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Resident Evil: Afterlife Movie Review

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Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D
Sept. 9, 2010

Alice in Zombieland takes on the mighty Hammer Axeman, avoids the obligatory shower scene and splatters her coin collection into zombie brains. This Resident Evil sequel has more droplets of blood and water rendered in slow-motion 3D artistry that 15 tree-huggin’ Avatar sequels put together. If you like walking in rain while zombies are slaughtered all around you, then run to your local theater and check out this masterpiece of cinematic fluid dynamics. One Word Movie Review: Good Resident Evil: Afterlife delivers exactly what you’d expect from an apocalyptic zombie virus movie sequel and then adds some high quality 3D imagery using the same technology as Avatar to elevate this tale of doom into another star category. Films that score first out of the gate with new innovative visuals deserve to be rewarded and Resident Evil: Afterlife delivers a few treats never seen before including:

 Slow-motion water droplets rendered in shimmering brilliance and astounding depth of field in several scenes;  3D outer-space-to-street-level zoom-ins;  Slow motion bullets and shotgun shells whizzing into your lap after passing through brains and other body parts;  Way-cool catastrophic implosions which make nuclear mushroom clouds appear positively lame;  Two-fisted pistols panning under your nose as Alice scans the room for lethal Undead scum;  Gorgeous airplane fly-overs of glaciers, ruined cities and zombie armies;  A enormous spinning hammer toss which sails right at your head; and  Cavernous chambers of harvested bodies, weaponry and telescopic catwalks which envelop the viewer into these spaces like no other movie to date. Unlike Avatar, which James Cameron directed primarily in 2D, Resident Evil: Afterlife exploits the possibilities of 3D’s expressive depth to present a visceral and absorbing experience for the audience. We are there to be scared, thrilled and grossedout so why not deliver the goods in spectacular 3D? You will not be

disappointed, unlike with earlier cheese-andcrackers novelty efforts like Piranha 3D and The Final Destination. Oh yeah, there is the usual story about Alice the wonder chick against the evil Umbrella Corporation. Add in an ocean of undead zombie virus victims and a gloomy “end of the world with no hope for humanity” vibe and you’ve got another successful sequel in the popular Resident Evil franchise. The Story The story starts out with Alice taking on the entire underground Tokyo Umbrella Corp. headquarters with just her and a cadre of clones. She ends up mano-a-chicko with Wesker, the viral villain behind Umbrella and (so it appears) kills him good. Don’t worry, she does this a few times in this movie. She then flies away to Alaska, then LA in search of the rumored Arcadia enclave, free of virus infection and the only sanctuary left for regular people. However, all is not what it seems and she picks up her warrior friend Claire from the last movie and together, they fight the good fight to reach and then overthrow Arcadia, which is not actually what it seems but another

sinister Umbrella initiative to further their grand, evil plans to dominate what little remains of good old Earth. The ending is a set-up to the next movie (surprise). They are victorious and suddenly in a new, desperate predicament. Wow, how can we wait until next year to find out? The Genre The apocalyptic horror video game adaptation genre has been uneven at best and downright dismal for the majority of films churned out to date. The Resident Evil franchise benefits from Milla Jovovich’s portrayal of Alice as a kick-ass super warrior with a soft spot for humanity and a raging fury against the Umbrella Corporation. This “rage against the corporate machine” is a timely and resonant theme in these troubled economic times. In terms of audience appeal, I can only comment on the two young girls sitting behind me who squealed with apprehensive delight every few minutes as they expressed their concern about each character. “Is she going to get it?”

“Oh man, why is he going down that hole?” and “Oh no, she’s so going to die!” The Overall Quality Resident Evil: Afterlife is the best-looking 3D horror film ever made. Okay, the story is lame and the acting is over the top and it is just another installment in a grand saga which resolves very little. But it still is the best looking 3D horror film ever made. Plus, it has the Axeman, a huge zombie wielding a giant hammer/axe and seemingly indestructible under that leather hood and spiked body. This guy is awesome and should have his own movie. His backstory must be something medieval and epic to find him reduced to this shrouded zombie death-dealer. I officially start the campaign for the Axeman movie. Hell, if they can green-light Machete based on a goofy faux-trailer from Grindhouse, they can surely give this man the starring role he deserves. Finally, you have to admire a movie that makes the most immoral character a movie producer. His final fate is too horrible to show on screen, but I’m sure the film makers had plenty of development meetings deciding what they were going to do to punish this character portrayed by

Kim Coates with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Movie/Market Analysis The movie mood for audiences leaving the theater is Positive. It delivers exactly what audiences expect and then some more with the 3D effects. MarketBOB’s sentiment indicators, the GQS (Genre, Quality, Story) rate Resident Evil: Afterlife an emotional BULL. No matter how miserable you are feeling about the economic malaise these days, it’s not as bad as the world of Resident Evil. These poor people triumph in the end and we can too. This doesn’t mean this movie will spark confidence in the market, because a corporation did destroy 99.9% of everyone living today. Not a good message. But there is hope, slim and fragile but still there.

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