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IV-H Series

Compact Logix
Chapter 1 Used products............................................. 2
Chapter 2 How to connect........................................... 2
Chapter 3 Settings for communication....................... 3
Chapter 4 Basic Setting [RSLinx]............................... 4
Chapter 5 Basic Setting [RSLogix]............................. 6

Chapter 1 Used products

Please prepare the following products

Contact probe Power IO cable Ethernet cable

Compactl Logix Ethernet cable / hub
IV-H Series OP-87440 (2m) OP-87457(2m)

1769-L32E is
used to create
this setting guide

Chapter 2 How to connect


Connect the CompactLogix and the IV series as shown below.

IV-H Series Ethernet hub

Compact Logix
Ethernet cable

Signal Color

24V Brown
24VDV Power supply
0V Blue

Chapter 3 Settings for communication

Use the Ethernet cable OP-87457 to connect IV to Select “Advanced”  “ “Environmental”  “ “Field
1 your PC
4 Network”, and set the “Protocol” to “EtherNet/IP”

IV-H Series PC (IV-Navigator installed)

Ethernet Cable OP-87457

2 Start IV-Navigator

Double click the icon of IV-Navigator on your desktop.

5 Set the IP address of IV (“”).

3 Select “Network Connection” and connect to IV-H

Please be sure that your PC’s IP address is fixed, and the IP

address of IV-H is initialized (“----”).
Please refer to the Users Manual for the way how to initialize
the IP address.

Chapter 4 Basic Setting [RSLinx]
This operation would be necessary only once. For the following sample, the IP address of the PLC is set to

Connect the PC installed with RSLinx and 1769-L32E Input the IP address of the PLC ( to
1 with Ethernet cable
6 [Station 0], and then click [Add New].

2 Open [RSLinx Classic].

3 Select [Configure Driver].

7 Select [EtherNet/IP Driver], and then click [Add New].

4 Click [Ethernet devices], and click [Add New].

8 Click [OK].

5 Click [OK].

Chapter 4 Basic Setting [RSLinx]

9 Select [Windows Default], and then click [OK]. 12 IV would be recognized like below.

Right click [AB_ETH-1, Ethernet], and then select

10 [Configure Driver].

Input the IP address of IV (“”) to

11 [Station 1], and click [Add New].

Chapter 5 Basic Setting [RSLogix]
Use [RS Logix 5000] and communicate cyclic with IV.

Right click [1769-L32E Ethernet Port LocalENB], and

1 Open [RSLogix 5000]. 4 then select [New Module].

2 Select [New] inside [File], and create a New Project.

Input a project name (“IV”) inside [Name], and click

3 [OK].

Input the IP address (“”) inside [IP

5 Address], and click [OK].

Chapter 5 Basic Setting [RSLogix]

Register IV as an Ethernet/IP module. Input the module name (“IV”) to [Name], and input the
6 Right click [1769-L32E Ethernet Port LocalENB], and 8 IP address of IV (“”) to [IP Address].
select [New Module]. Select [Data-INT(16bit)] at [Comm Format], and input
the following numbers to [Connection Parameters].

The setting for [Connection Parameters] depends on the

setting of [Comm Format]. If [SINT(8bit)] or [DINT(32bit)] is
selected, refer to below.

If [SINT(8bit)] is selected.

Select [ETHERNET-MODULE] inside

7 [Communications], and click [OK].

If [DINT(32bit)] is selected.

* When setting [Comm Format] and [Connection Parameters]

please confirm carefully the specification of your sensor.
If this is not set properly, it might not operate correctly.

Chapter 5 Basic Setting [RSLogix]

Select the connected PLC unit (“00, CompactLogix

9 Click [OK]. 11 Processor, IV_Sample”), and click [Go Online].

10 Select [Who Active] inside [Communications].

12 Click [Download].

Chapter 5 Basic Setting [RSLogix]

* If the switch on CompactLogix is set to [Run], the

[Download] button could not be clicked. 14 You can see the result of the judgment like below.
Please select [REM] or [PROG].

Please confirm that it is in [Run] mode. Double click

13 [Controller Tags], and display the [Monitor Tag].

Input Data

Output Data


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