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Donating blood though for many is something atrocious

because it emits discomfort, has a lot of health benefits. Many

Students and faculty
cited that donating blood is heroic act for where blood flows, a life
members of Olivarez College
is being prolonged but unknown to many are the health benefits it
Nursing Department on
gives to the ones who donated since bloodletting prompts the
August 16, 2017 led a blood
body to reproduce RBC (red blood cells). The fact is RBC inside
donation drive to help the
the body has its own life span, it lives and serves its purpose for
Las Piñas Red Cross
over 120 days and therefore hemolysis (destruction of RBC)
replenish its supply. Blood
follows. Abnormal, defective, damaged and old RBC are removed
can be stored for a limited period of time that is why the blood
from the circulation, it occurs in the bone marrow, liver and
banks need a steady and constant collection.
Nowadays a public awareness is noticed to donate blood.
Therefore, by simply donating blood the iron stored in the
Many colleges, societies, offices, etc. organize blood donation
body are maintained at healthy levels which reduces the risk from
camps on different occasions. Well, at Olivarez College it is also
developing diseases caused by iron overload such as heart and
done consistently.
liver ailments.
Clinical Instructors
PRC Secretary General, Gwendolyn Pang once said;
with the assiduous assistance
Students were ideal donors, who can ensure the safety of donated
of the Nursing Council and all
blood; the laboratory is the last defense of blood safety, the first
the level IV students, tapped
defense is the blood donor. We need blood from a healthy
students and professors from
population. In all veracity, the safest blood comes from the
different departments to join
regular donors, I added.
and be part of the blood drive
dubbed as: “it takes all types! Giving = Living…
Bloodletting (here @ OC)
seem to be a routine but if
something is important, it is worth
repeating. Saving lives is
important and very indispensable.

Lastly, let us be challenged

with these words quoted
anonymously in the DOH website:
Every second, someone in the world needs blood. Blood cannot be
prepared in factories. It can only be given by blood donors.
Voluntary blood donors are a must for a safe blood supply so
that a mother giving birth, an accident victim, a girl suffering
from life threatening anemia, a boy with dengue fever or a father
facing open heart surgery may be timely helped.

This is a healthy gesture. We must keep this aptitude up at

any cost.


SILAO, Sr. Nerlyn L. BSN-IV