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1. Tell me about your self?

I do believe that I am the best person for

My name is X, I am twenty years old. I just the job . If in the futureyou feel i would be a
graduated from Poltekkes Semarang with candidate for a higher level position, I know
degree in Nursing Department. I looking for I wouldn't be passed up
a position as a obstetric nurse in your I hope to stay at the company and expect
hospital. that in five years. I'll make a significant
2. What are you strengths and weakness? advance in the organization.
My strengths is my spirit and my I would like to become the very best nurse
responsibility in doing something. I also like child your company.
to learn new things. My weakness in I am a 9. Why is your GPA not higher ?
perfectionist, so sometimes I took a long Because it was following the extracurricular
time to finish a job, because I want to finish activities KSR held by the campus. Every day
it perfectly. I have to follow activities that take place
3. Why are you interested in working in our like meetings, blood donations and other
hospital? counseling. So when my study time is
Because your hospital have a good lacking, it results in my score not as high as
reputation and of course to get the great the previous semester.
experience to work in here. 10. Do you have any actual work experience-in
4. How would you describe your ideal job? this field ?
I have ideal job, it was as obstetric nurse. I I once worked as an obstetric nurse in a
get the privelege of seeing new lives and pelita harapan hospital in Jakarta.
families born. I am sucker for it. I still cry at 11. Have you ever had a conflict with your
every birth or come close to it. It’s my boss or anyone who's in charge to
dream job, the one I went into nursing for. supervise you, like your professor ?
5. What qualities do you think a successful for as long as I work in the hospital
nurse in an international hospital should moewardi, I never have conflict with my
have ? supervisor. however , if I have a problem
I easily adapt with a new environment and i wwith my superiors, I will apologized and
can work together in a team and also i have trying to solve the problem with the talk
a big responsibility to my job, and if about the fine with my supervisor. I will also
accepted here i'll obet all regulations there look at myself to learn to be better again.
at home this pain 12. What kind of salary are you looking for ?
6. How do you plan to one of the successful how much do you expect to team?
professional nurse in this hospital  for me,the pay would I received was in
I will do the best at what I am being paid to accordance, with the contributions me
do. I will committed to excellence whether to the hospital
they fell like it or not whether external  For the salary I submit to the
circumstances warrant it or not. And I will management of the hospital in
treats everyone with respect, whether it’s accordance with the standard minimum
collegue, patient, resident or client. This is wage government
not always an easy thing to do, but it surely
is always the riht thing to do.
7. Why should we hire you ?
Because I have very good experience in this
field, even this is my own passion so I have
very strong spirit for this field.
8. Where do you want to be in the next 5 or
10 years ?