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,....,m two Retriu
b tion class battleships of the
.1. Gotbic Sector fleet are believed to date from
the Clll"liest days of1hc Imperium. The tnditional
armoured prow and distinctive multiple-tube
plasma engines :maJ:k them as products of the
Martian shipyards. The first records of the
Bloodhawk state that it fought at the Battle of
Merin where it was severely damaged by
torpedoes. During the Age of Apostasy the
Bloodhawk became cut off by the forces of the
renegade Admiral Sehella while visiting the fleet
bases at Hydraphur. Through heroic efforts Slid
sevenl Illllllillg battle8 1hc Bloodhawk evaded
Sehclla's squadrons and eventually arrived 111
Cypra Mundi over eight yeaiS later, where it was
adopted as part of Battlefleet Obllcums. The
Cardblal Boras is known to have led the ill­
starred explDration fleet ofrogue trader Ventunius
into the I10l'l:bem rim and was one of only five
ships to return. Subsequently it fought at the
Battles of Callavell, Arnot's Landing and Karsk,
where its bombardment f<m:ed the capitulation of
the rebellious Regime of Iron. The Can:linal
Boras is a well-travelled vessel and has been
assigned to eighteen different sector fleets over
the past four millennia. It was finaUy assigned to
30cm the Gothic Sector m= four hundied years ago.

Notes: The Retribution Class Battleship is heavy to manoeuvre and cannot use the Come to New Heading special order. OF THE GOTHIC WAR
Bloodhawk Cardinal Boras


IMPERIAL APOCALYPSE CLASS BATTLESHIP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 365 pts

T he Apocalypse class is an ancient design

that is generally believed to have been
the precursor of the Retribution class
battleship millennia ago. The superior
technologies used to construct the
multiple lance turrets on the Apocalypse
have now all but been forgotten and so the
small number of examples of this ship can
never be replaced. The loss of even one
will always be keenly felt. It has been
theorised by Naval strategists that the
vessel was specifically created to counter
the ever-growing numbers of battleships
and grand cruisers that attempted to lead
Chaos raiding fleets from within the Eye of
Terror. In this duty, the Apocalypse has
proved itself to be everything the Imperial
Navy could have wished for.
TYPE/HITS SPEED TURNS SHIELDS ARMOUR TURRETS The rows of fearsome lance armament
Battleship/12 15cm 45° 4 6+ front/5+ 4 along the broadsides of the Apocalypse are
ARMAMENT RANGE/SPEED FIREPOWER/STR FIRE ARC its most distinctive feature. It has been
noted that these lance arrays are fully
Port lance battery 60cm 6 Left capable of operating at much greater ranges
Starboard lance battery 60cm 6 Right by an engineering process that greatly
Prow nova cannon 30 - 150cm 1 Front increases the load-bearing capabilities of
their main power relays. However, the array
Dorsal weapons battery 60cm 9 Left/front/right conduits themselves become notoriously
unreliable when stressed this far and run-
away power drains can easily start to sap
Notes: The Apocalypse class battleship may not use Come to New Heading special orders. The Apocalypse energy from the ship’s main drives, making
Battleship's lance systems are insufliciently powered for their capability. If the Apocalypse fires its lance the Apocalypse sluggish in the midst of
batteries farther than 30cm at any point during its turn, place a Blast Marker in contact with its base directly battle. Thus, almost all existing Apocalypse
behind it at the end of the shooting phase. class battleships keep their lance armament
limited to medium ranges. Most
Segmentum fleets have at least a few
examples of the Apocalypse still in battle-
worthy condition, though their numbers
Third Armageddon War Flight Report, Squadron Leader Narch
are gradually dwindling.
TAW plus 1:37: First invaders of our skies sighted. Heard that the orbital defence platforms are performing superbly, keeping
the enemy at bay. Taking the Long Knives to engage the few enemy craft that have broken through.
TAW plus 1:58: First enemies engaged. Joined the Distant Stars in a sweep of sector 8729 by 31. Fourteen confirmed kills,
His Will Triumph
8 probables. No losses on our side.


IMPERIAL OBERON CLASS BATTLESHIP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 355 pts

T he Oberon class battleship is an

incredibly rare vessel, a very early
variant of the Emperor class that has been
gradually phased out after the renowned
successes of its more well-known
The Oberon itself was an attempt to
design a battleship that could theoretically
deal with all manner of threats without the
constant need of all existing classes to rely
on escorting vessels. Though it lacks the
sheer blanket coverage of ordnance that
an Emperor class can lay down, the
Oberon retains all the fearsome firepower
of the previous design, whilst adding two
devastating long-ranged lance batteries to
each broadside.
Often used in dangerous armed patrols
TYPE/HITS SPEED TURNS SHIELDS ARMOUR TURRETS with little or no escort, the Oberon is able
to utilise its superior sensor probes to
Battleship/12 15cm 45° 4 5+ 5 allow a captain to judge the nature of
ARMAMENT RANGE/SPEED FIREPOWER/STR FIRE ARC potential threats long before they are
aware of the battleship’s own presence, a
Port launch bays Furies: 30cm 2 squadrons –
factor that makes the Oberon superior to
Starhawks: 20cm most other ships in this role. In combat,
Starboard launch bays Furies: 30cm 2 squadrons – the Oberon lacks the hard-hitting power
Starhawks: 20cm of the Retribution and Apocalypse classes
and the massive attack craft wings that an
Port weapons battery 60cm 6 Left Emperor can deploy, but it has
Starboard weapons battery 60cm 6 Right consistently proved itself to be a very
Port lance battery 60cm 2 Left capable ship of the line that has the
potential to defeat any enemy it may face.
Starboard lance battery 60cm 2 Right
Prow weapons battery 60cm 5 Left/Front/Right FAMOUS SHIPS OF THE
Dorsal weapons battery 60cm 5 Left/Front/Right THIRD ARMAGEDDON WAR
Green Lake

Notes: The Oberon class battleship cannot be given Come to New Heading special orders. Like the TAW plus 2:22: Returned to base to refuel and
Emperor class, the Oberon dispenses with the normal armoured prow and instead carries a mass of rearm, before receiving the scramble signal once
sensor probes that it uses to direct its attack craft to the enemy. This also adds +1 to its Leadership more. Heavy enemy air activity in the southern
rating. For an extra +5 points, the Oberon class may carry squadrons of Shark assault boats. skies, attacking missile silos.
VICTORY CLASS BATTLESHIP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 355 Points
In internal layout, the Victory class shares many
similarities with Retribution, and Imperial Navy
analysts speculate the design is a byproduct of
grafting lance weaponry onto the improved power
conduits and relays of the Retribution template in an
attempt to replicate the Apocalypse battleship class
while overcoming various shortfalls inherent with
that ancient design. In this respect it has proven
successful, though it still is not capable of delivering
the level of firepower that ancient class was capable
of when the Imperium was still able to reliably
fabricate its sophisticated but difficult to maintain
power transfer relays. Nonetheless, the Victory
makes up for firepower with its far more robust and
reproducible design, and it has had many successes
throughout the Tempestus and Ultima Segmentae.
FAMOUS SHIPS: The Technomagi of M ars refuse all requests for
Victory Hammer of Scaro Argus Warspite access to their records of origin, and the shipwrights
of Bakka have proven to be equally recalcitrant.
Battleship/12 20cm 45° 4 6+ prow/5+ 4 Four Victory class battleships serve in Battlefleet
Bakka, the Victory being by far the oldest. The
ARMANENT RANGE FIREPOWER/STRENGTH FIRE ARC Argus particularly distinguished itself, leading the
Port Lances 60cm 4 Left fleet that cleaned the Stabulo systems of the deviants
Starboard Lances 60cm 4 Right that polluted various sectors along the border region
between Segmentum Tempestus and Ultima. The
Dorsal Weapons Battery 60cm 9 Left/ Front /Right Hammer of Scaro was rebuilt with prow torp edoes
Prow Nova Cannon 30cm - 150cm 1 Front instead of repairing its Nova Cannon after receiving
severe damage ramming the Ork Hulk Gungedrinka
Special Rules: Victory-class battleships cannot use Come To New Heading special orders. The Hammer of at the Battle of Lexus. All four of Bakka‟s Victory
Scaro may replace its Nova Cannon with strength-9 torpedo launchers for -10 points. A Victory-class battleship may battleships served against Hive Fleet Behemoth, and
reduce the range of its lances to 45cm and increase their strength to 6 for +10pts. three returned from the pivotal Battle of Circe.

E m p er o r B a ttl esh i p D om inu s A s t r a – 36 5 P o i nts

Emperor Class battleships are among the oldest to serve in Imperial Fleets and are commonly used as flagships. Only one member of this class, the venerable
Dominus Astra, saw action against Hive Fleet Behemoth while serving as Lord Admiral Rath's flagship. The Dominus Astra was lost in combat at the Battle
of Circe in the M acragge system when an Imperial Fleet of 200 vessels was overwhelmed by Tyranids. In order to cover the disengagement of the surviving
twelve Imperial capital ships, Lord Rath ordered the battleship into the heart of the enemy fleet, ripping through their formations with all guns blazing. As
the alien hordes closed around the doomed ship, the Dominus Astra engaged its warp drives, tearing apart real space, dragging large numbers of the unholy
foe into the immaterium and dashing many others onto the rings around the gas giant. T he Dominus Astra was never officially seen again although rumors
abound of a mysterious ghost ship that appears from the warp in time of greatest peril to hurl itself on humanity‟s most dangerous enemies .
As a result of the fallout subsequent to the Gareox Prerogative, this class of vessel is extremely rare in the fleets of Segmentum Tempestus. Bakka fleets may
only field a single Emperor battleship, and this only as reserves unless Admiral Rath leads the fleet, in which case it must be his flagship .

VANQUISHER CLASS BATTLESHIP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 300 Points
The Vanquisher class battleship is regarded by
analysts as an ancient design even by the standards
of the Imperial Navy. The Vae Victis in particular
has an extensive and storied history long pre-dating
its joining Battlefleet Bakka. What records survive
indicate it was constructed in the orbital
shipyards of Hydraphur in the late 32nd
millennia, built at the request of High Lord
Javor. Following its construction the battleship
saw action during the Pacification of
M agdellan and the Saint-Saen Crusade. Whilst
on this extended crusade the vessel was
recorded 'lost in warp' with all hands. Believed
thrown wildly off course by warpstorms the
Vae Victis returned some 200 years later.
Records do not detail the intervening years.
The next verifiable records of this vessel come
Vae Victis Virtue of Helena
from its service in the Ultima Segmentum,
TYPE /HITS SPEED TURNS SHIELDS ARMOR TURRETS where it served for a time as part of the
Battleship/12 15cm 45° 4 6+ prow/5+ 5 Dominion Fleet of the Ultramarines. Over the
next millennia the ship underwent an extensive
ARMANENT RANGE FIREPOWER/STRENGTH FIRE ARC refit to repair widespread damage to its lance
Port Lances 45cm 4 Left batteries and propulsion system, but the
Starboard Lances 45cm 4 Right circumstances surrounding when this damage
was sustained are unknown.
Port Weapons Battery 60cm 6 Left
Starboard Weapons Battery 60cm 6 Right Aged and suffering continued problems with
its engines, the Vae Victis was mothballed as
Prow Torpedoes Speed: 30cm 6 Front part of the fleet reserve in the 38th millennia
and left in a stationary orbit around Drawkesd
S pecial Rules: Vanquisher-class battleships are ponderous vessels and cannot use Come To New Heading special in Segmentum Tempestus along with three
orders. other vessels of this class. Weapon and shield
systems where stripped for reuse. For long
centuries the battleship was left to decay in a
forgotten backwater. Following the Battle of
Circe, increased pressure on Imperial Navy
Segmentum resources led to the Vae Victis
being recommissioned. All four surviving
examples of this class are currently
undergoing re-armament and crew training
before resuming active service to make up for
the horrific losses from that battle.


, and the Adeptus M echanicus is typically reticent


IMPERIAL VENGEANCE CLASS GRAND CRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . 230 pts

T he Vengeance class straddles the line

between earlier and later Imperial ship
design. The ship can be seen with the
beginnings of the characteristic armoured
prow, although as yet the extra armour had
not been added. Today, the Vengeance
remains part of the Imperial fleet reserve,
regarded by most admirals as an old
warhorse, past its best days. Vengeances have
also been identified as part of Traitor fleets,
dating back to the mass mutiny that split the
Imperial fleet in half during the Great
Betrayal. Since then Imperial ship design has
slowly evolved, but within the warp, where
time does not follow a linear path, ships can
survive untold millennia as if it were only
The active Vengeance class grand cruisers that
are part of the Segmentum Obscurus fleet are
TYPE/HITS SPEED TURNS SHIELDS ARMOUR TURRETS generally deployed in squadrons whose
ongoing mission is to patrol and defend the
Grand Cruiser/10 20cm 45° 3 5+ 3
systems lying around the Eye of Terror in a
ARMAMENT RANGE/SPEED FIREPOWER/STR FIRE ARC constant vigil against Chaos incursions. Other
Port lance battery 45cm 2 Left Vengeances are scattered across Imperial fleet
reserves throughout Segmentum Obscurus
Starboard lance battery 45cm 2 Right
and Segmentum Pacificus as second-line
Port weapons battery 60cm 10 Left units, replacement squadrons and
Starboard weapons battery 60cm 10 Right mothballed as war reserves.
Several patrolling squadrons of Vengeance’s
have, whilst engaged in routine duties,
TAW plus 2:41: Reports that the orbital defence network has been penetrated. Enemy activity intense. The primitive Ork
Notes: Vengeanceattack classcraftgrand cruisers
are strafing anddefences.
our ground their Far
variants have engaging
less comforting a certainsuch number of special
numbers without rules.
the support of ourThese
strayed into the Eye itself, either lured there in
pursuit of raiders or caught in a sudden and
apply to the Vengeance, Exorcist,
based missiles and lasers.Avenger,
Long KnivesRetaliator,
III & VII shot Nephilim,
down withinandfirst Executor
few minutes of class grand
combat duringcruisers.
Ork ambush as unpredictable flare or expansion. Such
we attacked their strafers. Currently heading back to base to refuel, pursued by full strength enemy squadron. The Shadow
These vessels mayFires purchase
have been one of on
vectored thetofollowing upgrades
our position to at the points cost listed: +1 Leadership for +
cover our withdrawal.
patrols are never seen again, although reports
of Vengeance class grand cruisers supporting
20 points, prow torpedo salvo (str 6 front) for +25 points, or Improved Thrusters (+D6cm on All
TAW plus 2:43: Just sighted a burning orbital platform high in the atmosphere, plummeting to the surface. Starting to hear renegade raids and even Black Crusades have
Ahead Full specialreports
of thefor +5 points
complete failure of. our defences. been on the increase.
Prow Criticals: Vengeance
TAW plus 3:09:Grand Home base Cruisers
overrun byand
warband.variants ignore
Hearing that many airallbases
prow armament
are suffering damaged
in a similar manner. Ground FAMOUS SHIPS
criticals. It is as though
defences it
are never happened.
still mostly in Imperial Grand
hands, butCruisers withassault
are under heavy prowbytorpedoes
the enemy andignore
thus of this
little rule.
use in shooting The Covenanter (Battlefleet Scarus)
down Ork landing craft. How did they manage to land troops so quickly? The Long Knives are diverting to secondary
Vigilanti Eternus (Battlefleet Cadia)

IMPERIAL AVENGER CLASS GRAND CRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 pts

T he Avenger is a hang-over from earlier

days, and earlier fleet tactics. It is a gun
boat, designed as a line-breaker. The
squadrons of Avengers would deploy
behind a shield of escort vessels or light
cruisers. As the fleets closed the range they
would accelerate to full speed, racing into
the midst of an enemy fleet. Once in the
heart of the enemy it would sit, its heavy
batteries blazing left and right, trading
barrages at point-blank range. The plan
called for two or three squadrons of
Avengers to cause (and usually take) very
heavy damage, but its big batteries could
out-shoot most enemies at close quarters.
The disruption and damage caused by this
brutal tactic of close quarters slugging
would leave the enemy fleet in disarray,
and easy prey to following waves who
could then mop up.
As tactical doctrine changed so the
Avenger’s place in many Imperial fleets
relegated from front-line duty. Many had
Grand Cruiser/10 20cm 45° 3 5+ 3
their batteries stripped out for use
Port weapons battery 30cm 20 Left mothballed in fleet reserves, but, when
hard-pressed, the Avenger can once again
Starboard weapons battery 30cm 20 Right
be seen racing into the heart of the enemy.
Guardian of Aquinas (Martian Reserve Fleet) The Sword Infernus (Battlefleet Corona)

TAW plus 3:12: The shadow of a space hulk is hanging above us, just beyond the atmosphere. It must truly be huge for us to see it at this range.
TAW plus 3:27: Target of opportunity. Ork landing craft spotted with light escort. The Long Knives engaged and acquitted themselves well, sending three craft to the ground in
flames before the escorts rallied and drove us off. Long Knife IX did not make it.
TAW plus 3:41: Secondary base also overrun by the enemy. Have decided to divert to the Plains of Anthrand. I hope we can affect a landing there without too much serious
damage to our undercarriage. Fuel critical.
TAW plus 3:45: Have made contact with forward team of the Pioneer Corps within the Plains. They are preparing a temporary flight strip for our arrival. Brave men to set up
a beacon for us whilst the Orks invade.

IMPERIAL EXORCIST CLASS GRAND CRUISER . . . . """• . . . . . . . . . . . 260 pts I

Tdeveloped as a long range patrol vessel,
he Exorcist class was originally

capable of self sufficiency for long periods of

time away from fleet support. Usually
operating with two or three squadrons of
escorts, Exorcists were often posted to the
far-flung corners of the Imperium to patrol
the edges of the Eastern Fringe and into the
galactic halo. Down the years the Exorcist has
gradually been replaced by later ship designs,
especially the Mars class. Some Exorcists were
kept on by fleets on the fringes of the
Imperium to plough the long lonely patrol
routes into the halo. Many Exorcists were
used as colonial transports. The entire penal
colony of Brandt 764 was moved en masse by
Exorcist grand cruisers to populate and work
Tor Alpha, a world beyond the Eastern
Fringe, discovered by (and named after) the
famous Rogue Trader Foulway Tor. The
Exorcist squadron, led by the Light of
Ascension was then used as convoy escorts for
the ore transports returning to the Imperium,
and played a major part in the defence of the
system when it was attacked and eventually
overrun by a Tyranid hive fleet.

Warrior Knight
Notes: Exorcist Grand Cruisers can be equipped with shark assault boats for +5 pts. You may
Light of Ascension
reduce the rang eof the Exorcist's weapon batteries to 30cm and increase the firepower to 10 for no cost.

IMPERIAL MARS CLASS BATTLECRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . 260 pts

Texamples of the Mars class battlecruiser.

he Imperious is one of the few surviving

Production of these vessels at the Martian

shipyards was discontinued over eighteen
centuries before the beginning of the Gothic
War and the number of ships in service has
declined steadily since then. Reckoned to be
under gunned by many captains, the Mars
class battlecruiser Imperious earned its laurels
at the outset of the war during a surprise
FAMOUS SHIPS attack on the hive world of Orar. Early in the
Imperious Pax Imperium Marquis Lex Resolute engagement the Imperious managed to get
underway and scored a devastating hit on the
Slaughter class cruiser Soulless with its nova
cannon. While Soulless was still reeling from
the damage a salvo of lance hits from the
Imperious detonated its plasma core and
annihilated it. A wave of Starhawk bombers
from the Imperious crippled a second
Slaughter class cruiser which was
subsequently destroyed by Orar's orbital
defences. breaking the back of the Chaos
attack with minimal damage to Imperial
forces. Captain Compel Bast of the Imperious
Notes: The Mars Class Battlecruiser may be fitted with a Targetting Matrix, giving its weapons batteries a left column shift for was subsequently awarded the Solar Cluster
+15 pts. It may also upgrade its turret amount from 2 to 3 for +10 pts. for the heroic actions of his ship and crew.

NAMING IMPERIAL SHIPS hulks (which are highly sought after for their the opportunity to name them after their august
superior technology and construction) are selves and giving rise to names like Lord Daros,
Imperial vessels are named in a somewhat eclectic traditionally named by the captain who first Archon Kart, Demiarch Vespasian. Ships built at
fashion, due to their diverse points of origin. located the hulk and so usually have names the main Naval yards and forge worlds are either
Imperial ships originate from four main sources: relating to their point of origin, the ship which given a hereditary name, which previously
those salvaged from hulks drifting in space or discovered them or the events of their recovery - belonged to a ship that had been destroyed or lost
(very occasionally) in the warp, those built by hence the Emperor class battleship Divine Right in the warp for more than fifty years (as in
planetary overlords as part of their tithes to the was named by Captain Jacobus who fervently Fortitude, Righteous F ury and Imperious), or they
Imperium, those built at the major fleet bases of believed that visons from the Emperor had led him are named in High Gothic in relation to their point
the Imperial Navy and those built at the forge to the hulk. Planetary overlords are permitted to of origin (as is the case with the Cypra Probatii
worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Salvaged name ships built at their worlds, normally taking
JOVIAN CLASS BATTLECRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 260 Points
The Jovian is viewed with misgivings by many
authorities in Battlefleet Bakka, as history and
tradition are hard to set aside in the Imperial Navy in
general and by the fleetlords of Bakka in particular.
With the history of the Garerox Prerogative required
reading in the fleet academies, the very idea that the
Imperial Navy should need a dedicated attack craft
carrier is viewed as anathema. However, the horrors
of the First Tyrannic War cast a negative light on
Battlefleet Bakka‟s inherent distrust of attack craft,
and while their tactics of relying on massed battery
and lance fire proved effective, it was only prudent
that more attack craft should be made available to
Jovian support the battlefleet.
While the prodigious output of a M echanicus
Cruiser/8 20cm 45° 2 6+ prow/5+ 3 forgeworld can see a new cruiser put to space
ARMANENT RANGE FIREPOWER/STRENGTH FIRE ARC several times a year, this is only through economies
Fury: 30cm of scale, as a single cruiser hull can take more than a
Port Launch Bays 3 N/A decade to construct from the keel-up for even the
Starhawk: 20cm
best and most well-supplied shipyards, and many
Starboard Fury: 30cm
3 N/A smaller shipyards take decades and the resources of
Launch Bays Starhawk: 20cm an entire world to construct a single such vessel. To
Dorsal Lance Batteries 60cm 2 Left/ Front /Right this end the encroaching Tyranid fleet meant Bakka
had no time for such an endeavor. Salvation came in
S pecial Rules: The Jovian was fitted with an improved sensor array during its conversion to accurately control its the form of the Jovian, a venerable M ars
prodigious squadrons of attack craft. It gains a +2 bonus when the enemy is on special orders instead of +1. Its prow battlecruiser laid up after having its prow and
Nova Cannon was never replaced after the Stabulo Campaign; if the ship suffers prow critical damage, it may ignore forward battery decks smashed apart during the
the result entirely instead of moving up the table to Engine Room Damaged. Stabulo Campaign. Languishing for centuries as
resources were applied to more pressing matters, the
The Jovian is a unique vessel. Only one may be included in an Imperial fleet. It is a reserve vessel of Battlefleet process of converting its damaged battery decks into
Bakka and can only be used as such by Bakka fleets and not with other fleet lists. launch bays proved to be relatively straightforward.
Completed with too little time even for proper space
trials but with a full complement of Bakka‟s ablest
attack craft crews, the Jovian acquitted itself well
and was one of the twelve capital ships able to fight
its way back to Bakka after the crucial Battle of
Circe. Despite its success, the fleetlords of Bakka
hold fast to their big-gun philosophy, and it is
unlikely another ship of this class will be
requisitioned by Segmentum Naval authority.

. 39
DOMINION CLASS BATTLECRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 260 Points
The Dominion-class battlecruiser was envisioned as
a more modern replacement to the M ars, designed to
serve as a capable fleet support vessel optimized for
the role envisioned for attack craft carriers by the
fleetlords of Bakka. While its launch bays and lance
batteries were well-suited to provide an adjunct to
the fleet maneuvers favored by the “big-gun” lobby,
the class fared poorly in smaller engagements and
suffered from many of the shortcomings of the
Gothic cruiser in the kinds of raids more typically
faced by the dispersed flotillas of the battlefleet. In
particular, the Light of Faith had a rather
inauspicious start to its career when it and its escorts
Light of Faith Loyalty Righteous Endeavor were driven out of an uncharted system by Necron
TYPE /HITS SPEED TURNS SHIELDS ARMOR TURRETS raiders during its maiden deployment. Additionally,
Cruiser/8 20cm 45° 2 6+ prow/5+ 3 the Perseverance was lost with all hands during the
Stabulo campaign, and the Ascension disappeared
ARMANENT RANGE FIREPOWER/STRENGTH FIRE ARC together with the rest of Commodore Fyne's
Fury: 30cm battlegroup during a protracted war in the Nemesis
Port Launch Bays 2 N/A
Starhawk: 20cm Sector.
Starboard Fury: 30cm These outcomes led the Imperial Navy to cease
2 N/A
Launch Bays Starhawk: 20cm ordering production of these vessels after only ten
Port Lance Batteries 45cm 2 Left hulls were constructed. Despite this, tactical analysis
of these engagements shows that the Dominions had
Starboard Lance Batteries 45cm 2 Right invariably performed only as well as could be
Dorsal Lance Batteries 60cm 2 Left/ Front /Right expected from them in very adverse conditions, and
Prow Torpedoes Speed: 30cm 6 Front they had incidentally displayed their considerable
potential as fleet support vessels with their long-
range lances and ordnance deployment capability. In
fact, these ships acquitted themselves admirably
during the War for M acragge, and of the two
Dominion-class warships present at the Battle of
Circe, the Light of Faith was one of the twelve
capital ships that returned, redeeming in hard-won
victory the honor lost from its fateful maiden
deployment centuries before.

T he Emperor helps those who
aim their lances well.‟
Traditional Saying
. 40
MERCURY CLASS BATTLECRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 255 Points
In the waning years of Abaddon's 12th Black strategy and tactics of the Battlefleet yet be able to the engineering suite normally used on a
Crusade, the Adeptus M echanicus artisans of Bakka meet this threat. Through a rather straightforward battleship. The result is a faster much more
and the officers of the Tempestus battle fleets faced merging of existing technologies, the Adeptus powerful cruiser with the speed to keep up with
a dilemma. In supporting Battlefleet Obscuras, the M echanicus were able to devise a solution in less the raiders and the firepower to deal with them
problem with pirate bands had become acute and the than two centuries. It is widely believed that this is as an independent unit. All this improved
lack of speed among the standard Imperial cruiser the fastest a new capital ship design has ever come performance came at a price. While the engines
designs meant that the tactical initiative remained to fruition in several millennia, and thus the M ercury produced battleship power, the armor
with the pirates. At the direction of Admiral class battlecruiser came into being. protection remained that of a cruiser. When hit
Knightsbridge, the Tech M ages of Bakka set about by multiple salvos from Chaos raiders in
Built from the keel up to prosecute raiders, the
to construct a new battle cruiser design fitting for the 467.M 41, the Scylla suffered a powerful warp
M ercury combines a basic cruiser layout with
strategy drive implosion, destroying her entire squadron of
the engine suite normally used on a battleship.
assigned escorts and heavily damaging the battleship
Mailed Fist. The plasma drive overload that
destroyed the Medusa also shattered the Lunar
cruiser Lord Chalfont, leaving a convoy of
transports to the mercies of an Ork raiding squadron.
Despite its shortcomings, many Bakka Naval
officers aspire to someday lead one of these
fearsome warships. The Nemesis destroyed an Ork
Terror Ship and three Ravagers single-handed, and
the Gorgon claimed the Eldar Shadow class cruiser
FAMOUS SHIPS: Swift Striker while protecting a vital supply convoy .
Nemesis Gorgon Medusa Long Serpent
Cruiser/8 25cm 45° 2 6+ prow/5+ 2
Port Weapons Battery 60cm 6 Left
Starboard Weapons Battery 60cm 6 Right
Port Weapons Battery 45cm 4 Left
Starboard Weapons Battery 45cm 4 Right
Dorsal Lance Batteries 60cm 2 Left/ Front /Right
Prow Nova Cannon 30cm - 150cm 1 Front

S pecial Rules: M ercury class battlecruisers are fitted with up-rated engineering plants that increase its speed and
provide it with greater firepower at the expense of survivability. When reduced to zero hits, it rolls 3D6 for
catastrophic damage and adds the result (any roll greater than 12 counts as 12).
The Nemesis and Medusa were refitted with improved weapon batteries after the Stabulo Campaign. Its 45cm
weapon batteries increase their range to 60cm for +10 points. The Gorgon had its prow severely damaged during the
Stabulo Campaign and replaces its Nova Cannon with strength-6 torpedoes for -20 points.

. 41


ased the Acl!aun class heavy cmiBer desiga,

Bthe Overlord clasa battlecruiaer built to


provide the Imperial fleet wilh a cmiser-sized vessel

wi1h the long range punch of battleship weaponry.
Because of difficulties in powa tlallsmission the
Acheron's prow weapons batteries were rep1aced by
lltalldard cruiser torpedo tubes and armoured prow.
However, this ammgemeot allowed the Overlord's
donal 1ancc tmrets to be upgraded, giving them a
range comparable to the vessel'• other long-range
laser batteries. Difficulties in building the Overlord
class meant 1hat only limited numben served in the
Segmentom. Obscuras fleet, each vessel being
painstakingly constructed at the Cypra Mundi
shipyards. Three vessels served in the sector fleet
during the Gothic War: the FIIJIM ofPurity, Swotd of
Retrilmtion and Cypra Probati.i. The latter was
compleled during the war and amved in the Omhic
Sector only &fa a difficul1 and hazardous journey
through the warp. � of Purity and Sword of
Retriblltitm operated togdher for most of the war,
protecting important star systems against the Chaos
raiders that plagued the whole sector.

Notes: The Overlord Class Battlecruiser may be given a Targetting Matrix, granting it a left shift on the Cypra Probatii
JllaiM ofPurity
gunnery table for +15 pts. It may also upgrade its turret amount from 2 to 3 for +10 pts. Sword ofRetribution


Tan attempt to rapidly increase the number

he Armageddon class was developed in

of available battlecruisers. Almost without

exception, Armageddon class ships are built
from the recovered hulls of crippled Lunar class
vessels, making them one of the easiest
battlecruisers to construct, though many fleet
commanders have proved unwilling to sacrifice
large numbers of their main front-line cruiser.
The very first example to depart the extensive St.
]owen's Dock was the Ex Cathedra. Originally
named the Orion as a lunar class, the ship
FAMOUS SHIPS suffered heavily whilst engaging Chaos raiders
Ex Cathedra Thunderchild Hammer of Light above the world of Pvran and, as it limped back
to the Armageddon system, the decision was
made not only to repair the venerable vessel. bur
to upgrade it to batt!ecruiser standards. Power
relays were re-routed from the ship's main
plasma reactors to provide a substantial increase
in efficiency for the existing weapons batteries,
whilst' long-ranged lance turret arrays were built
45cm upon a modified dorsal spine. This alone gave
the ship a much greater punch at medium ranges
and the ability to engage at distance. An
immediate drawback became obvious as nearly
30cm three and a half thousand extra crewmen had to
be drafted in simply to man the additional
Notes: Armageddon c lass barr lecruisers may exchange their prow tor pedoes for a Nova Cannon for +20 pes. weapons and to maintain the short-lived relays
that powered them.
BP'G_l03-128 22/8/06 9:42 AK Page 110


IMPERIAL LUNAR CLASS CRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 180 pts

� Lunar class cruiser forms the mainstay of Battldl.eet Obscaras with over six
.1. huDdred ships sening throughout 1he Segme:nhJm and more 1haD twemy ships
:lighling in the Gothic war. The uncomplicated design of this class c:nsun:s its cndmiDg
utility, enabling vessels to be built at hive and industrial worlds normall y unable to
muster the expertise to construct a capital ship. Perhaps the most rematkable example
of this iR the Ltml Dtuos, constructed a1 the feral world of Unloth. The primitive
tribeamen dwelling there were inflllenced to mine and smelt metals which were then
presented fm '&aerifioe' at sky temples established by the Planetary Loni. The raw
ma1erials were then lifred into orbit at each vemal equinox. After a period of eleven
yean the tribes were rewarded for their effort with the Right of a bright new star moving
across the heavens as the Lord Dtuos boosted out-system to join Battlefleet Obscuras.

Iron Dllke Retribution Agrippa

175 pts
owards the end of the 38th millennium, the famed Adeptus Mechanicus Arti.san-Magoa
THyus N'dai completed a series of ship designs based around the principle of nperlired
plasma weapomy. The most common of these, the 'IYtant class cruiser, became popular
amongst the major shipymlll in the 39111 millconium.. Ds mperfired plasma batterie s are
capable of lallDChing a booared salvo considerably f'w.1tla than comparable cruiser weapon
decks, yet still deliver Wtually the same weight of fire at close quarters. This had eluded ship
dcsigociB since the seems ofbuilding ve:y long nmgc ship weapmry had been loll t after the
Dark Age of Technology. In practice. howe\w, the l'yrallt's long range firepow« 1acb
sufficient strength to malre it a serious tbreat to anything larget than an esoor t-sized vessel
Two of 1hc 'IYtants IIIBigDcd to the Gotlili; scaor fleet, Zealous aDd Domilli1111, -
eventually upgraded with weapons salvaged from wrecked Chaos ships. These pushed their
firepow« up to battlecruiscr levels. making them very dangerous opponents at long range.

Nota: Zealou IJIId Domirtiora I:QII 19hlce tluM SOcm rr:mge weapoJU IHIIteriu wil1l 45Ciff
nmge 1NDpO\V bolr.riel at tJ COli of+10pll. 7Aialma c;QII tll.Jo Nphlce ii.Jprt1W �� willl
a IIOWJ CtJIIIIOft at a COli of +20pt6.

IMPERIAL DIC TATOR CLASS CRUISER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 210 pts

�ctator class cmiscn are built around Lunar class hulls, with the lam:e decks emirdy
.�...'rebuilt into lauuch bays for attack craft. This stop-gap IIICIII1Illl was arigiaally
undertaken 11 a simple method of delivering large numbers of atmospheric craft, li1re tbe
Thundelbolt fighter and Marauder bombl::r, co low orbit, for ground mpport operations.
IWwcvc:r, succ:easive upgrades to the Dictator's commUIIications and detection systems
expanded ill capabilities for launching long-range lltrik:el against shipll in deep apace. They
were increalingly equipped with Fury class deep spare :lighterB and Starl!awk bomiJcn and
op:nted 11 fleet mpport vessels and indepemJent paliol ships dlzoughou1 the Sector-. A single
Dictator with a handful of escorts proved aa �ngly flexible force capable of l1lliDiDg
down pirates and raiding hostile worlds with waves of attBck craft. Of particular note was tbe
Rhadamanthine which, in concert with the Skargul palrol, scored a aeries of spectacu1ar
successes against pirll�es in the Orar sub sector. During the Oothic War DiCUUOJB proved

invaluable for escorting convoys of vulnen.ble tnmJpmt ships through areRS threatened by
Chaos ahipa. As the demand for supporting attack craft in major adiona grew, a nnm.bez of
badly damaged Lunar class cruisers were reconfigured 11 Dictators at the main fleet bases.
By the eDcl of 1he war, seven more Dictators were in ICIVke, more thaa compe1111ating for the
lo88 of the RJ.adamtmthine andArclum Kon to Abaddon's fleets.

Archon Kort Fortitude RhtJdDmm�Jhine


IMPERIAL DAUNT LESS CLASS LIGHT CRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 pts

ight scouting cruisers like the Dauoiless class have always been a feature of
LImperial fleets throughout the Imperium. An ideal light cruiser carrieR enough
firepower to drive off opposing escorts and enough fuel and supplies to remain away
fimn bases for months at a time. The Dauntless is a popular class, as fast aDd
manoeuvrable as a frigate but with a ferocious frontal lance armament. During the
Gothic War, the light cruisers Uziel and &ron Surtur were the lint to detect Warmaster
Khuzor's fleet ncar the Formosa cluster andtheir accurate information allowed.Admiral
Sartus to bring tbe foe to battle.


Abdiel Uziel Vigilant Baron Surtur Havoclc

Notes: Dauntless Light Cruisers have Improved thrusters (an additional

+1D6cm on All Ahead Full special orders). Vigilant and Havock can replace
their prow lances with a Strength 6 torpedo salvo at no additional points cost.

IMPERIAL ENDEAVOUR CLASS LIGHT CRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 pts

T he Endeavour class, lacking the speed for anti-pirate operations, is

preferred as a convoy flagship or a heavy escort to larger capital ships
of the line. Its heavy gun batteries can almost match the firepower of larger
cruisers and it is capable of holding its own in the midst of a pitched battle.
Many Endeavour class light cruisers were sent to the Armageddon fleet
during the latest Ork invasion, where, during fighting against Ork vessels,
the Endeavour’s relative slow speed for its class was not found to be a
hindrance. The Endeavour, and its sister vessels, became a stable of the
Armageddon fleet as replacements for lost ships.
Sanctis Legate Sword of Voss Leonid
Cruiser/6 20cm 90° 1 5+ 2
Prow weapons battery 30cm 2 Front/left/right Special Rules. Endeavour light cruisers (and its two variants, the
Prow torpedoes 30cm 2 Front Endurance and Defiant) get a +1 to their dice roll when defending
30cm against a boarding action, because the mid-ship corridor is easy to
Port weapons battery 30cm 6 Left
defend and restricts access to vital parts of the ship.
Starboard weapons battery 30cm 6 Right

IMPERIAL ENDURANCE CLASS LIGHT CRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 pts

T he Endurance class is an Endeavour with its weapons battery refitted to

carry lances. A common tactic amongst fleet admirals is to pair up
Endeavours and Endurances for mutual protection, and a fearsome
combined firepower. Given that the Endurance is produced in less
numbers, a lack of Endurances does not always make this possible. It is
more likely that a mixed squadron will contain two or three Endeavours and
a single Endurance in support. Operating in this manner, the Ad Liberis was
responsible for the destruction of nine Ork escorts as the War for
Armageddon began above the high-g world of Pelucidar during a savage
three-hour engagement, before their withdrawal was ordered by Admiral
Cruiser/6 20cm 90° 1 6+\5+ 2
Conor. Perpetior. Contemnor!
(Endeavour. Endure. Defy!)
Prow weapons battery 30cm 2 Front/left/right
Prow torpedoes 30cm 2 Front - Motto of Voss Forgeworld
Port lance battery 30cm 2 Left Taken from the ‘Shield of Voss’ Incantation
Starboard lance battery 30cm 2 Right



Tin the jigsaw. A capable carrier, the Defiant is regarded as too vulnerable to
he Defiant is the least common of the Voss triumvirate but it is the last piece

operate without support. tacking any guns for self defence, the Defiant is usually
relegated to a support role, operating behind the main fighting ships, out of the
line of fire. A relatively recent development of the Endeavour, the light carriers of
this class proved to be vital lynch pin of the Imperial fleet's desperate struggle to
stem the relentless tide of destruction and death that accompanied the Orks'
massive invasion force into the Armageddon sector. Being more agile than the
much larger Ork kroozers arrayed against it, these vessels were able to push deeply
into the vast greenskin host before unleashing their bombers upon the capital
ships of the invasion fleet. Though the Forebearer and Archangel were lost above
St. ]owen's Dock when they were overrun while struggling valiantly to refuel and
rearm their beleaguered attack craft in the heat of battle, their brave pilots were
responsible for destroying the kill kroozer Grimzag's Ammer and crippling two
Terror ships.
Prow weapons battery Forebearer Archangel

SILURIA CLASS LIGHT CRUISER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 Points
The Siluria-class light cruiser is a much older design
TYPE /HITS SPEED TURNS SHIELDS ARMOR TURRETS than the Endeavor or Dauntless, but a small number
Cruiser/6 25cm 90° 1 5+ 1 continue to serve the space lanes of Segmentum
ARMANENT RANGE FIREPOWER/STRENGTH FIRE ARC Tempestus. The Siluria is best suited to supporting
battle fleets rather than undertaking missions on its
Port Weapons Battery 30cm 6 Left
own. However, a full broadside from one of these
Starboard Weapons Battery 30cm 6 Right ships is more than capable of causing great damage,
Prow Weapons Battery 30cm 2 Left/ Front /Right so these vessels tend to be well screened until the
time to unleash its weapons arrives. During the
S pecial Rules: Siluria light cruisers go an additional +1D6cm when on All Ahead Full special orders. Phillipa campaign, the Siluria cruisers Vanguard and
Thebes served with particular renown.

HAVOC CLASS FRIGATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Points

Like the Siluria class light cruiser, the Havoc frigate
is an old design harking back to a time when classes
such as itself and the Preator-class destroyer were
not yet superseded by newer and now ubiquitous
escort classes like the Sword and Cobra. Even
among the fleets of Segmentum Tempestus the class
is not commonly encountered, and the vessel is more
FAMOUS ESCORT SQUADRONS: often found in the company of Rogue Traders than
Sons of Ogala 125th Ghost Wing in the service of the Imperial Navy. Unfortunately,
this aspect has also made it a favorite of raiders as
well, and a number of these ships have needed to be
Escort/1 25cm 90° 1 5+ 2 hunted down and destroyed after falling in the hands
ARMANENT RANGE FIREPOWER/STRENGTH FIRE ARC of pirates and renegades. It nonetheless was an
important escort in its time, and aspects of its design
Weapons Battery 30cm 3 Left/ Front /Right
were later incorporated in both the Sword and
Weapons Battery 30cm 2 Front Falchion frigate classes.

VIPER CLASS DESTROYER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Points

During the Gareox Prerogative, many Cobra
destroyers were converted to carry boarding
torpedoes. Their main weapon battery was removed
and extra torpedo launch tubes added. The
FAMOUS ESCORT SQUADRONS: experiment was not a success; escorts could not
Rat Runners 76th Silver Spears carry large enough crews to man the torpedoes
properly and fight the ship. These ships have proven
to be poor convoy escorts but have been surprisingly
Escort/1 30cm 90° 1 4+ 1 successful in fleet support flotillas. As such, most
ARMANENT RANGE FIREPOWER/STRENGTH FIRE ARC Vipers have been retained in this capacity and
Prow Torpedoes Speed: 30cm 3 Front continue to be constructed, though they no longer
use boarding torpedoes.

. 43


he venerable Sword class frigate has ably served Battlefleet Obscuras for thousands of
years. Every parr of rhe vessel's design and construction has been tried and rested in
innumerable engagements. TI1e Sword's laser-based weapons batteries and substantial
turret array have an exceptional ready level of 88.2%. Its plasma drives are simple, sturdy
units copied many times on other ships and can be serviced by artificers with minimal
training. A classic escort vessel in every respect, few battleships fight without at least a pair
of Swords to guard their backs against enemy destroyers and attack craft.

Red Squadron Blue Squadron Omega Squadron The Heroic Endeavor

Achilllies Squadron Errant Squadron lnvincis Squadron

The Nightstalkers The Mariatus The Von Becken


irestorrn class frigates are a comparatively recent innovation within BattleReet
Obscuras. The design was created in an effort to balance the manoeuvrability of escort
class ships with the hitting power of a lance armament. The Firestorrn is built around a
Sword class hull wirh major reconfigurarion of rhe central laser cores to direct power to a
prow-mounted cannon. Only five squadrons of Firestorrns served in the Gothic war and
these were all understrength in most of the engagements they fought, due to a lack of
available replacement ships. The most noteworthy action fought by Firestorrns was by Gold
squadron at the Battle of Veras. The two Firestorrns intercepted a group of lnfidel raiders
flanking me main Reet to attack the Emperor class battleship Intolerance. Three of the
raiders were destroyed for the loss of one Firestorrn, enabling the Intolerance to complete
the despatch of twenty four bomber wings against the Chaos Desolator class battleship
Eternity of Pain.

Gold Squadron Lcxus Squadron Patrol Group Erinyes

Costa Barbarus Patrol Novcm Squadron



obra class destroyers from a significant portion of Battlefleet Obscuras, their
versatility making them a favoured vessel for scouting, patrolling and raiding. The
main asset of the Cobra is its great speed, enabling it to catch the light, fast crafi: favoured by
pirates. This was most famously illustrated in the Gothic sector by Captain Walker's
Skargul patrol. Which destroyed seventeen pirate vessels in the twelve months prior to the
Gothic War.

The Widowmakers Skargul Patrol Omna Squadron

Cypria Squadron Hydra Squadron

Notes: Squadrons of Cobra class destroyers can replace their weapons batteries with
improved sensor arrays which makes the bonus to their leadership for enemy vessels
30cm being on special orders 2 instead of 1 .


he Falchion Class Frigate is loosely based on the Endeavour, Endurance, and Defiant
classes of light cruiser. The vessel itself is a product of the Voss Forgeworld and was
designed to fulfill a similar role as the Sword Class Frigate.

The pattern's operational successes have tended to be in a defensive, rather than offensive,
role where it is used to clear ordinance threats to the more ponderous capital ships, however
in a stand up figh t it simply cannot compete with the damage potential of the much more
widespread Sword Class Frigate that is found in most fleets.

The Initiates of Monglor The Rhomphaian Squadron
30cm Michaelis Fire Squadron Torchbearer Patrol

Imperial Attack Craft ... ..... . pts: special

,..-,tie Imperial Navy has always employed an amazing variety of light craft aboard its vessels.Prom brigs, dories,

.1. piDnaces, courien aDd lighters for traDsporti.ng personnel, materials aDd documents between ships, to deep-space
bombecs and interceptors, aJ.most every ship has a selection of craft obtained locally from dozens of worlds or, in many
FIII'J cases, built by artisans aboard the ship it3elf.NODedleless, the attack craft deployed by Imperial ships are categorised
lnn:qnar Swlwwk ....,
into broad classes of machines with similar capabilities.Fury class interceptors are built primarily fur speed aDd

llllty lllOCUVerab , with distinctiv e ovemzed thrustcn and altitude jets.Furies cany a crew of between two and four
�� and are typically equipped with several banks of forward firing lascannon and missile bays. Starbawk class bombers
� l are luger, slower craft which carry a heavy payload of plasma bombs and annonr-piercing missiles for auackiDg
Shark .A..IIlt lbr enemy ships.Starhawks have large <=WB, mainly to man their IlUIIImOUII short-range defence
Wlla ponli. Shark class
assault boats are built around a powerful central engine and an armoured troop.carrying compartment. The base of the
compartment is studded with powerlul magnrtic clamps and melta charges for blastiDg through the outer hull af a ship.
Onoe a breach bas been made, auault 1roo ps into the enemy ship and attack from within its OWII defences.
Fwy Interceptor 30cm
StubawkBomber 20cm
Shark Assault Boat 30cm

_ _!_ _�� NTU -O BS U US TH I C S E R 1 l

---=-_ _� _ _ _� --�--=-..;_=-:;_,; :._.._ __�-�-�
--�-;-�-�:--:-�_�__;_:__ . . --
c :A th6+
E L +
ram that mount a prow may upgrade it for a Power
0-1 Admiral BaUlesbips
Ram that imparts +HIP damage in addition to any
You may include 1 Admiral in your fleet, who must
OM You may include up to battleship in your fleet
other hits rolled when ramming for +5 pts.
be aasigned to a ship and improves its Leadership for every three cruisers or battlecrui.rers.
to the value shown. If the fleet i3 worth aver 750 ESCORTS
Imperial Retriu 355 pts
b tion class battleship .... 365 pts
points an Admiral must be included to lead it. You may include any number of escorts in your
Imperial Emperor class battleship 365 pts
. pts
• . . . .

Fleet-Admiral (Ld 8) • . . • . • • . • . • . . • . • . 50 pts fleet.

Admiral (Ld 9) ... . ... . ... . ... .
. . mman. . . .. 75 pts Battlecruisers Imperial Firestonn class frigate . .. . .. 35 pts
Solar Admiral Ld 10) . . . • . . . . •. . . . • . 100pts You may include up to one battlecrui.rer in your Imperial Sword class frigate ........... 35 pts
Admirals get one Fleet Co der re-roll fleet for every two cruisers. Imperial Cobra class destroyer . • .30 pts
. • . • . .

included in their points cost If you want

more Imperial Mars class battlecruiser . 260 pts
. pts
• . . . .
you'll hav e to pay for them. . Imperial Overlord class battlecruiscr ... 235
220 pts
pts Any ship with launch bays may choose to have
One extra re-roll . • . • . . • . • • . • . • . . • . • . 25 pts O-Il Cruisers them launch any mix of Fury interceptors and
'IWo extra re-rolls . . ... .. .. .. .. .. 50 pts
. . . . .. . .. 210 pts
Imperial Dictator class cruiser ... . ... 220 pts Starhawk bombers. An Emperor class battleship
hree extra re-rolls • .. . . • . . . . • . . . . • . 75 pts Imperial Dominator class cruiser . . . .. . 190 pts may carry Shark assault boats at an additional cost

SECONDARY COMMANDERS are Imperial Tyrant class cruiser . . ... . ..175 pts of +5 points. Ships with torpedo tubes armed
0-3 Commanders Imperial Lunar class cruiser. .... . .... . 180 pts with ordinary torpedoes.
. .
Secondary Commander (+1 Ld, Max 9) . . . . . . 30pts
Imperial Golbic class cruiser. .. .. .. .180 pts *You may include one Nova cannon armed ship
Imperial Dauntless cws light cruiser... . 110 pts for every 500 points or part thereof in your fleet.
Secondary Commanders may purchase a re-roll at the
following cost. This re-roll may only be used on their
vessel or squadron.
One re-roll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 pts


0-1 Fleet Commander Battleships You may include any number of escorts in your
Your fleet may include a commander to lead it. You may include up to one battleship in your fleet.
If your fleet is worth over 750 points it must fleet for every three battlecruisers or cruisers. Imperial Falchion Class Frigate . . . . . . . .35pts
include a fleet commander Imperial Emperor Class Battleship . . . .365pts Imperial Firestorm Class Frigate . . . . . . .35pts
Fleet-Admiral (Ld 8) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50pts Imperial Apocalypse Class Battleship . . .365pts
Admiral (Ld 9) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75pts Imperial Oberon Class Battleship . . . . .355pts Imperial Sword Class Frigate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 pts
Solar Admiral (Ld 10) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100pts Space Marine Battlebarge* . . . . . . . . . . 425pts Hunter Class Destroyer. ......................................40 pts
Master of the Fleet (Ld 10) . . . . . . . . . . .50pts *Space Marine vessels may not be squadroned Gladius Class Frigate ............................................40 pts
Your fleet commander gets a single re-roll with non-Space Marine vessels. Nova Class Frigate................................................45 pts
included in his points cost, and may buy more if Battlecruisers
you wish. The cost of your re-rolls depends on You may include up to 1 battlecruiser in your Space Marine vessels may not be squadroned
the commander you choose (ie you cannot fleet for every cruiser. with non-Space Marine vessels.
choose to buy Master of the Fleet re-rolls if your
Mars Class Battlecruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . .260pts
fleet is commanded by an Admiral).
Armageddon Class Battlecruiser . . . . . .235pts ORDNANCE
Admiral Re-rolls Any Imperial Navy ship with launch bays may
0-12 Cruisers *
choose to have them launch any mix of Fury
One extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25pts
Imperial Lunar Class Cruiser . . . . . . . . .180pts interceptors and Starhawk bombers. An
Two extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50pts
Imperial Tyrant Class Cruiser . . . . . . . .175pts
Three extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75pts Emperor class or Oberon class battleship may
Imperial Gothic Class Cruiser . . . . . . . .180pts carry Shark assault boats at an additional cost of
Master of the Fleet Re-rolls Imperial Dictator Class Cruiser . . . . . . .210pts +5 points. Ships with torpedo tubes are armed
One extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25pts Space Marine Strike Cruiser* . . . . . . . . .145pts
with ordinary torpedoes.
Two extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50pts Endeavour Class Light Cruiser . . . . . . . .110pts
Three extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75pts Endurance Class Light Cruiser** . . . . . .110pts Space Marine vessels with launch bays carry
Defiant Class Light Cruiser** . . . . . . . . .110pts Thunderhawk Gunships. Space Marine Ships
SECONDARY COMMANDERS with torpedo tubes are armed with ordinary
0-3 Commanders
*Space Marine vessels may not be squadroned torpedoes and boarding torpedoes.
Secondary Commander (+1 Ld, Max 9). . . . . . 30 pts with non-Space Marine vessels.
Secondary Commanders may purchase a re-roll at the
**The Endurance and Defiant are rare variants of the Like other fleets, Armageddon sector fleets can
following cost. This re-roll may only be used on their
Endeavour. For this reason, no more than two of these include reserves. However, it is important to
vessel or squadron.
vessels may be taken for every 500 points (or portion note that despite the inclusion of Space Marine
One re-roll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 pts thereof) in the fleet. This is no more than two in total, vessels in the fleet list, this is still an Imperial
Note: As long as at least one Space Marine meaning not two each of the Endurance and the Navy fleet and hence may only take reserves
Battlebarge is included you may choose a Defiant. from other Imperial Navy fleets list NOT Space
Master of the Fleet, who will always be *You may include one Nova cannon armed ship for Marine fleet lists. Likewise, Imperial Navy fleets
assigned to a Battlebarge and cannot be every 500 points or part thereof in your fleet. choosing reserves from this fleet list cannot
assigned to a non-Space Marine ship. As long as choose Space Marine vessels from it.
the ship includes at least one Imperial capital Note: Imperial capital ships with 6+ prow Armour that
ship it may include a fleet-admiral, admiral or mount a prow ram may upgrade it for a Power Ram that
solar admiral, who will always be assigned to an imparts a +1HP damage in additionto any other hits
Imperial Navy vessel and cannot be a assigned to rolled when ramming for +5 pts.
a Space Marine vessel.


Even within a single segmentum, battlefleets 0-1 Admiral Dictator class cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 210 pts
can vary massively from sector to sector having You may include 1 Admiral in your fleet, who Tyrant class cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 175 pts
been shaped over the course of millennia, must be assigned to a ship and improves its Lunar class cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 180 pts
responding to their own particular need and Leadership to the value shown. If the fleet is Gothic class cruiser. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 180 pts
circumstance. worth over 750 points an Admiral must be Dauntless class light cruiser . . . . . . . . . 110 pts
included to lead it. Endeavour Class Light Cruiser . . . . . . . .110pts
For example, Battlefleet Gothic forms a
Fleet-Admiral (Ld 8) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 pts Endurance Class Light Cruiser** . . . . . .110pts
component part of the Segementum Obscurus
battlefleets, as do its neighbours, Tamahl and Admiral (Ld 9) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 pts Defiant Class Light Cruiser** . . . . . . . . .110pts
Solar Admiral (Ld 10) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100 pts
Odessa, as well as the more distant battlefleets **The Endurance and Defiant are rare variants of the
Cadia, Agripinaa, Scarus and Corona, among Admirals get one Fleet Commander re-roll Endeavour, and with manufacturing and refitting
others. Even though these battlefleets all hail included in their points cost. You may take more re- capabilities at a premium during the Third
from the same segmentum and rely on many of rolls at the following costs. Armageddon War, the forge world of Voss inevitably
the same forge worlds and naval bases, there is One extra re-roll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 pts produced far more of the Endeavour than either of its
still great variation within them. Two extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 pts variants. For this reason, no more than two of these
Three extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 pts vessels may be taken for every 500 points (or portion
Battlefleeets Cadia, Agripinaa, Scarus and
thereof) in the fleet. This is no more than two in total,
Corona, in particular, are collectively known as
the Bastion Fleets. These fleets are given over to
SECONDARY COMMANDERS meaning not two each of the Endurance and the
0-3 Commanders Defiant.
guarding the region of space around the Eye of
Terror, or the Sectors Ocular as these bordering Secondary Commander (+1 Ld, Max 9). . . . . . 30 pts
regions are sometimes known. By their very Secondary Commanders may purchase a re-roll at the ESCORTS
nature, the Bastion Fleets are some of the most following cost. This re-roll may only be used on their You may include any number of escorts in your
extensive and best equipped battlefleets of the vessel or squadron. fleet.
Imperium, forced to exist in a state of near Imperial Firestorm class frigate. . . . . . . . 35 pts
perpetual warfare against the frequent raiders One re-roll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 pts Imperial Sword class frigate . . . . . . . . . . 35 pts
from the Eye of Terror. More rarely, these CAPITAL SHIPS Imperial
“Titan, Cobra classAncient
Mars and destroyer . . . –. .these
Terra . . . 30
battlefleets are forced to assemble into vast Battleships the glittering palaces within to which we
armadas and repel the amassed threat of a You may include up to one battleship in your ORDNANCE
Black Crusade, and to this end maintain fleet for every three cruisers or battlecruisers. Any ship with launch bays may choose to have
substantial reserve fleets ready for action when Grand cruisers do not count for this purpose. them launch any mix of Fury interceptors and
the existing Navy are absent. Starhawk bombers. Emperor class battleships and
Apocalypse class battleship . . . . . . . . . 365 pts
Emperor class battleship. . . . . . . . . . . . 365 pts Exorcist grand cruisers may carry Shark assault
Retribution class battleship. . . . . . . . . . 355 pts boats at an additional cost of +5 points. Ships
“Cadia, Agripinaa, Belis Corona – these are Battlecruisers & Grand Cruisers with torpedo tubes are armed with ordinary
the worlds which will stand as the firmly You may include up to one battlecruiser or imperial torpedoesl
barred gateways set amidst the unbreachable grand cruiser in your fleet for every two Note: Imperial capital ships with 6+ prow Armour that
walls which we, the Imperial Navy, must cruisers. mount a prow ram may upgrade it for a Power Ram that
now form.” Armageddon class battlecruiser. . . . . . . 235 pts imparts a +1HP damage in additionto any other hits
Mars class battlecruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . 260 pts rolled when ramming for +5 pts.
Overlord class battlecruiser . . . . . . . . . 220 pts * You may include one Nova cannon armed ship for
Vengeance class grand cruiser. . . . . . . . 230 pts every 500 points or part thereof in your fleet.
Avenger class grand cruiser . . . . . . . . . 200 pts
ARMADA 28 Exorcist class grand cruiser. . . . . . . . . . 260 pts

BATTLEFLEET CADIA THE RESERVE FLEETS These ‘reserve’ vessels are picked in the normal
The constant turmoil surrounding the OF SEGMENTUM OBSCURUS manner, so for every three vessels of a given type
Cadian gate requires Battlefleet Cadia to be As with all highly militarised zones, it is important which you choose from the main fleet list, you may
far more active than many other battlefleets. for the Imperial Navy to maintain substantial pick one vessel of that type from another Imperial
The whole sector exists in an almost reserves of vessels around the Eye of Terror, ready list, or from the above selection of Chaos vessels
perpetual state of readiness, and as such the to deploy as reinforcements should the need (but not both).
demands on manpower and resources are arise. Whilst it is possible to keep the vessels Reserve vessels use all their normal rules and keep
huge. Vast numbers of new, inexperienced themselves ready in this manner, Battlefleet their particular ordnance types (i.e. Chaos
sailors frequently have to be drawn up to Obscura simply does not possess the manpower ordnance is used on Chaos ships picked in a
replace those lost in the constant fighting to keep reserve crews stationed aboard these reserve fleet) but you cannot pick any of the ship
(many of them drawn from worlds within vessels as well. Instead, whole shipyards are filled class variants described since these are described
the Cadian system itself such as Vigilatum with rows of silent, inactive vessels, often for vessels who have already turned traitor and
and Macharia). Because of this, the ships representing classes of ship now outdated or hence obviously no longer in Imperial service!
and squadrons of Battlefleet Cadia must roll scarce. In times of great need these ships will
Strange Happenings
two dice and pick the lowest score when then be brought into service and crewed with
In a reserve fleet, all vessels are prone to certain
determining leadership. sailors from destroyed or crippled vessels or even
unexpected events, such as mass panic or even
However, those that survive the harsh first with hastily mustered new recruits, meaning the
mutiny amongst the crew, inexplicable noises,
years or military service around the Cadian crew is unlikely to have any familiarity with their
sensor readings and sightings or disconcerting
Gate rapidly mature to become some of the new vessel. As such a posting to a reserve fleet is
setbacks and failure of machinery. When any ship
most capable leaders in the Imperium. To an unnerving duty, forcing a sailor to enter deep
in a reserve fleet rolls a double for a command
represent this, Battlefleet Cadia uses the into an unfamiliar vessel which may have lain
check it becomes unreliable for the rest of the
additional fleet list entry below, coupled dormant for centuries. Much superstition
game. Unreliable ships will not continue to fight if
with the Bastion fleet list. surrounds such fleets and perhaps because of
crippled. Crippled ships will attempt to disengage
this, unusual behaviour of both crew and vessel is
0-5 Veteran Captains every turn and run for the nearest point on the
rather too commonplace.
You may include up to five Veteran nearest table edge if they fail. If a vessel in a reserve
Captains in your fleet. Each Veteran Reserve fleets are used only reluctantly by the fleet also fails the command check by rolling a
Captain must be assigned to a particular Imperial Navy, and only in the most desperate of double, then not only does it become unreliable
ship and improves its leadership by +1. circumstances, but an invasion the size of but it also may do absolutely nothing during the
Abaddon’s Thirteenth Black Crusade without current turn other than make its minimum move
Veteran Captain (Ld +1) . . . . . . . . . 15pts
doubt qualifies as exactly that – the most dire of directly ahead.
You may wait until after rolling for circumstances, the most desperate of times.
leadership before deciding which ships to Against Chaos fleets, where the followers of the
assign your veteran captains to. Ships If you wish, you may use a Battlefleet Obscura dark gods are able to exert their influence to
assigned a Veteran Captain must be Reserve Fleet, picked using the fleet list opposite. further unsettle their already nervous opponents,
squadroned on the tabletop (their skills are In addition, you may of course use the Reserves unforeseen events can be even more devastating.
too precious to waste on lone ships). Even rule to pick other Imperial vessels not found in When fighting against Chaos fleets, a vessel which
escort squadrons can have a Veteran Captain your own fleet list. However, since a reserve fleet has already become unreliable and rolls a second
assigned to them, in which case the entire also draws on very old or scarce vessels, you may double for a command check must attempt to
squadron receives the leadership bonus. also use your reserve choices to select any of the disengage as soon as possible exactly as if they had
You should still mark out one particular following Chaos vessels if you so wish. been crippled (and will continue to do so for the
escort as bearing the captain, and if this Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser rest of the game). If the second double is also a
vessel is destroyed the bonus is lost. Executor Class Grand Cruiser failure for the command check, the ship
Hades Class Heavy Cruiser immediately defects and is controlled by the
A Veteran Captain may purchase up to 1 re- Chaos player for the rest of the game! In this
Murder Class Cruiser
roll for +15pts and can only be used on their Carnage Class Cruiser case victory points are awarded to neither
own vessel or squadron. player, no matter what the ship’s eventual fate.

FLEET COMMANDER Dominator class cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 190 points However, the fleet may not be led by nor take
0-1 Admiral Tyrant class cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 175 points an Archmagos when used this way.
You may include one Admiral in your fleet, who must Lunar class cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 180 points When used with Battlefleet Bakka, Adeptus
be assigned to a ship and improves its Leadership to Gothic class cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 180 points Mechanicus capital ships may opt to take the Fleet
the value shown. If the fleet is worth over 750 points Endeavour class light cruiser . . . . . . . . . . 110 points Defense Turrets Gift instead of any other gift.
an Admiral must be included to lead it. Endurance class light cruiser . . . . . . . . . . 110 points Make this decision while distributing Gifts.
Fleet-Admiral (Ld 8) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 points Siluria class light cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 points
Admiral (Ld 9) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 points *You may include one Nova cannon armed ship for
Solar Admiral (Ld 10) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 points every 500 points or part thereof in your fleet.
Lord Admiral Rath (Ld10) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 150 points **The Endeavor and Endurance light cruisers listed
Admirals get one Fleet Commander re-roll included above have an additional turret to their normal
in their points cost (Lord Admiral Rath has two). profile included in their cost (turret strength 3). RESERVES
Additional re-rolls may be purchased for the listed Ships from any Imperial fleet list may be used as
point costs (including for Admiral Rath). reserves, with one reserve cruiser, battlecruiser or
One extra re-roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 points ESCORTS grand cruiser for every three Bakka cruisers in the
Two extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 points You may include any number of escorts in your fleet, fleet, one reserve battleship for every three Bakka
Three extra re-rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 points in squadrons of 2-6 escorts. battleships in the fleet, etc. One Rogue Trader cruiser
Sword class frigate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 points and its attendant escorts may be taken for every 750
Havoc class frigate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 points points in the fleet. Ships from the Bakka fleet list can
Viper class destroyer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 points be used as reserves by any other Imperial fleet list,
tes t

ORDNANCE along with their Bakka-specific refits. Reserve

CAPITAL SHIPS cruisers (not battlecruisers or grand cruisers) always
Any ship with launch bays may use any mix of Fury
Battleships count toward the twelve-cruiser fleet limit.
interceptors and Starhawk bombers. They may also
You may include up to one battleship in your fleet for Due to suspicions regarding the use of attack craft,
take torpedo bombers for +10 points per launch bay.
every three cruisers or battlecruisers. If taken as fleets using the Battlefleet Bakka list may only take
An Emperor class battleship may carry Shark assault
reserves, grand cruisers do not count for this ships with launch bays under reserve rules.
purpose. An Emperor class battleship can only be boats at an additional cost of +5 points. Ships with
torpedo tubes are armed with ordinary torpedoes. (0-1) Jovian class battlecruiser . . . . . . . . 260 points
taken as reserves unless Admiral Rath leads the fleet. One cannot take as reserves the reserves of another
(0-1) Emperor class battleship . . . . . . . . . 365 points fleet list. As such, ships such as the Jovian that are
Victory class battleship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 355 points part of the reserve fleet of Battlefleet Bakka cannot
Retribution class battleship . . . . . . . . . . . . 345 points tes t be used as reserves of another fleet list.
Vanquisher class battleship . . . . . . . . . . . . 300 points THE ADEPTUS MECHANICUS
Battlecruisers OF BAKKA
You may include up to one battlecruiser in your fleet Because the Bakka Forge World serves as the
for every two cruisers. headquarters of Battlefleet Bakka, the Adeptus
Dominion class battlecruiser . . . . . . . . . . 260 points Mechanicus have a close relationship with the fleet. THE SHIPS OF BATTLEFLEET
M ercury class battlecruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . 255 points In a Bakka fleet list, cruisers from the Adeptus BAKKA
Armageddon class battlecruiser . . . . . . . . 235 points M echanicus fleet list may be taken instead of and in Any capital ship of Battlefleet Bakka can add +1
then the same manner as Imperial Navy battlecruisers, turret to its profile for +5 points. This upgrade does
0-12 Cruisers counting as battlecruisers against any fleet limits in not count against refits ships can take normally.
You may include up to twelve cruisers in your fleet. all respects. They utilize all rules for Adeptus Reserve vessels may not be given this upgrade, but
There is no restriction for the number of Endurance M echanicus vessels except as follows: they do not any vessels from the Battlefleet Bakka fleet list used
light cruisers taken in a Bakka fleet. count as reserves, they will not disengage when as reserves in other fleets may take it with them.
crippled and they may use fleet commander re-rolls.

Steward Rath's great disappointment, his only son Vannion claimed that Rath's presence on the bridge
DOSSIER: Lord Admiral eschewed an elegant career in the Stewardship to was worth an additional squadron of battleships. In
Zaccarius Rath – 150 Points enlist in the Imperial Navy. Rath joined the naval due time Rath replaced Vannion as Lord Commander
cadets at Karmon College at the age of 14. He was a of all naval assets in the Bakka Sector. The Ultramar
slightly built studious youth, and many of his expedition was the largest armada of warships ever
instructors doubted the capability of the new cadet to sent out of the Segmentum. There was never any
survive the rough and tumble of naval life. But he did doubt who would lead the force.
more than survive, a diamond-bright indomitable will
Lord Admiral Rath . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 150 points
forced him to excel. He proved adept at the epee and
An Imperial Bakka Battlefleet 1,500 points or greater
many a foolish, overbearing lout bore facial scars to
may be led by Lord Admiral Rath, who must always
remind them of Rath's mastery in the dueling stocks.
be placed on a battleship, though it not necessarily be
Of course in later years, a scar received at the hand of
the most expensive one present.
Lord Admiral Rath became a badge of honor.
Lord Admiral Rath is Ld-10 and comes with two re-
rolls as part of his point cost. His crew is honored and
inspired by the great man‟s presence and will fight
with great courage and pride; they add +1 to their roll
when defending against boarding actions. Respect for
him extends to the forge world of Bakka itself, and
Rath was commissioned as 12th Lieutenant into the his flagship receives one ship refit and weapon refit
Cruiser Diomedes working steadily through the ranks. (rolled randomly) as part of his point cost. In a
He was promoted to Damage Control Officer in the campaign, a ship so refitted must remain his flagship
battleship Word of the Emperor and earned great
unless it is destroyed.
respect for his organizational skills. He also won a
Bakka Purity Commendation for leading a
counterattack on Ork boarders, slaying the Ork
Chieftain personally with a broken cutlass. While his
courage was unquestioned, it was as Flag Tactical
Officer for the 34th Destroyer Flotilla that Rath's
strategic genius began to show. In a series of brilliant
engagements, his devious mind plotted the downfall
“Those far-distant, warp-beaten ships, upon which of the Eldar Pirates of the Ganzona Rift. Wherever
Imperial citizens never gaze, are all that stand the faster, theoretically more maneuverable, Eldar
between heresy and the dominion of the galaxy.” fled they found Cobra gunships already turning into
- Lord Admiral Rath attack runs.
Zaccarius Rath was born on Delta Prime in the Prime
Sector. His father, a man who knew his own worth,
was Steward to one of the estates of the hereditary
Bakka. At night, the skies over Delta Prime were
coloured with the 'The Blaze', the spiral arm of the From then on, the 34th were known as Rath's
galaxy passing through the Segmentum. The young M arauders. The Ganzona Rift War won Rath his Flag
Zaccarius used to lie on his back in the cool evenings Rank and the Azure M edallion. Rath became
watching the cold glittering stars and dreaming. To Battlefleet Bakka's supreme strategist. Lord Admiral

. 36