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Precast Concrete: R-Value Calculator
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Roof & Flooring: R-Value Calculator
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Project Parameters Note: Blue text indicates an editable input.

NCC (BCA) Climate Zone 5Zone 5 5
Building Class 1Class 1 1
Building Element 1Floor

Slab Type 4Ultrafloor
Beam 200R
Topping Depth Over Rib 60 mm
Overall Structural Depth 260 mm
Infill Type 600 FC
Beam Spacing 680 mm
Topping Slab Depth 115 mm
System Weight 343 kg/m2

Exist 2
Minimum Ceiling Space 680 mm
Maximum Ceiling Space 825 mm
Material 1 Plasterboard
Layers 1
1 Layer

Insulation On Ceiling Floor Covering

Exist 1No Exist 2Yes
Material Carpet & Underlay

Underside Exposure 3
In-Slab Heating No
R-Value Heat Flow Down [Up]: #VALUE! (m2K/W)
Achieves NCC Volume 2 (BCA) (2016) Required R-Value (Down): ### 1.00 (m2K/W)

Version V1.6 © 2018 National Precast Concrete Association Australia

Note: It is the user's responsibility to use this calculator appropriate to their situation.
Precast Concrete Roof & Floor Panels
Total R-Value

Building Information

NCC Volume 2 (BCA) Climate Zone Zone 5

NCC Volume 2 (BCA) Building Class Class 1

Floor System
Slab Type Ultrafloor
System Description 200R-600 with 60mm topping over beams
Overall structural depth = 260mm

Floor Covering
Exists Yes
Floor Covering Material Carpet & Underlay
R-Value Covering 0.4(Dn) 0.4(Up)

Exists Yes
Ceiling Material 10mm Plasterboard
Number of Layers 1
Minimum Ceiling Space 680mm

Insulation On Ceiling
Exists No

Underside Exposure
Description Enclosed
In-Slab Heating No

System R-Value
Required to NCC Volume 2 (BCA) (2016) 1.00 (m2K/W) (Down)
Achieved for Floor System #VALUE! (m2K/W) (Down)
#VALUE! (m2K/W) (Up)

Calculations based on AS/NZS 4859.1 Materials for Thermal Insulation of Buildings.
Material properties and air film resistance values taken from NCC Volume 1 (BCA), Specification J1.2.
Insulation of air spaces based on method of Robinson & Powlitc. (1954). All air spaces taken as non-ventilated ie still air.
Evaluation for summer conditions (roof heat flow down) 30.0deg ambient temperature, 24.0deg inside temperature.
Evaluation for winter conditions (roof heat flow up) 12.0deg ambient temperature, 20.0deg inside temperature.
Calculations by Dr T.J. Williamson, B.Eng (Monash), B.Arch (Melbourne, PhD - The University of Adelaide.

NCC (BCA) Requirements

The R-value requirements shown on this certificate are based on NCC Volumes 1 & 2 (BCA) (2016).
Volume 1 - Roof and Ceilings: See Table J1.3a. Note adjustments as shown in Table J.13b are not applied.
Volume 1 - Floors: See Table J1.6.
Volume 2 - Roof and Ceilings: See Table Note adjustments as shown in Table are not applied.
Volume 2 - Floors: See Table

While every effort has been made to ensure the R-values given are accurate, the document has been
compiled as a design aid and the input data should be verified before any person uses it. Any user of
the calculator will do so at his/her own risk. The user should also establish the applicability of the R-
values in relation to specific circumstances and applications. In circumstances when third party
proprietary insulation products are used they should be installed in accordance with the
manufacturer’s recommendations.


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