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1-Complete the sentences with the verbs in the first conditional.

a.If I _________________ (to study), I ____________________ (to pass) the exams.

b.If the sun ________________ (to shine), we ________________ (to walk) to the town.

c.If he ____________________ (to have) a temperature, he__________________ (to see) the


d.If my friends _______________ (to come), I _________________ (to be) very happy.

e.If she ______________ (to earn) a lot of money, she_____________ (to fly) to New York.

f.If we ______________ (to travel) to London, we __________________ (to visit) the


g.If you _______________ (to wear) sandals in the mountains, you ______________ (to slip)
on the rocks.

h.If Rita ___________ (to forget) her homework, the teacher ___________ (to give) her a low

i.If they ____________ (to go) to the disco, they _________________ (to listen) to loud music.

j.If you _______________ (to wait) a minute, I ____________ (to ask) my parents.

2-Complete the sentences with the verbs in the second conditional.

a.If I _________ (to come) home earlier, I ______________ (to prepare) dinner.

b.If we ____________ (to live) in Rome, Francesco ____________ (to visit) us.

c.If Tim and Tom _______________ (to be) older, they_____________ (to play) in our hockey

d.If he ____________ (to be) my friend, I ______________ (to invite) him to my birthday party.

e.If Susan________________ (to study) harder, she___________ (to be) better at school.

f.If they _____________ (to have) enough money, they ___________ (to buy) a new car.

g.If you ____________ (to do) a paper round, you _______________ (to earn) a little extra

h.If Michael _______________ (to get) more pocket money, he___________ (to ask) Doris out
for dinner.

i.If we ______________ (to win) the lottery, we __________________ (to fly) to San Francisco.

j.If I __________ (to meet) Brad Pitt, I _____________ (to ask) for his autograph.