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Lesson Title: Job Application Vocabulary

Grade Level: 10th-12th

State Standards:
General Financial Literacy Strand 2: Students will understand sources of income and the
relationship between career preparation and lifetime earning power.
Standard 2.1: Identify sources of income and specific employability skills.
Standard 2.2: Understand and begin preparation for career and post high school
Specific Lesson Objective:
2.2.a: Students will be able to identify sources of income such as wages, commissions,
investments, benefits, inheritance, and gifts.
2.2.i: Students will be able to fill out and understand basic employment forms and
processes, including W-2, W-4, and I-9.
Lesson Purpose:
Students will be able to participate and ask questions on important vocabulary.
Essential Questions:
How could practicing vocabulary help fill out an application?
Why is it important to know how to fill out applications?
Vocabulary Focus:

 n/a
 Personal information
 Social Security Number
 Available
 Desired position
 Salary
 Job benefit
 Prior experience
 Special skill
 Full time
 Part time
 Overtime
 On occasion
 Shift
 Obligation
 Present
 Advance notice
 Reference
 Authorize
 Discharged

 Kahoot.com account
 Kahoot quiz on Job Application Vocab https://create.kahoot.it/details/job-application-
 Projector
 Computers/Tablets (enough for each student to use one)
 Internet access
Anticipated Time Frame:
20 minutes. Review over multiple class periods until students continually understand the
Adaptations for SPED and ELL:
Enlarge text, put movies/pictures on projector, group students together with a partner
and a peer tutor, give extended time, model each step, monitor progress closely…
Developmentally appropriate, going along with the grade standards, every student can
participate, hands on and minds on…

Phase I: Exploration and Explanation

Students will have filled out a sample job application and a kahoot quiz made based on
important vocabulary that was difficult for students. Have students each get an iPad while the
teacher projects the kahoot game on the board. Peer tutors will assist students with technology
and reading if necessary but students will answer questions individually.
1. Review new concepts.
2. Give directions for Phase II.
Phase II: Guided Practice/Differentiation:
Students will discuss their answers and the teacher will inform students what the
vocabulary means in an understandable way. Ask specific/in depth questions to aid in
Transition to Phase III:
1. Review concepts.
2. Give directions for Phase III.

Phase III: Independent Practice/Assessment

Students will then go over the previous application they filled out and do any other
pieces that they couldn't before. Then they will fill out a new job application and the teacher
will assess how much they now know. Continue with vocabulary and practicing job applications
until students can be successful without the help of peer tutors.