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Radford University’s Student-Run Newspaper The Tartan | February 7, 2018

News “You did nothing

Associate VP wrong, but
for Student unfortuately your
“This selection is an son did.” Judge
honor, and I am so
excited to be able to
serve our students.” Showalter told Yus-
Culture Baez’s family.
Movie Re- Gabriel Eduardo Yus-Baez mugshot from Radford Police Department.

view: “Maze Freshman Busted for

Runner: The
Death Cure”
Movie is so dull, G r ac i e M i l l e r
Possession of Drugs
predictable, and by the

possessing drugs. difficult situation of our lives.”
numbers. PAGE 4
abriel Eduardo Yus-Baez, an This past Friday Yus-Baez was “I hope and pray he has the
18-year-old freshman was busted Feb. initially sentenced to 35 years in opportunity to prove he can do better,”
The Tea 9, 2017, here at Radford University for prison.
Yu-Baez then stated he knew he
Baez said. She also said she hopes
her son will emerge from whatever
Does ‘The selling drugs.
Yus-Baez was a business major had earned a punishment after already
spending a year in jail, but he was
punishment he receives and realize the
potential that he had shown back in
before he got caught. Authorizers are
Bachelor’ referring to what he did as a “mini ready to turn his life around. “I still
plan, even though this is going to get
high school.
“You did nothing wrong, but
drug syndicate.” Authorities say he
Work for lived in an off-campus apartment that in the way for a moment, to move
forward and start something better.
unfortunately, your son did,” Judge
Showalter told Yus-Baez’s family.
his drug business helped him pay for,
Love? where he sold marijuana, ecstasy,
and cocaine. In that apartment,
Please find it in your heart to let me
go out there and make a better life for
Baez tells the court that her family
has felt threatened by people who
How can you expect to he allegedly also kept $25,000 in myself,” Yu-Baez told the court. have been connected to Yus-Baez’s
know to marry somone cash and a 9mm gun which was a Defense attorney, Jimmy Turk, drug business in both the Radford and
in such a short amount discovered when the Radford police claimed that Yus-Baez was infatuated Northern Virginia cases.
of time? PAGE 7 issued a search warrant on the with the idea of “fast money and a According to Rehak, during
apartment. showy lifestyle.” Turk also used the February of 2017, when Yus-Baez was
Sports Radford Commonwealth’s Attorney phrase, “young, dumb, and stupid,”
to describe the actions of Yus-Baez.
arrested and beginning his second
semester at Radford, he was making
Chris Rehak, said during a circuit
Highlanders court sentencing hearing, “This isn’t Yus-Baez even agreed with these
$9,000 bank transactions to someone
in California while also renting an
some sandal-wearing hippie we caught
stave off here. This is a major player in some
kind of drug organization.”
The Roanoke Times reported, the
judge, Joey Showalter, ordered a
apartment under a fake name. Despite
being only 18, “he was old enough to
Bulldogs in This is not the first time Yus-
Baez has been caught with drugs.
$4,000 fine, ordered supervision by
the probation officer for five years, and
damage the community,” Said Rehak
Showalter said that he thinks Yus-

Big South According to the Roanoke Times,

Yus-Baez pleaded guilty in November
suspended his license for 18 months
after his release.
Baez is, “special,” and hopes that he
will move forward.

Basketball to possessing drugs, including cocaine,

ecstasy, and marijuana, with intent to
Yus-Baez had multiple family
members in the courtroom while his
Yus-Baez will receive credit for the
one year he has already served. If he
The Highlanders held a distribute them. He was also charged hearing was going on. His mother, commits another crime during his five
35-32 lead PAGE 8 then for possessing a gun while also Wanda Baez, took the witness stand years of probations, he will receive a
and said, “You have put us in the most longer sentence.
@rutartan @RUtartan TartanAtRadford the_tartan
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Congressional Memo Reveals DOJ

and FBI Corruption
Jeremy Moser

accountability is limited to the character of the officials political opinions to Deputy Attorney General Bruce
he recent trending hashtag “#releasethememo,” involved, and it is clear that, in this instance, character Ohr. He was paraphrased as saying that he “was
has culminated in the official declassification of the was lacking. desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was
now infamous congressional memo detailing the FISA In 2016, the Democratic National Committee and passionate about him not being president.”
issued surveillance of the former Trump campaign the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign contracted This was recorded into official FBI files, but it was
volunteer Carter Page. Christopher Steele to acquire information on then- not mentioned in any of the FISC applications. It
FISA stands for, the Foreign Intelligence candidate Trump that could be used against him. What was also later revealed that one of the FBI executives
Surveillance Act, and it is clear that its use in this resulted was a completely unverified “dossier” that that approved one of the FISC applications, Deputy
situation is a violation of the principles of privacy and accused Trump of not only racism and urolagnia but of Director, Andrew McCabe, had met with two very anti-
due process our executive branch is meant to embody. collusion with the Russian government. This document Trump FBI officials to discuss an “insurance” policy,
What’s more interesting, however, are the events, is a bought and paid for wish list for the Clinton should Trump be elected.
reports, and people involved in its initial approval and campaign, and it was used as the sole basis of this So, what we see here is a concerted effort by officials
subsequent renewals throughout the 2016 Presidential electronic surveillance ordered on Trump. The nature within President Obama’s executive branch to push
election, and these all hinge the corruption of of its origin was absent from the FISC applications. forward an unnecessary and illegal wire-tapping of a
individual officials within the DOJ and FBI. Additionally, the only corroborating evidence for United States citizen based on political motivations.
To ensure the validity and necessity of prolonged Steele’s dossier included in the applications was a That this is possible at all is nothing new, but this
surveillance, it is required that FISA requests stand Yahoo News article that contained much of the same instance reinforces the out of control nature of
before the Foreign International Surveillance Court information. However, Steele himself was responsible government expansion.
and be approved by higher-ups in both the FBI and for leaking that info to Yahoo News in the first place. All it takes is a few questionable actions of people
DOJ every ninety days. Each of these times requires The dossier was, as a result, left uncorroborated in the without a sufficient amount of accountability to impact
a separate instance of probable cause. The classified applications, but this was not brought up to the court. our entire country.
nature of these FISC applications means that In September 2016, Steele revealed his personal

University Announces New Associate VP for Student

Affairs and Dean of Students
i da d o m i n g o

great responsibility, and they are one of the highest The Office of the Dean of Students plays a major
adford University announces Susan P. Trageser as people in charge of student life. Trageser will lead and role in upholding the shared values of the Radford
the new Associate VP for Student Affairs and Dean of oversee many different departments like the Office Community. “Radford University is a family that is
Students on Thursday, Feb. 1. of Housing, Residential Life, Student Health Center, passionate about the success and well-being of our
Susan P. Trageser joined the university in June of Center for Accessibility and many more. students. This selection is an honor, and I am so
2012 and since then has experiences of leadership roles “This promotion to associate vice president and excited to be able to serve our students and community
in this role,” said Trageser.
“This selection is an
in Student Affairs and is the perfect fit for this position.
Before joining Radford University, Trageser served
as an Assistant Dean of students at the University of

honor, and I am so excited

California – Berkeley, as well as Assistant Director of
Student Affairs at the University of North Carolina
– Greensboro and Associate Director in the Office of

to be able to serve our

Student Conduct at North Carolina State University.
Trageser is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education
degree in Educational Leadership from Fielding

students and community

Graduate Universities.
According to Radford University President Brian O.
Hemphill, “Susan is a valued member of the Radford
family and has demonstrated exceptional leadership
and student-centeredness during her tenure in in this role,” said
Student Affairs,” and he adds, “We look forward to her
numerous contributions as associate vice president
and dean of students as together we embrace Radford’s Trageser.
traditions and envision our future.”
The purpose of the Dean of Students is to serve as dean of students is fitting, because she is a fierce
an advocate and a resource for students and have a advocate and supporter of all Radford students. I look
central role in students learning and development. forward to her leadership in this new role,” said Ann Courtesy of Radford University
First and foremost, being the dean of students is a Marie Klotz, vice president for Student Affairs.
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“This job
says ‘two years
required!’ How
am I supposed
to get experience
for an entry-level

Student Media
The Tartan | February 7, 2018 Culture | 4

Movie Review: “Maze Runner: The

Death Cure” a a r o n co o p e r s m m i t h

M aze Runner The Death Cure was a terrible movie.

If my editor did not restrain my vocabulary describing
it, then this article would be riddled with curses ranging
from A to Z.
Personally, I do not know why people like these young
adult movies: they are full of Deus ex Machina moments
and themes that always result in the main character
being morally right, which never shows the grey area
that our characters have to battle with.
I have to say this and say this now; this was the first
movie that I wanted to walk out on.
This movie is so dull and predictable, giving us a by
the numbers plot that made me scratch at the locked
door of the theatre for the last thirty minutes. At the
beginning of the film, we get the world’s most famous
cliché of our two characters being late to a super important
plan that will forward the plot, except we never get filled in
about why they were late in the first place. Don’t you think that
it would be a little bit more entertaining if we got a comedic or
self-aware reason explaining their tardiness? However, you -
Poster of the Movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Photo Taken From Empire.com

- cannot make an old horse do new tricks, only beat it till you naturally get found out, and the “tension” is on to find Minho Also, meanwhile the same Mad Max fan base creates a riot
see its innards. before our main antagonist, Janson, finds them. and enters the city to reenact how Philadelphia Eagle fans
Moreover, as the first ten minutes rolled, I knew that this Minho makes a miraculous recovery and can beat up celebrate their teams’ wins or losses. Moreover, you might
was how the structure was going to be full of having a half- guard after guard even though they have been draining his be thinking I am joking, but the leader of the group just kills

“I have to say this and this

excused moment that makes barely any sense with himself off in an explosion to open the gate even though
characters’ motivation! he allowed our main characters to use his pass into the
I would love to talk about specific plot holes and city to grab a treatment for the generic zombie disease
the lunacy that is this movie, so the rest of the review he is suffering from.
contains spoilers. After our introduction cliché, they
continue with this plan to abduct a train car that’s full of
now; this was the first It just doesn’t make any freaking sense. Our
protagonist, Thomas is called back to WCKD’s building
a bunch of immune kids, including their friend; Minho. by Teresa because she finds out that his blood is the
Well, their plan succeeds except they rescue the wrong
train car. This clueless mistake causes them to go to this
movie that I wanted out on. “best” blood to make a vaccine.
Thomas gets knocked out, and the vaccine gets made
place called the “Last City” and to save Minho. by Teresa. But Janson wants it because he is infected.
Now, on their travels to the “Last City,” they have
to deal with these rip-off zombies called “Cranks” or
This movie is so dull and So, they fight, and naturally, he dies. Then Teresa dies
while they are escaping because maybe she should have
something dumb like that. gotten a gym membership so she would have a little bit
Fun fact by the way; when you see zombies, you
know that the movie you are watching is going to have predictable, giving us a by the more energy to run and jump on a helicopter to avoid a
collapsing building caused by the rioters.
“super original” villains. At the end of the movie, everyone leaves to go off to
Continuing, they get into the city with the help of
some kid they left in the desert to die, but some group numbers plot that made me an island while the human race dies out because a bunch
of teens thought that the rest of the human race did
of scavengers that seem to take general fashion tips not deserve to survive. Personally, I believe that no one

scratch at the locked door of

from Mad Max found him. He helps them into the city, should have survived this movie.
and they begin to plan how to get into the ironically and This movie was awful, it did nothing experimental
idiotically named WCKD building. and exciting and was by the numbers. I would say read
Meanwhile, we have WCKD personnel draining the the books, but I am sure this movie was an accurate
blood of Minho because the antibodies that make him
immune are stronger than the typical immune brat.
the theatre” representation. I have never been a big fan of these
young adult movie stuff because it does not give us
Also, that is “defiantly” how you obtain a vaccine from anything useful with its themes or storytelling.
blood. blood every day. Minho meets up with his friends, and they This movie is seen as a financial success, so I would not
Back to our cardboard cut-outs of main characters we jump out a window that is thirteen, maybe fifteen stories be surprised if another young adult book franchise joins the
see that they have disguised themselves with security guard high to which they survive that fall because they landed in world of cinema. However, with my final thought, I can only
outfits with no explanation on how they got them. They get the water. say that there is no cheese at the end of this maze.
in by threating Teresa and using her security pass to get in. I mean, I cannot hate, because to solve the problem of the
As you can figure out the rest of this cliché plot, they movie, I would be jumping out of a building too.
The Tartan | February 7, 2018 The Tea | 5

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The publication is printed at
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in Winchester, Va.

The Tartan is part of High-

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a newspaper, The Tartan re-
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EDITORIAL The Black Panther with a promo poster for Avengers: Infinity War Taken from comicbook.com

2018 Movie Preview

Authors’ individual editorials
do not necessarily reflect the
opinion of The Tartan staff
members or Radford Univer-
Hannah Hale

Letters to the editor are en-
Lawrence seems to deliver for any film she it will unquestionably be a huge movie for
couraged, but The Tartan re- stars in, so this thriller would be a must- this year.
serves the right to edit. All his year will be a big year for the
film industry. Several upcoming movies see in my opinion. Red Sparrow will see a Finally, their plenty of superhero movies
letters must be submitted with release date on Mar. 2. coming out this year. Black Panther will see
have been highly anticipated or highly
the proper contact informa- Tomb Raider, the return of Lara Croft a release on Feb. 16 and features Marvel’s
advertised and a handful of lesser-known
tion. will mean big box office bucks. The first first solo film for their first black superhero.
films that are sure to catch the attention of
moviegoers. movies starred Angelina Jolie, but Alicia Avengers: Infinity War arrives in
The past few years have been like a Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl) theaters on May 4, and will show the
repeated loop for cinema. takes on the role for this new interpretation Avengers teaming up with the Guardians
TARTAN of the Galaxy. This is probably

Superhero movies, although
they can be fantastic, have “Black Panther will be the most anticipated of all the
superhero films of this year.
ruled the box office more than
Deadpool 2 will be released
2017-2018 any other genre nowadays.
It seems that every year released on Feb. 16 and features on June 1 and will pick up on
where we last saw Deadpool. If
there are a few DC or Marvel
Dylan Lepore you love violence, humor, and
Marvel’s first solo film for their
movies, but this year, there is
more to look forward to than superheroes, do not miss this
dlepore1@radford.edu one.
those films.
There are a lot of action, An odd movie out in
Annie Schroeder
Copy Editor thriller, and drama movies
coming out this year. Fifty
first black superhero.” the superhero category is
Incredibles 2, and the film will
lschroeder@radford.edu come out on June 15.  Many
Shades Freed, the last in the
Fifty Shades trilogy, comes out in theaters students in college now grew
Gracie Miller
on Feb. 9. If you have seen the trailer, you to video game movies. Tomb Raider will be up with the Incredible family which means
News Editor
know that this is the film that features out on Mar. 18. that this movie will likely bring about some
Anastasia as Mrs. Grey. Both Mr. and Mrs. Of course, Solo: A Star Wars Story will significant nostalgia to its audiences.
Van Faust-Stephensons Grey find that their pasts come back to be a massive movie of the year and it is There are so many more amazing movies
Culture Editor haunt them, causing what may be the most set to release on May 25. The spin-off will to be released this year, and there were
vfauststephenso@radford.edu dramatic movie in the trilogy.  feature a young Han Solo, and the movies’ only a few I touched on here. This year will
Red Sparrow is about a Russian spy fans have been asking for the background be an interesting and exciting one for the
Alexis Gardner played by Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger of Han for as long as the series has existed. film industry, and movies that have just
The Tea Editor Games, American Hustle) where her Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is due been announced for 2019 show that the
agardner5@radford.edu mission is to target a CIA agent. Jennifer for release on June 22, and everyone knows trend will continue into next year as well.
what to expect from one of these films, but
The Tartan | February 7, 2018 The Tea | 6

Is America Becoming too Sensitive?

hannah curran

does not change that he is the president. Are you really How about we take a second to compare him to
s society too sensitive?” is a loaded question and so offended that you’re going to kick a best friend out others in the league. According to The Washington
the answer I give may offend some people. of your life? That does not make sense to me. Post, based on the statistics of the 2016 starting
Yes, society is much too sensitive. Secondly, let’s take a look at Twitter. Every single quarterback season compared to Kaepernick: 10 were
From Twitter to television, everyone always day I go on Twitter and see someone arguing with worse, seven were about the same, and 15 were better.
continues to find something to complain about. Things someone else because they share a different opinion. When you are average in something like the NFL you
ranging from President Trump, Twitter, and the Do you want to know the reason why no one can are not guaranteed a spot. End of story.
NFL has made the world mad and hateful. Sparking have a different view these days? It’s because everyone There are many average quarterbacks in college
arguments from brute comments to send the world is too sensitive to imagine a world of compromise. football who never set foot in the league. It is a game
into a mania, of having to fight everyone they come in Perhaps not even compromise, but understanding. for coaches as well as the players. Andy Benoit of
contact with. America has lost the ability to understand. It ranges Sports Illustrated wrote an article before Kaepernick
Here is my stance on how you should come at from understanding someone voting for Trump, to began his protest saying he would be soon out of the
Trump: Frankly, I do not care if you voted for him understanding that an illegal immigrant needs asylum. league. Why?
or not. Since he was elected, people are not the best You do not always have to change someone’s opinion Because there are 15 backup quarterbacks in league
friends anymore because one person voted for a to continue supporting your own. Arguing or even with better statistics than him. “He ceases to be a
particular person that didn’t win the election and an treating people the way some do on Twitter is not throwing threat,” Benoit said. Some people appreciated
argument starts up from that. That is petty, and not making you or your thoughts productive. his protest, some didn’t, though it did not end his
only that, we live in America. So for everyone saying, The NFL is another company everyone wants to career.
“he is not my president,” he is! hate. What most people struggle with is fact-checking I think the nation is much too sensitive and many
You live in America, so that makes him your and digging deeper. Most people will very quickly say have taken the idea that America is out to get them.
president and that is a fact. I’m sure some of you will that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin However, stop and think for a second, why do you have
want to argue, so go ahead, but you can’t argue with Kaepernick was booted from the NFL for making a the right to tweet that comment or make that protest.
pure fact. I’m sorry if his presidency offends you, but it political statement - a protest. Wrong. It is because America has given you the freedom to.


Sammi Dougherty Lighten Up

The Tartan | February 7, 2018 The Tea | 7

Were the Grammys a

E m i ly S a r g e n t
Popularity Contest?

popular artists with chart-topping albums and singles. fair to the other artists who were nominated. The other
he 60th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony was The awards are no longer about talent; they are about nominees should have been given at least one Grammy
held on Jan. 28 at Madison Square Garden in New popularity. Why should popularity determine an to balance things out. The Recording Academy should
York City. artist’s eligibility for a Grammy award? What happened recognize other artists and not award only the popular
Bruno Mars was the big winner of the night, taking to awarding talented singers and songwriters? ones.
home awards for Album of the Year, Record of The Another issue with this year’s awards was the It seems that to be recognized at the Grammy
Year, and Song of the Year. Mars was also popular winner for Best New Artist. The award went to Alessia Awards, an artist should put out music that people
in the R&B category, winning every award he was Cara, who has been around since 2015. Cara found want to hear. Apparently what people want to hear
nominated for. huge success last year with singles “Scars To Your in today’s age is pop music with overused techno
Kendrick Lamar took home every award in the Beautiful” and “Stay,” her collaboration with Zedd. beats, rapping, and some R&B. No one, not even the
rap category while most of the awards in the Country Both songs earned spots on Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs Recording Academy, seems to care if the artist can sing
category went to Chris Stapleton. Ed Sheeran won of 2017 chart. or not.
two awards in the pop category - Best Pop Solo I have mixed feelings about Cara’s win. I think she Real talent is not being recognized at major award
Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album. deserved the award because she is very talented and shows like the Grammys. There are plenty of artists
This list has a common theme. The most popular “Scars To Your Beautiful” is a powerful song. However, who put out fantastic music that does not even get
artists of today are winning all of the awards. The I do not believe it is fair to give this award to someone nominated. This greatly disappoints me.
Recording Academy seems to care more about who has been around for two years. Best New Artist In the future, the Grammy Awards should be more
popularity than recognizing actual talent. In years past, should be awarded to an artist who just came on the open to recognizing real talent and give more talented
talented singers and songwriters were recognized by scene within the past year. artists a chance to win. That way, the show will be
the academy, and the awards were evenly distributed. I also do not understand why Bruno Mars won most more enjoyable to watch, and more artists will be given
Today, the Academy seems to only give Grammys to of the top categories. He has great music, but this is not an opportunity to shine.

Does ‘The Bachelor’ Work for Love?

jennifer bennett

The show has a history of leaving in contestants that cause drama and help bring
started watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette a few seasons ago, and in more views to the show. Take Corrine and Taylor for example on Nick’s season
immediately when I began watching it, I had skepticisms about the whole process. of The Bachelor or when DeMario was in Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. The
How can you expect to know that you want to marry someone in such a short difference is that Rachel was not going to put up with the drama that DeMario came
amount of time? with and sent him home. I understand that there was a difference between the two –
The unfortunate truth is that many couples end up making it all the way through, DeMario had another girl in his life when he went on the show whereas Corrine just
and then they break off their engagement because they realize that outside of the caused a bunch of drama in the house.
world of the show, that the relationship is not as easy as they thought it would be. I think that if any of The Bachelor shows are going to work for couples in the
It is also possible that the couples do not long run that Bachelor in Paradise is the best way to go. At least in Paradise, there
are multiple girls and multiple guys,
have as much in common as they initially
thought. Think of Nick and Vanessa for “I think that after a month and a half so they are not competing for the
same person – a much healthier
example who broke off their engagement
environment than Bachelor and
in a matter of months after the show
ended. you are still getting to know the person Bachelorette.
For example, let’s look at the
I think that after a month and a half
fan-favorite couples, Carly and
and that it is impossible to see if you
you are still getting to know the person
and that it is impossible to see if you want Evan. In this season of Bachelor in
to spend the rest of your life with that Paradise, the fans got to see them
person. Having the relationships be so get married on the beach. It was a
public from the very beginning has the
potential for many issues afterward.
want to spend the rest of your life with beautiful ceremony, and it was proof
that Paradise does work. My personal
Now for this season of The Bachelor favorite from this season of Paradise
with Arie. If you have not watched this
season of The Bachelor or are behind, I
that person.” was Taylor and Derek. I loved seeing
their relationship grow and I am not
have to warn you that there are spoilers going to lie when Derek proposed to
ahead. This season is quickly coming to a close as Arie only has ten women that Taylor on the show I might have cried.
remain competing for his attention. However, who will make it into the top 10? The I also loved Raven and Adam together. Raven and Taylor were my two favorite
fan-hated Krystal? women from Nick’s season, and while I was broken to see them get eliminated, I feel
Krystal has caused so much drama with the other girls, including vocally calling like they deserved so much better than Nick, and they both found it.
Arie a liar for changing his mind about including everyone in the after-party Overall, my thoughts on if you can find love on The Bachelor is that it depends.
after the group date was over. I could tell that he was furious at Krystal during Some couples have made me change my perspective on what is possible with finding
the conversation that Arie had with her about her actions and how it set their love. There are so many ways that people can find a partner that I am not surprised
relationship back a few steps. that it works for some couples such as Evan and Carly.
The Tartan | February, 7th 2018 Sports | 8

Highlanders take down the bulldogs. Taken from the Tartan staff

Highlanders stave off Bulldogs

in Big South Basketball
D av i s B yr d

R “Turnovers seemed to be Webb cut the lead to just one point but was forced to
adford’s Men’s Basketball took on the Gardner- foul to keep any hopes of a comeback alive.
Webb Bulldogs in a Big South Basketball showdown. Both free throws were made, and Radford held a
The Thursday night showdown pitted the 14-9
Highlanders, tied for first in the standings, against an
a major deciding factor 3-point lead during the dying embers of the contest. A
missed 3-pointer rebounded by #32 led to a foul and a
11-12 Gardner-Webb team in a game that would have free throw to ice the game. The Highlanders were led in

in an exciting end-to-
significant implications near the top of the standings. scoring for the game by the teams forward, Polite, who
The Highlanders held a 35-32 lead after the first had 22 in the contest on an impressive .615% shooting.
period, led by Junior Ed Polite Jr.’s 11 points; the Turnovers seemed to be a significant deciding factor
in an exciting end-to-end basketball game. The most
Highlanders’ highest lead of the period was 7 points.
Ball security and hustle seemed to be the primary end basketball game. significant lead of the game was just 10 points and was
held by the Highlanders. The Highlanders turned the
points stressed by Head Coach Mike Jones to his
ball over 14 times to Gardner-Webb’s 19, racking up
The largest lead of the
players as they only turned the ball over two times to
the Bulldog’s six first-half turnovers. The Highlanders eight steals in the process.
showed tremendous hustle, diving on every loose ball Every Highlander involved put in a great effort as
while being active and energetic, often smothering the each player put up a shot and nine scored. Radford’s
Bulldogs on defense, pressing up at half-court.
The Highlanders had a bit of a shaky start to the
game was just 10 points win in this pivotal Big South conference game
improves the Highlanders record to 15-9 overall and
second half, surrendering their lead as they could 8-3 in the conference. The Highlanders strong season
not get much to fall for them. A quick run sparked
by Polite’s one basket around the hole, followed by
and was held by the already surpasses their win total of 14 and of 8 in
conference play.
his dunk in transition, got the fans involved with the The Highlander’s next home game will be against
season-high crowd at the Dedmon Center roaring for
their Highlanders.
Highlanders.” High Point on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at the Dedmon
Center. The Highlanders will look to ride the
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