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Statement of Purpose

My interest in Events Organizing & Management started during my engineering. I have

always been interested in all major and minor events. I also have the passion for getting
people with different interests and backgrounds together in an event. What I want more
is to organize & manage events and make sure that it will be a smashing success.
I completed my Engineering from Pune University where I had a lot of experience
in events organizing. I was able to see coordinators and event heads in action and I was
able to pick up some great lessons in managing different activities. During that
experience, I was able to gain insights on how to improve my communication skills and
managerial skills. During my free time I enjoy reading blogs and view various collegial
events to keep me updated for the current trends in coordinating events and other
activities. This helps me look at patterns on how people expect & react to certain events,
celebrities and fashion. I also do volunteer work wherever I gain interest. Doing so
improves my communication, technical and management skills.
I have chosen to apply for this ‘Coordinator’ post because I am confident that I
can scale up the activities and events as well I can develop my skills, knowledge and
personality greatly here. If I do get accepted, I will devote my efforts, not for the betterment
of myself alone but to promote and uphold the standards of this institution. I would like to
extend my thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind about my application.
About Myself

My name is Arun Kanade, currently a student of MBA at Symbiosis Institute of

Business Management. I completed my engineering in IT from Pune University. During
my engineering I was part of Students Core Council and held the responsible position of
General Secretary. Apart from this I worked for every event conducted. I did my internship
at MTV India, Grapevine.Co and Puneri Paltan (Pro Kabbadi). During my internship I
learned core values of teamwork, team leading, planning & executing tasks, celebrity
escorting and branding.
At times I also design posters and video editing. During my 1st year MBA at
Symbiosis Institute I was involved in many activities and clubs which helped me to acquire
skills of public relations, good communication, working in tight deadlines and pressure. I
learned to manage extracurricular keeping along good performance in academics. All
these skill set are necessary for a coordinator so that when holding a responsible position
he should perform well in various fields.
Activities I was involved into and my contribution

1. Organizing Committee ‘Mélange’:

 International Students Day – Designed e-banner, id-cards, handled
technical light & sound and backstage.
 Independence Day Function- Developed ‘Salutary video for Indian Army’,
handled technical sound requirements.
 Ganesh Utsav- Helped in Visarjan vidhi (last day)
 Saraswati Pooja @ Library- Helped in decoration and procuring things.
 Governor’s Visit- Handled light & sound for entire event.
 Christmas Day Celebration- Helped in planning & execution, decoration,
handled sound system, procurement of wood and fuel.
 Firande- POC for PR Club

2. Public Relations Committee:

 SymbiTalks- Covered entire event on social media (uploaded pics, tweets
& live on Instagram & facebook).
 International Students Day- Covered event on social media.
 Independence Day Function- Covered event on social media.
 Guest Lectures- Covered event on social media.
 Guest Workshop (Resume Building)- Covered event on social media.
 Entrevision (Entrepreneurship Event)- Covered event on social media.
 Governor’s Visit- Covered event on social media.
 PR Club’s event on Firande: Designed & executed online 1st round and
collaborating them for Firande (mailing, transportation, accommodation),
Designing 2nd & 3rd on-campus rounds.
 GDPI (batch 2018-20)- Handling PAGALGUY.COM and solving queries of

3. Firande Festival:
 Sponsorship- Worked on backend team digging bulk of data and cold
 Production Team- Helped in finalizing the element list for technical for main
 Designing Posters- Designed 7 big size flex, 8 standees, 2 banners, 1
poster for Indian Express, designing all, getting them printed and placing
them at various points.
 Stalls- Placement of stalls and cleaning ground, technical support for same.
 Academic Block- Helped in technical support (lights, sound, projectors, etc)
and ground force.
 Cultural Night- Scheduling the events on stage, handled technical things on
stage including sound check for Rock band, DJ Kim, and other events.
Handled entire technical for both days, techrider, light & sound.
 Hospitality- Helped in accommodation of participants and escorting DJ Kim
and his team.
 Registration Desk- Helped for gathering participants for On-Spot events.

4. Other Committees:
 SymbiTalks- Designed 2 big flex, photo booth, 8 standees and 1 e-banner,
getting them printed and placing at right points.
 CorpCon- Helped in designing poster for Firande.
 WDC- Developed 2 posters for Firande events.
 Graffiti- Helped in decoration at amphitheater and making lantern for main
 Inquisive- Developed digital logo for Inquisive Club.
Plan of action for year 2018-19

My aim is scaling up the quality of each and every event where participations
should be increased, good ambience and decor, designing more attractive and
informative posters, making rules strict for everyone, interactive sessions with juniors,
arranging more practical workshops, juniors-seniors interactions, suggestions for any
course framework, solving disputes with staff if any.

Events Calendar:
 Induction for fresher’s- planning and getting influential speakers across variety (IT,
Operations, FMCG, Finance, Automobile, etc.)
 Fresher’s Party- Arranging ice-breaking sessions and memorable celebration.
 Junior’s involvement in Clubs- Taking note that good people must be included in
 Departmental Events- Increasing participation for event and enriching the quality
of event.
 Workshops- Conducting practical workshops across domains.
 Seminars- Conducting seminars across domains.
 Arranging lectures by seniors to juniors.
 Website and blog- Keeping track of regular update and encouraging students to
forward articles.
 Mess- Solving the quality problem.
 Starting Media club under PR to increase visibility of college on social media
 Sports Club- Arranging regular activities.
 WDC- Encouraging more volunteers and making donation drive event regular.
 Organising Committee- Scaling up events and enriching quality of event.
 Antardhwani- Increasing student’s participation, smooth coordination with OC for
 Graffiti- Starting with ‘ART EXHIBITION’.
 Pratibimb- Starting up a videography concept and content making for social media
(Video making & editing).
 Entrepreneurship- Getting TEDx concept to SIBM Hyderabad.
 Coming up with a flagship event of department events.
 FIRANDE- Improving the production & getting it filmed, co-ordination in all events,
refining print media and social media promotions, pitching & getting more
sponsors, getting more stalls for refreshments, solving Wi-Fi issues.
Why I am the best fit for Student’s Coordinator position

 I was involved in many activities and events in various clubs which gave me an
idea about different clubs and activities conducted by them.
 Can be a good strategist and a reliable person.
 Worked closely with the team right from the groundwork, backstage to the front
stage putting my efforts to make every event a grand success.
 Tolerant to stress and huge workload, expertise in planning, multi-tasking, well
 The quality of work that I have delivered in various task I have assigned to do was
at par, and I worked with utmost dedication in order to get the work done.
 Skills in organizing & managing events, capability to maintain confidentiality, time
management and planning tasks.
 I am confident that I am in the right position now that I can supervise the future
Other Relevant Information
Experience with the clients I worked for during my engineering: