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Character Profile Worksheet

The character profile worksheet is a tool to help you keep track of vital information about your
character. Not only does it help you to define your character, but it will also be a valuable tool
to refer back to when developing the story.

Basic Statistics:

 Name: Rex Powell

 Age: 17
 Nationality: American
 Socioeconomic Level as a Child: Middle Class
 Socioeconomic Level as an Adult: Middle Class (Still child)
 Hometown: Portland, Oregon
 Current Residence: Suburbs of Dallas
 Occupation: Typical teenage brat, high school student, musician
 Income/Salary: Gets paid from playing in his band, but mostly lives off of parents
 Birth Order: Only child
 Siblings (describe relationships): N/A
 Spouse (describe relationships): N/A
 Children (describe relationships): N/A
 Grandparents (describe relationships): Cut off contact with family
 Grandchildren (describe relationships): N/A
 Significant Others (describe relationships): Still childishly thinks romance is gross
 Relationship Skills: Rude at first, and bold when you are his friend

Physical Characteristics:

 Height: 5’7”
 Weight: ~130 lbs.
 Race: Tasmanian Devil (Replacing Race with Species)
 Eye Color: Amber
 Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black, and brown markings
 Glasses or Contact Lenses?: N/A
 Skin Color: N/A, it’s an animal
 Shape of Face: Long + sharp
 Distinguishing Features: Pointy ears, tail, fingers, etc.
 Manner of Dress: Punk getup. Sloppy, stripes, and spikes.
 Mannerisms: Slouched posture, slurred speech, rough appearance.
 Habits (smoking, drinking, etc.): Vape pen, twitchy leg.
 Health: Average. Sensitive to seasonal allergies ruins his “bad boy” persona.
 Hobbies: Music, loitering, fashion, video games, and some art.
 Speech Patterns: Blunt, bold, cold, rude, childish, not serious.
 Disabilities: Possible attention disorders. (ADHD)
 Style (elegant, shabby, etc.): Punk, shabby, sloppy.
 Greatest Physical Flaw: Poor posture
 Best Physical Quality: Sharp claws/teeth

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes:

 Educational Background: Junior in high school

 Intelligence Level: Incredibly average for a teenager
 Mental Illnesses (if any): Mild depression
 Learning Experiences: Problems caused by his own sour attitude
 Short-term Life Goals: “Stick it to the man”
 Long-term Life Goals: Play in a famous metal band.
 How does character see himself/herself?: Slight superiority complex, thinks he’s cooler
than all the “normies”
 How does character believe he/she is perceived by others?: Most people don’t like him
because he’s rude and a little creepy. Usually avoided.
 How self-confident is the character?: Confident, but not without some doubts.
 Does the character seem ruled by emotion, or logic, or some combination thereof?:
Mostly short-tempered and hot emotion
 What would most embarrass this character?: Photos/stories of how he acted in middle
school, before he became “cool”

Emotional Characteristics:

 Strengths/Weaknesses: Talented/Unmotivated
 Introvert or Extrovert?: Introvert
 How does the character deal with anger?: Screaming, bursts of violence (ie. punching a
 With sadness?: Lock himself in his bedroom
 With conflict?: Direct confrontation
 With change?: Refusal and then bitterness
 With loss?: Silently mourns
 What does the character want out of life?: To express himself
 What would the character like to change in his/her life?: How he is perceived by others
 What motivates this character?: Fame and fortune
 What frightens this character?: Failure and not being important
 What makes this character happy?: Playing/Listening to music
 Is the character judgmental of others?: Yes
 Is the character generous or stingy?: In the middle, leaning on stingy
 Is the character generally polite or rude?: Very rude and boisterous

Behaviors and Mannerisms:

 Group Behaviors: Asserts himself as somewhat of a leader despite not having leadership
qualities, likes to boss people around but also protects friends.
 Individual Behaviors: Hyper focused on interests, but strays away from obligations. Does
not like to be disturbed when doing something he enjoys.
 Catch Phrases: “Buy my band’s album”

Skills/ abilities:

 inherent: Hard work, strong moral compass, talent

 will learn: Compassion, good first impressions, respect

Spiritual Characteristics:

 Does the character believe in a God? Many gods? None at all?: Atheist as an act of non-
 What are the character's spiritual beliefs?: None, believes only in science
 Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life?: Only from his family, which
annoys him, so he will reject it if given the chance.
 If so, what role does it play?: None by his own doing

How the Character is Involved in the Story:

 Character's Game Role (Main character? Hero? Heroine? Romantic interest? Sidekick?,
etc.): Possible antagonist, but not a villain. Maybe a rival
 Scene where Character First Appears: Inside high school
 Relationships with Other Characters: “Weird punk kid no one talks to”, possible bully


While the following scenarios are not specific to any game, they will help to further define your
character's persona.

 How does the character hold a baby?: With disgust and inexperience. Would do anything
not to touch or be around a baby. Incredibly awkward
 What does the character do when they are left in a room alone?: Listen or play music or
even daydream
 How does the character act around the opposite sex?: Disinterest in “normal girls” and
only likes girls that are way out of his league. Is rude to girls in general, however

Character Growth (How is the character different at the end of the game or story from
when the game or story began?):

Learns how to treat others with respect, be gentle with others, and all around improve his
interpersonal relationships. He is rather self-centered, which leaves to very faulty relationships.

Describe a small segment of a narrative that could occupy 20-30 seconds of a short
animation or cut scene from a game where your character does something that conveys
emotion: funny, sad, surprised, etc. An example would be something like this: A kid in a
karate gi stands in front of a board ready to attempt to snap it. The board is suspended
between two cinder blocks as the kid tries every move to break the board, but the board
will not budge. Finally, after falling on the floor, he sits up and leans on the board with his
elbow, chin resting on his palm with the look of frustration on his face. The board snaps
and he falls again with a thud and dust puffs up.

Rex grabs his bass guitar and plugs it into his amp. He intensively tunes it before he begins to
play, pulling out his phone to look up music to learn. After some attempts to get the riff right, he
gets frustrated and claws at his hair before throwing down his bass guitar. He puffs out his chest
and crosses his arms, acting like it’s the guitars fault. He then realizes he just threw down his
expensive and favorite bass guitar, and proceeds to nicely arrange it onto its guitar stand before
slumping onto the ground in front of it out of frustration.

Additional Notes on this Character:

Relationship with parents is rocky, and is very much similar to how teenagers are stereotypically
portrayed. Lots and lots of teen angst. Has very little friends, but still has them.