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Which Program Is

Right For You?

Solar Purchase Net
Program Metering
Renewable Solar, Wind, Biomass,
Solar Energy Hydroelectric, Waste Heat,
Sources Geothermal

15 cents per Compensation Offset current and future
kilowatt-hour For usage supplied by
generated Generation Dominion Energy

Two meters -
One to measure
consumption 1000 500
Meter 500
One bi-directional meter
and one to Requirements that measures net usage

Residential: 20 kW Maximum Residential: 20 kW

Non-Residential: 50 kW Production Non-Residential: 500 kW

$ $
Standby Residential:
Greater than 10 kW
No standby charge Charge Non-Residential:
(amount based on usage)
No standby charge

5 year contract -
customer can No contract - customer
cancel with 30 days Contract can cancel any time
written notice

Sold to Dominion Renewable

Energy (along with
all generation)
Energy Owned by the customer
for 15 cents per Certificates
kilowatt-hour (Recs)