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Environment refers to the surrounding of both living and non-living things. The human-beings,
plants, animals and other living beings operate in the environment. Environment is also sometimes referred
to as habitat. Similarly, non-living things such as soil, water, climate, temperature, sunlight, air, etc. interacts
with other non-living and living things. There is a close relationship between living organisms and
environment. The interaction of living beings, including human-beings, brings changes in the environment.
Similarly, livings beings also display changes within them with the change in the environment.

Adverse effects of human activity on environment

Human activity has caused several adverse effects on the Environment.
First, the discharge of untreated industrial wastes, and other unsafe substances into water bodies has caused
water pollution. Secondly, the air has contaminated because of uncontrolled release of harmful industrial and
vehicular smokes into the air. Thirdly, our environment also suffers from soil and noise pollution. Fourthly,
the excessive emission of greenhouse gases has caused an increase in surface temperature of planet earth and
ultimately leading to a situation called Global warming.

Save environment
Human-beings and other living creatures depend upon environment and natural surroundings. We can save
our environment by:
Firstly, pollution control laws should be imposed strictly. Secondly, restriction on the use of fossil fuels
should be imposed. In its place, the usage of non-conventional sources of energy should be encouraged.
Thirdly, emission of carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gases should be strictly controlled to save our
environment from the threat of Global warming.
Moreover, every year, people and organizations around the world observe 5th of June as the World
Environment day. The objective behind celebrating this day is to create awareness among people to take
positive actions for the protection of environment.

Paragraph: Environment consists of both living and non-living things that surround us. There is a
relationship between living beings and the environment. There is no doubt man, being an intelligent animal,
is able to influence environment with his activities. The effects of man’s activities on environment have
been both positive and negative.
On one hand, the scientific inventions of man have made human life comfortable. On the other hand,
these inventions have caused danger for the sustainability of our environment.
We travel in vehicles which use petroleum and emit harmful gases causing air pollution. Many of the
things of our everyday life such as lights, refrigerator, fans, television, etc. run on electricity. However, the
fossil fuels that are burned to produce electricity cause an increase in greenhouse gases. These gases trap the
temperature and don’t allow it to get released. As a result, the planet earth’s temperature increases that
damage the environment. This increased in earth’s temperature is called global warming.

Human-beings are most powerful and intelligent among all living creatures. Thus, it is the
responsibility of every human-being to protect and save the environment, so that the future generation may
enjoy the gifts of nature and environment.

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Save Environment
Our natural environment and surrounding provides us with everything that we ever need. We get air,
water, food, and everything else from the environment

Why should we save environment?

1. Global warming is a serious environmental issue. The continuous emission of carbon dioxide by thermal
power generating units is the leading cause for the surge in greenhouse gases.
2. Natural resources are limited. If the natural resources such as oil, coal, etc. are used, one day the world
may fall short of these resources.
3. High-level of environmental pollution is detrimental for human and animal health.
4. Forests are fast depleting. It may cause soil erosion and drought situation.
5. Excessive use of pesticides and contamination of soil have negatively affected soil output. These fruits
and vegetables are not very healthy for human health.

How to save environment?

1. We should save drinking water. Water is a precious component of our environment. It should never be
2. We should never pollute water. Efforts should be made in making significant reduction in both domestic
and industrial disposal in water bodies.
3. As far as practicable, the waste products should be recycled to make new items. The domestic and
industrial garbage should be segregated as recyclable and non-recyclable before being dumped.
4. There should be a zero tolerance policy towards deforestation. Each one of us can contribute towards
saving the environment by planting just one tree every-month.
5. We can make donations to NGOs that are engaged in planting trees, or in any-way working towards
saving the environment.
6. Safer environmental friendly car and vehicles should be used. For short distances, people should be
encouraged to use bicycle in place of motor based vehicles.
7. The use of environment unfriendly materials such as plastic should be discouraged.
8. Instead of dumping domestic garbage in the pond, lake or river, these should
9. A lot of environmental problems would disappear if we stop using petroleum, coal and natural gas as raw-
materials for power generation. The focus should entirely shift on renewable sources of energy. The use of
renewable sources of energy (example solar energy) would help saving the environment from global

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