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Foundations on Black Cotton Soil
Foundation Repair
Mat/Raft Foundation The property of volumetric RECENT POST
changes with the change of
atmospheric conditions makes Why is Grouting
black cotton soil dangerous to Applied in
Mud jacking/Slab jacking
be founded buildings. It swells Stabilizing
Pile Foundation excessively when wet and Foundation Soil?
Foundation on Expansive shrinks excessively when dry
soil resulting terrible cracks in soil What are Filter
Underpinning without any warning. It has a Criteria for Basic
great affinity to water. This Performance of
Black cotton soil
tendency of soil is on account Geotextiles in Soil
Earthquake & Foundation of the presence of fine clay Improvement?
Soil Stabilization particles. Cracks are formed
Concrete due to movement of the Foundation
ground on account of Problem with
Concrete Repair Organic Soil
alternate swelling and
Concrete Pumping shrinkage. The cracks thus formed are sometimes 15 to 20 cm wide and 2.5 to 4
Ready-mixed concrete m deep.
Compaction Different Types of
Safety Precautions Pile Hammer for
Pile Foundation
Concrete Properties
The following precautions are generally adopted while building structures on (Part-2)
ASTM Concrete black cotton soil:
ACI Concrete
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1. To limit the load on the soil to 5.5 tonnes/ sqr. m. if water is liable to to find
an access to the foundations, the limit of loading should be restricted to 4,900
Earthquake Design
kg/ sqr. m. We're on
Tectonics 2. To take the foundation to such depths where the cracks cease to extend. The
Measuring Earthquake minimum depth of foundation should be at least 1.5 m. +173
3. To provide reinforced concrete ties or bands all around the main walls of the
Foundati on building. The R.C.C ties or bands which may be 10 cm to 15 cm deep should be Find us on Facebook
placed at plinth level, lintel level and eaves level. In case of flat roof, R.C.C slab
Conc re te Earthquake Resistant
it self acts as a tie and as such no extra band needed to be provide near the roof
Ear thquake in such cases. Construction

Black Cotton Soil Like

4. If the depth of the black cotton soil at a given site is only 1 to 1.5 m, the
Underpinning 2,180 people like Earthquake Resistant
entire black cotton soil above the hard bed may be completely removed and the
Drilling Construction.
foundation may be laid on the hard bed below.
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POPULAR POSTS 5. The swelling of soil in direct contact with the foundation material causes
maximum damage. Hence it is necessary to prevent the direct contact of black
What is Raft cotton soil with masonry work below ground level. These can be achieved by
Difference between making wider trenches for foundation and filling spaces on the either side of the
Raft Foundations and foundation masonry with sand or moorum.
Mat Foundation
6. The bed of foundation trench should be made firm or hard by ramming it well. Subscribe in a reader
Relation Between
Compressive and
On the rammed bed a 30 cm layer of good hard moorum should be spread in
Tensile Strength of layers of 15 cm, each layer being well watered and rammed before laying the 4
Concrete next layer. On this layer either stone or sand bed should be provided to the LABELS
desire height to place the foundation concrete bed block upon it.
What is the
Difference between Concrete Foundation
Consolidation and 7. In case of ordinary buildings, the foundation should be taken at least 30 cm Foundation Repair Black
Compaction of deeper than the depth where the crack stop. cotton soil pile foundation Piling
Foundation Soil? Liquefaction Tsunami Corrosion
8. In important structures raft foundation should be provided so as to float the Epoxy Soil Stabilization earthquake
What to Do After
building on the bed below the depth, quite independent of the surrounding soil. map AutoCAD Subduction zone
column Asbestos Dam STAAD.Pro.
What are Filter earthquake today mesothelioma
9. For less important structures like compound walls etc., the foundation should
Criteria for Basic underpinning
preferably be taken at least 15 cm below the depth at which cracks in soil cease
Performance of
Geotextiles in Soil to occur.
10. Construction in black cotton soil should be undertaken during dry season.

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Foundations on Black Cotton Soil http://civil-engg-world.blogspot.in/2009/06/foundations-on-black-cotton-...

LOAD-BEARING 11. The masonry for the walls should start at least 15 cm below the general
ground level.

Willis Tower: A 12. The width of trench for main walls or load bearing walls of a building should
Bundled Tube be dug 40 cm wider than the width of foundation. This is necessary to ensure
provision of at least 20 cm wide layer of coarse sand on either side of foundation
Black Cotton Soils and
masonry thereby separating the sub-structure from having direct contact with VIEWERS
Their Swelling black cotton soil.
Pressure : 578,916
In case of compound wall, width of sand layer on either side of foundation ARCHIVE
Seismic Zoning Map of
masonry could be 15 cm. 2008 (30)
2009 (144)
Contact Pressure Based on research carried out to develop a effective foundation system, it is
Distribution Beneath found that under-reamed piles provide an ideal solution to foundation in black January (15)
cotton soil or other similar types of expansive soils. The construction of under- March (3)
reamed pile is briefly discussed below: April (8)
May (10)
reddit June (37)
Earth Materials in Relation to
Emergency Water Treatment
Earthquake Impact on Water
Water Testing in Emergencies
Problems with Foundation on
Expansive Soil
Design Criteria for Hydraulic
Analysis and Design ...
Cyclic Loading of Soil During
Preparation and
Regeneration of Activated
Seismic Slope Stability
Structural Selection Criteria
for Coastal Area
Earthing System
Non-tectonic Surface
Chemical Disinfection of
Common Disinfectant
Rehabilitation of Structures
Using Steel Plates
Membrane Methods for
Arsenic Removal
Effects of Climate Change on
Groundwater Flow
Land Subsidence Due to
Groundwater Extraction
Under-reamed Pile Foundation
Under-reamed piles are bored cast-in-situ concrete piles having bulk shaped
Self-Compacting Concrete
enlargement near base. These piles are commonly recommended for providing
safe and economical foundations in expansive soils such as black cotton soil, Types of Bituminous Mixtures
filled up ground and other types of soils having poor bearing capacity. In these Foundation Ties
type of foundation the structure is anchored to the ground at a depth where HEAT-RESISTANT CONCRETE
ground movement due to changes in moisture content negligible. A pile having
one bulk is known as single under-reamed pile. It is seen that the load bearing
capacity of the pile can be increased by increasing the number of bulk at the Foundations on Black Cotton
base. In such a case the pile is named as multi-under-reamed pile. The increase
in the bearing capacity of the pile can also be achieved by increasing the Causes of Failure of
diameter and the length of the pile.
Classification of Prestressed-
Concrete Structures
The method of construction of under-reamed pile is very simple the holes for

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Foundations on Black Cotton Soil http://civil-engg-world.blogspot.in/2009/06/foundations-on-black-cotton-...

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Foundations on Black Cotton Soil http://civil-engg-world.blogspot.in/2009/06/foundations-on-black-cotton-...

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