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1. Do you agree that the freedom of expression has its limits?

2. Do you agree that harmful and unprotected speech should have a consequential
3. Do you agree that bloggers especially those prominent in social media has the power to
4. Do you agree that absolute power corrupts absolutely?
5. Do you agree that freedom of expression without limit gives the bloggers the absolute
power to influence as they please?
6. Do you agree that by not regulating these bloggers you are letting them abuse their right to
7. Are you aware of SEC-OGC OPINION NO. 16-21 where THE COMMISSION
WIDENED THE SCOPE OF MASS MEDIA? It recognized the internet and mobile
technology being a new platform of mass media.
8. Because of this interpretation of the law and the clear similarities between bloggers
and mass media practitioners, would you not agree that they practically perform the
same functions?
9. DOJ OPINION NO. 040, S. 1998 is an old ruling and does not reflect the present and
most prevalent use of internet.