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Radford University’s Student-Run Newspaper The Tartan | February 14, 2018

Art from the
I recently visited the
downtown Covington
Gallery on Main street
to see the ‘Collector’s
Choice’ exhibit.
with Young Photo by NeONBRAND | Unsplash

It is an incredibly
Student Debt: a Silent Crisis
friendly group of people Jose Bermundez Lenis
with an increasingly rare jbermudezlenis@radford.edu

outlook on life. t is not a secret that tuition rates to be financially solvent in a market in scale means that the quality of the
PAGE 4 are growing exponentially at an which jobs are continually lacking due workforce will significantly decrease.
The Tea alarming pace, with an overall
student debt of $1.4 trillion affecting
to harsh competition.
Factors such as the growing
On the other hand, the report also
shows that white/Caucasian students
How to have more than 44 million students.
According to the Federal Reserve
national debt, misallocation of
resources, and growing population
coming from wealthy families borrow
less money, making their college-
a Galentine’s Bank of NY, this crisis has become the
second-largest source of household
make the supply of education more
limited than it was decades before.
careers solvent, and subsequently, the
chances of landing a job are higher
Day debt (after housing) and is the only According to The Economist, harsh than those students who borrowed
form of consumer debt that continued competition and growing tuition more money.
You do not need a to grow in the wake of the Great rates, which averages at about $37,172 Many economists, scholars, and
lover to be happy or Recession. per student, makes specialization a institutions believe that the Student
An influential factor behind the hard task to do for the middle-class Debt Crisis is an issue that will keep
complete, and that is
growing student national debt is the students, who are starting to rely more growing in the following years, it is
the most important high demand for higher education, on private loans and scholarships, considered the collateral damage
thing to remember. which leads schools to start making public education unsustainable caused by the also increasing National
PAGE 5 discriminating students by raising the and sometimes non-inclusive for non- Debt.
Sports application fees, and requirements.
Despite this, students still have
Caucasian students.
Following a 2017 report released
In order to achieve a turning point,
there must be a general commitment
Man Reaches a high-willingness to apply to these
schools even though a high portion
by the U. S Department of Education,
non-Caucasian students like Hispanic/
not only from the U. S Department of
Education but also by public/private
Milestone as of applicants will be rejected or
waitlisted. The rejection of students
Latino, African American, Asian/
Pacific Islander tend to borrow more
institutions, as well as the Student
population, a commitment in which all
Highlanders decreases a school’s acceptance money to afford higher education; these parties achieve an equilibrium
rate which increases the status and however, students from these over this troubled educational and
Fall reputation of the school. ethnicities tend to take up to 12 years work market.
As previously mentioned, students to fully repay their studies. As an economist would say, self-
Ed Polite Jr. becomes have a high-willingness to apply to The report brings a reason on the interest must be aligned with social
the latest in a higher education because a significant fact that black students rely more interest in order to achieve a social
prestigious list, notching portion of the young population on sports scholarships rather than good.
his 1000th point. considers going to college an essential Academic merit, which on a larger
@rutartan @RUtartan TartanAtRadford the_tartan
Visit our website rutartan.com
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Rain, Exam’s
Oh My...
A look on Radford life (Spiring 2018)
Students grabbing a bite to eat. Photo by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan

Students taking a break from classes. Photo by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan

Radford’s Fountain. Photo by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan

It’s tall, It’s big, and It’s 13-stories-high. It’s Muse! Photo by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan
The Tartan | February 14, 2018 Culture | 3

A Sampling of Art from the

‘Collector’s Choice’ Exhibit
a a r o n co o p e r s m i t h

recently visited the
downtown Covington
Gallery on Main street to
see the ‘Collector’s Choice’
exhibit. It was quite impressive
to see the top choice of student
art from Radford University.
If one were to walk through
this exhibit, they might see
that there are many different
styles of art; encompassing
from realism to surrealism.
Some examples of the showing
were experiencing politics and
the social environment such as
Jeffrey Stallings’ painting; The
Times They Have Changed.
Additionally, we also see
paintings and photos based on
nature such as Kendra Edgell’s
black and white photography;
Peruse, and Dalon Hall aptly
named I Found This in a Dark
Overall, I can rest assure
to take pride in such beautiful
works that come from our
(Photograph by Aaron “Reilly Gordon - Imagination Halo, Watercolor”

“Emily Bowman - Woman With Hat, Watercolor”

“Dalon Hall - I Found This in a Dark Place, Pen & ink”

“Jeffrey Cameron Stallings - The Times They Have Changed, Acrylic”
The Tartan | February 14, 2018 Culture | 4

Campus Highlight: “R-SPaCE and

Getting Involved”
Van Faust-Stephenson

his past week I was given the opportunity to talk body meeting, held every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. in
to N’Taezha Davis, the President of the Radford Bonnie’s combo rooms 249/250.
Student Programming and Campus Events Major upcoming events hosted by R-SPaCE will be
organization, otherwise known as R-SPaCE. the Natural Hair Panel, which is one of the many Black
For those somehow uninformed from the mass History Month events on campus, Mission Improvable,
amounts of events they host, R-SPaCE is one of the an improv show by a touring group, a speech by
campuses student programming boards that aims Tameca Mallory, an activist and one of the founders
to make Radford a, in Davis’ words, “home away of the Women’s March, and Radford’s Got Talent, the
from home” for students by hosting weekly movies, student talent show hosted towards the end of the
performances, big concert once a semester, and semester.
diversity events, an example being this month’s While expected, the usual end-of-semester concert
ongoing Black History Month events. is yet to be announced; this could indeed be a way for
Radford students are encouraged to help with the students to influence who will be performing.
selection of campus events, as, aside from a board of Students can also go to RU Involved and look at the
planning directors, the process is “totally student- events calendar for the rest of the semester, and go to
based” with surveys on social media and RU Involved, the biweekly general body meetings, as they are trying
and the biweekly general body meeting which students their best to be “doing things that students want,” and
who are interested in on-campus events who are urged improve the general mood of the campus.
to attend. As students of Radford University, we have a lot to
As well, at some of the events, students are given thank R-SPaCE for doing their best to keep students
interest cards which students are encouraged to fill out involved in on-campus events and just trying to make
in order to help R-SPaCE determine upcoming events the campus a better place in general.
for students. I hope that with this interview it shows how valuable
“Every student is a member of R-SPaCE,” of a resource R-SPaCE is to this campus and how we
Davis advises, and every student is invited to take can “help them help us” with all their work.
their surveys, and attend general body meetings For those who would like to keep up with R-SPaCE
to determine what events will take place over the and their events, please be sure to follow their social
semester.w media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and by
Furthermore, students can easily talk to R-SPaCE checking out the various promotional frames that are
in their office on the second floor of the Bonnie. Also on campus.
located in the Bonnie is the aforementioned general

Jeremy Moser
My Experience with Young Life

recently attended a little event held by Young Life make friends and discuss their religious experiences. are open for anyone wishing to hear their message,
College, a Christian group based here on campus. He acts as a mentor to them. I imagine many of those and I appreciate that. There’s a sense of community in
It was “trivia night”; the event was centered students go on to do Young Life in college as well. religion that is difficult to find elsewhere.
around a Jeopardy-style game about early 2000s Every semester, the leaders decide on a theme for
Everyone was so friendly, even to someone not
“The story of Jesus their meetings, usually a concept from the Gospels.
This year, however, they have selected idolatry.

has many lessons that

looking to join them. Also as a nonbeliever, they According to Emily Brown, the staff leader of Young
welcomed me to participate in their games and hear Life at Radford, worship is the “perennial issue of
what they had to say. A wholesome atmosphere mankind,” and their meetings will all tie into how to
permeated the room as cheesy fifteen-year-old music
played on the classroom speakers. It reminded me
don’t require belief in avoid things that we “love more than God.”
Even separate from the religious context, this is a
of simpler, more carefree times with less drama and good lesson. It encourages everyone to take a step back
The religious aspect only came in at the end.
anything.” and reevaluate their priorities. God in this regard could
easily be a metaphor for family or a sense of personal
A good friend, Pierce King, invited me to join him Young Life has three different sections: Young Life accomplishment.
at the gathering. He was on my team in the trivia College, Young Life High School, and “Wyld Life” for Our lives are increasingly full of distractions; social
game, which we lost by a large margin. He explained middle school. media, parties on the weekends and national news all
to me his experiences with Young Life and why he They practice what is known as “relational ministry” serve to pull our attention away from what we have a
participated in it in the first place. which foregoes the moral underpinnings of a typical personal stake in, be it God or something else.
King told me, “I did [Young Life] in high school, ministry. They “earn the right to be heard” by focusing I enjoyed my experience with Young Life. It is an
and that’s where I met the Lord. Then, when I came to first and foremost on genuine friendships with the incredibly friendly group of people with an increasingly
college, I decided to continue it, cause it’s a lot of fun, religious aspect being secondary. rare outlook on life. The story of Jesus has many
and I like growing in the Lord and helping others meet Young Life is nondenominational, which means that lessons that don’t require belief in anything.
him, too.” all sorts of Christian views are welcome and accounted It is the duty of a student to achieve an open mind
King also volunteers in the Young Life High School for. and find wisdom wherever it may originate.
program, where he meets with high school kids to They train new leaders in the Spring. Their doors
The Tartan | February 14, 2018 The Tea | 5

The Tartan publishes 1,500 cop-
ies per week and is distributed
at more than 10 locations on the
How to have a Galentine’s Day
RU campus, we are looking into
expanding our distribution.
You don’t need to be in a relationship
The publication is printed at
Shenandoah Publishing House to celebrate Valentine’s Day
in Winchester, Va.

The Tartan is part of Highland-

er Student Media and is com-
pletely student-run. As a news-
paper, The Tartan reserves the
right to address, explore and
delve into issues that affect the
university student body and the
surrounding area.
Student Media
P.O. Box 6895
Radford VA, 24142

“Our Opinion” pieces are written
collectively by members of The
Tartan Editorial Board. The
Editorial Board is comprised of
the editing staff, the Tea writers,
and other Radford University

These undergraduate and

graduate students represent
multiple class levels and Hannah Hale Taken from YouTube.com

different political, cultural,
ethnic, and religious alentine’s Day can be a lot of fun unrelated genre, and have a fun night in. If you are really into the Valentine’s Day
backgrounds. Members may for couples, but it can be a struggle Pizza Hut also has a brownie dessert that aesthetic, decorate the room with string
or may not belong to a variety for singles or even long-distance you can get a bundle deal online, so all the lights, hearts, and any cheesy decorations
of student organizations. The couples. You do not need a significant other grounds of comfort are covered. you can find.
Editorial Board is open to all to have a blast this Valentine’s Day because If you are just hanging out with one
RU students who apply. you can make it a “Galentine’s” Day! “Spending the day with friend, why not take them on a date?
Since the day is full of love, show your Go out to a nice restaurant and then
TARTAN friends some love and make it a night for see a movie, or go to the mall and shop

you to enjoy and appreciate one another.
There are plenty of things you can do
your friends can be Valentine’s Day sales. Dates are not just for
couples, and the one-on-one time with your
together to make the night a blast, and friend will make the day special for both of
Dylan Lepore
there is no need to feel down about being
single or away from your partner.
just as fun, or arguably you. There are plenty of fun things to do in
Radford and Christiansburg, so you do not
Valentine’s Day is highly have to go far to have options.
Ida Domingo
Managing Editor
commercialized, but it is hard not to love
a teddy bear and chocolates. Carpool with
more fun, than Some people hate Valentine’s Day for the
sole reason of not having a significant other
idomingo1@radford.edu your friends to the nearest store and buy to celebrate it with, and that is no excuse to
Annie Schroeder
Copy Editor
each other the most cliché of gifts that
you can find, and be sure to get a card so spending it with a make yourself sad.
Valentine’s Day should be an
lschroeder@radford.edu you can write down all the things you love opportunity for you to show your love to
about them. the most important and influential people
Gracie Miller
News Editor
If your friend group includes men or partner. Take the time in your life, and your friends are just as
gender-fluid people, do not hesitate to give important as a romantic partner. You do
them cheesy gifts too. Stuffed animals, not need a lover to be happy or complete,
Van Faust-Stephensons chocolates, and corny gifts are for all to appreciate your and that is the most important thing to
Culture Editor genders! remember. Your friends love and cherish
vfauststephenso@radford.edu Order the limited-edition heart-shaped you.
Alexis Gardner
pizza from Pizza Hut and have a movie friends and show them Spending the day with your friends can
The Tea Editor night together. Pizza is a favorite food for be just as fun, or arguably more fun, than
agardner5@radford.edu many people, but with a heart-shaped spending it with a partner.

Davis Byrd
pizza, it loves you back. Pair the pizza with
a movie that you will all enjoy, whether
love.” Take the time to appreciate your friends
and show them, love.
Sports Editor it be a romantic comedy or a completely Happy Galentine’s Day!
The Tartan | February 14, 2018 The Tea | 6

#Ladydoritos: Because
A woman eatng a bag of ‘Lady Doritos. Taken from rewind1007.com

Apparently, Regular Doritos Are

Too Masculine
Hannah Curran
hcuran1@radford.edu Has Feminism Gone Too Far?
ady Doritos is a lady-friendly chip because apparently women should not why? Why has a woman in society, in a pretty high position, come out and said that
“crunch” when they chew. women could not handle crunchy eating chips. Is this anti-feminism?
“When you eat out of a flex bag — one of our single-serve bags — especially Feminism itself has gone too far in this day and age with women protesting
as you watch a lot of the young guys eat the chips, they love their Doritos, and they in outfits that aren’t getting their point across for things that aren’t even really
lick their fingers with great glee. ” Indra Nooyi CEO of PepsiCo, who owns Doritos considered feminism in the sense of how the term is meant to be coined.
said in an interview on the Freakonomics Feminism has become being better than men, and

“Feminism has become being

podcast. that is not the goal it should be. It is about equality and
Let me start by saying I certainly do not one being better than the other.
that. Who would not? They are so good. ‘Feminists’ have gone as far to say women who stay
Nooyi continued, “Women would love
to do the same, but they don’t. They don’t
better than men, and that is home are worthless. This is not true. Me staying home
to be a mom is not less than a woman choosing to go
like to crunch too loudly in public. And
they don’t lick their fingers generously,
not the goal it should be. It is into the workforce and vice-versa.
Feminism today is not real feminism. That being
and they don’t like to pour the little-
broken pieces and the flavor into their about equality and not one said, I genuinely think that women being told that they
cannot eat chips like a man is entirely anti-feminism.
A feminine chip? Really? That means if being better than the other.” Especially coming from a woman in today’s world who
holds a high position that gave her the power to start
they want to take the crunch away it will this.
have to be a soft chip which sounds nasty. When I started writing this, I had not really heard
Why can’t I just eat in peace? about this whole thing. Almost every article I looked at talked about what a failure
This is ridiculous, especially in a world where ‘feminist women’ are so up in arms this whole thing has been. It is receiving a ton of backlash. I cannot really blame the
about being equal (or more) than men. Now all of a sudden we cannot eat the same? people saying that. It is something I never expected to be news in 2018, of course, I
Although most women seem to be upset about this (because it is outrageous) the could say that about many things.
idea is still stemmed from a woman, Indra Nooyi. Let’s just say I hope six months from now I am allowed to buy those manly
She Is the CEO of PepsiCo. What don’t most people seem to understand is the Doritos.
The Tartan | Febraury 14, 2018 The Tea | 7

Larry Nassar. Taken from cnn.com

Larry Nassar: Disgraced USA

Gymnastics Doctor
Ola Elshaar

e have all heard about how repulsive and a letter to justify what he committed was legitimate. athletes are finally deciding to speak up.
noxious the former USA Gymnastics doctor “I do not think a normal person would do what I admired every single lady who came out and spoke
Larry Nassar is. he did,” said Andrea Carson, a freshman at Radford up about it. It takes much courage to emerge about
Moreover, I am more than 100% sure that no University. “He is such an animal; he deserves what happened.
human being has shown a bit of sympathy knowing the everything he gets.” It is not easy whatsoever, those ladies may have
fact that he is going to rot in prison. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina speaks from Nassar’s been humiliated by such a sick filthy person like
Amen. complaint, “I was a good doctor because my treatments Nassar, but they sure did earn all of our support and
Judge Janice K. Cunningham stated that more than worked, and those patients that are now speaking out respect by speaking up for them and gave up the terror
260 young women and girls came forward stating they were the same ones that praised and came back over that Nassar has caused.
were abused by Dr. Nassar under the guise of medical and over, and referred family and friends to see me.”
treatment during Nassar’s first hearing in Eaton
County Circuit Court in Charlotte, Mich.
It goes on to say that, “the media convinced them that
everything I did was wrong and bad. They feel I broke
“I was a good doctor
Those were Nassar’s final strikes that led him to be
behind bars for the rest of his life.
their trust.”
“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It is just a because my treatments
worked, and those
According to the New York Times, “more than complete nightmare,” Aquilina further read.
150 young women and teenagers were done facing “I could not believe that anybody could be that
Nassar during a seven-day hearing in Ingham County filthy,” said Amanda Roger, a Radford University
Circuit Court in Lansing, where he was found guilty in
November to seven counts of sexual assault.”
student. “I honestly don’t know how the victims will
pass through this, he devastated them, and I really
patients that are now
Nassar has been given a 60-year sentence for child
pornography and 40 to 175 years for the sexual abuse
hope he would [rot] in prison.”
I still can’t process the fact that he kept harassing
speaking out were the
charges in Ingham County.
After listening to his victims and their families
women and girls for years; people like Nassar should
be executed. They just don’t deserve to share life with
same ones that praised
describe how he affected them by what he did, Nassar
came to the courtroom attempting to apologize, saying,
human beings.
When I watched the victim’s giving their statements and came back over
and over...”
“There are no words that can describe the depth and describing what he did to them, I had mixed feelings.
breadth of how sorry I am for what has occurred.” I was disgusted and felt extremely bad for those girls
With such a brazen presumption, Nassar has written and women, but I was also so proud that those young
The Tartan | February, 14th 2018 Sports | 8

Radford Softball

W ETSU (Feb. 9) 6-0

W Austin Peay 7-4
W ETSU (Feb. 10) 3-1
W Murray State 4-2

Big South: 0-0

Overall: 4-0

Women’s Basketball

W CSU 74-57

Big South: 9-3

Overall: 16-7

Men’s Basketball

L UNC Asheville 64-66

Big South: 8-6

Overall: 15-12
Ed Polite Jr. Courtesy of Radford Men’s hoops Twitter

Letters to the
Editor Centennial Man Reaches
Milestone as Highlanders
We prefer letters that are fewer
than 200 words and take as
their starting point an article
or other item appearing in The
Tartan. They may not have
been submitted to, posted

Fall 61-60
to or published by any other
media. They must include the
writer’s full name — for more
information and to send a
letter head over to D av i s B yr d
www.rutartan.com. dbyrd16@radford.edu

Notes of Worth
d Polite Jr. becomes the latest in a prestigious list, notching This theme continued until midway through the second period
his 1000th point in a close loss to High Point on Thursday. when High Point finally seemed to gain the upper hand over the
The junior forward is the 31st player in school history to Highlanders.
Redshirt reach such an accomplishment. The deafening roar of the Highlander faithful would surround
J u n i o r The Highlanders will be feeling desperately disappointed after Radford’s late comeback. Unfortunately for the Highlanders,
C l a u d i a
the close loss which would have seen them improve their record this crowd advantage did not materialize into a win, as their last
Quevedo is
and position themselves further near the top of the Big South possession was a frantic affair. Dribbling the clock to around 13
this week’s
standings. seconds before a string of passes that resulted in a miss from the
p l a y e r
highlight The Highlanders started quickly out of the gates to the cheers three-point line.
after her of an onlooking Highlander faithful in the crowd. A lead formed Polite Jr. scored his 1000th point for the Highlanders a little
strong game pretty rapidly for the Highlanders before being brought back down over halfway through the last period to give the Highlanders
a g a i n s t to Earth by the High Point team that came ready to play. The faithful something to cheer about despite the loss. The Junior
Courtesy of RU Athletics Charleston run by High Point seemed to suck the energy out of the Dedmon forward from Lanham, Maryland, layed the ball in after a rebound
Southern (CSU). Center for most of the remainder of the first half. Continuing to to accomplish such a feat, much to the crowd’s approval. This was
Quevedo, who is averaging battle, the Highlanders went on a 13-2 run to regain their lead. a fitting way to reach the milestone for Polite Jr. who was a historic
7.7 points a game this season Due to the Highlanders inconsistent shooting, not many shots rebounder for the program. Polite Jr. is just the third player in
dropped 20 points playing would fall for various stretches in the first period. The Highlanders program history to reach 1000 points, 500 rebounds, 100 assists
Buccaneers in their recent match. went cold for a run of a few minutes until finally scoring again near and 100 steals.
A new career-high total for the the end of the first. Radford and High Point continued to go back The Highlanders will be looking to pick themselves up and
Basketball player. Half of her 20 and forth until the buzzer hit zero to signal the end of the first half. dust themselves off against Campbell Feb. 15. The game will be
points came late in the game to When the dust settled, the Highlanders were on top at the interval televised on ESPNU in their third televised game of the season at
seal a victory for the Highlanders. 31-28. the Dedmon Center. Radford will be looking to get back into the
Quevedo shot 6 for 9 with 4 of The second act of this tale of two halves, saw Radford and High thick of things near the top of the Big South standings against the
her makes coming from behind Point trade blows rather than each team going on runs. The two camels. The last meeting between Radford and Campbell saw the
the arc. teams would trade almost basket for basket for the entire period. Highlanders come out 56-59.