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How to Really Make a High Income…

I currently receive about 100 enquiries each month about the Dealmaker process of
doing bigger deals - and I select only a few of these individuals to work with, and to
help them to secure more clients and deals.
Let’s have a chat soon - if this describes you…
1. You want to increase your income by 2X, 5X or 10X or more
2. You see yourself as an entrepreneur, and have some ambition and drive
3. You are willing to learn a proven and powerful process
4. You are willing to take action - and to reach out to affluent and high net worth
individuals (HNWI)
Just send me a brief email at: info@vfactor.co.uk
Or send me a text message on: +44 7973 615564 (UK)
Be sure to let me know: your full name, your top 2 or 3 goals, your current work or
business, email address and mobile number.
Working Harder is NOT the Answer…
Are you working too hard to make any real money?
Or do you own or operate a business with LOW profit margins, and that only
generates small amounts of cash for you?
Would you really like to double or triple - possibly 10X - your current income…
without any extra time or energy input?
Over the past 30 years or so, I’ve met or spoken with many hundreds of
entrepreneurs, business owners and investors - and have seen the good, the bad
and the ugly of the ‘business world’.
From this experience, here are a few observations…
1. About 90% of these individuals were working WAY too hard - putting in lots of
effort, energy and hours/time, to generate only an AVERAGE income or profit

2. Most of them did not know their point A and point B - ie. where they are
currently, and where they want to be (their main goals)

3. If they DID know their A and B, then they had little understanding about how
to make the journey from one to the other

4. Most of them did not follow this simple wisdom: Turnover/revenue is vanity,
Profit is sanity, and Cashflow is King…

5. Most were WAY too busy - in operating or managing their business, or just
servicing their clients. Very few focused on core STRATEGY - and how to
gain more MARGIN and greater LEVERAGE in their business life

6. There is a downside to PASSIVE income which is rarely mentioned. For

example, many of the investors I know who own a decent-sized property
portfolio, are in gradual mental and physical decline - and become more
passive in life in general. Rather than being proactive, passionate, ambitious,
energetic, etc

7. Over 90% of these individuals often fall into poor habits and thinking patterns
which are not productive at all, often staying within a tight COMFORT ZONE
or resisting any new challenge. As a result, there is very little personal growth,
and a decreasing sense of ‘personal power’

8. Too many of them have been focusing on safely and security, whilst taking
almost zero risk - reflected in their lower reward or income. They could have
easily managed a little more risk, in order to smartly increase their reward.
Also, it’s far more profitable to focus on ABUNDANCE - rather than being
trapped in scarcity.
Do You Sincerely Want to Make a High Income?
About the most unique - and most valuable - ability you’ll learn and develop is the
ability to reach out, connect, add value and engage with multi-millionaires. These are
high net worth individuals (HNWI) of all types - entrepreneurs, business owners,
investors, philanthropists, etc.
Once you really build a high-value dialogue with the highly affluent, you’ll discover a
myriad of opportunities and possibilities opening up right in front of you. For
example, there's plenty of scope for…
A private jet purchase, into 7-figures or more
A luxury yacht acquisition, into 7-figures or more
Mansion or large villa abroad, or luxury property sale, into 7-figures
Sale of a 7-figure or 8-figure company
Raising business or property development finance, into 7-figures
Classic cars worth millions
Supercars - such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley
Art or jewellery - worth millions
And more 6-figure and 7-figure opportunities…
Each of these deals or transactions are comfortably into 7-figures, and sometimes
into 8-figures each (£10m-plus).
So guess who benefits financially - with fees or commissions into 6-figures just from
ONE deal or transaction?
Answer: a BROKER or AGENT - and often, an introducer or referrer.
So here is a highly-profitable strategy:
Smoothly INTRODUCE a few of these deals - direct to a specialist broker - and
make an excellent income for yourself. No experience - and no product knowledge
For example, Fabrizio Poli has been a private jet broker for many years, and he
mainly targets private jet sales at about $10 million each. On average, he makes a
commission or fee of 3% on each of these transactions - thereby generating
$300,000 per deal.
In essence, when you hang around rich people - good things happen…

Would You Dare Go to Meet the $400 Million Man?

Here is another example:
I first went to meet with Dan Pena - at his home, Guthrie Castle in Scotland - after
hearing that he had built up a company worth over $400 million.

In 1995, I attended his 6-day bootcamp/workshop, priced at £10,000 per delegate,

focused on exponential (or very fast) business growth.
After some negotiation with Dan, and a handshake deal - to add real value to Dan's
business interests and activity - my own income TRIPLED in just the following year.
And the biggest lesson I learned is: That’s right, when you hang around rich people,
good things often happen…

Guthrie Castle - home of Dan Pena - www.DanPena.com

In reality, 98% of people do NOT reach out to highly-successful individuals - and are
mostly held back by the illusion of fear, or feeling intimidated.
However, the top 2% - who DO make the approach - are often hugely rewarded.
Here’s another example…
One of my contacts, Denis O’Leary, is a specialist broker of pharmacies and
chemist retailers. Denis focuses on deal sizes between £500k up to £8 million, and
says that he prefers to work on deals worth ‘at least a million or two’ - because it
takes the same amount of work (as a smaller deal) - but the fee that he receives is
far more attractive and lucrative.
In addition, he tells me, the buyers or investors at the higher end are far easier to
work with. Whereas, the buyers at the lower end often have little or no money, or
attempt to negotiate too hard, wasting time with no-money down tactics - which often
If you’re interested, here is Denis’ website:
One of my other contacts - Alan Waxman - is a specialist in developing luxury
property in central London. He mainly targets property deals ranging from £5 million,
up to about £40 million - and he is happy to pay referral fees, or possibly agree a
percentage of the profit share of each deal that is introduced.
More about Alan’s company, Landmass London is here: http://landmass.co.uk

Rich People Have Many More Choices and Options

Here are just a few examples of how the rich and affluent choose to spend or invest
their money…
Make More Connections
The core focus is mainly to connect contact A with contact B - and to pick up a fee,
from each successful deal secured and completed.
Now, if you have a challenge with self-confidence, self-worth or self-esteem, this
type of business model is probably NOT for you.
Or if this makes you nervous, or raises a dozen questions, then it’s best to steer
clear of this type of commercial activity.
Yes, you will be pulled out of your comfort zone.
Yes, you may end up with one or two sleepless nights.
And yes, this is the most challenging end of personal growth and development -
because you’re actually DOING IT - and not just learning or glibly talking about it.
Here’s another case in point…
One of my family relatives ended up concluding a £100 million hotel company deal -
from just two or three key connections made at his local golf club in Surrey. And yes,
the fees generated were into a nice 7-figures.
The real secret is to somehow encourage - and engineer - more of these larger deals
to progress forward.

Dialogues into Deals…

Finding HNWI and UHNWI - high net worth individuals - is fairly easy. There are a
number of lists and databases, containing many thousands of names. One
company - Wealth-X - goes further, and continues to build detailed profiles on over
220,000 UHNWI around the world (each with over $30 million in net worth).
Even making contact with each HNWI is fairly easy - for example, you can send out
a small gift - relevant book, DVD, set of golf balls, quality cigars, model of a super-
car, etc - along with a personalised note.
When you actually follow these steps, then a few of the HNWIs will likely send you a
reply/response - usually a thank-you letter or email, and sometimes a personal
phone call...
It's here that you can start and build a valuable dialogue, some of which later lead to
highly-lucrative deals and fees.
How to Really Make a High Income…
I currently receive about 100 enquiries each month about the Dealmaker process of
doing bigger deals - and I select only a few of these individuals to work with, and to
help them to secure more clients and deals.
Let’s have a chat soon - if this describes you…
1. You want to increase your income by 2X, 5X or 10X or more
2. You see yourself as an entrepreneur, and have some ambition and drive
3. You are willing to learn a proven and powerful process
4. You are willing to take action - and to reach out to affluent and high net worth
individuals (HNWI)
Just send me a brief email at: info@vfactor.co.uk
Or send me a text message on: +44 7973 615564 (UK)
Be sure to let me know: your full name, your top 2 or 3 goals, your current work or
business, email address and mobile number.

So Why Focus on Bigger Business Deals?

For example, a PRIVATE JET sells for between £1 million and £10 million or more -
and if you secure just one good deal in a year - you’ll comfortably achieve a VERY
lucrative income for yourself…
The good news is that you DON’T need a website - or a fancy brochure…
You don’t need to have any staff, or to keep any stock
You don’t even need an office, or to pay for lots of advertising…
And you do not require any product, technical or marketing or any sales skills
Whether you’re currently a full-time employee, or an entrepreneur or a business
owner, all that you really need to be successful is…
> A laptop or PC with internet access
> and a mobile/cell phone
So to make a great income, what would YOU prefer to do?
Work hard and generate say 50 orders during a year - and make £1,000 profit on
Do you want to secure at least ONE order - possibly two - in a year - and make
£50,000 or more for yourself?
In fact, with a little focus, you can comfortably receive a six-figure income for yourself
- in a role which gives you PRESTIGE - AND a relaxed lifestyle.
So if you want to be just BUSY - this lucrative opportunity is probably NOT for you…
However, if you want to work really SMART - and only in your spare time - then you
can make an EXCELLENT income with this.

Here are some examples of the price of private jets:


And here is just one example of a well-known company in the Superyacht sector:

And in the business arena…

Here is an example of a £3 million funding deal - which went onto generate a
broker/agent fee of £80,000:

How Many Steps to Profit and Income?
One of the biggest reasons why most individuals do NOT achieve their income goals
- with the majority of businesses, franchises, business opportunities, coaching,
seminars or training - is because there are TOO MANY steps to achieve a high
With the Dealmaker process, here are the 4 simple steps to success…
1. Reach out and connect with a few affluent or high net worth individuals
2. Build a quality one-to-one dialogue - not as a salesperson, but as a Trusted
3. REFER or introduce a few of these wealthy individuals to an experienced supplier
or broker - or other luxury product specialist
4. You’ll receive a generous commission - or a lucrative referral fee - from each new
order, sale, deal or business generated…
It’s that simple!
So here’s the KEY:
The reason YOU do NOT require specialist experience - or CONTACTS - is because
the specialist supplier or company that you refer new business to - will already have
many years’ expertise and track record, including access to a wide range of product
This is very POWERFUL - because you are LEVERAGING from PROVEN people,
skills - and many other resources.
Here’s an example…
A few years ago, one of my contacts - with a property investment business - was
looking to raise the profile of his company, and was open to the possibility of
completely changing their brand - to add a unique impact in their core marketplace.
After chatting about this, I went on to INTRODUCE a premier branding agency,
based in London. Soon after, I was informed that just this ONE introduction led to a
business deal with a contract value of over £100,000 - which is not a bad result from
a handful of phone calls and emails!
If you’re curious, here is the newer brand…

This is Not Always Easy…

Securing a sale or a deal worth multiple millions of pounds - or dollars - is NOT that
easy. Which is why so few individuals or entrepreneurs do it…
As yet, I have not seen or heard of a simple template - or flowchart - which, when
followed, smoothly leads to a high-value deal.
However, what I have developed - and refined - over many years, is a simple and
highly-effective process of opening up MORE opportunities…
A few of these then lead onto lucrative deals, profitable alliances or referral fees.
So here is my proven process to doing more (bigger) deals:

Targeting the Affluent and HNWI

Who are the most likely buyers of your product or service?

Or who can help you to reach them?
Are they MDs, CEOs, ambitious entrepreneurs, affluent or luxury spenders, HNWI,
UHNWI or millionaire investors?
Make a list of possible, likely buyers or clients. Read many related articles - both
online and print. Keep developing and refining your list.
Join related groups online - on Facebook, Linkedin, and a few online forums. You’ll
gain a good understanding of how your target marketplace communicates, the type
of questions and concerns that arise, specific names of individuals (who may be able
to help you), other resources and websites.
Sunday Times Rich List - top 1,000 richest individuals



I would estimate that the top 10% of members on LinkedIn are in the HNWI bracket

Also, it is highly worthwhile joining a few relevant groups - just search under
keywords such as:
Private jets
International property
Business growth
Luxury marketing
Here’s just one example - The HNWI Marketing Platform, with over 2,500
- over 220,000 profiles of UNHWI (net worth of $30m or more)

Wealth Insight
- 136,000 profiles, $1m and up

Wealth Engine

Wealth Monitor
- about 200,000 profiles of HNWI, mainly UK and Europe
- 3,000 new profiles added each month
Relationship Science

Rob Moore, multi-millionaire co-founder of Progressive Property, has built up

another list of how to target more HNWI…
1. Contact your contacts
2. Party more – but not hard
3. Find the right clubs
4. Guardian angels
5. Events, events, events
6. Charity balls, launches, openings and functions
7. Online opportunities
8. Masterminds
9. Private schooling
10. Public speaking
You can access his detailed article here:

The Introducer magazine

Subscribe here:

Start a HNWI Profile

Start to build up a profile about each target individual (prospect or potential buyer), or
related contact who may be able to help you - to gain access to possible clients or
A simple database is fine - whether you use a CRM or a Word document for each
For a fairly simple - and free - CRM, I’ve used both Podio and Pipedrive:
If you want to keep it really simple, then just start a new Word document about each
prospect - and then you can update this as you go.

As a minimum, you’ll need these details about each person…

Full name
Email address
Mobile number
Other contact number
Website (if any)
Brief notes about who they are
- what they do
- core products or services
- possible interests or hobbies
Once more details are added to each profile, you can develop a summary - which
may end up look something like this…
Making First Contact or Reaching Out
This is when most individuals become a little nervous!
What am I going to say?
Who am I to contact a multi-millionaire?
What do I do when they reply back?
What if I don’t hear anything back?
What if they start asking lots of questions?
What value do I have to really offer?
Taking ACTION always pushes out thought…
So go ahead and just DO it!
You can just reach out and make contact by email, or by posting a note or short
letter. If you’d prefer, you can also make contact via a Facebook message, or send a
brief note via LinkedIn.
A simple mobile text message can also be quite effective.

Offer Some Value in Advance

Be a go-giver. And first impressions do count, so start by offering something - even if
it’s a note of praise or to say ‘thank you’ about something you’ve read or seen about
ALWAYS offer some type of value in advance, and then continue to be helpful or
useful in any way possible.
Here’s an example…
Hi John
Just read that you and your team recently secured and won the ABC contract - so
As you continue to expand your company, here is a link to a useful article on
exponential business growth - which you may find helpful:
(optional) Here are a couple of ideas that may help you to gain more contracts in the
Let me know what you think…

Personally, I prefer sending out a brief note - by letter or email. On the basis that
most people are busy - and also have a short attention span - just start your contact
with 2 or 3 quick points.
More importantly, show that you’ve done a little research, and personalise your
message as much as possible.
Do NOT send out a generic, cut-and-paste message.
The whole aim (at this stage) is to make an IMPACT, and to possibly create a mini-
Wow feeling - with a view to sparking a conversation.
Sometimes I send out a small gift by post - such as a useful book on business
growth or marketing or about selling a company - as long as it is relevant and
possibly helpful to the individual receiving it.
Another highly-effective method is to ask for related advice. Here’s an example - it’s
a short message to the MD of a luxury kitchen company:
Hi Peter
Looks like your company has a fabulous range of luxury kitchens, based on the
images on abc website.
Briefly, I would really appreciate your input on this…
I am developing the concept of a Mastermind-type of group, to help a few kitchen
companies to increase their annual turnover by 20% or more.
From your experience in this niche/sector, what are the top 2 or 3 issues or
challenges which may limit the sales growth of a luxury kitchen company?
Thanks in advance.
Recommended further reading:
The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

A book summary is here:


Connect and Engage

Not always, but at least 50% of the time, you’ll receive a reply or response - even if
it’s just a simple message saying ‘Thank you’.
This is where you can really start - or spark - a conversation. Ideally, you want to
build an ongoing dialogue.
You can do this by offering further praise, or by showing a genuine fascination in
your HNWI ‘prospect’ - my favourite way of doing this is by…

Asking Plenty of Questions

There are maybe 100 to 200 questions you could ask, but it’s important NOT to
bombard each prospect with too many at a time - in fact, I keep it simple by just
asking 2 or 3 questions (for example, in an email). Always maintain a friendly and
light approach on all of your conversations, ideally offering further value, or a useful
contact, or a possible solution.
So here are some sample questions…
How did you get started in your industry?
I’m curious, what are your plans or main goals over the next few years?
Now that you’ve achieved X - do you see Y or Z as possible options for you?
What are some of the bigger issues you are facing in your industry?
What is a major constraint in your current business?
In an ideal world, which type of contact would you find very useful or helpful?
What stops you from doubling or tripling your current turnover (or revenues)?
Out of interest, what has been your best-ever investment?
And your worst, or poorest performing investment?

What is your top 10 to 20% activity - which generates 80 to 90% of the results,
rewards or income for you?
To help you to free up an extra 10 to 20 hours’ of your time each week - which type
of individual, or employee, or resource - would really help you to do this?
So what type of possible solutions - to xyz problem - are you looking into?
What was the VISION for your business, when you started out?
What would it mean to you in your life – if xyz problem or issue was GONE?
And here are 100 more example questions…

Building Up a Quality Dialogue

Here are some of the important points to remember, as you build up a dialogue with
each HNWI prospect…
1. Gain a better understanding of their motivations, driving factors, problems,
issues, bigger goals, ambitions, dreams, possible options and solutions

2. If possible, find out what is most important to them - either what is VALUABLE
to them, or what matters most, or is really meaningful - likely to be indicated
here, on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs…
3. Remember to always keep ADDING VALUE– useful tips, web resources,
links, books, blogs, audios, podcasts or videos you’d recommend, articles to
look at, pdfs to download, possible groups or alliances, etc.

4. Surprisingly, offering IDEAS is an excellent way to continue to build a quality

dialogue, and to also clarify which options may or may not be suitable.

James Altucher says that ‘Ideas are the currency of life. Not money’ - and he
has written a detailed article about how to get many more ideas here…


Always Be Proactive - Keep Taking the Initiative

One of the most valuable character traits and habits - is the ability to FOLLOW UP.
Not to pester, but to add something useful or valuable to each dialogue or
Naturally, most of the sales and deals at 5-figures, or 6-figures and above will NOT
happen with just one phone call or email. From experience, even the dialogue-
building process will likely involve several phone calls, emails and texts - to fully build
a strong rapport, bond, connection or relationship.
Hence, most of the time YOU will need to reach out, or re-connect, or remind or ‘give
a nudge’ - taking the initiative - in progressing forward with each dialogue.

The downside is that some individuals will just not respond or reply. But it’s important
to NOT get frustrated by this - because the UPSIDE is the real possibility of
progressing a large deal or client.
The Power of an Improved Self Image…
Self image - how each of us sees ourselves - is a KEY part of the ‘inner game’ of
success or failure, of pretty much any worthy accomplishment or achievement.
For example…
Can you really SEE yourself actively chatting and working with multi-millionaires and
Have you SEEN or felt how different your life would be - as you expand your
personal income by 3X, 5X and then 10X…?
Which of your goals in the past have you achieved, whilst also VISUALISING your
success - probably multiple times - in advance?
For example, a few years ago I managed to reduce my weight by 18 kg (about 40
lbs) - mainly by SEEING the end-goal many weeks and months ahead. Naturally, I
also took more ACTION - by eating less (and more healthy), and doing more
exercise and movement.
The end-result?
A smoother, stress-free way to achieve one of my major goals.
And personally, I’ve used a mix of self image (improvement) and visualisation to
achieve over 60 goals in my life - to help to achieve multiple business and income
goals, lifestyle and travel goals, and to meet my life partner and soul mate, Helena.
In reality, this is an ongoing, personal development process - and I highly
recommend you obtain a copy of a classic book on this subject, called Psycho-
Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz…
And here is a useful 7-minute summary video about this great book:

Other Key Points to Remember…

Here are a few important points and notes - to help you to initiate and to secure more
(and larger) business opportunities and deals:
The Importance of Goal Setting - and Goal Getting
- What are your top 2 or 3 goals - clearly and specifically?
- Do you have 2 or more reasons WHY you want to achieve these?
Being Resourceful is More Valuable than Having Resources
- If you lack a resource - like money or time - think of multiple possible solutions
- Focus more on solutions and possible answers, and less time on the problem!
Raise Your Standards
- Very important to hold yourself to a higher standard
Have Positive Expectations
- After taking each proactive step shown here, see yourself achieving positive results
Think and Grow Rich
- read the book
- excellent chapters on Desire, Imagination, Autosuggestion, Organised Planning,
Specialist Knowledge and being part of a Mastermind
Magic of Thinking Big
- read the book
Go for Margin and Leverage
- Which higher profit margin products or services will you work with?
- Which new contact can you leverage - to access more deals or clients?
Who Are You Accountable to?
- Which other ambitious entrepreneur will hold you accountable to achieving better
results and rewards?
Have More Reasons to Achieve Your Goals
- The more reasons WHY, the more likely you’ll accomplish your goals - and faster
Connect with More High Performance Individuals
- Continually reach out to new contacts or connections - who can help you to move
forward to your goals and outcomes
Gradually Expand Your Comfort Zone
Rise Up to a Bigger Commercial Challenge
Enhance Your Risk Profile
Take More Action Today
- Less time in online research, planning and discussions
More Dialogues Leads to More Deals
- Get on the phone more often
- Talk with potential alliance/JV partners, or potential clients or deals
- Your income/reward is directly related to how many active dialogues you have
Be Active - Consistently
- Once you complete a large deal, keep going
- Don’t start coasting, even if you have plenty of passive income
Make the Time
- If you have COMPELLING reasons to achieve your goals, you’ll make the time
Reduce or Remove Doubt
Steadily Increase or Improve Your…
Get Angry with Poor Results or Low Rewards
Reduce Distractions
More Energy
More Focus
More Ambition and Drive
Most Maintenance is Not Fun!
- Focus more time and energy on doing more deals, and less time on managing
people/employees, maintaining a property or business
Less Scarcity Thinking - Focus on More Abundance
- Always focus on how YOU can add more value, to everyone you talk with
- There are PLENTY of ideas, opportunities, solutions, resources and contacts
Respond Faster - Have a Sense of Urgency
- Money and deals love speed
Be More Strategic - Focus on the Bigger Picture
Stay Hungry
Most Ownership is Over-rated
- Ask many business owners, or landlords of property portfolios - and they will often
tell you about multiple problems and concerns
- Hence, far better to be a Dealmaker - and to be part of a larger deal or transaction,
mostly for a brief time only
How to Monetise…

From experience, once you have started and built up a good dialogue with a few
HNWI, then connecting - or introducing - them to suppliers or specialists is fairly
For example, if you do a brief search online for ‘private jet broker’, you’ll see literally
hundreds of possible specialists.
The next step is to approach or to reach out to a few of these, to arrange an
introducer fee or commission - for making a referral to them. If they don’t offer a
commission, then move onto another specialist!
Use this same process for…
Luxury yachts or Superyachts

International or country-specific property

Business exit or sale
Business finance or private equity
Or almost any high-ticket product or service…

Are You Ready for Greater Success?

I highly recommend that you write down the answers to as many of the following
questions as possible.
For sure, you’ll gain a lot more clarity and insight on how to move forward…
What are your top 3 or 4 goals over the next few years?

What are your main skills and abilities?

Which are your top 3 or 4 commercial or work-based achievements?

Which specific contact or resource or knowledge will help you to move toward
achieving your goals?

Which specific individuals will SUPPORT you to achieve your business, income and
lifestyle goals?
What are your top 2 or 3 reasons WHY you really MUST achieve your goals?

What is the true COST to you of not accomplishing your goals or aims? Add up the
cost over 1 year, then 5, then 10 years…

Which 8 to 10 words describe your IDEAL or perfect business model?

Which 2 or 3 specific factors do you feel are holding you back currently?

Do you know what your 80/20 - or even 90/10 - most VALUABLE use of your time,
energy, skills and resources is?

Which 2 specific STEPS will you take today - to help you to move closer to achieving
your goals?

I realise that some of these questions are not easy to answer, and a few of them
require deeper thought (about yourself). However, this is GOOD…
In fact, whenever you look at or research ANY business, franchise or business
opportunity - just make sure that you are asked many of these type of questions - to
better weigh up which specific business model is best suited to YOU personally.

My Proven Process of Securing High-Ticket Clients...

Do you offer a high-ticket service, package, program or product, priced at premium
(or high-ticket) fees per client or buyer, but find it challenging to generate many
Have you fallen into the trap of attending multiple meetings with prospects, all in the
hope of securing a high-value order or deal?
Do you find yourself following up with too few prospects – and feel under real
pressure to ‘close’ a sale?
Let me share with you how to remove these problems, and how to free up time and
energy to achieve far better results – and revenues – and to start enjoying, not
dreading, the whole process of business development.
This may surprise you, but most of the high-ticket clients I have attracted over the
1. Have NOT met me. Most of the follow up process happens remotely – via email
and phone
2. Are comfortable in sending a premium fee - in advance
3. Felt very relaxed during the complete process – and not felt sold to, or under
My business development process is not complicated. However, it has taken a lot of
time, energy and effort - mainly in testing, refining and improving what really works –
and dropping the stuff that doesn’t work.
So here is my simple 5-step process…
Attract incoming leads or enquiries from multiple sources
One of the biggest advantages you have with a high-ticket product or service is a
healthy profit margin, often up to 90%. Hence, it’s highly worthwhile attracting many
more enquiries, including from targeted online advertising – such as sector-specific
websites, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Youtube – and dozens of other
channels, including joint ventures and alliance partners.
For example, one of my client-associates, David France, receives over 100 new
enquiries each and every month – for his high-ticket business opportunity program.

On a part-time basis, he makes an income higher than many doctors!

Offer knowledge and value – for free
As soon as each enquiry come in, send out a free report, or access to an online
webinar or video. In essence, give away as much relevant information as possible -
in order to help each prospect move forward. I often giveaway free reports, ranging
from 8 pages, up to 110 pages. As a bonus, this helps build trust and credibility,
whilst also showing proof and multiple case studies of my specialist expertise:
securing more high-ticket clients and buyers. In addition, each person receives a
useful series of 14 messages by email – again with more proof, successful case
studies, profitable steps to follow, etc.
Build a valuable dialogue
Start a genuine, one-to-one conversation with prospects. Mainly via phone and
email, I ask literally dozens of questions to gain a better understanding of each
individual’s goals and objectives, along with their main issues, problems, challenges,
barriers, pain points, risk/reward ratio, etc. As a relationship is built, along with a
good rapport and deeper trust, I have often been surprised at the level of detail many
people are willing to provide. During this process, I am also able to ascertain whether
we might be a ‘good fit’ to work together – or to politely decline, and to possibly
recommend another contact, associate or resource.
Offer possible solutions
By email and/or phone, offer possible options or solutions to each prospect, along
with outline details. Based upon my dialogue, there are multiple pieces of information
that help me to identify and research relevant and specific solutions. Once more, I
am pre-checking for a ‘good fit’, whilst also finding out their comments, questions,
concerns – thereby pre-handling most objections beforehand. This then leads
smoothly onto…
Send out a detailed proposal
Most times, I send this out as a PDF file, via email. Here are some of the key
elements of my personalised proposal:
The prospect’s main 3 to 5 goals, aims or objectives
A specific, bespoke solution – to help achieve the above
More details about this package, program or service
A list of key deliverables
3 to 5 examples of relevant proof
Two fee options
Next steps…

That’s it, basically. Following this process enables me to secure high-ticket clients or
deals - all without the need for meetings or travel, and each of the steps are
completed remotely.
Do you now feel that you can easily copy this process?

Profile about Dealmaker

Here is a sample profile about the Dealmaker business opportunity on Franchise
Direct - attracting dozens of new enquiries each month…

And here is a 4-minute video summary about the Jet Broker process of doing deals:


And this detailed 76-slide presentation from Wealth-X highlights the importance of
targeting and connecting with more affluent buyers - both HNWI and UHNWI...

Business Podcast Interview

Here is a business podcast, where I am being interviewed - and chatting in detail
about how to secure high-ticket clients and deals…


Detailed Video of Presentation

Here is my 60-minute detailed presentation - from a live workshop about how to be a
Dealmaker or highly-paid broker, and includes my backstory over the past 30 years
in focusing on DLM - Dialogues, Leverage and Margin…

How to Really Make a High Income…

I currently receive about 100 enquiries each month about the Dealmaker process of
doing bigger deals - and I select only a few of these individuals to work with, and to
help them to secure more clients and deals.
Let’s have a chat soon - if this describes you…
1. You want to increase your income by 2X, 5X or 10X or more
2. You see yourself as an entrepreneur, and have some ambition and drive
3. You are willing to learn a proven and powerful process
4. You are willing to take action - and to reach out to affluent and high net worth
individuals (HNWI)
Just send me a brief email at: info@vfactor.co.uk
Or send me a text message on: +44 7973 615564 (UK)
Be sure to let me know: your full name, your top 2 or 3 goals, your current work or
business, email address and mobile number.
Resources and Further Reading
Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff
This is an excellent book - and process - on how to better position and secure more
deals into 6-figures and 7-figures each…

Here is a book summary about this:


Great 100-minute video with Oren Klaff:


Influence by Robert Cialdini

- summary is here:

Jordan Belfort - Straight Line Persuasion - the Wolf of Wall Street

The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch

Superconnect by Richard Koch
Why it’s powerful - valuable and profitable - to build a network of 100s of contacts
and connections…
The Star Principle by Richard Koch
How to find and work with the top 1% of start-up companies which are growing
FAST, and which offer you more opportunities to make a fortune for yourself.

Dan Pena

Dozens of videos on Youtube

and look up his book: Your First Hundred Million

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

One of the absolute best - and most comprehensive - books on personal
development, including how to achieve financial independence

Here’s a summary about this book…

And dozens of great videos with Tony Robbins - on Youtube.

Marketing to the Affluent by Dan Kennedy

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

Your Secret Wealth by Jay Abraham

Excellent, detailed report here:


I hope you have enjoyed reading this report, and most importantly, that you TAKE
ACTION with this strategy, knowledge, process and methods - to achieve many of
your business, income and lifestyle goals.
The most important first step you can take right now is to REACH OUT - whether to
someone like me, or to any other influencer or decision-maker, or a key contact who
can help you to move forward, or to a HNWI, or a multi-millionaire, or a potential
associate or partner…
Go ahead - just make a connection TODAY.
Good luck - and to your fabulous future!

Des Vadgama

direct email: info@vfactor.co.uk

December 2017