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How conformal cooling could

potentially replace conventional

cooling with Metal Additive
Manufacturing technology?

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3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three
dimensional solid objects from a digital file.

The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In


an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers

of material until the object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a
thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object.

3D printing is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing which is cutting

out / hollowing out a piece of metal or plastic with for instance a milling

Metal additive manufacturing enables you to produce complex (functional)

shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods.

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In recent years, technology has evolved at a rapid pace. Due to the rapid
progress in technology, several advanced and cutting-edge technologies

have paved their way into several industrial domains. Out of the various
technological advancements, 3D printing has garnered a significant amount
of popularity. The growing popularity and adoption of 3D printing. the
demand for complicated cooling designs is on the rise, especially in the
injection molding industry. In addition, 3D printing and rapid prototyping are
considered to be relatively new concepts in the manufacturing industry. In the
metal additive manufacturing sector, additives such as direct metal laser
sintering (DMLS) has the capacity to print a wide range of complex cooling
circuit designs to moderate part quality and cycle time.

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Considering the current state of affairs in the economy in worldwide and the
competitive landscape, time is money. In the injection molding industry,
typically, the total cycle time is determined by the cooling phase. The
factors that influence this scenario include controlled cooling rate
requirements and the parts that are unable to reach the optimum ejection
temperature. However, as complex cooling channels can be developed
close to the part surface, it is possible to reduce the cooling time and thus
improve the overall quality.

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As technology is evolving at a rapid pace, it is safe to say that additive
manufacturing has several advantages. Additive manufacturing adopted
for conformal cooling not only helps in designing complex and contour
along the part surface, it can be developed at a faster pace compared to
conventional machining. Furthermore, multi-cavity molds that have
adopted additive manufacturing to create conformal cooling channels
have highly benefited from the same.

Conformal cooling could potentially reduce the time to build a mold and
the cycle time significantly. In addition, it also enhances the part quality.
However, according to several experts in the industry and 3D Incredible,
the plastic simulation software can add value in determining the
reduction in the cycle time and enhance the quality of parts.

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Direct comparisons of the temperatures in the tool can be studied to
understand the cooling efficiency and uniformity between a conformal
cooling channel and a conventional cooling channel. However,
conventional cooling designs have several constraints due to which heat is
not able to escape from the insert and the part effectively and in a uniform
way as in the case of conformal cooling designs.

Another technique to reduce warp is by decreasing the differential shrink.

The differential shrinkage can be effectively minimized by improved mold
temperature uniformity which significantly helps to reduce warp.

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In a nutshell, 3D printing software and the 3D printing
technology in the additive metal manufacturing domain
could potentially be a game changer. The growing demand
for 3D printing technology is on the rise and we at 3D
Incredible offer customized solutions to all our clients
depending on their requirements. By integrating conformal
cooling designs with a simulation software, one can
understand its validity for injection molds.

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