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Ref. no.

QTN/260/18-19 Quotation Date 09/01/2018

M/S : Maxima Rubber

Kind Attn.: - Mr. B. S. Rao

Dear sir Following are the major specification of Jaggu Hydraulic works make.

Type 2-Roll open mill

Model JHW 12”X30”
Batch capacity Upto 25-30kgs.
bath size can be20%less or more depending on the hardness of
the compound.
Rear Roll Speed 19 RPM
Friction Ratio 1:1.2
Rolls Ø 305 mm X762 mm face ,chilled cast iron hollow rolls.
12”X30”. Chilled Depth of 15 mm to 20 mm and surface
hardness of 500 BHN. Rolls are tested with hydraulic pressure
of 9 bar for 30 minutes.
HOUSINGS 4 Nos. housing made for steel casting. accurately machining
and fitted with anti friction roller bearings. entry and exit for
forced feed oil lubrication , cover and seals on inside and out
GUIDES Phospherous Bronze / Nylon liners used for better results.
Driving moter 25 hp / 960 RPM Foot mounted AC Moter of make Hindustan
Gear box 3- Stage Helical gear box. TRANSOLO, GREAVES, Heavy
duty type with higher safty factor.
NIP –GAP Maximum Nip-Gap 0-12 mm, manual operated. NIP Indicator
Adjustment provided on the front wheel.
Lubrication unit Manually grease pump.
Mill base Common bed type heavy duty C Chainel steel fabrication
suitable for anchor bolt foundation or anti vibration mounts.
Electrical Star delta type push button operated control panel special
controlling anergy meters provided to see the no of units of energy
systems consumed. all the product used in the control panels are of
reputed make like L&T , Siemens

Safety featurs Emergency stoppers provided on both side of the machines to

stop the machine in any kind of emergency to protect the
operetors or any wrong action . machine is equipped with
complete interlocked electronic system.
Machine is equipped with auto reversing system in case of
Auto triping system provided for motor safety.
Weight and 6000 kg.
floor space 3000mm X 1500MM X 1000MM (LXWXH)

Water 45 ltr. LPM.

PRICE 100000/- Ten lakh only . 18% GST Extra
Delivery 60 to 75 Days
transport Applicable extra.
Warrantee 12 month for date of installation.
Optional Variable speed / motorized nip-gap


Jaggu Hydraulic Works.