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PUISv2 Public Documentation

President University Information System 2.0

Document Revision
1. 2015-07-28 | Kiswono Prayogo | Initial documentation
2. 2016-03-07 | Kiswono Prayogo | Updated statistics and links
3. 2016-06-14 | Kiswono Prayogo | Updated statistics and links

PUISv2 is an information system that designed to replace previous information system (PUIS). PUISv2
(old name: PUKIS) start developed in 2014-12-01 using 4 different server-side programming language.
The statistics of this software are:
Date 2015-07-28 2016-03-07 2016-06-14
Lines of code 29766+1270+71+125 70856+5045+71+404 84537+7052+71+716
Lines of JavaScript 4725 6916 9013
Lines of HTML 77374 51071 77285
Lines of CSS 511 642 707
Lines of External Libs 104313 284139 446520
Lines of JS Libs 347065 326684 333032
Lines of CSS Libs 140759 118722 118726
Raw Database Size 469 MB 3758 MB 6321 MB

The current fulltime development team members:

• Kiswono Prayogo <kiswono@president.ac.id> (2014-11-04)
• Anton Sofyan <antonsofyan@president.ac.id> (2015-05-04)
• Cahyadi Lugito <cahyadi.lugito@president.ac.id> (2015-05-11)
• Titi Nuryani <titi@president.ac.id> (2015-12-14)
• Achmad Fajri <fajri@president.ac.id> (2016-05-02)
Supervised under Vice Rector I (A.B.M. Witono, now Joseph Ginting), Vice Rector II (Setyarini
Sentosa), and the PUIS Revitalization Steering Committee:
• Rila Mandala, Ph.D
• Rikip Ginanjar
• Nur Hadisukmana
• Dr. Tjong Wan Sen
• Ivan Michael Siregar
• Cindy Himawan
Current software version can be seen on the titlebar, for example:
Screenshot for software version

URL Address
The URL address for PUKIS are:
• From Campus (WiFi or LAN):
• Direct IP:
• Secure Subdomain: https://puis2.president.ac.id
• Secure Domain: https://presuniv.com/
Each URL will go to exact same software with minor difference, only last 3 URL above that support
Gmail OAuth2 authentication.

Screenshot for PUKIS with and without OAuth2 support.

There are two methods to log in into this software, using username and password or using GMail open
authentication (OAuth2). When using username and password, the possible username are:
• Student ID or NIM for student (12 digits)
• Admission Form Number for prospective students (mostly 7 digits)
• PUIS' Lecturer ID for lecturers (mostly start with “FC”)
• Registered e-mail on PUKIS database, for student based on your registration form Admission
dept. or Human Resource dept.
The default password should be exactly the same as your current PUIS' password.
When using OAuth2, after clicking the OAuth2 image you will be redirected to GMail if you have not
logged in. After you logged in into GMail, you will be redirected back into PUKIS and automatically
logged as user that associated to your GMail e-mail address.

Screenshot for PUKIS using Oauth2.

Forgot Password
If you are forgot your current PUKIS password, you can reset your password by clicking “forgot
password?” link on login page. You'll need to enter your registered e-mail on PUKIS database, and
your name or PUIS Lecturer ID or Student ID (NIM) correctly.

Screenshot for Reset Password Link request page

An e-mail containing a reset password link will be sent to you after you complete the process. You can
enter your new password after clicking the link.
Screenshot for e-mail containing Reset Password Link

Screenshot for Reset Password page

Public News can be accessed by clicking “news!” on login page.

Screenshot for Public News page

The main menu can be accessed on the top left corner button after login. To change password click on
the Profile button. You will be automatically logged out after 2 hours of inactivity.

Screenshot for Main menu