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Quality Control Formula

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1 Quality Control Formula
1.1 Loss on ignition (LOI) (CO2 from Calcination)
1.2 Silica Modulus/Ratio (SM)
1.3 Alumina Modulus/Alumina iron ratio (AM)
1.4 Lime saturation factor (LSF)
1.5 % Liquid
1.6 Bogue’s Formula for Cement Constituents
1.7 Degree of Calcination
1.8 Sulphur to Alkali Ratio
1.9 Free Lime
1.10 Blending ratio
1.11 Raw meal to clinker factor
1.12 Kiln feed to clinker factor
1.13 Clinker to cement factor
1.14 Insoluble residue

Quality Control Formula

Loss on ignition (LOI) (CO2 from Calcination)

Silica Modulus/Ratio (SM)

Alumina Modulus/Alumina iron ratio (AM)

Clinker with higher the Alumina modulus results in cement with high early

Lime saturation factor (LSF)

When the LSF approaches unity, the clinker is hard to burn and often shows
the excessive free lime contents.

% Liquid

Bogue’s Formula for Cement Constituents

Degree of Calcination
Sulphur to Alkali Ratio

Higher sulphur to alkali ratio leads to pre-heater buildups affecting the kiln

Free Lime

Excess sulphur (gm SO3/ 100 kg clinker)

Above these limits, sulphur gives rise to coating problems in Pre-heater


Blending ratio

Raw meal to clinker factor

Kiln feed to clinker factor

Clinker to cement factor

Insoluble residue

Insoluble residue can be used to measure amount of adulteration or

contamination of cement with sand. Cement is soluble in dilute HClwhere as
sand is insoluble. The amount of insoluble material determinesthe level of
adulteration. In PPC (Fly-ash) cement; insoluble residue is used to estimate
the percentage of fly-ash present in the cement.

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