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1. Oscilloscope is a---------------measuring device?

A) Current B) Frequency C) Voltage D) None of these

2. In superposition theorem voltage sources are converted into-----------circuit?
A)Open B) Short C) Current Source D) None of these
3. ------------- phase like 3 phase provide constant power transfer to linear loads?
A)Single B) 02 C) Poly D) HV DC
4. Super position theorem converts a circuit into its --------- equilent?
A)Norton B) Thevenin C)Both D) None Of these
5. In IM requirement of variable speed can be met by using-------------?
A)Variable Freq device B)Wound rotor C)Traction Motor D) Shunt motor
6. Transformer are designed to have----------leakage inductance?
A)zero B) Low C) High D) Unity
7. Difference between synchronous speed and----------speed is called slip?
A)Shunt B) Series C) Actual Or Rotor D)None
8. Fourier transform imposes---------parity to fourier cosines ?
A)Odd B) Even C) Negative D) None
9. Clamping circuit adds------------level?
A)AC B) DC C) Smooth D) None
10. Device used to measure refraction of Eye is called--------?
A)Drumometer B) Ellipsograph C) Dioptometer D)None
11. CRO has two calibrations volt/div and------------------?
A)Freq/Div B) Current/Div C) Time/Div D)None
12. Ampere circuital law is electrically equilent to ---------- law?
A) Lens B)Biot-Savarts C)Faraday D) Gauss
13. Current density of armature winding in DC motors is in the range of--------?
A) 1 amp-5 amp B)10 amp-20amp C) 20amp-30amp D) None
14. which cell is rechargeable ?
A)Primary B) Secondary C) Galvanic D) None
15. If current is decreased by 2% then power decreases by---------%?
A)2 B)4 C)8 D) 16
16. 33Kv-66Kv is referred as-----------transmission voltages?
A)Primary B) Secondary C) Variable D) None
17. Polarization is caused by---------------nature of EM waves?
A)Longitudinal B)Transverse C) Reflex D) None
18. DIAC is a-----------terminal-----------layer device?
A) 02,04 B)03,02 C)02,03 D)02,05
19. Electric lines of force tends to---------------------- each other?
A)Move Parallel to B) Move Orthogonal to C) Move Away from D)None
20. Critical value of resistance in large transmission lines is------------ohm?
A)500 B)1000 C)2000 D)None
21. Thermal power station moderate------------kv?
A)11 B)33 C)66 D)None
22. Efficiency of thermal power station is-----------%?
A)33 B)40 C)50 D)60
23. Insulation in high voltage transmission is--------type?
A)Pin B)Disk C)Suspension D)None
24. Above 220Kv transmission line is called-----------?
A)Moose (400kv) B)Zebra C)Panther(132kv) D)Dog(66KV)
25. Diversity Factor of a group is always----------?
A)Unity B)Zero C)Greater than 1 D)Less than 1
26. Load factor is given by --------?
A)max load/avg load B)Avg load/max load C)Avg load/Connected load D)None
27. Minimum Transmission voltage is------------KV?
A)33 B)66 C)110 D)120
28. Active devices are those which --------------?
A)Delivers power B) Absorbs power C) Both D)None
29. If electrons are moving towards the +ve terminal then power is --------------?
A)Delivered B)Absorbed C)Both D)None
30. In IM when air gap increases then the short circuit current----------------?
A)Decreases B)Increases C)Remain the same D)First increases then decreases
31. Simplest active device is-------------------?
A)Inverting amp B)Non inverting amp C)Half wave rectifier D)Full wave rectifier
32. Rectifier using Oscilloscope to stop diode drop is called------------rectifier?
A)Active B)Passive C)Saturating D) Non-Saturating
33. For non repetitive signals--------------transform is used?
A)Fourier B)Wavelet C)Laplace D)Z-
34. For discrete stability of characteristic polynomial equation,--------- method is used?
A)Nyquest B)Hurwitz C)Bode plot C)Root locus
35. Delta service is cheap because of----------------?
A)No Ground Wire B)No Neutral wire C)No Phase wire D)No Line wire
36. In Analog intensity modulation,---------------applied to the LED is increased?
A)Current B)Voltage C)Frequency D)Amplitude
37. For Multiple video channels, --------- diodes are required?
A)Zener B)LED C)Schottky D)None
38. Logic gates are made of-----------?
A)Diodes B)Simple Transistor C)FET D)None
39. For 02 inputs, ----------- Boolean functions are required ?
A)04 B)02 C)08 D)16
40. Advantages of open loop system are simplicity & ---------- ?
A)Construction (COST) B)Noise Reduction C)Accuracy D)Reliability
41. Open loop system is also called------------?
A)Manual B)Automatic C)Stable C)Passive
42. Circuit Breakers-----------on fault detection?
A)Opens B)Closes C)No Action D)Triggers alarm
43. Curl of a vector is ------------?
A)Vector B)Scalar C)Gradient of That vector D)All of the above
44. Voltage is closed -------------integral of E?
A)Surface B)Line C)Volume D)Area
45. Aero turbine don't have ---------?
A)Stator B)Compressor C)Fan D) Fuel Intake System
46. Disadvantages of non inverting amplifier is -------------?
A)Limited speed B)Noise (Distortion) C)Error D)Unpredictability
47. Voltage is a Difference between -------------- Pressure?
A)Magnetic B)Electric C)Ohamic D)Lorentz
48. For zero surface charge density, normal component of -------------- is continuous?
A)EMF B)MMF C)EF Intensity D) MF Intensity
49. Number of state variables are ------------ the order of the Differential equation?
A)Greater Than B)Equal To C)Smaller Than D)None
50. Resistivity of a material depends on----------?
A)Length B)Area C)Material D)None
51. When a resistor is removed from star connection, total power ------------?
A)Reduce by Under root 3 B)Increase by Under root 3 C)Remain the same D)None
52. Holding current is--------------latching current?
A)3 Times B)1/3 times C)2 Times D)1/2 Times
53. Stepper motor is a ------------- Motor?
A)DC B)AC C)Synchronous D)None
54. O/P voltage in voltage dividing rule is---------------?
A)R1/R2 B)(R1+R2)Vin/R1 C)R1 Vin/(R1+R2) D)None
55. Cu oxide ------------- is used for passing currents through meter in one direction?
A)Transistor B)Diode C)Voltmeter C)Rectifier E)Diac
56. Match Filter is used to improve ----------?
A)Impedance Matching B)SNR C)BER D)Design
57. Ipv4 is a -------------bits?
A)8 B)16 C)32 D)24
58. Diff Amp is basically used as -------------?
A)Current amp B)BW amp C)Push Full amp D)Voltage amp
59. Coupling used in Diff Amp is-------------- coupling?
A)RC B)Direct C)RL D)Transformer
60. In closed loop transient function, different variables are represented as ---------?
A)Scalar B)Vector C)Arrow diagram D) None
61. Impedance is given by -----------?
A)R/L B)R/C C)Phasor V/ Phasor I
62. In OSI Model Link layer is also called ----- Layer?
A)Network B)Transport C)Physical D)None
63. Natural Uranium contains ---------------% U235?
A)Zero B)0.2 C)0.5 C)0.7
64. Green function is used to solve ----------- order differential equation?
A)1st B)2nd C)3rd D)4th
65. Emission of photo electrons depends on -------------- of light?
A)Wavelength B)Frequency C)Intensity D)None
66. Voltages above 230 kV are considered as -------------voltages?
A)High B)Low C)Extra High D)None
67. Lactometer is used to find specific gravity of milk and ----------- in Milk?
A)Impurity B)Water C)proteins D)None (Density is best suitable if given)
68. Null detector used in Wheat Stone bridge is a/an
A) Ammeter B) Voltmeter C) Galvanometer D) Wattmeter
69. A signal can be reconstructed from its samples if the sampling period is........... the signal period
A) Equal B) Twice C) Thrice D) Half
70. There are 02 types of over current protections, Instantaneous over current and .................... over
A)Variable Time B)Constant (Definite) Time C)Delay feedback D)None
71. Which of the following is not a purpose of disturbance monitor?
A) Model Validation B)Disturbance Investigation C)Increase Protection Settings D)Assessment Of
72. ............ voltage is a small voltage (less than 10) that can be measured between two points ?
A)Dim B)Tame C)Stray D)Ground
73. .............. is used to sense fault and initiate a trip?
A)Circuit Breaker B) Alternator C)Protection Relay D)Cut Outs
74. The Principal of ............ can be used to analyze faults in power systems?
A)Thevenin B)Norton C)Superposition D)Jordon
75. The ripple frequency for bridge rectifier is.....................?
A)Same as I/P B)Twice of I/P C)Half of I/P D)None
76. For conversion high impedance to low impedance .................. amplifier is used?
A)Inverting B)Non Inverting C)Summation D)Voltage Follower
77. It is desirable to avoid differentiator because,................?
A)It is costly B)It High Impedance C)It creates Noise/Distortion D)None
78. Speed of rotation of stepper motor can be determined from..........?
A) B) C) D)
79. ............... is based on heating effect of current? (Check Hot Wire Instrument On Net)
A)Hot wire Instrument B)Megger C)Watt meter D)Voltmeter
80. The motor in which Primary windings is stationary and secondary rotates, also called transformer
motor is .................. Motor?
A)Magnetically coupled B)DC Motor C) Asynchronous D)Induction
81. Types of generators are..................?
A)01 B)05 C)03 D)02
82. In synchronous motor current is provided by ................ ?
A)Rotor B)DC Current source C)AC I Source D)None
83. Circuit current is ........................ at resonance?
A) Minimum B)Maximum C)Zero D)Infinite
84. At parallel resonance the Impedance is ........................ ? (Check parallel resonance On Web)
A)Min B)Max C)Zero D)Unity
85. If all the conductors in a power system are grounded to the same location, then the risk of
electric shock will be..................?
A)Max B)Min C)Zero D)Neglected
86. For charging batteries we have................Generators?
A)Shunt B)Series C)Compound D)None
87. Transmission lines mostly use High Voltage.....................Phase AC?
A)Single B)Two C)Three D)Neutral
88. In submarine power systems, power is transmitted through ................... cables?
A)HV DC B)LV DC C)Under Ground D)Over Head
89. The electric force on a test charge in an electric field is proportional to...................?