case, we’d expect many fewer 14 end loop;
logical I/Os (consistent gets)—three or 15 close l_cursor;
four against an index and one against the 16 end loop;
17 end;
table. This result represents our “poorly 18 /
performing query.” Now we turn on PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
SQL_TRACE to find the performance
SQL> select sql_id
characteristics, and we observe 2 from v$sql
3 where sql_text = ‘select * from T where id = :x’;
SQL> alter session set sql_trace = true; SQL_ID
Session altered.
SQL> select * from t where id = :id;

SQL> select * from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor(‘gw1fks2wb4j2g’,0));

Statistics SQL_ID gw1fks2wb4j2g, child number 0

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
select * from T where id = :x

4 consistent gets | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost (%CPU) | Time |

| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | | | 292 (100) | |

1 rows processed
|* 1 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T | 68207 | 6927K | 292 (2) | 00:00:04 |
Apparently just setting SQL_
SQL> select * from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor(‘gw1fks2wb4j2g’,1));
TRACE=TRUE is our tuning mechanism!
It isn’t really—bind peeking and hard SQL_ID gw1fks2wb4j2g, child number 1
parsing are what’s causing this result, but -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
select * from T where id = :x
unless you know that SQL_TRACE sets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
up a child cursor and that bind peeking | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost (%CPU) | Time |
happens, this looks very mysterious, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | | | 2 (100) | |
especially if you turn SQL_TRACE off: | 1 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID | T | 1 | 104 | 2 (0) | 00:00:01 |
|* 2 | INDEX RANGE SCAN | T_IDX | 1 | | 1 (0) | 00:00:01 |
SQL> alter session set sql_trace=false; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Session altered.

SQL> select * from t where id = :id; See it run slowly (720 consistent gets). Statistics
And now that we’ve seen slow, turn ------------------------------------------------------------
SQL_TRACE on again:

-------------------------------------------------------------- 4 consistent gets


SQL> alter session set sql_trace=true;

720 consistent gets Session altered. 1 rows processed

1 rows processed SQL> select * from t where id = :id; And see it go fast. It is not magic; it


JF08_ASK TOM.indd 73 11/9/07 9:48:51 AM


is bind peeking. To see the real plans, IF BIND VARIABLE PEEKING IS A PROBLEM without gathering histograms, the plan
you can query V$SQL_PLAN / V$SQL_ Most of the time—almost all of the time, would not flip-flop.
PLAN_STATISTICS or use DBMS_ in fact—bind variable peeking works as Use your domain knowledge of the data. If
XPLAN to dump the plans for each child the designers of the feature intended: in you know that when a certain query is
cursor, as shown in Listing 2. a positive, helpful manner. The query in executed with a date that falls within the
You can use V$SQL_SHARED_ the application uses bind values that drive last 30 days, the volume of data would be
CURSOR and the SQL_ID from Listing it to one plan or the other consistently. It small and indexes would be used and that
2 to see why you have multiple child is only when the plan flip-flops between if the date is way in the past, the volume
cursors as well. For example, two radically different execution paths, of data would be large and full scans
and for some segment of users, that you would be used, then just use if/then/else.
SQL> select child_number, have a really bad plan. In such cases, The online-only version of this
2 stats_row_mismatch Oracle Database 11g might be the right column, at otn.oracle.com/oramag/
3 from v$sql_shared_cursor answer for you, because it accommodates oracle/08-jan/o18asktom.html, includes
4 where sql_id = ‘8s40hfjcbmxzk’ multiple plans. example syntax for using if/then/else, as
5 / But when bind variable peeking well as information on using CURSOR_
doesn’t work “nicely” and Oracle SHARING=SIMILAR and stored outlines.
CHILD_NUMBER STATS_ROW_MISMATCH Database 11g is not a viable solution Disable the bind peeking feature. You
------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------- for you, what can you do to get around can disable bind peeking by using an
0 N bind variable peeking? I’ll go through the undocumented init.ora parameter, but—
1 Y ideas one by one. because this really affects you only if
Don’t bind that query. Yes, you read that you have statistics that cause plans to
That is what you would look for to correctly—don’t use a bind variable (yes, flip-flop—I would say, instead, that you
verify that you were seeing an “it must be I wrote that—do not use a bind variable!) should stop gathering those statistics to save
SQL_TRACE creating a new child cursor In my example, ID has two values—1 the time and resources it takes, and you’ll
and a hard parse with different binds” and 99. Let’s say ID wasn’t ID but rather have achieved basically the same goal. O
result. (The queries you run to verify this was PROCESSED_FLAG and had two
in Oracle9i Database are slightly different values—Y and N. Most of the records are Tom Kyte is a database evangelist in Oracle’s Server
from the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 PROCESSED_FLAG=Y; some of them Technology division and has worked for Oracle since
queries above. If you are interested in the are N. Some people query the processed 1993. He is the author of Expert Oracle Database
Oracle9i Database queries, you can review records (Y=yes). They want a full scan. Architecture: 9i and 10g Programming Techniques
tkyte.blogspot.com/2007/09/sqltracetrue- Others query the unprocessed records and Solutions (Apress, 2005) and Effective Oracle by
part-two.html, where I worked the in order to process them (N=no). They Design (Oracle Press, 2003), among others.
example through in that release.) want an index range scan.
Here my suggestion would be not
The current release of Oracle Database— instead, use literals. That way we have ASK Tom
Oracle Vice President Tom Kyte answers your most dif-
Oracle Database 11g—changes the above two queries and two plans. ficult technology questions. Highlights from that forum
behavior for the better. A new feature— This is also why I do not like appear in this column.
intelligent cursor sharing—enables the CURSOR_SHARING=FORCE, because
optimizer to recognize that performance when a programmer does this (uses lit- READ online-only column content
can be affected when a fixed, one-size- erals) and the DBA turns on CURSOR_ o18asktom.html
fits-all plan is used and come up with SHARING=FORCE, we are back to the READ more about
different plans for certain bind ranges. In original problem! Bind variable peeking Oracle Database 11g
the following example, I simply used the comes into play once again—there is otn.oracle.com/products/database/oracle11g

schema from above—the copy of ALL_ one plan for all, and it depends on Intelligent cursor sharing
Oracle Database New Features Guide
OBJECTS, with one row having the value who runs the query first. (By the way, download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/server.111/
ID=1, the index in place, and statistics CURSOR_SHARING=SIMILAR would b28279/chapter1.htm#FEATURENO07493
gathered. Then I ran a PL/SQL block not have this side effect. It would choose SQL_TRACE=TRUE
that would open a cursor by using one not to bind against PROCESSED_FLAG tkyte.blogspot.com/2007/09/sqltracetrue-
of two inputs—either 1 or 99. This time, based on the statistics).
instead of just one plan being generated, Don’t gather statistics that cause the plan READ more Tom
Expert Oracle Database Architecture: 9 i and 10g
we’ll see two. The optimizer recognized to flip-flop. If there is only one plan that Programming Techniques and Solutions
that one plan was not sufficient for all the optimizer would ever choose, then
inputs and allowed for multiple plans to bind variable peeking will have no effect. DOWNLOAD Oracle Database 11g
be generated, as shown in Listing 3. If you were to execute the above example


JF08_ASK TOM.indd 74 11/9/07 9:48:52 AM

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JF08_CAPindex.indd 76 11/19/07 12:59:29 PM

c o m m e n t IN THE FIELD BY A R I K A P L A N

Succeeding with Failure

Oracle Data Guard helps enable disaster recovery systems—and much more.
ailure is something you prob- up at least one target site to receive the system, you again free up the produc-
ably don’t like thinking about data—a site that might never be used. tion system for real-time transactions. In
much. After all, you work hard to The cost of disaster recovery systems fact, you might be able to do more with
keep your system running 24/7, and is not always easy to justify. However, the target system, simply because you
you want to avoid the idea of it failing. I’ve worked with several companies that can perform time-consuming analysis
Even if you’re among those few who can have implemented disaster recovery you never would have dared with your
imagine the unimaginable and plan for systems that get clear value beyond the production system.
the contingency of a site failure, how do “insurance” of the target system. This You can also use a target system to
you sell the concept of a contingency additional value has come when upper enable planned maintenance on the
plan for failure to management? management mandated a disaster recov- production system. You can perform a
The difficulty with thinking about ery system to meet some compliance planned failover to the target system and
system failure is getting away from the requirement—and IT looked at this idle let that handle the everyday database
failure concept and the cost of imple- second system and wondered, “Hmm, chores. Meanwhile, you can perform
menting a disaster recovery system. what if we . . .” any necessary maintenance on the actual
Instead, try to picture your ecstatic One use for the target system seems production system—adding or replacing
managers when, despite the massive obvious: to help with backups. Some hardware, upgrading operating systems,
system failure that no one saw coming, people might regard a disaster recov- applying patches, or whatever is neces-
business goes on without a hitch. With ery system as a substitute for backup, sary. When the maintenance is done,
that happy image as a goal, you can but this is a mistake. Your real backup you sync the two systems again and let
begin moving toward a disaster recovery system should be oriented toward the production system resume its usual
system—and sell it upstairs. rapidly restoring lost or damaged indi- duties. It’s a simple solution to an often-
Oracle Data Guard, which guards vidual files or blocks. A disaster recovery vexing IT problem.
your data at a secondary target site in system takes over entirely for a failed These kinds of uses for your target
case something bad happens to your production system. system should give you some talking
production site, is vital to such a sce- Some companies that I’ve helped points in selling disaster recovery to
nario. If calamity strikes at your produc- have leveraged their target systems for reluctant managers. So should the fact
tion site—be it electrical blackout, flood, backup in this way: they back up from that Oracle Data Guard is free with Oracle
forced evacuation, or anything else you the target system instead of the produc- Database Enterprise Edition. That makes
see on the news every day—you want tion system. The traditional method disaster recovery the kind of insurance
the comfort of knowing that a remote slows down the production system and plan that pays you dividends, even while
target site is waiting for you to flip the interferes with real-time processing. you hope you never have to collect. O
switch and save the day. Doing backups from the target system
Getting data to such a target site frees the production system from that Ari Kaplan (ari_kaplan@ioug.org) is president of the
used to be a logistical nightmare. You drag on performance. Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and a senior
needed to pack up a truckful of tapes, Other companies I’ve worked with consultant at Datalink. He founded Expand Beyond
physically move them to the alternate have another convenient use for their Corporation, a leader in mobile IT software. He has been
site, and restore data from the tapes to target system. They run reporting off the involved in Oracle technology since 1992.
the standby system. And that was when target—not the production—system.
database sizes were fairly modest. With Gathering all the statistics, forecasting,
today’s multiterabyte databases, you’d and business intelligence that databases
need a fleet of trucks for your tapes. can provide is vital for reporting in an READ more about Oracle Data Guard
Oracle Data Guard works differently. organization. But gathering this data can oracle.com/database/active-data-guard.html

It runs continuously in the background, interfere with the transaction-handling DOWNLOAD Oracle Database 11g
constantly moving data from the pro- duties of the production system, some-
duction site to the target site. The catch, times significantly. DISCUSS Oracle Data Guard
of course, is that you still need to set By running reports from the target


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Beyond Data Protection

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search and Oracle Information Rights Management protect information.
ne of the most worrisome trends advance information on mergers and even outside the enterprise. For example,
in security is the rise in orga- acquisitions so I can trade on that infor- if I have access to the M&A plan, I
nized crime seeking to access mation (which is both illegal and unethi- cannot necessarily forward it to someone
large datasources. Coupled with cal). A dumb enterprise search engine, else, e-mail it outside the company,
the actual increased accessibility of large when asked to search for “M&A [mergers or even print it and hand a copy to
data stores (either by design or miscal- and acquisitions] Plans,” would happily someone else. Furthermore, the M&A
culation), it’s no longer some teenage kid cough up those corporate secrets. plan might be so sensitive that any access
with a keystroke logger trying to grab the Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, to it is centrally logged and monitored.
credit card number of a grandma from being a smart search engine, realizes Not all information in an enterprise
Des Moines; it’s a criminal organization that because I am not in the M&A needs such rigorous controls, but some
going after the credit card numbers of department, I should not even know really and truly does.
everybody in Des Moines. that “M&A plan for Company Y” exists We are entering the next generation
Consider a recent headline- (because the name of even a poten- of internet-based technology, where orga-
grabbing breach involving an online tial acquisition in the title makes the nizations harness new tools to get the
jobs company. The company’s search document too sensitive to know about). best of “What’s out there?” and “Where
engine was designed to allow inquiries Oracle Secure Enterprise Search is also is?” and “Who has?” and “Can I see?”
like “Find everyone who has ‘fluent smart enough to realize that someone collaboration while preventing collabora-
in Attic Greek’ on their résumé.” This else might need to know that such a tive criminals. It’s not just data protection
broad-ranging search capability (a nice plan exists but would need to get spe- anymore; it’s information protection. O
feature) was abused to return detailed cific access rights to the plan. In other
personal information that the Bad Guys words, search results are contextual, Mary Ann Davidson is the chief security officer at
used to mount a spearphishing attack based on who I am, what I am asking Oracle, responsible for secure development practices,
(for example, sending a very convinc- to see, and other information, including security evaluations, and assessments. She represents
ing e-mail that looks like it came from the nature of the document itself. Oracle Oracle on the board of directors of the Information
someone you really know, to trick Secure Enterprise Search is program- Technology Information Security Analysis Center
you into clicking a link that installs mable and configurable, so the answer (IT-ISAC) and the Defense Science Board and is on the
something bad on your desktop). The to my “Where is?” or “Can I see?” ques- editorial review board of SC Magazine.
company wasn’t “hacked” per se: their tion might not be black-and-white but
useful tools were just used against them. gray—a really nice shade of gray that
Outside the enterprise, we use search meshes with your corporation’s privacy
engines for everything from finding out and security policies. LEARN more about
where a cool new movie is playing in our As the world has become more col- Oracle Secure Enterprise Search
neighborhood to reading obscure ancient laborative, there is an increasing amount
Oracle Information Rights
texts online. These search engines are of information access from remote and
both promiscuous and dumb: you ask mobile devices outside the enterprise (for oracle.com/products/middleware/content-
for X, you get links to X returned. example, smartphones). These devices management/information-rights-management.html

Inside the enterprise, search engines are now so flexible and the distinc- READ more Davidson
need to be smart and choosy: they tion between “inside” and “outside” the
must help people find what they need, network so mutable that companies must DISCUSS Security
without allowing them to snoop for what be able to extend their security policies
they aren’t supposed to have. Oracle beyond the enterprise. Otherwise, an
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search
Secure Enterprise Search was built to be enterprise could potentially lose its oracle.com/technology/products/oses
a “better mousetrap”: an intelligent, intellectual-property shirt and the cor- Oracle Information Rights
security-aware search engine. For porate crown jewels. Oracle Information Management
example, suppose I am an evil-minded Rights Management can help organiza- oracle.com/technology/products/content-
employee at Company X who wants tions “seal” data from secondary uses,



Moving the Business Forward

Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle On Demand pave the way for application upgrades.
racle Magazine spoke with ing and upgrading applications, and On Demand environment. The upside
Rebecca Wettemann, vice pres- determines what customers need. For for them is that they have a lot of flex-
ident of research at Nucleus example, with Oracle On Demand, ibility. They can decide what they want
Research, about the latest Oracle manages software upgrades to keep in-house and what they want
trends in application software. based on its innate familiarity with to outsource.
Oracle Magazine: What new technologies the product road map and based on Oracle Magazine: What finally motivates
are driving customers to upgrade their the collective knowledge it gains from CIOs to upgrade, extend, or outsource
enterprise applications? supporting many different implementa- their applications?
Wettemann: From a technology perspec- tions. Oracle supports many different Wettemann: One big motivator is the
tive, there are two primary drivers. customer environments and can lever- desire to simplify IT. Another one is
First is the rise of standard integration age that knowledge across the entire the desire to acquire standardized
technology. We’re starting to see compa- customer base. integration technology like SOA. But
nies adopt service-oriented architecture Oracle Magazine: How does Oracle the biggest motivator is what users are
[SOA] to make integration less costly, address integration as part of this saying: they want the enterprise appli-
less risky, and more repeatable. deployment and upgrade cycle? cation environment to be intuitive, not
Second, from an application per- Wettemann: Oracle has recognized that disruptive or complicated.
spective, Web 2.0 technologies are smooth integration is key to achieving The biggest challenge for today’s
causing users to demand simplicity. visibility across the supply chain. We CIOs is to make their applications easy
If people can find anything they want see this more and more as the Oracle to access and as intuitive as possible.
on the internet, why can’t they find Fusion Middleware strategy evolves. The best CIOs have stopped talking
the information they need within the Part of this strategy is to help Oracle about IT and have started talking
enterprise? That’s the issue. customers drive more value from their about what they can do to develop
Oracle Magazine: What do these changes existing applications. the business. O
mean for application software vendors? In some cases, Oracle provides access
Wettemann: Vendors are making applica- to a broader set of users. In other cases, David Baum (david@dbaumcomm.com) is a
tions more modular, so they can make it provides access to people outside freelance business writer who is based in Santa
specific functions available to users the organization by streamlining col- Barbara, California.
without forcing them to install an laboration and communication. As part
entire software package. There is also of the Oracle Application Integration Nucleus Research (www.nucleusresearch.com)
a greater focus on ease-of-use, such as Architecture, Oracle offers not just provides research and advisory services, including
minimizing training requirements and integration tools but guidance and best financial modeling tools, deployment assessments,
making interfaces more intuitive. practices for integrating applications. and case studies.
Oracle Magazine: How do on-demand Oracle Magazine: How are companies
solutions change our perspective on evaluating their Oracle Applications
software upgrades? upgrade choices?
Wettemann: On-demand customers Wettemann: Smart CIOs want to know
are typically on “rolling upgrade” which upgrade paths deliver the READ more about
paths, which deliver incremental most value. Many of them will adopt Oracle Fusion Applications
advancements rather than massive [Oracle] Fusion at some point, but
Oracle Application
upgrades marked by entirely new ver- they are studying the product road Integration Architecture
sions. Part of the appeal of this type map to find the least risky and disrup- oracle.com/applications/oracle-application-
of deployment is the ability to gain tive path to follow.
new capabilities without disrupting Part of this involves deciding Oracle On Demand
the business. The software vendor or whether they want to manage these
hosting provider minimizes the cost applications internally or have some of LISTEN to Oracle Fusion AppCasts
and effort associated with support- them managed externally in an Oracle


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