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Karen Garcia

Period 5



The Final Project has helped me Communicate ideas and Take Action

because when my group and I present our project we are going to communicate the

information we gathered to our fellow classmates and hopefully they will learn

something new and share it with their friends and family.We are Investigating The

World because we had to research about chikungunya.We had to look up

Chikungunya’s causes,symptoms,cures,etc.We also had to do research about The

Bahamas,our chosen country.We had to look up The Bahama’s history,its location,its

specific biome,the population,etc.We Recognized Perspective because we did

research on the symptoms,which is how the people that have Chikungunya feel.

This project has contributed toward my academic and personal growth and

maturity because I have learned a lot of things with this project.I studied about the

disease Chikungunya.I learned that its a viral disease and some people have died of

it.Throughout this Project,I learned that some people are suffering with Chikungunya

and other viral diseases around the world and nobody has tried to help them or nobody

has tried to find a cure.